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Tattered Book

Another fool doth step upon this path to power. Another fool most assuredly will die. It is of no consequence if you succeed or fail, the outcome is yours to decide. What is needed from you is to stalk the land as the dark master you wish to be, and obtain the following components through stealth, guile, and deceit: An assassins Bloody mantle, a druid of renown’s pure heart, and a crystal of capturing. When done, place them within the enchanted soul trap and incant upon them that they may be combined. If you have not failed miserably, take the resulting Soul Trap to the soul you wish to manipulate.

Porlos’ Fury

You say, ‘Hail, The Dragon Sage’

The Dragon Sage appears to fade in and out. The ghostly figure seems to stare through you, as though he is not aware of your presence. ‘Do you know who I am?’, he asks, as if he is inquiring for his own benefit.

You say, ‘Who are you?’

The Dragon Sage begins to smile. ‘It has come back to me, just now’, he says. ‘I am the Dragon Sage. I lived in the once great elven city of Takish Hiz, where I studied the dragons of Norrath.’ The figure appears to be concentrating on something in the distance. His image begins to fade as he says, ‘If I am among the world of the living again, then Norrath must be in great danger.’

You say, ‘what danger?’

The Dragon Sage says ‘Thousands of years ago, Veeshan, the Mother of All Wurms, made her mark upon the face of a young world called Norrath. She struck the planet with her godly might, laying her claim to the world, and created the beings known as dragons. This began the Age of Scale.

You say, ‘what is the age of scale?’

The Dragon Sage says ‘The Age of Scale was the time when dragons ruled supreme. They controlled the lands, the sea, and the sky for some 3000 years. That was when other gods took notice.

You say, ‘what other gods?’

The Dragon Sage says ‘Tunare, the Mother of All, Prexus, the Oceanlord and Brell Serilis, the Duke of Below formed a pact in response to Veeshan’s claim to Norrath. The elves, the dwarves, and the aquatic kedge were all created to help keep the dragons in check. Rallos Zek, the Warlord, learned of this pact and created the giants. This began the Elder Age.

You say, ‘what is the elder age?’

The Dragon Sage says ‘The Elder Age was the time of the first humanoid races, the oldest on Norrath, next to the dragons. The elves prospered, while the giants struggled to survive. The giants on the frozen continent of Velious were in constant skirmishes with the dragons. It was at this point that the observations began.

You say, ‘what observations?’

The Dragon Sage says ‘The giants, smarter than expected, began watching and observing the habits of the dragons. They paid close attention to the things the dragons avoided… certain plants and watering holes. It was determined that a particular type of plant, when mixed with other reagents, was deadly to the dragons. The giants adapted their technique to specifically harm Yelinak’s brood in order to give them an advantage. The ancient Kromzek King, Porlos, used this to aid in his battle with Hsagra, Yelinak’s mate. Porlos killed Hsagra, forever bringing Yelinak’s vengeance upon his family. Thus began the eternal war between the giants and the dragons.

You say, ‘what plant?’

The Dragon Sage says ‘The name of the plant eludes me at this time, for my thoughts have grown cold through the ages. The findings of the giants were written in a book of lore by some of our sages. You should seek out one of the giant’s Tomekeepers. If you find a Tomekeeper, ask him about the herb that harms dragons. Perhaps if you give him this trinket he will assist you. Maybe they will remember my tired soul.

You receive a coin called a Giant Loyalist Token. At this point take the coin to Tomekeeper Bjordnessin in Wakening Lands Northeast corner (+665, -4586) and hand it to him.

Tomekeeper Bjordnessin says ‘Amazing! Simply Amazing! The legends must be true! This item was said to have been given to the Dragon Sage as a sign of friendship and trust, but I have always considered it to be legend. The discovery of this artifact will work wonders for my status! I have discovered a legend! Oh… oh yes. You sought information on that herb. Take this back to the sage. Maybe he can decipher it.

Tomekeeper gives you the Giant Scalebound Tome that you need to take back to the dragon sage in Western Wastes.

The Dragon Sage takes the guide and immediately begins to scan through it. He then says, ‘Ah… Ah yes… According to this book, the dragonbane herb grows only in one place, deep inside the lair of the sirens. If my memory serves me properly one of the creatures there is very fond of its flavor. I will also need the blood of a dragon, but not just any dragon. The blood
must come from a beast of Lord Yelinak’s bloodline. Please go now and see if you can find this herb and the dragon blood. No time to waste, child. You will need to take this box to contain and combine the herbs and dragon blood in. Once you have accomplished this, please return the box to me.

