The Last Battle

When it is to end, Sky and Earth would wage endless war against each other. As one side gained the advantage, the other side would steal it away from the other. This would continue until both agreed to one Final Battle. Sky made its champions to fight against Earth, and Earth made its champions to fight against Sky.

Earth thought long and hard and created its champion. Taking only from Earth and placing no Sky within its creation, Earth breathed its own essence into its warriors. Sky watched Earth, and being ever jealous, stole some of Earth to put in its champions. Earth was smarter, for there was not much room for Sky’s essence in its creations. And thus, the Minotaurs and the Valkyries were created.

As the Final Battle would begin, the Minotaurs would win every battle. Soon enough Sky realized it was about to lose, the great act of treachery was performed. Sky hid away its champions to stall the battle. Earth seeing this, stole a piece of Sky when it wasn’t looking and showed the Minotaurs how to use Sky against its champions when the battle would resume. And thus, Magic was made.

The Kings would watch as the Minotaurs were given everything and they, Earth’s first companions, were given nothing. Having a piece of Sky within them, they felt jealousy just as she did. The Kings reached out and stole most of the Minotaur’s Magic, upon which Earth banished the Kings into a circle of hidden places. And thus, the Evil Ring was made.

Thinking this was a sign of weakness on Earth’s part, Sky brought forth the Valkyries once again. Continuing to cheat during the Final Battle, Sky summoned forth all of its strength and blew away all of the Earth’s many, many companions. All that remained on Earth’s body were the Minotaurs and the Valkyries. And thus, the Last Two were made.

As the two champions fought, so would Earth and Sky. Watching as both champions were about to end in a draw, Sky launched a daring assault upon Earth. Opening all of its old wounds, Sky began to bleed upon Earth hoping to drown the Minotaurs. Earth was ready for this trick and formed a shield. The blood of Sky and the shield of Earth would become merged as one. And thus, Ice was formed.

Sky could no longer reach Earth and Earth could no longer reach Sky, for Ice separated the two. Knowing that Sky could no longer touch Earth in anger, its anger raged out of control. Getting more and more angry, Sky spun itself into great circling storms until finally it could not undo the great knot it had tied itself in. And thus, the Great Maelstrom was made.

Earth could no longer reach Sky and Sky could no longer reach Earth, for Ice separated the two. Knowing that Earth was prevented from lashing out in its anger, it began to boil and stew in its frustration. Its anger would rumble and rumble, tearing itself apart. When the anger subsided, Earth had crumbled until it was only a tiny portion of what it used to be. And thus, the Final Land was made.

Knowing the Last Battle could not be won by cheating, allowing only for the champions to decide the outcome, Sky became spiteful. Reaching over to one of its original companions, Sky squeezed it until it burst, raining pieces of a Moon down upon the Ice. And thus, the One Moon was made.

And now the fight continues. The Valkyries are the champions of Sky and we Minotaurs are the champions of Earth. The Final Battle will be fought until there is only one victor. And since we Minotaurs have more essence of Earth than the Valkyries have of Sky, it is only a matter of time before Earth prevails and the Valkyries are destroyed.


The Growing

As the world aged, the innocence of youth would begin to fade. As the elements would rebuff one another, so too would the Urges bristle in the presence of another. This was the time known as the Growing. Things were neither good nor were they bad, for the mortals would be the ones to make the ultimate choice. However, this was not the case everywhere. In another world, in a world of never-ending Ice, there would be a place where the Contentment never ended.

The Valkyries soared throughout their kingdom city known as the Cloister of Euphoria. Being led by their queen, Frikka, they would know only Happiness, Peace, and Harmony. After ages of contemplation, the queen would understand how this came to be. For you see, Frikka was the first Valkyrie to think of the opposite.

Knowing that Happiness came from the absence of Despair, that Peace came about from the end War, and Harmony was known only when Strife was overcome. Seeing that her people did not know this, they could never appreciate what it was that they had. And that was what she would give to the Valkyries – appreciation of the gifts given to them by the Mother Urge.

