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Spirits Astray   1 comment

Spirits Astray

Concerning legendary dragons absent from the Vesspyr Isles, the Eternal Broodlands

The Dragon Sage

There exists no creature on Norrath that can match the power of the dragons. They were the first to be placed on this world, and they will be the last ones here when it finally is consumed by Discord. There were those of us who paid homage to this power, who knew that our lives were nothing but a blink in the nearly eternal eyes of the dragons. However, even for all of their majesty, dragons perish on Norrath and make their way here, to the Vesspyr Isles.

My mortal death did not kill my passion or devotion to these wondrous creatuers. My studies of wurmkind have continued since passing within the Cloak of Drinal.

I find it interesting that not every dragon makes their way here after they pass from Norrath. The reasons for these are many, but I will note a few here in particular.


I mourn the fall of Zlandicar. His act of cannibalism and betrayal of Harla Dar was unfathomable, and still has implications on dragon society today. I can only surmise that his lust for power drove him to throw away his very spirit and essence, and to break the most sacred of dragon laws. His existence has been a mockery since then – an undead behemoth lurking in the bowels of the Necropolis, lording over a scurrying tribe of rats.

I am curious what would become of Zlandicar if he were to finally be well and truly destroyed. Would his spirit make its way here? That thought actually begs another question – I wonder if any piece of his spirit still exists, or if he has somehow devoured that as well? Whatever the case, I don’t believe he would find himself welcome here – his crimes were horrific, and may never be forgotten, even in death.


The fate of Trakanon puzzles me. Trakanon was the mightiest of the Ring of Scale, but even so he languished in an existence of turmoil. He spent part of his life as an undead, then was able to assume a living form, and then was slain by adventurers in his lair. But what became of his spirit? It must still be bound to Norrath somehow, but I know of no phylactery or containment of his spiritual energy. All I know is that it is not here.

Although it pains me greatly to think that Trakanon may be truly lost to us, there are other possibilities. It’s possible that Trakanon has been utterly destroyed – wiped from existence. Or, given his extensive studies and knowledge, that he has somehow survived his apparent death, and his spirit merely waits on Norrath for a vessel. Even I, who has pierced the veil to see into the land of the living, cannot say what has truly become of him.


Zeixshi-Kar was an Ancient – a dragon of incredible age and power. He was one of the first few who adopted Kerafyrm’s doctrine of draconic dominion over Norrath, and rallied to Kerafyrm’s side upon his release from Sleeper’s Tomb. He was called the “General of Destiny”, but whether he gave himself that moniker or somehow earned it is unknown to me.

I do know, however, that he also meddled in destructively powerful forbidden magic, but the nature of his experiments are lost to time. I have heard that he attempted to tap into the power of the Shard of Fear itself, but was destroyed by adventurers before his rituals were complete. I cannot confirm the validity of this, especially since his spirit isn’t here in Vesspyr. I wonder, however, what would have happened if indeed he had tapped into the realm of Cazic-Thule? I shudder to think how the Faceless would treat someone who attempted to siphon the power of his plane.


There are stories of the dragon Melalafen wondering the Western Wastes during the Age of Turmoil. However, at some point after Kerafyrm was freed, Melalafen dissapeared. I mention Kerafyrm specifically because Melalafen was known to be sympathetic to Kerafyrm’s ideals, and the thought was that he might have become one of Kerafyrm’s Awakened. However, I have no evidence that he ever reported for service.

So what became of him? I don’t believe he is dead, since his spirit has never come to Ethernere. He possessed no mastery over forbidden magics that I have ever come across in my studies, so it seems strange that he could have shared a similar fate to Trakanon or Zlandicar. I wonder sometimes if Kerafyrm sent him off in search of some artifact or knowledge, but his fate is unknown to me.


This one disturbs me for a couple of reasons. Primarily, as a member of a scholarly group that believes in and studies the majesty of dragons, I know that their power is beyond what I can comprehend. There are others, however, that seem to believe that draconic power is something they can harness and possibly control. The dragon known as Siliskor is a product of this bizarre cult mentality.

I wonder if it had to do with the arrogance of humans and their typically shortsighted nature, but the destruction of those who tried to control Siliskor was likely a foregone conclusion. Trying to hatch a dragon egg and utilize a creature such as that for personal benefit can only end in disaster. The dragons here practically spit Siliskor’s name, as a failure raised by humans instead of in the care of proper dragons. They claim he is dead, but I think their meaning is metaphorical. If he is in Ethernere, he is not here in Vesspyr.


The dragon known as Aeyinar is a strange case. It appears that she bonded herself to a mortal child on Norrath, who could summon Aeyinar with a special stew. I can’t asy how this relationship came to be, and why the dragon preferred the stew to just eating the mortal, but the case was odd enough that the dragons took notice.

Aeyinar apparently perished during the cataclysms of Norrath, but her spirit never crossed here. If she died during those events, then certainly the mortal who she watched over did as well. In that case, I wonder then, if she truly is dead, that her spirit simply refused to pass into Ethernere, or somehow she chose to follow the spirit of the child. The dragons, however, endured the cataclysms quite well, so perhaps she still lives somewhere on Norrath.


Hsagra is a tragic story, and one that many dragons still tell sorrowfully. Her death at the hands of the Kromzek was something that I believe Lord Yelinak still mourned until his final days. The enchantment placed on her remains must have bound her spirit to Norrath, and she must have been unable to pass here. I have heard that she was released from her imprisonment, but I have not seen her here, so I cannot say what ultimately has become of her.

There must have been a part of Lord Yelinak that longed to see his mate once again, and it must have been heartbreaking to not find her here. Still, Lord Yelinak is among the wisest of his kind, so maybe he was prepared for that possibility. Perhaps one day she will find her way here, and they will be reunited once more.

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Source: (Screenshots of EQOA) Credit : Rezikai of Antonia Bayle Server (EQ2)

Blank Con on a tomb entrance step: Here you find an odd mausoleum of unfamiliar architecture.

Rezikai: Examine the mausoleum. / Exit

: Atop this hill you find an ancient mausoleum. It’s inhabitants wander about as most undead do.

: You begin to wonder why exactly this structure is here. The architecture is unfamiliar.

: Who could have built this? How long ago was it built and why? It’s certainly not of Ogre or lizardman origin.

: And what about the surrounding areas? What could cause such a blight upon the land? How long has it been this way?
: Does anything living remain in this grey and dusty land? Even the plants seem to exist in a state of undeath.

: To the West you can barely make out the edges of a lizardman ruin. Perhaps investigating the area would be interesting.

