Kerafyrm, The Sleeper

Ferrin Q`Nyil regards you indifferently — he appears to be quite formidable.
You say, ‘Hail, Ferrin Q`Nyil’
Ferrin Q`Nyil says ‘Fare thee well, stouthearted adventurer. I would welcome you to this place, yet I feel that a welcome is not quite deserving of the [fate] in store for you. I know there was no welcome for me when I first ventured to this place, and look at me now. I am nothing but a frail, ghostly figure of what I once was.’
You say, ‘what fate ?’
Ferrin Q`Nyil says, ‘I may look as though I am healthy and vibrant, though your eyes deceive you.’ Ferrin chuckles. ‘It has been so long since I was imprisoned here, I cannot tell you when it was. To me it seems like only yesterday, but I know deep down that time does not pass for me any more. I, like you, thought that the intrigue and mystery of this great lair was second only to the treasures that lay within. When I arrived however, I found not a lair, but a massive tomb whose occupants were meant to keep a very large, and very powerful [beast] within.’
You say, ‘what beast ?’
Ferrin Q`Nyil says ‘Time has told us that a great many things are unexplainable, and even less understood. Though I don’t know the entire story, it comes to bear that long ago, there was a great council of [elders]. These elders decreed what could and could not be done, for the benefit of their kind. Certain things were done to prevent bad things. . . or bad creatures from being created. Other things were done to prohibit the slaying of those of the same bloodline.’
You say, ‘what elders ?’
Ferrin Q`Nyil says ‘The council of elder dragons. Truly, theirs is a majestic, powerful and battle worn species. The elders had decreed that no two dragons of opposing elements would be allowed to mate. No explanation had been given, though I believe I know the reason why it was given. Despite the decree, a pair of elemental dragons slipped away to remote areas of Norrath and mated, and the creation of a great prismatic dragon took place. And that is the beast, strewn of opalescent scales, headstrong and a leader in his own right. It was he that this tomb was entrusted to keep held, forever. Alas, that was not meant to be, as more and more, cunning [travelers] like you would make their way further and further into the lair.’
You say, ‘what travelers ?’
Ferrin Q`Nyil chuckles. ‘You’re looking at one right now, Nilshar. I was one of the first to make my way into the depths of this forsaken lair. My little gnomish friend here was also one of the earliest adventurers to peruse the contents of this massive warren. But there have been many more that have traversed these areas, all to little or no avail, most perishing at the hands of the mighty [automatons] throughout.’
You say, ‘what automatons ?’
Ferrin Q`Nyil says ‘Well, you probably encountered one or two of them before you found us here. They are the beasts that were initially created to keep people like us out so that the prismatic dragon wouldn’t be awakened from his [eternal slumber]. In recent times, they have been placed here by the four ancients to keep people away from the evil that lay beyond. They are made of local velium and ice, carved from the creative minds of immortals. They have a singular consciousness, to do as their master bids. . . and to that truth, they hold steady.’
You say, ‘what eternal slumber ?’
Ferrin Q`Nyil says ‘Alas I am not really the person to explain that bit of history to you. You might see if any of my. . . companions. . . have any insight into the slumber that the prismatic beast undertook. In any case, I bid you well, young mortal, and hope that you do not partake in the same shortcomings that I did.’

You say, ‘Hail, Bittles the Lost’
Bittles the Lost says ‘Eh, hrm? Who’re you? Found yer way in here, ‘ave ya? Not the brightest idea in the world, ya know. I hope you weren’t planning on going any further, because that would really be on the level of those twerps that freed that [shiny beast] in the first place.’
You say, ‘what shiny beast ?’
Bittles the Lost says ‘Ya know that story about how those two dragons got together and made that premzatica dragon?’
Ferrin Q`Nyil says ‘Prismatic, you goof.’
Bittles the Lost says ‘Yar, whate’er. Anyway, that bugger got made an’ he went wild all over Velious, making demands and actin’ all proud and powerful and things like that. Well, he decided he wanted ta have a nice big home in the middle of the mountain. And you know what? That’s what he did! Yer standin’ in the middle of his lair. Well after he [went crazy], some of those other dragon-folk decided it would be good ta put him in here and put him ta sleep for all eternity. [Four] of ’em kept him sleepin’ and made sure that no one, such as yerself, could get in here ta wake him up.’
