The Prophecy of Trakanon


It seems all things in Norrath ultimately seem to point back to this ancient Prophecy of Trakanon had spoken to Edril the Lancer. I do not believe that which has been fortold is the truth to the prophecy, only one elf’s perception from events. The gods have been known to make allies and pacts amidst themselves. I believe Trakanon saw the end of the world long ago. His prophecy I believe was carried by the Teir’Dal of the ancient empire of Caerthiel.

The meaning of the ancient Teir’Dal symbol of Caerthiel is as follows. The symbol directly in the center is Veeshan. The head of a serpent with the wings of a dragon. The symbol directly left is of Tunare, nine dots that emulate the standing stones seen throughout Norrath. The symbol in the center above that of Veeshan is the symbol of Brell, denoted by the candelabra which is often depicted worn by Brell. The symbol directly to the right of Veeshan is that of Prexus, three lines to denote the waves of the Oceanlord. Surrounding the four symbols is a great circle which depicts the veil erected by the three in their pact to keep the Wurmqueen in check.

The four on the outside from left to right are as follows: Lower left hand corner is Rallos Zek, upper left is Innoruuk, upper right is Cazic Thule, and the lower right is Bertoxxulous…the four horsemen to bring about the end.

The Four Horsemen

There will be four Horsemen to bring about the final days of armageddon, the second war of the gods. First shall ride hate to bring the night. Then shall fear ride to cast its cloak of horror upon the lands. Plague and decay will ride thrice to spread its seed across the lands. The three shall give way to the fourth, and War will embrace the world in an icy wave of doom. The four horsemen shall ride and take their place in what will bring about the final battle for Norrath.

Innoruuk who showed his hand at the Battle of Bloody Kithicor*. Cazic Thule when he corrupted the Lesser Faydark and the last unicorn, Equestrielle at the attempted summoning of Tunare’s avatar*. The three fold plague of Bertoxxulous upon the Karana Plains*. Rallos Zek who sits locked within his Plane of Power, awaiting freedom that he might wreak vengeance for his imprisonment at the last war of the gods. It is said even now in the lower planes where dwells the four can be seen evidence of emissaries and fiends from the realms of all four dark gods gathering their minions for the final hour. Such is at least spoken of within the Plane of Hate where reportedly is now also found a statue of Lanys TVyl.
(*GM Events)

Lanys T’Vyl and the Sleeper

When this happens, Lanys T’Vyl the former child of hate claimed turned to goddess of Envy will likewise seek her vengeance upon her enemies. She will awaken the Kerafyrm that lays docile beneath the eastern wastes of Vellious within the Sleepers Tomb. The Lifeguide which currently lays within the hands of Danak will be used to return the once child of hate to Norrath, in a new body. This not too unlike the event that transpired prior after the battle of Bloody Kithicor within the Steamfront Mountains.

Luclin, the Ringed Moon

This momentous event will transpire during the coming of the second moon of blood. “The Veil” which has slowly been waning will finally be brought down and there shall be an eclipse of the sun as Luclin passes between the two, and great darkness shall be cast upon the world of Norrath. Luclin is the second of Norraths moons. It lies concealed behind The Veil, only to be seen by those who dare tread upon the Plane of Sky.

The Dragon Pendant

Each held by one of Trakanons Heroes, each scattered across Norrath. There is the Dragon Pendant of Edril the Lancer, the unknown gift of magic from Miragul, and the burning blade of Nalikor. The whereabouts as of this writing of the Pendant of Edril the Lancer seem yet unknown. There is but one thing that seems of note.

Edril the Lancer was said to have been buried within the depths of Lake Elizerain whose body lay in depths therein. The lake bordering upon the Steamfront Mountains of Faydwer. I came across a gnome by name of Grynnaf Einoom. Speaking with Grynnaf he fortold me of a dragonslayer whose known as Nortlav the Scalekeeper that could slay dragons with even the rustiest of weapons. He told to me that this scalekeeper of sorts was said to be lost somewhere surrounded by darkness.

