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The Founding of Alivan

The notes of Samiir Velcana
Erudite paladin
I have given up adventuring, and have renounced my loyalty to the gods. The time I spent working for the Claws of Veeshan here in Skyshrine has shown me that there is something more important for me to focus my energy on, aside from my own power and gain. The dragons here are working toward confronting the greatest threat Norrath has ever known, and I wish to help them in their struggle. I have given over my armor in exchange for robes, and have given over my sword in exchange for books. Perhaps through study I can find a way to help the Claws of Veeshan reach victory.

The notes of Helria Melvencent
Human rogue
At first, I came here for the treasure. A dragon city? You’ve got to be kidding me – a place like that had to have halls filled with shimmering gold and jewels, and I wanted it. I snuck around the city for days before I came across a couple of the dragons engaged in conversation. They were talking about that other dragon… I dunno, the rainbow or prismatic dragon or whatever… and how he had escaped. I’ve never seen a dragon show fear, but I saw it that day. I met other people, adventurers like myself, who had spoken with the dragons, and felt compelled to follow them. I decided to lend myself to the cause. Who knows? Once this Kerawhatzit is gone, he’ll have the treasure I’m looking for!

Alivan Blackraven
Human warrior
I’ll never be able to explain to them… never be able to tell my family why I did this. Why I chose to stay here, and leave them to tend the fields back home. I hope that the gold I sent will sustain them and keep them safe. But I have to stay here. I have to lend my knowledge to the gathering group of mortals who have chosen to remain here with the Claws of Veeshan. I learned much about farming growing up, and if we are going to sustain mortals here, that knowledge will become necessary to keep them healthy and fed. I believe the Wakening Lands will provide us with ample fertile soil for what we need. Perhaps the dragons will let us settle there and set up a community.

Serrid Ralsent
Human warrior
Fighting… that’s all I’m here to do. If the dragons want me, they’re going to need to put my sword to use. Sure, I can train the other mortal followers, and help them put together some kind of standing army, but fin not going to be a farmer here. I’m not digging holes when I could be chopping giants down to size. I’ll stay for now… at least until this gets boring, I guess. The rest of these people can start their farming community. I’ll watch their back for now.

R’avec Altimir
Erudite wizard
There is incredible knowledge here. I am learning things at an exponential rate, even more than when I studied in the halls of Erudin. The dragons have ancient, unthinkable knowledge, which I could use to further my own magical prowess. I need to speak with them, and gain access to their great libraries. They have refused it thus far, but I’m sure they will listen to reason. I am here to help them, and in order to do that effectively, I need all the knowledge I can lay my eyes upon. Teaching this to the other settlers here can only benefit us all. We might start out as farmers, but we can be so much more.

Elria Damir
Human bard
The goddess Veeshan led me here. I could never have imagined that I was chosen to one day assist her brood themselves, but I have given myself over completely to the dragons of the Claws of Veeshan. Their wisdom will help to protect in the dark days ahead, and it is the dragons alone who can stave off the threat of Kerafyrm… that we mortals released from his confines. Ifs the least I can do to atone for the mistakes of others. We will make a life here, support the dragons, support Skyshrine, and do the bidding of Veeshan herself.

The Book of Bound Mithril

The Duke of Below and The Lord of Light’s Battle
An ancient tale recorded on mithril to stand the test of time.

Long before the clay of life was molded into the first dwarves by Brell Serilis’ strong hands, Veeshan’s brood dominated Norrath. Their reign had lasted for eons but it had not gone unchallenged. Large beasts, behemoths of land, sea, and air, had waged war upon the dragons and their kin throughout the Age of Scale. Though the behemoths were inevitably defeated by the vicious dragons the toll upon Veeshan’s brood was high. Vast numbers had been slain, and far more had returned to their dens broken.

Brell looked out upon Norrath, this world of great wonder and beauty, and was inspired by the vast caverns of stone and gems, the glittering streams of metals, and the great expanses of immovable bedrock. So similar was the underworld of Norrath to that of his native plane that Brell would come to call it by the same name, The Underfoot. He desired other creatures to share the wonders, but before he could create creatures of sentience necessary to appreciate this realm, he knew that the threats to his creations would have to be removed.

