My Journey to Harrow’s End

They who have heard of the Unkempt Druid, think us nothing but zealots, but their ignorance transcends the planes, even in Ethernere, our new home, forever under the shade of the Lord of Graves.The worst of them is Wegadas, for he is their leader, their father. I will follow him closely as he spews his drivel to those who would call themselves the Augurs of her. They must see the light in death. The ways of the Unkempt Warders has no place here. I will see to it.

Cardin Ward is upon us. These Wayward act comfortable within its walls, but I see the worry in their faces. Drinal’s Harrowing Horde has been released upon them, as was required. Ethernere is becoming overcrowded with this Wayward plague who must be eradicated.Wegadas has promised them protection. I laugh as they fall for his ranting, as though his Writ of the Wild and Tunare can protect them from Drinal. Do they not see? They are bound within Ethernere! If they would accept that fact, accept Drinal, then he would embrace them, and call back the Horde.

I know where I stand. The Harrowing Horde do not frighten me. They pass me by and feast only upon their intended prey. I have shown this to the Wayward in Cardin Ward, particularly those who now follow Wegadas. Most are blind, but to a few I have proved that to follow Wegadas is to follow a life of a runaway. A nomad with no home, not even a temporary one.Even camped outside the safety of Cardin Ward they cannot feel safe. My section of camp has not lost a single among us. The Augurs of Ulter, both those that recently converted and Wegadas’s original followers, have taken notice. They will soon choose right from wrong. And when they do, I will accept them.

My followers grow while the number of Augurs wane. Wegadas is beginning to feel threatened by my presence, fueled by the ever-increasing threat of the Harrowing Horde. Now a new threat, at least to the Augurs, is upon them. The Gehein have emerged. I have heard of their kind. Those who volunteered their souls for the Horde.It is a calling similar to mine own, but Drinal will see that unlike the Gehein, I seek to spread his will to others through my teachings of the Unkempt Druids. I have continued to update this philosophy, molded it to Ethernere, to death and chaos.

When we reached the camp of Wayward erudites, Wegadas fell sick. It was a turning point for many of his followers. Through our journey, so many of them were taken by the Harrowing Horde, yet none had that followed my path of the Unkempt Druids.And now they see their leader sick and nearly dying. We have all eaten the same foods, drank from the same waters, yet he is the only one. It must be Drinal. He is watching. He has sensed a blasphemer in his realm and has punished this would-be prophet!

The erudite have cared for him. In their battles with the Gehein and their pathetic attempt to restore the Ulteran spires, they somehow brought Wegadas back to health. I had hoped his remaining disciples would see him succumb to an illness no one else among us acquire. I !mow that Wegadas cannot truly die in Ethernere…or can he? I have heard a man in camp speaking to others about his visit within the walls of Harrow’s End. I confronted this Augur of Ulter.Indeed, he claims. He has been to see Drinal himself. With great need the path became clear to him. That is how he entered. One-for-one he says. A deal for a deal. That is how he was able to leave. Those that choose a deal for no deal are chained within Harrow’s End for an eternity. I will speak with this man further about this. I wish to speak with my god personally.

I now lead these people. Wegadas has been left a follower himself, along with but a dozen or so that still cling to his side. He should see his cause is lost, yet he clings to us. For safety, for the hope to bring us all back to the ways of the Unkempt Warders, I do not know, nor do I care.I should just destroy him. Be rid of this pestilence from our presence once and for all, but I have decided to show him what it means to be an Unkempt Druid. He will soon be converted, and the last of the Augurs of Ulter will be wiped from Ethernere forever.

I can feel my god’s call. I am ashamed to admit, but I was deaf and blind to it. I was obsessed with simply following Wegadas, and bringing his followers to their knees before me. But now that I have taken the lead, what felt like an aimless trek has turned into a pilgrimage.I have learned all that I needed from the man who claims to have seen Drinal himself. He knows these ways. We are indeed getting closer to the Silver Reaper’s home. Soon I will be at its doorsteps. Soon I will be at Drinal’s feet, and he will hear the words of the Unkempt Druids.

I can see the tips of Harrow’s End from where I stand, on the outskirts of this camp of lujiens. They have already killed three of us. Their souls have not returned, so I do not know where they have reformed. If they are true followers of my ways, they will find it safely to the Dreary Coast. Our final destination before I enter Harrow’s End. But first, these lujiens and their camp must be passed. Wegadas speaks of them highly, at least about the lujien he shared the Valley of the Dawn with in his mortal life.He nearly lost his own head to them, thinking these few would know his name. They are dangerous, yes, but I have a great respect for these lujien. They are said to be mirror images of Drinal, perhaps even his own creations. They are wholly, even blindly, devoted to Drinal. So much so that they only allow a select to enter their sanctuary. I would follow them myself, but I have a greater calling. A calling to lead.

We have arrived on the outskirts of my god’s home! The Whittled Woodlot is surrounded by lush cypress trees and beautiful, serene ponds. I have decided to live out the rest of my days here in the shadow of Harrow’s End, near the dock which once was used to shepherd souls to their gods’ realms.Those days are over, though, for Drinal is the one true god, and Ethernere is the one true plane. I shall remain here, awaiting Wayward who would think to leave, and introduce to them the ways of the Unkempt Druids. We shall destroy the non-believers! We will use their souls as nourishment for the land!

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