The Journal of Al’Kabor

Journal Entry 1 – The unearthing of ancient Combine Empire tomes leads to heavy research
It has been a while since I have written these journals; however, recent findings have urged me to make note of research of the utmost importance. Where to begin…
Months ago, I traveled to the continent of Kunark with Firiona Vie and her companions. When she spoke of traveling to this land to confront the Ring of Scale about memories that were taken from her, I must admit (only to myself of course) that I hesitated in offering to join with her and the others. The Ring of Scale obviously has a great deal of power and influence. In spite of my misgivings, though, I decided to travel along with them. If somehow the Ring of Scale somehow cleared memories of great powers I once had, it would be of great importance for me to retrieve said power.
Upon setting foot onto Kunark, an Iksar shaman named Danak Dhorentath, assuring Firiona that he would assist her, offered the use of his special portal. Within a few moments, and with serpentine speed, Danak Dhorentath grabbed Firiona Vie by the arm. Taking her by surprise, he pulled her into the gate which disappeared with a hiss, leaving nothing more than the smell of ozone hanging in the air.
In the months following Firiona Vie’s kidnapping, I remained on Kunark researching the Iksar and seeking clues to her whereabouts. The continent is covered with decrepit remnants of what were obviously once grand, architecturally sound monuments of the Sebilisan Empire.
Venturing through what is known as the Burning Woods, I happened across a city that rests high up on the mountainside. I later found out that this was Chardok, the city of the Sarnak. It was dangerous to enter, but I managed to remain hidden and make my way through the tunnels and burrows to find an archival library that most likely belonged to the inhabitants. Judging by the bits and pieces of tomes I found here, the Sarnak have been studying the Iksarian magical powers.
As I explored further, I found quite a few unique looking tomes that were sealed with some form of magic. The covers of these ancient tomes were inscribed with a symbol that belonged to the Combine Empire. It appeared obvious that these tomes hadn’t been opened for at least two to three hundreds of years. In order to study these tomes further, I decided to quietly bring them back to my laboratory in Erudin.
When I returned to my laboratory, I managed to decipher some of the symbols on the bindings. By repeating a series of phrases and casting cancel magic on a few of these tomes, I managed to open them. There are still some that I cannot open.
These ancient tomes are written in a multitude of different languages. To my dismay, some of these ancient tomes were inscribed in a language even I could not decipher. There are several different sketches throughout the tomes. These sketches include symbols, creatures, maps and charts of the Combine Empire.
From what I could understand of these tomes so far, there appear to be unknown magical powers that are waiting to be unleashed. Magical scrolls, which contain the key to these powers, have been hidden all across Norrath. There are many cities from the past that lie in ruins now and are hidden in the depths of the planet. One of the tomes directed me toward both the City of Mist and the Crypt of Dalnir. With the assistance of others, I journeyed to these locations and obtained a few scrolls which I immediately brought back to my laboratory.
In order to determine what magical powers they possessed, I knew that I must gain more knowledge about the language in which they were written. It was imperative that I delve into the depths of the unknown in order to find more documents that would enable me to further this research.
A couple of months ago, Sorko Talvazon, one of my research assistants, happened across the ruins of the ancient city Kaesora. He found an ancient library there that contained many old books and scrolls. Before he could get a closer look at the documents, the ghostly inhabitants almost killed him. He had to quickly gate away in order to survive. He brought this information back to me, his mentor, hoping it would aid me with my research.
Sorko, despite his usual incompetence, created a map of his journey to this city. We met up in the Overthere as he gathered additional support. To save time, we gave each of those strong enough to assist us a potion of the Field of Bone which, when drunk, teleported us to a location directly in front of the ruined city of Kaesora’s entrance.
Once in the city, Sorko Talvazon led us through the many drops and turns of this undead infested dwelling. The sight of the library amazed me. Its tall pillars stood gloriously along the marbled walls. Inside, there were many books; most were not legible, but I’m sure I will find quite a few of them useful as I continue my research.
