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Dorn B’Dynn

A tall and well-formed dark elf, Dorn B’Dynn is in self-imposed exile in the Desert of Ro, and hates every moment of it. Raised a member of the Cauldron of Hate, the guild of warriors in Neriak, B’Dynn has never been satisified with his position in Teir’Dal society. He has spent his long life plotting to increase his prestige, seeking the status that comes with personal power. B’Dynn took up the study of necromancy, but discovered that even that did not meet his needs. When teh guildmaster of the Cauldron of Hate decided he neded a trusted warrior to maintain a present in the Desert of Ro, B’Dynn saw great opportunity to gain a reputation, so he volunteered.

B’Dynn’s main duty is to ensure various smuggled goods shipped from Faydwer and Kunark are delivered safely to the Dismal Rage in Freeport. He also spies on other forces within Ro and the Oasis of Marr, mtains diplomatic ties to the Scorchfist Orcs, and arranges safe passage of trolls out of Grobb (a service that requires the trolls to serve a Teir’Dal master for several years – a source of many troll guards for the dark elves).

B’Dynn has gone far beyond his stated duties, however. He has forme da close alliance with the dervishes of the desert, and plans to bring them fully under his control in teh decades to come. He hopes to make them the core of his own army, with which he will claim control of all the lands from Freeport to Innothule Swamp. He then intends to take control of the troll lands as well, bolstering his army further. Once he has this level of mastery he plans to make a conerted effort to raid the remains of Takish’Hiz, and any other old elven ruin, regardless of how many dervishes and trolls he has to kill in the effort. He sees the gypsies as his primary opposition in this effort, and never misses an opportunity to make their lives difficult.

Quest: Seakillers’ Heads
Faction: Cauldron of Hate (-1 rank)
NPC: Dorn B’Dynn
CR: 17
Reward: +1 faction rank with the Cauldron of Hate and the Coalition of Tradefolk Underground (maximum +3 each from this quest). 10d10 platinum pieces
Consequences: -1 faction rank with the Gypsies and the Knights of Truth
Quest Summary:
A trio of 3 seafury cyclops brothers called Malquar, Heferus and Querl Seakiller have discovered one of the routes used by the smugglers who support the Teir’Dal, and have been stealing supplies and destroying ships. Dorn B’Dynn has discovered they have a lair in the southern Desert of Ro, but is unwilling to risk himself to find their exact location or to attack them himself. He is more than happy to allow a band of adventurers trying to gain acceptannce with the dark elves to risk their lives in solving his problem.
B’Dynn doesn’t care about the stolen goods or the destroyed ships and their crews, as such losses are inevitable in a smuggling operation, but if the Seakillers aren’t elminated the losses may become too great for him to hide from his masters in Neriak. What he needs is the heads of the three brothers brought to him as proof they are no longer a threat to his operations.
The quest can be rerun with different foes, such as sand giants, Quag Maelstrom and even Cazel

Child of Innoruuk

You say, ‘Hail Zyrria I`Vanres’

Zyrria I`Vanres narrows her eyes as she briefly but carefully studies the Wolf Elemental before her. A look of irritation crosses her features as she exhales slowly in a faint growl. ‘Yes? State your business, Kaylorn . One such as I has not the time for idle and pointless conversation. There are much more [meaningful tasks] to which of my esteemed position and power of skills must attend.’

You say, ‘What about meaningful tasks’

Zyrria I`Vanres raises her brow sharply, her beautiful features twisting in disgust and surprise. ‘Are you to say that you do not recognize who and what I am? I am Zyrria I`Vanres of the Ebon Mask, sent here by my master, Tani N`Mar. Within Neriak, I am second to only him in rank and power, although I chose not to dabble in the political affairs that have abound in our city, thus why I am not widely recognized. My place lies elsewhere – in the shadows. I am a rogue, after all; a keeper of secrets and a bargainer with chance. Despite this location, tainted with the disgusting stench of the Fier`Dal, Tani has made quite an intelligent decision in sending me here to [observe]. It is most pleasing to have one recognize my talents and put them to an important use.’

