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EQOA – The Jal’Raeth

Source: (Screenshots of EQOA) Credit : Rezikai of Antonia Bayle Server (EQ2)

Blank Con on a tomb entrance step: Here you find an odd mausoleum of unfamiliar architecture.

Rezikai: Examine the mausoleum. / Exit

: Atop this hill you find an ancient mausoleum. It’s inhabitants wander about as most undead do.

: You begin to wonder why exactly this structure is here. The architecture is unfamiliar.

: Who could have built this? How long ago was it built and why? It’s certainly not of Ogre or lizardman origin.

: And what about the surrounding areas? What could cause such a blight upon the land? How long has it been this way?
: Does anything living remain in this grey and dusty land? Even the plants seem to exist in a state of undeath.

: To the West you can barely make out the edges of a lizardman ruin. Perhaps investigating the area would be interesting.

You received a quest!

(pop ups)
You find the central temple of the lizardman ruins and climb the steep stairway.

Immediately you are overwhelmed with a sense of frustration and anger. There is also a great sense of loss.

Aside from the stone buildings, there are absolutely no signs of life. No living being has walked these ruins for ages.

All that is left are these faded and forgotten buildings. This place is dead, with no hope of recovery.

There are no signs of voilence. No crumbled walls, no battered seige engines, no discarded weapons.

There are also no corpses or bones of any kind, as if the entire population just departed all at once.

You deduce that the lizardmen could not be responsible for this land’s blight. There must be some other force at work.

The lizardmen aren’t known to share their knowledge, but perhaps they know something of this place.

The only problem is finding a lizardman willing to speak instead of attack or flee.

Rezikai: Perhaps a scholar can be found? / Exit

You have heard of many people during your extensive travels. Perhaps there is someone who knows lizardman culture.

The name Nolius Adder comes to mind. He was once an accomplished explorer of the southern jungles.

He now resides in a small village East of Qeynos known as Hagley. Perhaps he has knowledge concerning these ruins.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Nolius Adder: Yes? What can i do for you?

Rezikai: You were once a great explorer, correct? / Exit

Nolius Adder: I did do my share of exploring, but I wouldn’t call my accomplishments great. Just found some ruins here and there.

Rezikai: Lizardman ruins? / Exit

Nolius Adder: Yes, mostly. Why do you ask?

Rezikai: I’m looking for answers. I think the lizardmen may have them. / Exit

Nolius Adder: Ahhh, so you wish to parley with them. The lizardmen are a savage species, but you would be surprised at what I have seen.

Nolius Adder: Despite their primitive culture, they are a very spiritually aware reace. They share a special bond with the jungle.

Nolius Adder: The wisdom of their ancestors is held most sacred. Much like the elves, they seek guidance from their departed leaders.

Nolius Adder: If there’s knowledge you seek from them, then it’s their ancestor spirits you must speak with.

Rezikai: How can I find these spirits? How do I speak with them? / Exit

Nolius Adder: That I don’t really know. I do know that the lizardmen entomb their leaders when they depart from this world.

Nolius Adder: If you could find a lizardman tomb, you may be able to find the remains of a chieftain.

Nolius Adder: Their presence is strongest in the Feerrott, the jungles of the lower Rathe Mountains. That’s where I’d search for a tomb.

Nolius Adder: Once you find a suitable sarcophagus, you’re on your own. I’ve never spoken to a lizardman ancestor.

Nolius Adder: Perhaps you must shout wildly and flap your arms about. I have no idea. I hope you can figure it out.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

West Feerrott (W)
A small lizardman ruin on the side of a hill

(pop ups)
The sarcophagus before you is adorned with lizardman jewelry and pottery. You assume this is the tomb of a chieftain.

Rezikai: Shout and flap your arms about wildly. / Adress the empy room and ask about the Dead Hills. / Exit.

Before you even begin to ask your question, a strange red mist fills the room and coalesces into a menacing shape.

(pop up)
The cloud of blood red vapor attacks!

Ixarashar: What do you want, sssoftssskin? We have nothing for you to sssteal.

Rezikai: Give me ultimate power! / I seek answers, about the Dead Hills, about the ruins there. / Exit

Ixarashr: You know not what you asssk of usss, sssoftssskin. The land there isss dead, and my people who once lived there are lossst.

Ixarashr: That land wasss lossst to usss many ssstarcyclesss ago. Mossst cannot remember when the blight came.

Ixarashr: Before our very eyesss, the land withered like a corpssse in the sssun. Darknesss came and all light wasss diminished.

Ixarashr: Our people require light and warmth to sssurvive. We tried to flee, to scurry from the land that wasss once green and fertile.

Ixarashr: But we were ssstopped. The enemies we had ssslain long ago freed themssselvesss from the earth!

Ixarashr: Unnatural it wasss! Our people would never dessecrate that which sustainsss usss, the very earth! A great evil it wasss.

Ixarashr: The fallen corpssses given life once more fell upon my people, came from the Sssouth. Always from the Sssouth.

Ixarashr: Our people had dissappeared. We assume that they now walk with the dead, with the servantsss of that great evil.

Ixarashr: If you truly ssseek the darkness that took my people, then head to the Sssouth. Though I sssay you are a fool.

You finshed a quest!

You received a quest!

Envar (C)
Along the path as you near the citadel

(pop ups)
As a cloud of ashen dust parts before you, the origin of the Dead Hills’ blight reveals itself to you.

Looming just ahead is a massive structure of gray stone. The overwhelming stench of decay assaults your senses.

A grand tower stands in the center of the structure. Atop the tower is an artifact of some kind.

There’s no telling what the artifact does. The only thing you can be sure of is its obviously loathsome nature.

No doubt great danger lies ahead, but the secret of this place will never be learned unless it is explored.

Scanning the structure ahead, you notice a familiar marking carved into the small tower in the Northwest section.

The marking resembles the kind of writing usually associated with the Teir’Dal, the Dark Elves.

It’s unlikely that this place is kept by Dark Elves, but that tower is definitely worth investigating.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Envar (C)
Under the Northwest tower

(pop up)
After fighting your way through a gauntlet of the foulest undead you’ve ever encountered, you finally discover something.

There is a small throne in the center of this room. The throne shows the markings you saw outside the tower.

Also, most of the undead in this area have been branded with the same symbol.

It’s most likely a personal insignia of some kind. You assume the owner is, or once was, a Dark Elf.

It would be helpful to discover the identity of this person. Fortunately you know just who to ask.

You remember the strange Dark Elf scholar you once met in Freeport. Kradesh was his name Kradesh Du`Klot.

Odd that a proud Dark Elf would lower himself to study the filthy Human city of Freeport.

Nevertheless, he is knowledgeable in all things Teir’Dal. He may recognize the symbol you’ve discovered.

You finished a quest!

You receive a quest!

Freeport (SE) House Slaerin

Kradesh Du`Klot: I’m very busy. I have no time to… Oh, it’s you, Rezikai. We meet again.

Rezikai: I have something I wish you to examine. / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: Ahh, I would like to help, but my sagely advice does not come cheaply I’m afraid. I would ask my standard fee, 7000 tunar.

Rezikai: Very well, I have it with me. / Hmmm, I’ll need to get back to you. / Exit.

Kradesh Du`Klot: A wise choice. I will keep this safe.

Kradesh Du`Klot: Unfortunately, I cannot truly help you until I have my journal, which was stolen form me recently.

Kradesh Du`Klot: He was an associate of mine. I assume he believes he can sell my knowledge to the highest bidder.

Kradesh Du`Klot: He fled a short while ago, by the way of the Trade Road. If you hurry you may be able to catch him at the Pilgrim’s Inn.

Kradesh Du`Klot: The thief’s name is Ethrix. Find and slay him. Return with my journal and I will tell you what I can about your inquiry.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Temple Light (NE)

The Pilgrim’s INN

Kill Rogue Ethrix loot [Kradesh’s jounral]: NO TRADE LORE This is the journal of Kradesh, a well known Teir`Dal scholar and wizard.

Kradesh Du`Klot: You have returned my journal?

Rezikai: Yes I have. Now, about my questions. / Not yet, Kradesh. / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: Very well. Describe this symbol to me.

Rezikai: Here, I’ll draw it for you… / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: Hmmm. It is definitely Teir’Dal in origin, but I haven’t seen anything like it in many years.

Kradesh Du`Klot: This is a sigil, a marking that powerful casters of magic use to make their presence and accomplishments known.

Kradesh Du`Klot: However, its style is strange. These small flourishes here, and here, are very unusual.

Kradesh Du`Klot: I have recorded many of these sigils in my journal, perhaps I can find a match. Let me see…

Kradesh Du`Klot: I can’t seem to find anything that matches this sigil, but as I go farther back I find similarities in style.

Kradesh Du`Klot: Well, here’s a sigial that closely resembles what you found. I believe I can discover the name behind the sigil.

