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They were builders and architects. Some were masons. Others still were engineers. There was but one thing they held in common: they were here against their will.

They knew no other life, for they had always lived in the tunnels.

The droags came from time to time and selected a team to do whatever was necessary, wherever they needed the work. new workers replaced the old.

The ones who went away did not return.

The young were not tasked with anything other than learning.

From the moment they hatched, they were kept apart from the workers and were sorted by aptitude. The skilled ones studied drafting and engineering. The rest learned carving, lifting and obeying.

Above all else, they learned to obey.

Pippa felt quite fortunate. She was not interested in drafting and drawing.

She would much rather be outside, where the grasses grew and the water sparkled. Sometimes, she would slip away from the trainers and look across the sky to the other islands.

She wondered who lived on them. Were there other frogloks there as well?

Friendships were discouraged amongst the froglok captives. The trainers would rotate the young frogloks from one camp to another in shifts

Still, they were occasionally unable to tell one young froglok from another, which allowed Pippa to remain with her friend Barap.

“Tis one time that I praise Mithaniel Marr for giving me no remarkable features, “Pippa said to Barap.

They both looked like any common froglok: smooth green skin flecked with gold and brown. And they were careful to never draw attention to themselves, blending in perfectly at whatever task the droag task master assigned.

As often as possible, Pippa and Barap attended to their chores side by side.

In time, they were old enough to be moved into the tunnels.

This marked the end of their relatively carefree childhood, for now they were assigned to a droag master. The master stood before them and doled out their tasks.

Pippa always tried to slide into the group being assigned to resource gathering. Barap did likewise.

And under the cover of rushing water beside the waterfalls, they would hide from droags and talk.

This is not to say that they were lazy. They hurried through whatever task had been assigned to them and left the best for last: carrying water from the pools.

Setting their earthen jugs into the soft mud beside the pool, they dove into the water and hid themselves behind rushing water.

Each pool emptied over a ledge of rocks to another island below in a series of waterfalls that seemed to empty into thin air from the edge of this last pool.

“What do you suppose in on all the other islands?” Pippa asked Barap one day as they snuggled together behind the curtain of water.

“More of these beasts” replied Barap bitterly. “They ask us to build temples to their god, but do not allow us to worship our own. There are temples to their god on all the other islands; I have heard so from one of the lifters.”

“Who is their god?”

“It matters not, for they are not the children of Marr”

Even though they rushed though their tasks, they could never spend more than a few precious minutes together.

They began their interludes cautiously, but as their love grew, they forgot caution. All that mattered were the moments when they could sit together in the waterfall’s mist and speak tenderly of a future in which they were captive no longer.

“Where are the bearers of these urns?” demanded the droag master one day, coming upon the empty earthen jugs, beside the pool.

Reluctantly, Pippa and Barap swam forward. The master’s eyes glinted as he said, “We do not suffer insolence. Your deceit brings you to your doom.”

Pipp felt her heart racing. She realized the droag master intended to send them into his temple; the temple from which no one ever returned.

“We have discovered something, master,” Pippa said, lowering her eyes. Barap followed her lead, but said nothing.

“What have you discovered?” hissed the droag, stepping closer. “Do not think you will be saved. There are no miracles for any but the faithful.”

“It is this way, sir”, said Pippa quietly. She picked up her urn and so did Barap. Pippa led the way to the edge of the pond where the current was strong.

The water spilled from this tier of their island into a misty oblivion below.

Pippa braced herself against the water’s insistent tug and pointed over the edge. “We have seen something below and it has frightened us,” she said. “Tis a dragon; he looks much like one in the statues.”

“He has returned, as the prophecies said!” cried the droag in awe. He sloshed his way to the edge nearest Pippa and leaned forward. “Where did you see Him?” he asked reverently.

“Down there,” said Barap. He swung the urn in his hands and hit the droag squarely between the wings.

Caught off-guard the task master teetered for a moment before losing his balance. The water’s current did the rest, sweeping the fallen droag over the rocks and into the mist below.