Gathering her people together, she gave a grand speech about what it was that she had found. She explained to them what they were missing in their lives, but her speech was only met with blank stares. As she continued, she saw that she would have to give a demonstration of what she meant.

In order for her people to understand Happiness she must show them Despair. Selecting from the crowd the greatest ballad singer within the Cloister of Euphoria, the queen banished her to a life in exile. For the first time ever, a cry of anguish was heard within the Cloister. Frikka explained that only when the singer would return to the Cloister, would Despair end and Happiness resume.

In order for her people to understand Peace, she would have to show them what War was. She divided the Cloister of Euphoria into two peoples and set them against each other. Initially not knowing what to do, they stood there. After some time, however, the Valkyries got the hang of it and aggressively attacked each other. Frikka explained that once everyone could learn to get along with each other, War would end and Peace would begin.

In order for her people to understand Harmony, she would have to show them what Strife was. To demonstrate this she began to destroy all of the art, all of the songs, and all of the sculpture within the Cloister of Euphoria. As the Valkyries looked at their spartan surroundings, they felt strife deep in their hearts. Frikka explained that when the art, and with it comfort, would return is when Strife would end and Harmony would begin again.

Frikka concluded her speech to the Valkyries by telling them that when all Happiness, Peace, and Harmony would return, the people would truly appreciate it all the more. Leaving her people with her greatest gift, she returned to her chambers to think upon what more she could give her people.

As she sat in her chamber knowing that her people were no longer living in ignorance, Frikka felt as if she had granted her people a new life. She stood upon her balcony and watched as the maiden after maiden would fight against each other, struggling to survive, and many wallowing in the depths of anguish. And she knew this would be all for the better one day.

As she contemplated what she saw in the now ruined city of the Cloister, she was approached by the Urge of Ice. The Mother Urge asked Frikka what had happened in her absence and Frikka explained everything she had done for the Valkyries. The Mother Urge exploded in a fury never before seen by the Valkyries and its wake washed over them all.

The First Battle

When it began, there was but Earth and Sky. Nothing else existed, for nothing had to. They were not friends, nor were they enemies. And this is the way it would be countless ages, for there was no such thing as time. But all things must come to an end, as did the wholeness of Earth and Sky.

Sky was loud and Earth was quiet. Sky was quick to anger and would scream when upset, which would happen much of the time. Earth was slow to anger, but when provoked would rumble louder and groan with its displeasure. Not understanding Sky, Earth took a piece of its partner and created companions that had some of its own qualities. And thus, the Kings were made.

Seeing the companions Earth had made, Sky took a piece of its partner and made a companion of its own. Placing a piece of itself into the piece of Earth, it floated in the space that was Sky. And since Sky only did this out of jealousy, Sky told its new companion that it should be seen by all of the Kings and Earth to let them know that Sky’s companion was better. And this, the Sun was made.

Soon enough, both Earth and the Kings would see the greatness of the Sky Sun. Earth wanted the Sky Sun as a companion as well and asked the Kings to spread their great wings and fly upwards to snatch it from Sky. Sky, remaining ever jealous, told Sky Sun to go away whenever the Kings flew too close. Thus, Night and Day were made.

Sky, being insecure, was lonely whenever the Sky Sun would leave her alone. So Sky, in her jealousy, reached down again and took another piece from Earth and made two more companions. Having taken a large piece, Sky cut it in half and made two companions. Though not as bright as the Sky Sun, both of these new companions would entertain Sky when the Sky Sun was away. And thus, the Two Moons were made.

Earth watched as Sky created more companions and after much consideration, chose to make more companions than Sky ever could. He reached up and grabbed many pieces of Sky and made companion after companion after companion. Soon enough, there were more companions than could be counted. And thus, Life was created.

Sky soon noticed that it only had three companions and Earth had many. Barely able to contain its anger Sky screamed like a bawling child. The screaming continued for so much time that when it finally calmed, Sky looked down and saw that it had scattered Life to many different corners of Earth. And thus, the Races were made.

