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Order of the Storm Caller

You say, ‘Hail, Shayna Thunderhand’

Shayna Thunderhand gives a soft smile and delicate motion with her hand and bow of her head, ‘Greetings, Soandso. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Shayna Thunderhand — sorceress of The Rainkeeper and one of many ambassadors to the Jaggedpine. The recent events have yielded quite an interesting turn in our [organization’s] duties — and we are very excited to once again be reunited with our brethren and homeland.’

You say, ‘What is your organization’s duties?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘The Order of the Storm Caller is one whose roots are tied with the foundation of Qeynos and it’s establishments dedicated to the arcane sciences. When the Jaggedpine forest and it’s culture and people were still a part of the Qeynos kingdom, the wizards, magicians, and enchanters of Qeynos invited those from the Jaggedpine to partake in their fledgling studies. Gladly, our ancestors did so and returned to the forest with their newfound knowledge and passion in the art of the arcane. It was then that our elders felt that a new order must be established — the Order of the Storm Callers. As with all existing orders of The Rainkeeper, we had a [founding member] — one who made it possible for us to maintain our studies and interweave it into our everlasting faith in Karana.’

You say, ‘Who was your founding member?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘A wise and stoic woman by the name of Toliara Stormcaller was the first of our ancestors to master the art of wizardry. When she returned to the Jaggedpine with her newfound knowledge, the elders were very intrigued. She was asked to coordinate the efforts of all the Jaggedpine natives that had taken an interest and shown their adept talents in the ways of the arcane and form an opening ceremony to take place during the winter solstice celebration. Gladly and excitedly, she did so. The magicians, wizards, and enchanters loyal to The Rainkeeper met for several months, formulating [plans] and establishing [rituals] that would usher their order into the collective goal and cause of Karana’s faithful.’

You say, ‘What plans and rituals?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘The night before the sacred annual ritual and festival, the hierophant of Karana passed into the great Eye of Karana’s Storm. A new hierophant was to be named at the ceremony sited at the Throne of Karana’s Thunder. It is tradition that when a new hierophant is recognized, that the elders of each artisan, spiritual, and military order present the sacred item of their order that would then be wielded in the sacred ceremony — in this case, it was the winter solstice. Toliara called upon her brothers and sisters of the arcane sciences and together they forged an [item] of considerable power significant to that which The Rainkeeper sacredly represents.’

You say, ‘What item?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘The enchanters, who were also artisans highly skilled in the ways of jewel craft and even blacksmithing, were asked to forge a golden scepter with a hollow cradle at its peak. The magicians then conjured the elemental essences of the storm — water and air and sealed them in an azure sphere that was created from pure, enchanted elemental water. Toliara and her fellow wizards would spend days researching and creating a spell and rune of their own with which they would fulfill the purpose of the item. She etched the sacred runes upon the base of the scepter and sealed the separate items into one whole. Upon the dawn of the winter solstice, the fledgling order met at the Shrine of Karana where they would then [firmly establish themselves] among Karana’s most faithful.’

You say, ‘How did they establish themselves?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘The new hierophant was named and it was he that would lead the opening ceremonies of the solstice dawn. Tradition dictates that the head of each of The Rainkeeper’s order would come forward, bearing their sacred item to the hierophant and each in their own way, respectfully representing their order and its foundation, aid the hierophant in the ceremony. Toliara, representing the fledgling arcane order, was last to present her order’s item to the new hierophant — whose curiosity was piqued by the beautiful and most apparently powerful item. The ceremony began and each item was used in the [conjuration of a great storm].’

You say, ‘How did they conjure a great storm?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘The druids chanted around their hierophant, who held their order’s sacred item. As they chanted, they brought forth the great blanket of silver clouds upon the horizon. The rangers, rogues, and bards in their musical chant ushered in the raging winds that guided the druids’ clouds over the forest. It was the duty of the veterans, the warriors and knights, to call forth the thunder and begin the broiling of the storm. Toliara and her order then began an arcane chant. She raised the scepter upwards to the sky and collectively, the small order wove a single spell that arched from the scepter and struck the center of the tempest that responded in a great display of lightening and rain. Until the rise of the next dawn, the ceremonies continued — each order respectively praising Karana. By the rise of second dawn and the end of the solstice celebrations, the [Order of the Storm Caller] was inducted into the ranks of Karana’s faithful.’

You say, ‘What is the Order of the Storm Caller?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘That is the name that was bestowed to the arcane order of Karana’s faithful, led by Toliara. For several generations the order would thrive and become the primary ambassadors between the city proper of Qeynos and the forest. Eventually, when corruption threatened the land, it would be the Order of the Storm Caller that would act as the messengers and mediators between the political and spiritual interests of the Jaggedpine and ultimately, it would be their direct ties to the city that would influence the [decision] of Antonious III.’

You say, ‘What decision?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘All wished to spare the Jaggedpine from corruption for it was the sacred homeland of one of the city’s largest and most prosperous religious and cultural foundations. The Order of the Storm Caller knew that separation was the only way to assure the forest’s safety, for Qeynos would need all of its resources to defend against the approaching venomous shadow. However, not all were in favor of this decision. One known as Urwenae, an enchantress and at the time second to only the order’s arch mage in power and influence, held strong opposition to removing themselves indefinitely from their sacred lands. However, she was overruled by the decision of her superiors and the majority of the Jaggedpine Orders, thus the forest was sealed. The Order of the Storm Caller, along with the Veterans of the Storm, would [retreat] fully from the forest to aid the inevitable battles in defending Qeynos and its kingdom from threat.’

You say, ‘Why did they retreat?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘Collectively, the council at Qeynos and the orders of Karana’s faithful knew that it was best for the forest to have only the bare minimum of necessary inhabitants needed to preserve the culture and ancient ways remain behind. The shadow of corruption and turmoil was inevitable and Qeynos could not afford to spare these resources in such great quantity and the Orders agreed. The Veterans of the Storm, the knights and warriors of the Jaggedpine, and the Order of the Storm Caller were asked to relocate fully to Qeynos. There was little opposition to this decision, although the fanatical Urwenae [would never forgive her superiors and brethren] for allowing them to become separated from their homeland.’

You say, ‘Why would she would never forgive her superiors and brethren?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘She felt that all of Karana’s Orders should remain in the forest — that Qeynos’ resources were plenty and that the threat of the shadow would surely call the aid of nearby Erudin and perhaps even Rivervale if Qeynos were to fall into such dire jeopardy. Despite her zealous and near-fanatical opposition to the ruling, she was a well-respected member of the Order and was in-line to inherent the position of arch-mage when her mentor and the current ranking member of the Order passed into the great Eye of Karana’s Storm. For nearly a decade she waited in silence — her disapproval of the decision a constant, although she cooperated with her Order, she rarely left the Orders’ library. Eventually, she ascended to the roll of arch-mage over the Order of the Storm Caller and it was then that she had the opportunity to exact her vengeance against [those whom she thought as traitorous] heretics against Karana and their ancient, sacred path.’

You say, ‘Who did she think was traitorous?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘Ultimately, she blamed everyone who had voluntarily and without opposition agreed to the ruling made ten years prior with the sealing of the Jaggedpine forest. Urwenae despised both her fellow members of the Order of the Storm Caller as well as the Veterans of the Storm — viewing both groups as traitors. Ten years of reclusive behavior had given the necessary time for her planning to blossom and the death of her mentor and her ascension granted the perfect opportunity to execute her [revenge]. Upon the tenth anniversary of the Jaggedpine being sealed, a mere fortnight into her reign as arch-mage, Urwenae disbanded the Order in a violent display. A massacre was committed in the sacred halls of Qeynos’ arcane studies — an incident that was cleverly covered-up by the political council of Qeynos to keep the citizens from unnecessary worry regarding an external threat.’

You say, ‘What was her revenge?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘She had gathered a small group of like-minded followers — mainly, her most adept pupils that trusted her explicitly and were thus easily manipulated by her. The Order met in the cellar level of the arcane hall in Qeynos and there, Urwenae and her pupils destroyed all but a select few members of the arcane order. Many of the elders survived — escaping through portals of their own creation, although we lost many brave souls who attempted to remain behind and see their would-be executioners rightfully abolished. Urwenae and the two pupils, one being a powerful wizard that survived the encounter escaped through a portal when all that remained in the hall were dead. It is said that Urwenae then destroyed the sacred item that Toliara had forged all those centuries before, splitting the item into several pieces. As they are indestructible by design, Urwenae instructed her pupils to scatter the [pieces] throughout Norrath, while she herself would hide the scepter deep in the bowels of the Hole.’

You say, ‘What pieces?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘I cannot say for certain how Urwenae divided the scepter for the only documentation we possess was written in an ancient dialect that until recently, none could translate. The dialect is one of an ancient human tongue that dates centuries before the foundation of Qeynos — even before the foundation of the Throne of Karana’s Thunder. Of course this particular incident occurred in a more recent time, but Urwenae was well-versed in the ancient tongues of Norrath and knew well that her journal would be legible only by the most learned of Qeynos’ scholars or the forest’s elders, and even then her words would seem the fanciful tale of a madwoman — for there never was a massacre in the arcane hall in Qeynos, or so was the common belief until now. Those of us who are descendants of the few survivors that preserved the order knew of the truth and until recently, we had in our possession [Urwenae’s Tome].’

You say, ‘What is Urwenae’s tome?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘Urwenae’s tome, an Ancient Ashwood Tome granted to her by her late mentor, detailed Urwenae’s plans and what exactly she had done with the pieces of the scepter. You must understand, Urwenae was an arcane scientist — and a brilliant one at that. However, she was fanatically organized and required documentation of everything — a trait that was considered a merit before her madness had been discovered. The tome will likely detail where the missing pieces of the scepter lies and it may also copies of the lost, ancient scrolls scribed by Toliara and the first members of the order — scrolls that detail the exact runes and arcane chants to re-create the enchantment of the scepter, which was likely broken when Urwenae dismantled it. Unfortunately, the tome was [stolen] by one of the bandits that have recently inhabited our forest.’

You say, ‘Why was it stolen?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘I’m not entirely certain, although I doubt it was done for any purpose regarding the Order, our history, or any of the specific arcane knowledge contained within. Likely, the thief thought that it might fetch a price on the underground market of Norrath. The scouts have been able to identify the individual as Vranol Blackguard, the second eldest of the Blackguard family and one of its most dangerous members. We believe him to already be in High Pass. If [you can retrieve the Ancient Ashwood Tome] from him, if he still has it within his possession of course, then I would be more than willing to impart unto you our ancient arcane lore. However, this reward can only be wielded by one whose heart and faith belongs fervently to The Rainkeeper and their profession is of one of the three acceptable schools of magic. If you are unable to wield what reward I can provide, then I shall not bear ill will if you turn away, my friend.’

You say, ‘I will retrieve the Ancient Ashwood Tome.’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘Marvelous! However, for me to reward you properly, you must seek our the tormented spirit of Urwenae. It is rumored that when she went into the depths of the erudite hereitcs’ former home, that she was cursed by one of the ancient spirits there — her mind and spirit forever trapped within the boundaries of the ruins. As the magic of the scepter was tied to its bearer, it is likely that the essence of the Gleaming Crystal Scepter remains with her, so long as her essence resides on the prime plane of Norrath. If you can find her, retrieve the scepter, and return it to me with the recovered tome, I shall be better able to properly reward you for your services to us.’

Shayna Thunderhand says ”Aaah. . . yes. Well done. Well done, indeed, my friend. The tome still contains the Toliara’s ancient notes and we shall be able to restore the lost magic to the scepter.” Shayna holds the scepter firmly in one hand and the opened tome in the other. In a powerful voice, she recites several arcane words. As she speaks in the magical rhythm of the spell, the scepter in her hand begins to faintly glow and seems almost to haze as if enshrouded in a blanket of dense fog for but a moment. Shayna reaches the last word of her spell and extends the misted scepter to you, ”This is the Scepter of Storms. It is not yet complete and requires its original pieces to be whole once again. If you wish to continue to [aid the Order of the Storm Caller], I shall be more than willing to complete the scepter for you — as your worth to us shall be proven in the task.’

You say, ‘I will aid the Order of the Storm Caller.’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘Very well, my friend, and may Karana guide you through this path. There is one known as D’mitrious Irska, a powerful magician who can be found at the arcane hall in Qeynos. He is currently the senior member of our order and will be able to further aid you than I, for most unfortunately, many pages of the tome have been damaged by Vranol when he stole it. D’mitrious is more wise in this matter than myself and his willingness to aid you should be more than overwhelming once the scepter has been presented to him. However, he will require one [further component] with the scepter to secure his aid.’

You say, ‘What further components?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘The Scroll of the Tempest Eye, one scribed by Toliara herself as she completed her portion of the item, has been lost to us for some time. Urwenae tore the scroll from the pages of the tome and gave it to her pupil, Lazara, and instructed her to take them into Permafrost with the hopes that the threat of the great ice dragon that dwells there to ward any would-be heroes away. Like Urwenae, Lazara fell to an unknown, although dark fate and it is likely that the twisted impression of her former existence remains — guarding the scroll with its unlife.’

D`mitrious Irska says ‘The Scepter of Storms. . . but how could this be? You have spoken with Shayna, yes? I see that she has found one to retrieve the stolen tome. But what is even more intriguing is the acquisition of the scepter itself. I am impressed and these items represent your deeds better than any arrogant boasting that I hear day in and day out from the other youths of the order. Aaaah and yes, you have the scroll! Well then, we cannot let an opportunity like this slip through our fingers, now can we?” The mage quickly eyes the scroll before closing his eyes and beginning an arcane chant. The scroll in his hand begins to smolder, although the page is not damaged. A glowing silver image of a swirling storm seems to reflect off the surface of the parchment. Then, the scepter begins to slightly chime and runes begin to magically imbed themselves into the scepter’s base. The mage opens his eyes and extends the scepter to you, ”Now then, [shall we continue]?’