You received a quest!

(pop ups)
You find the central temple of the lizardman ruins and climb the steep stairway.

Immediately you are overwhelmed with a sense of frustration and anger. There is also a great sense of loss.

Aside from the stone buildings, there are absolutely no signs of life. No living being has walked these ruins for ages.

All that is left are these faded and forgotten buildings. This place is dead, with no hope of recovery.

There are no signs of voilence. No crumbled walls, no battered seige engines, no discarded weapons.

There are also no corpses or bones of any kind, as if the entire population just departed all at once.

You deduce that the lizardmen could not be responsible for this land’s blight. There must be some other force at work.

The lizardmen aren’t known to share their knowledge, but perhaps they know something of this place.

The only problem is finding a lizardman willing to speak instead of attack or flee.

Rezikai: Perhaps a scholar can be found? / Exit

You have heard of many people during your extensive travels. Perhaps there is someone who knows lizardman culture.

The name Nolius Adder comes to mind. He was once an accomplished explorer of the southern jungles.

He now resides in a small village East of Qeynos known as Hagley. Perhaps he has knowledge concerning these ruins.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Nolius Adder: Yes? What can i do for you?

Rezikai: You were once a great explorer, correct? / Exit

Nolius Adder: I did do my share of exploring, but I wouldn’t call my accomplishments great. Just found some ruins here and there.

Rezikai: Lizardman ruins? / Exit

Nolius Adder: Yes, mostly. Why do you ask?

Rezikai: I’m looking for answers. I think the lizardmen may have them. / Exit

Nolius Adder: Ahhh, so you wish to parley with them. The lizardmen are a savage species, but you would be surprised at what I have seen.

Nolius Adder: Despite their primitive culture, they are a very spiritually aware reace. They share a special bond with the jungle.

Nolius Adder: The wisdom of their ancestors is held most sacred. Much like the elves, they seek guidance from their departed leaders.

Nolius Adder: If there’s knowledge you seek from them, then it’s their ancestor spirits you must speak with.

Rezikai: How can I find these spirits? How do I speak with them? / Exit

Nolius Adder: That I don’t really know. I do know that the lizardmen entomb their leaders when they depart from this world.

Nolius Adder: If you could find a lizardman tomb, you may be able to find the remains of a chieftain.

Nolius Adder: Their presence is strongest in the Feerrott, the jungles of the lower Rathe Mountains. That’s where I’d search for a tomb.

Nolius Adder: Once you find a suitable sarcophagus, you’re on your own. I’ve never spoken to a lizardman ancestor.

Nolius Adder: Perhaps you must shout wildly and flap your arms about. I have no idea. I hope you can figure it out.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

West Feerrott (W)
A small lizardman ruin on the side of a hill

(pop ups)
The sarcophagus before you is adorned with lizardman jewelry and pottery. You assume this is the tomb of a chieftain.

Rezikai: Shout and flap your arms about wildly. / Adress the empy room and ask about the Dead Hills. / Exit.

Before you even begin to ask your question, a strange red mist fills the room and coalesces into a menacing shape.

(pop up)
The cloud of blood red vapor attacks!

Ixarashar: What do you want, sssoftssskin? We have nothing for you to sssteal.

Rezikai: Give me ultimate power! / I seek answers, about the Dead Hills, about the ruins there. / Exit

Ixarashr: You know not what you asssk of usss, sssoftssskin. The land there isss dead, and my people who once lived there are lossst.

Ixarashr: That land wasss lossst to usss many ssstarcyclesss ago. Mossst cannot remember when the blight came.

Ixarashr: Before our very eyesss, the land withered like a corpssse in the sssun. Darknesss came and all light wasss diminished.

Ixarashr: Our people require light and warmth to sssurvive. We tried to flee, to scurry from the land that wasss once green and fertile.

Ixarashr: But we were ssstopped. The enemies we had ssslain long ago freed themssselvesss from the earth!

Ixarashr: Unnatural it wasss! Our people would never dessecrate that which sustainsss usss, the very earth! A great evil it wasss.

Ixarashr: The fallen corpssses given life once more fell upon my people, came from the Sssouth. Always from the Sssouth.

Ixarashr: Our people had dissappeared. We assume that they now walk with the dead, with the servantsss of that great evil.

Ixarashr: If you truly ssseek the darkness that took my people, then head to the Sssouth. Though I sssay you are a fool.

You finshed a quest!

You received a quest!

Envar (C)
Along the path as you near the citadel

(pop ups)
As a cloud of ashen dust parts before you, the origin of the Dead Hills’ blight reveals itself to you.

Looming just ahead is a massive structure of gray stone. The overwhelming stench of decay assaults your senses.

A grand tower stands in the center of the structure. Atop the tower is an artifact of some kind.

There’s no telling what the artifact does. The only thing you can be sure of is its obviously loathsome nature.

No doubt great danger lies ahead, but the secret of this place will never be learned unless it is explored.

Scanning the structure ahead, you notice a familiar marking carved into the small tower in the Northwest section.

The marking resembles the kind of writing usually associated with the Teir’Dal, the Dark Elves.

It’s unlikely that this place is kept by Dark Elves, but that tower is definitely worth investigating.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Envar (C)
Under the Northwest tower

(pop up)
After fighting your way through a gauntlet of the foulest undead you’ve ever encountered, you finally discover something.

There is a small throne in the center of this room. The throne shows the markings you saw outside the tower.

Also, most of the undead in this area have been branded with the same symbol.

It’s most likely a personal insignia of some kind. You assume the owner is, or once was, a Dark Elf.

It would be helpful to discover the identity of this person. Fortunately you know just who to ask.

You remember the strange Dark Elf scholar you once met in Freeport. Kradesh was his name Kradesh Du`Klot.

Odd that a proud Dark Elf would lower himself to study the filthy Human city of Freeport.

Nevertheless, he is knowledgeable in all things Teir’Dal. He may recognize the symbol you’ve discovered.

You finished a quest!

You receive a quest!

Freeport (SE) House Slaerin

Kradesh Du`Klot: I’m very busy. I have no time to… Oh, it’s you, Rezikai. We meet again.

Rezikai: I have something I wish you to examine. / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: Ahh, I would like to help, but my sagely advice does not come cheaply I’m afraid. I would ask my standard fee, 7000 tunar.

Rezikai: Very well, I have it with me. / Hmmm, I’ll need to get back to you. / Exit.

Kradesh Du`Klot: A wise choice. I will keep this safe.