Rezikai: How can you do that? / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: Well, modern sigils are often a very artistic expression of the owner, rather than a practical display of meaning.

Kradesh Du`Klot: Sigils this old were often a direct display of a name or family, using the dialect of the time.

Kradesh Du`Klot: It appears that the sigil you found translates to… Tal`Thir… I do not recognize the name.

Kradesh Du`Klot: But this sigil very closely resembles some very old sigils I have recorded in my journal, like this one here…

Kradesh Du`Klot: Well, maybe I am mistaken… This can’t be correct… But the similarities in style are so close…

Rezikai: What? What is it? / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: This is most likely incorrect, but the example I have is of the Witch Queen, Ifuriel, of… the 8th dynasty.

Rezikai: 8th dynasty? What is the current dynasty? / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: …It…It’s the 47th dynasty…

Kradesh Du`Klot: …Thi… This sigil predates the construction of Neriak by centuries!

Rezikai: What?! Predates Neriak? How can… / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: Nevermind! I’m just babbling. You have your name, it is Tal’Thir. There is nothing more to this sigil.

Rezikai: But wait! How can anything predate Neriak? I can pay… / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: …….That information would cost you more then just tunar. And it would cost me as well.

Kradesh Du`Klot: For your own sake, I suggest you forget what I have said. Now leave me, Rezikai. I have nothing more to say.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

You have given away Kradesh’s journal
You have given away 7000 tunar.

Envar (C)
Under the Northwest Tower

Kill Tal`Thir or the Servant of Tal`Thir. Non-Aggro Servant of Tal`Thir spawns.

Servant of Tal`Thir: You have defeated the Servant of Tal`Thir. What do you wish of me?

Rezikai: Who is Tal`Thir? / Exit

Servant of Tal`Thir: Tal`Thir is a servant of Envar. I am a servant of Tal`Thir.

Rezikai: Who is Envar?

Servant of Tal`Thir: I cannot answer that.

Rezikai: Did Envar create Tal`Thir? / Exit

Servant of Tal`Thir: No. Tal`Thir is native to this world. You would call him, Teir`Dal.

Servant of Tal`Thir: When Envar came to this world, he found Tal`Thir and recruited him. Envar found his talents to be…useful.

Servant of Tal`Thir: Tal`Thir has remained a faithful servant since Envar first arrived. He has forsaken his past, such as it was.

Rezikai: How long ago was Tal`Thir… recruited?

Servant of Tal`Thir: Time has no meaning to us, therefore it has no meaning here. Thus, it is not accounted for.

Servant of Tal`Thir: You may ask me one last question, blooded one.

Rezikai: What does Envar wish of his Norrathian servant? / Exit.

Servant of Tal`Thir: Which Norrathian servant?

Rezikai: …Which servant? There’s more then Tal`Thir? / Exit

Servant of Tal`Thir: I will only answer the first question you posed. I will assume you referred to Tal`Thir when you asked about Envar’s servant.

Servant of Tal`Thir: Tal`Thir assists in creating new servants to accomplish the goals of Envar. Tal`Thir’s creations do the bidding of Envar.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Envar (SE)
Under the South East Tower

(pop ups)
Within this chamber you discover an urn. What strikes you as unusual is that it doesn’t match the other artifacts in the room

Upon closer inspection, the urn appears to be of Elven origin. How it got here baffles you.

While brushing some of the dust away, you find a small inscription carved into the pottery.

The inscription only reveals a single name, “Celendra Averyth”. Definitely the name of an Elven woman.

What could this possibly mean? Who is this Celendra and what could she possibly have in connection to this dark place?

If Celendra is as old as Tal`Thir, she must have lived in Takish`Hiz during its peak.

The old Elven city is in ruin now, but ther eare plenty of treasure hunters, scholars, and explorers still investigating it.

One such explorer that comes to mind is the Elf, Graeven. He is the leading authority on ancient Takish`Hiz.

Last you heard he was living in a small camp near the ancient ruins of Takish`Hiz. Perhaps he knows the name, Averyth.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Takish`Hiz (NE)

Explorer Graeven: What do you want? Speak quickly, we must keep moving.

Rezikai: I have a question about an Elven name. / Exit

Explorer Graeven: An Elven name? Why ask me? The scriveners of Fayspires should be…

Rezikai: The name is ancient. Celendra Averyth. / Exit

Explorer Graeven: Hmmm. I don’t recognize the name. Many families were wiped from Norrath during the fall of Takish`Hiz.

Explorer Graeven: Averyth may be the name of a fallen house of Takish`Hiz. That’s all I can really say.

Explorer Graeven: I may be able to help you discover more, however. But I would need your help in tracking the name down.

Explorer Graeven: We’ve been collecting the recorded legacies of Takish`Hiz’s noble houses. Averyth may be one of them.

Explorer Graeven: The deadly creatures that now haunt the ruins often carry such treasures. You bring me one of these legacies.

Explorer Graeven: Hunt the creatures of Takish`Hiz until you find the legacy of the family of Averyth, if it exists.

Explorer Graeven: Once I have that I can help you discover more about this Celendra Averyth. Good luck to you.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Killing a Star Knight drops [Legacy of Averyth] : NO TRADE LORE This large book details the legacy of the House of Averyth, a minor noble family of the once glorius Takish`Hiz.

Explorer Graeven: Have you found anything yet?

Rezikai: Yes, I found this. / Not yet / Exit.

Explorer Graeven: Excellent work! I realize you must have fought desperately to acquire this. I thank you.

Explorer Graeven: As promised I will look for a reference to Celendra…Hmmm…

Explorer Graeven: Yes, Averyth was a minor noble house of Takish`Hiz. Many of their members were high ranking priest of the Church of Tunare.

Explorer Graeven: I don’t see a record indicating the birth of a daughter, Celendra. Hmmm…

Explorer Graeven: Wait, here’s something. Celendra Thaelinra… was married to Vorin Averyth 50 years after the first exodus.

Explorer Graeven: So she was not an Averyth by birth, but married into the family. And Vorin must not have been a priest, unlike his relatives.

Explorer Graeven: Oh, here it says that Celendra died during childbirth, along with her child. Shortly thereafter, Vorin entered the priesthood.

Explorer Graeven: It says he pursued the art of embalming, a very controversial issue at the time. He became quite accomplished.

Explorer Graeven: Modern Elf society looks down upon such practices, prefering that the dead be allowed to rejoin the land.

Explorer Graeven: Hmmm, here is the last account of Vorin….

Rezikai: What does it say? / Exit

Explorer Graeven: “During the last days, as our dark brethren laid siege to our glorious city, Vorin fled into the desert as many did.

Explorer Graeven: “He took nothing with him but his priest robes and the urn of his beloved Celendra.”

Explorer Graeven: “Vorin never returned. His body was never found, nor was the urn of Celendra. May Tunare find him in peace.”

Rezikai: In peace? Hmph, not likely. / Exit

Explorer Graeven: I prefer to think optimistically. Perhaps he has found some measure of peace.

Explorer Graeven: There is nothing more I can tell you about Celendra Averyth, or Vorin. Again, I thank you for retrieving this book. Farewell.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Envar (SE)
Under the South East Tower

Servant of Vorin: You have defeated the servant of Vorin. What do you wish of me?

Rezikai: What is is Vorin’s purpose here? / Exit

Servant of Vorin: High Priest Vorin is a servant of Envar. I am a servant of High Priest Vorin.

Rezikai: I know that! How does Vorin serve Envar? / Exit

Servant of Vorin: High Priest Vorin assists the Jal`Raeth in the preservation and care or our charges.

Servant of Vorin: The skills he developed in his past life have allowed him to take sanctuary within the Tomb City of Envar.

Rezikai: Charges? What charges are you talking about? / Exit

Servant of Vorin: Our charges are the people of your world who come to us for eternal rest. The Death’s Head Beacon draws them here.

Servant of Vorin: We offer your people solace and contentment, where as your word offers them nothing buy misery and suffering.

Servant of Vorin: The Jal`Raeth seek to care for this entire world. In time, all will journey to Envar, and we will care for them all.

Rezikai: “Care” for them? Who are the Jal`Raeth? / Exit

Servant of Vorin: Your questions have been answered, blooded one. I cannot answer another. I will leave you now.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Envar (SW&NE)
Under the South West or North EastTower looking in the libraries.

Jal`Raeth librarian drops the [soul tome] : NO TRADE LORE Upon the pages of this book are written alien symbols in green glowing ink. Perhaps Kradesh back in Freeport can translate it.

Merchant House Slaerin

Kradesh Du`Klot: You again? What do you want?

Rezikai: I have a book I want you to examine. / Exit

Kradesh Du`Klot: Hmm, well, I suppose that 7000 tunar can carry over to one more service. Let me see it.

Kradesh Du`Klot: This is extraordinary. I have never seen writing such as this. I cannot begin to guess the properties of this ink.