You say, ‘What about observe’

Zyrria I`Vanres says ‘The forest, not to dodge the most abase of answers. Much of [great interest] to the Ebon Mask has occurred here in these past days. In fact, so interesting that I believe I might be so lucky as to gain council with the [Child of Innoruuk] regarding my reports here.

You say, ‘what about great interest’

Zyrria I`Vanres says ‘Not too long ago, the powers of The Faceless touched these lands. In his wake, he left behind some… things of interest. Alterations to the frail nature of this area, if you will. All of which seems rather trivial for a divine power of his stature and following, but amusing none the less. What has been done to the [precious maiden unicorn] is by far the most pleasing news I have had in many years.

You say, ‘what about precious maiden unicorn’

Zyrria I`Vanres smiles wickedly as her eyes light with a sadistic amusement. Equestrielle, a creature that was said to be closest to Tunare in its creation and existence. A being that represents purity, faith, honor, and life. No more does she show such things, as she is now a being of Cazic-Thule’s will. How marvelous, is it not? There are some I know who find it most tragic. A forest filled with sobbing fair elves! Hahaha! And to think, this greatest wonder came from the hand of Firiona Vie herself! It is a pity that one cannot obtain the horn as the champion carries it with her, but I believe I could make do without. Bring me two hides of a blighted mare and two enchanted platinum bars. They may not be Equestrielle herself, but they are steeds of The Faceless’s creation.

When you turn in the two blighted mare hides + 2 bars of enchanted plat you get a pack that has 30% weight reduction and holds medium items. Here is the text that follows…

Zyrria I`Vanres says ‘Excellent… oh, wait, damn. I can’t use these. The properties I was searching for seemed to have vanished in the death of the creature, although they are not entirely useless. I cannot let you go without reward, it would be a foolish loss of investment. Here, at least these hides should be of some use to someone. It is truly a pity that I cannot obtain Equestrielle’s horn. What glorious perversions we could create in furthering its corruption and pushing Tunare farther away from these lands/ Unfortunately for us, this is Cazic-Thule’s territory, and so [his minions] have come to lay claim to such spectacular finds.

Your faction standing with EbonMask got better.
Your faction standing with GuardsofQeynos got worse.
Your faction standing with WolvesoftheNorth got worse.
Your faction standing with GuardiansoftheVale gotworse.
Your faction standing with CarsonMcCabe got
You gain experience!!

You say, ‘what aboout his minions’

Zyrria I`Vanres says ‘There is one called Ytharisth Nerishar, an Iksar and supposed officer of the Cult of the Arisen. I have made attempts several times to make peace with him and bargain for researching territory, but he seems adamant about keeping all of this for himself and his people. Perhaps… no, no I would be asking too much of one as yourself, and although you have proven yourself worthy of being my loyal dog, I do not think you are quite the type to perform any acts of diplomacy.

Gnomish Miner’s Cap

Go towards the Broodlands entrance where you will find a Gnome named Xoramin Sprysproket.

You say, ‘Hail, Xoramin Sprysprocket.’

Xoramin Sprysprocket says ‘Prismatus! It’s about time they sent me some help. Lend a hand, will you? We’re at an impasse here and without additional supplies, my mecha-miners will never be completed. Fetch me the [materials], and I can get them up and running.’

You say, ‘What materials?’

Xoramin Sprysprocket strokes his beard thoughtfully, ‘Well, the first
thing that these mecha-miners need are replacement joints. Without oil and proper lubrication, their knees seize up or worse… snap. I’ll need a whole bunch more to replace the ruined legs on my first batch of creations. Go to Ak’anon and seek out Basbustiel. Tell her I sent you and she’ll give you the parts.’

Head to Ak’anon and find Basbustiel at +720, +92 on the pier at the
large green lake.

You say, ‘Hail, Basbustiel’

Basbustiel says, ‘You’re a chatty one, aren’t you? Did [Xoramin send you]?’

You say, ‘Xoramin sent me.’