“He did not have time to pray,” said Pippa thoughtfully. “But he will surely meet his maker at the bottom of the waterfalls”.

The Valorous Tragedy of the Frogloks of Guk

The Valorous Tragedy of the Frogloks of Guk
The Abridged Recordings Of Hopton Braveheart City Guard to Upper Guk

And they march us to our fates,
Though their iron shod gates.

Mithaniel be praised! Though I am tired my spirit is cheered by the benevolence of Marr, he who gave us the strength to defeat the Rallosian assault on Guk. Their army was broken by the Greenmist thus we slew them with little difficulty. The High Constable now directs our full army’s attention to the reclamation of all of Guk. With the Rallosians defeated we should make quick work of it, Mithaniel willing.

The Curse of Ykesha is truly an aberration. I stay hopeful that we can cull the numbers of the cursed – though they are fierce fighters – and lay them to rest. We have lost barely a few froglok and have learnt to quickly burn the bodies of the fallen lest their bodies resurrect. While we mourn our deceased brethren I remain optimistic that Lower Guk can be reclaimed once we bolster our army now that the Rallosian threat is no more.

Mithaniel steels us with his light,
In the guidance of the right.

Forgive your captor, brother Froglok,
Though he may beat you til you bleed,
For he knows not the comforts of Mithaniel,
And will face great punishment for his deeds.

More of our ranks have fallen in battle. We fight for what little remains of Upper Guk. The undead and cursed pour out of Lower Guk and it is all we can do to keep them stemmed at the choke point. The sky is a constant black smudge from all of the soot and debris from the burning bodies.

We realize we can no longer contain the curse. Our ranks have lost many a good soldier and there can be no replacements. The horror of watching the fallen reanimate is enough to turn the stomach. To know that we share the same fate shakes me to the core.

And let our people’s suffering,
Drive our spirits to rise again

This is the right of the Froglok
This is the due of the brave
Though this day may end in misery
We will be free again!

We are overrun. This is the last battle for we have sealed off Guk from the rest of the Norrath. Our meager food supply is depleted and while our bodies are weak our souls are strong. My faith in Mithaniel Marr is unwavering for when I die this body may be reanimated as a vessel fo evil by my soul will never be ruled by Ykesha’s foul curse. If I am found in the future to be reanimated please dispose of my body using any means necessary. Tell our loved ones we did our best. May Mithaniel protect them from this horror.

The Book of Bound Mithril

The Duke of Below and The Lord of Light’s Battle
An ancient tale recorded on mithril to stand the test of time.

Long before the clay of life was molded into the first dwarves by Brell Serilis’ strong hands, Veeshan’s brood dominated Norrath. Their reign had lasted for eons but it had not gone unchallenged. Large beasts, behemoths of land, sea, and air, had waged war upon the dragons and their kin throughout the Age of Scale. Though the behemoths were inevitably defeated by the vicious dragons the toll upon Veeshan’s brood was high. Vast numbers had been slain, and far more had returned to their dens broken.

Brell looked out upon Norrath, this world of great wonder and beauty, and was inspired by the vast caverns of stone and gems, the glittering streams of metals, and the great expanses of immovable bedrock. So similar was the underworld of Norrath to that of his native plane that Brell would come to call it by the same name, The Underfoot. He desired other creatures to share the wonders, but before he could create creatures of sentience necessary to appreciate this realm, he knew that the threats to his creations would have to be removed.

Great titans, born of elements and arcane might, had been unleashed upon Norrath and much like the behemoths before them; they waged war upon the dragons and their kin. Once more, the children of Veeshan found their numbers dwindling.

Titans of earth lumbered across the realm causing quakes that would shake and tear the very foundations of this world. Creatures of rock, mud and ore broke from the land below its feet, while those of plant and wood grew from its back.

Titans of fire leapt from forest to forest through Norrath, engulfing all in flames and choking it in cinder. Creatures of living ash and soot were birthed in its wake, while those of lava and magma erupted from its core.