You now have in your posession an Ornate Reagent Box. You will use this box to combine both the herb and the blood. The herb is called a ‘Dragonbane Herb’ and
drops in Sirens Grotto off of random mobs that frequent the water areas. One has definitely been dropped from a seahorse.

The blood is called Dragon Blood and is found on Myga in Western Wastes. Myga looks like Yelinak and wanders all over the zone. It would be wise to bring a tracker. Killing Myga will lower your Claws of Veeshan faction.

Once you have both items, put them in the Ornate Reagent Box and hit combine. Once combined, the box will turn into a Sealed Reagent Box. Hand this sealed box over to The Dragon Sage to receive your Porlos’
Fury spell.

The Dragon Sage says ‘Ahhh! With the knowledge that I have gained from the Giant Scalebound Tome and these reagents, I can finish my research and create a most powerful spell for you! If successful, I will call it the Porlos’ Fury spell. It will cause near fatal wounds to any dragon or dragon kin in Lord Yelinak’s bloodline. Take this and study it. The magiks contained within will aid you in your fight. The Dragon Sage hands you the scroll and says, ‘You will need a reagent to channel the magical energies through to enhance the power of the spell. Two peridots will be required to cast this spell. I wish you good fortune in your fight.’


Kilij’s Plans

You say, ‘Hail, Bilrio Surecut’

Bilrio Surecut says ‘Greetings, friend. If fine weapons are what you seek then you shall find them here in my shop. I have traveled far and wide for the finest weapons. Still, there are a few [unusual weapons] which have eluded me.’

You say, ‘What unusual weapons?’

Bilrio Surecut says ‘Unusual weapons? Yes. There are a few which I sought. Such an item is the [brazen brass kilij].’

You say, ‘What brazen brass kilij?’

Bilrio Surecut says ‘The brazen brass kilij is a legendary magical weapon designed by the ancients and long lost to the winds of time. I have searched the world for it to no avail. Perhaps the [legend of Husam] will add some insight to my quest. I have some knowledge of its design and I am sure I can [craft the kilij].’

You say, ‘What legend of Husam?’

Bilrio Surecut says ‘Legend says the kilij was forged for a great paladin for his assault on the land of the dead. He was to slay the evil siblings Dimetreas and Byzola. It is said he killed Byzola. With the kilij he was unstoppable. Dimetreas knew this and cast an [evil spell] upon the kilij.’

You say, ‘What evil spell?’

Bilrio Surecut says ‘The enchantment would allow only rogues, warriors and the feeble minstrels to wield it. And so Dimetreas defeated the now unarmed paladin and shattered the kilij. He then found the only kilij plans and sent them to the Plane of Man to be held forever by his evil servant, Husam.. Husam of the burning sun.’

You say, ‘You can craft the kilij?’

Bilrio Surecut says ‘I can craft the kilij. All I need are the kilij plans and three enchanted gold bars. The blend of metals is not entirely brass and only an enchanter can provide the enchanted metal I need. As for the plans, perhaps during your great adventures you shall happen upon it. If so, I can make one for you.’

Sandgiant Husam spawns in South Ro.

You have slain Sandgiant Husam!
–You have looted a Kilij Plans.–

Bilrio Surecut says ‘You have succeeded in your quest for the kilij!! Wield it proudly.’


Lord of Greed. Torvonnilous personifies the essence of greed. He sits in his Demi-Plane of Greed, plotting new ways to expand his already vast expanse of wealth. His person is embodied as a human man, decorated in resplendent jewels, rings, amulets, fine silks, and an obsidian cane, topped with a platinum dragon’s head. Torvonnilous borders between neutral and evil. It is somewhat hard to tell, as he truly cares about none but himself

Myserties of EQ (Piestro)

************** SPOILER ALERT *******************

Stop reading if you don’t want to know.

Ok, so let’s get started. 🙂

Fiery Avenger:

When the Fiery Avenger Quest 1.0 (never completed) was put in, it wasn’t every fully functional. Pieces of the quest did go in however, and were discovered by the players. The sphinxes found in Rathe Mountains were originally part of this quest.

Quoting from Brad McQuaid in his post on the EQ forums on this topic recently:

“The first quest involved talking to several sphinx and figuring out their riddles. This was begun, but then devs were distracted with other priorities. So you couldn’t finish the quest (or even get far on it), but we announced it worked. When later we realized it didn’t work, we ended up throwing the whole initial quest idea out and put a quest in that actually worked.”

Mayong Mistmoore:

Mayong was not in the game initially. He was specifically left out to create a sense of mystery and hint at a larger story. Because he became a subject that players were curious about, he was a frequent topic of early GM quests and those done by the Quest Troop. The first few times they featured Mayong, they didn’t actually have a model for him and had to use a dark elf model. There were a number of GM quests that did involve Mayong, helping to lend some credence to the idea that he did spawn.

