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Spirits Astray

Spirits Astray

Concerning legendary dragons absent from the Vesspyr Isles, the Eternal Broodlands

The Dragon Sage

There exists no creature on Norrath that can match the power of the dragons. They were the first to be placed on this world, and they will be the last ones here when it finally is consumed by Discord. There were those of us who paid homage to this power, who knew that our lives were nothing but a blink in the nearly eternal eyes of the dragons. However, even for all of their majesty, dragons perish on Norrath and make their way here, to the Vesspyr Isles.

My mortal death did not kill my passion or devotion to these wondrous creatuers. My studies of wurmkind have continued since passing within the Cloak of Drinal.

I find it interesting that not every dragon makes their way here after they pass from Norrath. The reasons for these are many, but I will note a few here in particular.


I mourn the fall of Zlandicar. His act of cannibalism and betrayal of Harla Dar was unfathomable, and still has implications on dragon society today. I can only surmise that his lust for power drove him to throw away his very spirit and essence, and to break the most sacred of dragon laws. His existence has been a mockery since then – an undead behemoth lurking in the bowels of the Necropolis, lording over a scurrying tribe of rats.

I am curious what would become of Zlandicar if he were to finally be well and truly destroyed. Would his spirit make its way here? That thought actually begs another question – I wonder if any piece of his spirit still exists, or if he has somehow devoured that as well? Whatever the case, I don’t believe he would find himself welcome here – his crimes were horrific, and may never be forgotten, even in death.


The fate of Trakanon puzzles me. Trakanon was the mightiest of the Ring of Scale, but even so he languished in an existence of turmoil. He spent part of his life as an undead, then was able to assume a living form, and then was slain by adventurers in his lair. But what became of his spirit? It must still be bound to Norrath somehow, but I know of no phylactery or containment of his spiritual energy. All I know is that it is not here.

Although it pains me greatly to think that Trakanon may be truly lost to us, there are other possibilities. It’s possible that Trakanon has been utterly destroyed – wiped from existence. Or, given his extensive studies and knowledge, that he has somehow survived his apparent death, and his spirit merely waits on Norrath for a vessel. Even I, who has pierced the veil to see into the land of the living, cannot say what has truly become of him.


Zeixshi-Kar was an Ancient – a dragon of incredible age and power. He was one of the first few who adopted Kerafyrm’s doctrine of draconic dominion over Norrath, and rallied to Kerafyrm’s side upon his release from Sleeper’s Tomb. He was called the “General of Destiny”, but whether he gave himself that moniker or somehow earned it is unknown to me.

I do know, however, that he also meddled in destructively powerful forbidden magic, but the nature of his experiments are lost to time. I have heard that he attempted to tap into the power of the Shard of Fear itself, but was destroyed by adventurers before his rituals were complete. I cannot confirm the validity of this, especially since his spirit isn’t here in Vesspyr. I wonder, however, what would have happened if indeed he had tapped into the realm of Cazic-Thule? I shudder to think how the Faceless would treat someone who attempted to siphon the power of his plane.


There are stories of the dragon Melalafen wondering the Western Wastes during the Age of Turmoil. However, at some point after Kerafyrm was freed, Melalafen dissapeared. I mention Kerafyrm specifically because Melalafen was known to be sympathetic to Kerafyrm’s ideals, and the thought was that he might have become one of Kerafyrm’s Awakened. However, I have no evidence that he ever reported for service.

So what became of him? I don’t believe he is dead, since his spirit has never come to Ethernere. He possessed no mastery over forbidden magics that I have ever come across in my studies, so it seems strange that he could have shared a similar fate to Trakanon or Zlandicar. I wonder sometimes if Kerafyrm sent him off in search of some artifact or knowledge, but his fate is unknown to me.


This one disturbs me for a couple of reasons. Primarily, as a member of a scholarly group that believes in and studies the majesty of dragons, I know that their power is beyond what I can comprehend. There are others, however, that seem to believe that draconic power is something they can harness and possibly control. The dragon known as Siliskor is a product of this bizarre cult mentality.

I wonder if it had to do with the arrogance of humans and their typically shortsighted nature, but the destruction of those who tried to control Siliskor was likely a foregone conclusion. Trying to hatch a dragon egg and utilize a creature such as that for personal benefit can only end in disaster. The dragons here practically spit Siliskor’s name, as a failure raised by humans instead of in the care of proper dragons. They claim he is dead, but I think their meaning is metaphorical. If he is in Ethernere, he is not here in Vesspyr.


The dragon known as Aeyinar is a strange case. It appears that she bonded herself to a mortal child on Norrath, who could summon Aeyinar with a special stew. I can’t asy how this relationship came to be, and why the dragon preferred the stew to just eating the mortal, but the case was odd enough that the dragons took notice.

Aeyinar apparently perished during the cataclysms of Norrath, but her spirit never crossed here. If she died during those events, then certainly the mortal who she watched over did as well. In that case, I wonder then, if she truly is dead, that her spirit simply refused to pass into Ethernere, or somehow she chose to follow the spirit of the child. The dragons, however, endured the cataclysms quite well, so perhaps she still lives somewhere on Norrath.


Hsagra is a tragic story, and one that many dragons still tell sorrowfully. Her death at the hands of the Kromzek was something that I believe Lord Yelinak still mourned until his final days. The enchantment placed on her remains must have bound her spirit to Norrath, and she must have been unable to pass here. I have heard that she was released from her imprisonment, but I have not seen her here, so I cannot say what ultimately has become of her.

