Notable NPCs – Antonius Bayle IV

The line of Qeynos rulers by the name of Antonious Bayle has continued for centuries.  The current one, is the fourth in the line.  He was born in 5275, and crowned in 5299.  He controls the city as well as the surrounding area.  He has many allies, but has found a formidible nemisis in his brother, Kane.  It is said that he, has been linked romantically with Lady Shea even though the two have not been seen together in some time.

The first Antonious Bayle, born in 5105, formalized the existence of the Lawful City of Qeynos  and was crowned in the same year of 5130 For his part in uniting the humans of the plains and founding the city, he was known as the “Great Unifier”.

Antonious Bayle II was crowned in 5191 at the age of 36.  He led the movement to have the continent of Tunaria renamed Antonica, ostensibly in honor of his father, but of course his own name was the same, as some sages wryly noted at the time.  During his reign The Hole was formed when the Heretics of Erudin revolted against their high council and left their citadel.  This marked the beginning of the Age of Turmoil, during which Antonious Bayle II was dubbed the “Great Defender.”

The third member of the dynasty was born in 5214 and spent his childhood watching the events of the world unfold.  During his time, Sir Lucan took over the trade city of Freeport and the Heretics of Erudin completed the construction of their city, Paineel.  When he came to power, he did his best to be neutral.  His efforts at remaining so earned him the nickname the “Great Diplomat.”

Source: Page 367 of the maps of myrist

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