Kradesh Du`Klot: I do sense a strong aura of necromancy about the tome though. It’s like the book itself is a magical device.

Kradesh Du`Klot: I know you wouldnt tell me so I won’t even bother asking where you found this.

Kradesh Du`Klot: But I would say that the people who created this, whoever they may be, must have a very special connection to the dead.

Kradesh Du`Klot: Perhaps this tome is a record of the dead. But why would they go to such great lengths to simply account for the dead?

Kradesh Du`Klot: If you truly seek an answer, I suspect you must ask the creators of this tome. Only they can explain their motives.

Kradesh Du`Klot: I would assume that this tome is precious to them. I imagine you can summon them if you present to tome openly.

Kradesh Du`Klot: Find a location you think they will know and openly proclaim your possession of the tome. Then you may have your answers.

You finished a quest!

You received a quest!

Dead Hills (W)
Back to the lizardman tower ruins

(pop up)
You have returned to the emptiness of the lizardman ruins of the Dead Hills. What do you do?

Rezikai: Rip the soul tome to pieces. / Place the soul tome in front of you and wait. / Exit

You place the tome carefully in front of you and wait…

After a few moment, the air about you begins to shimmer. Suddenly three Jal`Raeth appear in the doorway, trapping you.

It appears that they have come for the tome. Perhaps now they will answer your questions.

You finished a quest!

You receive a quest!

Jal`Raeth librarian: You have defiled our sanctuary, stolen our possessions, and slain our servants. What is it you hope to accomplish?

Rezikai: You are a blight upon our world. Your kind must leave! / I wish only to learn why you have come to our world. / I’ll ask the questions! What is the purpose of this book?! / Exit

Jal`Raeth librarian: We come to this world as we have come to many. Here the people suffer, and we seek to end that suffering.

Jal`Raeth librarian: The Death’s Head Beacon helps draw those who have become lost to us. But they all understand the wisdom in our offer.

Jal`Raeth librarian: We are puzzled as to why people tend to resist us and our offer. But in the end they always come to see wisdom.

Jal`Raeth librarian: We have suffered for so long, that we have taken it upon ourselves to end the suffering of others.

Jal`Raeth librarian: You cannot know the endless torment of immortality. It is our curse, for we can never truly be destroyed.

Jal`Raeth librarian: We wish this on no other people. In fact, we will not allow it to befall any other people, the suffering is so great.

Jal`Raeth librarian: That is the will of Envar. And his will shall be reality. That is our answer to your question.

Jal`Raeth librarian: And now you will join us. We will care for you. We will continue our torturous existence so that your suffering may end.

Jal`Raeth librarian: Please do not resist. It will only prolong your suffering. Let go of the pain of this world and find sanctuary with us.

You have given away soul tome

Jal`Raeth librarian drops [librarian’s gem] Race: ALL Class: ALL Level: 53 NO TRADE LORE

Using the stone teleports the user to the top of the citadel in Envar

Envar (C)
The peak of the Envar Tower

(pop ups)
You have been teleported to the top of the Tower of Envar! Before you is the Jal`Raeth Chancellor.

The Jal`Raeth seek to entomb the entirety of Norrath. It’s time to end this…

Jal`Raeth Chancellor: You have defeated the Chancellor of Envar. The Jal`Raeth ask you to join us as equals, as Tal`Thir and Vorin did.

Jal`Raeth Chancellor: I will summon a suitable incentive to join us. The item will be given to a servant for you to meet outside the city.

Jal`Raeth Chancellor: Return to the lizardman ruins to the North. Speak to my servant there, and he will offer you our gift.

Dead Hills (W)
Back to the lizardman ruins

chancellor’s servant: I was told your coming.

Rezikai: You have my gift then?

chancellor’s servant: Yes. Take this and consider the Chancellor’s offer. In time we will seek you our once more.

You have received etheric kama

etheric kama: This kama was forged from a strange alloy that appears to shift in and out of existence before your eyes.

I’d like to thank Frustration for re-running the quest after Rezikai’s PC blew up losing the entire 1st run’s footage and Sethimus/Sethicro for have a beast Necromancer and Barb Warrior to fight the stuff in Envar with. To Bolly for giving me the push to get off my butt and get this done and to my fiancée for not killing me for being locked up for days taking screenshots and writing out text. I love ya Tia!

DFC orcs

king stubby little orc named Golgareht

Tilsteran = enchanters merchant house
Slaerin = necromancers merchant house


Champion of Bayle world event


A Lost Library Book, Overdue Letters

You say, “Hail, Royal Librarian Brinn.”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Hail, Adventurer! My business doesn’t take me into the city very often. Perhaps you could assist me? The Queen would be grateful, as would I.”

You say, “Gladly!”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “In a recent inventory of the Bayle Library, I discovered that “The House of the Claymore,” an ancient book of Bayle family lore, was missing. This is a very unusual tome, bound in platinum, studded with sapphires and written in cipher.”

You say, “Why would it be written in cipher?”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “It contains information about the whereabouts of various lesser branches of the Bayle family tree. Exiled first borns, lesser nobility, et cetera. At one time this information was very sensitive, hence the security.”

You say, “why was that information sensitive?”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “There was the threat of jealous family members trying to usurp the throne, of course, and records of illegitimate children that were kept secret for obvious reasons. The Curse of the First Born was another major issue until it was lifted.”

You say, “Why isn’t this information sensitive now?”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “None of that matters any more since all of the old House of Bayle died in a meteor shower after the Shattering. Antonia Bayle is the sole heir to her name. Long Live the Queen!”

You say, “Long live the Queen! Please continue.”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Well, I’ve already asked all of the library’s patrons, and there’s no record of this book being checked out, so I suspect it was stolen. I hate to make this accusation, but only a memver of the Royal Antonican Guard might have done such a thing.”

You say, “Antonia Bayle’s personal guard? That’s ridiculous!

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Perhaps. But consider this: aside from the patrons, who are all nobility, only guards have access to the library. Why would a noble take a book they can’t read, and then keep it secret? Many of the guards come from common roots, and I’m afraid they are not paid very well. They certainly don’t earn platinum! A guard has both the motive and opportunity.”

You say, “Why don’t you ask their leader then?”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Oh I tried. Have you ever met Murrar Shar? That kerra is loyal to a fault, and ferocious. My ears are still ringing from the roar he gave me when I suggested that one of his men might have done wrong. No, he won’t help me.”

You say, “If a guard stole a book for the platinum, then we should find out where he sold it.”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “My thoughts exactly! But I haven’t a clue where to start looking, I’m afraid. With my quiet lifestyle and lame leg, I don’t get our much. That’s why I need your skills, Soandso. I’m counting on you to find the book, and it’s equally important that we find out who took it.”

You say, “I’ll do my best!”

Perhaps a fence would know who sold the book?

You say, “Hail, Mariner Whistlethorn.”

Mariner Whistlethorn says to you, “What do you think you’re looking at?”

You say, “I’m looking for a magnificent book that was misappropriated within Qeynos. Would you or your associates know where such a thing might be traded?”

Mariner Whistlethorn says to you, “A book? Well it might be that I know where it is, but it’ll cost ya if I do. What’s this book look like?”

You say, “The title is “The House of the Claymore.”

(Alternate text: You say, “It might have a platinum cover inset with gemstones, or it might have no cover because it was scrapped for the money, but I still want it either way.”

Mariner Whistlethorn says to you, “Haven’t heard anything about that. I guess you’re outta luck! We mostly do imports here anyways. The Far Seas Trading company doesn’t handle rare acquisitions like what you’re talking about, not directly at least. Third parties get involved.

You say, “‘Third parties’ eh? Where could I find one?”

Mariner Whistlethorn says to you, “In bars and back alleys, of course! You’re as likely to get your throat slit as find your book, so maybe ask some bartenders first. Maybe you can convince old Pumpy to give you a clue. HAH!”

You say, “Pumpy? What kind of name is that?”

I’ve been given a clue!

A bartender named “Pumpy” might know where to buy stolen books.

You say, “Hail, P.T. Irontoe”

P.T. Irontoe says to you, “Listen here! This here’s my pub. We’ll have no busting heads and barstools in here. And never break rule number one: Never pester the owner.”

You say, “Could you help me find a missing book?”

P.T. Irontoe says to you, “Did you hear a word I just said? You broke rule number one! Off with you now!”

You say, “But this is very important!”

P.T. Irontoe says to you, “Hah!”

(Alternate text1: You say, “It’s for the queen, Antonia Bayle.”

P.T.Irontoe says to you, “Ahhh Antonia. There’s never been a finer lady. I’ll drink to her. Now shove off!”

You say, “But I know you can help me!”)

(Alternate text2: You say, “There’s a thief in the Royal Antonican Guard and I need help to catch him!”

P.T. Irontoe says to you, “Those boys risk their lives every day to protect the homes of ingrates like yourself. Don’t go bad mouthin’ them!”

You say, “But it’s true!”)

