The Journal of Samantha Rageshree

The Journal of Samantha Rageshree

Winday 14th, Warmstill 5405
Crops continue to wither and fail at an alarming rate, the cause still unknown. More and more townsfolk continue to grow ill. Mayor Yuntson sent a brigade of militiamen into the nearby hills to investigate. May Karana shed some light on this increasingly dire situation that threatons to destroy our entire village!

Steelday 15th, Warmstill 5405
Only a single survivor has returned from the group of men sent to investigate the strange happenings outside Everling Village. A young man named Beck hobbled back to town, his face covered with pustules. Not wanting to place the entire village in a panic, I brought the boy back to my home, out of the public’s sight. The boy told me the militia encountered a man whose touch withered trees and scorched grass. When approached by the militia he unleashed a sickening flurry of locust (sic) that furiously gnawed at the men, tearing their flesh away as they floundered about helplessly. A warlock no doubt. The boy did not get a good look at the face of the man who had attacked them but noted that in his hand he held a heinous looking dagger which dripped with some strange ichor. Gods help us all.

Feastday 3rd, Lastleaf 5405
Severeal would-be heroes have come and gone from our little town. Each claim that they will be the one to slay the warlock who preys upon our town for no reason. We threw celebrations for the first few to take up the cause but, as time went on and not a single one of the adventurers returned, the townsfolk grew despondent. The sense of hope that we all once held was gone. Can no one help us?

Soulday 18th, Firstchill 5405
May the name of Ritter Shortshank always be remembered! Finally a hero has saved us from the plague spewing villain who seemed wholly dedicated to seeing our town’s demise. I can’t believe it has already been a week since Ritter appeared at the Muddy Boot Inn. In his hand he carried the hilt of the warlock’s dagger and an urn containing the ashes of our now vanquished foe. “For fear of spreading more disease to you fine folk, I’ve gone ahead and cremated his body.” He told us. “Who knows what sort of nasty afflictions the man had on him!” Such a fine man, and handsome too!


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