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Chronicle of Gromok, Volume I

The Chronicle of Gromok Hergom
I ink these words for fear that my once proud and mighty Ogres will forget the events I have seen in my long life. I am known at the time of this inking as Elder Gromok but I was once a soldier of little renown and status in the mighty Rallosian Legions under the command of Warlord Murdunk.

I was not raised to be an Elder of my fellow Ogres. My training was that of a soldier and I concerned myself only with the arts of warfare. It is with reluctance that I now bear the mantle of Elder and the cause of that reluctance is the same reason that I ink this tale.

I was stationed at the Fortress of Krithgor when the ogre magi first opened the portals to the Planes of Power. Plans were quickly laid and orders sent to our fortresses and troops in all corners of Tunaria. A large invasion force of Ogres, Giants, Orcs, and Goblins gathered at the newly opened planar portals. At the time I felt disappointed that my orders were to remain at Fortress Krithgor, that disappointment quickly turned to anger when I learned that the invasion failed, and although Warlord Murdunk survived our losses were great.

Some time passed before news reached the Fortress of Krithgor that a second invasion was being orchestrated. Rumors circled like hungry buzzards over a field of carnage concerning the plans for this second invasion. It was even said that Rallos Zek was to lead the campaign with Warlord Murdunk and the most renowned champions of the Giants, Orcs, and Goblins by his side. Once again my orders were to remain at the home front to defend the women, children, and elderly citizens of the Rallosian Empire.

It was not long after the invasion forces of the Rallosian Legions once again passed through the portals to the Planes of Power that the home front too became a place of battle, slaughter, and glory. Mortal disciples of deities opposed to The Warlord, Rallos Zek, attacked the citizens and fortresses of the Rallosian Empire on Tunaria. Our enemies fought valiantly, and the resulting battles were the most glorious I was ever to behold. My weapons and armor were stained with the blood of our foes, and our children and elders kept safe within our impenetrable strongholds. Messengers passing through the Fortress of Krithgor spoke of the victories of the legion units led by Rallos Zek, Warlord Murdunk, and the Generals Tallon and Vallon. It was said that the Rathe Council, the twelve rulers of the Plane of Earth had been captured and forced to Norrath where they were being executed by Murdunk and his Generals, that mountains burst from the earth where the gods fell and that the dying tears of the fallen gods formed a cold, deep lake between the newly risen mountain peaks.

Places of Norrath: Oggok

Overview of Oggok

In general, Oggok is a place most non-ogres pray they never see. Ogres are brutal, but have a strong sense of tradition – and a twisted sense of honor.

Located in the dense jungles of Feerott region and tucked into a cavernous, rocky area, Oggok appears to be, at first glance, a rather ordinary group of small, rough caves. Once inside, however, a maze of tunnels and caverns opens up.

The city of Oggok was built shortly before Murdunk’s tragic fall in Lake Rathetear and the defeat of Zek’s primal empire upon Norrath. The original founders of the city were not directly affected by the curse imposed upon Zek’s mortal creations. However, the first-born children of these settlers immediately showed signs of the horrible curse. Generations passed, and the last of the “pure” ogres faded out of memory.

The city’s original structures were soundly engineered and covered with intricate tribal carvings that paid tribute to their great heroes and legends. Unfortunately, the new, cursed ogres were incapable of the quality craftsmanship of their ancestors. As eras passed, the city of Oggok became transformed to resemble its new, brutish inhabitants. The grand archways, arenas, statues, stone-carved murals and pillars were replaced by stone slabs piled atop one another. Today, merely a few remnants of the Oggok of old can be seen by the keen-eyed visitor.

The modern city of Oggok is still quite bustling, housing many taverns, inns, a bank, and three guild houses. The city of Neriak is Oggok’s trade partner and is a source of prosperity despite the blatant economic advantage the Teir’Dal take of these dim-witted behemoths. Such exploitation goes on without notice by the ogres, which is fortunate indeed for the comparably frail Teir’Dal knights.

Oggok has a guildmaster for each class that is available to Ogres. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Guntrik – (Warrior)
Soonog – (Shadow Knight)
Baddi Waca – (Berserker)
Bordag – (Beastlord)
Zulort – (Shaman)

City Resources

Oggok provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear. You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, pottery, fletching, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Places of Interest

Greenblood Rock
The shrine known as Greenblood Rock is dedicated to the ogre’s divine creator, Rallos Zek. Built in splendor by the original ogres of Oggok, the temple has since been reduced to a simple rock on a raised dais, coated with blood. Still, the temple’s purpose has remained unchanged. The ogres kill any “weak” or unruly members of their tribe by tying them to the temple rock, then beating them to death with clubs. The temple is also used in ceremonial, gladiatorial battles, commemorating the anniversary of Murdunk’s first triumph over the people of Norrath.

The Shaman Guild
The Greenblood Shaman, also known as the Shaman of War, is the shaman guild. They are greatly feared by all other ogres and work closely with the Greenblood Knights. Shaman live and train in the cave system adjacent to the Rock. Zulort is the High Shaman of The Greenbloods. His son Torzox is his successor and a powerful Shaman in his own right.

Death’s Rain (also known as Clurg’s)
This popular tavern is run by Clurg, one of the most respected ogres in all of Oggok – second only to the high shaman of the Greenbloods. Clurg’s family has run the tavern for generations, keeping it a place of calm by enforcing a no-fight policy. Remarkably, all ogres respect the rules of the tavern – it’s how it has always been.

Legend has it that Murdunk himself visited the tavern, but his mug of fine ogre brew was spilled when a fight broke out. Aside from tipping his drink, the fight cost the life of the proprietor’s daughter who had been caught in the fray. Enraged, Murdunk dragged those responsible outside and pummeled them to death with his steel mug and fist. When finished, Murdunk decreed that no brawling was to occur in an establishment that he frequented (mind you, this was before the curse of Zek). Ever since, the tradition has been upheld in Death’s Rain, the only establishment in Oggok that Murdunk visited. Needless to say, anyone who breaks the tradition and starts trouble will be taken to the Rock and beaten to death for dishonoring Murdunk’s wishes.

Murdunk Palace
Although this is called a Palace it is little more than a large cave where the guild of Ogre shadow knights, the Greenblood Knights, train and live. It also guards the entrance to an inner cavern that most Ogres consider sacred. Anyone who is not a Greenblood Knight or Shaman who enters this place is attacked. The warriors of this Guild follow the traditions of the great Ogre hero Murdunk as well as worshipping Rallos Zek. Soonog is the current leader of the Greenbloods and leadership is changed through mortal combat.

Fortress Craknek
This cave houses the Craknek Warriors guild and its leader Guntrik. Guntrik is one of the strongest Ogres around and he holds a great resentment for Soonog, the head of the Greenblood Knights because they rejected him. Merchants here sell various weapons and other supplies for younger warriors.

The Welcome Mat
Here Angrog sells food and the other basic supplies for adventuring.

This is the shop of merchant Brokk Boxtripper. He sells various types of satchels and boxes.

Grop’s Guards
Grop is a merchant that sells different types of larger shields

Cikoona’s Hack, Bash, ‘n’ Jab
Merchant Cikoona sells various weapons and battle supplies.

Metil Armer
Inside this shop, merchants sell large chain and plate armor. Outside, a merchant sells large plate and shield molds and other smithing supplies. This shop also houses a forge and a Trade Skill Quest Master.

Lether Armer
Merchants here sell large leather and cloth armor.

The Humidor
Here you will find a shaman trainer and merchants selling alchemy items and blunt weapons.

The Ded End
Merchants Erung and Crunga can be found here selling food and general supplies. Bakers can also make use of the oven in this shop.

Oggok’s Keep
This is the bank of Oggok.


Invasion of Earth


During the Elder Age of Norrath, the first Rallosian forces led by the great ogre Murdunk invaded the Plane of Earth – the realm ruled by The Rathe, Council of Thirteen. Under the command of Rallos Zek, the Warlord, Murdunk was instigated to invade this realm by Rallos Zek’s eldest son, Eriak. The goal was simple for Murdunk – he wanted to prove to Rallos Zek, the Warlord, that he was worthy to lead the forces of Zek throughout Norrath.

A great battle ensued and many guardians of earth perished along with numerous members of Murdunk’s Rallosian army. To their dismay, the invasion was destined to fail because of the regenerating ability that The Rathe possessed. When a member of the Council of Thirteen was slain another would replace it. This gave them great advantage and although many of their guardians had been defeated, The Rathe emerged victorious. Those Rallosians not slain were thrown from the plane by the wards of The Council of Thirteen.

News of the defeat spread quickly across the Rallosian Empire. Such a dramatic failure angered Rallos Zek. He was not content to wait for the heavily scarred and injured Murdunk to recuperate and chose to enlist master tacticians and proven war heroes Tallon and Vallon. Although he was extremely disappointed with Murdunk’s previous failure, Rallos Zek decided to allow him to accompany his horde in this second assault hoping to make use of the knowledge that Murdunk had acquired in his previous battles in the Plane of Earth.

With the power of the Warlord behind them, Tallon and Vallon rallied the legions of children of Zek and entered the Plane of Earth. This invasion was only partly successful – though the Rathelings’ power source remained untaken, the members of the Rathe Council were captured and brought to Norrath, where one of them was executed. Where this Rathe member fell, the Rathe Mountains were raised, and Lake Rathetear formed. The Rathelings were incensed at these brazen attacks, and mourned the death of the thirteenth council member; for one of them to die in Norrath was permanent and irreversible.

While Rallos Zek was unquestionably the greatest warrior ever to exist, he knew little of the inner working of the Planes of Power. Rallos Zek was ultimately scarred and disfigured by the same wards that had banished Eriak and he lay silently regenerating in the Plane of War while the reborn Rathe exacted vengeance on the army’s leaders. As the leader of the ogre nation and Zek army, Murdunk was slain.

To protect their realm from further fruitless attempts at invasion, the Rathe Council placed a curse upon all creatures of Zek. In this they were aided by several other members of the pantheon. The curse spread rapidly through the lush homelands of the giants and froze all of the lands, now known as Everfrost. The curse swept the lands of Norrath, striking any child of Zek that it touched, turning all followers of Zek into lesser beings in mind and body.

Tallon and Vallon, sensing their inevitable demise at the hands of the curse of the pantheon, called out to Rallos Zek to deliver them. Rallos Zek was sufficiently renewed by this time to summon Tallon and Vallon to his plane to escape the curse of the pantheon, but was unable to save the rest of his creations. Realizing that Eriak surely knew of the ward that protected the Plane of Earth and had failed to tell him of it, Rallos Zek brought the crippled form of Eriak before him. Rallos Zek tore from him the essence of warfare, tearing it into its more base elements and imbuing them to Tallon and Vallon, the two mortals who were able to succeed where Eriak had failed.

