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The Stone Frum Pazt Vol. I

The stone frum Pazt by Gomresh, Shaman of the Dark Ones

Long ago the shamans of our ancestor trolls prophesied the rise of The Grozmok, referred to more commonly as The Wun, a Troll of great might that shall possess powerful artifacts and secrets. According to the prophecies, The Wun shall subjugate all clans under one rule.

The might of The Wun and the united clans under his rule shall be unstoppable, all of Norrath shall be ours to plunder, all its inhabitants ours to torture and feast upon.

The shaman of the old clans recorded the prophecies of The Gromzok on the strongest slab of stone, the hieroglyphs drawn with their own blood and blessed by the Gods of Fear and Hate. For ages our ancestor shaman guarded the stone, while our ancestor warriors sought to subjugate their rival clans, each hoping to become the legendary Gromzok. Then, a great war tore across the face of Norrath. The minions of Warlord Rallos Zek slaughtered and enslaved all who crossed their path. The rivers that fed the swamps of the ancestor clans were filled with the blood of the slaughtered. Many of the ancestor clans were destroyed in the chaos, the survivors becoming scavengers, feeding on the carnage of the battlefield, or slaves, fighting along side the very armies that led to their clans demise. During this time the Gromzok Stone was lost, pillaged and hidden within one of the strongholds of the Rallosian Empire. The Empire of the Ogres fell abruptly, cursed by the Gods to be reduced lower than the state peoples they had conquered. The remnants of the ancestor clans once again began to flourish, new clans rose to replace those that had been lost to the slaughter of the Rallosian Empire. Two tribes in particular gained dominance of the ancestor Trolls, the Brokenskull Clan who inhabit an Island in the Gulf of Gunthak, and the Ykesha Clan residing in the Innothule Swamps. The two clans warred against each other for supreme dominance of souther Tunaria, raiding the others territories and the mountainous lands of the Ogres that had survived the destruction of their empire. It was in these mountainous lands that the Gromzok Stone once again came into the possession of the Troll Clans.

Servant of the Temple

This is a cautionary tale, although it is difficult to determine what is being discouraged. Does it refer to keeping one’s word? Or is it that the bearer of bad news must be prepared for anything?
In the long-ago, the Temple of Cazic-Thule stood mighty among all the temples to the lesser gods. For many long years, it was the focal point of worship of and sacrifice to the god of fear. Many were the servants of this Temple, for Cazic-Thule was worthy of worship and praise. All who belonged to the Alliz Ew provided for the Temple’s maintenance, including lesser beings and unwanted hatchlings to serve as either servants or sacrifices — sometimes both.

Now, in this time the Alliz Ew did also worship Alliz Onu, She Who Creates, but being endowed with high intelligence they also knew that Cazic-Thule and his ilk would not play second best to Her. So they worshipped Her and made offerings to Her, but they build the Temple so that Cazic-Thule would see their faith and leave them to worship as they saw fit.

Each servant in the Temple served a particular purpose and when that purpose was completed, so was their service. At that time, they would be sacrificed. Vashahkti, the youngest hatchling of his family, was not like the other servants. His job was to wash the vessel into which the sacrificial liquors were poured and while this purpose was completed each day, Vashahkti was filled with such reverence for his task that the priests of the Temple kept him.

In many ways, Vashahkti was fortunate for though the Alliz Ew were harsh masters, beyond the Temple doors were encamped the army of Rallos Zek. Vashahkti knew that the Rallosians were building their empire anew and that they were subjugating all the Alliz Ew they found in the Feerrott. He also knew that they were bound by ancient custom: the followers of Rallos Zek were not to defile the Temple of Cazic-Thule, nor could the followers of Cazic-Thule defile a temple to Rallos Zek.

Beyond the Temple’s walls, the ogres of the Rallosian Army celebrated each victory by feasting on the stores of food raided from those they had conquered. They roasted birds by the hundreds, ate unhatched Alliz Ew eggs and drank a vile and quickly brewed ale of substandard quality. As every day brought news of another victory, the ogres surrounding the Temple celebrated each day.