D`mitrious Irska says ‘Now that the scepter has been properly modified for the task, you must keep it safe for now. Your next task will be to seek out two more components, for the original components and the spells describing how they were forged are lost forever — destroyed by Urwenae’s second and final pupil who went mad while attempting to fulfill his duty. The Essence of Storms must be retrieved, and there is only one place within the whole of Norrath’s prime or astral realms that it can be found — the Plane of Sky. There is a being known as The Storm Mistress who dwells there. Seek her out and retrieve the Essence of Storms from her ethereal being. Do not worry yourself over what seems to be a gruesome murder and thieving, for she will coalesce again as all immortal, planar beings do in time. The second item that you must retrieve is the Cloudy Azure Sphere, which lies in the hands of [Priestess Auraia] in the depths of Kedge Keep.’

You say, ‘Who is Priestess Auraia?’

D`mitrious Irska says ‘Auraia was once a priestess of the Prime Healer. Upon her travels throughout the world of Norrath, she stumbled blindly into the castle grounds of Mistmoore. Fortunately, it was during the daylight hours and she did not need to wander far before discovering the error of their ways. Quickly, she attempted to turn back, fearfully respecting the wish for privacy that is heavily guarded and ferociously enforced by the vampire lord’s undead servants. As she made her way out of the castle grounds and returned to the boundaries of the Lesser Faydark forest, Auraia happened upon a recently discarded azure sphere. She had no idea what the sphere was intended for – at first likely thinking it the lost toy of some Koada’Dal or gnomish child. However, she was intrigued by it and threw it in her pack for a later inquiry and inspection. Eventually, Auraia heard tales of the ancient underwater city known as Kedge Keep from her Koada’Dal hosts in Felwithe. The intrigue was too much for this young adventurer to bear and so ‘

D`mitrious Irska studies both items intently, muttering softly to himself at an inaudible tone. Eventually, the mage closes his eyes and begins to chant, the melodic weave of arcane words causing the essence to shimmer with the brilliance of an electrical storm. Slowly, he brings both hands together, sealing the ethereal essence within the magical sphere — a union that forces a loud boom, the voice of thunder, to echo throughout the hall. D’mitrious opens his eyes and examines the completed orb and nods to himself, ”This should be sufficient. Take it and place it within the scepter. When the two enchanted items are united, the Orb of the Storm Caller will be forged.”

The Interrogation of Opal Darkbriar

Opal Darkbriar: “Release me immediately! Cristanos Thex will not stand for this!”

Opal Darkbriar: “Do you know who I am? I have powerful allies!”

Opal Darkbriar: “These infernal wards nullify my translocation spells…”

Opal Darkbriar: “If you do not release me there will be hell to pay! Do you hear me?!”

Captain Maganus strides into the cell block, the two resting spellsplitter’s snapping to attention. The third shows no sign he is aware his commander has entered the room.

a Militia spellsplitter: “Captain.”

Opal Darkbriar: “Maganus. How much longer do you plan on holding me here?! This is a grave insult to lock me in this cage!”

Captain Maganus: “Calm yourself, Darkbriar. No one is buying into your theatrics.”

Opal Darkbriar: “You threaten the entire city of Freeport by detaining me. Neriak will not stand for this!”

Captain Maganus: “Is that so…?”

Opal Darkbriar: “Queen Cristanos Thex, herself, will see to my release.”

Captain Maganus: “I believe you are sadly mistaken, Opal. You see, it was the queen who allowed us to enter Neriak and apprehend you, traitor.”

Opal Darkbriar: “You are lying!”

Captain Maganus: “Am I? There were certain conditions that were agreed upon when the Darklight Pact was signed, your arrest was one of them. The Overlord doesn’t take kindly to having his property stolen.”

Opal Darkbriar: “I didn’t steal anything! Secondly, Neriak would go to war before allowing itself to sign a treaty with the likes of that madman.”

Captain Maganus: “Fortunately, Queen Thex has a wiser head than you. You sadly overestimate the strength of Neriak. The queen was in no position to do much bartering.”

Opal Darkbriar: “You are delusional, human. Neriak has been, and will always be one of the greatest empires on Norrath!”

Captain Maganus: “I am afraid it is you that is out of touch of reality, my dear Darkbriar. Thex couldn’t sign the treaty fast enough… what with the multiple legions camped on her doorstep once the Commonlands tunnel was completed.”

Opal Darkbriar: “Make no mistake, it is just a temporary convenience.”

Captain Maganus: “Lord Razon Blayze has been assigned permanently to Hate’s Envy to oversee the relations between Neriak and Freeport. He’ll make sure Neriak upholds their part of the longstanding treaty.”

Opal Darkbriar: “My nation will not be held to such conditions for long. I will see to that personally as a loyal and powerful ally of the Teir’Dal Empire!”

Captain Maganus: “Ah, well there is that as well. Your allegiance is something of suspect these days.”

Opal Darkbriar: “How dare you! I am Teir’Dal!”

Captain Maganus: “The queen wasn’t aware of such theft, and it was your hasty escape that led us right to Neriak’s hidden doorstep. We have you to thank for Freeport’s present political gain.”

Captain Maganus: “What we want to know is who you were working for when you stole Soulfire.”

Opal Darkbriar: “I wasn’t working for any-!”

Captain Maganus: “No, don’t protest… I wouldn’t expect you to divulge any information… and it would save our ears from your screeching. Rest assured my spellsplitter division will discover the answers we seek.”

Opal Darkbriar: “A division you wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for me and my academy’s training. You owe me, Maganus.”

Captain Maganus: “If we relied on your faulty training we’d still be searching for the clues of your theft… something I have no doubt you intended.”

Opal Darkbriar: “Listen… we can work something out! I… I can make it worth your while. What is it you want? Power?! Money?! Love…”

Captain Maganus: “You are getting desperate, Darkbriar… and you insult me. We will get to the bottom of this, and then the time of your trial will be at hand. Good day, Opal.”

The Captain turns sharply and strides towards the exit. Just before reaching the stairs Darkbriar calls out to hi one last time…

Opal Darkbriar: “Maganus! Maganus! You can’t leave me here! He’ll have me executed! He’ll do it himself!”

Maganus pauses, half turning back to her. His eyes close briefly as he says quietly,

Captain Maganus: “I believe that’s the plan.”


The Redeemer

You say, ‘Hail, Irak Altil’

Irak Altil says ‘Ah ______, it is so good to see you again. I hope my sword has been treating you well. What [brings you here], friend?’

You say, ‘What brings me here?’

Irak Altil says ‘Yes, what is your purpose here? Perhaps you are curious as to how I’ve gotten here? Would you [like me to tell you]?’

You say, ‘I would like you to tell me.’

Irak Altil says ‘Let us start at the beginning. I, in my mortal form, was a follower of Quellious. As a young paladin, my tutors early on noticed my talents at spell-casting and my skills as a swordsman. I surpassed all of my mentor’s expectations but I still had a [lot to learn].’

You say, ‘A lot to learn?’

Irak Altil says ‘My knowledge grew quickly, to the point where I could not learn anymore from my mentors. One day, I was given the choice of learning from a new master, one that rarely teaches knights. To be taught by him, I was given a series of rites that I had to pass. The path was long and difficult, but I was able to [impress my new master] and convince him to teach me.’

You say, ‘You able to impress your new master?’

Irak Altil says ‘Oh yes, I apologize if this sounds like boasting, but my master was both impressed and surprised with my progress. He took me as his student. Years later I had gained all the knowledge I could acquire from my master and I was able to craft a great sword, the Fiery Defender. At this point in my life I decided to on a mission to help people in need, to promote the paladin ideals to those that wished to listen, and spread the word of my Lady Quellious. However, this is not [where the story ends].’

You say, ‘Where does the story end?’

Irak Altil says ‘A few years after I set out on my own, I met a man named Kirak Vil. Despite being a dark elf, I welcomed him as an equal. Though I was cautious, I decided to teach him the ideals of paladins; courage, honor, truth, as well as all of the other ideals that encompass our lives. One day something [bad happened].’

You say, ‘What bad happened?’

Irak Altil says ‘Kirak one day turned on me. We set on an expedition deep inside Old Paineel to save a kidnapped child, when a creature named a Thought Tormentor attacked us. Kirak did not help defend me and our small expedition. Last thing I remember before blacking out was a being named the Keeper of the Tombs drawing the life out of me. I [remember little after that].’

You say, ‘What little do you remember after that?’

Irak Altil says ‘I have intermittent memories of being tormented and imprisoned in the Fear plane. I was stripped of my dignity and honor, and all that was left was a shade of my former self. Most of my vivid memories of that time consisted of unbearable flashes of pain. With whatever cognitive thought that remained, I prayed to Quellious to give me strength. That is when you came to my side and [saved me].’

You say, ‘I saved you?’

Irak Altil says ‘Yes, by giving me the honor of wielding my sword, shield, and armor, I was set free from my torment in that wretched place. I was still not whole, however. I journeyed to many places in Norrath, looking for a place to sacrifice myself upon the spear of pain. I eventually found my way to some of the [outer Planes].’

You say, ‘What outer Planes?’

Irak Altil says ‘As I stepped foot into the Plane of Tranquility, my soul began to yearn to be complete. This must have been a gift given to me by my Lady Quellious. I ventured into the Plane of Valor and this is when the Lord Mithaniel Marr found me and felt my suffering. I was summoned to the Temple of Marr and upon arrival, I was greeted and welcomed by every knight there. While I commanded respect in my former self, nothing I had ever experience was as intense as this. For the first time after the betrayal, I had felt complete. Lord Mithaniel and his priests gathered around me and chanted for three straight days. What happened next was [unbelievable].’

You say, ‘What was unbelievable?’

Irak Altil says ‘My soul and the lifeless bones that were my body began to burn like fire. It felt both painful and soothing at the same time. Energy poured out of my body and then a flash of light occurred, I passed out shortly thereafter. During my slumber, the Goddess of Love nurtured my mind and kept me company. I awoke a week later to find myself still in the Temple of Marr. The priests of Marr took care of me during my [transformation].’

You say, ‘Transformation?’

Irak Altil says ‘Indeed, Lord Mithaniel endowed me with this body and spoke to me, he said “My brother, while you are not a follower of Marr, I offer you a place of brotherhood here in the Halls of Honor. Your courage and perseverance are extremely commendable and I would like you to serve in my army.” Honored by the ascension Lord Mithaniel had given me, I still had to take time to [consider] the offer.’

You say, ‘Consider?’

Irak Altil says ‘Yes, I was afraid my Lady Quellious would be saddened if I stayed in Mithaniel’s realm. So I prayed to her and asked for guidance. My Lady appeared to me in my dreams and praised me for my loyalty. She then gave me approval to serve as a Soldier of Marr and offered me a place in her realm once my services to Lord Mithaniel were over. I was most [honored] and grateful at the same time.’

You say, ‘Honored?’

Irak Altil says ‘Honored is an understatement. I was overwhelmed by the fact that the god of Valor and Honor chose me to serve in his army. I was also overwhelmed by my own god’s offer to serve her after my tour was done in this plane. I try to be very humble about this honor, for that is a virtue held dear to all paladins. Now that my story is over, I [require something of you].’

You say, ‘What do you require of me?’

Irak Altil says ‘When I ascended to this plane and was transformed, Mithaniel gave me a specific purpose. I was graced with the ability to sense others who were like me, others who were tortured and tormented. I have a sensitivity to other poor beings that have been tormented the same way as me. I would like you to find these beings who were being tortured, and perhaps that may shed some light on my past. I have had a few [visions] on what may help you find these other tormented beings.’

You say, ‘What visions?’

Irak Altil says ‘I have had visions recently of various beings who have been captured by some foreign minion and tortured. The visions all were similar in nature. Very horrible things were done to these beings, very gruesome things. As the being kept fighting the pain and anguish, more torture was applied to break them…it was a horrible vision. A spell was casted mid-way though this ritual and the tormented being was held in a stasis. I felt a tugging at my soul, and I saw that the being’s soul was being pulled from their body. The soul was removed from the being and imprisoned in a crystal of foreign origin. My only guess is that whoever is behind this ploy has been stealing the souls of various races of Norrath for some dark purpose. Help those that are tormented, find the crystals, and this will help you find the minions behind this plot. Go now noble Crusader!’


You say, ‘Hail, Enic Ruklin’

Enic Ruklin says ‘______! I’m glad you are here. Something terrible has occurred recently. Would you like to know [what happened]?’

You say, ‘I would like to know what happened.’

Enic Ruklin says ‘A few nights ago, I was standing guard at the Pool of Jahnda like any other night, but something was different. The night air was cooler than usual and the sky was barely visible because of all of the dark clouds. Sometime around midnight, a flash occurred near the pool and I saw an Iksar run off with a Koalindl. As I chased him, he casted a portal spell and disappeared. This is grave indeed! I will need your help, ______. Will you help [track down] this Iksar and return the Koalindl?’

You say, ‘I will track down this Iksar and return the Koalindl.’

Enic Ruklin says ‘Very well, ______. Unfortunately, I cannot offer you any hints. My only guess is that this Iksar might be near a large body of water, for the Koalindl needs to be kept near water at all times. I fear that the Koalindl may have been destroyed. Go now and find the Koalindl or the remnants of that great servant of the Prime Healer!’


You say, ‘Hail, Brunar Rankin’

Brunar Rankin says ‘______! Are you looking for a Koalindl? I have heard some knights such as yourself were searching for that sacred fish of Qeynos. I saw one come through here recently. An evil looking Iksar had one in some sort of stasis spell and the fish didn’t look too good. Now, I’m not sure what exactly the Iksar was going to do with it, but I did see a chunk of the fish fall into the water. A few minutes later I ended up fishing up an odd looking fish scale. Immediately after I was attacked by a large and evil fish! Luckily I was carrying with me a flaying dagger and I was able to slay the evil fish before it could hurt me. Here is a note I found on the dock before the Iksar left. You must put a stop to whatever it is this Iksar is planning on doing!’


My master, I have acquired a Koalindl. I plan on twisting the fish to my will and then feeding the remains of this fish to the ocean. This should taint the ocean with the dark remains and convert all fish to undead. We will corrupt all of the oceans for our master Cazic Thule!

I plan on visiting the Ocean of Tears first, then I will head to the Overthere, I will visit the Gulf of Gunthak and finally I will go to Nedaria’s Landing. Once I have fed the waters with the dark remains, it will only be a matter of time before they are tainted. You will be pleased, master.