You say, ‘who went crazy ?’
You say, ‘went crazy ?’
You say, ‘what shiny beast ?’
Bittles the Lost says ‘Ya know that story about how those two dragons got together and made that premzatica dragon?’
Ferrin Q`Nyil says ‘Prismatic, you goof.’
Bittles the Lost says ‘Yar, whate’er. Anyway, that bugger got made an’ he went wild all over Velious, making demands and actin’ all proud and powerful and things like that. Well, he decided he wanted ta have a nice big home in the middle of the mountain. And you know what? That’s what he did! Yer standin’ in the middle of his lair. Well after he [went crazy], some of those other dragon-folk decided it would be good ta put him in here and put him ta sleep for all eternity. [Four] of ’em kept him sleepin’ and made sure that no one, such as yerself, could get in here ta wake him up.’
You say, ‘went crazy ?’
You say, ‘who went crazy ?’
You say, ‘what went crazy ?’
You say, ‘what four ?’
Bittles the Lost says ‘Them thar four warders. They were the most powerful elemental dragons of their time, and kept that sleeping fella asleep for quite some long time. Names of Nanzata, Tukaarak, Hraashna, and Ventani, if’n my mind serves me correct-like. When they started here, they had some other big-time dragon create the big ice creatures all over the place — the golems, don’t ya know? In any case, they upped and got kilt by some folks like you a while back, causing all kinds of panic and havoc. The ice guys were dismantled by the [new inhabitants] of this here lair and reassembled to serve them. Not that it really matters to me, I got lost here anyway and look what happened ta me!’
You say, ‘what new inhabitants ?’
Bittles the Lost says ‘Why the ancients of course! They just kinda cropped up when that big shiny fella was awakened by those other people. Some thought that those four warders were trouble, but believe me, they’re like drakelings in comparison. Kal or Jobana over here might know more about them than I do, I’m just a lost little gnome with no where to go.’

You say, ‘Hail, Jobana Du`Ata’
Jobana Du`Ata looks at you with a most dismal look in her eyes. ‘Your kind have returned once again. I knew this day would come, yet hoped that perhaps there would be no further clashing in this tomb. I was mistaken, for here you are. The great sleeping beast has already been released unto the world to wreak havoc, cause destruction and attempt to take back what he has lost, so what further purpose could you have for coming here? Perhaps you are soul hunting, searching for those of us lost in here years ago, long since forgotten by any mortal family we may have had. Or perhaps you are searching for the [ancient dragons] that inhabit this lair.’
You say, ‘what ancient dragon ?’
Jobana Du`Ata says ‘The ancients were long ago part of the following that the mighty prismatic lord had before he was imprisoned here, in his own dwelling. Kildrukaun, oldest and wisest of them had at first spoken out against the creation of a prismatic dragon, claiming that Veeshan herself would have to approve of such a creation and that it would never take place. When it did take place however, and the dragon that never would exist was created, he traded his beliefs for those of new ones, claiming that this new prismatic dragon was part of a prophecy from Veeshan. He aptly called this prismatic dragon [Kerafyrm], or Prophetic Savior and began this new wonder’s tutelage into greatness.’
You say, ‘who is Kerafyrm’
Jobana Du`Ata says ‘The majestic beast grew quickly, learning much and gaining great power in short time. He expanded his knowledge and his [influence], pushing the dragons into a kind of new era, where dragons would be the ultimate power on the planet once again. Many were left in a wake of fright behind Kerafyrm, believing that he may be too powerful for his own good, yet fearing that if they spoke out against him in this time, they would be condemned in some horrible way.’
You say, ‘what influence ?’
