On Kael

Reference: http://web.archive.org/web/20010610201133/http://everquest.station.sony.com/hht/veliouslore/12th.jsp

Early this morning, the adventurers were roused from their bed (aye, bed, singular – the entire group shared but one of the giants’ beds, each finding himself with more room than he’d ever had before to sleep stretched out) and brought before the giant king, Tormax. His throne, they were told, was crafted from the skull remains of the dragon, Hsagra, mate to Yelinak, who was slain by their ancestor, Porlos. The seat of the throne itself lies within the jaws of the dragon’s skull. The party was honored with this tale of the giants’ history, and also learned that the arena in which they had observed battle is also dedicated to Porlos.

The current throne room, we’re told, is a relatively new addition to the castle, which is known as Dragon Death Keep. The party, after paying homage to King Tormax, was escorted through the castle. Behind the throne, they were shown the hall of the council, within which was a second, older and less ornate, throne. This, they were told, was the old throne room, and serves now, as a meeting room for King Tormax and his council. The king’s advisors were gathered to welcome the party.

The group was introduced to Keldor del`Torek, high sorcerer to the king, who was at his research when they entered his chamber. We’re told that the noble to the left of Keldor is one of those worthies who lives in the nearby residence. The other giant, barely visible to the right, is one of the king’s loyal bodyguards. His name was not mentioned to the group, however, we’re told the giants refer to him in hushed tones. Apparently, he is held in high regard (or fear, we’re not quite sure which).

The city, our party was advised, and its people are dedicated to the Zeks, Rallos, Tallon and Vallon. A temple to each is located within their city, with that for Rallos, God of War, in the center and those of his twin sons Tallon and Vallon on either side. Only those truly dedicated to Rallos Zek may enter his temple, our party was told grimly by its guardian, one Kallis, by name. He is shown in the picture here, at his post near that place of worship.

This great wall of velium is embossed with the symbol of the War God, as are many other surfaces in the city of Kael Drakkel. The party was permitted to go no closer to the temple of Rallos than this.

Thwarted in their attempts to see what was described as a “living statue” of the War God himself, our party has decided to continue their exploration of the continent. They have been told that the extent of their travels thus far has uncovered less than half of the continent of Velious, and they are anxious to continue in their quest for knowledge.

The best news to date is that the recommendation of the exploration team is to finally make the Icebreaker available to the public for transportation to the ice continent! A dock in the Northern Desert of Ro has been designated as the embarcation point for trips to Velious, and travelers are admonished to be prepared for severe weather and dangers untold!


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