Basbustiel says ‘He did, did he? Well if you’re the courier, then here’s the replacement parts he requested. Tell him that I’m not going to send him anything else unless I get a look at his machine blueprints. I want to see exactly what he’s up to.’

You receive Sack of Oiled Joints. It fits in a container, so no worries about having an open slot. Return to Lavastorm Mountains and hand this back into Xoramin.

Xoramin Sprysprocket says ‘I hope Basbustiel didn’t give you any trouble, Prismatus. Wait a moment. She said what?! That uncreative know-it-all hack thinks she’s got me cornered, but little does she know the the fine details are mostly up here…’ He taps at his forehead, winking. ‘Here – take her these half-finished schematics. She probably won’t even know the difference. Now leave me be. I need some peace and quiet to fix my Mecha-Miners.’

Head to Ak’anon again to give Basbustiel the Half-Finished Clockwork
Blueprints you receive.

Basbustiel scans the blueprints, ‘Very good, _____. This is impressive design work. I can see where he’s going with it, but his creations won’t operate properly without a few modifications. He needs a fuel source with more kick called an Unstable Concoction, a Class-XIII Motivator, a Portable Fuel Burner, and a Polished Glass Lens [These four items are linked for you]. I’ll donate the burner. Regarding the fuel source, I think you should ask Gamenn Everhot in Everhot Forge of Kaladim for help. As for the rest, you might check near the mechanical windmills in the Plane of Tranquility or Steamfont for spare parts. Ask the locals, or crack open a few clockworks. You know, I’m afraid of what would happen to Xoramin if I wasn’t here to look out for him. That coghead really is helpless sometimes.’

She hands you a Portable Fuel Burner. Time to head to Kaladim.

Gamenn Everhot can be found in North Kaladim by the pier over the water at Everhot Forge, location +366, -112.

You say, ‘Hail, Gamenn Everhot’

Gamenn Everhot says ‘Aye, somethin’ I can do for ye?’

You say, ‘I need some fuel’

Gamenn Everhot belts out a rumbling chortle, ‘Oh, ye be wantin’ some fuel with kick to ‘er? Poke around in our mines until ye find some coal. Then I’ll be needin’ a pile of sulfur from the mines of Solusek’s Eye. Lastly, short fuse. Bring me those three ingredients, and I’ll show ye somethin’ that’ll be all the kick ye’ll ever need.’

Kaladim Coal can be found as a ground spawn in the mines in the same
zone at 783, 213, -64.

Solusek Sulfur can be found as a ground spawn in Solusek’s Eye at -545, -650.

Short Fuse drops from various low-level mobs around Lavastorm Mountains (confirmed off a magma basilisk warrior).

Bring the three pieces back to Gamenn in North Kaladim and hand them all in.

Gamenn Everhot grinds the components together and carefully attaches the fuse to the resulting putty. It looks dangerous.

You receive an Unstable Concoction, the second of the four pieces.

Run over to Plane of Tranquility, and go down to the windmill where
you’d zone into Plane of Innovation. Upon entering the windmill, look
around the crates to your left for ‘a weary scavenger’.

You say, ‘Hail, a weary scavenger’

a weary scavenger is disheveled and badly bruised. She winces as you
approach, ‘So, did you come to ask about this Class-XIII Motivator (The item is linked for you)? I uncovered it, buried in some garbage deep in the halls of Innovation. I knew it must be valuable, but my excitement I made too much noise. Me elation at finding it only served to attract the unwelcome attention of several bucketheads, after which I ran and barely escaped with my life. So, what say you? [Yes]? It’s all anyone else is interested about, and I’d wager you’re no different.’

You say, ‘Yes’

a weary scavenger says ‘Well, after risking my life to acquire it I can’t just give such a thing away now, can I? How about you bring me a Raw Diamond, Star Ruby, Fire Opal, and oh… something to quench my parching thirst. How about a Fuzzlecutter Formula 5000? (Again, these items are linked).