Jobana Du`Ata says ‘Imagine a being with such power that he was unstoppable in battle. Imagine that this same creature held a loathing for all creatures not of dragon kin. Imagine also that this creature was not born into this deep rooted, dark hatred of the species, and that as he grew older, wiser and more powerful, he came to be aware of his powers and of the trying issues that kept his people back. This was the beast that was Kerafyrm, and as he grew in power, so too did his word. After some time, that which Kerafyrm spoke became law to the lands, and he usurped even the power and influence of the high council. What was once a time of might and strength through his word turned into a constant [chafe] against the necks of dragonkind.’
You say, ‘what chafe ?’
Jobana Du`Ata says ‘I spoke of the loathing he held for those not of dragon kin. However, this is not entirely accurate. In the beginning, he simply sought to make dragonkind the most powerful of all species on Norrath. However there was a dark and definite itch within the brilliant mind of Kerafyrm and it spurned the hatred which was then released upon his kin and others alike. I believe it to be because he found himself to be above the mortal plane that he lived upon; he felt he was destined for greater things. Unfortunately, I’ll never know for the great prismatic beast that was asleep has been released, and has journeyed to places far beyond this realm. There may be others in the tomb that know more, though that is a journey you must make alone, and I wish you luck, for you will surely need it.’

You say, ‘Hail, Kal t`Ven’
Kal t`Ven says ‘Greetings, young sleuth. These are trying times, as I am sure you are aware, but it is good that there are still adventurous sorts like you about. Were there not, I am confident that our deaths would have been in vain, and not in the spirit of exploration and danger-seeking. However, there is one thing to be said for adventuring, and still another to be said for flights of fancy. Which is it for you?’
You say, ‘what flights of fancy ?’
Kal t`Ven says ‘While your choice, that attitude will get you nothing but a great deal of grief and an eventual death. I urge you to reconsider your decision to come into this vast lair without some kind of true commitment, as flights of fancy often end up poorly.’
You say, ‘I am adventuring’
Kal t`Ven says ‘Excellent, we can always use more of your type around, to perpetuate the life, if nothing else. Take care through this den though, as there are a great many things that would just as soon see you as a floor decoration than a wandering buccaneer, especially the four ancients at the end of it. From my own experience, I have found that the [larger golems] seem to be in charge and may instruct the others to do their bidding, which may or may not include the destruction of any invaders.’
You say, ‘what larger golems ?’
Kal t`Ven says ‘I can assure you that if you proceed beyond these doors, you will find out for yourself. I will tell you though that there is a great master of the guardians that walk these halls, and he is aptly named as well, for he will instruct those below him to assist him should trouble engulf him. For your own sake, I hope you are prepared for the immensity of the situation ahead. If you are not, then this adventure is not for you, as it was not for me. What lay beyond was the death of me, not so long ago, and that is why I am now a permanent resident to these frosty walls. They do tell stories though. . .’
You say, ‘what stories ?’
Kal t`Ven says ‘There is a story of a [short fellow] who came through here looking for grand adventures and seeking grand treasures, but all he found was grand pain and suffering. There is a lost love story of a [man and a woman] who came here in search of a friend, only to be sucked into the traps that litter the grounds beyond. Theirs is a most sad tale, wrought with pain and suffering, and whose story isn’t yet completed. Then. . . then there is your story. Your story is what you make of it, and I hope for your sake you choose the pages of your adventure well. Look to the halls of this debilitating dungeon for answers you seek and perhaps you will find more than you were searching for.’
You say, ‘what short fellow ?’
Kal t`Ven closes his eyes, as if to re-imagine himself in a very intriguing and exciting chronicle. ‘An overzealous little gnome, his life revolved around finding new and dangerous things. He would search for weeks on end looking for the next adventure, seeking out what a fabled beast looked like, or exploring to try and find the next great treasure. Milas was his name and his last great journey led him to the halls of this lair in search of [great knowledge], and great wealth.’
You say, ‘what great knowledge ?’
Kal t`Ven says ‘No one knows for sure, except for Milas and the two lovers who came looking for him so long ago. As with most people though, I believe he came in search of the mighty sleeping beast with the hope that perhaps he might solve the mystery for himself and be the greatest gnome ever to have explored the extensive regions of this world.’
You say, ‘what man and a woman ?’