Brad mentioned this in the above mentioned thread as well, worth a read for you guys if you are interested.


Unfortunately this one is complete urban legend. There was never a Kracken in the OOT. There was a giant shark planned for Lake Rathe, but he was probably removed at one point because water monsters are hard to implement.

Other Super Rare Spawns:

There are a ton of other super rare spawns in the original EQ zones. The most famous of these was bilge farfathom, who inspired the Bilge Hunter website.

These spawns are crazy rare, for example Prince Kyrmt Keroppi may not have spawned this year. Or last. It’s pretty unlikely unless people are actively killing in those zones all the time. There were a number of obscenely rare evil eyes as well, and they were the inspiration behind the Xorbb zone in the most recent expansion. I think spawns like these with incredibly low chances are what give rise to credibility for the above mentioned Kracken.

The King of Ak’Anon;

The King of Ak’anon is a clockwork stand in. The real king is in Dragonscale Hills I believe, and featured in some quests there. There is a very complicated Gnomish reason for all this, but it confuses me since I haven’t fully played through that quest line.

I think the other reason for many of these mysteries is that Devs are clever folks. Or at least they have a low animal cunning. When they build things they frequently add hooks where future content can be inserted, or areas where zones can be attached. While the early devs didn’t have any idea of the potential longevity for EQ, or the massive amount of people that would be attracted to Norrath, they still were gamers at heart. They did thing like write out long timelines, and note potential areas for future expansion.

Nowdays the devs are very cognizant of this, and frequently do these sorts of things in a much more knowing manner. They aren’t above planting fake clues buried deep in game files either to throw off those who try and find out what is not yet meant to be seen. Of course sometimes those clues grow in the retelling, and devs actually end up implementing what was originally intended to be something to throw players off the scent.

And never forget repurposing. In early Beta there was a system for evil characters to be able to travel around Norrath as there was significant concern that it would be too difficult for those individuals to go from one location to another. As the game developed it became clear that this wouldn’t be necessary, and so it was scrapped for the time being. But the firepot in Neriak’s third gate is still clickable. I wouldn’t put it past the Devs to use this sometime in the future.

Some of the Devs are more fond of the mysterious content than others. I know Dzarn who is on the team currently still adds in the occasional quest with no bracketed keywords immediately available. It’s always interesting to see how quickly the players pick up on those sorts of things and still solve the quests.

Hope that answers a few questions at least. 🙂


Kerafyrm Awakes – Quotes

When Kerafyrm awakes many dragons throughout Norrath have something to say about it:

Residents of Skyshrine can be heard shouting:
BEWARE! BEWARE! The Sleeper has been awakened! He means death for all who remain here! Time is short, flee the Skyshrine now if you value your life!

Outside of Skyshrine Wuoshi can be heard shouting:
The Sleeper has been awakened! Shun the Skyshrine if you value your lives, for he shall be here soon!

In the depths of Dragon Necropolis Jaled Dar’s Shade will say:
HAHAHAHA! Those fools believed me! Revenge is mine, and destruction is visited upon the world! Ware The Sleeper, fools, for he is AWAKE!

Klandicar in the icy Western Wastes will shout:
Damnation and doom! Some fool has awakened The Sleeper! Avoid those places where Dragons dwell, for Kerafyrm shall surely seek revenge upon us!

Lord Nagafen will say:
Ha! The Ring and Claws are doomed! The Sleeper has been awakened, what a glorious day! Lady Vox, I will see you soon, our long delayed nuptials can now proceed!

While Lady Vox will say:
The Sleeper stirs! A glorious new age for Norrath is about to begin, and my exile is about to end!

Phara Dar from atop Veeshan’s Peak can be heard saying:
Attend me, members of the Ring. The Sleeper is free of his prison, and will surely be seeking revenge!


The Divine Language

The Cipher of the Divine Language appears on your arms for a brief moment then fades.


Eriak’s eyes grow red with rage as the brother’s names escape your lips. He begins to utter what sound to be curses in a strange language. ‘Cani sonus amnds genika nalic reh malik! Si sol Gerika ib si tali alik rela seria gani dat amnd taki seri ceki wane. Tallon ak Vallon will kel wela sateran kinaren e matel e zetirae!

Eriak glares at you with veiled hatred. ‘Sonus amnds ganika nalic celin malik!


Eriak’s eyes grow red with rage as the brother’s names escape your lips. Your arm begins to radiate with a subtle heat. You look down to see runes glowing across your arm. ‘Do not utter those cursed names here fool! I may be cursed but I can still tear your soul from that husk you call a body! Tallon and Vallon will one day taste the vengeance of the lord of guile!