(Alternate text3: You say, “It’s a very expensive and precious book. You’ll be rewarded for helping.”

P.T. Irontoe says to you, “Does it look like I need your money?” Shove off!”

You say, “But I know you can help me!”)

You say, “I’m sorry for troubling you, but librarian Brinn really needs to get his book back. Please tell me if you know something.”

P.T. Irontoe says to you, “Brinn! Well uhm, since you asked nicely I can give you a tip. I know of a trader in books and the like that have been, ah, misplaced. If your tome is in the city it’s probably crossed her hands.”

You say, “Great! Where can I find her?”

P.T. Irontoe says to you, “Velia can be found at a bar in the Down Below. Take this coin for your entry fee and remember: I didn’t tell you any of this. Get it?”

You say, “Got it.”

I have learned about a secret thieves’ bar.

You say, “Hail, Velia Truesight”

Velis Truesight (Information Procurer) says to you, “And who might you be? We have not been introduced.”

(Alternate text: You say, “I am someone you should fear!”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Spare me the threats. I’m in no danger from you here, and if you want to deal with me you’ll need to behave. Now, you want something, so introduce yourself and tell me what you need so that we can negotiate like resonable poeple.”

You say, “Very well. I’m Soandso and I’m looking for a book stolen from the Royal Library.”)

You say, “My name is Soandso.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Soandso? Hmmm I’ve read that name somewhere… You wouldn’t be the notorious Soandso who breached the Vault of the Underfoot would you?”

You say, “No.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Nevermind. That wouldn’t make sense since it happened during the Age of Blood, and you don’t look a thousand years old.”

You say, “No, I’m not”

Velis Truesight says to you, “Well, I am very pleased to meet you Soandso! I am Lady Velia Truesight, formerly of Felwithe, and I positively adore books! Tell me about the one you seek.”

You say, “It’s a magnificent tome, bound in solid platinum and studded with sapphires.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Platinum and sapphires, how trite! You’re after a book for its cover? Listen up, my illiterate friend: stones and metal don’t make a book magnificent. “The house of Claymore” is precious in any binding.”

(Alternate text: You say, “It’s a rare and precious history book called “House of the Claymore, “written in cipher.”)

You say, “You know the book?”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Of course! I just finished translating it for a client; one who had every right to know its contents, I assure you. He didn’t bother to ask for it back and I’m still keeping it quite safe. My rule is to wait a year before looking for a buyer.”

You say, “I was just checked out for a translating job? Seriously?”

Velia Truesight says to you, “That’s right, and it was quite a challenge! It’s written in Old Qeynosian, a cousin of the Halasian language spoken by the early barbarians who settled the Plains of Karana. But it was scribed in the phonetic alphabet of another dead language, Dyth’Dal. A bizarre combination for sure.”

You say, “Go on.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “But I am fluent in Dyth’Dal, and the various human dialects are easy to piece together once you’ve learned enough of them. I had the full translation delivered to my client in under a week, and learned some very fascinating things in the process.”

You say, “what did you learn?”

(alternate text: You say, “Who is your client?”)

Velia Truesight says to you, “Why should I tell you that?”

You say, “This is a criminal investigation, so you have to comply!”

Velis Truesight says to you, “Shame on you! I thought we were being resonable here. I’m no more intimidated by the law than by physical threats, and besides, I probably have more pull in the palace than you do, now!”

(Alternate text: You say, “It’s important that I discover who stole the book and why.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Keeping secrets is just as important as discovering them, and I earned my reputation by doing both. All you need know is that the book was not stolen; it was borrowed and it will be returned. That’s what libraries are for, isn’t it?”

You say, “You have a point.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Take this and return it to Brinn with my compliments.”

You say, “Thank you.”)

You say, “What is that supposed to mean?”

Velia Truesight says to you, “I’m done explaining things to you. Take this and return it. I’ll tell my client to stop keeping overdue library books next time I see him. Goodbye.”

You say, “Very well.”

You receive “The House of the Claymore”: A supposedly unreadable tome of lore from the Royal Library of Qeynos. It appears completely undamaged.

I have obtained the lost book!

Return the book to Royal Librarian Brinn in Qeynos Harbor.

You say, “Hail, Royal Librarian Brinn.”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Hail, Soandso. Have you found our book and our thief?”

You say, “I have the book, but there was no thief.”

I have returned the lost book!

Royal Librarian says to you, “No thief? Please explain.”

You say, “Apparently someone borrowed the book to have it translated, but forgot to return it.”

Royal Librarian Brin says to you, “Translated? Not very likely. Half a dozen Concordium scholars have wrecked their brains trying to read that thing. Anyway, who borrowed it? I checked with everyone who has the privilege of library access, so one of them must have lied.”

You say, “Well, Veria seemed to know what she was talking about, but she would not tell me who hired her.”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Velia! She is in Qeynos? She obviously knows Dyth’Dal and she’s old enough to have… no. NO! this is the worst possible outcome!”

You say, “What’s wrong?”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “I will explain later. For now we have to assume that there is a high ranking traitor within the palace. The city must be secured while we find out who it is. Go to the palace right now and warn Antonia.

You say, “The palace isn’t far. Why send me?”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “I won’t get there fast enough with my bad leg, and I can attend to some other urgent matters here. Report back to me afterwards.”

You say, “Alright, but will they let me in the palace?”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to me, “Take my ring and show it at the palace gate to gain entry. Trust no one! Only tell Antonia Bayle the full story of what has happened. Everyone else only needs to know that there is a traitor and Qeynos is in danger. They will believe you.”

You say, “Alright, I’m going.”

(Receive the Quest Overdue Letters)

Return to the palace.

You say, “Hail, Murrar Shar.”

Murrar Shar says to you, “What brings you to the palace?”

You say, “The Royal Librarian sent me with his signet ring. I urgently need an audience with Queen Antonia Bayle.”

Murrar Shar says to you, “Let me see that. Hmmmm, it is his ring. Explain yourself!”

You say, “The kingdom is in danger! I must warn the Queen!”

Murrar Shar says to you, “You will have to talk to me. She is on a voyage at sea, not in Qeynos. This is about the stolen book, isn’t it?”

You say, “It is! It was actually a dangerous book of secrets, and the thief had it translated!”

Murrar Shar says to you, “What! Tell me who the enemy is! I will rrrip him limb from limb until he gives the Queen’s book back!”

You say, “I don’t think that will work. The book was already returned but there is still a threat to Qeynos. We think it was taken by a high-ranking official in the palace!”

Murrar Shar says to you, “I told him my men stole nothing! He did not believe me.”

You say, “Yes, he was wrong about the guard.”

Murrar Shar says to you, “But now the Royal Antonican Guard will save the day! Tell Brinn I will order every guard in the palace to help him. No one will leave until we find the traitor. Except, hmmmm…”

You say, “Yes? What?”

Murrar Shar says to you, “I need a messenger to go to the fae princess in Kelethin. Since no one in the palace may leave until we have found the enemy, I would like you to help.”

You say, “That shouldn’t be a problem.”

Murrar Shar says to you, “Good. Tell Brinn to come see me, and then take this envelope to Saphronia. Quickly!”

You say, “Right away.”

I have reported to the palace.

Speak with Royal Librarian Brinn in Qeynos Harbor.

You say, “Hail, Royal Librarian Brinn.”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Have you spoken to Antonia?”

You say, “She wasn’t in the palace, but I got to the next closest person. Murrar Shar has offered to put the palace guards at your disposal to help catch the traitor. He was satisfied to hear it was not one of his men.”

Royal Librarian Brinn tells you, “Hmmmm, I didn’t know the Queen was away. Maybe that’s for the best as well. I”ll take my ring back now. What else passed between you and Murrar Shar?”

You say, “He knew that this was about your book, so I told him the traitor was whoever had taken it. Then he asked me to deliver an urgent letter to Princess Saphronia, in Kelethin.”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Ah, that’s smart of him! We need allies and there’s no telling whom to trust right now. Good. I need something delivered to her as well, a book.”

You say, “Let me guess, another so-called history book?”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Oh no, this one is an epic! ‘Shadows in the Leaves’ by the wood elf poet M. Herbling. It’s an old classic, and very hard to find nowadays. The princess has been waiting months for a copy.”

You say, “This is no time to be delivering library books!”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Of course. This book contains more than just poetry, and Saphronia will recognize it when she reads the first page. I’m suspicious of just about everyone in the palace right now, but I know I can trust her. Now, we must make haste!”

You say, “Hold on. Why send me to another continent at a time like this? We should capture the translator and make her talk!”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Interrogate Velia? I don’t know what will be harder: capturing a high eld who spent two centuries in Neriak unharmed, or making a trueborn daughter of Felwithe break an oath. She is both, you know. I suppose we’ll have to try, but I doubt it will work. Anyway don’t worry about that, get to kelethin!”