Kradesh Du`Klot: Unfortunately, I cannot truly help you until I have my journal, which was stolen form me recently.

Kradesh Du`Klot: He was an associate of mine. I assume he believes he can sell my knowledge to the highest bidder.

Kradesh Du`Klot: He fled a short while ago, by the way of the Trade Road. If you hurry you may be able to catch him at the Pilgrim’s Inn.

Kradesh Du`Klot: The thief’s name is Ethrix. Find and slay him. Return with my journal and I will tell you what I can about your inquiry.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Temple Light (NE)

The Pilgrim’s INN

Kill Rogue Ethrix loot [Kradesh’s jounral]: NO TRADE LORE This is the journal of Kradesh, a well known Teir`Dal scholar and wizard.

Kradesh Du`Klot: You have returned my journal?

Rezikai: Yes I have. Now, about my questions. / Not yet, Kradesh. / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: Very well. Describe this symbol to me.

Rezikai: Here, I’ll draw it for you… / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: Hmmm. It is definitely Teir’Dal in origin, but I haven’t seen anything like it in many years.

Kradesh Du`Klot: This is a sigil, a marking that powerful casters of magic use to make their presence and accomplishments known.

Kradesh Du`Klot: However, its style is strange. These small flourishes here, and here, are very unusual.

Kradesh Du`Klot: I have recorded many of these sigils in my journal, perhaps I can find a match. Let me see…

Kradesh Du`Klot: I can’t seem to find anything that matches this sigil, but as I go farther back I find similarities in style.

Kradesh Du`Klot: Well, here’s a sigial that closely resembles what you found. I believe I can discover the name behind the sigil.

Rezikai: How can you do that? / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: Well, modern sigils are often a very artistic expression of the owner, rather than a practical display of meaning.

Kradesh Du`Klot: Sigils this old were often a direct display of a name or family, using the dialect of the time.

Kradesh Du`Klot: It appears that the sigil you found translates to… Tal`Thir… I do not recognize the name.

Kradesh Du`Klot: But this sigil very closely resembles some very old sigils I have recorded in my journal, like this one here…

Kradesh Du`Klot: Well, maybe I am mistaken… This can’t be correct… But the similarities in style are so close…

Rezikai: What? What is it? / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: This is most likely incorrect, but the example I have is of the Witch Queen, Ifuriel, of… the 8th dynasty.

Rezikai: 8th dynasty? What is the current dynasty? / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: …It…It’s the 47th dynasty…

Kradesh Du`Klot: …Thi… This sigil predates the construction of Neriak by centuries!

Rezikai: What?! Predates Neriak? How can… / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: Nevermind! I’m just babbling. You have your name, it is Tal’Thir. There is nothing more to this sigil.

Rezikai: But wait! How can anything predate Neriak? I can pay… / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: …….That information would cost you more then just tunar. And it would cost me as well.

Kradesh Du`Klot: For your own sake, I suggest you forget what I have said. Now leave me, Rezikai. I have nothing more to say.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

You have given away Kradesh’s journal
You have given away 7000 tunar.

Envar (C)
Under the Northwest Tower

Kill Tal`Thir or the Servant of Tal`Thir. Non-Aggro Servant of Tal`Thir spawns.

Servant of Tal`Thir: You have defeated the Servant of Tal`Thir. What do you wish of me?

Rezikai: Who is Tal`Thir? / Exit

Servant of Tal`Thir: Tal`Thir is a servant of Envar. I am a servant of Tal`Thir.

Rezikai: Who is Envar?

Servant of Tal`Thir: I cannot answer that.

Rezikai: Did Envar create Tal`Thir? / Exit

Servant of Tal`Thir: No. Tal`Thir is native to this world. You would call him, Teir`Dal.

Servant of Tal`Thir: When Envar came to this world, he found Tal`Thir and recruited him. Envar found his talents to be…useful.

Servant of Tal`Thir: Tal`Thir has remained a faithful servant since Envar first arrived. He has forsaken his past, such as it was.

Rezikai: How long ago was Tal`Thir… recruited?

Servant of Tal`Thir: Time has no meaning to us, therefore it has no meaning here. Thus, it is not accounted for.

Servant of Tal`Thir: You may ask me one last question, blooded one.

Rezikai: What does Envar wish of his Norrathian servant? / Exit.

Servant of Tal`Thir: Which Norrathian servant?

Rezikai: …Which servant? There’s more then Tal`Thir? / Exit

Servant of Tal`Thir: I will only answer the first question you posed. I will assume you referred to Tal`Thir when you asked about Envar’s servant.

Servant of Tal`Thir: Tal`Thir assists in creating new servants to accomplish the goals of Envar. Tal`Thir’s creations do the bidding of Envar.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Envar (SE)
Under the South East Tower

(pop ups)
Within this chamber you discover an urn. What strikes you as unusual is that it doesn’t match the other artifacts in the room

Upon closer inspection, the urn appears to be of Elven origin. How it got here baffles you.

While brushing some of the dust away, you find a small inscription carved into the pottery.

The inscription only reveals a single name, “Celendra Averyth”. Definitely the name of an Elven woman.

What could this possibly mean? Who is this Celendra and what could she possibly have in connection to this dark place?

If Celendra is as old as Tal`Thir, she must have lived in Takish`Hiz during its peak.

The old Elven city is in ruin now, but ther eare plenty of treasure hunters, scholars, and explorers still investigating it.

One such explorer that comes to mind is the Elf, Graeven. He is the leading authority on ancient Takish`Hiz.

Last you heard he was living in a small camp near the ancient ruins of Takish`Hiz. Perhaps he knows the name, Averyth.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Takish`Hiz (NE)

Explorer Graeven: What do you want? Speak quickly, we must keep moving.

Rezikai: I have a question about an Elven name. / Exit

Explorer Graeven: An Elven name? Why ask me? The scriveners of Fayspires should be…

Rezikai: The name is ancient. Celendra Averyth. / Exit

Explorer Graeven: Hmmm. I don’t recognize the name. Many families were wiped from Norrath during the fall of Takish`Hiz.

Explorer Graeven: Averyth may be the name of a fallen house of Takish`Hiz. That’s all I can really say.

Explorer Graeven: I may be able to help you discover more, however. But I would need your help in tracking the name down.

Explorer Graeven: We’ve been collecting the recorded legacies of Takish`Hiz’s noble houses. Averyth may be one of them.

Explorer Graeven: The deadly creatures that now haunt the ruins often carry such treasures. You bring me one of these legacies.