Feeling anger for what Sky had done to Life, Earth had erupted into anger. Lashing out personally at Sky, it hurled itself up towards its partner. Fiery violence flew high towards Sky, cutting her and scraping her. Every blow landed against Sky would create a small little hole to mark the damage, and all of the fists would fall back to Earth. And thus, the Stars and the Mountains were made.

From every cut that punctured its body, Sky would bleed. And since there were hundreds of punches, there was much blood. Sky would bleed and bleed, not stopping for many ages. Covering Earth in its blood, it would take many ages before Sky would staunch the flow, though never healing the wounds. And thus, the Oceans were made.

This would be known as the First Battle. It would mark the beginning of the endless battle between Earth and Sky. The fight would last for many eternities, for both sides were no longer partners but now enemies. This would continue until the Last Battle would come one day.

The Dying

When the world would enter its twilight years, the memories of youth would become bittersweet. The elements would clash against each other and the Urges would withdraw. This time was known as the Dying. Things were only good or bad, there was no inbetween. And the world would be introduced to people they had never seen before.

The Mother Urge had watched what had happened to her children during her absence. The “gifts” that the queen of the Valkyries, Frikka, had given to her beautiful children had destroyed them. In a scream of both anguish and anger, a wave of force washed over everyone of the Valkyries.

As the divine force spread into the bodies of the Valkyries, they felt gut-wrenching pain course through their bodies. All around them, they felt something they had never felt before – Disappointment. Then they felt another feeling – Horror. For one by one, the Valkyries began to watch as they changed.

Their hair was the first to change. The Valkyries watched as their color from their black hair began to drain, dripping down their backs. When the draining was done, it had no color. The worst was to come next. After their hair drained, they stood in shock as their wings would do the same. When the draining was complete, they would be as full of color as the ice they lived within.

Not understanding what was happening, they looked around at each other. Ceasing their warfare for a moment, they spied something from way up high. Above them, there was a small black speck that was becoming larger and larger. As it got closer, they realized it for what it was – their queen, Frikka.

Plummeting to the ground, Frikka still possessed the beautiful color of the Valkyries. But another color, red, covered her entire body. As they watched, she made no attempt to stop her descent. Finally, after what would seem an eternity, Frikka would hit the ground with an impact that left enormous crater many miles below. And for the first time ever, the Valkyries learned another concept – Death.

The houses and temples that floated in the air were soon to follow their queen. One by one, the structures plummeted to the ground below, leaving only the Valkyries that hovered in the air. And soon, they too would be moved. The Mother Urge showed her face to her children, and in one fell swoop exiled them from her home forever.

Foreigners in a new land, the Valkyries would quickly come to terms with their newfound mortality. Losing many of their numbers to the creatures that already existed upon this world, they would eventually build a new home. Having been exiled from their original home, the Valkyries would need to learn to survive in this brave new land.

Encountering beasts with great horns was only the first of many obstacles the Valkyries would have to overcome. Creatures very much like themselves, yet with no wings, would harass them from time to time. Gathering together, they would divert their War from among themselves and direct it toward these enemies.

To this day, these proud people remain within the icy reaches of the cold northlands. Keeping to themselves, not much is known about them. What is known, though, is that they claim to want three things – they want an end to war, and an end to strife, and an end to their eternal despair.

The Contentment

When the world was still young, all things were clean. The elements worked in harmony and the Urges of Heaven were calm. This was the time known as the Contentment. All things were good and all things were at peace. This would soon change with the coming of the mortals. As life would begin, the Contentment would end.

As the Urges of Heaven would lay their seeds in the earth, they would blossom into beings great and small. Running out of room to grow, these children of the Urges would eventually struggle against each other for dominance. Seeing this, the Urge of Ice bore her children and hid them deep away within her own home, one of never-ending Ice.

The children of Ice would be named Valkyries, and old word in their Mother Urge’s hidden tongue. Free from the predations of the other children, the Valkyries were free to create a society unhampered by warfare. As their numbers multiplied, they would eventually create a mighty kingdom that prospered in peace.