Following my good senses I continued my search. I found this Nortlav deep within the Hole. Why was Nortlav the Scalekeeper in the hole? What was he doing so far from home? There has only been one other that was known for the power to slay such was none other then Edril the Lancer. It makes me wonder. Does Nortlav the Scalekeeper hold the pendant of Edril the Lancer?

If he is slaying dragons so easily as Edril then he must have of it or once had of it within his possession at the time he fought so many of Veeshan’s children. Nortlav himself is an Erudite of an unknown profession. It is not proven but believed that he may be allied to the dragon Trakanon (Trakanon Faction). There may also be some connection as the wife of Edril’s late wife Almaril was also an Erudite. It is also known that Nortlav the Scalekeeper carries a tome of unknown origins within his possession; the Book of Shadows.

Miragul’s Gift of Magic

The gift given to Miragul remains yet to be known. As I have been able to discern of Miragul he was but a mage from the city of Erudin. He managed to garner an unknown artifact from Trakanon to which he used it to master all forms of magic. Of which his most noteworthy school had been the dark arts of Necromancy in an attempt to cheat death. The elder mage turned Necromancer attempted a dark rite and traveled the dark roads of lichdom. His experiments met with both failure and success.

While his soul lays in torment within his Phylactery held by the Oracle of K’Arnon for unknown reasons; his ever slowly decaying body rages in mad torments within the caverns under Everfrost. Each day of damnation, walking the abysmal depths of his lab…over and over again. It is unknown what the gift in and of itself may have been or what became of it.

When the wall of living stone was opened in old Paineel Dartain of the Dark Truth was set free once more. A prophet of a sort of the Plaguebringer and a once former disciple of the teachings of Miragul, the father of the heretics. It was said for some time that Dartain carried a strange tome of Miragul’s within his possession whilst he lay within the murky depths of old Paineel. Does or did those tome have some sort of connection with the Trakanon’s artifact given to Miragul?

Al’Kabor has long since been a fervent enemy of Dartain. Al’Kabor likewise sought to escape death just as Miragul did. Al’Kabor has been also said to be the singular most powerful wielder of the arts that lives in Norrath to this day, second only to Mayong Mistmoore. Where Miragul failed in his experiments to cheat death, Al’Kabor continues his research without end. Is the source of Al’Kabors power the artifact Trakanon gave to Miragul?

The Burning Blade of Nalikor

In the final days of Aradune Mithara (Beta) was a grand play. A coveted battle of sorts between a number of the gods. It was here the ranger born of Surefall Glade served well to the Qeynos standard, and fell in that final hour to be raised up upon the plains of his god as an avatar ascendant.

In that time there were four holy swords, each sacred to the holy knights that travel Norrath we better know as the paladin. The first was a sword known as Ghoulbane, found within the Shin Lord of Guk. There is now a quest regarding a high elf that once carried the blade; whose pieces have been scattered throughout Norrath for unknown reasons.

The second was a blade known as Soulfire, received from besting Pietro Zarn. The shadowknight lord of the Church of the Dismal Rage. When the times of Aradune Mithara (Beta) passed, the blade had been split up and cast throughout Norrath (Soulfire Quest; Zimel’s Blades).

The third blade was the legendary Fiery Avenger, to which Karana placed a modified version to his avatar Aradune Mithara. The sword in the times of Aradune Mithara (Beta) was said to have been found from amidst the hoard of treasures piled up deep within the lairs of the vile Lord Nagafen. After the times of Aradune Mithara, it was later taken by an Erudite Paladin who carried it with him into the Plane of Sky after failing to dispatch the heretic Miragul.

The fourth and final and most powerful of the three was the sword of Mithaniel Marr himself, Truthbringer. This sword during the times of Aradune Mithara (Beta) was received for besting Sir Lucan, the fallen Knight of Truth and tyrant of Freeport.

The last time Truthbringer was seen in its final hour was in the hands of Mithaniel Marr who appeared in North Freeport before his Temple. He summoned his followers and they marched into the darkness of the Nektulous Woods where awaited the Prince of Hate and his minions.

En epic battle between the two gods ensued, as their followers battled all around and the woods were soaked with blood and souls being sent into the hereafter. Amidst the shadows the King of Thieves and Master of Trickery watched on; Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane.