Enic Ruklin says ‘So this is what happened to the Koalindl? This is sad indeed. I have heard that you have stopped a greater tragedy from occuring by treating the pestilence that was being brought to the seas. You have done a very good job, ______. I present you with a seal of nobility that was given to me long ago. This seal has granted me audiences with many of the different races of Norrath, including the Ring of Scale. Perhaps it will aide you in your journeys. Thank you again, sir.’


You say, ‘Hail, Dry Sapara’

Dry Sapara says ‘Welcome ______. I see you have the Seal of Enic, I imagine you have done a very good deed for Enic to acquire that. If Enic gave you that, he must trust you. And if he trusts you, then so shall I. I ask a favor of you, paladin. I wish for you to help me with a servant of mine. Rithnok, a very loyal servant of the Peak, disappeared a few days ago. He has returned, but he is not the same. . .he appears beaten and torn. I feel he has been tormented by some unknown being. For what reason? I do not know. However, he must be relieved of his suffering. I ask you to release him from the confines of this world and bring me back anything you find. Go now.’


Dry Sapara says ‘This appears to be a vessel that housed Rithnok’s soul. However, it appears to be missing a few shards. Take this soulstone and piece it back together. I have a feeling once this item becomes whole it will lead you to whoever did this to our poor Rithnok. Thank you for releasing him, ______.’


You say, ‘Hail, Mikhal Young’

Mikhal Young says ‘I’m so glad to find a fellow knight. Hail to you ______. I was curious, are you traveling through or could you possibly help me [try to find my sister]?’

You say, ‘I will try to find your sister.’

Mikhal Young says ‘My sister Drema and I were traveling through Tenebrous Mountains after trading some supplies in Katta Castellum. We ended up setting camp in Mons Letalis for the night, so that we could have an early start on our journey back to Dawnshroud the next day. The next morning I woke up and my sister was gone! Nothing remained on her cot from the night before. . .I’m not sure where she disappeared off to. I spent the course of several days searching all of Mons Letalis for her, but I couldn’t find any clues that would lead me to her where-abouts. I journeyed back to Dawnshroud Peaks and had my friends here make a rescue party so that we could find her. We set out to look for her and spent several days in Marus Seru, Mons Letalis, and the Grey looking for any sign of her. We did not [find anything.]’

You say, ‘You did not find anything?’

Mikhal Young says ‘As we were turning back to Dawnshroud Peaks, my good friend Ryann Desgrey found her locket in the dirt in the Grey. Here, take the locket. Perhaps you will have a better chance of finding her, and perhaps she will come with you once you present her with the locket. Please, let her know that I miss her and that we all want her to come home safely. Go now, noble paladin.’


Drema Young groans, ‘Uuuurgh. . . Crystal. . .’ As Drema reaches out to receive the locket, her fingerbone breaks off in your hand.


Mikhal Young says ‘You have found her in Mons Letalis? This is her fingerbone, what has happened? She has turned into a skeleton? Oh my, this is grave news indeed. Show this fingerbone to Denns, maybe he can figure out a way to investigate this dire situation.’


You say, ‘Hail, Denns Rootenpaw’

Denns Rootenpaw says ‘Can I help you? Can’t you see that I’m busy right now.’

Denns Rootenpaw says ‘What is this? Drema’s fingerbone? While I don’t usually help paladins, in this situation I will help you and Mikhal investigate this tragedy. Here is what will need to be done: Take this bag and collect three dark skeleton remains, found somewhere here in Luclin. Bring them back to me so that I can cast a dark spell on it. The spell will turn bones into powder, a powder that should revive Drema long enough to have her explain what occurred. Go now and find these bones.’


Denns Rootenpaw says ‘Very well, I have turned this collection of bones into powder. Take this powder to Drema and see if it awakens her. Good luck, knight.’


Drema Young groans ‘Please end my torment ______. I beg of you!’

Drema Young’s corpse says ‘Thank you for releasing me. Avenge me by defeating that insidious Vampire!’


You say, ‘Hail, Etumer’

Etumer says ‘Mujaki! Haha! He.. He captured me and.. Imprisoned me here as punishment for some supposed transgressions against him. Mujaki always was jealous of my own prowess and resentful of our fathers favor toward me. He has only further proven his weakness through trapping me with power granted to him by Terris Thule. Hmm, [perhaps]. . .’

You say, ‘Perhaps what?’

Etumer says ‘Perhaps you could find some way to overwhelm Mujaki? I might be able to work an enchantment to transport you closer to my brother. I only feel I have the power to send twenty four of you, when you have formed rank please have the leaders of your groups let me know when you are ready.’


You say, ‘Hail, Lovine Lemise’

Lovine Lemise says ‘______, I am glad you are here. My name is Lovine and the poor soul lying on the bed over here is my good friend Reiya. My friend could use some [assistance].’

You say, ‘What assistance?’

Lovine Lemise says ‘I should probably begin by telling you what happened. Reiya was found a couple of days ago on the shore in Natimbi, face down in the water. The Wayfarers that found him were not sure if he was dead or not, until they brought him here to Abysmal. It appears he was unconcious at the time, since he later awoke on this bed. Something is terribly with him though.’

You say, ‘What is wrong?’

Lovine Lemise says ‘I’m not sure what is wrong with him, though he constantly fades in and out of consciousness. His speech is erratic when he is awake, and his thoughts do not appear to be in this world. I have a feeling that he is being tormented in some way, but I do not know how or why. I would like you to gather a few things for me, to make a concoction that may awaken Reiya. I will tell you what the [ingredients] are.’

You say, ‘What are the ingredients?’

Lovine Lemise says ‘I am looking for the following things: a Potameid seaweed strand, blood from a Mastruq Havocblade, the tail of a Noc Fleshfeaster, and the jawbone of Ra’Tuk Screambringer. Place the items in this enchanted potion bag, and return it to me so that we can attempt to awaken Reiya. Please be dilligent in your search, ______.’


Lovine Lemise says ‘Thank you for gathering these items ______. This potion will help him very much, however, Reiya will need one more potion to help him gain conciousness. I will need you to bring him a potion of Mist of the Breathless. Go now and bring this quickly, friend.’


The Shade of Reiya the Pained shouts, ‘Fool, you think you can come here and try to defeat me? Try as you may, you will fail.’


You say, ‘Hail Apprentice Udranda’

Apprentice Udranda says ‘I heard you released Reiya from his tourture, ______. I have seen muramites gathering in Vxed and I fear this may have to do with Reiya and the creatures responsible. Go there now and investigate, Noble Knight.’


You say, ‘Hail, Irak Altil’

Irak Altil says ‘______, I see you have returned with three Soulstones. These crystals are very delicate and hold the souls of those tormented beings. The keepers of these Soulstones were being controlled by some superior being, someone dark and evil in nature. I will need you to find one more Soulstone, so that we can find out who is behind all of this. This final tormented soul I feel is a Erudite…a Wayfarer Erudite, though I cannot discern where this person is. Please hurry and find this tormented being.’


You say, ‘Hail, Redis Linrok the Suffering’

Redis Linrok the Suffering says ‘Auuugh. . .Tantelus. . .the. . .catacombs. . .is where. . .my essence. . .is. . .’

A flash of light occurs as Redis disappears. An entrance to an unfamiliar place has been opened for you. Perhaps you should investigate there.


Shade of Redis Linrok shouts, ‘Fools, I see you have found your way here. Be that as it may, you shall not take my essence!’

As the four soulstones meet, four voices in unison echo in your thoughts, ‘The one who has taken us and tortured us is in Wall of Slaughter. He is the defiler, the tormentor, the end to all of our pain. Find Durunal the Cursebearer, put a stop to his plans, and prevent others from suffering our fate. Go now!’


Durunal the Cursebearer shouts, ‘I feel some souls have returned for me. Redis, Rithnok, Drema, and Reiya. . . I feel your presence here. Come to me now and let us end this!’

Durunal the Cursebearer’s corpse explodes into a sizzling cloud as its armor pieces crash to the ground.

As you hold the sword, your soul is tugged for a few seconds and then all four soulstones speak in unison, ‘This sword is the key, this sword is the misery, this sword is the instrument that took us away, and this sword is what will set us free. Take this cursed sword to Irak Altil, for he will know how to end our pain.’


Irak Altil says ‘I see you have destroyed the monster responsible for this plot. This sword, this twisted piece of steel and blood that lies in your hands, must be the instrument used by Durunal to twist and corrupt those he tortured. I can feel that this sword has a dark magical power that he used to forcibly and violently siphon the soul of those he tormented. There is only one way to correct Durunal’s wrong-doings, as well as lay to rest the souls of those he tortured. You must take the crystals you have gathered and meld them with the sword. . .give those tormented souls a new purpose and a new meaning. After you have joined the souls with this weapon, I will [tell you about my master].’

As the four soulstones come together, a soft blue light eminates around the dark sword. The soulstones find themselves at home within the sword. A flash occurs and four voices in unison speak in your mind, ‘Thank you for saving us and giving us a purpose again. You are truly our savior and our redeemer, and we shall serve you from now on. Thank you, noble knight!’

You receive ‘The Redeemer’


13th Anniversary Raid Text (EQ1)


Initiating the Expedition

You say, ‘Hail, Sam Napth’

Sam Napth glares at you angrily before quickly changing demeanor and speaking, ‘Welcome back, _____… While our previous efforts to put a [stop to Mayong] did not work out as planned surely if we try again it will work out differently!’ The halfling pauses for a moment and laughs uneasily, ‘Then again you may just be here to work on one of the other tasks?’

You say, ‘We’ll put a stop to Mayong’

Sam Napth nods, an unnatural grin flashes across his face before he speaks, ‘I suppose I am the fool for not seeing this earlier. It is up to you and your allies to put an end to the vampire god… again. Tell me when you are [ready] and I shall transport you as close to the Tower as I can.’

The Tower of Frozen Shadow is now available to you.

You say, ‘Ready!’

Sam Napth grins and says, ‘Good luck.’

Iceclad Ocean

You say, ‘Hail, a distraught raider’

a distraught raider says ‘So Sam has sent you here as well? Then I shall pray for your safe return from the tower. Tunare did not see fit to heed my wishes for my own allies, so I’m sure her infinite mercy is being saved for you and your party.’ The cleric sighs, ‘Of course if you would rather [return] to New Tanaan than spill your blood in the icy halls then I would be happy to transport you back.’

You say, ‘Hail, an anguished adventurer’

an anguished adventurer says ‘So Napth has talked you into storming the tower too?’ The half elf chuckles, ‘Well I wish you the best of luck, _____, you may need it. As you can clearly see by the weapons clutched in my allies’ hands, we were not ill-prepared for what lay ahead of us in the tower, yet we stood no chance once we crossed the gate. It’s still not too late to [return] to New Tanaan, life is more valuable than pride… To some.’ The tired raid leader looks over his fallen allies and sighs. ‘

You say, ‘Hail, a pensive heyokah’

a pensive heyokah glares, ‘And hail to you, an obtrusive busy-body. Now away with you, I’m trying to locate an idiot’s spirit in the afterlife so I can revive him. He owes me money!’ The barbarian kicks a bit of snow over the dead dark elf’s body.

You say, ‘Hail, an irate reaver’

an irate reaver says ‘I bet this fool would be alive if we had any semblance of direction from our godforsaken raid leader! I can count on one hand the number of minions I’ve lost under my command and that is only because I slew them myself for complaining too much. Back when I was in charge our raiders were a much tougher folk. Not like you modern day milksops trouping around in your ‘heroic’ armor and your ridiculous…’ The reaver continues to complain but you stop listening.’

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Stage 1 (First Floor – The Entrance)

You say, ‘Hail, Tserrina Syl`Tor’

Tserrina Syl`Tor stands over the body of a familiar fallen Troll. A small stream of blood trickles from her smiling lips as she looks up and speaks, ‘Ah the wedding party has arrived, how wonderful!’ She pauses, ‘Oh, but you are not yet dressed for our joyous night. This will simply not do. No, I must insist that you don yourselves in more [fitting garb]…’

You say, ‘Fitting garb?’

Tserrina Syl`Tor smiles and says, ‘Bloodstained rags and skinless flesh shall better suit the occasion… Now if you would excuse me, I have a party to prepare.’

Tserrina speaks away from you as she approaches the mirror, ‘My loyal servants, please see to it that this meddling troll is done away with and that our esteemed guests receive the ‘proper’ treatment.’ She cackles gleefully as she vanishes from sight.

Objective: Defend Warlord Ykesha and clear the first floor of Tserrina’s servants!

The walls echo with the sound of Tserrina’s voice, despite your victory she sounds ecstatic, ‘Well then, I suppose the master was right to invite you today.’ Her tone changes to a playful yell, ‘Mayong, my love, let these mortals feel the embrace of your presence!’

Warlord Ykesha thanks you for helping him take revenge on Tserrina’s lesser minions.

The path to the second floor of the tower is now open.

Warlord Ykesha says ‘Dem evil guys tries to kill meez after me helps dems get to tower! Me stay here and you go teach dems a lesson! Bash em gud!’

NOTE: If you let Warlord Ykesha die, you’ll see this emote:

Warlord Ykesha’s body explodes in a burst of ethereal force that empowers Tserrina’s remaining guards!

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Stage 2 (Second Floor – The Library)

The Performer cocks his dusty skull and poses dramatically. Even in undeath, the minstrel before you has retained his poise and charm. His charred bones rattle as he addresses the room, ‘On the eve of this most sacred night we are blessed by your presence. I trust you all [remember your parts] in our great medley?’

You say, ‘I remember my parts’

The Performer says, ‘Has it really been that long since our last performance?’ The Performer cackles gleefully, ‘Take a moment to prepare yourselves, when you are ready to [lend your voices] let me know and we shall begin.’

You say, ‘Ready to lend our voices’

The Performer Says, ‘Wonderful! Pay attention to the cues and sing the next line of the song when called upon. The guards will arrive soon and attempt to break up our entertainment, so fend them off as best you can. Forgive me, but I’m actually giddy. The Master shall regret dragging us here to ‘entertain’ his mistress’s guests!’

As The Performer signals to Aelfric to start the melody a violent shaking overtakes the room! The bodies of the bard troupe are burned and tossed about violently. Severed skulls roll down the aisles landing next to broken hands still clutching ancient instruments. A booming voice cries out in an eerily pleasant tone, ‘Caught by surprise, mortals!?’