You say, “Wait. What was in the book I returned to you?”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Dangerous secrets. In the wrong hands, the contents of that book could threaten all of Qeynos; no, all of Norrath! I doubt even Velia knows the significance of what she has done.”

You say, “Alright, I will go to Kelethin.”

Royal Librarian Brinn says to you, “Here’s the book. Hurry back to me once you have delivered it. We all may be in tremendous danger!”

You receive the book, “Shadows in the Leaves”: This copy of a classic epic poem by M. Herbling comes from the Royal Library of Qeynos. Brinn claims to have added a little something extra to it for Princess Saphronia’s eyes only.

You say, “I’m off!”

I have spoken with Brinn.

Deliver the letter and book to Princess Saphronia of Kelethin.

You say, “Hail, Princess Saphronia.”

Princiess Saphronia says to you, “Thank you again for bringing Sir Gearheart back to life. We have been catching up on old times.”

You say, “I have a letter for you from Qeynos, and a book!”

Princess Saphronia says to you, “‘Shadows in the Leaves!’ I’ve been wanting to read that for years, but let me see that envelope first. Official business takes priority! Hmm… Antonia Bayle sends her greetings and has a list of requests.”

You say, “I’ll let you finish that.”

Princess Saphronia says to you, “What!? Trade concessions? Lumbering? A permanent settlement? Outrageous! This isn’t a diplomatic letter, it’s an ultimatum! My mother will hear of this!”

You say, “Uh..oh”

Princess Saphronia says to you, “I knew we couldn’t trust outsiders! Get out! NOW! GUARDS!”

You say, “Alright, I’ll just leave the book here.”

Princess Saphronia says to you, “NO! Take your filthy gifts with you! I hope I never see any one or any thing from the rotten city of Qeynos again!”

You say, “Good bye.”

The Princess threw a fit at the letter and wouldn’t even take the book!

Report to Brinn in Qeynos Harbor.

Inspect Royal Librarian Brinn’s corpse behind the inn.

Brinn is dead, but the body is still warm. His pockets have been turned inside out and his belongings are scattered around him.

Search the possessions.

His money was left behind, as well as a small notebook with all of the written pages torn out. His signet ring was taken off, but you find it wedged between two cobblestones.

Pick up the ring.

I should report this strange news to Royal Librarian Brinn.

(Receive the Quest Deadly Words)

Speak with Murrar Shar.

You say, “Hail, Murrar Shar.”

Murrar Shar says to you, “You have returned, but Brinn has not come to see me yet. Did you deliver the letter already?”

You say, “Brinn is dead! I found him murdered in a back alley.”

Murrar Shar says to you, “RRAWRR! The enemy is covering his trrracks! Brinn must have known who it was!”

You say to Murrar Shar, “But we don’t. What should we do now.”

Murrar Shar says to you, “We must capture this translator and find out who she is in league with! Take the guards with you and arrest her!”

You say, “I’ll lead you to her.”

I have spoken with Murrar Shar

Lead the guards to Crow’s Resting Place in the Down Below.

The guards have attacked me!

Defeat the guards.

Find a clue about why the guards are attacking.

I have defeated the guards!

You loot Guard Orders: “When you find the Crow’s Resting Place, make your move. You are to start by killing our informant, and then you are to lie in wait for a high elf female to exit the establishment and eliminate her as well. Hide their bodies in the sewer and then return. Strike swiftly and show no mercy!”

I found a copy of their orders!

Talk to Velia Truesight.

You say, “Hail, Velia Truesight.”

Velis Truesight says to you, “Hello again, Soandso. I’ve been expecting you”

You say, “Have you?”

Velis Truesight says to you, “Yes! Brinn knows that I’m in Qeynos, and a man like him simply can not stand to leave well enough alone. And of course he wouldn’t want to be seen in a place like this, so here you are! It is good to see you again.”

You say, “It’s good seeing you too.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “So tell me, is your errand a vain attempt to wheedle the name of a client our of me, or have you come to take advantage of my information procuring services? Orperhaps you’d like me to brew you a lovely potion?”

You say, “Actually, I was sent here to capture you. Brinn is dead and you’re the prime suspect.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “What?

You say, “I found Brinn’s dead body in a back alley near the docks. Murrar Shar tasked me with leading the guards here to capture you on charges of murder and conspiracy.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Well… that is quite a surprise! But why do I see trust in your eyes? You are not here to capture me. So, what happened next?”

You say, “The guards turned on me. They had orders to lie in wait and kill you as well.”

Velis Truesight says to you, “my, my, how delightfully treacherous! The captain of the Royal Antonican Guard… I never knew he had it in him! Now, I suppose you still want to know who killed Brinn.”

You say, “Yes, I would.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “It’s obvious. Murrar Shar did it! And it was he who hired me to translate the hidden messages in “The House of the Claymore.” I was so excited to have someone in the Qeynos palace owe me a favor. It’s a shame he’ll have to die.”

It was Murrar Shar! He was the traitor all along!

You say, “If you’re done keeping secrets for him, why not tell me what was really in the book?”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Oh it had all sorts of juicy secrets about the palace and the royal family. For example, did you know the Bayle bloodline was cursed? There was also a comprehensive overview of various secret passageways and family artifact. But the real secret was the hidden writing.”

You say, “Hidden writing?

Velia Truesight says to you, “Yes! Steganography is one of my specialties. There was a message encoded in the number of words per line, which is hard to count in a language that has no spaces! It spelled out a list of names and code names, with locations and pass phrases for the purpose of contacting them. Brinn himself was on the lost. Her Majesty’s Secret Service, perhaps? Or perhaps a different secret society…”

You say, “Tell me more about this curse.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “A prophecy stated that if the first born of the house of Bayle ever becomes king, Qeynos will fall. So the firstborn were exiled and raised by foster parents, never knowing their lineage. And they all turned out to be viciously evil, too! A secret society called the Circle of Ten was formed to keep track of these firstborn of Bayle and ensure their permanent banishment. It ended up controlling the city after the Shattering, until Queen Antonia arrived.”

You say, “That’s interesting, but what would Murrar Shar do with this information?”

Velia Truesight says to you, “I don’t know. Maybe he’s planning a coup? When overthrowing a government, it helps to know who one’s enemies are. But that doesn’t matter. Our course of action is clear.”

You say, “We have to stop him.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Exactly! And I know just the thing for it. Tell me, can you get back to Brinn’s corpse?”

You say, “He’s probably still where I found him.”

(Receive Quest Eternal Revenge)

Velia Truesight says to you, “A Doom Revenant will be perfect for the occasion. Take this potion of Eternal Revenge and just poor it down his throat while whispering the name of his enemy. Its potency is greatest when used on an innocent who was murdered while defenseless.”

You say, “You’re a necromancer too?”

Velia Truesight says to you, “What? How dare you accuse me of such a thing! I am a highly accomplished alchemist! Now take that potion and get to work. The sooner Brinn gets it, the better.”

You say, “What if Murrar has co-conspirators? Simply killing him might not help.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Oh I wouldn’t worry about that. Doom Revenants are very thorough! Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if his whole family turned up dead within a couple of days, along with all the other conspirators…

You say, “Alright then, I’ll do it.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “For Qeynos! Right!”

You say, “For Qeynos!”

Use the Potion of Eternal Revenge on the corpse of Brinn.

A contingent of palace guards spots you tampering with the corpse!

The Qeynos Guard arrested me when I returned to Brinn’s corpse!

General Golias Sydwen seems to think that I am the conspirator who killed Brinn! He is about to interrogate me.

You say, “Hail, General Golias Sydwen.”

General Golias Sydwen (Knight of Valor) says to you, “my, my, what a mess you’ve gotten yourself into! I’ve read the list of charges against you: grand theft from the crown, forgery, sedition, and murder. You have a lot of explaining to do.”

You say, “I’m innocent!”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “Of course you are. Let’s just go over these accusations one by one, shall we? First of all, you are charged with theft of a unique tome of ancient Qeynosian lore, “The House of the Claymore.”

You say, “Brinn hired me to find that book, and I did! It was returned safely.”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “Oh? Then where is it now? It hasn’t returned to the library and Brinn didn’t have it on his person or stored among his effects.”

You say, “How should I know? Maybe it was taken by his killer?”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “Yes, that does make sense. I believe his killer took it too.”

You say, “Alright.”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “The next charge is forgery. You delivered a fabricated diplomatic letter to the princess of Kelethin, filled with inflammatory lies intended to foment conflict between our two fair kingdoms.”

You say, “I didn’t write it! Murrar Shar asked me to deliver it to Saphronia. I didn’t know what was in it!”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “You don’t honestly expect us to believe that the highest ranking Royal Antonican Guard gave you a forgery, do you? No matter. It’s enough that you admitted to delivering the letter!”

You say, “I’m telling the truth!”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “On to the next charge: sedition. You’ve been overheard spreading vile rumors about Queen Antonia Bayle in an attempt to undermine the loyalty of our citizenry. The testimony of several guardsmen corroborates this.”