Great titans, born of elements and arcane might, had been unleashed upon Norrath and much like the behemoths before them; they waged war upon the dragons and their kin. Once more, the children of Veeshan found their numbers dwindling.

Titans of earth lumbered across the realm causing quakes that would shake and tear the very foundations of this world. Creatures of rock, mud and ore broke from the land below its feet, while those of plant and wood grew from its back.

Titans of fire leapt from forest to forest through Norrath, engulfing all in flames and choking it in cinder. Creatures of living ash and soot were birthed in its wake, while those of lava and magma erupted from its core.

Titans of air lashed through the skies and the upper realms, swallowing all in their undying tempests. Creatures of billowing clouds of poison and energy coalesced around it, while those of captured debris shadowed the land below.

Titans of water rushed the shores, drowning all caught in their unyielding grip. Creatures of roiling sea and vapor were born of its crest, while those of ice rose up of its wake.

Brell saw these titans and realized that they were a threat to all races upon Norrath; dragon or otherwise, his creations or that of others. They could not be stopped by reason or pleading, nor could he stop them by his force alone, though he be as mighty as granite and as precious as mithril.

And so, our great creator sought help from other gods. Some refused to help out of selfish desires, while others were fearful or ignorant. Some he could not ask, as the price for such cooperation would have been too steep. Brell then approached Mithaniel Marr, the god of Valor, requesting his help in vanquishing the titans. Brell had not been the only one to notice the paths of destruction and death left by the titans. So, it was agreed; The Duke of Below and the Lord of Light would together rid Norrath of the monstrous threat!

First though, the holy pair had to carve out a clever plan to defeat the titans of destruction. Brell had observed that they tended to carry out their destruction in only certain areas of Norrath. “They must have divided up the world claiming territory for themselves” Mithaniel suggested. “No,” Brell responded, “they are limited by the regional elements!”

The titans of water had traveled across forests, plains, and oceans, but never across desert or lava mountains. Likewise, the titans of fire had singed forests, plains, and mountains, but never upon the oceans. The titans of earth could be found in forests, plains and mountains, but never in the air. The titans of air spun through the skies, and touched down upon forest, plains and mountain, but would never travel under soil.

Mithaniel had made an observation concerning the titans himself, which hemade after witnessing many a dragon battle the beasts. “They can be torn asunder, their limbs ripped from socket. Their physical manifestations can be broken beyond all recognition, clawed and bitten. There can be nothing left but ember, rubble, breeze, or puddle, but given time they will mend and grow, cobbling their body anew!”

Upon this news Brell retreated to this workshop deep within his plane. Working stone and earth often cleared his mind and allowed solutions to vexing problems to shine through. It did not take long for our brilliant creator to realize that if they could not destroy the titans, then they merely need to subdue and contain them. He spoke with Mithaniel of his plan, and the Lord of Valor could see no fault within it. The plan was to be carried out in haste!

One by one, Mithaniel Marr attacked the titans, relentlessly tearing, dowsing, smothering, and crushing their physical manifestations, just as he had learned by watching the dragons. And when there was nothing left of them to subdue, Brell Serilis encased their essences within a hold specifically constructed for each titan by Varig Ro, the Forge Lord. He had forged the elemental cages out of particular materials as dictated by the Duke of Below.

There were cages of earth to contain the air titans, and ones of water to capture fire titans. The water titans were to be held by cages forged of fire and the earth titans were sealed within cages constructed of air. Each arcane encasement was then locked tight by a deific seal placed by Mithaniel Marr, ensuring it was never to be broken!

Brell buried each of the elemental cages deep within his plane, confident that he was now free to usher in a new age. Now he was free to create as he desired!

The Loss in Western Wastes

“We had done all that we could in our attempts to prevent the events that have come to pass. I see it now, through my unwavering vision, for what it had always been – destined.

Eons ago, a prohibited union of elemental dragons hatched the first prismatic dragon. Kildrukaun, Arch Priest of Veeshan and member of the Council of Elders, condemned the mated pair to death and appointed himself custodian of their almighty son, Kerafyrm. Quickly, the fledgling dragon demonstrated his immense power and cunning, impressing just as many of his kin as were struck with fear.