It happened that one day, when Vashahkti went outside the Temple one day on an errand, he found himself surrounded by Rallosians. They pushed him this way and that and made sport with him. Vashahkti said nothing. Tiring of their play, the ogres kicked Vashahkti and sent him on his way. As he walked off, he heard one of them say, “Did you see the gemstones glittering on that one’s vest? They say the whole Temple is filled with treasures like that.”

Vashahkti slipped into the woods to listen to the Rallosians. Another ogre gave a great belch and said, “Those weren’t no gemstones; they looked like rocks.” Still another ogre slapped the first one on his helmet and said, “If they was gemstones, why didn’t we pinch them when we had that lizard in our grasp?” The first ogre snarled, “You are all as stupid as they day you were born. I tell you, the whole Temple is filled with gemstones, and I’m going to get me some.”

Returning to the Temple, Vashahkti at once told the head priest all he had overheard. The head priest snapped, “They will not dare cross into the Temple, for that will be the last action they take.” The words had no sooner left his mouth when the Temple’s doors flew open and in rushed a band of ogres. Vashahkti knew all the secret ways of the Temple as he had lived there now for many years. In the confusion, he slipped down a black corridor and listened to the chaos and mayhem behind him, cursing the Rallosians as he ran.

Vashahkti made for an inner sanctum of the Temple. He was Alliz Ew; he was not running from battle. No, his purpose was a greater one: to sound the alarm through all Feerrott and alert the Sleeping Watcher whose presence the Alliz Ew felt, but never saw. He struck the iron gong so vigorously that it shattered, piercing him with its shards. Vashahkti knew no pain; he only knew he must raise the Watcher.

Behind Vashahkti, the Watcher stretched, unfurling after years of hidden slumber. It knew instantly that the Temple had been defiled and that it would need to act. “You have done well,” hissed the Watcher, standing now at its full height. Vashahkti turned and stared in awe, then prostrated himself to worship it. The Watcher, Avatar of Fear, yawned and stretched again before seizing Vashahkti and allowing him to be the first sacrifice toward the ultimate defeat of the Rallosian Army.

Rise of the Orcs – The Deadtime

“Rise of the Orcs – The Deadtime”
Second Edition

This book details the histories of several orcish tribes when they were nothing more than savage beasts.

The following historical account details the early years of the orcish people. Not much is known about these savages, for most that has been written about them speak only of their predations rather than their personal histories. The following facts have been taken from many different sources ranging from fragments of parchment to tales told by elderly elves.

The Deathfist Orcs – Before the Rending, Antonica was much larger than it is today. Many orcs would roam this once great continent, banding together in tribes. One of these tribes called themselves the Deathfist orcs. Making their home near the city of Freeport, they were a deadly threat to travelers.

Preying upon merchant caravans traveling to the nearby fortress of Highhold, the Deathfist orcs would acquire goods of all types, ranging from foodstuffs to finely crafted weapons. Attracting the attention of nearby brigands, they would ultimately come to an unspoken agreement to not get in each other’s ways, sometimes even joining forces with each other.

Working alongside their Dervish Cutthroat partners, the Deathfists would become enough of a threat to Freeport that the city started issuing bounties for proof of their deaths. This would continue for many years to come, but the city was never able to fully exterminate these ruthless savages.

Snow Orcs – One of several tribes of orcs living on the great continent of Antonica, the Snow Orcs had managed to thrive by choosing to migrate to a desolate, frozen wasteland. Living in the land that was once called Everfrost, the Snow Orcs had only one major enemy to contend within upon those frozen plains – the barbarians of Halas.

An uneasy peace would exist between their barbarian neighbors and themselves. Due to this truce, The Snow Orcs were able to devote more time to worshipping their god than their other tribal counterparts in other lands. One of the few tribes known to have shown signs of having more than just animal-level thought, the Snow Orcs would create small temples to perform primitive rituals and ceremonies to Rallos Zek.