Eriak still retains a piece of the essence of war in his shattered and disfigured frame, but was banished to the lower levels of Drunder, the Fortress of Zek, to help in the menial tasks of forging weapons for his father’s armies. To this day the great form of Rallos Zek bears the scars from the ward of The Rathe beneath his blackened war armor, a silent reminder of the failure of his only son.

This is a pivotal moment in the history of Norrath. It is here that the forces of Discord plan to strike. Success by the Rallosians would mean that war would prevail on Norrath, and isn’t war a form of destruction, of discord?

The Korascian Warrens

The Korascian Warrens is the key invasion route for the Rallosian forces as they battle their way into the Rathe Council Chamber. This area of the Plane of Earth is adjacent to both the Rathe Council Chamber entrance and the portal to Toskirakk. The bulk of the Rallosian Army is in a siege camp in the northern canyon, facing the entrance to the Rathe Council Chamber.

The Warrens is named for the great frog Korascian Prime, who has guarded the approach to the Rathe Council for centuries. Now he and his minions are sequestered in the west astride the line of the Rallosian advance, battling ill-equipped Rallosian slaves who are sent in to distract the frogs. Many such slaves end up succumbing to Korascian Prime’s mesmerization powers and become thralls.

Korascian Prime’s original lair was destroyed by the Discordians with a great magical disjunction. This left a massive rift in the northeastern limb of the Korascian Warrens, exposing the Plane of Earth’s elemental crystal core, and venting out a new order of crystalline monstrosities which hate all other forms of life.

The Rathe Council Chamber

The Rathe Council Chamber is the original seat of The Rathe beings who govern the Plane of Earth. Its appearance reflects the essence of the powerful beings who rule here. Great stonework vaults linked with tunnels define the interior, which is patrolled by stone golems and guarded by many different kinds of creatures native to the Plane.

The Rallosian Army is attempting to destroy all thirteen members of The Rathe Council to seal Rallos Zek’s dominion over the Plane of Earth as well as Norrath. Should this happen, with Rallos gaining control over the source of the Rathelings’ magic, the balance of power among the gods would tilt inexorably in Rallos Zek’s favor, and Norrath would enter an age of endless disorder and destruction.


Toskirakk is the original capital city of the ogres and the mightiest bastion of the ancient Rallosian Empire. The slave-mine within is a platinum mine where much of the currency used in Norrath’s future would originate. With the growing dominance of their Empire, few outsiders remain as free people and the slave warrens grow crowded.

Plane of Justice – NPC Texts

You say, ‘Hail, Al`Corisalm’
Al`Corisalm says, in Old Erudian, ‘Hah!’ He chuckles, a disembodied and deep laugh that sounds as if it comes from the cell-floor itself. ‘Halfling! Such a delight to see one other than Steldenn. Have you escaped this place?’
You say, ‘escaped’
Al`Corisalm says, in Old Erudian, ‘My plans for escape are detailed. I but await the perfect moment, that golden opportunity, that ray of light that shines but once in forever. If nothing else, I have time to make plans! Such plans, worthy of the Great Al`Corisalm! I imagine that you are anxious for me to tell you of such things.’ You feel a warmth on your face, as if the figure has come particularly close.’
You say, ‘tell’
Al`Corisalm says, in Old Erudian, ‘I shall!’ He laughs and you hear the clap of hands. ‘Of course! Before I was brought to this place, I was an.. Advisor, of sorts. The Great Al`Corisalm, renowned traveler, collector, theologian and revered sorcerer of Erud. He was a wise one, Erud. To take on my counsel and to listen as raptly to my sage advice as you do now. . . a rare wisdom did he possess. Whether in war, or in peace, his ear was my captive audience. Such an audience, ah me. . .’
You say, ‘audience’
Al`Corisalm says, in Old Erudian, ‘Can the sun be held responsible for its warmth, with which it nurtures the crops and brings life unto the world? Can the mountains be held accountable for being strong, the bones of the earth? Of course they cannot, it is but their nature. So it is with my wisdom. The Great Al`Corisalm is wise, as the sun is warm, as the mountains are sturdy. All the more painful is my plight, as you might well imagine.’
You say, ‘plight’
Al`Corisalm says, in Old Erudian, ‘Being a master of the refined arts, my conclusions are based on facts. A pure fact, perfect and true, is an atomic quantity of beauty itself. I once said that on a speech to the Low Men, across the Wide Sea. All of my advice, for good or ill, can only be based on the data which I collect. The veracity of such information is subject only to those that procure it, I am sure that you agree.’
You say, ‘agree’
Al`Corisalm says, in Old Erudian, ‘There are those that sought to bring Erud low. In his time of greatest struggle, he fought with the ignorant, the clumsy and the bereft of wisdom. It is in this time that he came to me with a question, a decision so momentous that he could not act without first consulting the Great Al’Corisalm. His construction of his new city was to be a testament to the pure wisdom of our kind, and of course required very particular and precise requirement for the location of its foundation.’
You say, ‘location’
Al`Corisalm says, in Old Erudian, ‘Ahh..’ He coughs, and a moment of silence passes. You feel the chill air of the surroundings, as you try to pin-point the location of the disembodied voice which then resumes. ‘Erud’s new city needed magical channels, certain qualities of the natural bedrock which conveyed that power innate to the earth itself. It is this power that I proposed to harness in order to drive our new inventions: our water purification systems, our transport systems, all manner of civic advances that would make the new city a beacon of civility in the midst of the Low Men. So, I sought data from those whom know the [natural powers] so well.’
You say, ‘natural powers’
Al`Corisalm says, in Old Erudian, ‘Geomancers are they, to us. Druids are they, to the Low Men. Yet, I was tricked. Those that would have brought Erud low placed an agent in the forests, posing as a geomancer. To compound treachery upon treachery it was my turn-coat friend, Shadalis, that led me to believe this geomancer was to be trusted. With innocent motivation, I collected the necessary information from this agent of the Dark Ones. Believing it, trusting my friend Shadalis, I used the geomancer’s advice to advise Erud. It proved to be my undoing.’
You say, ‘undoing’
Al`Corisalm says, in Old Erudian, ‘To live a life according to the tenets of wisdom, to insist upon rational proof throughout one’s entire existence, and then to throw it all away by believing a traitor that one took to be a friend. . . it is something for which the Great Al`Corisalm will carry in his heart forever. Erud began construction of his city based upon my flawed advice and, soon enough, the evidence of the Dark Ones’ trickery became obvious. The powers of the earth that we sought to harness turned against us, causing anarchy, chaos.’
You say, ‘chaos’
Al`Corisalm says, in Old Erudian, ‘Such events are not for me to describe to you, there are some things best left untold. When the final dust settled upon the earth, it was to me that Erud came. To me that he apportioned responsibility. He turned me over to the judges of the Low Men. They banished my form to the ether, and in turn passed on my spirit here, to the Tribunal, to be judged. It is here that I await trial at the hands of the Judges Which Have Always Been. That is, unless I escape. . .’ The voice trails off into silence. A shiver passes through you.

Top Floor

Name: Shera Banneth
Found: Top Floor
Race: Barbarian
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Shera Banneth’
Shera Banneth says ‘I dun wanna talk to anyone, go away! Dun ask me [why]!’
You say, ‘why’
Shera Banneth says ‘My you are dense? Well I canna say I dinna expect it from a High Elf. Aren’t you afraid you are goinna end up like my [husband]?’
You say, ‘what husband’
Shera Banneth says ‘My husband was Suili Banneth. He was a foul drunk of the worst sorts, never an ‘onest day o’ work in his life. Well I found a man worth my time so a lil hemlock in Suili’s ale at night an he dinna wake up. I guess his family was upset aboot tha, so they petitioned ta sen’ me ‘ere.’

Name: Saldyn Thunderfoot
Found: Top Floor
Race: Centaur
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Shaldyn Thunderhoof’
Shaldyn Thunderhoof looks up at you with a curious gleam in his eyes. ‘Ahh, a visitor. Is there something you need or are you here for a story?’
You say, ‘i am here for a story’
Shaldyn Thunderhoof says ‘Well I’ll tell you my story then. I was once a master fletcher, my arrows flew straighter and farther than any made before and any that have come since. I was a master of my craft; a bowman with a quiver of my arrows and one of my bows could drop a griffon at 20 paces with a single shot. One day a [ranger] came with a special order, one that I couldn’t let pass.’
You say, ‘what ranger’
[Shaldyn Thunderhoof says ‘His name was Rhionn Leafsblade, I believe he resides here with me as well. He wanted a magical arrow, a single arrow able to pierce even the strongest mithril breastplate. I had done work with Rhionn before, and believed him an honorable man, and the [challenge] was not one that I could pass up.’
You say, ‘what challenge’
Shaldyn Thunderhoof smiles. ‘The arrow of course. Mundane materials would not have been sufficient to hold the enchantments necessary to get this bow to perform as he requested. I had Rhionn gather the materials I needed, the claw of a black drake, feathers from the Spiroc Lord, and a dracolich bone for the shaft. I had no idea what he would [use it for].
You say, ‘what would he use it for’
Shaldyn Thunderhoof says ‘He used it for murder. Cold blooded murder. In my trade sect we were held responsible for the actions of our weapons. When the sect council found what my arrow was used for, they sent me before the Tribunal. I was found guilty for assisting in the murder of an innocent, and now I am here.’

Name: Trazin D’Feyl
Found: Top Floor
Race: Dark Elf
Language: Dark Elvish
You say, ‘Hail, Trazin D`Feyl’
Trazin D`Feyl says,in Dark Elvish, ‘Hail, Faldaine. These are momentous times. You stand before a [martyr]!’
You say, ‘what martyr’
Trazin D`Feyl says,in Dark Elvish, ‘I shall give myself for the glory of the Dark Prince! In my death, he shall take me in his arms and welcome me as one of his faithful, one of his true faithful! Unlike the blasphemous fools that would send me here, to an eternity of waiting! In his name was the [pact] so forged!’
You say, ‘what pact’
Trazin D`Feyl says,in Dark Elvish, ‘So it is.’ He grins. ‘The gates of the far temple, did I oversee. In distant Kiera’loal, and to the [General] did I pledge allegiance, in the name of the Dark Prince!’ His eyes roll, and you wonder how long he has been insane. ‘Allegiance!’
You say, ‘what general’
Trazin D`Feyl says,in Dark Elvish, ‘Walker of worlds, is he. Burner of the Gods themselves, victor in battles uncounted, spreading the work of my Dark Regent without even knowing it! Vhan`Geltah has seen more than I can ever dream, and by his side, I would have seen yet more! More! In my death, I shall be redeemed, for my Lord knows the truth of my soul, and it is with him that my true Judgement shall stand.’

Name: Royal Guardian Finro
Found: Top Floor
Race: High Elf
Suspected Language: Elder Elvish
Notes: This npc does not respond to Elvish.

