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Tale of Events from Eternity’s Knight (GM Event Log)

The telling of events from Steamfront Mountains to Dagnor’s Cauldron

A number of dragons then appear within the hills outside the city of Qeynos and assumed mortal form. One of their number being a blue drake named Drakel took the form of a high elf, Lady Zavo Zatanov. They gather a band of adventurers to escort them to lair of Lady Vox, who is found howling in rage over the theft of the shard from Veeshans claw; left from when Veeshan struck the world in its creation.

These dragons now in mortal form from the Ring of Scale confront Carson McCabe’s agent and is felled by their hands, attaining the Crystal Claw of Veeshan. Leaving the ruins of Permafrost Keep they run into the lackeys of Mayong Mistmoore that had been sent to escort Kivgor Illbriar back to the halls of Castle Mistmoore. A battle ensues between the dragons and their adventurous allies against the agents of Mistmoore who are driven off, with Lord Galendore left slain. At the commencement of their victory they are asked to aid them in a ceremony that would be performed within the confines of the Rathe Mountains.

At the Rathe Mountains the members of the Ring of Scale that are present begin preparations for their ceremony that will forever rend the veil, and awaken dragons all across the face of Norrath from their slumber. However, before the ceremony can even take place Mayong Mistmoore arrives confronting the dragons and their allies.

Three of the dragons who had now assumed their true form are slain before the gathered adventurers can drive Mayong from the Mountain Passes. With the ceremony now in ruin Lady Zavo asks for a volunteer to sacrifice himself and keep the Crystal Claw of Veeshan in safe keeping, who was then dubbed “The Scaled Claw”.

Into the Depths of: Broodlands


The Broodlands have been used as a nursery for dragon eggs since ancient times. They are securely nestled in a valley surrounded on all sides by mountains to keep the precious eggs safe from harm. Most of the valley is lush and green, except where it borders other areas, like Lavastorm.

The most prominent feature of the Broodlands is the lake in the very middle of the valley. This is an excellent landmark for adventurers in the 40 to 60 level range to find their way in this area. It also has an island in the center that leads to The Nest.

Areas of Note

Veeshan’s Broken Claw  Hidden away within the swampy areas, there is a broken statue of Veeshan’s claw.

The Dragon Road – An ornate stone pathway winds its way around the lake and up to the temple on the mountain.