During this time, our nation split in two. The Ring of Scale fled to Kunark, while the Claws of Veeshan, the original order and wurm council, remained on Veeshan’s blessed continent of Velious. Kildrukaun, furios over the division, insisted it was the Eternal Mother’s will for the dragon factions to reunite. He prophesied that Kerafyrm would lead The Claws of Veeshan in a great civil war against the Ring of Scale forcing the reunification, and thus fulfilling Veeshan’s will.

Some of The Claws of Veeshan questioned the authenticity of Kildrukaun’s visions, others merely his interpretations; after all, they were considerably self-serving. The council dismissed Kildrukaun’s prophecy, claiming that waging a war against The Ring of Scale would expose them to the growing threat of the giants of Kael Drakkel.

Thus Kerafyrm sharpened his teeth, along with his tactical mind, upon the frozen battlefields of Velious. He ascended quickly within the Claws of Veeshan, obtaining the rank of general, and proving he was as shrewd as he was merciless. But no battle satiated this monstrous creature’s unrivaled lust for destruction and chaos. Eventually, the Council of Elders was forced to order Kerafyrm’s imprisonment.

Kerafyrm’s legions of supporters, including Kildrukaun, were severely outnumbered by those of the elder council, and eventually Kerafyrm was restrained and secured within a prison of indefinite slumber. The council appointed four immensely powerful dragons (Tukaark, Nazata, Ventani and Hraashna) to serve as his guards and ensure his eternal slumber. Meanwhile, Kildrukaun and the other surviving traitors who had aided Kerafyrm fled Velious to unknown locations, awaiting the return of their prophetic saviour.

While Kerafyrm slept, Norrath’s children, in an attempt to satiate their incessant desires for adventure, knowledge and riches, pushed out across this world. It was only a matter of time until they stumbled upon Kerafyrm, who had come to be known as “”The Sleeper.”” Inspired by green and ignorance they slew the four elemental warders and awakened Kerafyrm from his slumber. Kerafyrm showed his gratitude by devouring them, prior to bursting explosively from his prison into the frozen wastes.

The Claws of Veeshan felt Kerafyrm’s wrath immediately. Confronting those members of the council who he could find, Kerafyrm ripped their flesh into shreds, once more demonstrating his unchecked lust for destruction. He was intent on annihilating every vestige of their existence. The ages of sleep had only made him more deadly and vengeful. The wise and ancient dragons of Velious knew they were hardly a challenge for the Awakened, caught unawares as they had been. A desperate plan was hastily hatched.

Lord Yelinak bravely faced Kerafyrm in a furious battle in the skies above Velious, as others made their escape, and four chosen dragons of immense power (Charayan, Grendish, Jortreva and Susarrak) were called upon. However, Yelinak proved to be no match for Kerafyrm. Kerafyrm inflicted grievous wounds upon him, and all of Skyshrine witnessed the lord’s broken body fall to the frozen land beneath as the four Crusaders approached. Savoring his victory over Lord Yelinak, and fearful of the overwhelming power of the Crusaders, Kerafyrm flew off to places unknown.

The Council of Elders held no doubt that this was but Kerafyrm’s first act of vengeance. It was an attack of pure wrath. His next attack would be far more deadly, utilizing clever tactics and his legion of followers. First, they held a service to honor Lord Yelinak’s sacrifice. It was a lavish affair, lasting for days within Skyshrine, calling wurms from across Norrath to pay their respects.

Afterwards, the council sent out their agents and infiltrators on a search for information pertaining to Kerafyrm and his followers, including Kildrukaun. They were certain that word of Lord Yelinak’s demise would quickly spread across the world, reaching the Awakened.

They then initiated an unprecedented act of defence – The Upheavel, successfully cutting off Eastern Wastes and Great Divide from Western Wastes and Cobalt Scar. Intended to make the dragon lands within Velious less susceptible to attack, it also served to isolate the land in case the battle were to escalate.

It was at this time that Lord Yelinak revealed the ruse surrounding his death to all of Skyshrine. It had served it’s purpose, which was to provide the Awakened with false information while having brought the council enough time to explore all attack and defense options against the inevitable onslaught. He had risked much in battle, and although he had not been slain, he had been prepared for such a sacrifice.

