EverQuest Timeline

This is a work in progress and is regularly being updated – Click the image below to access the interactive viewer for events that happened in EQ’s history!

Events are in AN (Advent of the Nameless) (kinda similar to earth’s AD)

Have you found dates for events that are not on the timeline? Post below and i’ll get them added!

Click the image below to access the timeline

7 thoughts on “EverQuest Timeline”

  1. this doese not anser much at all what i want to know is what happened to the plane of justice why are the tribunal on norath now why are they holding trials like we do on earth with lawyers and such it was never done that way in justice that i can rember that is lol and if the tribunals siad to allways be in trial passing judgement then i like to know where are the guilty sent now after all the tribunal ruled over the plane of justice a largh vast prison for the reson of the prison where the guilty are or those wateing for trial so where then are they sending them now and what happened to justice i hear of some catclium happening but nothing more all i want to know is whear is poj now i cant help but thingk the plane is so vast what happened to it justice was outside of times inflooenceses so why or what the hell happened to it

  2. i ben trying to peace together the lore and the hole history of the plane of justice and the tribunal but i only play eq not eq2 and i have yet to understand what happened to poj or why the hammers are now on norath or any oh this the only part of eq2 lore that makes sens is the war on the moon somewhat and the moon shards takeing out home touns at least moest i hear but other wise i lost

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  4. Your timeline doesn’t match up with the History of EverQuest write up, which is more or less accurate. To name a few, the Ring of Scale is formed in the Age of Monuments AFTER the giants are cursed and flee to kunark. The Xulous are a protorace created in the Age of Scale, not Elder Age. Rodcet Nife ascends to godhood around the age of enlightenment, not in the Elder age.

    I know this is ancient, but it could use a sanity pass to actually line up to the other stuff your site says.

  5. I see the source i have is for the ‘History of Velious’ document which shows it at the end of the Age of Scale. I will locate the original source for this document to explain why i made this decision

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