There must have been a part of Lord Yelinak that longed to see his mate once again, and it must have been heartbreaking to not find her here. Still, Lord Yelinak is among the wisest of his kind, so maybe he was prepared for that possibility. Perhaps one day she will find her way here, and they will be reunited once more.

Nagafen text

You say, “Hail, The Sage of Ages”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Thank you my friends, thank you! I do not understand why those Drakota attacked me. I cannot be of any threat to them; I am but a humble chronicler!”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Who are you?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I am known as the Sage of Ages, a neutral historian charged with scribing the events of history so that their lessons will not be forgotten, or repeated. It surprises me that these creatures would be sent to attack me.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “These Drakota were sent?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Yes, Drakota rarely act of their own initiative. They are weapons used by Dragonkind to fulfill their own designs. I do not know what I could have done to anger the Scalelords. I only scribe the truth and have done so for many centuries.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Who could have sent these?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “There are few Dragons still active in this world. The Age of War and the Age of Cataclysms have taken their tolls on the Dragons as well and they too are recovering. However, there are a few who gained in the destruction. The Lord Nagafen and the Lady Vox have prospered as others have declined in power. These Drakota must have been sent by the Lord Nagafen as he would be the only one to possess the power to do so.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Why would he send them after you?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I know not why he has done this thing and it greatly worries me. Maybe he believes I know too much, or he detests the truths I write. I wish to know what has caused him this distress, but I fear for my own existence if I were to come any closer to his lair.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “We can approach him for you.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I would not send you on such a quest. I will not have the blood of my rescuers on my hands by asking such a thing. It is far too dangerous to send anyone into the lair of Nagafen, and I will not do so to satisfy my own curiosity or my own peace of mind.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “It is more than that. Your life is in danger.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “You do not fathom the danger you are willing to enter. Nagafen resides in the very depths of Solusek’s Eye. The Fire Giants are loyal to the Lord Nagafen and will destroy any intruders that set foot within their realm.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “I can handle a few Fire Giants.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I can see that you won’t be dissuaded from pursuing this rash idea. I will relent my position. Please, speak with the Lord Nagafen on my behalf and discover why he seeks my death. I fear there is much more afoot than any of us realize.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “How do we gain audience with Nagafen?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “You must travel down into the heart of Solusek’s Eye. There you will find the Gong of Ro. Sound the Gong and you will be transported to the lair of the red dragon. Please, be careful. I will travel to the Tower of the Coldwind Oracles near the city of Qeynos. Please seek me there when you have spoken with the Lord Nagafen. Go with my blessing.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Thank you, Sage. We will meet with you soon.”

You say,”Hail, Majordomo Inferinus”
Majordomo Inferinus says to you, “The Great Lord Nagafen will not be conversed with in a mortal language, he finds the use of such offensive. Consider yourself extremely lucky you are still breathing this very moment. It is only because his lordship was amused by your success in reaching the gong that you are not a blood stain on his master’s floor. If you wish to speak to the Lord Nagafen you must learn the Draconic language.”
You say to Majordomo Inferinus,”How do I learn this Draconic language?”
Majordomo Inferinus says to you, “That is of no concern of mine. Do not return again unless your mind and tongue are capable of speaking the ancient language. The next time Lord Nagafen will not be so forgiving. Begone!”
You say to Majordomo Inferinus,”I’ll be back.”

You say,”Hail, The Sage of Ages”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Have you spoken with the Lord Nagafen?”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “No, the majordomo will not let me enter the lair without knowing Draconic.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “This is a very unfortunate turn of events. Very few beings on Norrath know of this language, and even fewer still know enough to read and teach it. Many mortal scholars have tried to study the language but even finding one written rune of the language is a challenge. Some have dedicated their entire research to just understanding one or two of the Draconic letters.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Do you have any research on the language?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Sadly, no. There are many ancient languages I have scribed for historical record but Draconic has always eluded my reach. However, I have heard theories from my consociates that it might be possible to make a compilation of all the research on the Draconic runes if someone were to gather all the work done by the various scholars.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Has this compilation ever been attempted?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “No. The research relating to understanding just one of the runes is far too precious for the owner to consent in relinquishing it, and there is not enough wealth on Norrath to purchase the translated runes from the individual owners. It is even quite likely that half the research is lost to the sands of time, having been destroyed in the cataclysms.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “If I were able to obtain all the research, would you be able to teach me the language?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Yes … yes, I believe I could. I know many techniques and spells that enhance the learning of tongues, but this idea is all for naught. It is impossible for one person to obtain all the translated Draconic runes, let alone find them. It is a hopeless quest, friend.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “It can be done. I will find the runes.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I sincerely hope you are right, but I fear it cannot be done. However, I wish you the best of luck in this quest. In the mean time I will look into my own research and libraries for clues into the greater plot that is unfolding around us. Be careful in your journeys, you may be in far more danger than we know.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “I will. Farewell Sage.”

You say,”Hail, The Sage of Ages”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Greetings, adventurer! What word do you have on the runes of the Draconic language?”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “I have obtained research on the translation of all twenty six Draconic runes.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “The gods be awakened! Can it be true?! Yes! You have done it! I can’t fathom how you obtained all these, but here they are. This is truly amazing!”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “There were orcs all over these things. They seem to be after them as well.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Orcs? Their kind has never been interested in knowledge such as this, even after the lifting of the Rathe’s curse. This does not bode well…”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Will you be able to teach me Draconic?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Yes … Yes … I will be able to teach you this language now.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Good, let’s get started.”