Zi-Thuuli of the Granite Claw says ‘You continue to put up an admirable fight, but your journey ends here!’

Objective: Defeat the Maestro of Rancor and Zi-Thuuli of the Granite Claw!

The Maestro’s spirit returns to the Plane of Hate. His disembodied voice rings in your ears, ‘You are on your own now Mayong!’

Tserrina’s voice fills the halls. While her tone is still pleasant there are faint bits of frustration in her words, ‘Well… You are all certainly proving to be a… lively… bunch. Perhaps my love disagreed with my choice of entertainment… That is fine… I shall offer you my thanks in removing an annoyance and allow you to meet with the rest of our guests on the next floor.’

The Maestro’s Repository materializes in the south side of the library.

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Stage 3 (Third Floor – The Dining Area)

A bell echoes through the hall and the regal voice of a butler addresses the crowd, ‘Honored guests of the Master, dinner will be served in thirty minutes. Please take this time to prepare yourselves for the banquet. Speak to one another and do try to avoid any more violent outbursts. We would not want to damage any of the fine gifts you have brought for our joyous ceremony.’

Objective: Collect the wedding gifts from the 12 honored guests.

You say, ‘Hail, an old froglok’

an old froglok says ‘The sound of silence, the path you walk, the plan you have, do not fail! Take this, it is dangerous out there.’

Captain Pete

You say, ‘Hail, Captain Pete’

Captain Pete seems to be staring at the cover of the overturned book, ‘Yarr! Thar be a good tale of swindling’ and piratin’! Reminds me o’ [me ship], ‘er at least what’s left o’er!’

You say, ‘Me ship?’

Captain Pete shakes his head, ‘Poor memory on yeh ‘eh? Famous as I be, you should know the name of my ship! Ya seem familiar, I’m sure we’ve worked together before!’

You say, ‘Wretched Sands’

Captain Pete says ‘Yarr! Me ship, gallant beauty she was… ‘ere, somethin’ fer yer pockets.’


You say, ‘Hail, Eggsniffer’

Eggsniffer begins singing a song with his now blood-filled lute,
Eggsniffer sniff, Eggsniffer proud,
Eggsniffer always play lute real loud.
Eggsniffer dance, Eggsniffer red,
Eggsniffer has long been […].

(He seems to be at a loss for his next rhyme.)

You say, ‘Dead!’

Eggsniffer howls happily and gives you what you assume to be a gift.

Farwhendle Higglespout

You say, ‘Hail, Farwhendle Higglespout’

Farwhendle Higglespout says ‘A good merchant is never late, even as dubious as I was to come to this strange place… Speaking of dubious, I have something for that miserable [thief] if you see him, compliments of our last dinner together!’

You say, ‘What thief?’

Farwhendle Higglespout says ‘I would expect you to know his name before I have you going off and delivering things to him.’

(What is the name of the “Thief” that Farwhendle speaks of?)

You say, ‘Captain Pete’

Farwhendle Higglespout cackles, ‘Nay, I don’t actually have some sordid prize for the fellow, but that’s a good memory you got there, _____. Go ahead and take this gift though. I will be going home before I can deliver it to the Master and The Lady.’

Fixxin Followig

You say, ‘Hail, Fixxin Followig’

Fixxin Followig says ‘They have me under surveillance until dinner is over! Something about trying to slay the cooks.’ He begins muttering to himself, ‘Into the werewolves’ den, I have no idea what I agreed to come here…”

You say, ‘Hail, Fixxin Followig’

Fixxin Followig grins, ‘Excellent! In fact, so excellent I have a prize for your hard work. They tried to confiscate my weapons when I arrived here but I snuck a this past ’em! Don’t ever let your enemy catch you off guard… Plus, I can’t imagine that vampire would be too pleased with this as a gift anyway.’

Galdorin Visigothe

You say, ‘Hail, Galdorin Visigothe’

Galdorin Visigothe seems to be mid-thought as you interrupt him, ‘Such an interesting collection of stories and tomes stored here…’ You realize he was addressing you as he looks up and says, ‘I’d be willing to share one of these tomes with anyone travelled enough to tell me where they have seen me perform.’

You say, ‘Abysmal Sea?’

Galdorin Visigothe says ‘Close, but that is not the vessel that carried us out on the open sea.’

You say, ‘Queen of Thorns’

Galdorin Visigothe says ‘A sharp memory you have! Very well, here is an…”interesting”… book. Some of the images are rather graphic, so best keep it away from your easily offended friends.’


You say, ‘Hail, Glob’

Glob says ‘Me thank you! Give you dis. It from Glob friend, friend not so lucky as Glob…’

Hasten Bootstrutter

You say, ‘Hail, Hasten Bootstrutter’

Hasten Bootstrutter says ‘You again! I suppose this whole affair is making more sense now. First the invitation and now ‘this’ strange place. Yes indeed, it seems you and I are both [pawns] in some grand game.’

You say, ‘Pawns?’

Hasten Bootstrutter says ‘Seems quite odd that something this elaborate would be masterminded by a simple Halfling doesn’t it?’ The gnome grins, ‘You seem capable of figuring out where this is all going. I will offer you this, as it may come in handy on your adventure.’ The Gnome hands you a small trinket and nods, ‘Go ahead and make your way to the top of the tower and do what must be done.’

Khasva Vei`Ras

You say, ‘Hail, Khasva Vei`Ras’

Khasva Vei`Ras stands admiring the statue of Tserrina, ‘She was quite lovely in her mortal life…’ She pauses before continuing, ‘Such a crumbling beauty… It certainly shows that The Master has interesting [taste] though, wouldn’t you agree?’

You say, ‘Taste?’

Khasva Vei`Ras says ‘He has a notable attraction to the Teir`Dal, but more interestingly the Koada`Dal from which they descend…’ She stops, ‘I can tell that’s not what you’re interested in though, _____. I won’t humor you with misdirection like the others, you are on a dangerous mission. I know you feel the same unease that I do about The Master’s intentions. I believe this is the first time in his life that he himself is not sure of the [outcome] of our lives.”

You say, ‘What outcome?’

Khasva Vei`Ras nods, ‘Surely you must find it odd that he would enlist the help of his mortal enemies to reach the top of this tower? Or have you forgotten who it was that interrupted the reconstruction of Innoruuk’s chosen [weapon], and yet here he is with Lanys T`Vyl in tow!’ She pauses again before continuing, ‘I do not know how nor why, but I can feel his malaise with this whole situation. You and he are not at truly odds, yet you have convinced yourselves that you are.’

You say, ‘What weapon?’

Khasva Vei`Ras balks at your continued questioning, ‘The Governor of the Wicked!’ She roars, ‘May your god help you if my knowledge is being wasted upon the willfully ignorant!’

You say, ‘Malevolence’

Khasva Vei`Ras regains her composure, ‘My apologies, I have been beset on all sides by the faithless and foolish. As I was saying, The Master now stands at the top of the tower in an effort to unlock the mystery behind the strange shard that landed here. Though dormant since his defeat at your hands in Solteris he has not been without knowledge of what is occurring on Norrath. It was only a matter of time after you adventurers cast the Alaran artifact to the sky that it would eventually rain down upon us again… A strange twist of fate that a splintered shard would come crashing down here, but Norrath is full of strange twists of fate…’

Khasva Vei`Ras smiles, ‘But enough of that, dinner is soon and we both have destinies to fulfill.’ She digs through her pack and pulls out a glowing mirror, ‘My destiny was to ensure that you were given this. It is your destiny to determine its use.’ She hands you the artifact and nods, saying nothing more than that.

Pastseeker Rhondarra

You say, ‘Hail, Pastseeker Rhondarra’

Pastseeker Rhondarra seems uninterested in speaking to you in your current form, ‘The guests here are so… boring… If only there were someone here worth looking at.’

You say, ‘Hail, Pastseeker Rhondarra’

Pastseeker Rhondarra says ‘Oh what a lovely specimen you are!’, She digs through her pockets and hands you a small trinket, ‘Please, take this, as a personal gift from me to you. I’m sure Mayong has enough treasures that he won’t miss this one.”


You say, ‘Hail, Romella’

Romella stares longingly at the statue of Mayong before speaking, ‘It makes sense now, the dinner, the superstition… You must put a stop to the [Master].’

You say, ‘The Master?’

Romella says ‘Yes, Mayong Mistmoore The Master of the Demi-Plane of Blood, not all of us are ignorant to what is going on here. Slowly but surely his influence over this tower is becoming stronger. I fear for our lives should his mistress learn of his true [motives].”

You say, ‘His motives?’

Romella says ‘It is obvious Tserrina has deluded herself into believing that Mayong has returned to fulfill his broken vows.’ The Gypsy sighs, ‘She is suffering the same fate as [our Princess who shan’t be named].”

You say, ‘Mynthi Davissi’

Romella scowls, ‘Speak not her name! Take this trinket and hurry along, it is up to you to put a stop to this ghastly affair before we all end up as lycanthropic servants!’

Tired Farmer Jestle

You say, ‘Hail, Tired Farmer Jestle’

Tired Farmer Jestle smiles, ‘Thanks be unto the great Rainkeeper for sending you to save me from my plight of sleep deprivation… Please, take this as a small token of my gratitude. That rude old vampire won’t miss it!’

The din of hushed conversation suddenly disperses with the echoing of a bell.

Tserrina speaks, ‘As wonderfully thoughtful as I find the gesture, attending this dinner is a privilege I had hoped to save for a more honored guest. As such, I must now offer all of you to her as a small token of reconciliation.’

Lanys T’Vyl coughs in disgust, her voice echoing from Tserrina’s bedroom, ‘Ugh, the stench of that loathsome harlot still soils these halls. What’s worse yet is that the small bit of solace I could take in being the guest of honor at this dinner has been taken from me! The pain you will all suffer here tonight shall be the thing of legends!’

Objective: Defeat Lanys T’Vyl.

Lanys T`Vyl spawns in the northeastern room of this floor. She is not auto-aggro and can be engaged when you’re prepared:

Lanys T`Vyl points her blade toward _____ and smiles.

Lanys T`Vyl shifts her attention to someone else that has been irritating her and forgets the transgressions of everyone else!

_____ dons their Visage of the Banshee and yells at Lanys T`Vyl which makes her super angry and causes her to fight less effectively.

Lanys T’Vyl roars, ‘I yield to the hatred in your hearts!’ She shakes her head and draws her blade back before disappearing from sight.

Tserrina’s voice breaks the silence of the wedding hall, her tone is excited but she does not seem to be speaking to you, ‘My love, our guests have nearly arrived… Are you yet ready to greet them?’

A few seconds pass and no reply is heard. She now addresses your party, ‘Very well mortals, I know my beloved too well to think he had not planned all of this. Just like every time before, you are all simply playing into his plan. Now please, enjoy the party!’

Objective: Defeat all of Tserrina’s wedding party.

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Stage 4 (Fifth Floor – The Wedding)

_____ slashes Damab across the face with a Broken Bottle causing them to fight much less effectively.

_____ hands a slice of Jumjum Pie to Damab who then eats it and becomes slower, fatter and less able to fight effectively.

A loud sigh emanates from the ceiling, ‘I suppose you mortals think you’ve earned the right to progress to the next floor now?’ The disembodied voice laughs, ‘While I thank you for clearing that miserable lot from these halls, I must now put an end to your little charade of progress…’

The impressive body of Valdoon Kel’Novar materializes in the center of the room.

Objective: Defeat Valdoon Kel`Novar.

_____ slaps Valdoon Kel`Novar in the face with their Bloodstained Grey Gloves of the Murderer which confuses him greatly and causes him to fight less effectively.

Upon Valdoon’s death:

Valdoon Kel`Novar vanishes in a flash! His disembodied voice speaks, ‘Very well mortals, you have proven your point…’ He lets out a final bit of laughter, ‘Enjoy what lies ahead for you.’

Tserrina’s keepsake of small trinkets materializes in the wedding hall.

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Stage 5 (Sixth Floor – Venril & The Dracoliche)

_____ swings their Cracked Troll Spine into a brittle skeleton really hard causing its own spine to break, weakening it significantly.

Step into Venril Sathir’s room:

Tserrina’s words are strained, her previous exuberance sounds as if it has waned, ‘…D…Deal with these mortals!’ She turns from addressing Venril to retreat up the tower.

The low hiss of Sathir’s voice invades your mind, ‘Do you not sssee the reality of the ssssituation? You have already lossst this fight! As we ssspeak you are already too late to sssstop uss!’ The ancient Iksar emperor laughs, ‘Fight me if you musssst. You ssssimply delay the inevitable!’

Objective: Defeat Venril Sathir.

A faint whisper follows Tserrina’s departure, ‘…Mayong my love?’

Venril Sathir shouts, ‘Let us put that ssssilly woman’s gift to use… Arise my pet! Arise from the depthsss of fear and fell these would-be heroes!’

Venril Sathir hisses coldly and begins a dark conjuration.

Tserrina`s Dracoliche roars furiously and begins beating its skeletal wings!

Venril Sathir hits for a max ~20,000; as does the Dracoliche (single-target rampages). Venril Sathir casts “Deadlier Lifetap”:

Deadlier Lifetap: Targeted AE 200′, Magic (-850)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 30770

Rear Emote: The Dracoliche swings its tail, preparing a fear inspiring strike!

The Dracoliche violently whips its tail, inspiring fear in all those that stand behind it!

The Dracoliche roars, causing all of those that stand in front of it to run away in fear!

Venril Sathir shouts, ‘Misssstmoore, you are on your own now! The dark one will not be far behind these mortalsss…’

Tserrina`s Dracoliche has been slain by _____!
The lifeless bones of the dracoliche fall to the ground as the dark forces animating it are dispelled.

With the ancient lich and dracoliche defeated the path to the final floor is now open to you.

Objective: Find what lies at the top of the tower.

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Stage 6 (Top Floor – Mayong & Tserrina)

You say, ‘Hail, Tserrina Syl`Tor’

Tserrina speaks with an obvious air of concern in her voice, ‘My love, our guests have arrived. Shall I make any more preparations for our ceremony?’

The ancient vampire stands with his gaze transfixed upon the eerie shard. His attention to the artifact is unwavering as he addresses his mistress for what seems like the first time, ‘There is yet much to do my love. Entertain our guests for a few more minutes.’