Titans of air lashed through the skies and the upper realms, swallowing all in their undying tempests. Creatures of billowing clouds of poison and energy coalesced around it, while those of captured debris shadowed the land below.

Titans of water rushed the shores, drowning all caught in their unyielding grip. Creatures of roiling sea and vapor were born of its crest, while those of ice rose up of its wake.

Brell saw these titans and realized that they were a threat to all races upon Norrath; dragon or otherwise, his creations or that of others. They could not be stopped by reason or pleading, nor could he stop them by his force alone, though he be as mighty as granite and as precious as mithril.

And so, our great creator sought help from other gods. Some refused to help out of selfish desires, while others were fearful or ignorant. Some he could not ask, as the price for such cooperation would have been too steep. Brell then approached Mithaniel Marr, the god of Valor, requesting his help in vanquishing the titans. Brell had not been the only one to notice the paths of destruction and death left by the titans. So, it was agreed; The Duke of Below and the Lord of Light would together rid Norrath of the monstrous threat!

First though, the holy pair had to carve out a clever plan to defeat the titans of destruction. Brell had observed that they tended to carry out their destruction in only certain areas of Norrath. “They must have divided up the world claiming territory for themselves” Mithaniel suggested. “No,” Brell responded, “they are limited by the regional elements!”

The titans of water had traveled across forests, plains, and oceans, but never across desert or lava mountains. Likewise, the titans of fire had singed forests, plains, and mountains, but never upon the oceans. The titans of earth could be found in forests, plains and mountains, but never in the air. The titans of air spun through the skies, and touched down upon forest, plains and mountain, but would never travel under soil.

Mithaniel had made an observation concerning the titans himself, which hemade after witnessing many a dragon battle the beasts. “They can be torn asunder, their limbs ripped from socket. Their physical manifestations can be broken beyond all recognition, clawed and bitten. There can be nothing left but ember, rubble, breeze, or puddle, but given time they will mend and grow, cobbling their body anew!”

Upon this news Brell retreated to this workshop deep within his plane. Working stone and earth often cleared his mind and allowed solutions to vexing problems to shine through. It did not take long for our brilliant creator to realize that if they could not destroy the titans, then they merely need to subdue and contain them. He spoke with Mithaniel of his plan, and the Lord of Valor could see no fault within it. The plan was to be carried out in haste!

One by one, Mithaniel Marr attacked the titans, relentlessly tearing, dowsing, smothering, and crushing their physical manifestations, just as he had learned by watching the dragons. And when there was nothing left of them to subdue, Brell Serilis encased their essences within a hold specifically constructed for each titan by Varig Ro, the Forge Lord. He had forged the elemental cages out of particular materials as dictated by the Duke of Below.

There were cages of earth to contain the air titans, and ones of water to capture fire titans. The water titans were to be held by cages forged of fire and the earth titans were sealed within cages constructed of air. Each arcane encasement was then locked tight by a deific seal placed by Mithaniel Marr, ensuring it was never to be broken!

Brell buried each of the elemental cages deep within his plane, confident that he was now free to usher in a new age. Now he was free to create as he desired!

Legacy of Guk

Legacy of Guk
What History Remains
Kruuk Glugop

Our people are a strong people. With Mithaniel Marr behind us, we have endured many catastrophes in our history, and have always managed to come back stronger than before. Recently, we were able to rise against the vile trolls, and took the city for our own, as Gukta, the Outpost of Marr. The trolls have been unsuccessful in reclaiming the city, and Mithaniel willing, they never shall.The ancient home of our people, Guk, was not so lucky. It was consumed by a curse unleashed by Innoruuk and the troll villain known as Ykesha. Many of our brave warriors were trapped there, either taken by surprise due to the attacks, or they stayed behind to fend off the undead hordes long enough to allow the rest of our people to escape. Now, in a dark twist that makes me shudder, they have joined the ranks of the walking dead.