Lord Yelinak amde a plea on behalf of the Children of Norrath to Skyshrine. He was going to seek aid from the heroes amongst them. He felt strongly that they were the key to defeating Kerafyrm. Some wurms scoffed, dismissing his opinion, while others saw its wisdom. He left them to debate as he made all haste, to the Norrathian city of Thurgadin.

But Kerafyrm, anticipating Skyshrine’s increased defenses, led his Awakened Legion to the opulent Temple of Veeshan within Western Wastes. The attack was brutal and swiftly executed. The dragons and dragonkin who refused to join against The Claws of Veeshan fled, and sought refuge in Skyshrine. As they took flight, some managed to save eggs and young from the Western Wastes. In Skyshrine the wurms regrouped and prepared for battle.

Upon realizing that some of the nests of Western Wastes were empty, the Awakened began to claim the remaining eggs for themselves, taking them into Temple of Veeshan. Driven by parental instincts, the Claws of Veeshan quickly rallied to fight for their unhatched young, and took to the Western Wastes in overwhelming droves. As it became clear to Kerafyrm that they might succeed in their efforts, and could continue with their march right on to Temple of Veeshan, he ordered his most impressive elemental wurmkin to do the unthinkable – destroy Western Wastes!

Willing to sacrifice any of his own legion battling upon the frozen landscape, the elemental mages began their ruination. The previously raised land shook from glacier top to wyvern cave, and began to crumble. All but Temple of Veeshan itself was swiftly annihilated. Too many dragon, dragonkin and egg met their brutal end, crushed between rock and velium as the land crumbled and fell into frigid waters below.

The Claws of Veeshan watched as great achievement was ripped out from beneath their wings by Kerafyrm. Once more, they were forced to seek shelter and regroup within Skyshrine, taking with them the eggs and young that they were able to save from the hatching lands.

As I look back upon these events, and recount them for myself, I can see that it was destined to come to this point, but I find myself wondering if Kerafyrm still believes himself the prophesied unifier, or for that matter, if Kildrukaun and other others still believe he is. Is that even his intent any longer? Not even my holy gift of vision beyond sight has granted me power to pierce that veil.

Glory to the Eternal Mother!

Lendiniara, The Keeper”

History of Velious

Before recorded time, Veeshan, the great Crystalline Dragon marked Norrath by striking the continent of Velious with her foreclaw, and deposited her brood there to dwell. The legends of that time also tell that Veeshan blasted Velious with her breath, encasing it in eternal ice and creating a barrier of deadly ice flows and stormy weather. This marked the beginning of the Age of Scale.

The Age of Scale lasted untold millennia. From the tidbits of information passed down, it is known that a group of dragons mastered magic and spellcasting during this era. Additionally, dragons of power and influence among their kind gathered together and formed a hereditary ruling council known as the Claws of Veeshan, who rule the dragons of Velious to this day. Few of Norrath’s inhabitants know more of this Age, and none that do would dare to speak.

The end of the Age of Scale was marked by the Gods creation of the other races of Norrath. Many of Veeshan’s vainglorious brood perceived that they might rule over these lesser beings and left Velious. This splinter group became known as the Ring of Scale. Those dragons that remained upon Velious had little interest in temporal power, and were content to pass the millennia in homage to their goddess, and in quiet contemplation and the study of magics.