Explorer Graeven: Hunt the creatures of Takish`Hiz until you find the legacy of the family of Averyth, if it exists.

Explorer Graeven: Once I have that I can help you discover more about this Celendra Averyth. Good luck to you.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Killing a Star Knight drops [Legacy of Averyth] : NO TRADE LORE This large book details the legacy of the House of Averyth, a minor noble family of the once glorius Takish`Hiz.

Explorer Graeven: Have you found anything yet?

Rezikai: Yes, I found this. / Not yet / Exit.

Explorer Graeven: Excellent work! I realize you must have fought desperately to acquire this. I thank you.

Explorer Graeven: As promised I will look for a reference to Celendra…Hmmm…

Explorer Graeven: Yes, Averyth was a minor noble house of Takish`Hiz. Many of their members were high ranking priest of the Church of Tunare.

Explorer Graeven: I don’t see a record indicating the birth of a daughter, Celendra. Hmmm…

Explorer Graeven: Wait, here’s something. Celendra Thaelinra… was married to Vorin Averyth 50 years after the first exodus.

Explorer Graeven: So she was not an Averyth by birth, but married into the family. And Vorin must not have been a priest, unlike his relatives.

Explorer Graeven: Oh, here it says that Celendra died during childbirth, along with her child. Shortly thereafter, Vorin entered the priesthood.

Explorer Graeven: It says he pursued the art of embalming, a very controversial issue at the time. He became quite accomplished.

Explorer Graeven: Modern Elf society looks down upon such practices, prefering that the dead be allowed to rejoin the land.

Explorer Graeven: Hmmm, here is the last account of Vorin….

Rezikai: What does it say? / Exit

Explorer Graeven: “During the last days, as our dark brethren laid siege to our glorious city, Vorin fled into the desert as many did.

Explorer Graeven: “He took nothing with him but his priest robes and the urn of his beloved Celendra.”

Explorer Graeven: “Vorin never returned. His body was never found, nor was the urn of Celendra. May Tunare find him in peace.”

Rezikai: In peace? Hmph, not likely. / Exit

Explorer Graeven: I prefer to think optimistically. Perhaps he has found some measure of peace.

Explorer Graeven: There is nothing more I can tell you about Celendra Averyth, or Vorin. Again, I thank you for retrieving this book. Farewell.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Envar (SE)
Under the South East Tower

Servant of Vorin: You have defeated the servant of Vorin. What do you wish of me?

Rezikai: What is is Vorin’s purpose here? / Exit

Servant of Vorin: High Priest Vorin is a servant of Envar. I am a servant of High Priest Vorin.

Rezikai: I know that! How does Vorin serve Envar? / Exit

Servant of Vorin: High Priest Vorin assists the Jal`Raeth in the preservation and care or our charges.

Servant of Vorin: The skills he developed in his past life have allowed him to take sanctuary within the Tomb City of Envar.

Rezikai: Charges? What charges are you talking about? / Exit

Servant of Vorin: Our charges are the people of your world who come to us for eternal rest. The Death’s Head Beacon draws them here.

Servant of Vorin: We offer your people solace and contentment, where as your word offers them nothing buy misery and suffering.

Servant of Vorin: The Jal`Raeth seek to care for this entire world. In time, all will journey to Envar, and we will care for them all.

Rezikai: “Care” for them? Who are the Jal`Raeth? / Exit

Servant of Vorin: Your questions have been answered, blooded one. I cannot answer another. I will leave you now.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Envar (SW&NE)
Under the South West or North EastTower looking in the libraries.

Jal`Raeth librarian drops the [soul tome] : NO TRADE LORE Upon the pages of this book are written alien symbols in green glowing ink. Perhaps Kradesh back in Freeport can translate it.

Merchant House Slaerin

Kradesh Du`Klot: You again? What do you want?

Rezikai: I have a book I want you to examine. / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: Hmm, well, I suppose that 7000 tunar can carry over to one more service. Let me see it.

Kradesh Du`Klot: This is extraordinary. I have never seen writing such as this. I cannot begin to guess the properties of this ink.

Kradesh Du`Klot: I do sense a strong aura of necromancy about the tome though. It’s like the book itself is a magical device.

Kradesh Du`Klot: I know you wouldnt tell me so I won’t even bother asking where you found this.

Kradesh Du`Klot: But I would say that the people who created this, whoever they may be, must have a very special connection to the dead.

Kradesh Du`Klot: Perhaps this tome is a record of the dead. But why would they go to such great lengths to simply account for the dead?

Kradesh Du`Klot: If you truly seek an answer, I suspect you must ask the creators of this tome. Only they can explain their motives.

Kradesh Du`Klot: I would assume that this tome is precious to them. I imagine you can summon them if you present to tome openly.

Kradesh Du`Klot: Find a location you think they will know and openly proclaim your possession of the tome. Then you may have your answers.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Dead Hills (W)
Back to the lizardman tower ruins

(pop up)
You have returned to the emptiness of the lizardman ruins of the Dead Hills. What do you do?

Rezikai: Rip the soul tome to pieces. / Place the soul tome in front of you and wait. / Exit

You place the tome carefully in front of you and wait…

After a few moment, the air about you begins to shimmer. Suddenly three Jal`Raeth appear in the doorway, trapping you.

It appears that they have come for the tome. Perhaps now they will answer your questions.

You finished a quest!

You receive a quest!

Jal`Raeth librarian: You have defiled our sanctuary, stolen our possessions, and slain our servants. What is it you hope to accomplish?

Rezikai: You are a blight upon our world. Your kind must leave! / I wish only to learn why you have come to our world. / I’ll ask the questions! What is the purpose of this book?! / Exit

Jal`Raeth librarian: We come to this world as we have come to many. Here the people suffer, and we seek to end that suffering.

Jal`Raeth librarian: The Death’s Head Beacon helps draw those who have become lost to us. But they all understand the wisdom in our offer.

Jal`Raeth librarian: We are puzzled as to why people tend to resist us and our offer. But in the end they always come to see wisdom.

Jal`Raeth librarian: We have suffered for so long, that we have taken it upon ourselves to end the suffering of others.

Jal`Raeth librarian: You cannot know the endless torment of immortality. It is our curse, for we can never truly be destroyed.

Jal`Raeth librarian: We wish this on no other people. In fact, we will not allow it to befall any other people, the suffering is so great.

Jal`Raeth librarian: That is the will of Envar. And his will shall be reality. That is our answer to your question.

Jal`Raeth librarian: And now you will join us. We will care for you. We will continue our torturous existence so that your suffering may end.