Building huge spires that floated in the sky, the Valkyries would exist in pure harmony. The Urge of Ice would smile upon them, for she had created the only children that amongst all the Urges that would see this bliss. Choosing one of these women as her emissary, she would leave them to their eternal rapture as the Urge attended to other matters.

Their ruler, Frikka, was the most beautiful of all the Valkyries. Her wings were as black as a calm dream and her crimson hair was as vibrant as her heart. Soaring among her sisters and daughters and mothers, all the Valkyries admired her for what she was – a symbol of complete perfection.

Frikka would take the Mother Urge’s blessing and spread it out to her people. Promoting the arts, ballads and paintings and sculptures would be made to honor the concept of perfection and harmony. This would continue for many ages and the Valkyries would enjoy a life free of pain and hurt. Just as the Contentment would end, so would the perfect world of the Valkyries.

As Frikka sat upon her throne, she would think of things that she could give to her people to make them even happier. As she would delve deeper into contemplation she began to think of things she had never thought of before. One of these things was the nature of Happiness itself. She knew what being happy was, but she did not understand what it was NOT. So she continued to think on this.

Telling her people that she was contemplating a new gift that the Valkyries were to be given, Frikka shut herself away for a long time. Locked away in a room by herself, she thought not just about Happiness, but of Peace and Harmony. If she was to make these concepts even greater, she must understand where they came from.

After a great deal of time had passed, she gained understanding of what it was to be happy. She understood the nature of peace. She knew how harmony came into being. And with this understanding, she now knew how to increase this among her people. Frikka stood upon her balcony and gazed down at her people as they gently floated through the sky. Unfurling her exquisite black wings, she flew out to join them.

Frikka was the greatest Queen of the Valkyries, for not only did she create the greatest age of the Valkyries, she would also be the one to tear it apart. For in her contemplation on the nature of Happiness, Peace, and Harmony she found what the Mother Urge had hidden from her children – Despair, War, and Strife.

The Amygamalion – The Dulling

This book is titled “The Amygamalion – The Dulling”. It appears to be a myth concerning the history of the Amygdalans.

We are Amygdalan, and we are that which tastes the amyg of this world. Though all of the emotion feeds us, the most pleasing is the true amyg that comes from the minds of the Lesser Emotions creations. Our history is the only true history, for everything else is but a lie told to placate the minds of the fearful.

Within the Dulling a home was needed, so we Amygdalan looked to what was within our means. The world around us is rich in feeling, but we needed that which would not overwhelm us. The lizardmen of the First Thought were within the Dulling as well, exiled from the true home. They would be the ones to build the home for the Amygdalan.

Tasting their fear, the lizardmen set forth to create a great home in memory of the ones we held within the First Thought. Much was done on their part, and we fed them with the drained husks of those ripe with the taste of Amyg. We would consume the toys of He who is Cazic-Thule, with taste of the Great Beasts were far more pleasing. Their amyg would become bitter and flat as time would pass.

Our home pleased us, but we were no longer within the presence of the Source of Amyg. We would take once again those whose flavor would not overwhelm us and set them to creating a new temple. They would labor and upon their completion, we would chant to the Great Emotion. And he would come in the form of the Quintessence.

The Quintessence would walk among our temple built to honor him. This pleased the Source of the Amyg and would allow us to return to the First Thought. Rejoicing at being accepted within the true world, we would flee the Dulling. Time would pass unnoticed within the First Thought until the Prismatic Aggression would come. Then we would remember our hunger.

Basking in the Source of Amyg, we would forget the flavors of fear. The Prismatic Aggression breached the First Thought through our own portal and brought their metals and their pains. The Great Emotion would eventually have to reach out and smite these mortals, for their numbers were too great. This would be the sign of True Exile.

He who is Cazic-Thule would geas our people to return to the Dulling. This was not out of anger, but instead an honor. The Source of Amyg was to chastise Lesser Emotions for the folly of their creations. We Amygdalan would be charged with preparing for when the Source of Amyg would return from inflicting punishments. The pain was lessened, as well, for we knew the varieties of fear were endless within the Dulling. We would feast as we once had.