As I went upstairs to the balcony, I came across a couple of tomes that had the symbol of the Combine Empire on the front. All but one of these tomes were sealed with magical powers similar to those which sealed the ones I found in Chardok a few months past. As I flipped through the pages of the opened tome, I noticed yet another symbol that I recognized from the tomes that were back in my laboratory. As I studied this symbol in connection with the other symbols surrounding it, I discovered that it was a reference to the magical powers of teleportation. It would appear to be possible for a skilled wizard to teleport its target to another location without going through the bother of traveling there himself. I immediately brought this tome, and the others, back to my laboratory.
My research continues…

Journal Entry 2 – Al`Kabor discovers and experiments with translocation spells.
The Combine Empire uncovered a vast amount of ancient magical powers. As I read through the tomes and manuscripts that I found amongst what were left of great structures upon Kunark, I managed to translate many of the encrypted symbols. The ancient tome that I found hidden in the lost city of Kaesora provided me with the key to deciphering many of the other tomes.
With a great expenditure of magic power, a wizard can send his target to a location without needing to travel there himself. Sorko Talvazon and I have experimented with various semantics and incantations with mixtures of different components. We’ve managed to reproduce this translocation effect for some of the spells but there are still quite a few we cannot repeat. Some begin to cast but suddenly stop as if something is missing from the formula.
These experiments must continue, however, I cannot afford to waste any more time with them. I must press on with my research. I have asked Sorko Talvazon to deliver a few experimental scrolls to one of my former assistants, Terblyn Zelbus. The foolish gnome wasn’t much of a help to my research, but I believe he should be capable enough to distribute the scrolls to the younger wizards.
I have sent Terblyn the scrolls for the spells that seem to be the most stable at the moment – North Karana, Greater Faydark, Toxxulia Forest, and one for the Combine structures in the Dreadlands. While the younger wizards experiment with the first group of translocation spells, my assistant and I shall steadily work on deciphering the some of the other readings.
I am one with great knowledge – One who can read and speak any language existing across Norrath and yet… I cannot translate the mysterious language that is used in some of these tomes.
While trying to decipher one of the tomes, I happened across some notes on the side of one of the pages. Scribbled in the Combine language, this finding appears to have nothing to do with translocation. Though incomplete, it does make reference to a very potent spell being powered by components from icy lands. I must not disclose this new information to my assistant.
My research continues…

Journal Entry 3 – Al`Kabor continues his research of the Combine Empire
Remarkable, truly remarkable…Written amongst pages of the ancient tomes of the Combine Empire, I discovered something that contradicts what has been theorized about the Combine ruins. For years, it was believed that the Combine Empire created the structures that facilitate teleportation for wizards, however, I found evidence in the ancient tomes that proves these theories to be incorrect.
Within their manuscripts, scientists of the Combine Empire made notes of the discovery of sets of four tall spires found in several areas across Norrath. The spires emanated a magical energy that was unexplainable. After years of extensive research and experimental studies of the structures, they came across a method of using this power for teleporting to several locations. In order to use this power to its fullest, they built the pyramidal structures in the middle of each set of these monuments.
As I study the Combine spires… no… as a man of knowledge I can not continue giving credit to the Combine Empire for creating something they did not. The quadroliths, as I see more fit to dub them, contain a tremendous amount of power. Some time ago, I sent my assistant Sorko Talvazon to scrape some fragments off the portal in the Dreadlands. I hope this will be possible. Before I continue with my research, I must study this magical energy closer.
Recently, I intercepted a letter from one of my former assistants, Terblyn Zelbus, that was addressed to Sorko Talvazon. This letter was sent by a messenger and delivered to my laboratory so I was well within my rights to determine the nature of it. In between the usual gibberish that gnomes tend to use, Terblyn seemed to be making arrangements for meeting Sorko to get more information and to pay him for what he had already received, including new spells that I had been working on. I asked myself what information had Sorko sent to this little beast? I had not authorized any additional scrolls to be sent to him.
Blast! Why do I always end up surrounded by incompetent chuckleheads? While searching my laboratory to make sure everything was in place, I noticed a scroll hidden behind a few bottles on a dusty old shelf. I opened this scroll and it was a detailed list of the experiments my assistants and I have been working on.
In order to confront Sorko, I decided to continue my planned journey to Kunark and wait for him at the outpost of Firiona Vie, near the area where he was supposed to meet with me. After he did not appear, I selected, from those pleading for a chance to assist me, a wizard of no particular standing, to assist me with my task in the Dreadlands. Once in that location, I spotted Sorko Talvazon kneeling down picking away at the portal collecting the fragments as if he was innocent of any wrongdoing.