Kal t`Ven says ‘Paldar and Ulessa Bladesoul were said to have been soul bound by love. They had found each other in life early on and made their lives together the happiest and most exciting they could. However, their excitement was lent in part by an overzealous gnome friend they had named Milas. He would bring them news of something new and exciting to look into, to explore, or to seek out. But when Milas decided that he was going to make a trip to this tomb, the two of them tried to dissuade him of the trek, for they thought it too dangerous. He made the trip anyway, and because he was their friend, they ventured to the tomb after him. This was to be their last mistake, and they paid their lives for it. You may still be able to see them wandering the halls, as their spirits have not left this tomb.’

You say, ‘Hail, Paldar Bladesoul’
Paldar Bladesoul jolts his head in the direction of the voice. ‘You. . . you’re not an apparition are you? No, you can’t be, that’s what I am. Well, I’m glad to meet you, my name is Paldar Bladesoul. I don’t suppose you’ve seen [Ulessa] since you’ve entered this tomb, have you?’
You say, ‘who is Ulessa ?’
Paldar Bladesoul looks away in disgust, whether for himself or for this Ulessa person, you don’t know. ‘Ulessa was my beloved wife. It seems so long since we were together, but life without essence is an eternity. She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, and she entranced me beyond all thought. We came to this ominous tomb in search of our good friend [Milas], but we weren’t aware of truly how dangerous this place was until we got here.
You say, ‘who is Milas ?’
Paldar Bladesoul says ‘Milas An`Rev, one of the most ambitious gnomes I’ve ever met, not to mention one of the friendliest. Ulessa and I first met him shortly after we were wed in the small cauldron named after Dagnor, and from there embarked on a long series of ‘explorative missions’, as he put it. He had a way of always getting us into [trouble], but nothing we couldn’t handle. Even after years of adventuring, even after we thought we’d seen everything there was to see, he would find something new to explore. He was quite an amazing little gnome.’
You say, ‘what trouble’
Paldar Bladesoul says ‘You name it. Milas was always intrigued by new and exciting, often very dangerous things and he would always ask us if we wanted to come along. Being the intrepid explorers that we were, and that we were best friends with Milas, we couldn’t say no. So we went along with him everywhere he went, and let me tell you, he had a keen eye for locale. We’d explore the lands of Antonica, then move on to something hidden and mysterious in the ancient ruins on Kunark. We spent more time on the road looking for that next piece of the puzzle, or trying to find that next smallest creature that we called the road home, and Milas our family. That is, until he asked us to explore the ancient mystery of the [sleeping dragon].’
You say, ‘what sleeping dragon ?’
Paldar Bladesoul says ‘That’s the same thing I asked Milas so long ago when he told us about this extraordinary creature. ‘Paldar me ol’ friend, Ulessa ya beaut’, listen to what I ‘ave found’ he said to us. We had no idea of the immensity of this mighty creature until he had described, in detail, what the myths and tales had to say about this beast. We listened intently as he went on and on about this powerful sleeping dragon and how it had been put there by a great many dragons long ago. We both knew that [he was planning] something around this dragon, but we didn’t know what it was exactly at the time.’
You say, ‘what he was planning ?’
Paldar Bladesoul says ‘After he finished his fabulous tale, he explained to us that he was going to search the planet for the fabled prismatic beast, and that he wanted us to come along with him. We were stunned when he finished, and even more so that he asked us to come with him to find this monstrosity. Both Ulessa and I tried to talk Milas out of it. We pleaded with him not to go, and told him it was a [foolish endeavor], but he wouldn’t listen.’
You say, ‘what foolish endeavor ?’
Paldar Bladesoul says ‘Talk of a dragon almost as powerful as the creator herself?! A dragon that reigned supreme over all other dragons as they looked on and cowered in fear? Such beasts were unimaginably powerful and a group of three tireless adventurers would have no way to take on such a monster. We were honestly frightened by the story and we feared for anyone who tried to embark on a journey to find such a beast. But as I said, Milas paid no heed to our warnings and went off on his own anyway. We really had no idea what to think at that point, but we knew that we [had to do] something, before Milas got himself killed.’
You say, ‘and what did you do ?’