The barbarian clans would eventually unite, causing the shaky truce to come to and end. Destroying every temple they could find, the barbarians would wage war upon the Snow Orcs for the coming centuries. During this time, the Snow Orcs would revert to savagery, all but forgetting their shamanistic qualities.

The Crushbone Orcs – Another tribe that would by migrating far away were the Crushbone Orcs. In a weird chapter of orcish history, the Crushbone tribe would build a great fleet of crude boats and rafts and sail off to the former continent of Faydwyr. Never before had anyone seen a level of ingenuity evidenced by these primal savages. Many of the orcs would survive the crossing of the ocean, which is the most astounding part of this tale.

Wasting no time in making new enemies upon this new continent, the Crushbone orcs would begin warring with the native dwarves and soon after, the elves. Being overwhelmed by the cooperation of the dwarves and elves, the orcs would be routed battle after battle. Were it not for finding an abandoned outpost in a secluded vale, the Crushbone tribe’s history would have ended there.

Using the fort as a base of operations, the Crushbone orcs would soon begin to turn the table on the elves and dwarves. Launching surprisingly organized raids upon the tree city of Kelethin, the Crushbone orcs would become a force of destruction rather than annoyance. Eventually seeking aid from adventuring types, the elves would find that the Crushbone orcs had organized into a haphazard army, but one that could not easily be put down even with the combined might of the elven and dwarven nations. In hindsight, this would be the first warning of what was to come.

Orc Society

This tome covers only the societal aspect of the orc. This excerpt is from “The Lore of Fauna” by Professor Romiak Justathorn of the Academy of Arcane Sciences, Republic of Freeport. The date of this particular volume is unknown.
“Orc Society” by Professor Romiak Justathorn — Being an excerpt of a longer piece, including only information as is relevant to the study of orc society.

Orcs…dastardly beasts they are. They are a true threat to every civilized community that exists within the same regions. They live for war and conquest. They have developed into a very skilled race in both the art of war and the world of trade.

As documented in early recounting of the great wars fought against these tyrants, they often employed weapons of similar designs to the great empires of the times. These items of war shared a similar base design but were clearly of orc design. It would soon be learned that the orcs have been dealing in black market trade to procure designs of weapons of war.

Stolen designs and items from various empires soon filled the orc forges with undaunted activity. The orcs now rely heavily on the engineering and architectural talents of other races, which they would somehow find a way to steal or buy.

All orc empires wish to rule the world, but they know that starts with a single step. Once the call to war has been decreed, an orc empire will not relent the battle until death conquest or death of the empire is met.

Orc empires are a form of republic where leaders of units are the ones who decide who shall be emperor. The Emperor is usually the finest warrior of his empire. He is always a hero who has lived through a great many battles. For this fact, orc emperors always have numerous battle scars and even a missing limb or two. The emperor is always the fiercest one of the bunch.

The soldiers of orc empires are perhaps some of the finest and highly organized combatants to ever trod across a battlefield. They fight to the death and never sway from the order of a superior. The orc soldier is a fearless soldier who was bred for battle since birth.

The orcs are all devout followers of the beliefs of Rallos Zek, but they have been visited by and learned of their direct relation to the god of tactics, Tallon Zek.

Tallon Zek is the first orc, supreme hero, lord of tactics, giver of conquest and it is he who gave a part of himself so that the supreme god of war, Rallos Zek, could deliver the orc race upon the surface of Norrath. Rallos Zek deconstructed Tallon Zek and pulled from him the seeds that gave birth to the orc race.

Through visions and some claim divine presence, Tallon Zek has shared this knowledge with the orcs. The orcs now have temples to Tallon Zek within their empire, while still honoring the true art of war- Rallos Zek.

Orcs have proven extremely adaptable throughout the Ages. Knowing something of their ancient history may prove useful in our quest to keep orcs from recreating their vast empires of old. After all, those who do not know their enemy are caught unawares when they can least afford it.