“Fool!” I addressed him. “Did you honestly think that I would not find out?” He stood before me and pleaded that he didn’t know of what I spoke. After silencing him, I told him that I knew of his selling that gnome both the spell scrolls and documentation of my enchantment process for the portal fragments.
Sorko Talvazon has been one of my assistants for several years. I put forth a great deal of trust in having him assist me with my research in confidence. I have warned him many times what the consequences of betraying me would be. All the skill in wizardry that he possessed was gained under my tutelage. Betrayal of my trusting and congenial nature proved to me that he was not worthy of having such magical forces at his fingertips. To preserve the secrecy of my work, I knew that I had to strip him of all knowledge of my research and of all the wizardry I have taught him over the years. Sadly, this dreaded act is one that I have performed before and, despite the betrayal, it was not something that I was looking forward to doing again.
As I have written in past journals, this may be accomplished by the simultaneous impact of a shocking blow knocking one’s target unconscious, nullification of any magic surrounding them and finally, blurring their memory. While it is not a perfected process, I have had success with in the past. In order to safeguard the process, I misled the young menial aiding me on what was about to be done. Once the deed was done, I informed Sorko that he was no longer one of my assistants and that he was banned from my laboratory. Why I was merciful with him, I do not know. It is merely another of my many endearing traits, no doubt.
After examining the portal fragments, I brought them back to my laboratory. Just as I projected, the power from the portals remained in the fragments but in order for that energy to be amplified for usage, they needed to go through enchantment. By submerging the small fragments in a solvent made of mushlett acid and haze panther bile, then subjecting them to immense amounts of heat, they became enchanted sources of energy.
Once enchanted, the fragments did not produce enough power to reach the dragon portals, but did manage to provide enough magical energy to translocate to the weaker portals of Antonica – the dark forest of Nektulos, the western half of the Commonlands, the western plains of Karana, the most northern portion of the Desert of Ro, and even the temple of Cazic-Thule. With the stolen spell scrolls and documentation of my enchantment process, no doubt Terblyn Zelbus will be selling the spells and fragments in his puny shop. Perhaps somehow I can discourage him, but meanwhile, I have more urgent things to tend to.
My research continues…

Journal Entry 4 – Al`Kabor studies the fusibility of minerals.
At last! I have made a breakthrough in my research. For years, I have studied minerals and sedimentation ores with hopes of finding what causes them to exist throughout the ages while life around them ceases. Within the past few years, I have been studying the fusibility of minerals.
Part 1: What is Fusibility? By nature, most minerals have some point at which they can be melted. In order to determine what that point is, fusibility tests must be conducted. Being a master of the scientific art of wizardry, I, of course, have mastered this process. When exposing a mineral ore to a controlled amount of heat and other factors, it slowly shrinks, forming a liquid base of particles.
Over the last few years, I managed to collect several samples of ore that produce a unique output when subjected to these fusibility tests.
Part 2: The Fusible OresFusible Coral Ore: Back while unraveling the secrets behind the demise of the Kedge, I confronted Phinigel Autropos, the last survivor of his kind. While speaking with him and enduring his ill-tempered threats and warnings toward me, I noticed coral-like ore on the reef of his domain. I managed to collect a few samples of this fascinating mineral. This ore is composed of coral reef shells, another substance, which I have not defined yet, and is tightly compressed by the water of the Kedge Keep.
Fusible Earthen Ore: When those bumbling gnomes destroyed the Hatch releasing Yael and Dartain, minerals from the Plane of the Underfoot dispersed outward onto the surrounding area. This form of earthen ore is one of the hardest substances currently existing on Norrath and is the source of the earthen golems and elementals who lurk in the Hole.
Fusible Igneous Ore: I spent many months researching upon the continent of Kunark. I came across a unique form of lava in the Skyfire Mountains. These mountains have several dormant volcanoes filled with lava waiting to erupt. It was around one of these volcanoes where I found fusible igneous ore. When volcanic lava cools it forms into a hard-form mineral. This mineral is by far one of the hottest minerals on Norrath and requires extreme heat to melt.