Many of us have wondered if there is a chance to study who from our history might be still wandering the depths of Lower Guk, and what might be learned by discovering this information. I am to accompany a group of adventurers who are currently resting here within Gukta, and I will see if I can learn this information. We leave at dawn.It took some time, but we were able to make it to a small chamber near a few precarious walkways. It was here that we found the first interesting member of the cursed frogloks. As we rested, we began to hear a sound off in the distance. It first sounded as if it came from above us, then it seemed to circle around to the sides of our small camp. It seemed like it was looking for a weakness in our defense. Then, suddenly, it was silent – we heard nothing more. When we were ready to leave, we began to look for the source of the sound, but could not locate it. Just when we had given up, a black-colored froglok ghoul leapt at us from the shadows, and directly at our warrior. He was just fast enough to deflect the attack and together we were able to beat the creature back. However, I always had the feeling it was there… watching us, just out of sight.

Further in, we found another strange room, where it seemed like the ghouls themselves would not even enter. We could hear a strange sound coming from it – something like a breathing, but more like a constant hiss, and the sound of rushing wind, almost as if something inside could not remain still, and moved incredibly fast. We approached cautiously, but it became evident that whatever we had heard, had heard us as well. We were instantly set upon by a creature of tremendous speed. It was a ghoul like the others, but was blindingly fast. It seemed chaotic in its attacks as well – one of us would be hit, then suddenly another would feel the sting of the creature’s unrelenting attacks. We were able to land a magical shackle on the beast, which caused it to howl in anger. Immediately we fled the area – this creature proved to be too mighty for our group, and we hoped to leave it behind us.Finally, we came upon the throne room. Fighting our way through, we spied the dais and throne on the far side of the room. We dispatched the guards, and before us we could see what appeared to be the ruler of Lower Guk – the Ghoul Lord. Once a noble paladin of Marr, this creature is now twisted and corrupt, only a shell of what it once used to be. We engaged the beast at my urging, as I thought it would be best to end the eternal suffering of this once noble froglok and hopefully return his spirit to Marr. We were not ready for the strength of this opponent in darkness, he had grown stronger. He felled our warrior nearly immediately, and it was all we could do to parry off his strikes, and carry our comrade to safety. We escaped with our lives, but truly, the curse of Ykesha is still strong within the depths of Lower Guk.

Journal of a Disciple of Marr

Collected notes

Of late, I have had trouble sleeping. I close my eyes, and visions spring to life, as real as if I were there. I have always been a faithful follower of Mithaniel Marr, and my conscience is clear, so why do I dream so frequently these days of him and his twin? I begin to have trouble distinguishing what I know to be real from what I have seen in my dreams. In an attempt to keep my mind clear, I have decided to write down what scraps of meager knowledge I possess regarding the Marr twins. Perhaps by putting it in writing, I can ease my visions.

Tarew Marr: the Fathom Lord, the first member of the Triumvirate of Water. He is father to the twins Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr. He is the sole lord and commander of the liquid form of water, and both dreaded and revered by sailors and all those who live at the mercy of the sea.

Erollisi Marr: sister of Mithaniel and daughter of Tarew, she is called the Queen of Love, and reigned over the Plane of Love. Her followers believe that love can conquer all. They are passionately devoted to people, places and ideas and are more than willing to fight and die to preserve those things. The dream of every follower of Erollisi is to die in the selfless defense of someone or something they love.

Mithaniel Marr: brother of Erollisi and son of Tarew, he is known as the Truthbringer, and governs the Plane of Valor. His followers believe in truth, valor, and righteousness, and will fight to the death to protect the innocent and defend these values.

The Eight Virtues of Marr: Charity; Compassion; Devotion; Honor; Love; Sacrifice; Truth; and Valor.

I spoke some time ago to Sir Bayden Cauldthorn, prophet of Mithaniel Marr. He told me the frogloks and Northmen were not the Marr twins’ first creations, as commonly believed. There was a time when Mithaniel and Erollisi walked upon Norrath, unnoticed by the other, more elder gods. In the naivety of their youth, they thought they could be like the other gods and sought to create mortals of their own. And so Mithaniel Marr created the minotaur race, intended to personify honor and courage.