Paldar Bladesoul says ‘He was our friend, though now we started to wonder if perhaps he had gotten too far into these explorative missions for his own good. Because he was our friend, we had to go after him to make sure he didn’t do something he shouldn’t. We followed his trail all over Norrath before finally finding out that he had made it to the [ancient tomb]. We found out where the tomb was and raced there to try and catch up to him.’
You say, ‘what ancient tomb ?’
Paldar Bladesoul says ‘The walls shined dimly with a glacial velium bile the likes of which we had never seen before, not to mention the fact that they stood hundreds of feet high. I’m sure you felt the same way the first time you came here. The awe-inspiring architecture clouded our minds for a brief moment while we took it all in. Truly, we thought, Milas had stumbled onto something magnificent, albeit terrifying. We proceeded through the tomb carefully, avoiding the various golems and gargoyles that we encountered, all the while trying to locate any sign of Milas. We came to the door directly across from this room and my first thought was, ‘What’s in here?’ Without a moment’s thought, we moved forth towards the [door] to open it.’
You say, ‘what door ?’
Paldar Bladesoul says ‘The door was gigantic and spanned the entire reach of the hall, from floor to ceiling. It took a great force to muster it open, and what we saw when we opened the door terrified us both. Beyond the door lay a humungous golem, over three times the size of the normal golems. We tried to close the door before it noticed us, but it was too late. It charged for us, the smaller golems following behind. I tried to fend off the huge golem to try and let my beloved wife escape. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t see whether or not she was able to escape, and for all I know, she could have died right then and there. As for me, I was quickly done in by the might progenitor, and have spent the last. . . eternity here [waiting for] Ulessa.’
You say, ‘what are you waiting for here ?’
Paldar Bladesoul says ‘I’m fairly certain that my beloved wife perished in this condemned tomb shortly after me, and while that makes me sad, I still have nothing but love for her and wish to find her. I’ve had plenty of time over the years to come up with a way to try and escape this prison I’m in so that I might be able to find her, but unfortunately the bond between my soul and this statue are far too strong to allow me to go anywhere. I’ve been waiting for quite some time for someone to come to aid me in my struggles, but I don’t know anyone who will help.’
You say, ‘I will help you’
Paldar Bladesoul says ‘You will? That’s fantastic, this might just work. I’ve concocted a way to put my spirit into a mortal body, at least long enough to search the tomb for any sign of Ulessa. I’ve come up with the perfect way to do this, and here’s what it’s going to take. I’m going to need you to bring me the lifeblood of several of the creatures in the tomb. I don’t wish to upset the creatures or their spirits in this tomb, so all I’ll say is that the more powerful beasts will be the ones that will have what I need. Gather the ten components for me and bring them back to me, I’ll be able to use them to form the creature that I can join my spirit with.’

He give a bag, 10 slots, giant size, magic lore nodrop norent, no weight reduc.
Guess now I have to collect 10 items…

Well, let’s continue…
Further in the dungeon, is Milas An`Rev.
I’ve not discuss with him, cos I know he become a kos wyvern with a certain keyword, but I will do it later.

Further more, is Ulessa Bladesoul :
You say, ‘Hail, Ulessa Bladesoul’
Ulessa Bladesoul looks up with you and sniffles. From the look of it, she has been sniffling like that for quite some time, though you’re not sure how long. ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I really don’t mean to do this in front of you, it’s just that I’m so very [unhappy].’
You say, ‘why are you unhappy ?’
Ulessa Bladesoul says ‘I’m unhappy because I haven’t seen my husband in so long. We were so very in love, did everything together. But after the [incident], I never saw him again. It’s like a pang in the back of my throat keeps causing me pain, but it’s not a pain that is tangible or real, simply an emotional one. I feel so empty though without Paldar by my side.’
You say, ‘what incident ?’
Ulessa Bladesoul says ‘It all started because of a friend we once had. I say once had because he, like myself, is dead and gone. Milas was his name and he was an adventuresome little fellow, always looking to go out and do the most dangerous, most fanatically unheard of [things] to ‘live’ his life. His final endeavor was to come to this wretched place and find some lost sleeping dragon. Paldar and I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn’t listen. We tried to tell him that he was just looking to get himself killed and that he should just let it go. But gnomes will be gnomes and he was a gnome. So just like a gnome, he was stubborn and wouldn’t listen to a thing we had to say.’