Jal`Raeth librarian: Please do not resist. It will only prolong your suffering. Let go of the pain of this world and find sanctuary with us.

You have given away soul tome

Jal`Raeth librarian drops [librarian’s gem] Race: ALL Class: ALL Level: 53 NO TRADE LORE

Using the stone teleports the user to the top of the citadel in Envar

Envar (C)
The peak of the Envar Tower

(pop ups)
You have been teleported to the top of the Tower of Envar! Before you is the Jal`Raeth Chancellor.

The Jal`Raeth seek to entomb the entirety of Norrath. It’s time to end this…

Jal`Raeth Chancellor: You have defeated the Chancellor of Envar. The Jal`Raeth ask you to join us as equals, as Tal`Thir and Vorin did.

Jal`Raeth Chancellor: I will summon a suitable incentive to join us. The item will be given to a servant for you to meet outside the city.

Jal`Raeth Chancellor: Return to the lizardman ruins to the North. Speak to my servant there, and he will offer you our gift.

Dead Hills (W)
Back to the lizardman ruins

chancellor’s servant: I was told your coming.

Rezikai: You have my gift then?

chancellor’s servant: Yes. Take this and consider the Chancellor’s offer. In time we will seek you our once more.

You have received etheric kama

etheric kama: This kama was forged from a strange alloy that appears to shift in and out of existence before your eyes.

I’d like to thank Frustration for re-running the quest after Rezikai’s PC blew up losing the entire 1st run’s footage and Sethimus/Sethicro for have a beast Necromancer and Barb Warrior to fight the stuff in Envar with. To Bolly for giving me the push to get off my butt and get this done and to my fiancée for not killing me for being locked up for days taking screenshots and writing out text. I love ya Tia!

DFC orcs

king stubby little orc named Golgareht

Tilsteran = enchanters merchant house
Slaerin = necromancers merchant house

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You say, “Hail, The Sage of Ages”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Thank you my friends, thank you! I do not understand why those Drakota attacked me. I cannot be of any threat to them; I am but a humble chronicler!”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Who are you?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I am known as the Sage of Ages, a neutral historian charged with scribing the events of history so that their lessons will not be forgotten, or repeated. It surprises me that these creatures would be sent to attack me.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “These Drakota were sent?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Yes, Drakota rarely act of their own initiative. They are weapons used by Dragonkind to fulfill their own designs. I do not know what I could have done to anger the Scalelords. I only scribe the truth and have done so for many centuries.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Who could have sent these?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “There are few Dragons still active in this world. The Age of War and the Age of Cataclysms have taken their tolls on the Dragons as well and they too are recovering. However, there are a few who gained in the destruction. The Lord Nagafen and the Lady Vox have prospered as others have declined in power. These Drakota must have been sent by the Lord Nagafen as he would be the only one to possess the power to do so.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Why would he send them after you?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I know not why he has done this thing and it greatly worries me. Maybe he believes I know too much, or he detests the truths I write. I wish to know what has caused him this distress, but I fear for my own existence if I were to come any closer to his lair.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “We can approach him for you.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I would not send you on such a quest. I will not have the blood of my rescuers on my hands by asking such a thing. It is far too dangerous to send anyone into the lair of Nagafen, and I will not do so to satisfy my own curiosity or my own peace of mind.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “It is more than that. Your life is in danger.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “You do not fathom the danger you are willing to enter. Nagafen resides in the very depths of Solusek’s Eye. The Fire Giants are loyal to the Lord Nagafen and will destroy any intruders that set foot within their realm.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “I can handle a few Fire Giants.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I can see that you won’t be dissuaded from pursuing this rash idea. I will relent my position. Please, speak with the Lord Nagafen on my behalf and discover why he seeks my death. I fear there is much more afoot than any of us realize.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “How do we gain audience with Nagafen?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “You must travel down into the heart of Solusek’s Eye. There you will find the Gong of Ro. Sound the Gong and you will be transported to the lair of the red dragon. Please, be careful. I will travel to the Tower of the Coldwind Oracles near the city of Qeynos. Please seek me there when you have spoken with the Lord Nagafen. Go with my blessing.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Thank you, Sage. We will meet with you soon.”

You say,”Hail, Majordomo Inferinus”
Majordomo Inferinus says to you, “The Great Lord Nagafen will not be conversed with in a mortal language, he finds the use of such offensive. Consider yourself extremely lucky you are still breathing this very moment. It is only because his lordship was amused by your success in reaching the gong that you are not a blood stain on his master’s floor. If you wish to speak to the Lord Nagafen you must learn the Draconic language.”
You say to Majordomo Inferinus,”How do I learn this Draconic language?”
Majordomo Inferinus says to you, “That is of no concern of mine. Do not return again unless your mind and tongue are capable of speaking the ancient language. The next time Lord Nagafen will not be so forgiving. Begone!”
You say to Majordomo Inferinus,”I’ll be back.”

You say,”Hail, The Sage of Ages”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Have you spoken with the Lord Nagafen?”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “No, the majordomo will not let me enter the lair without knowing Draconic.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “This is a very unfortunate turn of events. Very few beings on Norrath know of this language, and even fewer still know enough to read and teach it. Many mortal scholars have tried to study the language but even finding one written rune of the language is a challenge. Some have dedicated their entire research to just understanding one or two of the Draconic letters.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Do you have any research on the language?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Sadly, no. There are many ancient languages I have scribed for historical record but Draconic has always eluded my reach. However, I have heard theories from my consociates that it might be possible to make a compilation of all the research on the Draconic runes if someone were to gather all the work done by the various scholars.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Has this compilation ever been attempted?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “No. The research relating to understanding just one of the runes is far too precious for the owner to consent in relinquishing it, and there is not enough wealth on Norrath to purchase the translated runes from the individual owners. It is even quite likely that half the research is lost to the sands of time, having been destroyed in the cataclysms.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “If I were able to obtain all the research, would you be able to teach me the language?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Yes … yes, I believe I could. I know many techniques and spells that enhance the learning of tongues, but this idea is all for naught. It is impossible for one person to obtain all the translated Draconic runes, let alone find them. It is a hopeless quest, friend.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “It can be done. I will find the runes.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I sincerely hope you are right, but I fear it cannot be done. However, I wish you the best of luck in this quest. In the mean time I will look into my own research and libraries for clues into the greater plot that is unfolding around us. Be careful in your journeys, you may be in far more danger than we know.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “I will. Farewell Sage.”