Tserrina nods, ‘Very well.’ She turns and addresses your party, ‘Mortals, I applaud your efforts and your willingness to ascend my home just to bear witness to the most wondrous day of my life. I shall reward you all with the suffering you so actively desire!’

Tserrina Syl`Tor vanishes before quickly reappearing.

Tserrina cries out, ‘My beloved, these pests are becoming more than I can handle. Please… Help me!’

Mayong violently strikes the crystalline formation causing a number of shards to break off and fall to the ground. He draws his blade and turns, his demeanor is uncharacteristically hostile, ‘You fools have no idea the danger we are in!’

Mayong Mistmoore mutters under his breath, ‘Tserrina…’

The Master slashes in a circle around himself!

The crystal shard begins buzzing.

Several constructs of crystal break free from the giant shard!

You hear the faint screeching of bats.

The room echoes with the screeching of a dozen bats!

a voracious bat squeaks in horror as it is rooted helplessly to the ground.

_____ reads a passage from Tisnya’s Diary to Tserrina Syl`Tor which makes her jealous and causes her to fight less effectively.

_____ points their Reflective Mirror toward Tserrina Syl`Tor which causes her to recoil in horror and dampens her ability to call forth the shards of fear.

_____ plays a dissonant love song on their Flute of the Unrequited to Tserrina Syl`Tor which makes her uneasy and causes her to fight less effectively.

_____ rings their Small Feline Bell in front of Mayong Mistmoore causing him to look slightly melancholy and makes him slower to call forth his army of bats.
_____ shows Mayong Mistmoore a Lock of Drachnid Hair causing him to remember simpler times and causes him to fight less effectively.

_____ dons their Midnight Veil and looks at Mayong Mistmoore causing him to be less likely to use his sword slash attack.

_____ swings their Bloodstained Mining Pick into a shard of fear, shattering it instantly.

Tserrina stumbles, losing her composure, ‘I do not think I can continue much longer my love! I fear our guests may get the best of us soon.’

Mayong continues fighting as he addresses Tserrina, ‘Us? Us!? Does your incessant chattering know no end? Has your mind deteriorated to the same horrific state as your tired husk!?’

Tserrina recoils in horror, tears welling in her scarred eyes, ‘Mm…my love… We are to be wed today. Why would you act this way?’

Mayong laughs, ‘Because you are unnecessary. It was simple misfortune that this shard landed in your icy prison!’

Tserrina cries, ‘We were destined to be together! This form, my body, this was your doing! I gave my life to be yours!’

Mayong laughs, brandishing his blade, ‘In my hand I hold Erilynne, a beauty that would stun even the most stoic man… In my court I keep Althea, Brenda and Christine, a trio of temptresses who rivaled the loveliness of Erollisi in their prime… My home is host to more unspoiled flesh than you could ever hope to compare to!’

Tserrina lets forth a blood-curdling shriek, ‘KILL HIM!’

Tserrina disappears and Mayong turns into “Mayong Mistmoore the Empowered”. It’s not known if he actually increases in strength here or if he starts casting any additional AEs. He does keep up with his death touch trigger, and adds continue spawning like normal.

Mayong Mistmoore raises his hand and casts _____’s corpse into the pit at the bottom of the tower!

The room flashes and the top of the tower reverts to an earlier time… except for your party.

For a moment following the vampire god’s death the room is silent. The strange fear shard continues to radiate but all seems right with the world once again…

The familiar voice of Sam Napth echoes through the room from the doorway, ‘Splendid work, all of you. Once again you’ve proven yourselves capable of any task set before you, and this one not a moment too soon!’

The halfling peers down into the glazed eyes of Mayong and grins, his tone unusually arrogant as he speaks, ‘You’re a fool for trying to take this from me Mayong. There is no excuse for not realizing that they would come to put a stop to you.’

The sinister voice of Mayong replies, his previous tone of hostility has been replaced with one of veiled pleasure, ‘Do not think for a moment that I was unaware of your plot, dark one. What’s more is that you know for a fact that I shall return. Just as Drinal reclaims the sky from Ro I shall reinstate myself when the time is right. You know as well as I that these adventurers will have no more trouble stopping you than they did me… Yet my plans came to fruition this eve. You have failed, ‘Sam Napth’.

Sam Napth looks up at the crystal and shouts in an increasingly hostile tone, ‘And how is it you think you have won this, Mayong? You are dead and the power of the shard is mine for the taking!’

Mayong’s sinister laugh precedes his final retort, ‘I did not aim to take the power for myself, Dark one…’ With those words the tower begins to shake! You can see sharp lines forming in the crystal and it starts to crack.

Sam Napth shouts in an otherworldly voice, ‘NO!’

Sam Napth roars, ‘This is not the end of me Mayong, for as long as there are other shards I will be waiting!’ With these mysterious words the radically hostile halfing vanishes from sight.

The room returns to its previous silence. The strange fear shard no longer radiates with any power. Mayong has successfully thwarted the strange halfling from obtaining the power of the ancient artifact and you have successfully thwarted Mayong from existing on Norrath for any reasonable duration of time… Still… It seems rather odd that Sam was so interested in the power of fear.

Niclaus Ressinn

Niclaus Ressinn says ‘Hail, Mixxit. I am Niclaus Ressinn, loyal Paladin of Life. I am scouting the Qeynos Hills on orders from High Priestess Jahnda. We have received reports of undead prowling these hills of late.’

Niclaus Ressinn says ‘Oh, things are becoming dire here in Norrath. May Rodcet protect us! I have gathered most of the evidence I will need to present to Jahnda, but I could still use your assistance with one final piece. I need to recover a rib bone from one of the undead beasts that wander these hills. Be sure the rib bone comes from one of the putrid skeletons. They are the spawn of Bertoxxulous.’

Niclaus Ressinn says ‘I believe the undead prowl these hills at night. I have found the remains of several adventurers who obviously had the misfortune of running into some of Bertoxxulous’ dark minions. One young human was still cluching this parchment in his cold, dead fist.’

Niclaus Ressinn says ‘I believe it is from a spell book of some kind and I do not have a working knowledge of things arcane. Perhaps you could help? Take it. I am sure someone in Qeynos could decipher it. I must remain here to gather more evidence but please return to me with anything you discover.’

Niclaus Ressinn says ‘Guard, Come quick! The undead gather near the ruins of Geupal!’

(NPC from Qeynos Hills)

Anashti’Sul Diety Quest

You say, “Hail, Plumetor Dul’Sadma”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Greetings, mortal. It is little wonder you have come to see me. Now it is time to celebrate, as the Forgotten One is returning to our world once again!”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “The Forgotten One? You must mean Anashti Sul, correct?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Indeed! After all of these long Ages, she will once again walk among the gods as she once did, and shower her gifts of love and compassion upon the undeserving mortals of Norrath! These are truly exciting times to be living in!”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Pardon me, I do not mean to question you, but I had thought that Anashti Sul was destroyed in her palace in the Void. That is what has been whispered, in any case.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “No, my little feather, she was not destroyed. Although what happened to her in the Void was not part of her plans, that event will work into the favor of all of us. You see, the victory of those who fought her in that palace merely snapped her tether to the Void itself, catapulting her back to our world!”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Wait, so is Anashti Sul among us again, then?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Not as of yet. She is materializing on our world now — gathering her strength, reestablishing the conduits of power that anchor her to this world. This is a long and exhausting process, but it is one that even we, as mortals, can assist her with. Imagine — we could help a goddess be reborn in her rightful home!”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Why would we do that? Was she not banished for crimes against mortals?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Crimes? Nay, they were not crimes. Anashti Sul always worked out of love for the mortals! She was the goddess of life and health… she felt the pain of every creature as it lay wounded, sick, or dying, and she sought nothing less than to eliminate that horror forever.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “So what happened?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “The other gods were jealous of her gifts to the mortals. They saw that they could lose all of their followers to Anashti Sul, once the mortals saw how much she loved them, and the extent that she would go for them. Anashti Sul risked her existence for the mortals, and she paid the ultimate price for her love.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “So she looked after us, rather than abandoning us as the other gods did in the past?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Oh, very much so. Anashti Sul would never have agreed to the pact of the gods, and would not have allowed her followers to suffer as they did. Imagine a world where death and disease were but a memory of the past; where life was eternal and Anashti Sul was watching over all of us as she once did.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I’ll have to admit, that does sound quite a bit better than what we’re forced to live with now. What can I do to help?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “First, we must gather the followers of Anashti Sul, and prepare them for her return. We will want to begin building the foundation of her canon, so we will want to collect stories of her from the past — lost tomes in libraries across Norrath that have been overlooked by those that do not understand their significance. With those, we can create the stories to teach and enlighten those who might not know the truth of Anashti Sul’s caring nature.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I would be willing to collect those tomes, if you need me to.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “I am glad that you see the light of her love, and your willingness to help may be a beacon to others who do not yet see the truth, or have forgotten it.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Forgotten it? What do you mean?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “I once belonged to a group of worshipers of Anashti Sul, known as the Fellowship of the Peacock. Our group was thought to have been killed to the last member, but we were scattered because of the jealousy of others. Those of us that were left have gone into hiding, most fearing for their lives. Most have forgotten the glory of her word, and a few have even strayed from the path altogether, seeking the light of other deities.”

You have become a worshipper of Anashti Sul.

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “True heresy, to be sure. So you would like me to gather the lost tomes, and the lost members of the Fellowship of the Peacock, then?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Ah, you are definitely a sharp one, my little feather. Anashti Sul will be pleased to have followers such as you in her muster. Now go forth — find the ancient scripts, and find those who have lost their way. When you find someone who you think might be a member of the Fellowship, speak these words: “Can you hear the peacock’s call?” and they will answer, “Indeed, and the feathers are quite beautiful.” They will know it is safe to speak to you.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Very well then. I will return when I have finished.”

The books were located in the libraries of Freeport, Gorowyn and Neriak.
Almar was found in Butcherblaock:

You say, “Hail, Almar Shi’iz”

Almar Shi’iz says to you, “I have no time to speak with shifty travelers. Be on your way!”

You say to Almar Shi’iz, “If I might have a moment of your time, please…”

Almar Shi’iz says to you, “I said BE ON YOUR WAY. I will summon the guard if I must!”

You say to Almar Shi’iz, “Sir, can you hear the peacock’s call?”

Almar Shi’iz says to you, “… Indeed, and the feathers are quite beautiful. Okay, who are you, and how did you find me?”

You say to Almar Shi’iz, “Plumetor Dul’Sadma sent me. Anashti Sul is returning to Norrath, and it is time for her followers to muster once again.”

Almar Shi’iz says to you, “Are you mad? When I was last with the Fellowship, I was captured and tortured for information regarding the Ewer of Sul’Dae. Why would I risk my life for them once again?”

You say to Almar Shi’iz, “Have you forgotten? Anashti Sul also suffered. Anashti Sul was also punished for doing what was right.”

Almar Shi’iz says to you, “So? Why should that matter?”

You say to Almar Shi’iz, “Would she not look favorably on those who suffer for her, as she did for them? Is it not too much to give of ourselves for her, even if it means giving our very lives? Would you want Anashti Sul to give up on you so easily?”

Almar Shi’iz says to you, “Well… of course not…”

You say to Almar Shi’iz, “Then why would you do so? Now is the time. Anashti Sul returns to Norrath even against the judgment of her fellow deities. She returns for us, once again bringing her gifts to Norrath!”

Almar Shi’iz says to you, “Oh, what a cowardly fool I have been! My eyes were blind to the truth, and I nearly lost my way forever!”

You say to Almar Shi’iz, “Don’t be too hard on yourself. Although you might have lost your way for a time, it is not too late to rejoin the muster. The Fellowship needs all of us, and your help will be invaluable to teach others her word.”

Almar Shi’iz says to you, “You are right! I have been to many ports in this world, and I have friends in many places. I will carry her message forward, and will risk my life if need be. Imagine… Anashti Sul could really be returning to bring her gifts to us! I will be ready!”

You say to Almar Shi’iz, “I know you will. I will tell Plumetor Dul’Sadma that you have rejoined us. Farewell for now.”

And then it was off to Thundermist Village in the Steppes:

You say, “Hail, Allelia Halkreeb”

Allelia Halkreeb says to you, “Welcome to Thundermist Village! Beware the centaurs in the plains… many are not very friendly at all.”

You say to Allelia Halkreeb, “And they are quite loud as well. But I hear something above that… something louder.”

Allelia Halkreeb says to you, “Is that so? What might be echoing out in the valleys?”

You say to Allelia Halkreeb, “Can you hear the peacock’s call?”

Allelia Halkreeb says to you, ” Indeed, and the feathers are quite beautiful. What are you doing here? Has the Fellowship been reborn?”

You say to Allelia Halkreeb, “The Fellowship never died. The muster might have been scattered, but it is time to rejoin and spread Anashti Sul’s message to the corners of Norrath.”

Allelia Halkreeb says to you, “Have you forgotten? The Fellowship was hunted down! We barely escaped with our lives! Would we not risk our lives once again by stepping out into the open?”

You say to Allelia Halkreeb, “Of course. But Anashti Sul stepped out for us in the past, too. She did not flinch when the other gods persecuted her, and did not back down when faced with retribution for her actions on our behalf.”

Allelia Halkreeb says to you, “I have a good life here. I am betrothed, and am looking to start a family. How could I leave all of that behind to risk my life once again?”

You say to Allelia Halkreeb, “Would you not want your loved one to live forever, as he should? Would you not want the gifts of Anashti Sul to be showered upon your new family, as they once would have been?”

Allelia Halkreeb says to you, “Well… of course I would. How could I not want such a thing?”

You say to Allelia Halkreeb, “How would that even be possible if Anashti Sul had turned her back on us so many lifetimes ago? What if Anashti Sul had taken the easy path, rather than doing what was right for those she loved? Because of her tenacity, those gifts will be there for us when Anashti Sul returns.”

Allelia Halkreeb says to you, “Is it true? Is Anashti Sul truly returning to us again?”

You say to Allelia Halkreeb, “Of course she is. And those who are there to greet her will be first in line to receive her grace, as will those that we love.”