Know Your Giants

“Know Your Giants,” by Pearl Honeywine — Being an exhaustive study into the history and habitat of Norrathian giants.
Sweet and sour. Up and down. Left and right. Fire and ice. What do these pairs of words have in common? They are opposites. And some opposites have more in common than one might first imagine.

First, a discussion of the fire giant, or Krombral. They are one of the more magically adept giant types on Norrath, although they are also one of the fiercest and brutal giant races. It is said that they are titanic versions of the barbaric tribes that existed during the Age of Blood.

Fire giants are often skilled in metalwork and smithing. As they live in some of the most inhospitable areas of the world, they are able to handle the hottest materials without damage to themselves. In part due to their environment, fire giants do not need to wear much in the way of armor, but if they are armored it is of a design that no other being could make.

With their high resistance to magical forces, fire giants must be addressed directly. If one is attempting to negotiate with a fire giant, be forewarned that they have a very suspicious nature and have in the past mistaken friendly advances for aggressive behavior.

Second, a discussion of the ice giant. As ice is the opposite of fire, so the ice giant is often considered the reverse of the fire giant. This assessment is true on certain levels. Some common characteristics both giants share include their height and mass as well as the temperature extremes in which both giants dwell.

The similarity ends there between these two massive beings. Ice giants, or Kromise, were once frost giants such as one might have encountered in the land of Velious. However, during the Elder Age when all the children of Rallos Zek earned the hatred of the gods of the Plane of Earth, the frost giant suffered a terrible fate — one they had brought upon themselves.

While many frost giants had been driven out of their ancestral lands by a bitter, inhospitable cold , those that foolishly remained were slowly changed from beings of flesh to beings of ice. The very blood of their veins turned to freezing water while their skin transformed into ice. Their minds, tormented by the changes of their bodies, gradually lost the ability to reason and filled with mindless fury.

The ice giant is a formidable opponent. As with fire giants, ice giants have a natural immunity to attempts to magically defeat them. It is necessary to use one’s wits and to remain calm in battle. Remember, they are enraged and the enraged do not think so clearly. This may prove the key to surviving an encounter with them.

There are, of course, other giants throughout Norrath besides fire and ice giants. Hill giants, for example, can still be found. They are not quite so imposing as their elementally challenged brethren, but they are still extremely tall. While fire giants are intelligent and ice giants mad (and is not madness simply uncontrollable intelligence?), hill giants are generally considered crude, uncivilized and stupid.

Once, a hill giant called Hammertoe stomped through Nektulos with a dwarf, who was hollering for help and generally appearing nonplussed, stuck between his toes. Hammertoe was oblivious to the thrashing of the dwarf, who remained wedged tight until the thoughtless giant stopped while crossing a river. As Hammertoe wiggled his toes in the cool stream, the dwarf worked his way free and made it to the surface.

I hope this information provides you with enough basic information about giants that you will be able to learn more about them on your own. While they can often be seen from a distance, it is only by getting up close that one will learn more about these titanic beings.

Journal of a Disciple of Marr

Collected notes

Of late, I have had trouble sleeping. I close my eyes, and visions spring to life, as real as if I were there. I have always been a faithful follower of Mithaniel Marr, and my conscience is clear, so why do I dream so frequently these days of him and his twin? I begin to have trouble distinguishing what I know to be real from what I have seen in my dreams. In an attempt to keep my mind clear, I have decided to write down what scraps of meager knowledge I possess regarding the Marr twins. Perhaps by putting it in writing, I can ease my visions.

Tarew Marr: the Fathom Lord, the first member of the Triumvirate of Water. He is father to the twins Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr. He is the sole lord and commander of the liquid form of water, and both dreaded and revered by sailors and all those who live at the mercy of the sea.

Erollisi Marr: sister of Mithaniel and daughter of Tarew, she is called the Queen of Love, and reigned over the Plane of Love. Her followers believe that love can conquer all. They are passionately devoted to people, places and ideas and are more than willing to fight and die to preserve those things. The dream of every follower of Erollisi is to die in the selfless defense of someone or something they love.