Innoruuk carried within his hands Malevolence the Governor of the Wicked. Mithaniel Marr in his hands wielded his blade Truthbringer, which some say was taken from the light of the heavens. Bristlebane sided with Innoruuk and helped to best the God of Valor and then turned upon a weakened Innoruuk to rule the day.

Both weapons of both gods were cast out into the world in that day where the gods battled. Malevolence became cursed by Mithaniel Marr (Freeport Newspaper; The Freeport Observer) and scattered by the chief priests of the Church of the Firstborn. Truthbringer fell into the hands of Trakanon who kept it within his possession for sometime.

With that battle of many gods passed, the time of Aradune Mithara (Beta) ended and Truthbringer vanished with it. Never to be seen nor heard of ever again. Where once the blade could be found, is now apart of the quest that regains the blade of Ariska Zimel, Soulfire.

Trakanon held the blade for some time. When the Combine Empire settled in Kunark, they brought with them the faith of Mithaniel Marr. The empire had those off all races within its midst, as well only took to the following of the light gods. Nalikor was one such troll that came under the influence of the presence of the Combine Empire and the faith of Mithaniel Marr. Even though the empire was long gone, the seeds of the light remained.

Nalikor, Troll of Marr

Books at one point in time used to be available within Cabalis that spoke of Nalikor and his rising up amidst the Troll clans. There was also a book within the Ocean of Tears found upon the isle where the Ancient Cyclops dwells within the hands of an elven merchant that foretells of the Prophecy of Trakanon. Only a few weeks after Trakanon was met and bested in battle did the books in both places vanish (Removed in a Patch).

Nalikor was said in the prophecy to have been a shaman. But to trolls that did not know what a paladin was, with his powers being asimiliar to that of a shaman…that would be a correct analogy from their mindset with what they knew in and of themselves. Holy swords of power burn with the brightest of flames and only may be wielded by paladins alone. Nalikor was indeed a paladin of the lord of valor (Influenced by the former Combine Empire’s faith) and his gift given him by Trakanon was indeed Truthbringer; the sword of Mithaniel Marr.

The Frogloks of Guk

When Nalikor left Kunark for Tunaria (what we now call Antonica) he followed the Frogloks. The Shin Lord and the Froglok King of Guk are both Paladins. They follow none other then Prexus, the Oceanlord.

When the Sebilisian Empire fell to Trakanon and his allies from the Ring of Scale the Frogloks revolted and many departed Kunark making their way for Tunaria. Nalikor followed the Frogloks knowingly and made his way to greet his fellows of the light.

Innoruuk’s Wrath

I still remember that day that I stood within the Innothule swamp. I had wondered oft of it and how it had been named. Surely all things have a reason as to why they are named as such. It was then I heard the the croaking sound pierce the air, almost as if to be twisting into squeals. I made my way through the mire to come face to face with a large troll who had the skulls of Frogloks hanging freely from his waist, on a rampage outside the city of the children of Prexus.

He stood over a young Froglok just barely developed from being a tad. Wide eyed he stared up into the monstrous wart covered visage of the troll, whose maw dripped with froth as it bellowed and prepared to swing with its axe. Without stopping to think twice I drew my own blade and charged the beast. The battle did not last long as I felled the troll. I watched as the Froglok youth skittered away nervously into the nearby brush.

It was then I had noticed heads that began to peer out of me from behind trees and shrubbery with bulging white eyes, looking on. I looked down at the troll and back at the many Frogloks and smiled. I watched as they slowly crept their way to me realizing that I was a friend and came in peace. It was then I finally understood what had happened to the people of Nalikor and how the Innothule swamp received its name. (Killing the Troll Slayer in Innothule Swamp raises faction with Frogloks of Guk, Broken Skull Clan, and Greenblood Knights and lowers faction with Da Bashers of Grobb)

In response to Mithaniel Marr cursing Malevolence after the battle of Nektulous Wood, the Prince of Hate sought his own retribution. Through the priests of the Church of the Firstborn he spoke and Truthbringer became sought that it could meet a fate equal to that of Innoruuk’s weapon.