Name: Moobik
Found: Top Floor
Race: Ogre
Language: Ogre
Notes: This guy has the mentality of a lot of people in uber guilds. =P
You say, ‘Hail, Moobik’
Moobik says,in Ogre, ‘Vengeance!’ He bellows and looks about as if he has misplaced his weapon. ‘The Avatar of my God fell to my axe, and you shall be next! There are no Gods, only victors in battle!’

Name: Rhionn Leafsblade
Found: Top Floor
Race: Half Elf
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Rhionn Leafsblade’
Rhionn Leafsblade raises his head from his hands, it appears he was weeping. ‘Murderer! I am a [murderer].’
You say, ‘what murderer’
Rhionn Leafsblade sighs heavily, wiping his face with his sleeve. ‘I am a ranger as I am sure you could have guessed. I spent my entire life serving Karana, I was a loyal husband, I loved my [wife] with all of my heart.’
You say, ‘what wife’
Rhionn Leafsblade says ‘My wife was beautiful, a wonder to behold. A friend came to me one day to tell me that my wife was killed by a band of ruffians. I was heartbroken and blind from rage. The bandit leader, I was told, was a man by the name of Filland Rallis. I knew [Filland], he was once a noble paladin, but he fell from his God’s graces.’
You say, ‘who is Filland’
Rhionn Leafsblade says ‘Filland never lost his honor, I’m not sure what action he performed to fall, but he had never committed an ignoble act. I was shocked that he would take to murder; all of his crimes were stealing from those who had excess, and giving to those that were needy. He was a [hero] to many of us.’
You say, ‘what hero’
Rhionn Leafsblade says ‘Yes, I have heard bards even still sing of his laurels. He was renowned for his skill with a blade, and his mithril armor was legendary, and heirloom of his family name. Without investigation or research I assumed that the rumors of my wife’s death were accurate and I set to [slay her killer].’
You say, ‘slay her killer’
Rhionn Leafsblade says ‘It was to be no easy task. I was no match for him in close quarters, there were few that were when he held a sword in his hands. I knew that he would be no match for my bowmanship. So I went to a friend, a [centaur] I had done much business with, and had him make a magical arrow, one capable of piercing Filland’s armor.’
You say, ‘what centaur’
Rhionn Leafsblade says ‘Shaldyn Thunderhoof, the greatest fletcher Norrath has ever known. He sent me far and wide to collect components for the arrow. When I returned he assembled it for me. I never let him know what the arrow was to be used for, I felt better not to burden him with my sorrows. Then I set out to [kill Filland]’
You say, ‘kill Filland?’
Rhionn Leafsblade says ‘I went to his hideout, he was out when I arrived. I awaited his arrival on the roof of his home. When he returned with his caravan I let my arrow fly, as soon as I saw the gleam from his armor. It flew true, as all of Shaldyn’s arrows did, and struck Filland in the heart. He was dead before he hit the ground. Moments after his death I saw my wife emerge from his wagon, he was returning from [her rescue].’
You say, ‘her rescue?’
Rhionn Leafsblade begins weeping again, ‘Aye, she was kidnapped by true bandits and I killed her savior. I deserve to be here, this is the fate I made for myself.’

Name: Klaren Dunn
Found: Top Floor
Race: Dwarf
Language: Dwarvish
You say, ‘Hail, Klaren Dunn’
Klaren Dunn says,in Dwarvish, ‘Allfather’s blessings to you, Faldaine. You dress mighty odd for a High Elf, I must say.’ She regards you with great interest. ‘A prayer to Surrilis himself for your health. You look as if you’re right bursting at the seams to talk, so you are. Have you brought word from one of my friends?’

Name: Zenoux
Found: Top Floor
Race: Drake
Language: Elder Dragon
You say, ‘Hail, Zenoux’
Zenoux says,in Elder Dragon, ‘Mortal. . .’ He flaps his wings and a talon taps against the floor, making a sharp noise in the silence. ‘Mortal. . . time is short. If you can understand me, perhaps you can help me. I need my grimoire, my tome, the source of my power. With help from the [distant ones], I can make my escape.’
You say, ‘what distant ones’
Zenoux says,in Elder Dragon, ‘My learning is one of the eldest. . . perhaps. . . in all existence. From the depths of Limbo can I convene with them. . . they, the distant ones. My bidding can they fulfill, for short times. I need my grimoire! My grimoire, hear me, High Elf! Fetch it and I can reward you with riches beyond your wildest reckoning! Hurry!’

Name: Alkus McNeeson
Found: Top Floor
Race: Barbarian
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Alkus McNeeson’
Alkus McNeeson produces a dagger from the folds of his clothing and scowls at you. ‘Who are you? What are you doing here? Did [they] send you?’
You say, ‘who is they’
Alkus McNeeson says ‘Don’t play dumb! I knew that they would send killers, perhaps this means my [punishment] has ended. Perhaps now I can know death?’
You say, ‘what punishment’
Alkus McNeeson judges you warily. ‘Hmm, you don’t look much like one of their [killers].
You say, ‘what killers’
Alkus McNeeson says ‘I won’t say their name. I was one of them, and I am still honor bound to secrecy. Just know that on Norrath there are good reasons to fear the [shadows].’
You say, ‘what shadows’
Alkus McNeeson says ‘I was one of them, born and bred to be an assassin. It was my life. In our circle, failure is death, but [what I did] was worse than failure so I wasn’t granted the release of the Eternal Slumber.’
You say, ‘what did you do’
Alkus McNeeson says ‘I betrayed the sect. I protected, still [protect], my love. She failed an assignment, and in the infinite wisdom of the council they sent me to exact our justice on her. It was to be my final test, failure would mean death, as it does always, success would mean ascension to the council. I knew that were I simply to fail, it would only be a matter of time before one of my brethren would be successful, then not only would my death be in vain, but I would see my love too soon in the afterworld.’
You say, ‘what protect’
Alkus McNeeson says ‘I hid her from the sect. They were infuriated with my betrayal, and they needed to make an example of me. Instead of killing me, they sent me to the wracks, there I learned the true meaning of pain, they offered me a swift death for the [location] of my love, but I would not break, I could not break.’
You say, ‘what location’
Alkus McNeeson says ‘They never found her, she died of natural causes many years later. The whole time I kept her secret, kept her hidden. When word of her death reached the council they knew they failed, and they decided death was too kind for me, so they sent me here for an eternity. . . Never to die, never to meet my love in the beyond. I have been here longer than I can remember, and will be here longer than I can perceive. My only hope is that one day they will see fit to grant me death, to free me from this prison.’

Name: Norlta Zamish
Found: Top Floor
Race: Gnome
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Norlta Zamish’
Norlta Zamish says ‘Hmm, is someone there? I’ve been [wrongfully imprisoned]
I’m waiting for appeal, but its been a long time. Where, in the name of Brell, is my appeal?’
You say, ‘wrongfully imprisoned?’
Norlta Zamish says ‘They have me here for a little [white lie], how can that be justice? What is this, the Plane of Injustice? The Plane of Unfarity?’
You say, ‘what white lie’
[ Norlta Zamish blushes. ‘Well maybe a little more than a little white lie, but I still don’t deserve to be here with murderers and crazy people, and the like. You look like a fair person, why don’t you tell me if you think I should be here, want to [know what happened]?’
You say, ‘know what happened’
Norlta Zamish says ‘I was an apprentice for Varkon Theardor in Ak’Anon, and he sent me to scout the minotaur caves, to make sure the hero wasn’t out and about. Well I made it out to Steamfont, and it was one of the most beautiful days I’d ever seen, halfway to the caves I set down to watch some clouds go by. Next thing I know it was hours later, I didn’t rightly have time to make it to the caves and back, so I went to [Varkon] and told him the hero wasn’t around.’
You say, ‘what varkon
Norlta Zamish says ‘Well little did I know, Varkon was planning a trip to the caves, I guess I should have figured it, but I just wasn’t thinking. Hours passed, until finally word came that the minotaur hero had squished poor Varkon. When news reached Larkon, Varkon’s brother, that I was responsible for Varkon’s death he asked that I be set before the Tribunal.’

Name: Sralm Noramir
Found: Top Floor
Race: Iksar
Language: Common

You say, ‘Hail, Sralm Noramir’

Sralm Noramir pounces at you, grabbing you by your throat. ‘What are you doing here? Who sent you?’

You say, ‘No one sent me’

A gleam shines in Sralm’s eyes. ‘I hope you are not here to free a prisoner. The Tribunal punishes such actions harshly. Once here there is no hope of escape. Even for one such as I.’

You say, ‘Who are you?’

Sralm Noramir says ‘Ahh, how rude of me. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sralm Noramir, warrior by birth thief by choice.’

You say, ‘You? A thief?’

Sralm Noramir says ‘Aye, I could steal the sword from a warriors hands or a kiss from a ladys lips. Ever hear of Emperor Sllanar?’

You say, ‘I have never heard of this Emperor Sllanar’

Sralm Noramir says ‘You see, generally thieves were imprisoned, or at worst executed, but banishment here was usually reserved to those that committed heinous crimes. I guess you should be careful when you rob the person who gets to decide on the definition of heinous. Have you any news of Sebilis?’

You say, ‘Sebilis was destroyed by Trakanon’

Sralm Noramir says ‘What in the name of Thule is a Trakanon?’

You say, ‘Not what, but who. Trakanon is an undead dragon and savior of the Trolls’

Sralm Noramir says ‘A dragon in Sebilis! Stop your foul lies, your humor does not suit my tastes.’