In the Elder Age, the Ogres, Giants and Goblins conquered much of Norrath and began an assault on the Plane of Earth, precipitating retribution from The Rathe in the form of a great curse against all of Rallos Zek’s creations. The fertile homelands of the Giants (now known as Everfrost) were frozen, and those giants caught in the epicenter of the curse were transformed wholly into immortal creatures of living ice. Those nearby were struck to the core of their beings, becoming lesser creatures in mind and body than they had been. Those few who escaped the effects fledTunaria for other lands, coming to the attention of Prexus the Oceanlord, who sent a great storm to destroy them. The storm drove many ships back to Tunaria and to Kunark, where the curse ofThe Rathe took hold to a lesser degree than in Everfrost. Many of the most powerful giants managed to escape the storm thanks to their great powers, and passed through the Frigid Barrier to land upon the Icy Fingers in Velious. The Kromrif established themselves in the Eastern Wastes and lived as nomads, eventually coming into conflict with the Coldain. The Kromzek were the most powerful of all Rallos Zek’s creations. Not content with a nomadic lifestyle, they established a mighty fortress city named Kael Drakkal in the Great Scar of Veeshan. The Claws of Veeshan took exception to the intrusion of the Kromzek upon their sacred lands, and thus began the long conflict between the two mightiest races on Norrath, in this most inhospitable of all places. Ages passed, leaving the eastern regions of Velious largely in the control of the Giants. It was during this time that the ships of the Coldain, or Ice Dwarves, were wrecked upon the ice of the Frigid Barrier. Those few who survived to reach the shore escaped the notice of the Claws of Veeshan, but were devastated in a conflict with the fearsome Kromrif. Fleeing the giants, the Coldainestablished Thurgadin, a hidden underground fortress in the mountains. Since these times, none of the other races of Norrath have dared to approach the Frigid Barrier, and thus Velious remained undiscovered.

In the present day, the Gnomes of Ak’anon have revealed an ocean vessel with the capability of navigating the roughest seas and breaking through ice flows. Upon it’s maiden voyage, the Gnomish Icebreaker successfully penetrated the Frigid Barrier and discovered the islands known as the Icy Fingers. Upon the largest of the islands, the crew discovered an ancient and massive bridge, which arced away into the mists and revealed the tip of a massive glacial continent – Velious! For a price, these Gnomes and their allies will offer the brave adventurers of Norrath passage to these frozen, uncharted lands.

You may be one of the first to explore this deadly and forbidding icy land. Your feet may be the first tread its deadly caverns and ancient shrines. If you are among the stout of heart, you may dare to enter The Scars of Velious. You are in our world now!

Mayong Mistmoore

I love theories…the more outlandish and seemingly impossible, the better.  It’s great that you are always thinking.

Mayong Mistmoore is his own race of vampire.  He’s older than any of the common player races.  In fact, he’s said to have seen the first of Veeshan’s brood on Norrath.  Perhaps something occured in those days that fueled his hatred of dragon kind . . .



Steamfont Mountains: Past and Present

The sounds of gnomish cheers and clockwork gears echo throughout the continent of Faydwer as the Steamfont Mountains transforms its appearance. This revamp will be included with the Game Update on Thursday, October 25th. Read part of the lore surrounding this area and view a photo gallery look at the changes that were made.

Background Lore:

Named for the natural geysers and springs found in its rocky peaks, these mountains surround the gnome city of Ak’Anon. It is known that the dragons had once dwelled here, for the fossilized remains of very young dragon can be viewed inside a small valley. The presence of Steamfont’s drakes also indicates that the region may once have had some greater significance to the children of Veeshan. However, that history was lost long before the arrival of the elves or the surfacing of the gnomes.

Today, Steamfont acts as a training ground for young gnomish pupils, as well as for those elves and dwarves that brave the dangerous trek through the Lesser Faydark. Minotaurs from the mines of Meldrath are among the most challenging foes due to their social and cooperative nature.

The mountains of Steamfont are bordered by the Lesser Faydark to the east, and the gates to the glorious subterranean city of Ak’Anon to the far west – gates installed safely within a mountain face and heavily guarded by some of Ak’Anon’s most renown warriors.


Into the Depths of: Velketor’s Labyrinth

Overview of Velketor’s Labyrinth

Welcome to the lair of Drovrag Velketor, Storm Giant wizard, creator of living ice creatures. His home, an ice castle etched into the side of a glacier, is fronted by a labyrinth that Drovrag created over many centuries to provide a barrier to uninvited guests. Fortifying the labyrinth is a guard of kobolds, and beyond Grizzot, the town near its center, Drovrag’s ice golems reside.

This geometric labyrinth offers a unique and challenging adventuring environment. Velketor’s research and his adept use of arcane power have yielded some exceptionally potent magical items. He has entrusted many of these items to his guardians to help them keep out the unwanted.