You say, ‘what things ?’
Ulessa Bladesoul says ‘He went off on his own after we pleaded with him not to go and came here, to this. . . this. . . PLACE! Ugh, it makes me so angry to think that he came here, and like the fools that we were, Paldar and I came after him to try and stop him. Did we stop to think that maybe we should just let him go? No, of course not, because that’s not what friends do for their friends. Instead, we followed him and we got ourselves caught up in the [mess].’
You say, ‘what mess ?’
Ulessa Bladesoul says ‘What mess? I’ll tell you what mess! We came here, of course terrified out of our minds. We saw the pretty sights, found out that there are huge golems and what not all over the place just waiting to grind you into velium dust, and then we came to a door. So tell me, what do you have to do when you come to a door, by default?’
You say, ‘open it..’
Ulessa Bladesoul says ‘You open it, exactly! And that’s just what we did, because we thought that perhaps Milas was behind the door. We didn’t take into account that the door was twenty times larger than either of us, but we still opened it. Well, beyond that door we didn’t find the gnome we had come here to find. Instead we found the creator golem, set in that room to create more golems for the ones that failed. I’m sure you can imagine [what happened] after that.’
You say, ‘what happened ?’
Ulessa Bladesoul says ‘We tried to close the door, hoping he wouldn’t see us, but he did. He came charging after us, his feet making thunderous footsteps the entire way. My dear brave husband stood up to him and his newly built sentries to try and let me escape, and escape I did. That is, if you can really even call it an escape. I made it out of the eye of that creator beast and fumbled my through this forsaken tomb, barely missing the various [beasts] of burden along the way.’
You say, ‘what beasts ?’
Ulessa Bladesoul says ‘Golems, gargoyles, wyverns, spectres, you name it. Each time I saw one, I almost let out a scream that would have awoken the dead, if they hadn’t been already I mean. I got turned around quite a few times too, going back and forth not remembering which way was up. But finally, I got to this statue behind me and looked at it. It was so still and gentle, yet it portrayed the epitome of [evil] that had slain my husband and most likely slain our friend Milas.’
You say, ‘what evil ?’
Ulessa Bladesoul says ‘The evil of the sleeping prismatic dragon; the evil that corrupted our little gnomish friend and brought us to our deaths. It was here that I stood, looking at this statue that I realized that it was hopeless for me to continue on. What was I trying to prove to myself anyway? That I could live on and survive? That I could find this infamous sleeper and tell him to shove off? None of that was going to be part of my story, none of it at all. Instead, while I was gawking at the marble dragon, a [shadow] engulfed me.’
You say, ‘what shadow ?’
Ulessa Bladesoul says ‘That’s the very same thought that was going through my head at the time. Who’s shadow could that be, or rather. . . what shadow could possibly be that large? When I turned, I had my answer. There, in front of me stood a lumbering golem, its bright velium skin glistening in front of me. It was at that point that I knew my life had been for naught, and that I would never see my husband again. So here I stand, an ever-lasting spirit of the tomb, [waiting] eternally to see my poor Paldar in the after life.’
You say, ‘what are you waiting ?’
Ulessa Bladesoul says ‘Waiting? Who knows why I’m waiting. I guess I felt that someday, some live being like yourself could help me find my beloved. Perhaps allow us to reunite, if only for a moment. I had some kooky ideas about how to make that work, but I really didn’t have a way to get the components I needed to make them work.’
You say, ‘I will help you’
Ulessa Bladesoul says ‘You will? Well like I said, I don’t know exactly what is required but I’m sure that if you find something out of the ordinary, especially that brings essence to any of the beings in here, it would probably be useful. Here, take this bag and put anything you find in there. It’s not a real sturdy bag, so if you do find something bring it back to me as quickly as you can. I really appreciate what you’re doing for me, and if it helps me find Paldar, I’ll be eternally grateful!’


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