Mithaniel Marr: brother of Erollisi and son of Tarew, he is known as the Truthbringer, and governs the Plane of Valor. His followers believe in truth, valor, and righteousness, and will fight to the death to protect the innocent and defend these values.

The Eight Virtues of Marr: Charity; Compassion; Devotion; Honor; Love; Sacrifice; Truth; and Valor.

I spoke some time ago to Sir Bayden Cauldthorn, prophet of Mithaniel Marr. He told me the frogloks and Northmen were not the Marr twins’ first creations, as commonly believed. There was a time when Mithaniel and Erollisi walked upon Norrath, unnoticed by the other, more elder gods. In the naivety of their youth, they thought they could be like the other gods and sought to create mortals of their own. And so Mithaniel Marr created the minotaur race, intended to personify honor and courage.

Alas, the inexperienced twins did not know how best to guide them and provide moral grounding. When Rallos Zek, the Warlord, saw the fearless minotaur in battle, he enticed them to join his army. Mithaniel was powerless to stop Rallos Zek from using the minotaur in his attack against the Plane of Earth, and as a consequence could not prevent them from being cursed for their part in the slaying of the Rathe Council. Due to the curse, the minotaur have remained in a primitive state, unable to build upon the achievements or progress of themselves or others. Sir Cauldthorn told me this has always been a source of grief and regret for Marr.

It was Katey Dalwynn of the Sisters of Erollisi who recently told me the sad news obtained from the Shard of Love. Erollisi Marr was struck down in the Plane of Valor by a trap intended for her brother; when he returned to find her dead, all he could do was bring her body back to her realm. Here it remained sealed in a crystal casket while Mithaniel m,mourned her death. When Mithaniel realized he was mistaken to have tried to trap the essence of love, even with the best of intentions, he shattered the crystal casket and freed Erollisi’s essence. He returned to tend his own realm, which had also fallen into neglect while he mourned his sister.

I sought Sister Katey once again when these visions started, but without success. It appears Sisters of Erollisi have returned to their hidden isle in the Ocean of Tears to mourn, now that Erollisi’s passing has been confirmed.

The dreams continue to persist. Sometimes I awake more tired than I was before sleeping. I see the Marr twins as they must have been in times long past, healthy and happy together. But then I see the face of Mithaniel, deeply lined with grief and sadness. I see Erollisi struck down dead, but I cannot make out what attacks her. Sometimes I see her lying dead, sometimes I see her sealed into a crystal casket, and sometimes – inexplicably- I see her likeness carved in stone. I see Halas burning in the night, as the armies of Zek overrun it, and then shattered as the skies fall and tear it asunder. But I also see Halas being built, by scores of strong Northmen and heroic fogloks and strange dwarves all working together.

What mean these dreams? Do they contain some message, or are they lies sent by the enemies of Marr, hoping to spread further confusion before Mithaniel Marr can reestablish himself in his place after his long mourning? I will continue to pray for guidance and try to understand. Writing these thoughts down has at least eased my mind somewhat and helped to clear my thoughts.

Chronicle of Gromok, Volume II

At the height of victory it happened, I know not what fearful deities are responsible, nor what ancient magics were unleashed on my people and our brethren races of the Rallosian Empire. I know only what I myself witnessed at the accounts of the other survivors of what is spoken of only as The Curse. The first signs I saw of the curse were angry shouts of ogre magi when the planar portals closed. Then the screams of those same magi as fire simultaneously ignited from within their bodies leaving only memories and ashes.
Shortly after witnessing the demise of the magi stationed at the Fortress of Krithgor a battered legion unit arrived at the fortress gates. The soldiers brought word of Murdunk’s dishonorable death, accusing The Rathe of cursing Murdunk to fall from a cliff at the site of The Rathe’s execution. They spoke of the disappearances of many great Ogre war leaders, including Murdunk’s tactician and strategist, Generals Tallon and Vallon, and even the Warlord Rallos Zek. This worn unit of soldiers was relieved of their previous duties by our superiors and stationed at the Fortress of Krithgor. A new Legion Unit was formed from the soldiers that had been stationed there for some time, myself included, and we were charged with completing the duties of the reassigned soldiers.