You say, “That’s a flat-out lie!”

General Golias says to you, “And why would the guards lie? What benefit do they get from seeing you charged with sedition?”

You say, “They could have been ordered to protect the conspiracy! Murrar Shar is behind all of this!”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “You respond to the charge with even more seditous nonsense. This isn’t helping you, you know.”

You say, “But it’s the truth!”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “Now for the final charge: the murder of two palace guards and the Royal Librarian. You slew Brinn in cold blood and fled into the Down Below, where you and your accomplices then murdered two guards who had pursued you from the scene of the crime.”

You say, “That’s not how it happened! Murrar Shar sent the guards with me to the Down Below, and they turned on me!”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “Then you admit to killing the guards!”

You say, “That’s not what I meant!”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “Please, no more. Your guilt is plainly obvious. We’ve already been informed of the conspiracy you’re aiding, too.”

You say, “I’m not part of a conspiracy!”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “Look. We know why you killed Brinn. He was close to unmasking your ringleader, right? He had unearthed a conspiracy to overthrow the government.”

You say, “Brinn was close to unmasking Murrar Shar!”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “I’m out of patience. I have one more question for you and you will only get one chance to answer. If you’re not completely honest and forthcoming this time, you’ll rot in a dungeon for the rest of your life. Understand?”

You say, “I’ve been honest with you this whole time!”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “Where is Brinn’s signet ring? The one he wore on his right hand?”

You say, “He took it off before he died and I picked it up. Here it is.”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “Ahhh, good. the signet ring of a member of the Circle of Ten bears many magics. This will prove your guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’m afraid, but at least you were honest in the end.”

You say, “What are you getting at?”

General Golias Sydwen says, “Cast the spell of recall on the Ring of the Ten. Shwoe me what Brinn say before he died.”

(The spell was cast and three figures appear: Brinn, Serwin, and Knight-Lieutenant Amundson)

Knight-Lieutenant Amundson says, “Lor Murrar has sent us to escort you back to the palace.”

Royal Librarian Brinn says, “You mean he wouldn’t come himself? I can’t walk too fast, I’m afraid, so you’ll have to be patient.”

Serwin says in Words of Shade, “This is a good location. Let us begin.”

Royal Librarian Brinn says, “What was that language… NO!”

Alas, Royal Librarian Brinn has died from pain and suffering.

(scene ends)

General Golias Sydwen says, “Assassins posing as city guards?”

Bellengere the Three says, “No, I recognize their faces. These are the two that Soandso killed, and they were using the language of the Void.”

General Golias Sydwen says, “Void creatures are behind this!? Go and alert the rest of the Circle of Ten!”

Bellengere the Three says, “Immediately!”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “Forgive me, Soandso. I was wrong about you.”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “This is unbelieveable! Void-possessed guards in the city!”

You say, “It’s worse than just that.”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “Then Lord Murrar Shar could really be one of them…”

You say, “Where is he now?”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “But he’s not in the city. He left on a regular hunting trip with Aontonia Bayle yesterday!”

You say, “We have to find them!”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “The hunting camp is near the Shattered Vale in Antonica. I was wrong not to trust you, Soandso. Go ahead of me and warn the Queen, while I rally a group of soldiers to catch up at the camp.”

You say, Hold on, I have some questions for you.”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “I owe you some answers after that wrongful arrest. What do you need to know?”

You say, “What is this Circle of Ten, anyway?”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “The Circle of Ten is our kingdom’s ruling council. We advise Queen Antonia, and see to it that her decisions are put into effect. I am a member of the publicly-known Circle of Five, and Brinn was one of the hidden five.”

You say, “Is Murrar Shar a member?”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “No. Murrar Shar would have known of its existence, but he was not a member, and should not have known who the hidden five were. I believe that is the secret Brinn was trying to protect.”

You say, “That makes sense. Why were you so certain of my guilt?”

General Golias Sydwen says to you, “because I trusted Murrar Shar. All of the evidence and testimony against you came from him or his guards. I was duped so easily! Please forgive me, Soandso.”

You say, “Alright, I will go to the Shattered Vale now.”

Go to the royal hunting camp. It can be found in the Shattered Vale in the far eastern reaches of Antonica.

I have found the Royal Hunting Camp!

Defeat Murrar Shar

Queen Antonia Bayle (Sovereign of Qeynos) says, “Murrar Shar could never be so evil. Who are you and what have you done to my friend?”

Murrar Shar says, “I am Kyle Antihilus Bayle, true firstborn of Antonius Bayle III and rightful heir to the throne of Qeynos! Banished from my homeland, I founded a new kingdom south of the Rathe Mountains, a kingdom that was cursed to fall. I perished along with all my subjects, but even death was not the end of my curse. My tormented soul was wrenched from the ethernere in a blasphemous droag ritual, and consumed by one of their defiled shades. I was annihilated, a fate worse than death. But I came to be again. From the deepest vortex of oblivion, a voice spoke my name, the voice of my Master. He called me back into existence and showed me my true purpose. The last shred of my soul awoke within the shade of Bylze that had comsumed me. I was ruined and pitiful, but possessed a new will far greater than a droag’s petty spirit. In the end, I consumed him, and eventually tricked a foolish band of adventurers into freeing me. I was only a matter of time before I found my way into your friend’s dreams, ate his soul and took his body. It was destiny.”

Queen Antonia Bayle says, “So you were destined to return and conquer Qeynos, is that it? You won’t succeed!”

Murrar Shar says, “Conquer? HA! The kingdom has always been mine by right, but all my master and I require from you is my sword, the Qeynos Claymore! I know you have it hidden somewhere in the city. Tell me where it is and I will spare you.”

Queen Antonia Bayle says, “You’ll never find it! The followers of the Awakened stole it from my palace and then the Order of Marr stole it back from them. Even I don’t know where it is now!”

Murrar Shar says, “A shame, I would have preferred to let you live. Even now I have some lingering loyalty to the family. Know that your death will have no meaning or purpose, for I have already uncovered the Order of Marr and given their names to my allies. The void men will take them one by one, and then they will find the sword and your beloved Qeynos will burn! Prepare to die!”

Queen Antonia Bayle says, “I don’t think so… You there! Break the void crystal and free me!”

You attack!

Murrar Shar says, “Curse you, Soandso.”

You have killed Murrar Shar.

Kyle Antihilus Bayle(the Cursed) says, “It is not over! You will all perish!”

Speak with Queen Antonia Bayle.

You say, “Hail, Queen Antonia Bayle.”

Queen Antonia Bayle says to you, “If you hadn’t arrived when you did, Soandso, I might not be standing.”

You say, “What happened here?”

Queen Antonia Bayle says to you, “That… thing in Murrar’s body waited until most of us were asleep and then attacked. We were caught off-guard, but still had the upper hand until he sprung that trap. Once we were bound by magic chains, he executed my soldiers one by one.”

You say, “Do you know anything about this Kyle Bayle?”

Queen Antonia Bayle says to you, “Not much. I know he lived in the Age of Turmoil, and founded the colony of New Qeynos, where he reigned as king for a time. But his kingdom was ultimately destroyed and the land was absorbed back into the Dead Hills, a place that was lost during the rending.”

You say, “Who would his ‘Master’ be? Some being from the void?”

Queen Antonia Bayle says to you, “I wish I knew. We all thought the void invastions had ended when Anashti’Sul and Varsoon were stopped, until the anchors were found in Lavastorm and the Fens of Nathsar. I can only speculate that this other entity was behind them.”

You say, “And this entity desires the Qeynos Claymore. Do you really have no idea where it is?”

Queen Antonia Bayle says to you, “I was telling the truth, I’m afraid. I know only that a group known as the Order of Marr spirited it away. They might have hidden it anywhere, and they have never contacted me directly.”

You say, “What now?”

Queen Antonia Bayle says to you, “I will return to Qeynos and immediately hold a council about these recent events. I think it is no coincidence that an attempt was made on my life so soon after Lucan D’Lere vanished. But first I must bring Murrar to the Temple of Life! His breathing is so faint…”

You say, “Can I help you any further, you grace?”

Queen Antonia Bayle says to you, “You have done a great service to me personally and to the kingdom, but I will not request anything further. I bestow upon you a title appropriate for you mighty deeds.”

You say, “I am honored.”

I have spoken with the queen.

You say, “Hail, Velia Truesigt”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Soandso! You’ve returned! How goes our vengeance?”

You say, “It did not go quite as expected.”

Velis Truesight says to you, “Oh? I’m all ears.”

You say, “Well, when I returned to Brinn’s corpse I was captured by the guards.”

Velis Truesight says to you, “Tsk tsk! Shame on you for getting caught! Then what happened?”

You say, “Well, General Golias Sydwen interrogated me and I told him about Murrar Shar’s plot.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “And I’m sure he didn’t believe a word of it. You have to admit, you were framed pretty well.”