Background Lore

Drovrag has equipped his architectural masterpiece with kobold guardians bred to be especially brutish. These dog-men patrol the outer edges of the labyrinth and live in a primitive town near its center. Grizzot, who is the strongest member of the kobold guardians, serves as their leader. Two dwarf ice goblins, Tilgor and Riglit, advise Grizzot on all matters.

Beyond the town lies a magically enchanted area of pure blackness, which no vision or light source can penetrate. This area remains uninhabited, as Drovrag’s attempts to populate it have all failed. Beyond the blackness lies Drovrag’s living ice. Drovrag has managed to breathe life into the frozen waters of the glacier, and the resulting ice golems roam the back half of the labyrinth.

Drovrag also utilizes ice golems to guard the front of his castle. The ice golems’ barracks make up the outer walls of the castle, with the two main barracks flanking the main entrance to Drovrag’s lair.

Areas of Note

Labyrinth Entrance: The entrance of the labyrinth is fashioned into Drovrag’s grim visage.

Grizzot: Gnolls have fashioned a primitive palace of sorts into one of the labyrinth’s icy walls.

Dark Area: Drovrag managed to use his magic to change nearly a quarter of the labyrinth into pure darkness. This area is virtually uninhabited, except for the occasional lost wandering gnoll.

Ice Wurm Lair: When Drovrag crafted the labyrinth, he inadvertently built over the lair of Vielik the Cold, sealing the ancient ice wurm in. Vielek was in the midst of hibernation at the time and has since awakened. Currently, he has broken his way out into the dark area of the labyrinth, and relies on the gnolls as his primary source of food.

Ice Garden: Drovrag keeps an ice “garden” of sorts where he grows the ice creatures that roam the back half of his labyrinth.

Frost Giant Barracks: The Frost giant barracks are actually the outer walls of Drovrag’s castle. The two main barracks flank the main entrance to Drovrag’s lair.

Key Figures

Drovrag Velketor

This supreme Storm Giant wizard was banished from Kael Drakkel for reasons that are unclear. He is served by Arctic Kobolds, ice golems, and shard spiders. He is enemies with the Coldain and servants of Veeshan, but he holds a special hatred for the Kromzek who banished him.

His ultimate agenda is unknown, but his continued experiments and birthing of ice creatures suggests that he may perhaps be intending to harm the Kromzek in a way they hadn’t thought possible – one giant against an entire army of ice.


Visiting Velketor’s Labyrinth can be quite harmful to one’s health. Kobold guardians, for instance, are extremely hostile and often attack in coordinated efforts. The golems that have been created to serve Velketor are also not to be trifled with, for they are extremely cunning and as deadly as their giant brethren of Kael. Even the spiders can be deadly, as they are hard to see and often attack in number, releasing powerful venom with every bite. There are many slippery ramps to be negotiated within the Labyrinth; walk slowly or risk falling to your death far below!


EverQuest Inspired By D&D Campaign

How do you think it would feel if ten years from now, your EverQuest character was on the cover of one of the most successful games of all time? For Tony Garcia, the scenario posed by this question is a reality. Better known in the community as Vhalen, one of his characters from his childhood D&D campaign was Lucan D’Lere himself. What’s more, many locations from the world we call Norrath, was directly inspired by that same campaign.

We sat down to talk with Tony “Vhalen” Garcia about his work on EverQuest, EverQuest II and all the things in between. Join us as we explore the unknown inspiration, of the world of EverQuest.

ZAM: Hey Tony! It’s a great pleasure to be talking with you again about EverQuest. You’re definitely missed in the EQ/EQ2 community. How are things going for you on your new project?

Tony Garcia: Hey Tamat! Things are going great on my new project. I am the Senior Content Designer for Trion World Network. I am busy doing what I do best, dreaming up worlds. I work alongside some of the most talented people in the video game industry, some of whom are also old friends. One of the most exciting aspects of this project is that it will see life as a video game and a SyFy Channel television project. Unfortunately, I can’t comment further about it, but stay tuned. It’s going to be great!