Name: Wurgoz
Found: Top Floor
Race: Froglok
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Wurgoz’
Wurgoz tilts his head and gives a slight twitch of his eyes in quick observation of Faldaine, ‘You are free. . . you are not a prisoner of this place. Interesting. Perhaps. . . perhaps you would care to listen to my tale? Maybe. . . maybe you can give me some relief from this suffering and ease my conscience if only for a moment.’
You say, ‘what tale’
Wurgoz makes a quick, short motion with his webbed hands in excitement, ‘Very good! Very good! Oops. . . Shhh. . . We should discuss this quietly. The prisoners are not supposed to speak, you see. We are here to be punished and I would not wish to jeopardize your own freedom after you’ve so graciously accepted my offer. Now, let me tell you that little tale — short and sweet it is, though dark and terrible in truth.’
You say, ‘what truth’
Wurgoz says ‘I have been a prisoner of this place for many a year, many a year. I committed a terrible crime many years ago against my own people an. . . Innocent people. I regret my actions, I regret them dearly but there is nothing I can do to make right out of my ancient crimes from here. That is why I need you — to help me, for the sake of my own conscience. Are you still willing to aid me? Will you still venture into the depths of a dark past to oblige a stranger’s — a criminals’ plight through mere lending of your ear?”
You say, ‘i am willing to aid you’
Wurgoz says ‘Very good! Very good! You are kind, indeed. In ancient times when the Elddar forest stood high in all of its lush, emerald beauty across the most of eastern Tunaria, my people came to the swampland known as Innothule. There, we found the trolls — the vile, horrible, maniacal creations of The Faceless who ruled that land. We wanted only peace and to inhabit a piece of that fertile swampland without confronting the trolls directly. However, they did not feel the same as we. The trolls began to capture and use our people as slaves or consume them as food! We were horrified and took immediate action against them.”
You say, ‘what action’
Wurgoz says ‘The frogloks came together in massive force and struck at the heart of the troll civilization to dominate the swampland. We prepared an invasion of their city that dwelled deep beneath the soggy earth of the swamp. The battle seemed to sway to the trolls’ favor. I, a shaman general and advisor to our leaders, felt the pain of our people as we fell by the hundreds to troll armies. I could not stand to see our people suffer so, for we had come seeking peace. War — all war — hurts us most deeply within. I pleaded with our leaders to find another swampland; to leave this place to the trolls who rightfully had claimed the land before us. Their ears were deaf to me, for they saw a great evil in these lands. It had gone beyond a desire for a new homeland for our people. It had become a crusade.”
You say, ‘what crusade’
Wurgoz says ‘Our elders sought to purge the swamplands of the trolls. We knew they were vile and truly evil in every recess of their beings, but still I could not stand by and watch a war engage. We were creatures of peace who sought only the betterment of our own people. War was not our way. A troll shaman by the name of Gkerzha approached me one eve whilst I was alone, scouting the swampland. He claimed to approach in peace and we spoke — for the first time, troll and froglok spoke. Gkerzha claimed he wanted the same as I — for the frogloks to leave the swampland and let the trolls alone. He seemed sincere and regretful for the loss and turmoil that infected his people as it did my own. We parted ways shortly thereafter, but he claimed he wished to make a bargain with me that would end the war peacefully.”
You say, ‘what bargain’
Wurgoz says ‘Gkerzha and I met several times to discuss plans to bring peace to both races, for frogloks to move to another region of the swamp and for trolls to return to their lives before froglok presence. I was foolish enough to trust him, but he was cunning and knew how to invoke my sense of sorrow and yearning for peace. He brought to me three frogloks who had been taken prisoner and were used as slaves. They were in bad health, but Gkerzha said he did not wish to place his magic on them. Frogloks superstitious and we feared troll magic on us. His gesture was clever. I healed the slaves and returned them to our camp, where they recovered. I met Gkerzha again the next eve and he brought two more slaves and an ancient trollic dagger.”
You say, ‘what dagger’
Wurgoz says ‘Gkerzha said dagger was ancient trollic weapon of legend — belonging to the troll hero, Tjarduugh, who saved swampland from invasion by humans centuries earlier. He placed the dagger on the ground after he released slaves into my care. He said the dagger was trollic notion of peace. He said the dagger had killed many frogloks in ceremonies and made them the undead that accompanied their forces. He said that my taking of the dagger would assure that no more frogloks would be cursed to walk as the undead servants of the trolls. This was his way of showing a desire for peace. He left quickly without further explanation, the dagger still on the ground. I picked up the dagger with a cloth and put it safe in my pack. I then returned to camp with the three froglok slaves. Later that eve, the folly of my naive trust in the trolls would be revealed in a gruesome tragedy.”
You say, ‘what tragedy’
Wurgoz says ‘The froglok camp in the south end of swamp was safe from trolls for a long time. That is where I took the slaves to recover. I stayed there and had council with the arch magi and high shaman. I wanted to show them the dagger, but as soon as it touched my skin, something changed in me. I brought the dagger to the arch magi and high shaman, and before they could act, I killed them with the dagger — the ‘gift of peace’ Gkerzha had given to me. I remember going out into the camp and killing more frogloks there. I had murdered almost all of them before I was subdued and the dagger rent from me. I felt, as soon as the dagger left my hand, regret for what I had consciously done. I was taken prisoner before the council of generals and our leader. As the hearing was held, news of a greater and unforeseen devastation resulting in my foolishly placed trust reached us.”
You say, ‘what news’
Wurgoz says ‘All that I had killed, including the arch magi and high shaman, had arisen as undead and were being commanded by a troll shaman. I immediately knew it to be Gkerzha. The scout said they were heading to the very camp where I was currently held. I pleaded with the council to destroy the dagger, or take it far, far away for it will cause them more suffering if they did not. They did not listen to me. I was caged and thrown into the deepest pool of the swamp, where I would either meet my fate or wait for the trial to continue. Days passed before the council returned and retrieved me from my swampy prison. They said that Gkerzha committed suicide — invoking the dark power of Innoruuk to destroy hundreds of froglok legions. It was my fault that so many died, they said, and my judgment was beyond their abilities. I was sacrificed and my spirit sent to this place, where I would stand trial before The Tribunal. My fate is more than the elders realized it would be.”
You say, ‘what fate’
Wurgoz says ‘Forever I am condemned to be a prisoner — I do not protest that judgment either. But I must forever live with my guilt and know that what I have done will never be avenged. Gkerzha’s spirit still wanders Norrath. I can feel it at times, taunting me when the barrier separating this plane from Norrath is weakest — when a new criminal is brought here to be tried. I am so mournful. . . I regret so much. I deserve my punishment, but the wrongs I committed must be avenged.’
Good Wing
Name: High Shaman Dannel
Found: Good Wing Top
Race: Barbarian
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, High Shaman Dannal’
High Shaman Dannal narrows his eyes in a hardened stare. You see something in his face that you had formerly believed to be vanquished from this place — life and spirit. His eyes are bright and vibrant in their emotion of disdain and his face is hard and steely. As he speaks, you find yourself somewhat taken back with surprise at his strength and undefeated spirit, ‘This is the realm of my deity; the realm that I served. Look at me, Faldaine! I am a priest of the Tribunal! For you to think upon me as a criminal is to think justly, for I would not be here had my convictions been of another accord. My pride in this place — my life, despite the eternity I have already endured, is preserved for I know that even in the end, my faith was pure and my actions show that I am indeed the strongest spirit to ever serve The Tribunal. I committed a crime, and I condemned myself to this place with my own hand, through the powers granted to me by my faith did I sacrifice my own self to this fate. Now move along.’

Name: Jhyric Kan Voth
Found: Good Wing Top
Race: Vah Shir
Language Suspected: Vah Shir

You say, ‘Hail, Jhyric Kan Voth’
Jhyric Kan Voth says, in Vah Shir, ‘Hail.’ Jhyric looks at you with stern eyes. He seems to be weighing something within his thoughts. ‘What is your business here? You walk with freedom around this [prison].’
You say “this Prison?’
Jhyric Kan Voth says, in Vah Shir, ‘It is not for one of my kind to be sealed in a place such as this. Since when has nobility been constrained? Since when has honor been a virtue to put on trial and quantify with weights and measures? The Taruun are beyond such affronts to our valor. Ever since the time of the [Great Unification] have we been the eyes and ears of the Crown upon Norrath.’
You Say, ‘what Great Unification’
Jhyric Kan Voth says, in Vah Shir, ‘Your lack of knowledge of history belies your ignorance, Naele.’ His eyes sparkle, and you notice that captivity has merely honed his spirit. ‘Many centuries ago, the explorers came to our noble city. [Explorers] from the cities of Norrath, they came in droves once their primitive minds discovered the workings of the Great Spires, following their Al’kabor. Their kind trampled our crops with their clumsiness and eagerness to explore our lands.’
You say, ‘what explorers’
Jhyric Kan Voth says, in Vah Shir, ‘How they came, in droves no less. . . like locusts, it is written.’ He wrinkles his small nose in disgust. ‘All the races of the Below, appearing day after day after day at the Great Nexus, near to where the Fordels and the Midsts made their settlement. Our King welcomed them with the nobility customary to my kind. Some he even allowed to become honorary citizens. History proved him wise. In exchange for local commodities, those of the explorers upon which he bestowed citizenship took word back to the Below, to Norrath, to the leaders of Men, and of the Elves. It was a time of [prosperity].’
You say, ‘what prosperity’
Jhyric Kan Voth says, in Vah Shir, ‘Aye, the trade was welcome within the Great Walls. Though primitive and in the thrall and worship of “gods”, certain trade-ways of the Norrathians proved to be extremely lucrative to the Kingdom. The King was thrice-blessed for his foresight and dealings with the primitives, the history books tell us. Your lack of knowledge surpasses your ugliness, you know.’ His ears lie flat against his head and his tail swishes violently. ‘Surely you did not come here for a history lesson from a [veteran]?’
You say, ‘what veteran’
Jhyric Kan Voth says, in Vah Shir, ‘I have seen more wars than you have had hot meals.’ A feline chuckle escapes him, despite his earnest expression. ‘The wars when the Unification ended, the wars with the Dalh Shir, the endless wars with no names that we Taruun fight for Shar Vahl without it even knowing we fight. Here I remain, trying to make sense of the words of fools, and wondering as to the [true nature] of my imprisonment.’
You say, ‘what is the true nature of your imprisonment’