Eriak glares at you with veiled hatred. The runes on your arm begin to glow again silently. ‘Speak those cursed names again fool!

Rain of Fear

Shard’s Landing

When the Triumvirate was killed, Cazic Thule’s power blew a hole through the roof of the Sepulcher, and cracked the mountain above. Over time, his power started to coalesce into shards. The largest, and the heart of his power, dropped onto this previously unknown plateau, just missing the hole, and creating a crater. Many smaller shards also landed.

The mountainous area was all but inaccessible prior to this explosion. With the explosion came a renewed interest in exploring this area. With that exploration a number of Alarans and Norrathians have uncovered the previously secluded sect of Alarans. The sect of believers has been living in these hills for many generations and is removed enough from the rest of the continent that the news of the Triunity’s fall is a surprise to them. They are more welcoming of Norrathians than most of the other groups of Alarans that adventurers have encountered thus far.

The Norrathians that have established a camp in the crater are now working toward resurrecting Cazic-Thule. Regardless of any setbacks the group is determined that if they bring together all of the power that resides in the shards of crystal they will be able to reinstate their god. Part of what this unified group is doing in addition to simply obtaining the power of the crystals is building portals to all of the known locations where crystals have rained down on Norrath. The end goal of this group is the reconstruction of the central crystal known as “The Heart of Fear”. They believe the resurrection of Cazic-Thule lies within its power…

East Wastes, Zeixshi-Kar’s Awakening

Zeixshi-Kar’s Awakening is a vast area of frozen tundra covering much of the northeastern continent of Velious. There are many groups here such as the Coldain, Kromrif, and the orcs of Ry’Gorr Keep, who have outposts or homes here.

Cazic’s essence has been destroyed and shards of concentrated fear are hurled across the globe. One of these shards of concentrated fear has entered Norrath’s atmosphere and has embedded itself deep into the tundra of Zeixshi-Kar’s Awakening. The shard radiates a large aura of intense fear, keeping all but the most powerful of creatures from approaching it too closely. To make matters worse, the shard’s power has attracted the attention of a powerful dragon named, Zeixshi-Kar. Zeixshi-Kar is the only being in this area that is immune to the shard’s essence of fear and has taken control of the shard, amassing a small army of Frost Giants, Ry’Gorr, and Coldain to protect it.

Zeixshi-Kar has also recruited an elite few who he has given pieces of the shard to. These individuals have retreated to the nearby Crystal Caverns and Kael Drakkel to further spread fear and chaos and strengthen Zeixshi-Kar’s rule.

The Coldain, Frost Giants, and Ry’Gorr not recruited into Zeixshi-Kar’s army have began amassing their own armies, and fight to control what little territory they still have left. Attracted by the power of the shard, several creatures from the Plane of Fear have arrived, feeding off the shard’s essence of pure fear.

Gildorn Icebreath is the only being in the Eastern Wastes that understands that the shard must somehow be contained, or if possible, destroyed. This has made him an outcast among the Coldain and only brave adventurers can help him accomplish his goals.

Crystal Caverns, Fragment of Fear

Crystal Caverns is a narrow, yet massive dungeon beneath the icy tundra known as the Eastern Wastes. Within, reside a clan of Ry`Gorr orcs as well as a sect of Coldain dwarves who maintain a frozen fortress called Froststone. Among the dwarves and orcs are numerous creatures that thrive in frigid conditions, like stalag terrors and crystal crawlers.

With the arrival of the fear shard, the caverns have begun to adapt to the presence of fear. New crystal deposits are being mined, and fear-tainted creatures are emerging.

The current leader of the Coldain defensive forces within Froststone, Captain Dunstan Coldheart is concerned by the increased presence of the Ry`Gorr clan. The orcs and dwarves have been able to reside within the caverns for generations without much confrontation, but now the orcs are beginning to storm the gates of Froststone with more power than ever before. Captain Dunstan s determined to figure out why the orcs are increasing in numbers…

Kael Drakkel, the King’s Madness

The storm and frost giants within Kael Drakkel have fought for years with the dragons and coldain. The giants withstood the invasion of the dragons, and they harried the coldain in the city of Thurgadin. The giants thought they knew their enemies. They were unprepared.

A malevolent, mysterious power has entered Kael Drakkel. Though unaware of this incursion, King Tormax’s thoughts have become troubled. He sees enemies everywhere: the coldain, the dragons, the mercenaries, and even the kromrif. Even ordinary citizens have begun to see their fears coming to life. The brothers of Iceshard Manor are afraid that Tormax will destroy the city from within. Their only hope is a forceful intervention by mercenaries brave enough to confront the king’s madness.