Days passed swiftly for me as my legion unit traveled to various fortresses and battlefields. The sights revealed to us at each arrival to this day seem unreal. With the great military leaders and the magi dead or missing our fortresses began to fall. The Giants, also crippled with the loss of their magi, retreated deep into the wilderness. The Orcs became obsessed with greed and blood lust, dividing from the Rallosian Empire into petty clans fighting each other over the spoils of the war. The Goblins went mad cowering in the shadows and caverns of Tunaria’s frontiers. We returned after man months to the Fortress of Krithgor to find the once mighty stronghold reduced to rubble like so many of the fortresses we had visited on our patrol.

Whatever creatures had destroyed the fortress had not even spared women and children, their remains lay strewn about the stones that once formed the strongholds walls. This was when I gave in to my pride and accepted that the Rallosian Empire was no more.

Chronicle of Gromok, Volume I

The Chronicle of Gromok Hergom
I ink these words for fear that my once proud and mighty Ogres will forget the events I have seen in my long life. I am known at the time of this inking as Elder Gromok but I was once a soldier of little renown and status in the mighty Rallosian Legions under the command of Warlord Murdunk.

I was not raised to be an Elder of my fellow Ogres. My training was that of a soldier and I concerned myself only with the arts of warfare. It is with reluctance that I now bear the mantle of Elder and the cause of that reluctance is the same reason that I ink this tale.

I was stationed at the Fortress of Krithgor when the ogre magi first opened the portals to the Planes of Power. Plans were quickly laid and orders sent to our fortresses and troops in all corners of Tunaria. A large invasion force of Ogres, Giants, Orcs, and Goblins gathered at the newly opened planar portals. At the time I felt disappointed that my orders were to remain at Fortress Krithgor, that disappointment quickly turned to anger when I learned that the invasion failed, and although Warlord Murdunk survived our losses were great.

Some time passed before news reached the Fortress of Krithgor that a second invasion was being orchestrated. Rumors circled like hungry buzzards over a field of carnage concerning the plans for this second invasion. It was even said that Rallos Zek was to lead the campaign with Warlord Murdunk and the most renowned champions of the Giants, Orcs, and Goblins by his side. Once again my orders were to remain at the home front to defend the women, children, and elderly citizens of the Rallosian Empire.

It was not long after the invasion forces of the Rallosian Legions once again passed through the portals to the Planes of Power that the home front too became a place of battle, slaughter, and glory. Mortal disciples of deities opposed to The Warlord, Rallos Zek, attacked the citizens and fortresses of the Rallosian Empire on Tunaria. Our enemies fought valiantly, and the resulting battles were the most glorious I was ever to behold. My weapons and armor were stained with the blood of our foes, and our children and elders kept safe within our impenetrable strongholds. Messengers passing through the Fortress of Krithgor spoke of the victories of the legion units led by Rallos Zek, Warlord Murdunk, and the Generals Tallon and Vallon. It was said that the Rathe Council, the twelve rulers of the Plane of Earth had been captured and forced to Norrath where they were being executed by Murdunk and his Generals, that mountains burst from the earth where the gods fell and that the dying tears of the fallen gods formed a cold, deep lake between the newly risen mountain peaks.

A Tome of True Crushbone History

Journal: A preservation of Truth
by Vergeth Jawcrush, a loyal son of Crushbone

I must write this quickly. It won’t be long before I am branded a traitor and locked away, or perhaps subjected to some worse fate. But I cannot remain silent while my beloved empire crumbles around me.There was a time when Clan Crushbone was pure. We could stand against any of the races that challenged our rightful rule of Faydwer. But little by little we have been corrupted from within, and now that corruption threatens to destroy our way of life.