Name: Librarian Rushal
Found: Good Wing Top
Race: Iksar Ghost
Language: Lizardman
You say, ‘Hail, Librarian Rushal’
Librarian Rushal says,in Lizardman, ‘A High Elf, what a pleasant ssssurprise. Here, of all placesss. I wonder of which crime you are accusssed to bring you here, to the plane that watches all [planes]?’
You say, ‘what planes’
Librarian Rushal says,in Lizardman, ‘In thisss regard, you are talking to the expert, should such a thing exist. I have been lauded as the authority on such mattersss. I am not a walker of the planes, merely a ssstudent of them, but there is much one can learn should accessss to the relevant [resources] become posssible.’
You say, ‘what resources’
Librarian Rushal says,in Lizardman, ‘Long yearsss did I ssserve. My cruel massster, Ral’Zehta the Knowing, kept me as a slave. Dark, was Chelsith. From within its walls, the cries of my kind rang throughout night and throughout day. I consider myssself lucky, for my massster was the Proctor of the Great Library. Such a collection of knowledge hasss never been heard of, I assure you. Hall upon hall upon hall of collected ssscrolls, tomes, grimoires, and works of the cabalist arts. I was one of his prized ssslaves, such as my race were to the Green-Scaled Ones. Mine was a special [talent].’
You say, ‘what talent’
Librarian Rushal says,in Lizardman, ‘My kind are not known for their natural erudition, but I was blesssed by The Fearsome Himssself with the ability to learn, and learn quickly. I sssoon learned the tongue of the Green-Scaled Ones, and many more besides from other ssslaves taken captive in the many conquessssts of the Green-Scales. This came to my massster’s attention, and it pleased him. Pleased him as a particularly intelligent pet would please someone, I believe. He put me to [work].’
You say, ‘what work’
Librarian Rushal says,in Lizardman, ‘As hisss prized ssslave, I was given the task of filing, cataloguing and sorting in the immense and endlessss halls, galleries and corridors of the Great Library, asssisting my master in his daily dutiesss. I slept in the library at nights, but my nourishment was the [knowledge] contained therein.’
You say, ‘what knowledge’
Librarian Rushal says,in Lizardman, ‘The Green-Scales were travelers, and plunderersss. They bargained with the gods themselvesss, made pacts and broke them. The treasures that they amassed, the things that no mortal of our plane was meant to ssssee. . . they coveted, and fought for, and hoarded. The knowledge that they gained. . . that was the real treasure, but they valued it little compared to shining and glittering booty that they could lay their foul hands upon. Much of that knowledge made itsss way into the Great Library. Much of that was learned by me. I fed my [passion].’
You say, ‘what passion’
Librarian Rushal says,in Lizardman, ‘The knowledge of the planesss, of course. Those dimensions that run aligned with our own, and touch it, and each other, from place to place. Like skinsss on an onion, an onion that one could peel forever and ever. I can tell you about [this place], should you care to hear it.’
You say, ‘this place’
Librarian Rushal says,in Lizardman, ‘According to the booksss that I had accesss to, this place is the embodiment of order within the universe. Ever sssince the first mote of ordering of existence, springing out of the chaosss, so too did the Plane of Jussstice exist, to serve and judge the ordering. It issss said in the Great Books that it shall remain until the end of Order itssself, until everything once again is anarchy. Until then, there are the [Judges].’
You say, ‘what judges’
Librarian Rushal says,in Lizardman, ‘The six Judges rule thisss place, six and one more it is written. Those accusssed of the mossst serious of crimesss are banished to this realm, their Court, for Trial by the Judges of all Judgesss, the Tribunal. It isss written that their jussstice is impartial, and absssolute. The innocent are returned to their place of origin, and their guilty meet the Executioner. The judges deliver the fairessst [Justice] of them all.’
You say, ‘what justice’
Librarian Rushal says,in Lizardman, ‘The Great Bookssss were vague on thisss point, but it seemed that each of the accusssed, in order for justice to be total, is here judged according to the lawsss of their own sssociety. From the handsss of their own flesh and blood come the lawsss, and it is to these that they are held accountable. Jussstice for me may be very different to justice for you, Faldaine, but we are both served fairly. As for my [crime], I am guilty already and confesssed.’
You say, ‘what crime’
Librarian Rushal says,in Lizardman, ‘I am a traitor. When the planning for revolution came, inssstead of pledging my arms to those that would overthrow the Green-Scalesss, I could not leave my massster. More, I could not turn from the Great Library because, for me, it was the reason for living itssself. Were I to live ten thousand livesss, I could never read every book held within itsss endlesss walls. Sssso, the flesh of my brothersss I denied in exchange for my thirssst for pure knowledge. Ssssometimes, one must stand for one’s beliefs, and I have remained true to myssself, if not to my fellowsss. The law may find me guilty, but my heart issss innocent, Faldaine; mark you well. When The Green came, by brethren sent me here, and here I wait.’

Name: Gubkuk
Found: Good Wing Top
Race: Troll
Language: Troll
You say, ‘Hail, Gubkuk
Gubkuk says,in Troll, ‘You bite-size, me should lick lips and get hungry. But me not. Me want good food, me want some of dem roots that me found just outside home. What good is home if you not allowed to eat the roots? No one told me what dey was for. Me only wanted tasty bite. . . Nalikor so angry. . .’

Name: Lasiya
Found: Good Wing Top
Race: Dark Elf
Language Suspected: Elder Tier’Dal
Lasiya says,in Dark Speech, ‘Wood Elf. . .’ She tucks her long, beautiful hair behind her ears and meets your gaze. In her eyes you see. . . desire? ‘The Dark Tower always has need for new. . . blood. Come closer, little Wood Elf. Lasiya won’t hurt you, not a bit. Come and lose yourself in my arms. . . I can guarantee you an eternity from which you will never wish to escape. . .”

Name: Kimry Joome
Found: Good Wing Top
Race: Gnome
Language Suspected: Gnome

Name: Evia N’Cizai
Foun: Good Wing Top
Race: Erudite
Language Suspected: Erudian

Evia N`Cizai says, in Old Erudian, ‘The darkest days are yet to come. Though I may be interred within this vile prison, my forces shall continue to despoil! I am proud of my heritage, and my lineage shall continue long into the Age of [Dark Paths], you shall see!’

Evia N`Cizai says, in Old Erudian, ‘You shall see. . . foolish, mortal Naele. When your families are burned at the stake, and my armies raze your cities and slaughter your animals. . . then you shall see! Just like they did in Perronium!’ She throws back her head and lets loose a laugh of purest, unadulterated evil. ‘I shall bathe in the blood of the weak, just as I did in [Perronium]!’

Evia N`Cizai grins and regards you with malice. ‘Your time will come.’

Name: Zaldyr Moralin
Found: Good Wing Middle
Race: Dark Elf
Language Suspected: Elder Tier’Dal
Notes: This mob will not respond to Dark Elvish.

Name: Al’Corisalm
Found: Good Wing Middle
Race: Unknown
Language suspected: Old Erudian

Name: Trissha Pettals

Found: Good Wing Middle
Race: Halfling
Language Suspected: Halfling

Name: Tanasin
Found: Good Wing Top
Race: Gnome
Language Suspected: Gnomish

Name: Drazl
Found: Good Wing Top
Race: Froglok
Language: Froglok
You say, ‘Hail, Drazl’
Drazl says,in Froglok, ‘Well ventured, Faldaine. You seem afraid. . . I assure you, there is no need. Drazl may have been bad once, but no more. No more badness. You seem far too nice, far too nice by far. Drazl wouldn’t harm a fly. Not a hair on your dainty head. Not any more. [Those days] have long gone.’
You say, ‘those days’
Drazl says,in Froglok, ‘The fools that follow the King so blindly. . . they will soon see! Though I may be captive, here, my work shall go on! My peers are working even now on raising our army. . . raising our army from the grave! So comfortably, he sits, the King. So comfortably, his [revolution] but a memory. Soon, he shall be less smug, it is my guarantee.’
You say, ‘what revolution’
Drazl says,in Froglok, ‘His has not always been in a position of power, but when the revolutions come the mob will blindly follow any fool. Fool, I say! None more foolish than King Dergzl. His power seized when the masses overthrew their masters. . . he shall soon know the feeling. When the [wheels] that I have set in motion finish their turning, he shall know!’
You say, ‘what wheels’
Drazl says,in Froglok, ‘There are those amongst his. . . subjects – gah, how I hate that word! – who cannot stand his suffocating and absolute rule. We brave few, we brave and daring few. . . we seem so small in numbers, but we have the biggest [resource] of all from which to draw our armies.’
You say, ‘what resource’
Drazl says,in Froglok, ‘Why, the grave itself! My colleagues have made certain pacts and bargains. I wish only that I could see it with my own eyes. Such is my real punishment, that I cannot see the imminent downfall of Dergzl when the armies formed of his revived ancestors come to slay him and throw him from his throne. Instead. . . instead, here I rot. Not bad any more. Not bad at all, am I. Merely disappointed that when the forces of undeath come, I shall not be there to lead them. Lead them to a new Guk, a free Guk!’

Name: Welas Holander
Found: Good Wing Top
Race: Erudite Ghost
Language Suspected: old Erudian

Welas Hollander says,in Old Erudian, ‘Unnnn. . . ‘ He fades and then rematerializes, as if talking is causing great effort. ‘Hail to thee, Faldaine. Be careful! Ware! Careful who to trust in here, or ye’ll find one day waking with a blade in your chest, as I did! Watch ye!’

Name: Grum
Found: Good Wing Top
Race: Ogre
Language: Ogre
Notes: Very funny little story.
You say, ‘Hail, Grum’
Grum says,in Ogre, ‘Huh?’ He lifts his head and looks at you with a blank expression. ‘Whoz you? Mez not expectin visitors. Mez in [trouble].’
You say, ‘what trouble’
Grum says,in Ogre, ‘Ya, trouble big. Real big dis time. Stupid Grum, wez been told to guard some little shorty by da big man in da black robe. Grum had to watch her during da night while the others went to make sure dat the humeyz been scared off. But da shorty, she wuz so perdee. So perdee. . . When da otherz come back, dey found Grum. Grum all alone with a flower behind his ear and big smilin all over. Mez alwayz been stupid for da perdee ones.’ He looks down at something that he holds in his lap, and you notice it is a small, wilting daisy.’

Name: Master Vhezar
Found: Good Wing Top
Race: Iksar
Language: Lizardman
You say, ‘Hail, Master Vhezar’
Master Vhezar says,in Lizardman, ‘Hail.’ He holds your gaze. ‘Peace be with you, Faldaine. You appear unrestful, this is good. Unrest makes one attentive. Focused. Alert. You will need the sum total of your wits at your command if you are to not fall to the [forces] at work in this place of imprisonment.’
You say, ‘what forces’
Master Vhezar says,in Lizardman, ‘There are many. The representatives of True Justice hold sway here, and the task of dispensing judgements falls upon them. I have heard that the Warden. . . ‘ He looks out to see if he is being overheard. ‘I have heard that the Warden has his own thoughts on justice, however. Then, there are we [prisoners].’
You say, ‘what prisoners’
Master Vhezar says,in Lizardman, ‘From those with whom I have talked, it seems that we have little in common save that we have all been accused of the most serious of crimes. The definition of serious seems to vary according to the background of the prisoner, though. I overheard a conversation of a dwarf claiming that she was sent here for overcharging on goods that she sold, for example.’ He shakes his head and looks resigned to a long fate. I have [faith].’
You say, ‘what faith’
Master Vhezar says,in Lizardman, ‘As a Grandmaster, my life is one of pure worship. In the worship of the Great Fearsome, so I go about my days. My faith shall not let me down, of this I have no doubt. Even in the face of great accusation, I shall remain true to the one, real god.’ He adjusts his wristband and glances at you from the corner of one eye. ‘That god is Cazic-Thule, mark you, High Elf.’