Allelia Halkreeb says to you, “Very well, then. Count me in. I will rejoin the Fellowship, and spread the word of Anashti Sul to any who will listen… and louder to those who will not. All will hear of her glory, if I have anything to say about it!”

You say to Allelia Halkreeb, “Anashti Sul herself would be pleased. I will inform Plumetor Dul’Sadma of your heartfelt decision. Farewell for now.”

And finally, to Qeynos!

You say, “Hail, Curys Kasin”

Curys Kasin says to you, “Ah, have you come to hear the glories of Rodcet Nife? He returns to us! The light of Rodcet Nife will shine throughout Norrath once again!”

You say to Curys Kasin, “Is that so? What about the light of a true god? The light of one seemingly forgotten even by those who once followed her teachings?”

Curys Kasin says to you, “What… what do you mean? Anash… I mean Rodcet Nife is the true light of this world!”

You say to Curys Kasin, “Ahh, is that so? I think there is more to you than meets the eye. Can you hear the peacock’s call?”

Curys Kasin says to you, “What a strange… strange thing to say. I have no idea what…”

You say to Curys Kasin, “I ask you again. Can you hear the peacock’s call?”

Curys Kasin says to you, “Please… do not — Indeed. And the feathers are quite beautiful. You are not here to kill me, are you? Rodcet Nife will protect me!”

You say to Curys Kasin, “Will he? And how do you know that?”

Curys Kasin says to you, “He is the light of life! He brings healing and hope to those who have none! With his return, we again will have the power to fight the darkness!”

You say to Curys Kasin, “If I am not mistaken, did Rodcet Nife not abandon you once before? What makes you think he would not do so again?”

Curys Kasin says to you, “He did not abandon us! He did what was best…”

You say to Curys Kasin, “Did he now? Leaving our ancestors in a torn world without this beacon of light and hope as you now profess, retreating from those who once trusted him? Is that the mark of a compassionate deity?”

Curys Kasin says to you, “Did Anashti Sul not leave as well? She has been gone for ages!”

You say to Curys Kasin, “Condemned for showing TRUE love for the mortals! Sent into oblivion for daring to give the mortals freedom from pain and suffering of all kinds! She did not leave us — she was wrested from us by the jealousy of the very deities who abandoned us!”

Curys Kasin says to you, “But Rodcet Nife is here now… he is returning to Norrath and the Plane of Health! Can you not feel his power?”

You say to Curys Kasin, “Can you? Or are you preaching the words of others who fed you lies when you were weak?”

Curys Kasin says to you, “It’s true! I turned to the Temple of Life to save my own skin! I lost hope when I thought the Fellowship was destroyed! Oh, I have been so foolish! Will Anashti Sul forgive my transgressions?”

You say to Curys Kasin, “Perhaps. But that is between you and her. Choose your restitution quickly, however, as Anashti Sul is returning to us as we speak.”

Curys Kasin says to you, “Oh dear… what will I do? What… wait! I have an idea! Perhaps it was a good thing that I was brought here!”

You say to Curys Kasin, “Why is that?”

Curys Kasin says to you, “Well, Rodcet Nife is the god of health and life now, just as Anashti Sul was in the past. It’s possible that they will either become close allies — or intense rivals. As a trusted member of the Temple of Life, I can report of the activities of their followers, which could be invaluable to the Fellowship!”

You say to Curys Kasin, “Hmm… true enough. That very well could be useful.”

Curys Kasin says to you, “Yes, yes! Look! I already have something to tell you!”

You say to Curys Kasin, “Is that so? What is it?”

Curys Kasin says to you, “Well, there are rumors that the Temple has been investigating an outbreak of creatures out in Antonica. I’ve heard that a group called the Cabal of the Fyr’Un might be responsible for it.”

You say to Curys Kasin, “So? What does that mean to us?”

Curys Kasin says to you, “When we were members of the Fellowship, the legend of the waters of the Fyr’Un was often whispered among our ranks. It’s possible that these are more followers of Anashti Sul, carrying out her commands very close to here.”

You say to Curys Kasin, “Okay… tell me more.”

Curys Kasin says to you, “The Temple has been quite thorough in confronting the Cabal and the creatures associated with them… something about digging graves in the hills. If that is the will of Anashti Sul, then perhaps we can continue the work started by the Cabal! Dig up the graves marked by Anashti Sul herself, and we will be doing her work!”

You say to Curys Kasin, “Very well, then. I’ll go out and find those graves. Thank you for the information.”

Curys Kasin says to you, “See? We can find information on both sides this way! Anashti Sul would be pleased, would she not?”

You say to Curys Kasin, “It’s not for me to say. However, I will send word to Plumetor Dul’Sadma of your intentions. Good luck to you, and farewell for now.”

You say, “Hail, Plumetor Dul’Sadma”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Ah! Anashti Sul’s little feather has returned! How goes your journey? Did you find the tomes and the lost members of the Fellowship?”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I did, Plumetor. Here are the books you asked for.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Ah! You did very well! And about the missing members? What did you find?”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “It is true that a few members lost their way from the muster. However, they have found their way back to us, and are now working in their own ways to help spread the word of Anashti Sul, and to do her work.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Excellent! The more members for the Fellowship and for her muster, the stronger she will be when she finally arrives on our world. You have done well, little feather, but there is much more to do. For now, go forth, and speak her word to any who will listen. It’s likely we will need you once again in the future, and I am certain you will be ready.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I will be. Farewell for now.”

You say, “Hail, Plumetor Dul’Sadma”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Welcome back, little feather. I am pleased you have come back, as there is more to be done. Are you ready to carry out her will?”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I am. What is it that Anashti Sul asks of me?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “I have spoken to Sai’lis Ka’shish – the one you knew as Curys Kasin. He spoke of a prophet of Rodcet Nife, one known as Seeress Ealaynya Ithis. She was the first to receive the visions of the Prime Healer, and was the first to announce his return.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “What does that have to do with us?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “She met her untimely end recently, and was laid to rest in a tomb underneath the Temple of Life by the Celestial Watch. A new prophet has taken her place, and is spreading the lies of the Prime Healer to the people of Qeynos.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “What should we do about it, then?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “While we are not in a position to deal with the new prophet as of now, we might be able to learn more about the Prime Healer from the Seeress herself.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “How can we do that? She is no longer among the living.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Anashti Sul’s power is not limited to the living. Her gifts can be granted to all, live or dead. Although the Seeress might have once followed the weak god Rodcet Nife, she will see the light once the gift of Anashti Sul is given to her — it is impossible not to.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Very well then, but why do we need this information? What can she give to us?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Her visions might provide insight into the reasons of Rodcet Nife’s return. Coming back now was indeed quite timely… if Rodcet Nife had not come back now, then the Plane of Health — the rightful home of Anashti Sul — would have been vacant when she came back. We need to know if the gods are once again conspiring against Anashti Sul now that her return is imminent.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I see. How will we do that, now that she has been laid to rest in the tomb?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “First, you will need to bring her the grace of Anashti Sul — the Gift of Waking Dream. This will not only give her the spark of life once again, but also allow her to see the world as it truly is… and to experience the love of Anashti Sul firsthand. With that, it’s likely she will be willing – even eager – to supply you with the information you need.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “How do I get the Gift of Waking Dream, then?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “You will need to create it once again, as there are no more vials of it left in Norrath, and haven’t been in many ages. It is the pure essence of life, combined with the lucid dreams of those not clouded by the complexities of their own everyday lives. With those things, you can create the Gift once again.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Where will I find these things?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Luckily, there is a place where all of these exist within close proximity to each other. The Enchanted Lands teem with the essence of life within them, the most concentrated of which is found in a flower known as Karana’s begonia — a flower completely indigenous to the Enchanted Lands. You will also need the nectar of life, which is some of the purest water found in all of Norrath. You can use this vial to gather the waters of the Lazy Drain, which runs through the Enchated Lands.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “What about the lucid dreams you mentioned?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “That will be quite easy as well. The corrupted halflings found in the Enchanted Lands are completely in the service of the Overseer, no longer concerned with their day to day lives. They are in pure bliss, under his command and not burdened by their own clouded thoughts. Gather some of their blood, which will be the final ingredient in this mixture of the Gift.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Will that be it?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “For now. Give the Seeress the Gift of Waking Dream, and listen carefully to what she says. If she reports anything worth investigating, then see what you can find. Return to me once you have answers for us.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I will. Farewell for now.”

From here, you pick flowers, fill a vile with water and slaughter a bunch of Halflings, all in the Enchanted Lands…then you head to the Tomb of the Seeress, just outside of North Qeynos in Antonica. After locating the seeress’ resting place in the tomb, you slip her corpse the Gift of Waking Dream…and she is transformed into a not very lovely (but very TALL) zombie, complete with swarming flies.

You say, “Hail, Seeress Ealaynya Ithis”

Seeress Ealaynya Ithis says to you, “…Rodcet Nife… his voice is silent… where is Rodcet Nife…?”

You say to Seeress Ealaynya Ithis, “As he did once before Seeress, Rodcet Nife has abandoned the ones who trusted him, and allowed you to die. It is Anashti Sul that provides you once again with life, who embraces you when you have been lost.”

Seeress Ealaynya Ithis says to you, “Anash…ti Sul? Anashti Sul… has saved me?”

You say to Seeress Ealaynya Ithis, “Indeed. And now, she needs your help. She needs to know more about Rodcet Nife. Why has Rodcet Nife returned to Norrath? What has brought him back?”

Seeress Ealaynya Ithis says to you, “I… do as Anashti Sul says… I will tell… you. Rodcet… Nife… seeks Berto… xxulous. He returns… to coun…ter the actions of… Bertoxxu… lous. To bring… health… to the diseased.”

You say to Seeress Ealaynya Ithis, “What about the Plane of Health? Did he not come back to take the Plane of Health from Anashti Sul?”

Seeress Ealaynya Ithis says to you, “Rodcet… Nife… never spoke of Anashti Sul… to me. He seeks… Bertoxxulous… the Plague… bringer… his enemy.”

You say to Seeress Ealaynya Ithis, “Hmm… the Plaguebringer. It might be worth finding more information about Bertoxxulous as well. Any potential enemy of Anashti Sul is worth learning more about.”

Seeress Ealaynya Ithis says to you, “What… of me? What does… Anashti Sul want… of me?”

You say to Seeress Ealaynya Ithis, “You have done well. From here, go forth and preach the word of Anashti Sul where you once spoke of Rodcet Nife. You have led and inspired people once before, and can do so again. Once the people see that Anashti Sul has given you life once again, they are certain to see the light of her love for mortals.”

Seeress Ealaynya Ithis says to you, “Yes… Anashti Sul… loves us. Cares… for us… Anashti Sul…”

You say to Seeress Ealaynya Ithis, “I leave you now to carry out your task. Anashti Sul will be watching over you, Seeress.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I have discovered that Rodcet Nife seems to be unaware of the return of Anashti Sul, or at least was at one point. His primary concern was to counter the Plaguebringer, Bertoxxulous.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Ah, the repulsive Bertoxxulous. Rodcet Nife has never been strong enough to destroy him, and has, in fact, been bested by his adversary in the past. Only Anashti Sul has the knowledge and ability to truthfully wipe disease from Norrath, erasing Bertoxxulous’s power forever.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I have even collected information on Bertoxxulous, from one of his followers from the long past. I thought this might be useful to Anashti Sul, to prepare her with knowledge on the activities and nature of her new enemy.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Ah, well done! Through my communions with her, she will learn more about this foul enemy and those that follow him. You have done well, and have earned a rest. Go in the name of Anashti Sul, and return to me another time. You have proven yourself worthy and able, and I will call on you once again. Farewell.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Praise to Anashti Sul. I will return once again.”

You say, “Hail, Plumetor Dul’Sadma”

Dul’Sadma says to you, “Ah, you couldn’t have come at a better time. Anashti Sul has sent me a task once again, and there is no one more able to carry out her commands than you. Are you ready?”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Of course I am. Tell me of your visions.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Anashti Sul is not pleased with the state of Norrath as it is. Not only has a weak god taken over her precious Plane of Health, but has also allowed a deity of disease to spread pox and pestilence throughout Norrath. And as you discovered, Bertoxxulous even poisoned all of the Thundering Steppes at one time! Rodcet Nife has proven to be nothing short of a failure!”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I couldn’t agree more. What should we do about it?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “We can do little directly, but Anashti Sul will work to protect us against these threats to the mortals of Norrath. To do that, she will require her army, and this is where we come in.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “What must we do?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “The Sul’Dal elves of the Sinking Sands were once the followers of Anashti Sul, the first to discover the truth of her love for us after she was banished, in spite of the attempts of the jealous gods to erase her memory and deeds forever. Even as they have passed into history, the Sul’Dal still follow her vehemently, and would willingly march as an undying army, should she call. You must find the spiritual leader of the Sul’Dal, and tell her that Anashti Sul calls to her people once again.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I will carry out Anashti Sul’s wishes. Is there more I can do?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “As a matter of fact, there is. Anashti Sul spoke to me of another army, one that she amassed in the confines of the Void during her imprisonment there. With her connection to the Void severed, they cannot follow her to this world, and thus cannot fight with her. She says that other members of this race have found their way into Norrath, and have established conduits that they might pass through. We must collect these reality anchors from these pockets, so that Anashti Sul might be able to create one of these dimensional rifts herself, allowing her army to pass through as she commands.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I will go to prepare her armies, then. I will return once I have carried out her wishes.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “You are proving to be quite the industrious little feather. Go now, and I await your return.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Until we meet again.”

The spiritual leader of the Sul’Dal is found in the Sinking Sands:

You say, “Hail, Celistae d’Galdis”

Celistae d’Galdis says to you, “I hear…I hear a faint voice, lost to me in the billowing sands of time. It sounds so close, but so faint at the same time…”

You say to Celistae d’Galdis, “Do you recognize it? Do you recognize the voice of Anashti Sul?”

Celistae d’Galdis says to you, “Anashti Sul? Can it be? Can it be that the Forgotten Goddess is found once again?”

You say to Celistae d’Galdis, “It is true. She is coming back, and she seeks to pass the word to those who have proven faithful. She is looking to rally the Sul’Dal elves under her wings, so that they might march forth as part of her army on Norrath.”