Innoruuk’s minions departed and made their way for Grobb with the foresight of the artifact to which they sought, given them by their unholy father. They made their way to Grobb and it is believed a mass battle of sorts occurred. Some say that the Teir’Dal fell allied themselves to the Lizard man descendants of the Shissar from the Lost Temple of Cazic Thule whom had also been at arms at the neighboring ogres.

A massive battle ensued with the united front of the ogres, trolls, and frogloks falling to the dark armies of hate and fear. That battle happened within the swamps outside Grobb which became the Innothule swamp. Named after Innoruuk and Cazic Thule.

The Aftermath

Many of the ogres from that day on began to pay homage to the faith of the Faceless one, Cazic Thule. Many of those true to the following of Rallos Zek within Oggok still despise the Lizard Men of the Lost Temple of Cazic Thule. It is said those that spend enough time within its depths fighting the fearites may gain enough favor with the Guardsmen and Craknek’s of Oggok to pass freely within the city, while the ogre shamans who patron the Faceless will have an ever deeper burning hatred.

Nalikor had hoped to escalate the society of the trolls from a tribal level to a more medieval feudal system. He never managed to attain such as it is believed he fell in battle and his remains were buried within a temple located within Grobb. It is said that the last remaining link between Trakanon and the Troll people was buried with Nalikor in the heart of that temple. Was this a key to Old Sebilis or something much greater? The truth of such remains as it is also believed that some of the people of Nalikor retreated after the battle to Broken Skull Rock (see EverQuest map), while those that had been converted to darkness remained and turned to the evil that is now Grobb.

The Frogloks of Guk likewise suffered. The dark and evil magic of Innoruuk and the Faceless was brought into the heart of the froglok city. It was torn in half and turned into a city of perpetual battles, the light against the dark. This is why the deeper sections of Guk (Lower Guk) are known as the Ruins of Old Guk. It was here that the course of battle ruined their city and the undead now dwell within.

Since the times of Aradune Mithara (Beta) there has been said to be a quest somewhere yet unfound that the dreaded Undead Froglok Tongues can be taken to that standing (Faction with Frogloks of Guk) be attained. This was before their use for alchemy and research. The quest remains yet unknown.

The Frogloks have also allied themselves with the Erudite followers of Prexus and likewise taken up arms against the Heretics (Faction hits in Paineel show this). There are also many frogloks found wandering Lake Rathe Tear, lead by Prince Kermit. Also of note within Rathe Mountains is Quid Rilstone, a deepwater knight who carries in his possession the Sirens Hair Hood and the Man-O-War. Take note the Frogloks can be found within the sewers under Qeynos along with Bait Masterson, a priest of Prexus and loyal member of the Deepwater Knights of Erudin. Bait also can occasionally be found fishing from the docks of Freeport for an unknown reason.

Vengeance Continues

The Teir’Dal ultimately discovered the location of Truthbringer, sealed away within the crystal field deep within the heart of Broken Skull Rock.

The Irontoe Brigade split up after a failed attempt to siege Castle Crushbone and retrieve the Butcherblock Hammer. Most that survived wound their way to Qeynos to serve Sraag Bloodheart, the lord of the Bloodsabres whom are also allied to King Naythox Thex of Neriak of Neriak.

The Teir’Dal at some point in time gained possession of the relic through an unknown means, before it ended up cast away in its watery prison within Dagnors Cauldron. It is said that a member of the Irontoe Brigade brandished the weapon for a time. This makes perfect sense considering the alliance between Carson McCabe, Naythox Thex, and the Bloodsabres.

Found upon The Prophet within the midst of Castle Crushbone is a note sent by Artellin D’Nev that fortells of the battle of Broken Skull Rock and how their forces shall meet them at dawn to be ready. The letter was penned in the dark elven tongue.

What is known next is that the Butcherblock Hammer was used by the Teir’Dal and their allies to shatter the crystal field that contained the sword of Mithaniel Marr. The artifact of one god used to free another. What happens to the sword from here is but a mystery. Some say the blade was whisked away to Neriak and taken deep within the vaults of the Church of the Firstborn where a way is sought to see to its ends. Others say that the hobbits who inhabit the Nektulous wood are there as it is a holy site from the final days of Aradune Mithara (Beta) where their god once walked. They seek to claim Truthbringer from the undark city as a trophy in remembrance to the King of Thieves. Whatever happened to Truthbringer after it was removed from its combines is yet unknown for certain till this very day. The trail goes cold, and a new mystery is born.