Alas, the inexperienced twins did not know how best to guide them and provide moral grounding. When Rallos Zek, the Warlord, saw the fearless minotaur in battle, he enticed them to join his army. Mithaniel was powerless to stop Rallos Zek from using the minotaur in his attack against the Plane of Earth, and as a consequence could not prevent them from being cursed for their part in the slaying of the Rathe Council. Due to the curse, the minotaur have remained in a primitive state, unable to build upon the achievements or progress of themselves or others. Sir Cauldthorn told me this has always been a source of grief and regret for Marr.

It was Katey Dalwynn of the Sisters of Erollisi who recently told me the sad news obtained from the Shard of Love. Erollisi Marr was struck down in the Plane of Valor by a trap intended for her brother; when he returned to find her dead, all he could do was bring her body back to her realm. Here it remained sealed in a crystal casket while Mithaniel m,mourned her death. When Mithaniel realized he was mistaken to have tried to trap the essence of love, even with the best of intentions, he shattered the crystal casket and freed Erollisi’s essence. He returned to tend his own realm, which had also fallen into neglect while he mourned his sister.

I sought Sister Katey once again when these visions started, but without success. It appears Sisters of Erollisi have returned to their hidden isle in the Ocean of Tears to mourn, now that Erollisi’s passing has been confirmed.

The dreams continue to persist. Sometimes I awake more tired than I was before sleeping. I see the Marr twins as they must have been in times long past, healthy and happy together. But then I see the face of Mithaniel, deeply lined with grief and sadness. I see Erollisi struck down dead, but I cannot make out what attacks her. Sometimes I see her lying dead, sometimes I see her sealed into a crystal casket, and sometimes – inexplicably- I see her likeness carved in stone. I see Halas burning in the night, as the armies of Zek overrun it, and then shattered as the skies fall and tear it asunder. But I also see Halas being built, by scores of strong Northmen and heroic fogloks and strange dwarves all working together.

What mean these dreams? Do they contain some message, or are they lies sent by the enemies of Marr, hoping to spread further confusion before Mithaniel Marr can reestablish himself in his place after his long mourning? I will continue to pray for guidance and try to understand. Writing these thoughts down has at least eased my mind somewhat and helped to clear my thoughts.

From Pond to Paladin, Vol. II

Morell-Thule, the forsaken son of Cazic, and brother of Terris, took notice of Terris manipulations of the slumbering God, for while Terris is the Queen of Nightmares, Morell is the King of Dreams. For reasons unknown, perhaps simply to foul the plans of his wicked father and sister, Morell-Thule stole the gift of life that had been taken from the slumbering Mithaniel and escaped into his Demi-Plane of Dreams. Knowing that his enraged family would soon visit his home, Morell divided Mithaniel’s Gift of Life, scattering one half across all the swamps of Norrath, the sacred lands of his father, Cazic-Thule.
Where Mithaniel’s Gift of Life fell upon the swamps of Norrath, the first Froglok Tads were born. Those first Tads had the hardest trials of our people. Until that point, the swamps belonged only to the foul and destructive creatures of the dark gods. Fortunately the gift of life that had brought our first ancestors into being also empowered them with the bravery and valor Mithaniel Marr had exhibited during his trials in the mortal realms.

Once the swamps had been seeded with the first of our kind, the Lord of Dreams, Morell-Thule, visited Mithaniel Marr’s twin sister, Erollisi Marr. While the Goddess of Love blissfully rested in the lands of the fair elves, Morell-Thule visited her in a dream and gave to her the second half of Mithaniel’s Gift of Life. It was soon to be evident to the fair elves that their visiting daughter of the Gods was with child and they took her to an uninhabited region of the frozen northlands of Antonica, where they could tend to and guard her in seclusion.