Celistae d’Galdis says to you, “To serve Anashti Sul… to finally carry out the deed we waited so long for, carrying her word and her gifts as our sword and our shields. We have waited for this day for many lifetimes.”

You say to Celistae d’Galdis, “Anashti Sul will be pleased. The Sul’Dal have proven eternal followers and faithful believers in her power, and will certainly be well rewarded on her return.”

Celistae d’Galdis says to you, “I will enter the Silent City, and begin spreading the message there. I will need your help in the Sinking Sands, however.”

You say to Celistae d’Galdis, “Oh? What can I do to assist you?”

Celistae d’Galdis says to you, “Many of our warriors have been lost to the sands, wandering forever, separated from their bodies. You must locate these disembodied spirits and reunite them with their bodies, so that they might be whole once again. They have undoubtedly heard the voice of Anashti Sul as well, and will be eager to serve her on her return.”

You say to Celistae d’Galdis, “I will find these disembodied spirits and lead them back to their bodies. Farewell to you.”

After reuniting the spirits with their bodies, it is off to the Obelisk of Lost Souls to collect the anchors, and then it is back to the Sands once again….

You say, “Hail, Plumetor Dul’Sadma”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “You make Anashti Sul proud, little feather. Please tell me you bring me good news.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I do. I have brought the word of Anashti Sul to the Sul’Dal elves, who, as we speak, are rallying themselves in preparation for her return. I have also collected the reality anchors and rift essences that allowed a group of shadowed men to maintain a link to Norrath. Hopefully, these will allow Anashti Sul to create such a pocket, herself, to bring her army through.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Very well done, little feather! With her armies on the ready, Anashti Sul will be ready for war, if she is forced into it — or if she chooses to march against the Plaguebringer or even Rodcet Nife, himself. They will see her terrifying power first hand, and woe be to any who choose to stand in her way.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “What else should we do to prepare?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Nothing for now. I will pray for more guidance, and will let you know if there is more to be done. This could take some time, so please go out in her name for now. Be ready to come if she should call.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I will. Farewell to you for now.”

You say, “Hail, Plumetor Dul’Sadma”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Your timing is quite impeccable, little feather. Once again, it is time to work on Anashti Sul’s behalf, and you are the one to carry out the deed.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I have been waiting for her call. What is it we must do for her?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Anashti Sul is ready to make her return to Norrath, and she is preparing to take back the Plane of Health, as it is rightfully hers. However, she has mentioned something troubling… something that has even angered her.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “What is it that she found?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “The Ewer of Sul’Dae, her precious artifact, has been destroyed, and the pieces removed from the temple of the Fountain of Life! It no longer funnels the power of the Fyr’Un as it once did, and the River of Life is dwindling down to nothing. Without that artifact, Anashti Sul will have a far more difficult time claiming what is rightfully hers.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Is there a way to repair the Ewer of Sul’Dae? Is there nothing we can do?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “I have sent out other members of the Fellowship in search of the shards of the Ewer of Sul’Dae. If what I am hearing is true, then it might be that the dark elves of Neriak have collected the pieces in a foolish attempt to repair it and harness the power for themselves.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Should we go in and retrieve it then?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “First, marching into the home of the Teir’Dal and attempting to remove something by force would certainly prove deadly to any who tried such a thing. Secondly, you might be underestimating the size of the Ewer of Sul’Dae… there is no way you could lift it or even move it yourself.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “So what can we do, then?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Anashti Sul is close enough now that her power can return the Ewer if we can empower it once again. To do that, we will need to collect waters from the River of Life, the Fyr’Un. If we return the waters of the Fyr’Un to the Ewer, then Anashti Sul can use her connection to the Ewer to move it herself.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Where is the water we need, then?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “It is within the Living Tombs. You’ll need the purest of these, from a pool known as the Pool of Immortality. Take this vial and fill it with the water from that pool. It is found on top of the central building in the Trade District there. Collect that water and find where the Ewer is being kept in Neriak.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I will. I shall return once Anashti Sul has reclaimed the Ewer for herself.”

After entering the Living Tombs and filling the vial with water from the Pool of Immortality, it is time to go to Neriak…

You say, “Hail Sharnar D’Zauer”

Sharnar D’Zauer says to you, “Welcome to the halls of the Dark Bargainers. Deals can be made here for most anything you might be searching for.”

You say to Sharnar D’Zauer, “That’s good to know. There is something I am looking for, something that I have a feeling I can only find here.”

Sharnar D’Zauer says to you, “Is that so? Well, if the coin is right, I’m sure something can be arranged. What might you be looking for?”

You say to Sharnar D’Zauer, “I’ve heard rumors that you might know something about the Ewer of Sul’Dae. I require that artifact, and if I must pay for it, then so be it.”

Sharnar D’Zauer says to you, “You must be joking. The Ewer is not for sale, and you couldn’t take it if you wanted to. There must be something else we can offer you… we have artifacts here from all over Norrath.”

You say to Sharnar D’Zauer, “No. I do not need any of those. I need the Ewer of Sul’Dae. Where is it?”

Sharnar D’Zauer says to you, “You fool. Where do you think you are? You can’t just walk into here and begin making demands of the Tier’Dal. It won’t end well for you at all.”

You say to Sharnar D’Zauer, “Perhaps, perhaps not. But I have the power of Anashti Sul behind me, and I am prepared to die in her service, if need be. However, regardless of the outcome for me, you will not survive if things should turn bloody. I am prepared to lose my life in search of the Ewer… are you prepared to lose your life to protect it?”

Sharnar D’Zauer says to you, “I should call the guard right now…!”

You say to Sharnar D’Zauer, “Do it. See the truth of my words. But I will find the Ewer, either with your help or after I separate your head from your shoulders. The choice is yours, but I grow impatient.”

Sharnar D’Zauer says to you, “Prepared to die for the Ewer? Well, you’d better be. Fine then. It isn’t like you will make it to the Ewer, anyway. None can even approach the workshop where it is now.”

You say to Sharnar D’Zauer, “Workshop? You mean it has been repaired?”

Sharnar D’Zauer says to you, “Indeed, it has been. However, it might have been the worst mistake ever make by the Dark Bargainers in our long history.”

You say to Sharnar D’Zauer, “How so?”

Sharnar D’Zauer says to you, “Bah, find out for yourself, follower of Anashti Sul. If you want the Ewer so bad, then go fetch it. We’ve hidden the tunnel to the workshop behind a tapestry just down the path there, next to the ogre stand right below us. Go ahead and claim the Ewer… if you can.”

You say to Sharnar D’Zauer, “Wasn’t that far easier? I will worry about the Ewer, you worry about your own hide once the Queen finds out that you’ve given up one of her secrets. Farewell to you.”

Sharnar D’Zauer says, “Certain… complications arose while the Ewer of Sul’Dae was being reconstructed. Some of the inhabitants that you speak with here may not be as they appear.”

A stroll through the workshop eventually leads to the Ewer, which Anashti Sul can now claim. It is back to the Sands. Again.

You say, “Hail, Plumetor Dul’Sadma”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “…”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I’m sorry to interrupt your meditation, but I have good news. I have returned the waters of the Fyr’Un to the Ewer of Sul’Dae, and witnessed it vanish before my very eyes.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Ah, that is good news. That means that Anashti Sul has claimed her precious artifact, and is now prepared to materialize in our world. You have done well, little feather… very well indeed.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Thank you, Plumetor Dul’Sadma. Is there anything I need to do now?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Not now. I’m sorry to be so brief, but I must continue my communion with Anashti Sul. She is close… so very close…”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I understand, and I will go for now. I will return another time.”

You say, “Hail, Plumetor Dul’Sadma”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “I have been awaiting your return.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I am pleased to serve Anashti Sul once more, if needed. What can I do?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Anashti Sul is prepared to return to Norrath, but is trapped in between the Void and Norrath. We must help guide her through, help her to materialize in our world.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “What does she require of us?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “We must perform an ancient rite… one forgotten to time, to all save one god, one who has collected the knowledge of all the ages past. It is in an ancient tome that existed even before Anashti Sul was banished. You must find this tome and follow the ritual that it details.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Very well, then. Where can I find this tome?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “It is likely within a city that once hid the secrets of Zebuxoruuk himself, the Forbidden City. You will need to find the tome within its halls, and follow the instructions of the rite to help Anashti Sul return to her rightful home.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Where will I perform this rite?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Do it within the one temple that still stands in her honor, the Fountain of Life. It is there that the Ewer now sits, and there where she can gather her power in solitude.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “The Fountain of Life? Isn’t that within the Silent City?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “It is. However, Anashti Sul is awaiting your arrival, and the way will be clear. Simply enter the Silent City from the entrance within the Sinking Sands, and you will be granted passage to the Fountain of Life this one time to perform the rite.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Anashti Sul is always looking out for us. It is an honor to serve her.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Indeed it is. Now, find that tome, and enter the Fountain of Life as instructed. You are very lucky indeed — you will be the first of the mortals to witness Anashti Sul as she returns to Norrath. How very incredible that would be!”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I am looking forward to greeting her on her return, then. Farewell for now.”

So it is off to Mara and the Forbidden City, where the book is retrieved, which instructs you to gather the blood of those “borne of the Ewer” which are clearly ghouls and vampires way over in the Loping Plains. This is, of course, needed for the ritual. After all is collected, it is then back to the Living Tombs, this time to the Empowered Fountain of Life. The rite is performed and the Avatar appears.

You say, “Hail, Avatar of the Forgotten”

Avatar of the Forgotten says to you, “At long last! After so many millennia… I feel the power of the living mortals of Norrath surge through my being! I have returned from the edge of non-existence!”

You say to Avatar of the Forgotten, “Anashti Sul! Long has Norrath awaited this moment! The Forgotten Goddess is lost to us no more!”

Avatar of the Forgotten says to you, “Ah, Lodge. I have heard much of you, and the work you have done with Plumetor Dul’Sadma on my behalf.”

You say to Avatar of the Forgotten, “I have. I have done everything that was asked of me in your name, and your name alone!”

Avatar of the Forgotten says to you, “And you will be rewarded for your efforts, be certain of that. You have brought together my followers, rallied my armies, and even assisted me in returning the Ewer of Sul’Dae to its rightful home in this very temple, once again feeding the waters of the Fyr’Un. Yes… yes, you are quite the useful mortal, are you not?”

You say to Avatar of the Forgotten, “Thank you, my lady. I have dedicated myself to serving only you. What will you do now that you have returned?”

Avatar of the Forgotten says to you, “Hmm… I do not feel the presence of Xul’Varien, but instead I sense this new being — Bertoxxulous, if I have heard correctly, who is evidently the new Lord of Pestilence. I will be watching that one carefully. However, I have a more pressing matter at hand, which is the one who replaced me, Rodcet Nife.”

You say to Avatar of the Forgotten, “What is your plan?”

Avatar of the Forgotten says to you, “My plan, in simplest terms, is to retake the Plane of Health, which I created from my own essence! How dare Rodcet Nife take my home as if it were his own! It will be sweet justice when I wrest it from his hands using such a familiar army, and show those foolish enough to follow him who the true deity of life is!”

You say to Avatar of the Forgotten, “What can we do to help you?”

Avatar of the Forgotten says to you, “For now, I will gather my strength and prepare my armies. However, I want you and Plumetor Dul’Sadma to announce my return to the followers of Rodcet Nife. I want to tell them the truth of my word, and show them the gifts that I will bring to them. I will send the prophet to speak on my behalf, but I want you to gather my gifts.”

You say to Avatar of the Forgotten, “How can we do that?”

Avatar of the Forgotten says to you, “Here. Take this, and find followers of Rodcet Nife out in the hills of Antonica. Give them my Gift, and they will join the prophet in her declaration of my return. Once you have completed your task, meet up with the prophet just outside the Temple of Life. She will provide you with further instructions from there.”

You say to Avatar of the Forgotten, “I will do as you command.”

Avatar of the Forgotten says to you, “I know you will. You have done very well, and your deeds will not be forgotten. Now go. I have much to attend to.”

You say to Avatar of the Forgotten, “As you wish. Farewell.”

Having been given the a decanter of blessed Fyr`Un water, it is off to Antonica to turn followers of Nife into followers of Anashti Sul – the water turns them into mildly intelligent zombies…a conversation can be held with them. More or less. And so it is time to rendezvous outside of the Temple of Life in North Freeport. Accompanying Plumetor Dul`Sadma are the 5 ex-Nife followers that are now zombies.

You say, “Hail, Plumetor Dul’Sadma”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Ah, little feather. I am glad to see you here. We are within the lion’s den, as it were, ready to bring the message of Anashti Sul directly to the followers of her rival, Rodcet Nife.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Indeed, and I am ready. What must we do?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Anashti Sul herself has asked that I deliver her message, but I cannot enter the grounds near the Temple of Life without bringing the attention of the guards in the temple. That might end poorly for us, indeed.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “How can I help, then?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “You might be able to enter the Temple of Life without arousing too much suspicion. Go into the temple itself and look for a way to create a distraction. If the guards rush you, defeat them. That should create enough of a diversion that I can enter the grounds and deliver the message as commanded.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “How will you get out?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Do not worry about that — I will take care of it. Now go and return once the diversion is done.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I will return soon.”

You say, “Hail, Plumetor Dul’Sadma”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Is it done? Is it safe to enter?”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Yes. I have created a sufficient diversion that should tie up the guards for a few minutes at least. Now is the time to move.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Very good, little feather. Please feel free to accompany me if you would like to watch the show, or make your way out of here… it’s up to you, as your part in this is done. Head to the Sinking Sands, and I will speak to you in our usual place.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Thank you, Plumetor Dul’Sadma. And farewell.”

The entourage walks straight into the courtyard of the Temple of Life (this was neat, imo). Time for a stump speech!

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says, “Greetings, followers of the one known as Rodcet Nife! Do not be alarmed. I am here only to speak the truth to you!”

Disciple Telas`velle says, “By the Gods! What has happened to those people? ”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says, “I am here to guide you from your unenlightened path! I am here to deliver you the message of the true Goddess of Life, the one who rightfully rules the Plane of Health and has worked for the benefit of mortals in the past!”

Murgen says, “Anashti Sul… she is the true one…”

Jeizin says, “Anashti Sul… is… Life…”

Toranim Skyblade says, “What is this heresy?! ”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says, “You pay homage to a “god” who promises you health and life, but what has he brought you? Can you not still die? Are there loved ones who do not still get sick?”