You say, “Yes, I was. But luckily he found Brinn’s Ring of the Ten and extracted a recording of the murder from it.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Intereting! I knew that Brinn was in the Circle of Ten but I had no idea about these rings. So once our good General believed the story, you captured the plotter and saved the day! Bravo! But please tell me that Murrar Shar is dead. I’ll be terribly disappointed if I have to finish the job myself.”

You say, “Murrar Shar barely survived, but he wasn’t really behind it after all. He was possessed by the ghost of Kyle Bayle.”

Velia Treusight says to you, “Kyle Antihilus Bayle, the Cure-Bearer, has returned from the grave? Fascinating! Does it get any weirder?”

You say, “It wasn’t a coup attempt after all. He’s in league with some creature from the void that desires the Qeynos Claymore.”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Hmmmm… well, I suppose that could make sense. Right now the Order of Marr has Enoxus, the Claymore. So perhaps that membership roster I translated was one of theirs? I thought it contained too many non-Qeynosians to be some national organization.”

You say, “That may be the case. Now, I have this other book from Brinn that I’d like you to translate…”

Velis Truesight says to you, “‘Shadows in the Leaves’ eh? Hardly my cup of tea. Those Feir’Dal poets just can’t count, losing track of their meter every other page! But I do still owe you for defeating our mutual enemy without even using up my potion! You still have it, right?”

You say, “Of course. Here you go. Now, tell me what is hidden in the book.”

Velis Truesight says to you, “Let’s see… Oh my, how amateurish! Misspellings abound, and the spelling errors themselves form the body of a message. Brinn must have thought himself very clever but I had no trouble spotting this. It says greetings to Princess Saphronia, chief of the Faydwer division of the Order of Marr!”

You say, “Librarian Brinn and the princess of Kelethin are in the Order of Marr?”

Velia Truesight says to you, “It seems so. Looks like he was a double agent, eh? A member of both the Circle and the Order. Perhaps I underestimated him.”

You say, “What else does the message say?”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Hmmm… Brinn identifies himself as a Protector of Enoxus using one of the secret passphrases and it looks like there’s a bunch of stuffy formalities following that…”

You say, “Go on.”

Velis Truesight says to you, “Here’s the good part. ‘The Claymore is no longer safe within Qeynos. Enemies have unearthed one of the Order’s secret membership rosters and are already beginning to move against us. I urge you to send a detachment of scouts and take it to Faydwer immediately, as your branch has not yet been compromised. We’re holding it in a secret chamber underneath the Palace.'”

You say, “Is there more?”

(Receive The Chamber of the Claymore Quest)

Velia Truesight says to you, “‘To access the chamber, stand before the claymore monument and utter the words “Honor, Valor and Truth.” The true Enoxus is on the inner ring of the calendar, at ten o’clock.'”

You say, “I better go and make sure the sword is safe!”

Velia Truesight says to you, “Well, with information of this caliber, my debt to you is paid in full. I bid you farewell. Perhaps we will meet again.”

You say, “Thank you.”

Enter the Chamber of the Claymore.

“Honor, Valor, and Truth”

I have entered the Chamber of the Claymore!

Search for the Qeynos Claymore.

The ground is strewn with replicas, but the spot where the true Enoxus should be is empty.

The Qeynos Claymore has already been taken!

Voices can be heard from behind the barrier in the far corner of the room.

Find out what’s happening in the next chamber.

Listen through the barrier.

Queen Antonia Bayle says, “… will be Brinn’s successor in the Circle of Ten, as you recommend.”

Queen Antonia Bayle says, “Baron Ironforge, I would like you to make the initial contact. Please bring her to the palace once she has agreed to take the oath. We need her to begin work immediately.”

Baron Kaedrin Ironforge says, “By your command.”

General Golias Sydwen says, “Now, my friends, I am afraid we’ve saved the worst subject for last: the Freeport question.”

Queen Antonia Bayle says, “Freeport is a grave subject indeed. What news do you have to report, admiral?”

An Anonymous Barbarian says, “Freeport is in chaos. With no overlord to keep them in line, the factions have turned on one another.”

General Golias Sydwen says, “Naturally. What is the current status of their military?”

An Anonymous Barbarian says, “The militia have holed themselves up in West Freeport and continue to patrol the walls, but their numbers have been decimated.”

An Anonymous Barbarian says, “Dethknell Citadel has crashed, and the city is on fire. It’s only a matter of time before it falls to invaders or collapses on its own.”

General Golias Sydwen says, “Excellent! Now is our chance to strike! Now we can liberate Freeport from tyranny once and for all!”

Te’alla Woodspire says, “Don’t rush in too quickly, general. Fire can bring renewal, but only a fool sticks his hands into it.”

Prophet Bainyn Fairwind says, “Then what would you have us do, Matron? Wait and watch Freeport destroy itself?”

Te’alla Woodspire says, “Yes. We should wait for the time being. All fires burn out eventually.”

An Anonymous Dwarf says, “Hear hear! That’s a great plan! Let the dogs tear each other to pieces!”

Prophet Bainyn Fairwind says, “But the common folk of Freeport are dying. While the mighty and the ruthless vie for power, the oppressed and innocent suffer. We must do something to protect them!”

An Anonymous Halfling says, “Yes! And If we don’t invade Freeport now, Neriak will. Their alliance was only based on respect for Freeport’s military might.”

Baron Kaedrin Ironforge says, “Indeed. If Neriak invades Freeport, the Teir’Dal will simply exterminate those whom Lucan used to oppress.”

An Anonymous Froglok says, “Queen Cristanos is overly cautious; she is not planning an invasion yet. My most reliable sources within Neriak all agree on that.”

An Anonymous Halfling says, “That’s even more reason for us to make a move soon!”

Bellengere the Three says, “And once we’ve invaded, how will we govern? Half the population is composed of trolls, ogres, dark elves and iksar. Will we supply the terror needed to keep such creatures in line? Or will we just arrange some convenient genocide?”

Prophet Bainyn Fairwind says, “No. We must put an end to the bloodshed. Surely there is some way!”

Queen Antonia Bayle says, “There is. Bring Lucan back.”

Bellengere the Three says, “Hmmm…”

General Golias Sydwen says, “What!?”

Prophet Bainyn Fairwind says, “Is that even possible?”

Baron Kaedrin Ironforge says, “Yes.”

Te’alla Woodspire says, “Perhaps…”

An Anonymous Halfling says, “Madness!”

An Anonymous Barbarian says, “You can’t be serious!”

An Anonymous Dwarf says, “No!”

An Anonymous Froglok says, “Of course!”

Queen Antonia Bayle says, “Silence!”

Queen Antonia Bayle says, “Lucan D’Lere is the only one that the power-hungry in Freeport fear. He could restore peace, if he returned.”

Queen Antonia Bayle says, “But his power will not be the same as before. Knowing that he truly is not invincible, eventually the people will rise up on their own.”

Queen Antonia Bayle says, “When the Freeport is ready to be free, we will be there to help, but right now our duty is to protect the innocent, even if that means sparing the guilty.”

Queen Antonia Bayle says, “We will find out where Lucan was taken and rescue him. This is my decree!”

I have listened to a conversation between Antonia Bayle and the Circle of Ten

I gained access to the Chamber of the Claymore, only to find it missing! It looks like Kyle Bayle succeeded. Since several replicas of the Claymore were there to confuse thieves, I decided to keep one.

Dead Hills Quest

Readers note: This page has been recovered from the web archive and is stored here for reference – it is written by a player and provides details to a quest in EQ Online Adventures. Because many people do not have access to this game and no screenshots have been provided as proof you should take this information with a pinch of salt and if possible purchase EQOA and verify it for us by sending us a photo of the quest text and details via your phone camera or if possible via a screenshot if you are using a playstation emulator.


