Dag the Blasphemer

Dag the Blasphemer

Author Unknown

Long ago in the time of Emperor Ganak, Scholar Dag served and studied with the great Master Atrebe Sathir, first-hatched son of Rile Sathir.
After the unfortunate demise of Atrebe, Scholar Dag begin his study of the forbidden circles, Wizardry, Enchantment and Magic. He soon began to specialize in the ways of Wizardry, in contravention of the Laws of Kotiz.

Scholar Dag kept his studies to himself. Most of his studies were held in private, only his Sarnak slave named Kly was allowed to assist in his blasphemous studies.

Hearing of Dag’s skills, Kurn Machta, the Dread Torturer and trusted general of Rile Sathir, secretly commissioned Dag to create a magical dagger for his personal use.

Dag traveled to Kurn’s outpost to begin his work. His slave Kly and some sarnak slaves answering to him followed, pulling behind them a special forge which belonged to Haggle Baron Dalnir.

During Dag’s absence, however, evidence of his blasphemous research was discovered, and his secret obsession was revealed to all. He became known as the Blasphemer of the Brood.

Word was sent from Cabilis to Kurn to have Dag executed. As Dag was in the final stage of enchantments, Kurn let him proceed and when the dagger was complete, Kurn shackled Dag and used the dagger upon the belly of the Blasphemer.

The Crusaders sent from Cabilis to bring back the body of Dag, the dagger, and the Sarnak slaves, all vanished without a trace. Only the Dalnir Forge remained. No trace of the others was ever found.

Assuming the disappearance was a sign the gods had cursed the blade and the Blasphemer, the Brood decreed that to avoid the wrath of the gods, all of Dag’s property and creations were burned, as were all records of his blasphemous studies.

The slave Kly was sought for many years, but never found. It was feared that the slave, in assisting his master, might have learned some of the blasphemous arts, and thus must be destroyed also.

The descriptions posted described Kly as a tall, relatively youthful Sarnak of a reddish skin tone, with some scars on his right arm and leg from early punishment. The slaves accompanying Kly and answering only to him were not known to have individual names or descriptions.

The leader among them, known only as the Kly’s Overseer, kept discipline over them and could be distinguised from the others only because he was permitted to use for this purpose a battered ferrite longsword and kite shield forged in the traditional style of the Ganak footsoldiers

After some decades, the search for the Kly and his followers was abandoned, and the mystery of their disappearance has vanished into the mists of time.

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