Name: Nemli
Found: Good Wing Top
Name: Dwarf
Language: Dwarvish
You say, ‘Hail, Nemli’
Nemli says,in Dwarvish, ‘Hail!’ He jumps up and extends you his hand. ‘Well met, Faldaine! It’s been a while since I saw a friendly face, here in all this gloom, I have to tell ye.’ His feet nearly leave the floor in his excitement. ‘Do ye bring word from [Nammy]?’
You say, ‘who is nammy’
Nemli says,in Dwarvish, ‘Aye!’ He nods enthusiastically. ‘Aye, Nammy! Me own dear brother, so he is. Have ye heard from him? I’ve not heard from him since the [job].”
You say, ‘what job’
Nemli says,in Dwarvish, ‘What a job it was, for two enterprising young men of opportunity like ourselves. Why, King Butcherblock’s chamberlain himself brought us before him, so he did. Dressed us all up plush-like, and told us about a wealthy elf who’d stolen something o’ the King’s. He wanted us to find it. . . what a lark! Well, who’s we to refuse the kind of [offer] he made, eh?’
You say, ‘what offer’
Nemli says,in Dwarvish, ‘Aye! He said that this elf had been stealing from the King for a long time, Brell only knows how he managed it. He said that we could take whatever we wanted from the elf’s mansion as payment, but that the book that he was all riled up about.. the [book] he wanted back safe and sound in the palace, so he did.’
You say, ‘what book’
Nemli says,in Dwarvish, ‘That he didn’t tell us. I heard rumor that it was something like his family history, or his family tree, or something thereabouts. Who cares, that’s what Nammy and I said! A job’s a job, right? So’s following the directions, we snuck out to this mansion. All alone it was, standing there in the forest. Being good at our craft, the locks didn’t prove any obstacle, and we were in!’ He shudders. ‘Then the lights came on. We’d been [caught].”
You say, ‘what caught’
Nemli says,in Dwarvish, ‘Aye, like rats in a trap, so’s to speak.’ He thumps his thigh with his fist. ‘They seemed to be expecting us, like. The weirdest thing of all, was that nothing in the house looked elvish at all. All of it good, honest dwarven stuff. All dressed up rich and gaudy, a Stout I’d never seen walking in Kaladim told us that he was the mansion’s owner. What a lark! I’m not sure what’s going on, to tell ye truth, but it sounds as if we’ve got mixed up in the [games] of the nobles.’
You say, ‘what games’
Nemli says,in Dwarvish, ‘Games they are, too. Little folk like me have no wot of what’s going on, ye know. I don’t know if the chamberlain knew who owned the house, or if we got the wrong one maybe. . . we followed the directions to the letter, though. Nammy managed to escape through a window while the guards took me into chains. He said he’d be back and rescue me when he could! Come on, Nammy – I need ye now!’

KOS Wing

Notes: Note, since this wing has some rooms with two of the same kind of npcs in the same room speaking the same language I just combined them.

Name: Zayenaekk and Iyanlinaoukh
Found: Kos Wing Top
Race: Sphynx
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Zayenaekk’
Zayenaekk flaps her wings and raises her chin high and proud as she gazes down upon Faldaine, ‘You stand before Zayenaekk — servant of Murdunk and prisoner now of the Tribunal. There is nothing more to this being than the formerly stated. Move along, mortal. This is not a realm for the free to wander.’

You say, ‘Hail, Iyalinaoukh’
Iyalinaoukh tilts her head and glares down upon you with sapphire, feline eyes. The sphinx flaps her wings and rears her head in a gesture of amusement, ‘A mortal before Iyalinaoukh? Truly, how ironic this is, but yet it is without just end. Move along, mortal. This place of Norrath’s creatures is not one that takes kindly to the presence of the free. Even in this place, our crimes are beyond your understanding and your ears unworthy of the voices that would tell their tales.’

Name: Mublok and Yalaki
Found: Kos Top Floor
Race: Ratman
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Mublok’
Mublok curls his lips up, revealing the row of sharp, vermin teeth, ‘Begone from here!’ The rat hisses in an almost screeching tone, ‘You debase us with your presence — even in this place. We are beyond your judgment and understanding. We are creatures whom the gods themselves may only pass judgment upon and in that, we are superior to you. Move along! Move along!’

You say, ‘Hail, Yalaki’
Yalaki twitches its nose, sniffing the air about you. The ratman then gives a hissing sound of disdain and shakes its head rapidly as if to ward off an offensive presentation, ‘Go away! I have nothing to share with you — time or tale. We have no love for you or your kind. Go on, now. Go on! Return to the north where your kind dwell in their pitiful misery and regret.’

Name: Dremekal
Found: Kos Wing Top
Race: Minotaur
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Dremekal’
Dremekal snorts and glares down upon you, his human-like eyes blazing with contempt, ‘How dare you approach and speak with us! Do you think that in this place, our bias toward you has fallen? Do you believe that we are creatures whose convictions have changed to allow recognition, let alone camaraderie to your kind? We are not as desperate and easy to break as the children of the gods that have been confined to this place. Our tales are for the judgment of the Tribunal and them alone! Begone from this place! Seek out your own kind who dwell to the north! They may have the tales of woe and tragedy that your kind disgustingly amuse yourselves with.’

Name: Ra’Silyes and Trader Sha’Deno
Found: Kos Wing Top
Race: Sarnak
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Ra`Silyas’
Ra`Silyas gives a cold, callous glare to Faldaine, ‘What business do you believe befits you in this place, Faldaine? Your presence is not welcome among us. You are a creature who is free and you walk willingly among the eternal prisoners of justice. How quaint, indeed. Move along for in the north where your kin reside. Perhaps they may be more informative and receptive to your presence than we.’

You say, ‘Hail, Trader Sha`Deno’
Trader Sha`Deno tilts his head, his eyes lighting with a sense of curiosity and amusement, ‘Greetings, free one. You wander the cells of eternal prisoners. . . How intriguing. Perhaps you have a fascination for the degenerate and hopeless? Or perhaps you wish to teach yourself of what paths that will grant you avoidance of this place in your own hereafter, hrm? Aaaah. . . So many questions, but yet you truly do not hold any of the answers. I. . . I am a criminal like no other in this place, and still my tale is not for you to know. Continue your search, but if I may direct you to the northern quarter where your own people reside, I’m certain you will find more of the answers that you seek.’

Name: Maen Kul’Daar
Found: Kos Wing Middle
Race: Goblin
Language Suspected: Goblin

Name: Kareyn the Dreadgazer
Found: Kos Wing Bottom
Race: Evil Eye
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Karzyn the Dreadgazer’
Faldaine. Come closer, closer. Ever closer. Look at me, let me gaze upon you, upon you. Many things I see, I see, many things. I have [seen] much since coming here.
You say, ‘seen what’
This place is supposed to be the true Justice, the embodiment of Order itself. Yet, there are [forces] working within this place, forces not working in accord with the Judges.
You say, ‘what forces’
I have seen much, seen much. Jacosh is the Warden here. It is his task to carry out the work that the Judges pronounce it is. Pronounce they, impartial they, judging each to his own, they. Each to his own. Jacosh is [different].
You say, ‘different how?’
He is not impartial, he is but mortal, mortal. Some judgements of the High Judges, though impartial and fair for the kin of the accused, seem less fair to the mortal eyes of [Jacosh].
You say, ‘who is Jacosh?’
He is short-sighted, short-sighted. He makes his own [judgements].
You say, ‘what judgements’
His own judgements, and often they do not agree with the Judges. Sometimes it seems to him that a prisoner is judged too harshly. These he sometimes helps escape, escape. Not the [others].
You say, ‘what others’
Sometimes it seems to him that a prisoner is judged too lightly. With these, the prison walls ring with their screams as torture is performed. So far, he is undetected by the Judges. I see much. I see. . . so much, so much. . .

Name: Xin Rentheis Ishan
Found: Kos Wing Bottom
Race: Akhevan
Language Suspected: Akhevan

Xin Renthais Ishan says, in Combine Tongue, ‘Ah!’ He paces back and forth. ‘Lumanes, Naele. Ah, you are sivuela, I shall use your mortal tongue.’ Two of his hands hold his belt whilst the other two wring one another in thought. ‘These are tavuelais tianeus. . . . [painful days] indeed.”

Xin Renthais Ishan says, in Combine Tongue, ‘My spies have received word that the Stormbringer is to the sacred city headed. Gah!’ He spits upon the floor. ‘I am vexed, for I have not the ability to reach there and provide warning. My [lytaer] took me far.’

Xin Renthais Ishan says, in Combine Tongue, ‘Then again, my duty has always taken me far. My duty is that which no other will perform, that which no other can perform. To the phaluim I go.’ He spits again. ‘To the infestation, to the mortal dwelling. I have learned their tongue through much observation, this is in itself crime punishable by [attaumis].’

Xin Renthais Ishan says, in Combine Tongue, ‘Kra!’ He flinches. ‘Forgive me, it is. . . the end of the soul. Not simple tekar, not the death of the body.’ He taps between his eyes with one hand. ‘It is the death of the spirit, separation from Ishinae herself, with no way of returning. I take this fate willingly, for in my eternal suffering I know that, despite consort with the siveulaeus. . . the mortals. . . my [information] will save us.”

Xin Renthais Ishan says, in Combine Tongue, ‘I am a Leader of Wars by title. However, my calling is of a gatherer of temariel.. He struggles for the right word. ‘A gatherer of knowledge. I do this by watching and even talking with those siveula whom can be trusted. Though this is crime punishable by death, my death is worth serving my kind as I have. Though I fear that this time it is [too late].’

Xin Renthais Ishan says, in Combine Tongue, ‘Whilst concealed with my spies outside of the tek phaluim, the. . . . Silver Infestation, watching them crawl through their pestilential lives, word of the Stormbringer came to me. I have to warn the rentha. . . to the city. . . yet, I was too far. Now, I am even further.’ He sighs. ‘With me, the warning will die. I cannot tell what xetanus will occur. . .’ He struggles again. ‘What blasphemy will occur when the Stormbringer reaches the rentha. Here I sit, unable to act. Awaiting [xiall].’ ‘

Xin Renthais Ishan says, in Combine Tongue, ‘Justice, it comes to us all in the end. I shall pay for my crime, for being so close to the dutenus. . . the enemy. Mine is damnation eternal. Linger not with me, for I must be alone, I have much to think upon. Farewell, Naele. . . vyanemis.’

Name: Numeinastel
Found: Kos Wing Bottom
Race: Unknown
Language Suspected: Barbarian

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘By the Gods, get out of sight! Should the guard see you, or maybe worse, Steldenn himself, you might well find yourself haunting these walls forevermore! Hide yourself, in this [form] I cannot aid you!’

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘Unless of course you like excessive quantities of fur and a somewhat unpleasant odor. Those abound, more’s the pity, as well you might see. I ask you, which is worse: [temptation] into crime or merely [getting caught] in the act?’

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘It’s like I always say, be as bad as you like but make sure that no one is watching! Especially if the one that is watching happens to be the Lord High Emperor.’ He wrinkles a rather gummy snout in distaste and flicks one of his ears. ‘How was I to know? If a man leaves his [chamber] unlocked, then what more is to be expected than a few welcome guests?’

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘Carandril has everything. His Imperial Army maintain his lands across the Faydark, his rule is virtually unchallenged, his people prosper and he has more wives than there are days of the week!’ A gruff sound escapes his ursine throat which you assume to be laughter. ‘In me, he had a trusted [friend]!”

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘Well, maybe I wasn’t quite his friend, but a gentleman’s butler is second only to his best companion, so they say. So I was! Off on one of his many hunts, he was. Forbidden to the enter that chamber, I may have been, but that light. . . that golden light!’ His snout is close to your face now, and a breath carrying the foul odor of putrid meat causes your eyes to water. ‘I had to look. What a [sight].’