You say,”Hail, The Sage of Ages”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Greetings, adventurer! What word do you have on the runes of the Draconic language?”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “I have obtained research on the translation of all twenty six Draconic runes.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “The gods be awakened! Can it be true?! Yes! You have done it! I can’t fathom how you obtained all these, but here they are. This is truly amazing!”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “There were orcs all over these things. They seem to be after them as well.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Orcs? Their kind has never been interested in knowledge such as this, even after the lifting of the Rathe’s curse. This does not bode well…”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Will you be able to teach me Draconic?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Yes … Yes … I will be able to teach you this language now.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Good, let’s get started.”

You say,”Hail, Majordomo Inferinus”
Majordomo Inferinus says to you,”You are back again? I suppose we should step up more guard patrols to keep the vermin out.”
You say to Majordomo Inferinus,”I am here to speak with the Lord Nagafen.”
You say, “Hail, Lord Nagafen”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “So, Inferinus, the lesser ones have returned. Do you suppose they harbor a death wish? Foolish mortals, my curiosity has kept you alive this long, my patience alone will decide if that is to continue.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “I am ________. If you kill me, then you won’t know why I came.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Ancient Draconic? From a lesser one? Interesting … I will hear more. Tell me, mortal, how did you come to possess such sacred knowledge. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “The Sage of Ages taught it to me.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Sage of Ages? I know naught of a Sage of Ages. I have been on Norrath since the dawn of time. I think that with such a pretentious sounding name that I would have heard of this person before now. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “You know who The Sage of Ages is. I come to ask you why you sent your Drakota to kill him, and to ask you to stop.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Drakota? You are grossly misinformed if you believe I have anything to do with Drakota! Do you see the tears in my wings and the scars on my flanks?! These are no wounds from some foolish mortal hero, though many have tried, these are Drakota given… Drakota that no longer exist on this world. I know nothing of this sage. If I desired death upon someone, they certainly would not survive to tell of it. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “He said that only a few dragons now have the power to control the Drakota, you and Vox.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Don’t you EVER speak my slain mate’s name with your mortal lips! My beloved Lady Vox is DEAD! Assassinated by the very things you claim she had control over! Mortal, you have no idea how close to death you now stand. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “I apologize, Lord Nagafen. I will not speak her revered name again.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Guard your tongue or forfeit your life. Now, you claim that this sage of yours was attacked by Drakota and lived. It is unimaginable that any lesser being would survive a targeted attack by the pawns of the Ring of Scale. How does he claim that he was able to escape destruction? ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “He doesn’t, my companions and I destroyed them both.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Both? There were two Drakota? Were they in possession of essence shards? Answer me this now, mortal! ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “No, Lord Nagafen, they were not.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “An orb then? A large glowing orb? Did you find this on their corpses? ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “No, Lord Nagafen, they did not have either of these things.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “So you say… I sense in this that you are telling the truth. Regardless, this makes things very interesting now, doesn’t it. Before me stands Lesser Ones who have the ability to slay Drakota. I find I have need of you. I have a significant task for you, do this and you will be greatly rewarded. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “Lord Nagafen, what of the Sage’s safety? That is the reason I’ve journeyed here.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Mortal, I believe your search for your sage’s adversary and my own quest proposition will lead down the same path. Unfortunately for you, you do not have any other leads to follow, now do you? There is much to be gained by assisting me. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “With all due respect, why should I help you when I cannot even trust you?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Wealth … Power … Prestige. Is that not what all mortals want? Do this task for me and you will be able to select from anything within my vast hoard of treasures, the likes of which you have never seen. Arcane objects of power and knowledge, armor and weapons that have not been touched by the light of the sun since the Age of Monuments, wealth and jewels beyond your comprehension. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “That sounds like a generous reward, but what is it you want me to do?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “You are being charged with a most important and glorious task. You will act in my stead and bring about the resurrection of my beloved Lady Vox. Seek out the murderous Drakota, destroy them in their lairs, and wrest from them the essence shards. While holding these, the Drakota prevent any attempt at returning my beloved to life. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “What are we to do once we get the shards?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Take the spirit shards to my beloved’s crypt within the walls of Permafrost. Each shard contains within it a part of the Lady Vox’s undying spirit. Release the essence kept inside the shard and perform the ritual that I will imbue in your lesser mind. It is not known how many shards are required to correctly perform the ritual. It might take many, or it could be as little as one. The Lady Vox’s will to live is incredibly strong. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “I understand.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Also, the Drakota may be in possession of an Orb of Omnipotence that once belonged to me but is now lost. Return that to me and I will double your reward. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “What is the orb for?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Its purpose is beyond your understanding and comprehension, Lesser One. All you need to concern yourself with is returning it to me if you find it. Now, go, do as I say. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “Yes, Lord Nagafen. The Lady Vox will be resurrected.”