Breeding Grounds

A shard of fear has crashed through the icy Western Wastes terrain, piercing the pool of magma that boils beneath the heart of Dragon Necropolis. A cascade of slow-moving magma burns down through the crypt walls, creating tunnels which lead to depths within the Necropolis that no one ever knew existed.

The excess magma on its own was enough to cause a world of trouble for the dragons that would have chosen to die in the Necropolis, but the fear shard has had an unnatural effect on its surroundings as well, tainting everything in its radius, including the magma that now pours through the crypt.

While the flowing fire still burns, it doesn’t emit the same concentrated heat as it once did, allowing deeper portions of the crypt to cool and crystallize. Lengthy tunnels of ice and crystal formed where the magma once flowed, exposing an ancient breeding. Tainted by the hint of fear, these eggs have finally begun to hatch, producing dragons unlike any seen before on Norrath.

Other areas, where the magma still flows, are brimming with heat and fear-inspired creation. While the shard is lodged deep within the Necropolis, it radiates the essence of fear to its surroundings and all the creatures within, dead or alive. Dragons once thought to be eternally deceased, have now become dancing skeletons, brought to life by the fear that animates their bones.

With the birth of fear-tainted hatchlings, the dragon-eating Chetari have reappeared in alarming numbers, ready to feast on fresh dragon corpses.

Grelleth’s Palace, Chateau of Filth

The Fear Shard punctured through the earth of Alaris inside a secluded, inaccessible mountain valley near the Resplendent Temple. The resulting crash created a hole in the earth that connected to the Swinetor underground tunnels.

Shortly thereafter, the Fear Shard was found by a Swinetor warrior named Grelleth who happened to be nearby and went to investigate the incident. She claimed the shiny shard as her own, taking the fragment of Cazic Thule’s power, and becoming quite powerful and equally terrifying.

She quickly gained the respect of the other Swinetor after dispatching a number of them (including a revered necromancer) who tried to steal it from her, and causing most Swinetor to cower in fear of her mere presence. Clan’s Piq’a and Ulork yielded as those loyal to her increased in number, and she became Grelleth, Queen of the Swinetor.

The Swinetor have since moved through the tunnels and out into the valley which Grelleth claimed as her new kingdom, with her sons and daughters taking the place of leadership beneath her. They started building a massive, crudely constructed palace of garbage for her under her command. The pristine lake, trees, and grass nearby of this small, enclosed valley were quickly polluted with Swinetor filth, and the unappealing tower a blight on the landscape.

Thanks to the Fear Shard, Grelleth with her newfound power and rule-of-fear installed in her minions is no laughing matter. Now, the Swinetor have now spread their disease further than they have in any time they could remember. Plans to spread the new Swinetor empire to other parts of Alaris are being planned.

Chapterhouse of the Fallen

Chapterhouse of the Fallen is an extension of the original Befallen, which was inaccessible until the fear shard crashed here. Befallen was previously a military outpost built by the Order of Marr’s Fist, a group of knights and clerics who worshipped either/both Mithaniel Marr and Erollisi Marr.

Over time, many have entered Befallen and attempted to claim the dark power for their own. One of these was a gnome necromancer named Menizzia, who gained some control over the dark power there and used it to resurrect the long dead Marnek Jaull, a gnome necromancer who had fought the elves of Takish Hix long ago. Though he was once powerful, he had lost much from his death centuries ago.

With the arrival of the shard of fear, he was able to use its power to gain total control over the evil within Befallen. At the same time, the shard’s impact opened up routes to previously inaccessible areas of Befallen. Marnek Jaull has made his way deep into these new areas and is working on absorbing all the power from the shard of fear.

Evantil, the Vile Oak

When the essence of Cazic-Thule was destroyed, one of the fear shards landed in the barren area of southern Beasts’ Domain. From the center of the crater, Evantil the Vile Oak grew. It quickly enveloped the fear shard in its roots and began to feed off its evil energy. Large, red flowers with fruit as black as night, grow within the fear tree’s canopy. The normally docile creatures of the forest began to eat the fruit and were corrupted. This caused them to mutate into frightening, evil versions of their former selves.

It wasn’t long until the Domain Clan of the Beasts’ Domain, led by Treg, discovered Evantil. Treg forbid the tribe from eating the fruit. Treg understood that this was a tree of evil and realized what the fear fruit had done to the once peaceful canopy-dwelling creatures of the forest.