You say,”Hail, Majordomo Inferinus”
Majordomo Inferinus says to you,”You are back again? I suppose we should step up more guard patrols to keep the vermin out.”
You say to Majordomo Inferinus,”I am here to speak with the Lord Nagafen.”
You say, “Hail, Lord Nagafen”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “So, Inferinus, the lesser ones have returned. Do you suppose they harbor a death wish? Foolish mortals, my curiosity has kept you alive this long, my patience alone will decide if that is to continue.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “I am ________. If you kill me, then you won’t know why I came.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Ancient Draconic? From a lesser one? Interesting … I will hear more. Tell me, mortal, how did you come to possess such sacred knowledge. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “The Sage of Ages taught it to me.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Sage of Ages? I know naught of a Sage of Ages. I have been on Norrath since the dawn of time. I think that with such a pretentious sounding name that I would have heard of this person before now. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “You know who The Sage of Ages is. I come to ask you why you sent your Drakota to kill him, and to ask you to stop.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Drakota? You are grossly misinformed if you believe I have anything to do with Drakota! Do you see the tears in my wings and the scars on my flanks?! These are no wounds from some foolish mortal hero, though many have tried, these are Drakota given… Drakota that no longer exist on this world. I know nothing of this sage. If I desired death upon someone, they certainly would not survive to tell of it. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “He said that only a few dragons now have the power to control the Drakota, you and Vox.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Don’t you EVER speak my slain mate’s name with your mortal lips! My beloved Lady Vox is DEAD! Assassinated by the very things you claim she had control over! Mortal, you have no idea how close to death you now stand. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “I apologize, Lord Nagafen. I will not speak her revered name again.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Guard your tongue or forfeit your life. Now, you claim that this sage of yours was attacked by Drakota and lived. It is unimaginable that any lesser being would survive a targeted attack by the pawns of the Ring of Scale. How does he claim that he was able to escape destruction? ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “He doesn’t, my companions and I destroyed them both.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Both? There were two Drakota? Were they in possession of essence shards? Answer me this now, mortal! ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “No, Lord Nagafen, they were not.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “An orb then? A large glowing orb? Did you find this on their corpses? ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “No, Lord Nagafen, they did not have either of these things.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “So you say… I sense in this that you are telling the truth. Regardless, this makes things very interesting now, doesn’t it. Before me stands Lesser Ones who have the ability to slay Drakota. I find I have need of you. I have a significant task for you, do this and you will be greatly rewarded. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “Lord Nagafen, what of the Sage’s safety? That is the reason I’ve journeyed here.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Mortal, I believe your search for your sage’s adversary and my own quest proposition will lead down the same path. Unfortunately for you, you do not have any other leads to follow, now do you? There is much to be gained by assisting me. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “With all due respect, why should I help you when I cannot even trust you?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Wealth … Power … Prestige. Is that not what all mortals want? Do this task for me and you will be able to select from anything within my vast hoard of treasures, the likes of which you have never seen. Arcane objects of power and knowledge, armor and weapons that have not been touched by the light of the sun since the Age of Monuments, wealth and jewels beyond your comprehension. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “That sounds like a generous reward, but what is it you want me to do?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “You are being charged with a most important and glorious task. You will act in my stead and bring about the resurrection of my beloved Lady Vox. Seek out the murderous Drakota, destroy them in their lairs, and wrest from them the essence shards. While holding these, the Drakota prevent any attempt at returning my beloved to life. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “What are we to do once we get the shards?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Take the spirit shards to my beloved’s crypt within the walls of Permafrost. Each shard contains within it a part of the Lady Vox’s undying spirit. Release the essence kept inside the shard and perform the ritual that I will imbue in your lesser mind. It is not known how many shards are required to correctly perform the ritual. It might take many, or it could be as little as one. The Lady Vox’s will to live is incredibly strong. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “I understand.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Also, the Drakota may be in possession of an Orb of Omnipotence that once belonged to me but is now lost. Return that to me and I will double your reward. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “What is the orb for?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Its purpose is beyond your understanding and comprehension, Lesser One. All you need to concern yourself with is returning it to me if you find it. Now, go, do as I say. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “Yes, Lord Nagafen. The Lady Vox will be resurrected.”