While the elves watched after Erollisi, the first of our ancestors grew from Tads into adult Frogloks, and Morell-Thule gifted them with dreams of the imprisoned Mithaniel Marr, and visions of a means to free the brave son of Tarew. So it came to pass that from all the swamps of Norrath, the first Frogloks rose in arms against the minions of Cazic-Thule, fighting valiantly to the site of Mithaniel Marr’s imprisonment, guided by visions from the Lord of Dreams.

for uncounted years the Frogloks battled the evil inhabitants of Norrath’s swamplands, learning the lessons of both victory and defeat. Alas, Cazic-Thule is an ancient and powerful God and his minions are numerous and diverse. Try as they might, the ancestor Frogloks could not reach their imprisoned God, but never did they cease their efforts, despite the daunting odds.

Then, after some time, a small army arrived on the borders of the swamp that was Mithaniel Marr’s prison. Not an army of Frogloks, but an army of Northmen, the children of Erollisi Marr. They too had been guided by visions and dreams of the imprisoned God from whose life they were conceived. Seeking justice for the imprisonment of their father, the Northmen joined with the Froglok armies and the alliance of Froglok and Man succeeded in freeing their father Mithaniel Marr. The minions of Cazic-Thule and the Avatar of Fear himself fell before the unity and valor of the children of Marr. For the first time in the history of Norrath, the swamps were not safe for the evil creations of the dark gods.

It was in the brave and selfless actions of the ancestor Frogloks and Northmen that Mithaniel Marr discovered the mortal trait of Valor, and because of Morell-Thule’s honorable delivering of the truth of our origins to our ancestors in visions and dream, Mithaniel also chose to champion the virtue of honesty as well as valor.

Such is the tale of my Lord Mithaniel Marr, and the origins of my fellow Frogloks, and of our distant brethren, the race of Men. It is a shame that so many of our kind, as well as many of the race of men, have strayed from the virtues of our ancestors. My Mithaniel Marr bless us, his faithful servants, with the powers to redeem our fallen kin from the clutches of evil.

From Pond to Paladin, Vol. I

From Pond to Paladin
The Origins of Froglok and Man
by Glupurp Stoneskipper
Paladin of Marr
My noble kinsman, I bring to you the knowledge of our origins, as well as the origin of Man that has been bestowed upon me by the scholars of the City of New Tanaan, and those who have visited the Halls of Honor, home of our Lord Mithaniel Marr. I am but a humble Paladin of Mithaniel Marr, born like many of our kind in the swamps of Southern Antonica, and deserve no adulation for penning these words. This work is in honor of all Froglok, current, past, and yet to come.

In the early ages of Norrath, before the arrival of Man, the Marr Twins did walk the face of Norrath. The children of a God of Power, Tarew Marr the Water Lord, the Marr Twins searched amongst the mortals of Norrath a cause to champion and embrace with their divinity. The Gods of Nature puzzled over the Marr Twins absence of a divine purpose, and the Gods of Influence scoffed at the twins for seeking such a purpose amongst the mortals. The most malicious of the Gods, Innoruuk, and Cazic-Thule, sought to corrupt the young twins to strengthen the forces of hatred and fear.

Innoruuk, the twisted God of Hatred and Spite sent his mortal followers to Tarew’s daughter, Erollisi Marr, to tempt her and seduce her into the darkness. With the wisdom imparted to the Goddess by her father, she saw through the Teir’Dals deceptions, and their wickedness was more visible to her eyes than even their physical forms. So it came to pass that Erollisi journeyed to the lands of Tunare’s fair elves, to escape the sickening advances of the Teir’Dal. It was in the early kingdom of the elves, that Erollisi did find warmth, peace, and beauty in the harsh realm of the mortals and it was there that she embraced and was in return embraced by a most mortal of traits. It was there she found love.

While Erollisi fended off the advances of Innoruuk’s mortal agents, the forces of Cazic-Thule beset her twin brother, Mithaniel Marr. Serpents, phantoms, and all manner of frightful creatures conjured and commanded by Cazic-Thule mortal minions came to Mithaniel to assault his body and mind. Mithaniel was no mortal however, and his will was strong, the minions of Thule could not instill within him the fear of their dark lord. They did succeed however, in luring the brave Mithaniel to the swamps of Norrath, the deadly, dank, lands where the creatures of Cazic-Thule were the strongest and most numerous. An army of Trolls, Lizard Folk, and forgotten creatures of unspeakable horror beset Mithaniel Marr, and so it came to pass that he became a captive to the minions of the Lord of Fear.