One member of Treg’s clan named Talorsin, ignored Treg’s warning and ate the fear fruit. The evil contained in the fruit immediately consumed Talorsin’s body, corrupting it into a twisted, evil form. Talorsin was deemed an outcast of the tribe. With nowhere to go, Talorsin eventually made the interior of Evantil home. Over time, Talorsin convinced other Domain Clan members to eat the fear fruit and they became corrupted as well. Treg has named this group, the Wretched, and forbids the Domain Clan to have any contact with them. The Wretched now live, empty, sad lives inside of Evantil, addicted to the fear fruit.

The creatures that live in Evantil, are in a constant battle to obtain fear fruit to sustain them. They are unable to gain sustenance from anything else, so without the fruit they will die.

The Wretched have claimed the interior of Evantil as their home and greedily hoard all of the fear fruit they can obtain. The Wretched consider the fear shard to be a religious relic and worship it like a god. The Wretched tend to stay inside the tree, but sometimes have to venture to the canopy to gather more fear fruit. These gathering expeditions are very dangerous and many Wretched lose their lives to the creatures that dwell there.

The canopy is home to the fear howlers and giant apes. These two groups are constantly at war over the fear fruit and will do whatever they can to obtain more of it.

Valley of King Xorbb

Deep beneath a valley forgotten, trapped in a lightless prison, King Xorbb waited for the day he would be free. Then the shard fell, bursting through the valley floor and breaking though the walls that for so long had confined him. Rising from the debris, Xorbb claimed the power of the shard. With it he created the valley anew: He sculpted its hills and rivers, carved its tunnels and caverns, and secured a sanctum for himself. He brought goblins and minotaurs that would do his bidding and prepare for an assault on Norrath. He would no longer be subjugated; he would be the subjugator. And Rivervale would be the first to fall.

Imprisoned for far too long by the wretched Pickclaw goblins, King Xorbb is now driven by his lust for power and revenge. He has chosen to empower the Runnyeye goblins that remained loyal to him while using their innate abilities to further his own mining desires. Though Xorbb has rewarded his loyal servants, they are still his servants, and he maintains careful control over their ambitions.

Chelsith Reborn

While the shards of fear were falling on Norrath, a significant shard landed in a remote part of The Grey. It was discovered by one of the undead Shissar stalkers who delivered it to a Shissar, Vyzh’dra. Vyzh’dra recognized the power of the shard immediately. He recognized the power of Cazic-Thule. Rather than embracing the power and being overwhelmed by it, this Shissar isolated the shard and began to work on a plan to regain their empire and free themselves from the prison they made for themselves in The Grey.

He encased the crystal in a magical container and has begun experimenting with siphoning off some of its power.

Not too long after this, a new city emerged in the middle of The Grey. It is a massive and pristine city reminiscent of ancient shissar architecture and designs, and outsiders seem confused as to how it came to be. No one has come out of the city since it arrived.

Plane of Shadow

Ahkevan legend has it that long ago, there were two planes at war, the Plane of Light and the Plane of Darkness. The Plane of Light was filled with verdant valleys, rolling fields, pristine palaces, and radiant, angelic beings. The Plane of Darkness was filled with dark pools of decay, desolate expanses of cracked ground, crumbling fortresses, and demonic, bestial beings. The planes generated countless warriors of fearsome strength, each wielding light or dark magic, and these warriors fought each other for countless years, dying and rising again through the powers of their planes.

The forces of Light could not overcome Darkness, nor could Darkness defeat Light. The only reward for both sides was the constant sting of death and resurrection, and the pain of watching comrades suffer under the spells and swords of enemies. After the fiercest battle in the history of the two planes, three quarters of the inhabitants of Light and Darkness had been slain. The leaders of both sides looked over the bodies of the fallen in sadness.

But through grief came wisdom. The leaders recognized no plane would ever win the eternal battle. Until the two sides could be reconciled, there would be only suffering. The greatest spell casters from Light and Darkness met in concert and began the incantations that would alter their planes forever.

When the final words of the ceremony were spoken, a sound as of thunder rolled throughout Light and Darkness. The sky darkened in the Plane of Light, and the low clouds grew brighter in the Plane of Darkness. The trees in Light began to wither; tufts of grass began to sprout in the arid cracks of Darkness. Light’s palaces began to crumble; Darkness’s sagging fortresses and towers lifted their broken heads. The ground in both planes shook violently, and all sound fled from the air.

In a moment it was over. The warriors of Light and Darkness, the spell casters, the leaders: every being disappeared. The pain of thousands of years vanished in an instant. A dark orb lit only by a faint corona hung in the sky. Dim flames, both light and dark, floated between intertwined trees, ruins, and fabrics. Wherever the light fires touched, stones and roots and veils remained pristine; as the light faded to darkness and gave way to the dark fires, objects decayed and wore a tarnished sheen. The planes of Light and Darkness had become one: the Plane of Shadow.