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘On his last “crusade”, it appears that the dear Emperor took his best spoil yet, the living soul of a [Dreamspinner]!’

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘Oh come now, don’t play the ignorant one. Who hasn’t heard of the Dreamspinners, that can see directly into the mind, even those of we Tunare’s Children? Carandril somehow had the living essence of such a creature, separated from its hideous form and kept in captivity within a sealed jar in his inner chamber! Remarkable. You’ll know of the [legend], of course.’

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘Aye! The legend! The Dreamspinners consider it the most unspeakable crime amongst their kind to allow themselves to be taken into captivity, so the old myths go. Should such an unthinkable event ever occur, the spirit of that poor damned Dreamspinner is rendered up to the Justice of the [Six].’

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘The Judges of all Judges! The Six! It is they that mete out the final judgements upon we mortals. Even the spirit of poor Xenioth. His only crime was to be seized by the grasping clutches of our dear Emperor!’ That throaty sound of amusement escapes him once more, and another wave of putrid breath assails your nostrils. I [talked] with him some, you know.’

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘Well, I say talked. It’s hard to hold a conversation with a disembodied spirit. The Dreamspinners have that special way of getting into your thoughts, so they do. We chatted quite comfortably for nearly an hour inside my head, to and fro, back and forth. It seems that Carandril caught him off-guard, and his sorcerers stripped his form from his spirit, sealing him into the jar in which I found him. I suppose that busybody Edril put him up to it. Well, I couldn’t resist. I set him [free].’

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘So I did! Smashed the jar upon the boards of the floor, and Xenioth was free! I was always the one that bought the caged birds at the market, just for the purpose of setting them free. Life is too beautiful to spend it caged, they always say. I heard his voice in my thoughts one last time before his spirit vanished, so I did: “The Endless thanks you”. Thanks indeed! I only hope he isn’t caught for his crime. I wish that I could say the same for myself, you can see my [fate] with your own eyes.’

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘Our noble Emperor caught me with the jar smashed at my feet and a look of shame upon my face. I’m not a coward, mind you; I came clean. Much good as it did me.’ A small quantity of drool escapes his maw. ‘He used his Tunarean glamors to trap me in this cursed form you see before you. So high and mighty, his time will come! Here I am, at least, in a place that’s slightly more fair. At least here I can look forward to actual justice. . .’ He turns and gives you a view of his ample posterior. You realise that the conversation is at an end.’

Numeinastel says, in Elder Elvish, ‘It’s like I always say, be as bad as you like but make sure that no one is watching! Especially if the one that is watching happens to be the Lord High Emperor.’ He wrinkles a rather gummy snout in distaste and flicks one of his ears. ‘How was I to know? If a man leaves his [chamber] unlocked, then what more is to be expected than a few welcome guests?’

Name: Councilor Vaylaz
Found: Kos Wing Bottom
Race: Undead Froglok
Language: Froglok
You say, ‘Hail, Councilor Vaylaz’
Councilor Vaylaz says,in Froglok, ‘Frroooaaakkk!’ He jumps up upon his hind legs and stares at you with empty sockets. ‘Frooooaaakkk! Risen are we! [Risen]!’
You say, ‘who has risen’
Councilor Vaylaz says,in Froglok, ‘That fool Drazl has opened the Gate and now we return from our graves, we the fallen! Slain in battle for a war that we did not wish for! Revenge is ours! Now that the Gate is open, more and more of we restless ancients return to settle our score with the King! Even Lord Gryzle returns, it is said! Against the living kin we fight! End up here we may, but for revenge I would give infinitely more!’ His decaying voice cackles with glee. ‘Frrroooaaakkk!’

Name: Georr Kul’Daar
Found: Kos Wing Middle
Race: Goblin
Language Suspected: Goblin

Georr Kul`Daar says, in Goblin, ‘What in the Dark Stars is this that stands before Chief Georr of the Kul`Daar? What strangeness, it walks on two legs like a jollytot. . . all upright and flimsy-looking.’ Georr looks you up and down, taking you in with eyes that show a ruthless intelligence. ‘[Ankexfen] maybe?’

Georr Kul`Daar says, in Goblin, ‘Yes! Yes! I knew it was so, you fit the descriptions!’ He cackles gleefully, as if he has struck gold. ‘Forbidden knowledge, it is. . . blasted from our memories after The Scattering. Some of us still remember, fragments! Fragments, but when sewn together. . ..’ He jumps up and down in excitement. ‘So you are! Worth being thrown here it is, to see that it is true! TRUE! So I knew it to be and have been proven!’

Name: Zemlan Blackfang
Found: Kos Wing Middle
Race: Gnoll
Language Suspected: Gnoll

Name: Advisor Vyanz
Found: Kos Wing Middle
Race: Evil Eye
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Advisor Vyenz’
The dark touches you, touches you. Your soul, touched by Dark Clouds, Faldaine. Dark Clouds. The Master will have you yet, yet will you be had. Open your eyes, Faldaine. Open your eyes and look deep into my gaze. Repeat after me, after me. . . “Advisor, my will is thine”
You say, ‘advisor, my will is thine’
Good. . . good, %#1474. Deep into my gaze, deeper you fall. Falling, falling. . . letting yourself fall, and fall, and fall. I will speak now, and you will hear me, Faldaine. Hear me and repeat. Repeat, and gaze into me.. always gaze.. “I hear you master”
You say, ‘i hear you master’
I obey you master
You say, ‘i obey you master’
I shall draw my weapon
You say, ‘i shall draw my weapon’
I shall open the door
You say, ‘i shall open the door’
I shall call the guard
You say, ‘i shall call the guard’
I shall strike the guard with my weapon
[ You say, ‘i shall strike the guard with my weapon’
I shall draw the guard away
You say, ‘i shall draw the guard away’
You say, ‘i shall die for your escape – hey whats another death anyway’
Remember my words, %#1474. Remember. You will awaken soon, when I blink. When I blink, you shall awaken and follow my commands, they are the commands which your life’s duty will fulfill. You will fulfill. Now, %#1474. . . AWAKEN!
You say, ‘well ill do that but my 1/25 weapon wont kill much, it takes me 2 minutes to kill ‘a black wolf’ in a newbie zone with it ‘

Name: Brugga
Found: Kos Wing Middle
Race: Orc
Language Suspected: Orcish

You say, ‘Hail, Brugga’
Brugga says, in Orcish, ‘Ragh!’ His eyes you with pure hatred. ‘Indigo, my dark bowels. . . treachery it is, treachery against the clan. Gharol paid! Paid for it!’ He shows you his hands and grins maliciously. ‘Paid, he did!’
You say, ‘What rare disease?’
Brugga snorts. ‘You have someone that needs killing, or someone that needs saving? It not matter to Brugga, but you smell of a hero, so Brugga think there someone need saving. Well Brugga have time, so you give Brugga the disease and Brugga see.’
Brugga dips his finger into the flask and tastes the liquid, ‘Hmm, someone start work on this already and it still vile. This nothing that Brugga have trouble to cure, we just need stronger toxins to drive this one back. Brugga need a gnome made crawlerpoison, a venom sack from the Terror Matriarch, and the stinger from a Nettling Wraith, Brugga make you a cure.’
Brugga says, in Orcish, ‘Yes, Brugga work with this.’ Brugga chants and makes strange gestures while mixing the objects in his mortar and pestle. ‘Ok, Brugga finished now. You have your cure, give cure with the bile and that will heal. You go now, Brugga done talking.’

Name: Komazz

Found: Kos Wing Middle
Race: Drake
Language Suspected: Dragon
Notes: This mob will not respond to Elder Dragon.

Name: Quillon and Guardian Ionew
Found: Kos Wing Top
Race: Gargoyle
Language: Common
You say, ‘Hail, Quillon’
Quillon remains stiff and lifeless in its posture. The gargoyle creature’s eyes suddenly catch you off-guard as they open to look upon you. Hate and spite is draped over you by the crimson orbs of the gargoyle’s gaze. Without a word or sound, the creature returns to its lifeless stance, ignoring your presence further.

You say, ‘Hail, Guardian Ionew’
Guardian Ionew does not seem to budge or take notice of your presence. The gargoyle remains still and absolute in its poise, ignoring your presence and voice entirely. You notice the shackles bound to its limbs, binding them together by a two-foot length of chain. The creature is a prisoner, but is inanimate. A brief sense of intrigue, curiosity, and a slight fear fills you as you realize that not only those who hold spirits are subject to the Tribunal’s judgment.

Name: Archpriest Del`Maque

Archpriest Del`Maque says, in Elder Teir’Dal, ‘Hmmm.’ He motions to his two followers to be still. ‘This one will not trouble us, I think.’ He turns to face you. The years have not been kind to his ancient face, but his age does not bring weakness. He eyes you with a fierce gaze. ‘From the expression on its face, it doesn’t even seem to [understand] what I’m saying.’

Archpriest Del`Maque says, in Elder Teir’Dal, ‘What!’ He grins a malicious smile, his yellowing tongue flicking out across his teeth. ‘Perhaps ye’re not so ignorant, after all. What brings ye here? ‘Tis usually only the damned guards that I see, bringing me that vermin-feed that they call nourishment. Even the [Mistress] provided better than this.’

Archpriest Del`Maque says, in Elder Teir’Dal, ‘Fool. . .’ He sniggers to himself. ‘Well, that’s what she called herself, the silly wench. Trying to build herself a little city of her own, what arrogance. . . ‘ From the folds of his thick robes, he reveals a small crystal sphere. ‘Nothing that the [eyes] of Del`Maque cannot see, ye ken.”

Archpriest Del`Maque says, in Elder Teir’Dal, ‘The eyes of the dead are everywhere, and with the correct devices and words. . . ‘ He passes his hand over the sphere and clouds appear within, as if a fog had suddenly awoken. He looks at you with ancient, lidded eyes that glitter with amusement. ‘Try to set up her own little city. . . right in the mountains, so she did. All the terrain of the Lavastorm Mountains itself couldn’t halt the advance of the angry King. I wonder how the King [found out]. . .”

Archpriest Del`Maque says, in Elder Teir’Dal, ‘Guess!’ He grins. ‘How do ye think? ‘Tis a foolish woman indeed that trusts the heart of Del`Maque. I do hope that her downfall was not too.. crushing.’ He laughs quietly. ‘Of course, treachery to a witch is strictly against the letter of the law, ye ken. I don’t doubt that any reasonable judge with absolve me of all guilt. If thy witch is a traitor, how else can ye act?’ He replaces the sphere within his robes. ‘Poor, dearest, Najena. . .’