Fusible Velium Ore: Although he is usually a bothersome individual, the dwarven warrior Thubr Axebringer has assisted me with obtaining samples of velium ore. He managed to find a few rare pieces of it in the Western Wastes of Velious. Velium ore is the most unique ore I have found so far. Its composition relies heavily on the coldness of the area it is found in. The cooler the area, the more tightly compressed the ore is likely to be.In addition, the more compressed the ore is, the greater the likelihood of it being useful in spell research.
Part 3: The Experiments – Continuing my research on the fusibility of the fusible coral, earthen, igneous, and velium ores, I have conducted several experiments. By mixing the velium ore with the other three, I discovered quite an extraordinary magical compound. When cooled, the velium caused the compound to expand and quickly harden – the outcome, a product that is uniquely resistant to the elements.
In order to make use of this newly created substance, I performed the experiment again. This time, while reciting a few incantations that I have been working on. I then quickly poured the compound into a mold of a scepter while chilling it. With the power of the chilled fusible ore compound and the spell incantation, I managed to create quite an unusual scepter artifact. When held by a wizard of great power, not unlike myself of course, the magical energy of the scepter flows throughout the mind expanding the intelligence while providing a greater protection from the elements. Needless to say, I would only entrust a most loyal assistant with the safeguarding of such a powerful artifact.
At this time, Makil Rargon is the only assistant whom I am sure I can trust to continue on with my fusibility research. I have authorized him to release my findings regarding this study to others since I’m positive that only Makil Rargon and I, myself, can duplicate the process.
Part 4: The Follow-up Studies – While exploring the icy lands of Velious to collect additional velium samples, I found myself in the Great Divide. There I found a quadrolith, strangely, lacking the central pyramid. It does not seem to be emitting the same power as the others that are spread across Norrath do. Had the Combine Empire never found this one? Had it not been able to sense the power within it? I must research this finding further.
Another remarkable discovery I made was while proceeding with my research of the Combine Empire upon the continent of Kunark. Hidden within a secret compartment amid the ruins I discovered yet another unique form of mineral ore. I have conducted many tests on this ore, including the fusibility tests, but so far I have not been able to determine its metallurgic properties. The fusibility tests that I have conducted so far failed to produce a melting point. In order to continue with the experiments on this ore, I must further my research on the Combine Empire in order to determine its origin.
My research continues . . .

Journal Entry 5 -The scholars of Qeynos offer their assistance.
As I was scraping samples off one of the pyramidal structures in the southern section of the Karanas, I was disrupted by a messenger sent by Vegalys Keldrane, the Lord Magistrate of Qeynos. One of his guards gave him a sealed letter addressed to me. The guard told Vegalys that the gypsy from whom he had received it had insisted that it was very important. No doubt, the Lord Magistrate was busy continuing investigations into those responsible for the deadly plague at the time and could not deliver the message to me personally.
Before I had a chance to examine the letter, the messenger informed me that he had a verbal message sent to me directly by Vegalys Keldrane. It appears that the scholars of Qeynos wish to offer assistance to my research of the Combine Empire. These scholars informed the Lord Magistrate that they wish to extend an offer to assist me in the matter of my study of the unknown ore that I found amidst the ruins of Kunark. “In what fashion could they actually aid my research?” I asked myself. They may do as they wish, but I do not need their assistance.
The letter was sealed with a primitive enchantment – easily broken with a minor bursting spell. After opening the message, I struggled to read the scribbling inside. My first thought was to rid myself of the illegible claptrap, however, since the lawful paladin took the time to have a messenger deliver the letter to me, I decided to continue despite my annoyance at reading it.
Some gypsy woman named Tarevla Nimellin wrote the monstrosity. From what I could make out of the manuscript, she claims to be a descendent of the Combine Empire. She further claimed that her ancestors were among those left behind when the Empire disappeared. Determined that the Combine Empire would return, her ancestors did not join local communities as others had done. Instead they chose to set up camps and lead nomadic lifestyles. In addition, she had further information that she wanted to barter.