In the new plane’s heart, a chrysalis hung, a black cocoon embroidered with light. As it opened, Luclin was born into the world of shadow, alone except for the light and dark fires that still burned, remainders of the beings who once walked the planes of Light and Darkness. The child of angels and demons wandered the infant plane, reading the runes left scrawled on the remaining palaces and fortifications. She learned of the ancient war and peace accord that birthed her. She learned that without shadow, light and dark will be forever at war, the sides surging back and forth across the face of time, like phases of the moon.

Luclin matured in understanding and nurtured the Plane of Shadow. Servants were born to her. In the absence of light, they wore the faces of their ancestors of Darkness; when illuminated, their visages became angelic. They tended the light and dark fires, and arranged the face of the plane such that shadows cast by the lights and objects would be pleasing to Luclin.

Soon, though, Luclin grew curious about what lay beyond her plane. Discovering the portal at the edge of her domain, she emerged onto a Norrath that was being divided by other gods. She spoke with these gods, attempting to befriend them, but they thought her strange and unbecoming, with her dark complexion and silver eyes. They did not trust a creature filled equally with light and darkness.

Luclin did not trust the other gods. Spurned by them, and wary of their words and intentions, she claimed the moon of Norrath, and made it the seat of her plane. From this vantage, she would remain aloof from the rest of the gods, and peer down upon them if she so desired. She would create a land of her own, one where the light and darkness could coexist. The moon of Luclin would be the home of shadows.

When Cazic’s essence was dispersed from the Sepulcher of Order, a large shard sailed to the moon of Luclin, smashed through the halls of Vex Thal, and ruptured the portal to the Plane of Shadow. Half of the ruined temple and altar ended up inside the Plane of Shadow, along with the massive Fear Shard. In the impact, hundreds of pieces of the shard were shorn off and scattered throughout the Plane. Luclin’s fears began to become reality: Bright light began to pour into the Plane through the ruptured portal, and the shards of fear began to emanate a bright glow that was slowly intensifying, illuminating the structures of Luclin’s realm. Ahkevans rushed in through the portal and attempted to help their goddess eliminate the threat, but terror of both light and dark began to fill the minds of any that got near the shards.

Some Ahkevans will help players, while others will attempt to claim the shards for themselves. Aten Ha’Ra and her Liako warriors, accompanied by the Torgorath and Senshali, entered the portal with the intent to assess the damage and remove any of the shards that are threatening their goddess’s realm. The Torgorath, having received less mental training than Liako and Senshali, were driven to madness by the fear shards. They began attacking their own people, swallowing the smaller fear shards, running off into the depths of the plane. The Senshali began to distrust the Liako, believing that the Torgorath and the Senshali were being sent to their doom. So, the Senshali set out into the plane alone. Adding to the tension, Telaris have been hired by more unscrupulous Ahkevans to enter the plane and steal shards for their employers. Very few individuals in these groups trust the influx of Norrathian adventurers who have also entered the plane.

Aten Ha Ra has been shaken by the events inside the plane, and she has become wary of everything, even Luclin. The priestess knows that Luclin’s orbit has been shifting, and she is concerned that Luclin is being driven mad by the fear shards. In an attempt to clarify what is happening, Aten Ha’Ra has set out to have an audience with Luclin. Bringing along her Liako warriors, the priestess wanders the halls of shadow, slaying any threats she finds, be they Norrathians or her own traitorous people. She will not rest until she finds Luclin and resolves the crisis.

Befallen: Chapterhouse of the Fallen

Chapterhouse of the Fallen is an extension of the original Befallen, which was inaccessible until the fear shard crashed here. Befallen was previously a military outpost built by the Order of Marr’s Fist, a group of knights and clerics who worshipped either/both Mithaniel Marr and Erollisi Marr.

Over time, many have entered Befallen and attempted to claim the dark power for their own. One of these was a gnome necromancer named Menizzia, who gained some control over the dark power there and used it to resurrect the long dead Marnek Jaull, a gnome necromancer who had fought the elves of Takish Hiz long ago. Though he was once powerful, he had lost much from his death centuries ago.

With the arrival of the shard of fear, he was able to use its power to gain total control over the evil within Befallen. At the same time, the shard’s impact opened up routes to previously inaccessible areas of Befallen. Marnek Jaull has made his way deep into these new areas and is working on absorbing all the power from the shard of fear.