You say,”Hail, The Sage of Ages”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Greetings, adventurer! I am pleased to see that you still live. Did you speak to Lord Nagafen?”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Yes. He says he is not responsible for the Drakota’s attacking you. He asks that my companions and I seek to restore Vox to life.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Restore the Lady Vox to life? Nagafen must know that mortals do not have sufficient power or knowledge to resurrect an elder dragon from the dead. I do not trust him. The King of Fire is deceitful and sinister. His forked tongue only speaks lies. This must be why he wants me destroyed. He means to put his plots in motion and knows that I am aware of his trickery.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”If that is true, then why does he want me to kill his Drakota and reclaim Vox’s essence shards?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Those Drakota must have rebelled against him and stole the shards for their own grab at power. Nagafen is still too weak from the Truthspeaker’s attack to go after them himself, so he remains safely in his lair while he gets mortals to do his dirty work.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Who is the Truthspeaker?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “The Truthspeaker was an agent of the Ring of Scale. It was he who risked his life to lead the Drakota, the same Drakota that Nagafen now commands, in an attack to stop the mating of Nagafen and Vox, a mating that would result in utter doom for all of Norrath! The Truthspeaker’s Drakota were able to destroy Vox to prevent the union, but Nagafen was able to retreat to the safety of his lair.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Where is the Truthspeaker now?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “The Truthspeaker has not been heard of since the attack on Nagafen in the Lavastorm Mountains. All that is known of that attack is that Nagafen lives and is now in control of the Drakota assassins. The Truthspeaker is presumed destroyed.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Why is the mating of the Lady Vox and the Lord Nagafen so dangerous?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “It is forbidden among dragonkind for dragons of differing elements to mate and bring forth offspring. The combination of the elements result in a prismatic dragon, a creature of immense power and energy. Only one prismatic dragon has existed on Norrath, the Sleeper, Kerafyrm. Nagafen must believe he can control a prismatic offspring, but it seems he cannot even fully control the Drakota he wrested from the Truthspeaker.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”How powerful are prismatic dragons?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Look to the sky, child. The destruction you find there is the doing of the Sleeper simply as a display of power and a reminder to all living beings of his supremacy. Do you realize the danger now? Nagafen wants the power to do just that. Imagine an army of dragons that could each do that with Nagafen and Vox reigning king and queen over them. It is well that the Truthspeaker succeeded in his task to destroy the Lady Vox.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Now Nagafen wants me to help return her to life.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Yes and that part worries me. He must know that no mortal possesses the ability to return an elder dragon to full life. There must be another reason why he wishes you to attempt this.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”He also asked if the Drakota we defeated were in possession of a glowing orb, an Orb of Omnipotence he called it.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “An Orb of Omnipotence? I have not heard of such a thing. Did he say why he wanted it?”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”No, just that it belonged to him and he would double our reward if we brought it to him.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “If the Lady Vox knew the location of this orb, it might be Nagafen’s plan for you to resurrect the spirit of Vox long enough to discover the whereabouts. Even though Nagafen is using you, the best course of action would be to follow his plan so that we can learn of the orb’s location before he can lay his claws upon it. Find this orb and bring it to me. We will foil the Lord Nagafen’s villainous plot.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Are you sure this is the best thing to do?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “It frightens me to say this, but yes, this is the course of action we need to take. This orb will fall into Nagafen’s claws in due time unless we act to prevent it. He may already have other groups searching for it. The orcs you encountered while collecting the runes may be one such group.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”I understand.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Follow Nagafen’s instruction in resurrecting Vox’s spirit, but only in this. Do not trust his words. He will deceive you with lies and fallacies. He will twist the truth and double cross you in the end. Do not let him do this for he means to bring about the destruction of this world.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”I will resurrect Vox and learn the location of this orb.”

You say,”Hail, Lord Nagafen”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “So mortal, you have returned to my lair but you have not completed the task I set before you. I cannot sense the living energy of the Lady Vox, not converse with her. You test my patience by coming here in failure.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “I have not completed the task yet.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “The why have you returned?! Do not think that you can renegotiate our agreement, Lesser One. You will find it very dangerous to do so.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “Lord Nagafen, I wish to know why you desire your lady to be raised from the dead.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “She is my mate! Would you not go to the ends of the world to reclaim your lost love taken from you by murderous assassins? We will not be kept apart by anything, even death itself.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “The Sage of Ages says you only wish to raise her to create an army of powerful offspring.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “This sage of yours presumes to know many things. Did he also tell you the age old fallacy that only doom and destruction could result from such a union? This world was saved by such a union! Look to the sky! That could have been Norrath if the petty gods had their way.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “What do you mean? The Sage said the Sleeper did that as a display of power.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Your sage knows nothing! The gods meant to destroy Norrath. The Sleeper understood that this world is sacred and that the dictates of some minor gods would not be the end of the Wurmqueen’s creations. Kerafyrm forfeited his own life to save this entire world from utter destruction. There are many who fail to understand the noble intentions of what such a union can bring.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “You mean the Truthspeaker. That’s why he attacked you, isn’t it?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “The Truthspeaker… the assumed name of that wretched snake Darathar… the name he tried using within the Ring of Scale. Yes, Darathar sent the Drakota to kill my mate and now they possess essence shards to keep her from me! Darathar will pay for Vox’s murder. You have taken far too much of my time, mortal. Complete the task and do not return until you do.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “Yes, Lord Nagafen.”

Lady Vox says,”Nagafen! I am here! I hear you! It is gone?! Yes, I can feel it’s presence, it is close! I will, my beloved!”
You say,”Hail, Lady Vox”
Lady Vox says to you, “Greetings mortals. You have done well in restoring me, but your power is not enough to resurrect me permanently. My time is short. Listen carefully. The ice giants who claimed to remain loyal to us, in my absence, entered my lair and took something that belongs to the Lord Nagafen and myself. We need you to recover it.”
You say to Lady Vox,”What is this object?”
Lady Vox says to you, “It is the Orb of Omnipotence that the Lord Nagafen spoke of. You must get this orb back from the king of the ice giants and return it safely to Lord Nagafen at all costs. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could mean the destruction of all of Norrath. Mortals, please, you must do this!”
You say to Lady Vox,”We will recover the orb.”