The Search for Truthbringer

Since the theft of the blade from Broken Skull Rock, the children that were true to the teachings of Nalikor and the faith of Mithaniel Marr departed their isle in search of the holy sword. They are allied to the Knights of Truth (faction hits) likewise in their search. Plnorrick Spinecracker is found in the Seafarers Roost at the docks in East Freeport. Within High Pass at the Lumber Yard is another Troll of the Broken Skull Clan also.

They seek that which was lost and perhaps also have tracked it to somewhere upon Antonica and follow old clues from the thieves. With the members of The Dark Alliance it is no doubt that the greatest of holy swords lays scattered somewhere about Antonica, moved unseen with the aid of Carson McCabe and his smugglers.

The End of an Age

Now we sit in the final hour awaiting the second war of the gods to come to pass. With the coming of the Warlord will lead to the fate of Trakanon and the ascencion of the fourth hero of prophecy. It is here the world will burn as the sleeper walks. The Sleeper was said to be the one thing that could challenge the might of Veeshan herself. Fearing the destructive power of the Kerafyrm it was imprisoned and four warders remain yet to this day to guard the tomb of the destroyer.

It will be this fourth hero that challenges the might of the Sleeper and faces him within the final hour of Norrath. The fourth warder that rests within the tomb speaks of the three artifacts and the one that will rise to bring about the light in the heart of darkness. This one is an unfortold paladin of Mithaniel Marr. As with Malevolence, only a follower of Innoruuk could wield of it when it ended up freed of its curse and returned into the world once more. Truthbringer will undoubtedly be the same, a weapon of which only a paladin devoted to Mithaniel Marr shall stand.

The Fate of a Prophet

And what fate had befallen the once fabled sky dragon Trakanon who saw the end of the world? It is said that during the course of the war with the Iksar that the Sky Dragon suffered deep wounds. Upon the winds of legend are spoken that Trakanon suffered mercilessly at the hands of the Ring of Scale for his actions against the Iksar and the war that ensued. Some say in hushed tones that he used the black arts to sustain his being and keep him from death. It has even earned him the nickname of the poison dragon by some.

Others have declared Trakanon the second Plague Dragon with Ak’Anon being named after him when Edril Slew the Plague dragon that had once dwelt within the caverns where now rests the city of gnomes. It was the Plaguebringer appeared over Chelsith in the Overthere and destroyed the city in the last war of the gods. It is said a green cloud formed and took upon it the face of death, turning the city to ash and bone and the rivers to blood.

It was during the three fold plague of Bertoxxulous upon the Karana Plains that a green mist descended upon it to corrupt the plains with pestilence and decay. The breath weapon now used by Trakanon is a green mist, just like the green mist that seeped from the head of the Plague Dragon that once dwelt under Ak’Anon that Edril carried into the Steamfront Mountains.

Let us look at what remains of Sebilis and some of the things therein the lair of Trakanon. The Frenzied Pox Scarab, Gangrenous Scarab, and Myconid Spore King. All things not uncommon to the realm of Bertoxxulous and that which lies within the Plane of Decay. Bertoxxulous was brought into Norrath by the Nameless to bring death into the world as apart of the natural cycle of Norrath’s ways. Did Trakanon make a pact with Bertoxxulous to cheat death that he might see the end days of his prophecy and the ascension of the fourth hero yet to come?

And yet even still, Trakanon surrounds himself with the followers of the light. Frogloks, the followers of Prexus yet remain at his side. Free from the once tyranny of their former Iksar masters. Trakanon has and continues to surround himself with those that spark the chords of light. First the Frogloks, then the Combine Empire, and finally the trolls that brought about Nalikor and his people. But even for Trakanon there shall be an end. For with his end, will herald the scourges of war…and the final battle for Norrath shall at long last be waged with the second war of the gods.


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