EQOA – Of the Trolls

The trolls were the creation of Cazic-Thule, resulting from his participation in the second pact of Brell Serillis. While scattered across the land, the largest collection of trolls were found in the swamps and jungles of Kunark. Here, 25 tribes formed and feuded amongst themselves, fighting for scarce resources. While ever faithful to Cazic-Thule, the trolls revered power and those who could wield it effectively.

On the continent of Kunark resided a dragon of great power. Trakanon, a plague dragon, was among the greatest of the dragons, but also the most evil. In time, the trolls began to venerate him, and in return, Trakanon provided them with food and water. After awhile, though, the flow of food and water stopped, and the trolls began to worry that they had upset their patron on Kunark. The 25 tribes journeyed to the Field of Bone to seek an audience with Trakanon, but he kept the gates to his keep closed. The trolls, growing hungry and restless, began to fight amongst themselves, eating the flesh of the fallen. This horrific battle raged until 2 tribes were left, the members of which were so mad with battlelust and cannibalism that they began to kill their own tribe mates for food. The leaders of the two tribes met and reached an ‘agreement’ in which the youngest leader died in order to unite the tribes. The remaining leader, Nalikor, then sought council with Trakanon. He did not receive the hero’s welcome he expected, but Trakanon admired his bravery. He gave him a flaming sword that would one day fulfill a prophecy of armageddon.

Nalikor faced his people with a great sword but little future. Knowing that their destiny did not lie on Kunark, they constructed boats from the bones of the dead and sailed for Tunaria. They landed at Broken Skull Rock in the Gulf of Gunthak. Here, they met the ogres for the first time. The two warrior races hated and admired each other at the same time. After fighting a series of skirmishes to a draw, the two sides agreed to a mutual truce which Nalikor sealed by marking the spot with the flaming sword. It’s rumored to be somewhere on Broken Skull Rock to this day.

This truce was beneficial to both sides, as it allowed the trolls to find a homeland and it allowed the ogres to continue with their domination of southern Tunaria. About this time, a young troll named Zraxth heard the calling of Innothule, who promised him the strength to finally gain the upper-hand on the ogres. Through a ceremony that took his body, Zraxth created the Grozmok Stone, a tablet that prophesied the coming of a great troll warrior. The ogres, realizing that this would shift the balance of power, stole the stone and hid it in their city of Oggok. Shortly afterwards, all of Rallos Zek’s minions were struck with the curse of the Rathe and lost their superior intellect. The stone was lost for many ages.

The curse of the ogres was beneficial to the trolls, who were finally free from conflict and could settle down in the swamps of southeastern Tunaria. In honor of their (now) two gods, they named the swamps Innothule. The Stone Watcher clan, blaming the other clans for the loss of the Grozmok Stone, settled near Broken Skull Rock. The rest of the trolls made Guk one of their first homes. The trolls enjoyed this time of relative peace, but it didn’t last long. The ‘other’ denizens of the swamp, the frogloks, staged a successful raid on Guk, taking it from the trolls. Stunned by the loss, the trolls regrouped at Grobb, swearing revenge on the green raiders.

Despite the adversity they have always faced, the trolls have found ways to prosper, not just in Grobb, but throughout Tunaria. Troll villages can be found across the width and breadth of the land. Clagga Village is just outside of Guk. Basher’s Enclave is on the coast, west of Grobb. The Stone Watchers Clan is near Broken Skull Rock, still angry at their brethren. Baga Village is under constant threat of the dwarves from Moradhim, and Honjur is a troll outpost in the Plains of Karana. Troll bandits can be found in Druid’s Watch and near Mount Hatespike. Troll zombies have been spotted in the snowy reaches of Tunaria, perhaps the remnants of a troll society in the far north. The trolls have had a hard journey, often forsaken by their gods, but they have found a way to flourish nonetheless. Like the famous grobbling once said, “It ain’t easy being green.”



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