Head wherever you need to go and grab these items. After collecting
the items, head back, and hand in the items to the scavenger.

a weary scavenger uncorks and quaffs Fuzzlecutter’s Formula, swallowing the liquid noisily. In a few brief gulps, the vial is empty. She smashes the bottle on the tiles and unceremoniously wipes her chin with one sleeve. ‘Now that was refreshing! While I adore the gems, the most beautiful trinkets in the world hold no value if you’re too thirsty to enjoy them. Here’s your Motivator, _____. You earned it.’

You receive a Class-XIII Motivator. Three down, one to go.

The last part requires you go to Steamfont Mountains and search around the windmills for a spawn named ‘a defective automaton’. It is light blue to a 66, doubles for 200, is immune to changes in run speed, has a TON of hit points, and flurries about once a minute. Once it’s dead, it drops two of the Polished Glass Lens that you need, so bring a friend that needs it too.

Take the four parts back to Xoramin in Lavastorm and hand them in for
your reward.

Xoramin Sprysprocket says ‘Your assistance is much appreciated, _____. You’ll have to excuse me for being so curt, but I must get back to work. These Mecha-Miners are nearly perfected, if I can just stop them from exploding. Oh, here is a little something for your time. If you aren’t completely satisfied, I may have something else that would interest you. Simply return that reward and I’ll swap it.

You receive a Gnomish Miner’s Cap.

The Telescope

You say, ‘Hail, Brona Frugrin’

Brona Frugrin says, ‘Well met, Bobbybick! What brings you out this way? Are you interested in becoming an observer? No, you look like the adventuring type. The wilds of the Steamfont Mountains is as far as my body goes. But through my [duties] as an observer, my mind travels the cosmos.

You say, ‘duties’

Brona Frugrin says, ‘Well, I am quite an accomplished enchanter but most of my time now is spent crafting the magical lenses that enable us to see beyond the ceiling of Norrath and into other realms and dimensions. Say, in your travels have you encountered any [evil eyes]?’

You say, ‘evil eyes’

Brona Frugrin says, ‘Evil eyes are dangerous creatures of great magical power. You will know one if you see one. There is a rumor that somewhere on Antonica there lives a powerful evil eye by the name of Borxx. I believe that with the lens from her eye and some expert tinkering, I could create a device that will enable me to observe the gods themselves in their native planes. If you were to bring me this lens, the Eldritch Collective would reward you greatly.’

Upheaval in Runnyeye

The upheaval in Runnyeye Citadel has caused a great deal of panic amongst the citizens of Rivervale.

Clan Pickclaw battled its way through the dwellings defeating the inhabitants, the evil eyes and goblin slaves of Xorbb.

Lord Pickclaw personally executed the Goblin King and his minions, and integrated the remaining Runnyeye goblins into his clan.

While most were slain in battle, including Borxx, the remaining evil eyes fell back to the Gorge of King Xorbb.

After the battle was won, Lord Pickclaw struck a deal with a strange subterranean race of fungal beings called the Sporali.

The Sporali would do mining work for the goblins, and in return, the goblins wouldn’t wipe them out.

Apparently, Lord Pickclaw and his followers had been hidden away for several years building up forces.

The Hobie Mullins Tragedy

Helping to fight against the plague in the Karanas, our bakers rush to find new recipes each day.

One of our key reporters was met with an untimely death while trying to spread the news of the new recipes.

Hobie Mullins deemed himself an ambassador of baking.

While trying to improve the quality of life amongst the ogres and trolls of the swampy lands of Innothule, Hobie was eaten by a ferocious ogre reporter of Da Swamp News after he gave the beast the recipe for Muskie marinade and some journalistic advice.

In memory of Hobie, we have included the recipe that he was trying to share with the world.

Ingredients: Rathe Muskie, Vinegar, Spices, Snake Egg Oil, Fish Wine
Create the marinade by mixing the liquid ingredients.
Allow the Muskie to marinade for several hours.
Add spices and cook until skin is golden brown and meat appears lightly translucent.

Hobie Mullins
We will miss you