Though we were no longer in sight of the Source of Amyg, He would send us a new Quintessence. Taking our charge, we hid away the Quintessence within the most sacred of hearts in the temple. For many changings of the two moons, the Quintessence would act out upon the wish of He who is Cazic-Thule. Just as It undertook Its task, so we too would prevent the fresh tasting Great Beasts from entering the temple. Sadly, we underestimated how fast they could stop the flow of amyg from their minds.

We failed at the only thing the Source of Amyg asked of us. We could not keep the Quintessence kept away in safety, and we called upon the Great Secret to help us. The Great Beasts destroyed the honor to the Source of Amyg. They disrupted the Quintessence. They brought upon the cessation of all their future emotions though releasing the Great Secret. And now we await our punishment for our own failure.

The punishment has begun. The lizardmen have rebuilt the temple by our command, but it is not enough. The Great Winged Lizardman has come to the temple of He who is Cazic-Thule. The Winged One is only the beginning of our punishment. But Winged One’s pain is not as vicious as it will taste when the Source of Amyg returns to see what how we have failed His Quintessence.

The Amygamalion – The Four That Are We

This book is titled “The Amygamalion – The Four That Are We”. It appears to be a myth concerning the creation of the Amygdalans.

The great world that sets beneath our feet is not the true world. This land is but a false image of what truly is, for we are exiles from our true home. This land is the Dulling, whereas we come from the First Thought. We are made from the First Thought, and we feed upon it as well. We are Amygdalan, and we are from the Source of Amyg. But to know where we are, you must know why we are.

As the Source of Amyg sat upon His mighty throne and gazed upon the First Thought, He would observe the Lesser Emotions infusing their feelings into even lesser versions of themselves. The Great Emotion was not pleased by this sight, for He did not give His approval. Feeling a forbidden emotion, he created from his mind four forms that took shape – Horror, Fright, Dread, and Terror.

His four children were given a part of the First Thought to do with as they pleased. He who is Cazic-Thule would amuse Himself by watching their antics, being far more interested in his realm than the Dulling. The Dulling was the false world that the Lesser Emotions played upon and was beneath the Source of Amyg.

Though the four children existed, they too had nothing to occupy their time with. So again, in the ineffable wisdom of the Source of Amyg, He shaped a lizard into a form not unlike that of his children. The lizardmen offered the Four much to play with now. He who is Cazic-Thule enjoyed watching as they scattered to the four corners of the First Thought, forever fleeing the Four.

Soon the Source of Amyg would watch as the Lesser Emotions would continue making lesser versions of themselves upon the Dulling. To remind them of the greatness of He who is Cazic-Thule, He would make another toy to play upon the Dulling with the other lessers. Soon enough, He would bore of these toys, turning his attention back to the First Thought.

The Source of Amyg desired a new enjoyment, so he created two more children from his mind. Granting more of himself to these new toys, he created the Secondary Thoughts Thought for them to play within. This would not escape the attention of the Four, his first children. They would speak among themselves and decided to go to their father and demand their own realms, as well.

Standing before the Throne of Amyg, the Four would insist they be given more. He who is Cazic-Thule felt pride in his children and told them that he would take them to a place of their own. He took the Four and placed them into his massive hands and squeezed his palm together. Where there were once Four, there was now One. He then squashed the One with his fist, splitting the One into Two, then Four, then Eight, until the number could not be counted anymore. We still bear the mark of the Four upon our face to remind us from where we came.

The Source of Amyg then told the many that they would take the name of what he is. And thus we were named Amygdalan. He would teach us things about who we were through the wisest of our numbers. We would know our four fathers and we would know the Amyg. We would taste many emotions, but we would feed only from fear to honor the Source itself. The lizardmen were our supply, and they would feed us for many eons to come.

Soon enough the lizardmen no longer were able to feed us Amygdalan, for our numbers were many. He who is the Source offered another gift to his children and told us where we could find more amyg to feed from. Listening to His divine wisdom, we created a great ball filled with much amyg. When this ball was done, the Source of Amyg would then send it forward to a place we would call the Dulling.