Mithaniel, imprisoned in magical bonds provided to his captors by Cazic-Thule, and tortured by relentless monstrosities, prayed to his father day and night for forgiveness and salvation. The prayers continued, unanswered, until the brave God, weary from torture and weakened by the dark magic of Cazic-Thule fell into a deep slumber.

It was then that Terris-Thule visited the slumbering God to inflict his sleep with nightmares more horrible than the events he had endured at the hands of his captors during his waking hours. However, at the beseeching of her father, Cazic-Thule, Terris was not permitted to inflict such terror onto Mithaniel Marr until after she first deceived him through his dreams and stole the gift of life from his body. So Terris did as her father commanded and then the slumbering horrors began.

Ardathium, Volume II

In the first years to crown the Monument Age, the Fortress of Ardathium was erected in the northernmost fields outside the Elddar Forest. Established by the half elven paladin, Countess Viannay, Ardathium would be the first of the great monuments established in the name of Mithaniel Marr throughout all of Norrathian history. Dedicated solely to the crusades of The Truthbringer in the name of valor, honor, and truth, Ardathium was one of Norrath’s most beautiful, though tragically short-lived treasures.
Constructed of pure alabaster stone and crowned in statues and tower caps of solid gold, Ardathium was a sight to behold. Its white and blue banners rose high toward the heavens and the brilliant glinting of sunlight off of its tower’s golden caps could be seen for miles above the lush, green canopy of the Elddar Forest to the south.

The Che Virtuson was established shortly thereafter – an elite force of zealous knights and priests dedicated to The Truthbringer and his divine word. A small commune of faithful peasants dwelled within the outer sanctum of the fortress’ temple, though the fortress was primarily governed as a war-front against the dark evils that lurked in the eastern swamps of Innothule and the Feerrott. Countess Viannay appointed three Viscounts to her aid, dubbing each of them a General of the Che Virtuson and second in command to only her dominion over Ardathium.

Grenic Drere, a human paladin of Marr who had led several knights and faithful pilgrims to Viannay’s aid during the first battles with the troll armies of the east, was among those appointed to lead at her side.

Ardathium would launch several campaigns against the massive trollish armies that dwelled in the swamps of Innothule to the east. Countess Viannay’s fervent regard of the amphibious race as a poisonous plague upon the face of Norrath and her military prowess in conjunction with her unchallenged zealous faith in The Truthbringer would lead the Che Virtuson to several victories over their enemies — all the in the name of Mithaniel Marr.

Unfortunately, Countess Viannay would not live to see the end of her life’s work and her death would be the first step toward the glorious fortress’ demise several generations later.

Ardathium, Volume I

These brief details are conclusions drawn by me in my brief encounter with the ruins of this lost citadel. I cannot claim any word of this to be absolute truth, for the information I had available was vague, if not cryptic through the impenetrable veil of ignorance and time that shadowed my vision. Throughout the whole of Norrath’s libraries and scholars, I was not able to find a single shred of evidence or legend relating to this place. Eerily, it was as if it had never existed, that the memory of Norrath itself had torn Ardathium from its mind.
Ardathium – that is the name of the place I shall detail as best I can in these pages. A glorious citadel constructed by the first followers of Mithaniel Marr in what is now known as the Southern Desert of Ro. I know for certain that this place exists, or existed, though in unfortunate, irreparable ruin beneath the unforgiving sands of the desert. I have been there, and I have seen it. I cannot tell you where or how to enter this place, for I was forced to leave prematurely during my investigation of the site. An earthquake forced me to escape, or be buried alive with the city’s forgotten dead. Unfortunately, the earth swallowed the city further into its belly, the topmost portion of Ardathium’s tower was buried deep beneath the sands once more. I cannot say when or if the city will rise again through the will and labor of united men and it would be the wasted energies of a fool to hope for as much within our lifetimes.