You say,”Hail, Lord Nagafen”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Those lying, betraying Kromise! King Drayek swore to me that they did not know the whereabouts of the orb. Mortal, have you recovered it from the ice giants as the Lady Vox directed? It is imperative that it reaches the safety of these halls!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”Darathar took it from us, he was the Sage of Ages.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Darathar?! Darathar was your sage?! And now he has the egg! Do you understand what you’ve done?! You have been manipulated this entire time! You led him to the one thing that would give him power to subjugate all of Norrath. We are doomed!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”Where has he gone?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “What does that matter?! He will have returned to his hidden lair in order to study and manipulate the egg. No one knows where his lair is, not even his chief lieutenants. In order for them to even travel there the five of them must meet and travel as one. There is no way for any of us to find him!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”How do you know this?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “I tore the information from the dying corpse of the Drakota that led the attack against me. I also ripped this Translocation Ring from the chain that hung from his neck, in case you needed further proof! These are what his lieutenants use to travel to him. They must combine all five pieces in order for the portal to work.”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”We can get the other rings. We can stop Darathar! ”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “You can’t stop him! Don’t you see now that he has been in control of the Drakota this entire time?! The only reason you got as far as you did is because he let you! His elite Drakota hold these pieces. They will not be leashed as his others have been. You have no chance against them!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”We will stop him.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “HAHAHA! You only hasten your own death. You are as headstrong and foolish as the orcs. So be it. Take the Translocation Ring. I no longer have a use for it. Now go, before I kill you myself for your failure!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”Darathar will be defeated.”

You say,”Hail, Lord Nagafen”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “So it seems you came to your senses and decided against getting yourself killed. Now, keep with those thoughts of self preservation and leave my chamber!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”We destroyed Darathar. The egg burst into these shards during the battle.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “The egg was destroyed?! HAHAHA! You served me well. Darathar is not the only master of manipulation, now is he? Now that that little mess of the missing egg is out of the way, I can proceed as planned.”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”You don’t care that your only egg is destroyed?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “HAHAHA! Only egg? I have plenty more safely hidden away. I just couldn’t let that one lost egg remain unaccounted for. You did nicely in seeing to it that its existence no longer poses a risk to me.”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”What about our deal?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Deal? Our deal was for you to bring the Lady Vox back from the dead and to return the egg to me. You failed to do either. Oh, but keep the shards as a gift from Lord Nagafen the Red! Inferinus, make sure the mortals find their way out!”

a set of memiors

Oh, how I miss the comforts of Neriak. I should have stayed in the academy, as deplorable as that prospect was. At least there I had some entertainment after listening to those idiots drone on about their useless theories – now I just have this useless cell to rot in. My only joy here is the wails of the other prisoners bemoaning their fates. Beautifully pathetic.

Well, now I have a cell mate. He is gruff and smells like he has been drug through a horse’s filthy corral. And the noise… he talks about himself non-stop. He’s over there talking right now, clearly aware that I am not paying attention, just rambling on and on. Every word crawls up my spine like a venomous widow looking to deliver a fatal bite. I saw the guards smile when they tossed him in here – they knew what they were doing. Commendable.

Today the idiots said something that was actually interesting. Apparently he is rich – even richer than the vapid nobles that fill the upper floors. I am suspect, but in his drunken stupors, the fool tells me intricate details about where the stash is, what is in it, what he is planning to do with it… unless he is an amazingly imaginative storyteller, there’s probably something to this. But where does he keep getting this alcohol? His breath would offend Bertoxxulous.

Well there are some advantages to having this cell mate. He has been able to make a small hole in the back of the room, and has done so without the guards noticing. Dwarven mastery over stone is fascinating, if generally useless in most circumstances. We’re going to make our way out of here tonight, and head out into the pass. He claims to know the way, but I question if he even knows his way out of his bed. I guess we’ll see.

I think these years in confinement have messed with my ability to properly reason. I should have known better than to listen to that fool. He made a ridiculous hat from candles to help him see better in the dank passageway we were crawling through, but it didn’t help him see the massive hole he fell into. Now he has been captured by goblins, and I am stuck here in a narrow passageway with no idea where to go. I thought dwarves can see in the dark. What was he even doing?

This just took a turn for the bizarre. The goblins are actually rather interesting to observe – they relish in the pain of others, and after all the time listening to the idiot ramble on, I was going to enjoy watching them pick him apart. But htey didn’t do that at all. When they carted him away, they set him up on a pile of rocks like a throne. I have no idea what they are thinking, but over the past few days, they have brought him offerings of food and trinkets, and it looks like they found his treasure for him in the hills. I’m perplexed, but must admit I am curious.

I approached him last night, and he was glad to see me. I’ve spent the past few hours talking to him, and he is enjoying his newfound power. Still, this is a situation I can turn to my advantage, I believe. I pointed out to him that he doesn’t have to be content being served in the mines. That the Keep above us was ripe for the taking, and that he had an army. He spouted off some nonsense about divine providence and authority or something – I think some of this has gone to his head. But he likes the idea, which could be very interesting if this goes well.

Well, well! If you’ve never seen goblins whipped into a religious frenzy, it is truly an interesting sight to behold. Still, they performed quite effectively, and the lower parts of the Keep are ours. My partner has his riches, the goblins have their god, and I have a place to entertain myself. I could get used to this. I think i’ll start with those pathetic prisoners from the other cells. Their cries are quite lovely indeed.