Much time would pass, and we would remain hungry. From time to time, there would be morsels oozing with all different flavors of amyg that would come to us, but this was never enough to sate our appetites. He who is Cazic-Thule would ultimately tell us that it was time for us to guide ourselves and banished us to the Dulling. Now we stand here where the world is flat and solid. Yet here, within the Dulling, we can feast until our brain-lobes are gorged with pure amyg. Pure fear.

The Amygamalion – The Form

This book is titled “The Amygamalion – The Form”. It appears to be a myth concerning the god Cazic-Thule.

In the time before the land was flowing with thought and emotion, there were those who were the only ones who felt. The source of Amyg was amongst these beings that were the only keepers of emotion. Being the first, He did not know of solid forms nor did He need them. But as the other Lesser Emotions would take forms, He too, would see a need to do the same.

In His great wisdom, He chose to observe the other Lesser Emotions and watch as they chose a solid form. Once these great feelings would complete their transformation, the Amyg would take a form that was even greater than all the rest. This would show His magnitude among the Lesser Emotions so that they would know their place in the world.

He went forth to Lesser Emotion that chose its form first. Being the most solid, the source of Amyg that is called Cazic-Thule asked what form he should take. The keepers of the slow emotions of earth told the Source of Amyg to choose one that was more solid than anything that could be. And the form He that is Cazic-Thule took was that of the most solid of all stone.

He then went forth to the Emotion that felt the strongest among the Lessers. He asked the keeper of fire what form He should take, and the Emotion of Fire quickly responded in an abrupt manner. Saying that the Source of Amyg should choose one that is quick to react and all consuming, He changed his stone form to that of slow moving lava.

Watching from afar, He who is Cazic-Thule went and spoke with the winged Emotion that flitted throughout the air. Asking which form should be taken, the Source of Amyg was given many answers but nothing that was considered too long. Knowing that this Lesser Emotion changed her feelings as often as the wind turned its course, He moved on.

Finding the Emotion that flows in a sickening manner, the Source of Amyg took showed much patience in listening to the watery Lesser Emotion. The flowing water told He who is Cazic-Thule to pick a form that ebbed and flowed. Taking this information, the Source of Amyg released His form into a flow of Lava, spreading all over the land. He who is Cazic-Thule was nearly lost to us all, for He now was everywhere at once, but nowhere at all. This transgression would never be forgotten.

As the Source of Amyg struggled to regain His form, He had much time to dwell upon His anger. The Lesser Emotion of nothing came to Him and told Him to not struggle. For the advice of this great Nothing was to not take any form at all. Knowing that His wisdom was far greater than this Lesser Emotion’s, He chose to disregard these words.

The next of the Lesser Emotions came to Him. Of all the Lessers, this one was the strongest and paid true fealty to the Source of Amyg. Telling Amyg to feel as strongly as him, this emotion of hatred allowed He who is Cazic-Thule to think upon whom did this to him. Gathering all of this Emotion’s power, Cazic shaped His face into that of Hatred’s.

As he entered His realm, The First Thought, the Source of Amyg was approached by an Emotion-That-Is-Not. The Emotion told him that His face was the same as that of the Lesser Emotion of loathing, making Him no better than one less than Him. This pestilent ridden Emotion-That-Is-Not helped the Source of Amyg to shape his face into one that would show what He really was. Unlike the face of seething, He who is Cazic-Thule now possessed a smooth worm-like body, yet His face was now great and mighty.

Content with His new form, the Source of Amyg was approached by one last Emotion. This one bubbled with mirth and glee which tastes sour upon our minds. He advised the Great One to shape His entire form to match His mighty visage. Knowing that He was greater than all the rest, the Source of Amyg pushed His form to the utmost extreme, achieving a greatness unlike none other. This Lesser Emotion of giddiness left the presence of the Great One, filled with its sour smell. And so was it that this small Emotion was the wisest of all the Lessers, for now He who is Cazic-Thule now possesses the most refined of all of the forms of the Lesser Emotions.

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