Coming to Kunark

A History of the Cae’Dal
by Merith Iliqirelle,

humble scribe and linguist

The First Exodus

Long, long ago, there was a huge elven society living within the Elddar Forest on the continent of Antonica. It was a magical, life-giving forest. They cared for it, and it cared for them. That is, until the land began to scorch and the woodlands began to wither and die. In time, the elves were forced to migrate in order to survive.

They left Antonica in search of forests in lands unnamed. One such group of Elddar elves, led by Valinor Tah’Re, found a lush woodland in a faraway land where they established a colony, by the name of Khalee’Sri. They met the challenges of living in a new land, and the new threats it contained, unflinchingly. Khalee’Sri grew strong.

Climate of Fear

Years had passed since establishing Khalee’Sri, by the time the elves began to notice the greater Khalee’Sri region was getting less rainfall, and the temperatures were consistently rising. The forest vegetation began to die as a result of the climate shift, and the fauna with it.

In their confusion and fear, the elves suspected each other as the cause of the dying forest, after all, it was not that long ago they had left a dying forest. This was all too familiar! Infighting and finger pointing ensued. They must have done something to cause Tunare to shun them like this!

Arid Enlightenment

The elves of Khalee’Sri were desperate and had lost their way. They cried out to Tunare, making sacrifices and pleading with their goddess for salvation. She answered their prayers in the form of a wizened master of the arcane, by the name of Xakartaz. He appeared to them and suggested they had not done anything to shun Tunare. This was her will!

Why else had she allowed this transformation of two forests? She was showing her children yet another aspect of nature. The desert may not look like it, but it is teeming with life!

Xakartaz showed the elves how to live in an arid climate and began to teach them geomancy, the magic of commanding rock and soil. Over the years, punctuated by births and deaths, they began calling themselves Cae’Dal, elves of the stone. They had become proficient geomancers, animating the soil in battle, construction, and conveyance.

Visions of Calamity

Then came the first warnings. Cae’Dal geo oracles had begun having visions of a great calamity coming, one that would surely mean the end of Khalee’Sri! Xakartaz refused to heed their warnings. He thought the visions a deception by some unknown threat, or an enemy of Tunare’s.

The Cae’Dal did not understand. Why would he rather they all stay in this doomed land?

Norrath began to moan loud enough for all to feel and hear. Its complaints rose from far below. How could they deny this any longer?

The Cae’Dal began to construct sailing vessels, believing that Xakartaz would come to realize the dire situation. But when he learned of their plans, he called them traitors and destroyed the vessels!

The Second Exodus

Xakartaz’s stubbornness did not stop the rending of the land, nor did it stop the Cae’Dal. The quakes were sudden, and building in ferocity. The Cae’Dal knew if they were to survive they would have to do so on their own, and in secret. They worked hard, constructing vessels in secret, separate locations.

Then came the dark day, Xakartaz followed a group of provision suppliers to one of the sailing vessels. His anger burned upon sight of their rebellious action. He lashed out, destroying both vessel and Cae’Dal, alike. Word spread quickly of his wrath, forcing other Cae’Dal to board the other vessel and flee Khalee’Sri for stable lands unknown.

A New Land

The elves who sailed away from Khalee’Sri found the waters treacherous and barely passable. The seas were growing as unstable as the land! When a lush land was finally spotted, they counted their blessings and steered toward the rugged coastline. They found themselves in a forested land, inhabited by threatening goblins and iksar, but this did not deter them. They could not face the seas, once more!

Perhaps one day, the Cae’Dal may return to Khalee’Sri. Perhaps, Xakartaz was right, and the land did not succumb to the great quakes, or the rising waves, but for now they live on Kunark, in a region known as Obulus Frontier, in the city of Nye’Caelona, overlooking Warslik’s Wood.

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