The Journal of Yasva V’Alear

The Journal of Yasva V’Alear
This tattered and torn book appears to have belonged to the priestess Yasva V’Alear.

The Penitent’s Absolution continues to lead me to many great victories. I wish I understood more about the power it holds… so that I could use it to even greater ends. As it is, there are few on this world who can stand before me, and I suppose I am content with that.

I’ve come to the land of Kunark to put my power up against the Sathirian Empire. I doubt that even they, in the reaches of their power, have the might to stop me. I have truly become unstoppable with this weapon.

Though I loathe to admit it, I have gone into hiding. The Sathirians have sent legions after me and the Absolution. They know what power I hold, and they are willing to allow me to slaughter scores of their iksar to take it from me. I will never let them take it, thought.

They are too close. Thought I may die at their hands, I will never allow them to have the Absolution. I have disassembled it and scattered its parts. The hilt I hid here in this same land in which I will die, among savage beasts who hoard their treasure fiercely. The flail heads and crown I hid among their greatest enemies, the sarnak and the drolvarg, who will certainly fight to keep the pieces from them. The pommel I gave to the hands of a savage race of subterraneans who will certainly burrow it far down in the ground, away from them.

I know only of a family of iksar weaponsmiths in Freeport who have the necessary knowledge to repair the physical body of my weapon. But even if they manage to reassemble it, its blessings are gone. They will have to earn the blessings of Malevolence if they truly wish to restore it, and that is no easy task. The power of the Penitent’s Absolution dies with me, and that thought will carry me peacefully into death.


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