Name: Yventa Va`Ssula


Yventa Va`Ssula flicks her reptilian tongue at you as she glares at you in utter contempt. Her voice spills forward in a whispered hiss, ‘What purpose have you here among us, free one? Do you find yourself pleased by the misery of the degenerate beings this place hosts? Or perhaps you are a bard and wish to spread the tales of our treachery as a lesson to the innocent? You know nothing if that is your wish here, for not all of us are victims of conscious convictions. Some, like myself, are held because of who we are in the innermost depths of our spirits — something that we cannot help or change. We are condemned for that which we could not control in our lives. That is the true element of my fate here. If you do not understand or accept this, then perhaps you should speak with us and hear our tales. Learn before you base assumptions upon ignorance.’

Yventa Va`Ssula hisses again, her tongue flicking in the insipid air of her cell in swift reaction to your question, ‘You wish to hear my tale? You wish to know why I am a prisoner of this eternal, cosmic jailhouse? Well, then sit down and keep your ears focused and heart steady — for the tale I tell you does not thirst for your pity, just your understanding as to the true purpose of this place.’

Yventa Va`Ssula says ”The Tribunal will judge any and all beings who have committed crimes so vile that their own people cannot deliver proper justice. As a member of the Empire of Ik, my being here is something to be respected, for I upheld my true self to the end and hold no regrets for it. I defied my empire in a way that so few were ever capable — for I defied it not out of a yearning for rebellion or a hatred for my leaders, but my existence was destined for this fate.”

Yventa Va`Ssula says ‘In my years upon Norrath, I served as one of several hand-maidens to Drusilla Sathir, our Empress and governess of the eastern lands of Kunark. As well as being her guardian, I was her faithful and devoted servant from birth. The spirits deemed this life to be the one forged for my spirit. I was raised by the elder maidens of our mistress and taught from the beginning how to properly serve and devote my life and existence to her. We were all thoroughly educated in the practical arts of our people and each given the training in a specific martial role. I was trained in the ways of the shadowknight, for the spirits had forged me strong and true in both body and conviction. In this fashion, I would serve as both servant and guardian to my mistress. It was a good life, one that I pledged every fiber of my being to fulfill. It is a cruel twist of fate regarding what consequences would later befall me.”

Yventa Va`Ssula says ‘I despised my mistress. I cursed her secretly, for I believed that she disabled me from being something greater than a mere servant. I was one of the best swordsmen in the whole of the empire at that time and my instructor knew this. His hands were tied, for he had told me in secret that it was unfortunate and cruel trickery of the spirits to have placed such a strong and skillful warrior in the binds of servitude. He was a general, one of many appointed by Sathir himself to defend the empire’s greatness in conquest of the continent. From that moment on, I hated my mistress in the deepest recesses of my being. I had prayed to The Faceless in secret, pleading for the chance to prove myself above this station and ascend to what I believed my proper calling to be — a general beside Venril Sathir in the great legions of Ik. My prayers would be answered, though the consequence of my exploiting of the opportunity would be far beyond my most fearsome nightmares.”

Yventa Va`Ssula says ‘My mistress would leave us on holiday to the capital of Sebilis. Only twenty of her guardians accompanied her on the venture, for the rest were commanded to remain behind and guard her personal dwellings. Whilst she was away, we were attacked by a legion of Sarnak who knew the mistress — whom the entire realm feared — was gone. We defended the home fiercely and were victorious in the end. Three Sarnak escaped us and I pursued despite the calling of my superiors. Four days later, in the Burning Wood, I caught them. We engaged in battle and two of them fell to my blade. The other fled, but not far for I shot him with a poisoned arrow and watched him die over the course of five hours. When his final breath was exhausted, a vision flooded my mind.”

Yventa Va`Ssula says ‘The vision was one of blood and chaos amidst a cloud of dust and battle. Within stood a mirror and upon one side was the reflection of Iksarian might with the victory over a mighty legion of dragons. Within it, I carried a battle-worn blade and the flag of our empire, raised high in triumph. The other was one ruin and devastation and my face was nowhere to be seen. I knew the vision was one delivered to me by The Faceless — that I would be key to the fate of the Empire of Ik and that my purpose was beyond that of a mere handmaiden. I ventured them to Karnor’s castle, where I knew my mentor to be stationed. There, I confided in him the vision that I had received. He placed me before a seer — a high shaman in the scaled mystics who had given visions to Sathir himself upon occasion. What he saw then would change the course of my life.”

Yventa Va`Ssula says ‘The seer saw nothing — merely the delusions of a disenchanted handmaiden who sought greater fortune and purpose in the world. The spirits were final, he said, and their need of me was absolute in my current station. I was ordered to return to Drusilla’s side, where she would deem the proper punishment for my disobedience of her orders. My escort and I reached the wilds of the Frontier Mountains. It was there that I slew him, forever altering my course from one of potential greatness to this — a prisoner. I had shaved the scales from my face and wore a mask always to conceal the scars. I donned the colors and armor of the empire’s legions in secret for many years. It was when my skills were recognized by my mentor upon the Field of Bone that I was found out. Branded a traitor by the seers for straying from my destined course, I was ritualistically disemboweled and my spirit condemned. The Tribunal would judge me in the hereafter and this is what my fate would be.”

Chronicle of Gromok Vol. III

Freed of any obligations of duty, the soldiers that accompanied me and I set out in search of a fortress that had not yet fallen. We traveled and fought for countless weeks only to be greeted by death and misery at each destination, what survivors did remain at the ruined strongholds of our once great empire often joined us in our search for sanctuary or at the very least a place to rebuild our fallen society. Gradually as we traveled across Tunaria, what began as a small unit from the Fortress of Krithgor became a large caravan of refugees. We settled in the Feerrott Marshlands near the ruins of one of the Rallosian Empires greatest strongholds. A handful of capable warriors among us set out to the west in search of survivors at the locations of the Rathe’s executions and the death of Murdunk. Only two of the search party returned alive. They spoke of terrible devastation, Giants that were once allies of the Ogre people attacking without provocation, and of ferocious one-eyed giants that now guarded the valleys and canyons of the Mountains of Rathe’s Demise.

So it came to pass that the Feerrott Marsh became the new home of we, the Ogre people. The men took on duties of hunting food in addition to protecting the women and children from wild beasts of the marsh. The women harvested and cultivated what forms of crops could be grown in the marshy soil. The children did nothing, and this instilled fear into our minds and hearts.

The children born to us survivors of the collapse of the Rallosian Empire were noticeably and frighteningly different than children of previous generations. This new generation of Ogres was for the most part hairless, only females showed any ability to grow hair and even then it was a thin and straggly. The flesh of the youngsters was of a paler complexion and warty and course, they suffered frequently from conditions that turned their eyes bloodshot, made their noses runny, and they often drooled incessantly. It soon became apparent however that these physical conditions were the least of our worries for they were still physically strong and enduring. It was their minds that concerned us the most.

Chronicle of Gromok Vol. II

At the height of victory it happened, I know not what fearful deities are responsible, nor what ancient magics were unleashed on my people and our brethren races of the Rallosian Empire. I know only what I myself witnessed at the accounts of the other survivors of what is spoken of only as The Curse. The first signs I saw of the curse were angry shouts of ogre magi when the planar portals closed. Then the screams of those same magi as fire simultaneously ignited from within their bodies leaving only memories and ashes.

Shortly after witnessing the demise of the magi stationed at the Fortress of Krithgor a battered legion unit arrived at the fortress gates. The soldiers brought word of Murdunk’s dishonorable death, accusing The Rathe of cursing Murdunk to fall from a cliff at the site of The Rathe’s execution. They spoke of the disappearances of many great Ogre war leaders, including Murdunk’s tactician and strategist, Generals Tallon and Vallon, and even the Warlord Rallos Zek. This worn unit of soldiers was relieved of their previous duties by our superiors and stationed at the Fortress of Krithgor. A new Legion Unit was formed from the soldiers that had been stationed there for some time, myself included, and we were charged with completing the duties of the reassigned soldiers.

Days passed swiftly for me as my legion unit traveled to various fortresses and battlefields. The sights revealed to us at each arrival to this day seem unreal. With the great military leaders and the magi dead or missing our fortresses began to fall. The Giants, also crippled with the loss of their magi, retreated deep into the wilderness. The Orcs became obsessed with greed and blood lust, dividing from the Rallosian Empire into petty clans fighting each other over the spoils of the war. The Goblins went mad cowering in the shadows and caverns of Tunaria’s frontiers. We returned after man months to the Fortress of Krithgor to find the once mighty stronghold reduced to rubble like so many of the fortresses we had visited on our patrol.

Whatever creatures had destroyed the fortress had not even spared women and children, their remains lay strewn about the stones that once formed the strongholds walls. This was when I gave in to my pride and accepted that the Rallosian Empire was no more.

Chronicle of Gromok Vol. I

The Chronicle of Gromok Hergom

I ink these words for fear that my once proud and mighty Ogres will forget the events I have seen in my long life. I am known at the time of this inking as Elder Gromok but I was once a soldier of little renown and status in the mighty Rallosian Legions under the command of Warlord Murdunk.

I was not raised to be an Elder of my fellow Ogres. My training was that of a soldier and I concerned myself only with the arts of warfare. It is with reluctance that I now bear the mantle of Elder and the cause of that reluctance is the same reason that I ink this tale.

I was stationed at the Fortress of Krithgor when the ogre magi first opened the portals to the Planes of Power. Plans were quickly laid and orders sent to our fortresses and troops in all corners of Tunaria. A large invasion force of Ogres, Giants, Orcs, and Goblins gathered at the newly opened planar portals. At the time I felt disappointed that my orders were to remain at Fortress Krithgor, that disappointment quickly turned to anger when I learned that the invasion failed, and although Warlord Murdunk survived our losses were great.

Some time passed before news reached the Fortress of Krithgor that a second invasion was being orchestrated. Rumors circled like hungry buzzards over a field of carnage concerning the plans for this second invasion. It was even said that Rallos Zek was to lead the campaign with Warlord Murdunk and the most renowned champions of the Giants, Orcs, and Goblins by his side. Once again my orders were to remain at the home front to defend the women, children, and elderly citizens of the Rallosian Empire.

It was not long after the invasion forces of the Rallosian Legions once again passed through the portals to the Planes of Power that the home front too became a place of battle, slaughter, and glory. Mortal disciples of deities opposed to The Warlord, Rallos Zek, attacked the citizens and fortresses of the Rallosian Empire on Tunaria. Our enemies fought valiantly, and the resulting battles were the most glorious I was ever to behold. My weapons and armor were stained with the blood of our foes, and our children and elders kept safe within our impenetrable strongholds. Messengers passing through the Fortress of Krithgor spoke of the victories of the legion units led by Rallos Zek, Warlord Murdunk, and the Generals Tallon and Vallon. It was said that the Rathe Council, the twelve rulers of the Plane of Earth had been captured and forced to Norrath where they were being executed by Murdunk and his Generals, that mountains burst from the earth where the gods fell and that the dying tears of the fallen gods formed a cold, deep lake between the newly risen mountain peaks.