You say,”Hail, The Sage of Ages”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Greetings, adventurer! I am pleased to see that you still live. Did you speak to Lord Nagafen?”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Yes. He says he is not responsible for the Drakota’s attacking you. He asks that my companions and I seek to restore Vox to life.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Restore the Lady Vox to life? Nagafen must know that mortals do not have sufficient power or knowledge to resurrect an elder dragon from the dead. I do not trust him. The King of Fire is deceitful and sinister. His forked tongue only speaks lies. This must be why he wants me destroyed. He means to put his plots in motion and knows that I am aware of his trickery.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”If that is true, then why does he want me to kill his Drakota and reclaim Vox’s essence shards?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Those Drakota must have rebelled against him and stole the shards for their own grab at power. Nagafen is still too weak from the Truthspeaker’s attack to go after them himself, so he remains safely in his lair while he gets mortals to do his dirty work.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Who is the Truthspeaker?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “The Truthspeaker was an agent of the Ring of Scale. It was he who risked his life to lead the Drakota, the same Drakota that Nagafen now commands, in an attack to stop the mating of Nagafen and Vox, a mating that would result in utter doom for all of Norrath! The Truthspeaker’s Drakota were able to destroy Vox to prevent the union, but Nagafen was able to retreat to the safety of his lair.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Where is the Truthspeaker now?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “The Truthspeaker has not been heard of since the attack on Nagafen in the Lavastorm Mountains. All that is known of that attack is that Nagafen lives and is now in control of the Drakota assassins. The Truthspeaker is presumed destroyed.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Why is the mating of the Lady Vox and the Lord Nagafen so dangerous?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “It is forbidden among dragonkind for dragons of differing elements to mate and bring forth offspring. The combination of the elements result in a prismatic dragon, a creature of immense power and energy. Only one prismatic dragon has existed on Norrath, the Sleeper, Kerafyrm. Nagafen must believe he can control a prismatic offspring, but it seems he cannot even fully control the Drakota he wrested from the Truthspeaker.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”How powerful are prismatic dragons?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Look to the sky, child. The destruction you find there is the doing of the Sleeper simply as a display of power and a reminder to all living beings of his supremacy. Do you realize the danger now? Nagafen wants the power to do just that. Imagine an army of dragons that could each do that with Nagafen and Vox reigning king and queen over them. It is well that the Truthspeaker succeeded in his task to destroy the Lady Vox.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Now Nagafen wants me to help return her to life.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Yes and that part worries me. He must know that no mortal possesses the ability to return an elder dragon to full life. There must be another reason why he wishes you to attempt this.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”He also asked if the Drakota we defeated were in possession of a glowing orb, an Orb of Omnipotence he called it.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “An Orb of Omnipotence? I have not heard of such a thing. Did he say why he wanted it?”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”No, just that it belonged to him and he would double our reward if we brought it to him.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “If the Lady Vox knew the location of this orb, it might be Nagafen’s plan for you to resurrect the spirit of Vox long enough to discover the whereabouts. Even though Nagafen is using you, the best course of action would be to follow his plan so that we can learn of the orb’s location before he can lay his claws upon it. Find this orb and bring it to me. We will foil the Lord Nagafen’s villainous plot.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Are you sure this is the best thing to do?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “It frightens me to say this, but yes, this is the course of action we need to take. This orb will fall into Nagafen’s claws in due time unless we act to prevent it. He may already have other groups searching for it. The orcs you encountered while collecting the runes may be one such group.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”I understand.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Follow Nagafen’s instruction in resurrecting Vox’s spirit, but only in this. Do not trust his words. He will deceive you with lies and fallacies. He will twist the truth and double cross you in the end. Do not let him do this for he means to bring about the destruction of this world.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”I will resurrect Vox and learn the location of this orb.”

You say,”Hail, Lord Nagafen”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “So mortal, you have returned to my lair but you have not completed the task I set before you. I cannot sense the living energy of the Lady Vox, not converse with her. You test my patience by coming here in failure.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “I have not completed the task yet.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “The why have you returned?! Do not think that you can renegotiate our agreement, Lesser One. You will find it very dangerous to do so.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “Lord Nagafen, I wish to know why you desire your lady to be raised from the dead.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “She is my mate! Would you not go to the ends of the world to reclaim your lost love taken from you by murderous assassins? We will not be kept apart by anything, even death itself.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “The Sage of Ages says you only wish to raise her to create an army of powerful offspring.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “This sage of yours presumes to know many things. Did he also tell you the age old fallacy that only doom and destruction could result from such a union? This world was saved by such a union! Look to the sky! That could have been Norrath if the petty gods had their way.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “What do you mean? The Sage said the Sleeper did that as a display of power.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Your sage knows nothing! The gods meant to destroy Norrath. The Sleeper understood that this world is sacred and that the dictates of some minor gods would not be the end of the Wurmqueen’s creations. Kerafyrm forfeited his own life to save this entire world from utter destruction. There are many who fail to understand the noble intentions of what such a union can bring.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “You mean the Truthspeaker. That’s why he attacked you, isn’t it?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “The Truthspeaker… the assumed name of that wretched snake Darathar… the name he tried using within the Ring of Scale. Yes, Darathar sent the Drakota to kill my mate and now they possess essence shards to keep her from me! Darathar will pay for Vox’s murder. You have taken far too much of my time, mortal. Complete the task and do not return until you do.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “Yes, Lord Nagafen.”

Lady Vox says,”Nagafen! I am here! I hear you! It is gone?! Yes, I can feel it’s presence, it is close! I will, my beloved!”
You say,”Hail, Lady Vox”
Lady Vox says to you, “Greetings mortals. You have done well in restoring me, but your power is not enough to resurrect me permanently. My time is short. Listen carefully. The ice giants who claimed to remain loyal to us, in my absence, entered my lair and took something that belongs to the Lord Nagafen and myself. We need you to recover it.”
You say to Lady Vox,”What is this object?”
Lady Vox says to you, “It is the Orb of Omnipotence that the Lord Nagafen spoke of. You must get this orb back from the king of the ice giants and return it safely to Lord Nagafen at all costs. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could mean the destruction of all of Norrath. Mortals, please, you must do this!”
You say to Lady Vox,”We will recover the orb.”

You say,”Hail, Lord Nagafen”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Those lying, betraying Kromise! King Drayek swore to me that they did not know the whereabouts of the orb. Mortal, have you recovered it from the ice giants as the Lady Vox directed? It is imperative that it reaches the safety of these halls!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”Darathar took it from us, he was the Sage of Ages.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Darathar?! Darathar was your sage?! And now he has the egg! Do you understand what you’ve done?! You have been manipulated this entire time! You led him to the one thing that would give him power to subjugate all of Norrath. We are doomed!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”Where has he gone?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “What does that matter?! He will have returned to his hidden lair in order to study and manipulate the egg. No one knows where his lair is, not even his chief lieutenants. In order for them to even travel there the five of them must meet and travel as one. There is no way for any of us to find him!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”How do you know this?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “I tore the information from the dying corpse of the Drakota that led the attack against me. I also ripped this Translocation Ring from the chain that hung from his neck, in case you needed further proof! These are what his lieutenants use to travel to him. They must combine all five pieces in order for the portal to work.”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”We can get the other rings. We can stop Darathar! ”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “You can’t stop him! Don’t you see now that he has been in control of the Drakota this entire time?! The only reason you got as far as you did is because he let you! His elite Drakota hold these pieces. They will not be leashed as his others have been. You have no chance against them!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”We will stop him.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “HAHAHA! You only hasten your own death. You are as headstrong and foolish as the orcs. So be it. Take the Translocation Ring. I no longer have a use for it. Now go, before I kill you myself for your failure!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”Darathar will be defeated.”

You say,”Hail, Lord Nagafen”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “So it seems you came to your senses and decided against getting yourself killed. Now, keep with those thoughts of self preservation and leave my chamber!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”We destroyed Darathar. The egg burst into these shards during the battle.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “The egg was destroyed?! HAHAHA! You served me well. Darathar is not the only master of manipulation, now is he? Now that that little mess of the missing egg is out of the way, I can proceed as planned.”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”You don’t care that your only egg is destroyed?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “HAHAHA! Only egg? I have plenty more safely hidden away. I just couldn’t let that one lost egg remain unaccounted for. You did nicely in seeing to it that its existence no longer poses a risk to me.”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”What about our deal?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Deal? Our deal was for you to bring the Lady Vox back from the dead and to return the egg to me. You failed to do either. Oh, but keep the shards as a gift from Lord Nagafen the Red! Inferinus, make sure the mortals find their way out!”