Needless to say, I took this for what I considered it to be worth. I refused to take time away from my research to listen to the driveling of a gypsy. Instead, I sent a messenger to find out what this gypsy woman wanted while I continued with my experiments. I sent this eager messenger to the gypsy with one of my runes marked with my initials as proof of his employment.
When the messenger spoke to Tarevla, she informed him that she had a chest with magical relics and journals belonging to the Combine Empire. She would not release the chest until she obtained something in return. She told the messenger a story about a beholder named Lorrk the Insane. This evil eye was captured and caged in a globe for the safety of Norrath. One of the gypsy magicians accidentally summoned this evil eye when traveling through East Karana a while back. With an immediate threat to the gypsies at hand, she wanted the messenger to retrieve the essence of this insane being.
Once Lorrk the Insane was located, the messenger and accompanying entourage questioned them of their purpose. The agent informed me that Lorrk was indeed insane. He spoke in tongues while laughing maniacally. He did not appear to be making any sort of sense. While they contemplated whether or not to attack him, he began to strike out at them. They soon found themselves unable to avoid killing him. They brought his essence to Tarevla, who in turn sealed the magical chest with the same weak enchantment that protected the letter, and gave it to the messenger. The messenger then brought the chest to me.
At first glance, I noticed the symbol of the Combine Empire on the top of the chest. I immediately accepted delivery and began to examine it. Once I broke the seal, I opened the chest and was astonished by what I found inside. There were many ancient tomes of the Combine Empire, each with its symbol on the cover. After I began reading through the documents to determine their authenticity, I discovered that they were truly what they purported to be. It appeared obvious that the gypsies had no knowledge of what these journals contained. They would not have given them over so easily had they known. Or perhaps they have an ulterior motive for giving them to me.
After bringing the recent findings back to my laboratory to study them further, I was able to decipher a great deal. The encryption within the journals further enabled me to decipher the language that I had not been able to decipher in the ancient tomes I found so long ago. What an extraordinary find! These manuscripts seem to express the workings of the Combine Empire up until the time of their disappearance.
My research of the Combine Empire has brought me closer to answering the question to which I have been seeking the answer for so long now – what happened to the Combine Empire?
Apparently there are more citizens of Norrath who may know of the disappearance of the Combine Empire than I first assumed.
My research continues…

Journal Entry 6 – The Unknown Ore
After several tests on the quadroliths, my experiments have finally proven to be successful once again. When conducting translocation experiments with pieces of portal fragments, I discovered the correct incantation to perform a translocation to the dragon circles on the continent of Velious. Unfortunately, I was not alone when I made this discovery, so no doubt news of my discovery will travel fast.
While I do not wish to discourage practitioners of wizardry from continuing with such useful research, I feel that I must advise them to use extreme caution with this study. There are inherent dangers associated with the usage of the portal fragments. The quadroliths will not be able to withstand years of chipping away. I am attempting to develop a method of extracting the power by other means.
Using the journals that were in the magical chest that the foolish gypsy woman sent me, I was able to decipher the unique language that was in portions of ancient tomes that I had already obtained long ago. While this language was not that of the Combine Empire, it appeared somewhat similar.
After deciphering the symbols, maps, and scientific drawings of experiments that the Combine Empire detailed in their journals, I unearthed something very interesting about the Combine Empire. Not only did the Combine know that they were about to disappear, they had actually planned on it.
The experiments or rituals, as less scientific minds might refer to them, that are detailed in the journals draft out unusual usage of power. Remembering the body of glowing ore that I came across in the Burning Woods of Kunark, I decided to attempt to use the power from within it to re-create one of these experiments.
I immediately sent a message to my most trusted assistant, Makil Rargon, who was continuing with my fusibility research out in the vast Western Wastes of Velious. I sent him to fetch one of the scrolls that I obtained from the ruins of Kunark, and a magical wand from my laboratory. Makil sent a somewhat trustworthy and quite useful individual to deliver the vital items to me so that he could continue with the fusibility research.
Once I received the items, I was prepared to conduct the experiment. Of course, I could not test the experiment on myself. Instead, I used the very messenger that was sent by my assistant as the test subject of the experiment. In order to contain the power of the ore I gave the subject one of my runes, along with portal fragments, which were used as additional power sources.
