Emperor Vekin

I see that a few of you are curious about the mighty ruler of the last iksar empire, sometimes referred to as the Cabilisian Empire. This great warlord was none other than Emperor Vekin, an iksar that was both feared and revered. His tale may be discovered soon enough, but for those that cannot wait, here is a bit of lore.

Who is he?
VH: Emperor Vekin was the first ruler of the Cabilisian Empire. He resurrected the iksar nation after the End Days.
What caste does he belong to?
VH: Emperor Vekin was a born warrior. He used his superior martial skills to unite the small bands of iksar that were scattered around Kunark during the Age of Turmoil.
Where did he come from?
VH: He hailed from a warrior tribe. It is rumored that this tribe descended from the elite soldiers of the Army of Ik. The particular military unit that his tribe spawned from was said to be very sadistic and they were known for gruesome acts of torture.
Was he the one to retake Cabilis and found New Sebilis, or has the new Empire had more than one Emperor so far?
VH: Cabilis, a former iksar city, was captured by Emperor Vekin’s legion and declared the capital of the Cabilisian Empire. He resided within Vekin Palace, a grand structure within Cabilis. This palace was like no other. Inside one could not only find the opulent chambers of the Emperor, but also a vast underground dungeon. Vekin enjoyed the art of torture and made it a part of his everyday life.
Is he at all connected to the Sathir line, of which the last one we knew was Chottal?
VH: Vekin has no Sathir blood flowing in his veins.
What is his attitude towards the world outside Cabilis, and what are his plans for Kunark?
VH: Emperor Vekin wanted the iksar to return to glory. Building his legions and claiming Cabilis were his first big steps. What came after that has yet to be discovered.
How does he regard Venril Sathir?
VH: Emperor Vekin does not look favorably upon the resurrected Venril Sathir. He and many other iksar saw Venril’s return as a threat to the rise of a new empire. The new armies being formed by Venril were not merely iksar soldiers, but also of a supernatural and often undead nature. The Cabilisian Empire and Venril Sathir would be destined to come in direct conflict. What came after that conflict cannot be known until you set foot upon the rediscovered continent of Kunark in the Age of Destiny.



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