Glory to the Silver Reaper! Within his cloak all upon this mortal world, with cognizance of self, will be enveloped and delivered to Ethernere. Fear not this transition of our souls, my pack. Be you children of Serilis, Marr, Cazic, Veeshan, Bristlebane, Innoruuk, or other, you will find yourself in a locale that holds meaning. It may be where you were born, where you lived, where you died, where you met your lover, at your ancestral den, or for those that champion for the downtrodden – where you are needed. From there you may travel through Ethernere, as you wish. Be warned though! If you fight this transition, if you cling to your life within crude flesh, you will suffer within the Reaper’s realm. Denial will place blinders upon you, and raging against it will surely drive you mad. But those that are hearty and hold the desire to venture, are not chained to any particular location within Ethernere.

* Priestess of the Silver Reaper

Antonia Bayle’s Father

He patted the envelope in his left breast pocket. It was still there, as it always was, but old habits die hard.
The letter within was penned what felt like ages ago. It was looking likely that he would take as long to send it as he did to write it. There was always something—the wrong time, the wrong place, the wrong mood, the wrong company.

Satisfied that the letter was still safe in its envelope, albeit more weathered and wrinkled than it was the day before, Vishra began the process of strapping on his armor. Greaves first. Left, then right. His hafling squire orbited around him like a dutiful moon. The best squires were shadows, always present, always near, but never in the way. Tipple was one of the best.

His plate hung heavier today than it usually did. Truthfully, it wasn’t just the plate. It was weight of the years, the weight of the coming battle, the weight of the damn letter. He’d faced the worst Norrath could throw at him and here he was, a nervous little boy too meek to tell a woman the truth. This was one of those things that time never made easier—except to make excuses.

He punched one of the wooden beams supporting the pavilion with his gauntleted hand. Tipple didn’t flinch. Instead, he carefully lifted Dawnbreaker, the sword that could cleave morning itself, and began strapping it to his charge’s back with the aid of a stepstool.

Vishra believed with every fiber of his being that she deserved to know, needed to know. To him, she was the heart of Norrath, holding up everything while it all threatened to fall down. And she did it with grace and poise and strength. More strength than he had ever shown.

“Tipple, today is the day. If I can’t summon the courage to finally do this one simple task, if I turn and run like I have so many times before, if I break like some half-trained conscript, then may the gods strike me down.”

“Very good, sir.”

Vishra strode out of his pavilion, light gleaming off his filigreed armor, with only the blue velvet of his sash refusing to participate in the spectacle. He looked every bit the hero people spoke of. Of course, they didn’t know that his stomach, tied in knots, was liable to let go of his breakfast at any moment.
He had one opportunity, a meeting with her scheduled in a few hours. It would be easy. Simply walk up to her and hand her the envelope. There were too many things at stake to let this continue to weigh on him.
Vishra made his rounds—speaking with his soldiers, poring over battle plans, talking contingencies, and acquiring the razor focus he needed to face the Awakened – Kerafyrm’s shock troops and syncophants.
It was late morning when he started toward the meeting area. He saw her, every bit as beautiful as the day she was born. She waved. He returned the gesture.

“Vishra! Good to see you. Are you ready for this?”

He made a deep bow, “I am, my liege. Knowing Lucan, I think he’ll be on board with our plan. It’s direct, to the point, and vicious.”

“Let’s hope so. Arguing with him is exhausting.” She grabbed his arm, “Shall we off?”
“Antonia, wait… I…”


“…You’ve grown into a superb leader, a woman that our whole nation can look up to. I want you to know I’m very proud of you…” He stumbled over those last few words.

Red crept into Antonia’s cheeks and she gave a little laugh, “Th-thank you, Vishra. I’m very proud of you as well. I could not have done any of this without you at my side. Anyway, enough of this. We will have time to pat ourselves on the back after Kerafyrm is put to rest. Let’s go see Lucan.”

And that was that.

Hours later, Vishra stormed into his tent, fumbled with his right gauntlet, clumsily worked at the straps and flung it into a corner with a snarl. Tipple ran over and began laboring on the left gauntlet, deftly removed it, and then started on the breastplate. But even Tipple’s impressive speed wasn’t quick enough for Vishra, who clawed at the plate in fury.

Tipple sharply barked, “Sir!” Then calmly, “Be still.”

Vishra froze, but Tipple could feel his body vibrating with tension under the armor. Tipple quickly unfastened it, pulled the chestpiece away, and retreated into his corner.

As soon as the plate was off, Vishra was in motion again. He grabbed the envelope from his breast pocket, tore it open, looked at the letter, and then crushed it in his fist. He took three, slow, very deep breaths. To Tipple, it looked like he was trying to calm himself, but Vishra suddenly roared—a primal, furious, and somehow plaintive bellowing of emotion. It conquered its entire vicinity like a pack of wolves howling at the moon.

There was a commotion at the flap of the tent as two guards rushed in, spears at the ready. Tipple hurried over and silently waved them off—they didn’t want to be in here, they didn’t hear anything, and they definitely didn’t want to see Vishra when he was like this. The guards gave each other confused looks before warily backing out of the pavilion.

He finally ran out of breath. Tipple sighed in relief and moved to his comfortable corner, his eyes on his charge, hoping that the worst was over.

Vishra stood, his back to the entrance, head down, for a very long time. Minutes passed and the only life Tipple could see from him were the breaths he took every so often.