With a series of draining and forceful spells, the power from within the glowing ore was transferred into my rune. A small portal began to open. However, it did not remain open long enough to study it. Unfortunately, the power within the ore is stronger than a mortal can withstand. The subject was resurrected by the powers of a priest, and dismissed.
Even with the portal closing, I do not claim that this experiment was a failure. I plan to use the results to assist me with the re-creation of another experiment that was detailed in the ancient tomes of the Combine Empire.
My research continues…

Journal Entry 7 – The dangers of opening portals to the unknown.
After conducting the test experiments in the Burning Woods of Kunark using the power of the glowing ore, I traveled back to my laboratory in Erudin to further study the diagrams in the ancient tomes. I was able to use the results of the tests to make modifications to the other experiments that I had been working on.
I recently discovered that during brief moments of excitement in my travels, I unknowingly left behind research notes in some of the areas I ventured into. It is of no concern to me, though. For years, I have been surrounded by foolish ones that could not fully understand the effectiveness of the spells I have created. Why should I now expect one of those inept troglodytes to discover the vastness of my research of the Combine Empire? The journals of the Combine Empire require purely scientific minds–not unlike my own–to decipher.
The Combine appeared to have been extremely fascinated with the power radiating from the quadroliths, among other power sources, across Norrath. They conducted many experiments in attempts to siphon power from these ancient objects. Once they realized they were not able to siphon that power, they began to develop ways of using it while it still remained locked within those objects’ internal structures.
The drawings in the ancient tomes depict scientific, almost ritualistic, experiments being conducted. One such experiment took place within the center of a quadrolith. A series of spells was cast upon a test subject, while chants from others surrounding the structure appeared to increase the quadrolith’s power.
In order to determine the proper order of spells and incantations, I needed to conduct further experiments. Greater than any that I have conducted in the past, these experiments could prove fatal. Any mistakes could endanger not only myself and those aiding me in the ritual, but also Norrath as a whole.
As I was preparing to conduct one of these experiments in the ghostly city of the Combine, located in the Dreadlands on the continent of Kunark, I heard the most troublesome of gnomes approaching. Much to my annoyance, the blithering gnome wanted to assist with the experiment. While I usually have no control over my temper when Ognit Eznertob is about, I felt that he might be of some “use” in this particular experiment.
To prepare the gnome for the test, I placed a bracer on his wrist. I then explained to him that he should try to return immediately. If for some reason he was not able to gate back to the Dreadlands on his own he would be returned with the activation of a magical key that bound the bracer.
With the towering quadrolith emitting power, I began testing several spells matched up with incantations that I read from the ancient tomes. As the gnome was bound to the pyramidal structure, flashes of blue sparkling lights surrounded the area, opening a portal. The gnome then disappeared as the portal quickly closed around him. The experiment was successful. I merely waited for the wizard to return.
When the gnome did not return on his own, and once a protective barrier was in place, I instructed my assistant to activate the key for the bracer in order to return the gnome.. The small gnomish wizard appeared dazed and uncertain of his surroundings. When I questioned him of the journey, he described to me a dark area where a quadrolith stood. He noted that he was surrounded by shadowed figures that he could not make out. I could not help but believe that the foolish gnome kept his eyes squinted with fear of what he had been through and did not actually see his surroundings. This was not important to my experiment though. What was important was the fact that he survived the travel through the portal.
Once I was assured of my safety, I prepared to conduct the experiment on myself. With the repeated series of spells and incantations that I used on the gnome, I was able to reproduce the experiment. The portal opened once again and I stepped through it.
My passage through the portal has just been completed and it has closed behind me. I find myself in the center of a quadrolith with surroundings not like any that I have seen before. I will continue to write in this journal, but for now I must explore this strange region.
My research continues…

Journal Entry 8 – The portal to Luclin is opened! But at what cost?
When I first arrived on Luclin, one of Norrath’s moons, I teleported into a place called the Nexus. The Nexus appears to be located in the center of the populated regions. While I’m unable to determine how much energy is being emitted from within the quadrolith in the Nexus, it appears to be greater than that of any on Norrath. Not knowing what I was about to discover, I created a few propylons bound to the Nexus so that I might gate back there at my leisure.
