a scrawled note

Zekserabol –
This should be an excellent opportunity to break you into your new role as Assistant Cryptkeeper. Filthy mortals have defiled the Plaguebringer’s unholy sanctum and left quite the mess. It is my divine duty to oversee the restoration of the temple, and thus you will be performing the following tasks:

Disgusting carrion feeders have been ingesting the pieces of Bertoxxulous’ slain avatar, and have filled the main hall with their… excrement. Take the shovel from within this coffin and use it to remove the waste. Try not to get any on you; it contains potent pathogens, and we wouldn’t want you contracting an incurable disease during your first day on the job.

2) Your second, and most sacred, duty is to recover the essence of the avatar. As it has been consumed by the crawlers, you’ll need to recover it from within their gut. Luckily I have devised a plan that doesn’t involve you feeding them scraps and then following them around with a burlap bag at the ready. I’m sure you remember your apprenticeship in embalming? I’ve left a kit in the coffin for you; as you no doubt remember, you need only take hold of the kit and use it in close proximity to your target, and the fluids will do the rest. You’ll need to inject them multiple times in quick succession – this will cause the critter to explode, releasing the coveted protoplasm.

3) Your final task will be to collect the remains of the bone Amalgamations from His most-pestilent altar room. The foolish adventurers cracked their bones, exposing the blighted marrow within. We will recover these and use them to propagate a whole host of new golems. I warn you not to attempt to gnaw on said bones – despite what you may have heard, they will improve neither your charm nor your prowess.

Attend to these duties quickly. You would not wish to be present upon the Plaguebringer’s return…

  • Head Cryptkeeper Nar’Scabbrous

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