Finally, in a gravelly whisper, “I’m sorry. That was uncalled for. Thank you, Tipple.”

“Very good, sir.”


Vishra slowly sat down at his desk. His fist relaxed bit by bit as he placed the letter on the cool wood. He spent a long time smoothing out the wrinkles, his hands running over the paper until it mostly lay flat. Then he read:

My dearest Antonia,

I have written and re-written this letter so many times. It is something I should have given you long ago. It is with love and pride and a small bit of regret that it only reaches you now.

We’ve travelled the world, Antonia. We’ve seen everything there is to see and more. I’ve watched you grow from a small, awkward (but adorable!) waifling, into a powerful, beautiful ruler of her own kingdom. One of my fondest memories is of us fishing off the portside of Dawnfall when the wind was still and refused to blow. It was so hot, the waters so calm, but you never complained. You just smiled…and when you caught that first sea bass…I’d never experienced anything like it before. Even after so many years apart, that bond was still there, unbroken. Whenever things turn black, I travel back to that day and that smile.

I do not know why it is so hard for me to say the words I want to. Years of pretending to be something I am not—it makes the lie harder to admit. Some combination of fears—fear of hurting you, fear of distracting you. Fear of losing you. I am not afraid of many things, but this, our relationship, it is something I cannot live without. You give me the strength to face down demons, to look Kerafyrm in the eye. If I lose you, then I myself will be lost. I am a pitiful man, Shirrana, and it is because of this weakness that the lie has continued this long. It stops now, though, and I can only beg your forgiveness.

If I seem overbearing at times… if I seem overprotective… if I treat you too much like my daughter… it is because, well…

It is because you are.

I am lucky. The Sisters of Tearfall exile the fathers when their daughters are born. Most of them never get to see their children grow, but I was given the opportunity to raise you from a distance, council you and protect you as if you were mine. Your mother and I loved each other very much, and it was her love and foresight that set these things in motion. I wish she could see you now, but she would not be surprised. She would be proud, just as I am.

You are probably experiencing some combination of confusion and anger. Or perhaps just the calm assuredness Norrath knows you for. I understand that it will take you some time to process this and come to peace with it. When you are ready, we can sit down with some wine and talk. I can tell you the real story of how you came into this world and discuss whether you have room for an old soldier to be your father.

In the meantime know that I love you, Shirrana, and that you have been loved since the day you were born.

I’ll be waiting,


He absently pawed at one of the drawers on his desk, his hand finally finding a new envelope. He carefully folded the letter, placed it in its new home, and lodged it in his left breast pocket.


***The End***

The Interrogation of Opal Darkbriar

Opal Darkbriar: “Release me immediately! Cristanos Thex will not stand for this!”

Opal Darkbriar: “Do you know who I am? I have powerful allies!”

Opal Darkbriar: “These infernal wards nullify my translocation spells…”

Opal Darkbriar: “If you do not release me there will be hell to pay! Do you hear me?!”

Captain Maganus strides into the cell block, the two resting spellsplitter’s snapping to attention. The third shows no sign he is aware his commander has entered the room.

a Militia spellsplitter: “Captain.”

Opal Darkbriar: “Maganus. How much longer do you plan on holding me here?! This is a grave insult to lock me in this cage!”

Captain Maganus: “Calm yourself, Darkbriar. No one is buying into your theatrics.”

Opal Darkbriar: “You threaten the entire city of Freeport by detaining me. Neriak will not stand for this!”

Captain Maganus: “Is that so…?”

Opal Darkbriar: “Queen Cristanos Thex, herself, will see to my release.”

Captain Maganus: “I believe you are sadly mistaken, Opal. You see, it was the queen who allowed us to enter Neriak and apprehend you, traitor.”

Opal Darkbriar: “You are lying!”

Captain Maganus: “Am I? There were certain conditions that were agreed upon when the Darklight Pact was signed, your arrest was one of them. The Overlord doesn’t take kindly to having his property stolen.”

Opal Darkbriar: “I didn’t steal anything! Secondly, Neriak would go to war before allowing itself to sign a treaty with the likes of that madman.”

Captain Maganus: “Fortunately, Queen Thex has a wiser head than you. You sadly overestimate the strength of Neriak. The queen was in no position to do much bartering.”

Opal Darkbriar: “You are delusional, human. Neriak has been, and will always be one of the greatest empires on Norrath!”

Captain Maganus: “I am afraid it is you that is out of touch of reality, my dear Darkbriar. Thex couldn’t sign the treaty fast enough… what with the multiple legions camped on her doorstep once the Commonlands tunnel was completed.”

Opal Darkbriar: “Make no mistake, it is just a temporary convenience.”

Captain Maganus: “Lord Razon Blayze has been assigned permanently to Hate’s Envy to oversee the relations between Neriak and Freeport. He’ll make sure Neriak upholds their part of the longstanding treaty.”

Opal Darkbriar: “My nation will not be held to such conditions for long. I will see to that personally as a loyal and powerful ally of the Teir’Dal Empire!”

Captain Maganus: “Ah, well there is that as well. Your allegiance is something of suspect these days.”

Opal Darkbriar: “How dare you! I am Teir’Dal!”

Captain Maganus: “The queen wasn’t aware of such theft, and it was your hasty escape that led us right to Neriak’s hidden doorstep. We have you to thank for Freeport’s present political gain.”

Captain Maganus: “What we want to know is who you were working for when you stole Soulfire.”