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This document is to record the creation of grudge: 2398b sub-table 7a

The following is an account of the actions that lead to said grudge. The following witnesses swear their clan honor to the truth of the account as spoken by Burdael of Clan Flying Axe.

-Gurno Dungrip
-Thurgrim: Clan Onyx Hammer
-Azguz: Clan Flying Axe
-Xoleres: Dwarf Friend of Clan Ironsides
-Durgious Redeye
-Dval: Clan Flying Axe

The account is as follows:

“I am Burdael of Clan Flying Axe. And what I now say, lest shame on my Clan, is truth. We had been in the field hunting for 4 days out of a scheduled 5 day expedition. I was scouting at the time when I heard a tremendous and angry roar from some colossal beast. I say as a Coldain that I was afraid. The others in my party caught up to me and heard the beast as well. Our fear faded with reassurance in numbers so we decided to find the source.

After coming over the top of a small hill we caught sight of a battle between 5 frost giants and one dragon of black scales. We froze in our tracks at the fearful sight. We then watched in horror as the 5 giants, one gifted with magic, slowly murdered the dragon with tactics of heavy dishonor. Their shaman had restricted the dragons movement. With the dragon unable to reach its attackers, the giants kept their distance and threw boulders and spears, while the shaman used magic. The giants did not even have the decency to finish the noble beast off, leaving him to die in the snow. We wanted to interfere, but the giants were too many.

After the giants had left, I ran down to the dying dragon, the others opted to stay behind. He raised his head, caked in dragon blood, and then told me his name and made me swear to remember and record it. I now swear to smith an axe in remembrance of him. It will remain in my clan’s posession as long as there are Coldain.


Onyxbrand – Etching reads: Remember, Garzicor

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Such that … When combined with … into … transmute … this place will … foreboding. This is why … locate … essence of … Wisp are typicallly found … in all my travels I was never able to find the … debating … since the first I laid eyes upon … spirits are usually not pleased … trapped … once I was able … somewhat of a nuisance … nevermore … in time … Harbingers of … and far sight … golem of hay … following instructions … claw of … components may be … I suspect Miragul … end this now …

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…the orcs struck without warning, and only by skill did I manage to escape. With no hope of returning to our temple, I hide in this empty camp and devise new methods of making stronger uniforms. Maybe one day our improved garb will save a Brother’s life.

The silk from the giant spiders has proven to be stronger and lighter than I had dreamed. It requires but two silks to make a swatch, and one swatch is enough for any part of a raw silk uniform but the tunic and leggings.

Thinking of a way to improve the silk, I recalled the words of Master Tho many seasons ago. He waved a bottle of kiola in front of me and proclaimed, “This is both drink… and weapon. Raw silk has many desirable properties, Apprentice Wu, but when cured with kiola… there is no better battle uniform for a Brother of the Silent Fist…” I wonder now what other wisdom I would have learned if he had not fallen asleep.

Heeding his wisdom, I have tried mixing various amounts of kiola with the silk during the curing process and have found the results encouraging. The cured silk is much stronger and lighter than the raw silk, unfortunately sometimes it takes more silk to make cured armor than the raw armor.

Before the massacre by the orcs we engaged in conversation with a traveling Enchantress by the name of Minlapus. Observing our techniques of silk tailoring, she offered to provide us with vials of thickened mana. By using a greater lightstone and the enchanting fluid she claimed we could make gauntlets capable of smiting creaures impervious to our bare hands. A side benefit is that gauntlets would emit light, a boon in this dim forest known as Lesser Faydark.

One note I should make is the method by which the nearby centurions make whips. It appears that they carefully trap a wolf and use its pelt, curing it with kiola, with a whip pattern. A simple process, but one I had not seen until now.

Dawn approaches, so I must put my quill down and cover my lightstone. The orcs will be patrolling soon.

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Unala the Avenger’s Scribbled Proposal

Intruders have found their way into our fair city and are interrupting our charge. We cannot rebuild the city and try to save it with these interruptions.

I am asking that a small complement of geomancers be allowed to create a strategy to end these disturbances. I believe we are in a position to summon our greatest guardian thus far. With your permission, I would like to proceed before we lose Takish-Hiz to both the intruders and fast-encroaching sands.

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Dwarven Advice

I ne’er thought that the Duke would ever be lettin’ me use his spells, but I guess he be thinkin’ I kin be casting better magiks than some. I know not really, and can’t care a lick neither. What I gotta tell you boy, is that you be wackin’ all them buggers in the old Estate over yonder.


But you ain’t been spendin’ your time using the old healing magiks. Aye, you kin blast em all fine and good wieldin’ the power of our God there lad, but you can’t know power till ye be healin another dwarf. Aye, ’tis a good feelin’. Well, ‘sides that point, guess you got one yourself there. It sure is funner than all gettup t’ be smackin’ the heck outta the bones.

Well, do what you were doin’, just don’t get your sorry head bit off by dem abominations.

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We are ready for you to move into the next phase of the plan.

I have read your thoughts on the x’kanta Johann, and his chosen tool, Stanos. Johann is a willing pawn, and will serve us well, for greed is yet another facet of Innoruuk’s power.

Stanos should also work out well, he is quite formidable, though I understand he does not yet know he has been chosen to actually carry out the task. Watch him well when the time comes, but I agree with your judgement.

Joren will be in Qeynos the entire month, so you have ample time to s’ktkar your task. Enclosed are the tools you will give to the Human x’kanta.

The blade is a gift from Innoruuk himself, forged in his temple and imbued with rage. Be sure to recover it after the mission is complete, it is much too powerful to leave in the hands of those we intend to il’kaash in the future. Combined with Stanos’ skill, Joren and his guards should fall easily.

The Guise has been handcrafted my our Master Coercer and should allow the wearer to pass undetected as Koada’dal, thus allowing the assassin to gain entry into the Ambassador’s quarters. Luckily, it shall be a Human transforming himself into that zm’rina form.

Be sure to eliminate all the human x’kanda you have recruited, and have no fear of the repercussions, for the Circle of Unseen Hands is no threat to us here in Neriak.

I have spoken with your master Tani N’mar and he assures me that his group of x’kantar will aid us if need be.


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