As I explored, I encountered many species the likes of which I have not seen before. And yes, there have been some that seem to have a great deal of familiarity to them. I ventured further until I came across a city. Shadow Haven, as the inhabitants refer to it, is a trade city. Most assuredly not inhabited by the same scientific minds whose journals I have been researching all this time. Regardless, I continued to explore.
The residents that I have come across so far have been traders, merchants, thieves and even a few beggards. As I continued to explore, a few merchants followed me around in a clinging manner with continuing pleas to purchase their goods – Most annoying!
During my exploration, I was briefly startled when confronted by Kerran-like beasts. Apparently, a few Kerrans were on the region of land that was ripped away from Norrath by the destructive weapon created by the heretics long ago when the Hole in Odus was formed. The Vah Shir, as this strand of Kerrans call themselves, appear to be a bit more civilized than those on Norrath, and some almost scientific in their own rights.
At first, the Vah Shir were a bit reluctant to speak to me. Perhaps they feared that I was one of the Erudite heretics that wreaked havoc on their society so long ago. However, they remained tolerant and polite.
I am still in search of evidence here on the moon of the existence of the brilliant minds that were responsible for the great magic system that Norrathians have benefited from over the years.
Before I traveled to Luclin, I was able to determine the path the Combine Empire took before disappearing from Norrath. The scientists created pictograms of two quadroliths. One quadrolith was out in front with several figures within its perimeter and the other was shadowed off in the distance.
While deciphering the encryption written around the pictograms, I discovered that the Combine Empire did not actually see the quadrolith that was off in the distance, but merely sensed it. They were able to determine that the mysterious quadrolith was on one of Norrath’s moons. I found this discovery to be quite odd but needless to say I continued my research.
As I studied the quadroliths over time, I too began to sense the shadowed objects. Several experiments were documented in the ancient journals. I have managed to re-create a few of these experiments successfully, one of which was the teleportation to the Nexus.
However, my exploration of Luclin was brought to an unwelcomed halt when that foolish gnome, Ognit Eznertob, attempted to reproduce experiments that I documented in research notes of mine that were somehow misplaced.
While he managed to figure out how to channel the power from within the quadrolith, he clearly did not understand what was needed to properly conduct the experiment. His bungling inflicted on Norrath a series of dangerous magical energy storms.
The first phase of the storm created shocking winds that thrust aside those in its path. The second phase, more powerful, saw bolts streaking through the sky, and pillars of lightning swirling across the land. In the final phase of the gnome’s catastrophe, the magical energy storm filled with inferno-clouded flames and heated blasts of air.
With all of his ill orchestrated experimenting, that foolish gnome managed to open the magical portal to the Nexus, and with the incantations spoken directly from my journals, he caused me to be forcedly teleported back to Norrath.
In the time that it took me to complete the journey through the portal in the Dreadlands the reckless gnome had fled the scene leaving only those who had assisted him with the opening of the portal to take the blame. Blasted gnome! I discovered that he had given a few of my magical crystals to his assistants, if that is what he considered them. They insisted that he was merely attempting to bring me back safely. However, I do not recall asking for his assistance in such matters. Leave it to a foolish gnome to assume such nonsense. They uttered something of the Erudin High Council seeking him for questioning, which does not surprise me considering his past.
Once again, I was forced to rid Norrath of the gnome’s blunder. It was evident that the magical storm needed to be dispelled. I demanded the use of those who assisted the gnome for the channeling of the energy for the nullification. One was positioned in the center and was used as the subject for channeling the energy to the storm while the other three, as well as myself, stood between two of the spires of quadrolith.
The dispelling commenced and was successful. The magical storm slowly began to dissipate. In exchange for the magical crystals and for their assistance in the dispelling of the treacherous magical storm, each of the subjects received a propylon of the nexus.
I have not returned to Norrath since the mishap, however I am certain that the experiments have been re-created yet again by others. As I study these lands, I have noticed additional Norrathians appearing with each passing day. While they did not conduct the experiments in the same manner as that gnome, the danger of their appearance is considerable in itself.
The contamination of those traveling to and from Norrath and Luclin could soon result in mass death. In addition, the portals of Norrath cannot withstand the pressures of constant chipping and energy drain much longer. It is only a matter of time before they falter. This needs to be studied further in order to determine when this will occur.
My research continues . .

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