In the two and a half days that I was allotted the opportunity to explore the standing portions of this place, I learned so little and yet, so much. A great library had once been housed within the walls of the white and golden city of Truth. Though most of the tomes have dissolved into dust in the cruel clutches of time, I was fortunate to find a few legible documents, preserved by the desert’s heat. The script was ancient, but I recognized bits and pieces of the runic tongue of old. This story is one that I have concluded to be a possible fate of Sir Grenic Drere, the hero of our tale, and the fate of the city of Ardathium.

History of Frogloks

We are the children of Mithaniel Marr, god of valor. He has given unto us a greater share of honor than was given to any other creature. We would rather die with honor than extend our lives through deception of any kind.

This can be challenging for others–the concept that laws are not meant for the breaking. While we try to be understanding that not everyone shares our belief, it is still distressing to see rules bent and broken. The laws of the land are not simply suggestions, as some seem to think.

Such is the way of the troll. After many attempts to peacefully coexist with them in the Innothule Swamp, their utter disregard for protocol finally provoked us to battle. The blessing of Mithaniel Marr was with us as we drove them from their filthy city of Grobb. In His honor, we renamed it Gukta, Outpost of Marr.

Some may wonder why we contented ourselves with a simple home like Gukta, when our obvious intelligence indicates we might prefer plush surroundings. That is not our way, you see. It seems those whose skin is laced with hair need warmth and softness in their surroundings. We are comforted in other ways.

Others have said that we frogloks are too proud and that we deserve the challenges that have been our lot through the Ages. We do not deny the pride we feel in our heritage. We were created by Mithaniel Marr, after all. Through his grace, we have overcome many adversities that would have brought others to the brink of despair.

When the ogres of Rallos Zek began their reign of terror, they tried to start with Gukta. They thought they knew all the deepest reaches of our territory, thinking that we had not changed or developed it after wresting the city from the trolls. The ogres fought without honor, to their own detriment.

We are not taken unawares with ease. The foul ogres thought to destroy us, but we were guided by the Hand of Marr. Our eggs were carried deep into the tunnels, followed by elite forces to guard them. Deep beneath the marshes we went. We sent emissaries to Freeport to advise the Overlord of the rise of the Rallosians.

The Overlord brushed our concerns aside and so, with barely three days’ rest, our emissaries headed to Qeynos to warn the Bayles. Though sympathetic, they chose only to increase their watches rather than advancing to attack before the Rallosians expanded their reach. How we wished they had listened! The Rallosian Army grew in strength and power until the cities of Freeport and Qeynos were besieged.

The blessings of Mithaniel Marr still protected the faithful. The honorless ogres broke faith with their own allies, defiling the Temple of Cazic-Thule. And so, in the darkest hours when it appeared that the Rallosians would conquer all, the Green Mist covered the battlefields, slaying our enemies. However, not all our enemies were destroyed.

Though many of our adversaries perished in the time of the Green Mist, some escaped by continuing to pursue us. Deeper into the marshes we fled, and still they followed. It was then that we felt the rage of the gods.

By failing to stand our ground and hold back the tide of the enemy, we disappointed the gods who had held us high in their trust and esteem. Punishment was both swift and severe.

Though we had escaped the Rallosians, we could not escape the torments to follow. The Rending kept those of us who had scattered apart. Separated from any other honorable race, we drifted into oblivion.

And yet, oblivion would have been more kind than that which we endured. For those of us who found our way to the Feerrott were taken prisoner by the Tae’Ew, who fed us to their god.

Generation upon generation of froglok has been subjugated by the Alliz Tae’Ew. They demanded service and, weakened by the calamities that had befallen us, we were in no position to rebel. Until now.

In secret, several of our strongest broke free and are repeating the journey made so long ago when we first sent word to Freeport and Qeynos that the Rallosians were on the move. Surely we have atoned for our offenses against the gods and will be saved.