I can say that I miss the EQ community a lot. The EverQuest franchise has always had a strong lore community. These lore enthusiasts were always a pleasure to interact with on the boards, in-person and even in-game. They can often have a rivalry between projects, such as EQ lore vs. EQ2 lore, but they have all displayed investigative skills that could challenge Sherlock Holmes, Batman and even the devs who created the lore.

ZAM: Let me start by asking you to give everyone some background information on how you got your start in the industry. When did you start working on EverQuest and what is the earliest piece of lore you remember working on?

Tony: Back in the days when 989 Studios controlled the EQ project, my good friend Bill Trost was looking for someone who could create more lore and quests for the game. Having known my fantasy work from our many years of D&D and a few never released games, Mr. Trost invited me to join the team. After speaking with him and Brad McQuaid, I began my long affair with the wonderful world of EverQuest. I was not sure if it would be a long relationship and ironically, one of the first pieces of lore that I began to craft would be one of my last touched upon- Soulfire.

ZAM: Interesting. Did you have to get creative with Soulfire when it came to EverQuest II? Or did you have the details planned out all along?

Tony: I actually had most of the story plotted out back in EQ. Things got too busy with RoK and then EQ2 planning to complete those plans. Fortunately, EQ2 was the perfect launching pad for the Swords of Destiny. It still has yet to be completed, but most of the plot rests within those tomes I left behind.

ZAM: I’ve actually heard quite a bit about this tome that you left behind. Basically it has all the inner workings of Norrathian lore, both known and unknown if I’m not mistaken. Are there any juicy nuggets of information in there that you can hint at?

Tony: To be honest, it’s not a single tome, but rather, a large collection of documents that have been compiled over the ages. Some documents were lost and I had to track down the information from original devs. Original lore such as the origins of the Combine Empire or the meanings of symbols found throughout Norrath, were some of that lost lore. Someone over there at SOE has those documents now. I’m always around to assist if they have any questions because just owning the documents does not grant the reader full understanding of the EQ universe. There are a few things that always need to be explained.

ZAM: You’ve mentioned that Bill Trost was original architect of EverQuest lore. Can you go over his contributions that helped create the core of Norrath? Also, what was your role in this?

Tony: When I came on board, Bill Trost had already crafted the amazing foundation of the lore with the EQ cosmology and much of the Norrathian geography. My role was to build quests and expand on the existing foundation. Of course, as always, there were other developers who contributed to the lore, but my work was global and not confined to any single location. Having touched upon every corner of the globe, I made it my duty to try and integrate all lore into a cohesive entity and create the larger stories of the Norrathian Empires. That task has never been, and I doubt it will ever be, an easy one. My lore role eventually expanded and I would grow to write the future history of Norrath while working on EverQuest 2.

ZAM: So then did he also work to create the Gods and their genealogy? Did you have anything to do with that?

Tony: The primary gods of the Inner and Outer planes were designed before I got to the universe. When it came time to detail the mechanics of the universe, the cosmology of it all and how they relate to each other, I created that. However, not all projects followed this cosmology, but it was made available to them. All the projects roughly follow the mechanics, but they diverge when it comes to such things as Dimensions, which the Void is one of. EQ2 follows the Unified Timeline and Cosmology created by me with initial assistance with Bill Trost.

ZAM: Let’s jump into something that most players don’t know anything about: your D&D campaign growing up. We’ve been told, by an inside source, that it actually played a role in the creation of EverQuest and EverQuest II lore. Can you elaborate?

Tony: It was when I first started working at 989 that I delved through the foundation lore and found it quite interesting to discover that a number of the locations and personalities were quite familiar to me. Sprinkled all throughout the world were parts of a few D&D campaigns that we ran during Junior High and up. Notable names like Mayong, Lucan and Opal were there as well as more obscure ones such as Father Estle, Beek Guinders and Zazoo. They, along with numerous others, brought back great memories that could not ever be revisited. But here they were, immortalized in a new world where some would take prominent roles and have a chance to face the challenges of hundreds of thousands of pc gamers. Some of the relationships and events from our pen and paper days would inspire Norrathian events. Included among them was the never revealed link between _a_o_ ___t__o__ and __c__ ___e__.

ZAM: Oh another mystery! I’ll leave it to our readers to dig into that further.