What do I mean? I wonder if, by the time someone reads this, it will even matter. The damage could have already been done, and the glory of Clan Crushbone may only be a memory. But I must try.The Teir’Dal came to us long ago and established a kind of alliance. It made sense, for we shared a common foe in the light elves. Our mutual interests even resulted in them sending an ambassador to stay with us. That is how the usurper came to be here.

D’Vinn was ever near to Emperor Crush, whispering in our great leader’s ear of plans and promises. The emperor had proven his divine right to lead us through countless battles against our enemies. What had D’Vinn ever proven? Nothing, except his ability to deceive.This snake lived in our presence for generations, standing beside many emperors. His venom was inflicted so gradually it went without notice. After a time, many believed that D’Vinn was as important to us as our own emperor. Oh, mighty Rallos, how could we have been so blind?

When the War of Fay reached its end and the Teir’Dal lost their grip on Felwithe, D’Vinn brought many of his kind to our keep. He said his mages would teach us their dark arts of necromancy and make us stronger. The promise of such power appealed to the Emperor.Thus the corruption spread under the guise of fortune. Our keep was expanded and made stronger, though much of the castle would be taken up by the Teir’Dal. Even as we seemed to grow more powerful, we could not rid the lands of the accursed light elves.

D’Vinn used this unrest to his advantage. Working with the Prophet, who was hungry for power of his own, the devised a plan to take control. The Prophet claimed to have received a vision from Rallos Zek that told him our army would never know victory until we atoned for our losses in war.The Prophet told Emperor Crush that he must make a pilgrimage to a sacred shrine hidden in the Loping Plains. Once a blood sacrifice was performed, Clan Crushbone would once again know Zek’s favor and be victorious in battle. To appease his people, the emperor agreed.

No record exists of what happened next. Not long after the emperor departed, D’Vinn came before us and announced that our leader would be gone for some time. He showed us a document signed by Emperor Crush naming D’Vinn as his regent.Some of our bravest warriors expressed doubts about the validity of D’Vinn’s leadership. They quickly disappeared or were silenced. D’Vinn acted as if nothing was wrong, as bit by bit the Teir’Dal assumed positions of greater authority within the keep.

While my people are fierce in battle, we are sometimes too easily misled. Over the years, D’Vinn gradually took more and more power until he was ordained emperor without a bit of resistance. Most orcs came to believe that it was natural for a dark elf to lead us.My family kept the truth alive and passed it down, ensuring our past would not be forgotten. I write this knowing my time till soon be at its end. Please, if you read these words, keep the memory of our empire alive and liberate us from the great deceiver, D’Vinn.

Places of Norrath: Oggok

Overview of Oggok

In general, Oggok is a place most non-ogres pray they never see. Ogres are brutal, but have a strong sense of tradition – and a twisted sense of honor.

Located in the dense jungles of Feerott region and tucked into a cavernous, rocky area, Oggok appears to be, at first glance, a rather ordinary group of small, rough caves. Once inside, however, a maze of tunnels and caverns opens up.

The city of Oggok was built shortly before Murdunk’s tragic fall in Lake Rathetear and the defeat of Zek’s primal empire upon Norrath. The original founders of the city were not directly affected by the curse imposed upon Zek’s mortal creations. However, the first-born children of these settlers immediately showed signs of the horrible curse. Generations passed, and the last of the “pure” ogres faded out of memory.

The city’s original structures were soundly engineered and covered with intricate tribal carvings that paid tribute to their great heroes and legends. Unfortunately, the new, cursed ogres were incapable of the quality craftsmanship of their ancestors. As eras passed, the city of Oggok became transformed to resemble its new, brutish inhabitants. The grand archways, arenas, statues, stone-carved murals and pillars were replaced by stone slabs piled atop one another. Today, merely a few remnants of the Oggok of old can be seen by the keen-eyed visitor.

The modern city of Oggok is still quite bustling, housing many taverns, inns, a bank, and three guild houses. The city of Neriak is Oggok’s trade partner and is a source of prosperity despite the blatant economic advantage the Teir’Dal take of these dim-witted behemoths. Such exploitation goes on without notice by the ogres, which is fortunate indeed for the comparably frail Teir’Dal knights.