Liyah says, “Never… die…”

Gerehmie says, “No sick… ness…”

Prelate Lorhym Ithpsym says, “Rodcet Nife is a beacon of light in this world! Through his teachings, we can fight the horrors of disease and pestilence, but none can hold back death forever! That is foolishness!”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says, “Ah, but there is one who can, and who has introduced her gifts to us in the past! Imagine living eternally, without fear of the blackness of death! You can truly live forever under her wing, free from disease, free from oblivion!”

Curlose says, “Eternally…”

Murgen says, “Live… forever…”

Gerehmie says, “Be… with us…”

Prelate Lorhym Ithpsym says, “What — as one of THOSE? Perish that thought! That is not existence! It is servitude!”

Medic Brendan says, “What you offer is worse than death itself!”

Ethri Vasou says, “Lies!! That’s all you speak!”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says, “See? You are so blinded by your lies that you cannot see the beauty of Anashti Sul’s gifts! You would rather follow a god who offers nothing, provides nothing, and does not work on your behalf? Anashti Sul was banished because of her love for mortals, and her efforts to share that love with you! Would Rodcet Nife face extinction to do what was best for you?”

Liyah says, “Anashti Sul loves… us…”

Jeizin says, “You… blinded…”

Toranim Skyblade says, “How did she get in here?! What is going on?”

Disciple Telas`velle says, “What did she bring to us? This?! Look upon them! They are nothing but shells! Their bodies may walk, but their eyes are lifeless! It is you who are blinded!”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says, “You will see the truth of my words in time. When you are lying on your deathbeds calling for help from your weak god, you will see just what the limits of his power are. Then… then you will beg for the gifts of Anashti Sul! Pray that she sees mercy on you before you fade into the nothingness!”

Jeizin says, “In time… in… time…”

Gerehmie says, “See… the… truth…”

Curlose says, “You will… beg…”

Ethri Vasou says, “I’ve had enough of this madness! Someone call the guard!”

Medic Brendan says, “First Bertoxxulous, and now this?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says, “There is no need for that. I will be going, then. Think about what I’ve said, though. Your minds may be closed to the truth, but I know your hearts see differently. Seek me out when you are ready for enlightenment.”

Murgen says, “Know… the truth…”

Gerehmie says, “Not… ready…”

Prelate Lorhym Ithpsym says, “Go then! And take your deceitful words with you!”

Guards are coming…time to go! And so it is back to the Sands, one last time to speak to the Plumetor.

You say, “Hail, Plumetor Dul’Sadma”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Ah! Here you are! I have been waiting for you!”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “I am glad to see you made it through your ordeal unharmed, Plumetor Dul’Sadma.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Of course I did. With the protection of Anashti Sul, and your help, I had more than enough time to deliver the truth of her word to the Temple of Life, and made it out without an issue. You have done very, very well.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Thank you again, Plumetor. Is there anything more to be done?”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “Not unless Anashti Sul calls on us again during her struggles with her enemies. Until then, we must simply spread the word of her love and her grace to the unenlightened, and continue our work in her name.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “Then I go forth to do just that.”

Plumetor Dul’Sadma says to you, “As do I. Don’t be surprised if you hear from me again. Until then, however — Anashti Sul be with you, little feather.”

You say to Plumetor Dul’Sadma, “And with you. Farewell.”

Knights of Thunder text

The Temple of Thunder

Kasine Paegra says ‘May the blessings of the Rainkeeper protect you in your travels. I am Kasine Paegra, keeper of the [Order of Thunder] medallions.’

You say, ‘what order of thunder’

Kasine Paegra says ‘The Order of Thunder is the medal awarded to a Knight of Thunder who has proven himself superior to the average warrior. All knights and priests of Thunder have one, save for the youngest members. Along with the medal comes great respect. You might say the wearer becomes more charismatic. Should you find one, please return it to Kasine Paegra, unless told otherwise.’

You say, ‘Hail, Vansted Rohenga’

Vansted Rohenga says ‘Pleased to meet you Mixxits, I am Vansted Rohenga High Priest of Karana. I have spent all of my years studying the ways of the Cleric in our wonderful Temple of Thunder. We receive many new recruits every day and it is my duty to place them in my [training program].’


The Knights of Thunder Flag

You say, ‘what training program’

Vansted Rohenga says ‘Well all young clerics of Karana are brought up from their first day of training to know and respect their practice. I have developed a number of exercises that will enable a young cleric to make a set of their own armor by means of collecting certain items and making [enchanted armor materials] out of them.’

You say, ‘what enchanted armor materials’

Vansted Rohenga says ‘Recently we have discovered that combing certain items in certain quantities using a magical assembly kit can forge together an armor material. These armor materials are used with specific armor molds to create a piece of enchanted Stormhealer Armor. If you would like to [begin forging armor materials] I will present you with your Stormhealers Assembly Kit.’

Wolten Grafe says ‘Your excellency, we need to recruit a newcomer to find and infiltrate the Shrine of Bertoxxulous. The shrine’s eyes are watching all our moves.’

Runethar Hamest says ‘Hire one soon, Wolten. We need to get in touch with Drosco!’

You say, ‘Hail, Gehna Solbenya’

Gehna Solbenya says ‘Greetings and blessings to you, Mixxits. Karana offers you his protection and guidance. All who accept the offer shall find safe haven within our Temple of Thunder. If you are a cleric of Karana, you must have a [desire to serve Karana]’s flock.’

You say, ‘i desire to serve karana’s flock’

Gehna Solbenya says ‘Well, friend, the Temple of Thunder has recognized and appreciates your past deeds for us. But this matter is of vital importance to us and we need more proof of your devotion to our cause.’

You say, ‘Hail, Miltiades Tal`Azroth’

Miltiades Tal`Azroth says ‘Greetings and salutations Mixxits, I am Miltiades Tal`Azroth Crusader of Karana. I have spent all of my years here in Qeynos and gathered infinite knowledge from my teachers on my path to enlightenment. I have also started training new recruits to help them find their calling as a Holy Warrior of Karana. If you are a [Paladin of Karana] I might have some tasks for you to complete.’

You say, ‘Hail, Miltiades Tal`Azroth’

Miltiades Tal`Azroth says ‘Greetings and salutations Mixxits, I am Miltiades Tal`Azroth Crusader of Karana. I have spent all of my years here in Qeynos and gathered infinite knowledge from my teachers on my path to enlightenment. I have also started training new recruits to help them find their calling as a Holy Warrior of Karana. If you are a [Paladin of Karana] I might have some tasks for you to complete.’

Guard Lasen says ‘Halt! In the.. *burp*.. name of.. *hic!*.. oh my tummy.. Antonius Bayle!’

You say, ‘i am a paladin of karana’

Miltiades Tal`Azroth says ‘That is excellent news Mixxits, As a Knight in training of Karana I would like to offer you a series of [tests] what will test your devotion to yourself and your god.’

You say, ‘what tests’

Miltiades Tal`Azroth says ‘I have put together a series of tests that will enable our new recruits to create their own armor. You will use a Rainkeepers Assembly Kit to combine assorted items that you will collect from both the hunting areas surround Qeynos and the city itself. Combining these magical items in your kit will create a material that you will place in a forge along with molds that I will present to you to create your armor. Are you ready to start [fashioning your materials]?’

You say, ‘Hail, Lord Mrallon’

Lord Mrallon regards you indifferently — what would you like your tombstone to say?

You say, ‘Hail, Renic Losaren’

Renic Losaren says ‘Welcome, Mixxits. Please feel at ease here in the Temple of Thunder. We, the Knights of Thunder, are here to guide and serve.’

You say, ‘who is karana?’

Renic Losaren says ‘Karana, the Rainkeeper, is the provider of the storms. If it were not for the storms of Karana, life would not flourish. All should pay tribute to the Rainkeeper.’

You say, ‘Hail, Renic Losaren’

Renic Losaren says ‘Welcome, Mixxits. Please feel at ease here in the Temple of Thunder. We, the Knights of Thunder, are here to guide and serve.’

You say, ‘Hail, Gehna Solbenya’

Gehna Solbenya says ‘Greetings and blessings to you, Mixxits. Karana offers you his protection and guidance. All who accept the offer shall find safe haven within our Temple of Thunder. If you are a cleric of Karana, you must have a [desire to serve Karana]’s flock.’

You say, ‘i desire to serve karana’s flock’

Gehna Solbenya says ‘If you are a young acolyte, you may [deliver blessings to the flock] and if you are a skilled cleric, we need you to [hunt bandit binders].’

You say, ‘i will deliver blessings to the flock’

Gehna Solbenya says ‘Then go to the Plains of Karana. It is there that the blessings are needed. Ask every resident of the plains if they are followers of Karana. If they are, then ask them if they [require Karana’s blessings]. Let them drink from this temple chalice. Return the empty chalice to me and you shall never go thirsty again.’

Gehna Solbenya says ‘Go to the Plains of Karana and seek out the Karana Bandits. Among them can be found their bandit binders. They are healers of sorts. Which evil deity granted them this power is unknown to us. Each carries a binder spectacle. I shall reward clerics for every two returned spectacles. Perhaps a new power may even be bestowed.’

You say, ‘Hail, Kasine Paegra’

Kasine Paegra says ‘May the blessings of the Rainkeeper protect you in your travels. I am Kasine Paegra, keeper of the [Order of Thunder] medallions.’

Chesgard Sydwen says ‘May Karana guide you. Are you a [citizen of Qeynos] or a visitor?’

You say, ‘i am a citizen of qeynos’

Chesgard Sydwen says ‘Then I would urge you to attend daily services in the Temple of Thunder. You are a [member of Thunder], are you not? Or maybe I am mistaken and you are just lost..?’

You say, ‘Hail, Chesgard Sydwen’

Chesgard Sydwen says ‘May Karana guide you. Are you a [citizen of Qeynos] or a visitor?’

You say, ‘i am a member of thunder’

Chesgard Sydwen says ‘I welcome you. Karana cares for all of His flock. He bestows a touch of His power upon the souls of the Clerics and Paladins of our temple. We look after His flock. Speaking of which, I require the assistance of a young paladin to [deliver provisions to needy members].’

You say, ‘i will deliver provisions to needy members’

Chesgard Sydwen says ‘Good show!! Here you are, young knight. Take these blankets to any resident who desires warmth. Ask them if they are followers of Karana, then ask if they require temple blankets. Be careful, the plains are quite dangerous for a young knight.’

You say, ‘Hail, Runethar Hamest’

Runethar Hamest says ‘Welcome to the Temple of Thunder. We are home to paladins and clerics who follow the ways of Karana. Do you [need guidance] or are you [already a follower of Karana]?’

You say, ‘i need guidance’

Runethar Hamest says ‘Then go forth into the church and speak with Gehna Solbenya. She shall assist you.’

You say, ‘i am already a follower of karana’

Runethar Hamest says ‘So you are one with our cause? This is good. Be aware that there are forces at work which not even the Qeynos Guard can keep at bay. We are here to spread the words of Karana and smite those who should try to end His children. We and Antonius Bayle shall work together in our destruction of evil. He requests our aid. Do you also [wish to assist Lord Bayle]?’

You say, ‘i wish to assist lord bayle’

Runethar Hamest says ‘Then we command you to assist the Qeynos Guard with the destruction of Blackburrow. Report to Captain Tillin of the Qeynos Guard and speak with him of the [gnolls of Blackburrow]. I believe he is at the arena. My loyal friend, if you have earned your Thunder Staff, I urge you to [retrieve the Bayle list].’

You say, ‘i will retrieve the bayle list’

Runethar Hamest says ‘Well, friend, the Temple of Thunder has recognized and appreciates your past deeds for us. But this matter is of vital importance to us and we need more proof of your devotion to our cause.’

You say, ‘Hail, Adax Rhengst’

Runethar Hamest says ‘Welcome to the Temple of Thunder. We are home to paladins and clerics who follow the ways of Karana. Do you [need guidance] or are you [already a follower of Karana]?’

You say, ‘i will retrieve the bayle list’

Runethar Hamest says ‘Well, friend, the Temple of Thunder has recognized and appreciates your past deeds for us. But this matter is of vital importance to us and we need more proof of your devotion to our cause.’

You say, ‘Hail, Daedet Losaren’

Daedet Losaren says ‘Welcome, Mixxits. I am Deadet Losaren, faithful priest of Karana. You appear to be in search of [guidance] or perhaps you are merely a [visitor to the temple of thunder] wishing the blessing of [holy armor]?’

You say, ‘Hail, Wolten Grafe’

Wolten Grafe says ‘Hail, noble Mixxits. Remember to spread the words of Karana throughout the faraway lands on which you shall tread. We of the Temple of Thunder are looking for new members – good people who [wish to join our cause]. Let the call go out!’

You say, ‘i wish to join your cause’

Wolten Grafe says ‘That IS good news! If you walk the righteous path of the Rainkeeper, Karana, then you are truly noble. I have need of someone like that. I must find someone to perform a [dangerous mission] or perhaps you would rather seek out the [Rat King] or [crush the undead]?’

You say, ‘what dangerous mission’

Wolten Grafe says ‘You must go into the catacombs and find a man named Drosco Finlayer. Pass him this note. He has been deep undercover in the Shrine of Bertoxxulous and will have directions to that vile place. To do this will surely show your allegiance to this temple.’

You say, ‘what rat king’

Wolten Grafe says ‘Under this city lie the catacombs of Qeynos. Somewhere down there lurks the Rat King. None have truly seen him, but we know of him. It is he who plagues us with the recent infestation of rats. Why? Who knows? We need a brave member to [hunt the Rat King].’

You say, ‘i will hunt the rat king’

Wolten Grafe says ‘You are truly brave, young knight. Go to the catacombs. Find the Rat King. Bring me his head as proof of your noble deed. He must be stopped. Beware of his allies. May Karana watch over you.’

You say, ‘i will crush the undead’

Wolten Grafe says ‘Those who passed generations ago have had their bones exhumed and enchanted. Some evil force plagues this land with these evil skeletons. You will fight for us and crush the skeletons. Take this box and fill it with the bones of those creatures. We will not allow them to rise again and you shall earn our respect. Go forth and fight for Karana!!’