Tony: And they do such a great job of it, but there are many buried treasures in the game that are still waiting to be “dug up.”

Bill Trost, Tony Garcia, Kevin Burns and Jeremy Albert in Las Vegas

ZAM: Speaking of mysteries I’m going to backtrack a bit. Veeshan has always been somewhat of an enigma to most players. Through the years, you’ve had plenty to do with the evolution of her story. Can you divulge the history of Veeshan and give us some new information?

Tony: Veeshan was one of the primary creations in the foundations of EQ lore. She is supposed to remain an enigma. As many can see, she has always been a mystery, even compared with the other deities that you would think are on the same hierarchy as she. She almost seems greater than those gods that most regard as her equal in the pantheon. Such a large personality could not be left out of the future history of Norrath. Was she truly the first to find Norrath? Did she ever mark other realms we haven’t heard of? Is she really big enough to swallow the moon? Where is she now? Will Norrathians ever meet her? All those things should be a mystery for quite some time, but there are a few I could definitely answer… but for the safety of the universe, I won’t.

ZAM: Do you have any funny stories about how characters, locations and events from the D&D campaigns bleed into the EQ/EQ2 lore?

Tony: Off hand, I can’t think of anything amusing, but there is one thing that always makes me happy when I see it in the EQ universe. That one thing is Sir Lucan of Freeport. That was my greatest D&D character rolled one night over a table filled with dice, maps, dungeon screens and Thirsty Two Ouncers from the local mini-mart. It is amazing to see how that one character has been immortalized. Imagine… your old D&D character gracing video game boxes, ads and even voiced by the great Christopher Lee! I never would have dreamed of such a thing way back when he was created. Amazing!

ZAM: What significance did characters like Mayong and Lucan have in the campaign? Additionally, what were some of the locations inspired from the campaign?

Tony: Mayong and Sir Lucan were in the same adventuring party. Great friends with a tragic ending! Along with Zazoo of the Sunless Sea, they were the longest lived characters and the focal point of an ever changing cast of NPCs.

I would have to say that the Loping Plains was inspired by one of our greatest adventures. I believe Cain Darkmoore was my avatar during that horrific campaign. Along with that, one of the main locations inspired by the campaign has been the homeland of Mayong, Mistmyr. Adventurers of EQ2 are just starting to learn about that place now. I hope they enjoy their visit within a remnant of that long forgotten place. It’s there waiting for all. Book your trip today!

ZAM: Well that wraps up all my questions. I’m sure the community will want more after they read this, but we’ll just have to wait to see what you’ve been working on over at Trion.

Tony: It been great chatting with you and the EQ community. It was a pleasure building worlds for all Norrathians to explore. Please stop by P.T. Irontoe once in a while and buy him some grog for me. I miss the little guy. But like I mentioned, there are more mysteries lurking in the shadows waiting to be uncovered. I will definitely be keeping my eyes on the forums of the past and those yet to be. To all those EQ lore junkies I say, Till Yonder and Beyond.

Book of Scale

” The Book of Scale In eons past came one of the gods upon the world of Norrath. Veeshan, Crystalline Dragon and ruler of the Plane of Sky, found this world pleasing and deposited her brood onto the frozen continent of Velious. With one swipe of her mighty claws, Veeshan opened several great wounds upon the surface of Norrath, staking her claim to this promising new world. Dragons then walked the land and flew the skies, powerful beings of great intellect, wisdom, and strength. Thus began the Age of Scale.”

Vision of Lady Delailith

An age shall come unto the lands,
Of heartbreak, bloodshed, and quickening sands.
The earth loosed by divine embrace,
Crumbles and tumbles, while oceans give chase.

When magic seems lost, and distance grows great,
All the children of Norrath shall share the same fate.
An army of old shall rise up once more,
To blacken the land with the cold touch of war.

The Maiden of Shadows alone in the night,
Shunned by the gods of both darkness and light.
She trembles then bursts, at the touch of their hand,
Raining down fire and scorching the land

Let this vision of mine though shared by none,
Save the poisened fruit of Vesshan’s womb,
Be kept close at hand and near to heart,
So that all is not lost when the world falls apart.