The Scepter of Shadows

You say, ‘Hail, A shimmering presence’

A shimmering presence’s voice invades your mind, drawing images of past present and future together into a perverse harmony. Some images you recognize as your own, but the others seem to be coming from the spirit’s own [memories].’

You say, ‘What memories?’

A shimmering presence begins to glow a bit brighter. Your mind is filled with visions of a great swirl of clouds and lightning. You can almost feel the wind of the storm creeping into the chinks in your armor. It looks as if the storm is creeping across the surface of Luclin. You see several figures standing at the entrance of a [great temple]. The storm seems to be bearing down on them.’

You say, ‘What great temple?’

A shimmering presence continues to flood your mind with images of the storm bearing down on the temple. Your view suddenly shifts. You’re still looking at the storm, but it appears to be moving toward you this time. There is a creature beside you wearing a robe, holding a scepter in one of his…four arms! He is obviously the leader of the group, As he is wearing beautiful [ornate robes] compared to the rest of the four armed figures around you.

You say, ‘What ornate robes?’

A shimmering presence glows brighter still as your vision turns to follow the robed figure up the stairs of the entrance to the temple. The figure raises his scepter toward the storm and begins to recite some unfamiliar words. A crackle of magical energy blazes across the sky seemingly in defiance of the raging storm. The energy quickly dissipates however, and the storm continues to bear down on the temple. The figure cries out in pain as the scepter in his hand shatters into many shards. The sofly glowing gem from the scepter head rolls silently down the steps and disappears.

A shimmering presence begins to quiver and shake. The formless entity appears to grow and shrink in complete disregard to natural laws. The light in the temple around you appears to slowly dim until you are surrounded by an impenetrable cloak of shadows. Fear grips your heart as your vision slowly adapts to accommodate the low light. When you can finally make out the figure before you, you find yourself silently praying for the darkness to return.

You say, ‘Hail, The Spirit of Akelha`Ra’

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra ‘s hollow eyes look up at you. You have the distinct impression that she can see right into the darkest shadows of your soul. She opens her mouth to speak but the sounds you hear come from inside your mind. ‘Greetings mortal, thank you for releasing me from my [tormented prison].’

You say, ‘What tormented prison?’

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra appears to be fading in and out of existence as you speak to her. The spirit’s voice fills your mind. ‘I am Akelha`Ra, once high priestess of Luclin and leader of the Akheva. This form you see before you now is a fading remnant of my former existence. The storm was the cause of my imprisonment in the world of undying [spirits].’

You say, ‘What spirits?’

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra says ‘We Akheva are immortal entities placed in this plane by the mistrees of shadow. We are her most perfect creation. Death has no meaning to us, as even in death we find rebirth through the power of the mistress. My imprisonment was caused by my seperation from the power of the mistress by [Atenha`Ra]. It was she who sent the storm to destroy me and all that followed me.’

You say, ‘Who is Atenha`Ra?’

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra says ‘It is more then a little ironic that Atenha`Ra is a reflection of myself. An entity created from my own consciousness, a reflection of a shadow. She now holds the seat of grand power in [Vex Thal], and I have not the power to gain entry to the city, let alone face her. You must find my scepter that was lost in the storm to gain entry to Vex Thal. The scepter has likely lost much of its power from being shattered. Once it is reassembled you will need to merge a Orb of Luclinite with a source of celestial power inside the scepter. The spirits whisper that the emperor of the Shissar holds the power to manipulate such energy. Be weary of him, he is heralded as the slayer of gods, the defiler of realities.’

You say, ‘What of Vex Thal?’

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra says ‘Vex Thal is the sacred home of the Akheva. The place where Luclin’s power directly touches this world…ungh…I can not summon the frame of my scepter in my current weakened state. I need a soul to regain my pow…’ As she speaks you can see her slowly fade out of existence. You wonder how long her spirit will stay with this world. She seems entirely unable to speak to you now, and can only muster the strength to point at the ground at ______’s feet. ______ reaches down a picks up a small emerald off the ground, but it disappears silently into the shadows. Akelha`ra looks as if she is trying to speak again.’

You say, ‘What frame of your scepter?’

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra opens her mouth to speak, but the voice in your head is no longer audible. You reach forward to touch the fading shadow of a creature and draw back in horror as your hand disrupts the spirit before you. She evaporates into the shadows once more.

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra laughs quietly as the energy of the gem is absorbed into her being. She begins to chant in what you presume to be Akhevan. She suddenly cries out in pain and her image begins to flicker. She looks at ______ directly in the eyes and says, ‘Vyanemis Tuis, use my gift wisely.’ She disappears into the black marble leaving only a dark scepter frame lying on the floor. ______ picks it up.