Oggok has a guildmaster for each class that is available to Ogres. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Guntrik – (Warrior)
Soonog – (Shadow Knight)
Baddi Waca – (Berserker)
Bordag – (Beastlord)
Zulort – (Shaman)

City Resources

Oggok provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear. You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, pottery, fletching, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Places of Interest

Greenblood Rock
The shrine known as Greenblood Rock is dedicated to the ogre’s divine creator, Rallos Zek. Built in splendor by the original ogres of Oggok, the temple has since been reduced to a simple rock on a raised dais, coated with blood. Still, the temple’s purpose has remained unchanged. The ogres kill any “weak” or unruly members of their tribe by tying them to the temple rock, then beating them to death with clubs. The temple is also used in ceremonial, gladiatorial battles, commemorating the anniversary of Murdunk’s first triumph over the people of Norrath.

The Shaman Guild
The Greenblood Shaman, also known as the Shaman of War, is the shaman guild. They are greatly feared by all other ogres and work closely with the Greenblood Knights. Shaman live and train in the cave system adjacent to the Rock. Zulort is the High Shaman of The Greenbloods. His son Torzox is his successor and a powerful Shaman in his own right.

Death’s Rain (also known as Clurg’s)
This popular tavern is run by Clurg, one of the most respected ogres in all of Oggok – second only to the high shaman of the Greenbloods. Clurg’s family has run the tavern for generations, keeping it a place of calm by enforcing a no-fight policy. Remarkably, all ogres respect the rules of the tavern – it’s how it has always been.

Legend has it that Murdunk himself visited the tavern, but his mug of fine ogre brew was spilled when a fight broke out. Aside from tipping his drink, the fight cost the life of the proprietor’s daughter who had been caught in the fray. Enraged, Murdunk dragged those responsible outside and pummeled them to death with his steel mug and fist. When finished, Murdunk decreed that no brawling was to occur in an establishment that he frequented (mind you, this was before the curse of Zek). Ever since, the tradition has been upheld in Death’s Rain, the only establishment in Oggok that Murdunk visited. Needless to say, anyone who breaks the tradition and starts trouble will be taken to the Rock and beaten to death for dishonoring Murdunk’s wishes.

Murdunk Palace
Although this is called a Palace it is little more than a large cave where the guild of Ogre shadow knights, the Greenblood Knights, train and live. It also guards the entrance to an inner cavern that most Ogres consider sacred. Anyone who is not a Greenblood Knight or Shaman who enters this place is attacked. The warriors of this Guild follow the traditions of the great Ogre hero Murdunk as well as worshipping Rallos Zek. Soonog is the current leader of the Greenbloods and leadership is changed through mortal combat.

Fortress Craknek
This cave houses the Craknek Warriors guild and its leader Guntrik. Guntrik is one of the strongest Ogres around and he holds a great resentment for Soonog, the head of the Greenblood Knights because they rejected him. Merchants here sell various weapons and other supplies for younger warriors.

The Welcome Mat
Here Angrog sells food and the other basic supplies for adventuring.

This is the shop of merchant Brokk Boxtripper. He sells various types of satchels and boxes.

Grop’s Guards
Grop is a merchant that sells different types of larger shields

Cikoona’s Hack, Bash, ‘n’ Jab
Merchant Cikoona sells various weapons and battle supplies.

Metil Armer
Inside this shop, merchants sell large chain and plate armor. Outside, a merchant sells large plate and shield molds and other smithing supplies. This shop also houses a forge and a Trade Skill Quest Master.

Lether Armer
Merchants here sell large leather and cloth armor.

The Humidor
Here you will find a shaman trainer and merchants selling alchemy items and blunt weapons.

The Ded End
Merchants Erung and Crunga can be found here selling food and general supplies. Bakers can also make use of the oven in this shop.

Oggok’s Keep
This is the bank of Oggok.