Opal Darkbriar: “I wasn’t working for any-!”

Captain Maganus: “No, don’t protest… I wouldn’t expect you to divulge any information… and it would save our ears from your screeching. Rest assured my spellsplitter division will discover the answers we seek.”

Opal Darkbriar: “A division you wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for me and my academy’s training. You owe me, Maganus.”

Captain Maganus: “If we relied on your faulty training we’d still be searching for the clues of your theft… something I have no doubt you intended.”

Opal Darkbriar: “Listen… we can work something out! I… I can make it worth your while. What is it you want? Power?! Money?! Love…”

Captain Maganus: “You are getting desperate, Darkbriar… and you insult me. We will get to the bottom of this, and then the time of your trial will be at hand. Good day, Opal.”

The Captain turns sharply and strides towards the exit. Just before reaching the stairs Darkbriar calls out to hi one last time…

Opal Darkbriar: “Maganus! Maganus! You can’t leave me here! He’ll have me executed! He’ll do it himself!”

Maganus pauses, half turning back to her. His eyes close briefly as he says quietly,

Captain Maganus: “I believe that’s the plan.”


Portrait of Zanne

This is a portrait of a beautiful female. At first you believe it to be of a human female, but on closer inspection, she has traits akin to elves. You notice some engravings along the arch of the portrait.

My beloved blesses our faithful with mirrored tokens of Zanne. My beloved imbues our great constructs with gifted hearts.

To the sentry of the pools and the stones of leering, a heart of diamond. To the favored stone and the stones of jeering, a heart of emerald. To the count of my libation or the castle’s steward, a token of diplomacy. To the master of keys and his student, a token of harmony. To the powerful puritan or those who follow, a token of virtue. To the lord of the plains or those who are honored, a token of harvest. To the mistress of the dance or her ballroom troupe, a token of charm. To the faithful wretch or his despicable kin, a token of bravery. To the immortal artist or the soothsayers, a token of eternity.

With these gifts, treasures are safe from ill hands. When her beloved is adorned, open her vault, you can.

History of Frogloks

We are the children of Mithaniel Marr, god of valor. He has given unto us a greater share of honor than was given to any other creature. We would rather die with honor than extend our lives through deception of any kind.

This can be challenging for others–the concept that laws are not meant for the breaking. While we try to be understanding that not everyone shares our belief, it is still distressing to see rules bent and broken. The laws of the land are not simply suggestions, as some seem to think.

Such is the way of the troll. After many attempts to peacefully coexist with them in the Innothule Swamp, their utter disregard for protocol finally provoked us to battle. The blessing of Mithaniel Marr was with us as we drove them from their filthy city of Grobb. In His honor, we renamed it Gukta, Outpost of Marr.

Some may wonder why we contented ourselves with a simple home like Gukta, when our obvious intelligence indicates we might prefer plush surroundings. That is not our way, you see. It seems those whose skin is laced with hair need warmth and softness in their surroundings. We are comforted in other ways.

Others have said that we frogloks are too proud and that we deserve the challenges that have been our lot through the Ages. We do not deny the pride we feel in our heritage. We were created by Mithaniel Marr, after all. Through his grace, we have overcome many adversities that would have brought others to the brink of despair.

When the ogres of Rallos Zek began their reign of terror, they tried to start with Gukta. They thought they knew all the deepest reaches of our territory, thinking that we had not changed or developed it after wresting the city from the trolls. The ogres fought without honor, to their own detriment.

We are not taken unawares with ease. The foul ogres thought to destroy us, but we were guided by the Hand of Marr. Our eggs were carried deep into the tunnels, followed by elite forces to guard them. Deep beneath the marshes we went. We sent emissaries to Freeport to advise the Overlord of the rise of the Rallosians.

The Overlord brushed our concerns aside and so, with barely three days’ rest, our emissaries headed to Qeynos to warn the Bayles. Though sympathetic, they chose only to increase their watches rather than advancing to attack before the Rallosians expanded their reach. How we wished they had listened! The Rallosian Army grew in strength and power until the cities of Freeport and Qeynos were besieged.

The blessings of Mithaniel Marr still protected the faithful. The honorless ogres broke faith with their own allies, defiling the Temple of Cazic-Thule. And so, in the darkest hours when it appeared that the Rallosians would conquer all, the Green Mist covered the battlefields, slaying our enemies. However, not all our enemies were destroyed.

Though many of our adversaries perished in the time of the Green Mist, some escaped by continuing to pursue us. Deeper into the marshes we fled, and still they followed. It was then that we felt the rage of the gods.

By failing to stand our ground and hold back the tide of the enemy, we disappointed the gods who had held us high in their trust and esteem. Punishment was both swift and severe.

Though we had escaped the Rallosians, we could not escape the torments to follow. The Rending kept those of us who had scattered apart. Separated from any other honorable race, we drifted into oblivion.

And yet, oblivion would have been more kind than that which we endured. For those of us who found our way to the Feerrott were taken prisoner by the Tae’Ew, who fed us to their god.

Generation upon generation of froglok has been subjugated by the Alliz Tae’Ew. They demanded service and, weakened by the calamities that had befallen us, we were in no position to rebel. Until now.

In secret, several of our strongest broke free and are repeating the journey made so long ago when we first sent word to Freeport and Qeynos that the Rallosians were on the move. Surely we have atoned for our offenses against the gods and will be saved.