Walkthrough information
· Quest name: Dead Hills Quest
· Quest Level: 53
· Quest Giver / Location: Unnamed con, in the crypt in Dead Hills (E)
· Credit for walkthrough information: Unknown
· Walkthrough written / compiled by: Arcanic, Odacer, Telchar (Diren Hold server)

53 Dead Hills Quest
1) In Dead Hills (E), there is a tomb on top of a hill. Con the front bottom left of the door (blank con) and talk to it to begin the quest.
2) Head to Dead Hills (W) to the Lizardman ruins (3 towers). Go up the ramp into the largest tower and you will get a pop up.
3) The pop up sends you to find a NPC called Nolius Adder in Hagley Village.
4) Adder sends you to West Feerot (W). Look for the Ghastly Kin cave against the mountain. Go all the way to the back where you find a tomb surrounded by some green con mobs. You will get a pop up, and then will be attacked by a level 55 caster mob called “Ancient Spirit”. After defeating it, an NPC spawns and tells you about Envar.
5) Head to Envar and approach the tomb city from the north. You will get a pop up in a storm area on the road that tells you to investigate the NW tower of the castle. Head on into the city, go into the middle area, and then down the ramp and over to the NW tower. As you get close to the tower, you get more pop ups. From there, move downstairs inside the tower.
6) Inside the NW tower are”Accursed Maggots” (1000 AoE damage plus root) and “Accursed Zombies” (1500 DR DoT tick). Their effects can be cured with level 50 spell called Envaric Salve, which is an ultra rare drop in Evnar. If you don’t have Envaric Salve, maxing DR helps against the zombie tick. Head down the left hallway and proceed to the coffin room. You are looking for “Servant of Tal’thir” and/or Tal’thir. In their room is the pop up that you need, so you might have to take them out. Tal’thir has a 6k crit and big mana tap – he is not for this quest, but his loot is used for the Prophet of Envar port quest. Once you clear the room adjacent to the coffin room, head in and you will get a pop up by the chair inside that room.
7) The pop up tells you to go talk to “Kradesh Du’Klot” in Freeport. Kradesh is in the building adjacent to the first dock. He sends you to get his stolen book from Rouge Relix. To reach him, follow the road north from Freeport for about a zone and find an Inn on the left side of the road. The rogue will spawn inside under the stairs. Loot the book and return to Kradesh in Freeport.
8) Now it’s back to Envar and back down inside the NW tower. Back in the throne room, you will need to kill “Servant of Tal’thir” (Cons yellow to 55 and life taps for 550 constantly and has high hps.) After killing him, he becomes a connable NPC. Talk to him and he sends you to search for other servants.
9) Proceed to the SE tower of Envar, head to the bottom. This tower has “Anointed Mummies” (debuff group STR to 1) and “Anointed Skeletons” (significant mana tap on whomever has aggro). Follow the hallways (see map on this website) to the room of “High Priest Vorin”/”Construct of Vorin” and “Servant of Vorin.” In the room with them, there is a throne on the left, underneath an archway. The pop up that you need is in this location. If the High Priest Vorin is up, you can suicide for the pop up, or try and kill him.
10) The pop up sends you to find “Explorer Graeven,” who can be found in Takish Hiz (NE / E / N), in the desert . He spawns outside the city and stays up for about 8 minutes. He is very difficult to find, so it’s recommended that you get the drop he seeks before you find him the first time. That way, you will not have to hunt for him again after you farm the book. Explorer Graeven wants you to hunt the mobs of Takish Hiz for the Legacy for Averyth. The NTL book is a random drop off anything in the Chardith basement (star knights, sunstars, and moon wraiths), and also most mobs that roam the city. It could take minutes or days of farming to get the book. After you farm the book, find Graven and make sure you proceed through the pop up boxes quickly so he doesn’t despawn while you are talking to him.
11) Head back to the SE tower of Envar and kill the “Servant of Vorin” (same strength and spawn times as “Servant of Tal’thir.” When you kill Servant of Vorin, he spawns as an NPC. Talk to it and advance the quest.
12) The Servant sends you to search the Libraries of Envar for information on “Jal Reath.” Farm the NE and SW tower basements to spawn a Jal Reath Librarian. The Commoners in the stacks are the placeholders for this spawn. The Jal Reath Librarian drops the NTL Jal Reath Tome book. Inspect the book, and it tells you to go talk to Kradesh in Freeport.
13) Kradesh Du’Klot reads the book and tells you to go to Dead Hills (W), back to the ruined Lizardman towers.
14) Walking into the tower in dead hills (West), you get a pop up and three “Jal Reath Librarians” spawn. Talk to them, and get prepared to be attacked. They are level 55 necromancers with pets. Each librarian drops a NTL gem. This gem has one charge and will port an entire group when they are ready to proceed to the next step.
15) Upon using the charge, it teleports the whole group to the very top of the middle tower of Envar. Have the questor port in last, because that will spawn the “Jal Reath Chancellor” (big mana tap, medium nukes, and a self heal). Aftetr he is killed, he turns into a connable NPC.
16) Talk to him, he tells you that you are welcome to be an equal. He instructs you to visit his servant in Dead Hills (W) – back at the Lizardman ruins. Go talk to “Chancellor’s Servant” to receive your reward – 45 million XP and an archetype-specific item of level 53.

Spell Reward:
Necromancers, Druids, and Wizards get a level 53 spell called Astral Displacement. This spell ports the caster and group to Dead Hills (W).

1001 Tales of Maj’Dul – The Tale of Mal’Ahkt

1001 Tales of Maj’Dul – by Odyllus, the Oracle of Lifire.
The pages look blank. There is a line with an ‘x’ beside it.

Once upon a time there was a trotter named PlayerName the great. The trotter came across a book, a mysterious book empty of tales, but filled with potential wonders. There was no title to the book, but it pleaded for one. Now the book was not good, not good at all. The dark black flesh bound cover reeked of this. The book also reeked of magic, a magic waiting for a title… waiting… waiting…

Curiosity plagued the mind of this trotter. “Could I name the tale to be told” the trotter wondered. “Would the tale be a foreboding one regardless of good intentions?” pondered the trotter. They say “curiosity killed the kerran” and this was a fact well known. But “those who risk reap the rewards” as well can be heard. Slowly, ever so slowly, Soandso took the pen from the quill and began to scribe the title of the tale…

It began long ago in the days when the Dal roamed the land and the sand was a lustrous green. This was the Elddar the great forest from which all sprang. It was within the majesty of this green that the Dal came to exist.

Within the towering Elddar pines the Dal constructed a great city and in this great city they paid tribute to the gods that graced Norrath with the Elddar and all that is green and good. This great society was one of benevolence and together the Dal and the Elddar did prosper from such goodness.

There was a day when a Dal named Mal’Ahkt questioned the power of benevolence and grew curious of darker arts. Mal’Ahkt wished to delve into the Dal’s hidden vault of such things, a place where they hide such things for the good of all that breath. Such a place was the Pagoda of Tal’Thex.

The Pagoda of Tal’Thex was known to few. It was constructed far to the Southwest beyond the jungles, beyond the hills and bordering the Buried Sea. In the land barren of life the great citadel was built. Only here could the Dal hide evil from evil.

Mal’Ahkt had learned of the Pagoda of Tal’Thex from a dying old man, dying from the clutches of Mal’Ahkt that were wrapped around his wrinkled neck. This elder had constructed the great guardians of stone that crept across the dead lands. These were the Guardians of Tal’Thex.

The Guardians of Tal’Thex were behemoths of handmade stone. Great magical blocks stacked in a towering obelisk. For many suns and many moons great mages would bombard the obelisk with great powers, forming it into the most powerful constructs to ever lumber.

As the obelisk’s power shined bright within the obelisk was transported to the land it would be bound to. The Guardians of Tal’Thex would find their place in the barren land between the pagoda and all else. Here in this land devoid of life the greatest sculptors of Dal carved the obelisks into towering warriors. And there the sculptors would give their life.

The land that was barren drained all creatures of life and the sculptors knew of this, but did their art for the protection of Norrath. As they completed the sculpting of the titanic Guardians of Tal’Thex, life ebbed from their bodies. A few of the sculptors attempted to escape the death of the hills, but only one escaped the grasp of the hills. The sculptor was Haldinous of Rynthele and he lived to sculpt again.

Haldinous of Rynthele lived a great grand life, sculpting for many empires and telling tales of dead hills. He lived a long and prosperous life after escaping the hills, but his work there would lead the evil Mal’Ahkt’s hands around the frail neck of the sculptor. In final gasps the location of the Pagoda of Tal’Thex was given, as was the secret to Haldinous’ escape from the barren hills.

Haldinous of Rynthele knew his trip to the dead hills would see the end of his life, unless his power of sculpture could provide him with a means to save him from the deadly clutches of the hills. Haldinous had learned of the Clay of Cosgrove, magical clay taken from the planes themselves. This could make a new life.

In great stealth Haldinous acquired a portion of the Clay of Cosgrove that rested in the Workshop of Alidon, home to the greatest of sculptors. With but a simple pinch of the clay Haldinous was able to fashion and identical match to himself. All that was missing was a mind.

Haldinous began to carve magic words into the golem of his self. These magic words would temporarily transfer a portion of his self into the golem. In a great fury of pain the golem came to life and there Haldinous stood staring at himself from himself. With this new body of clay he shall march in and out of the dead hills.

Haldinous marched across the barren hills in a body of magic clay. He found the transported obelisk of the Guardian of Tal’Thex he was to sculpt, one of many. Other sculptors worked feverishly to complete the sculpture before their bodies would die. Haldinous would lose his life, a life of clay.

Back in a secret place the real Haldinous sprang to full life! He had managed to survive, but could not tell the empire who would frown on the use of the sacred Clay of Cosgrove. He gathered his notes and hid them away. He emerged days later to tell a fable of his journey in the land of dead hills.

Haldinous grew old and became a friend to all mages. His love of mead and good song often brought about whispers of his past exploits. It was his whisper of the Pagoda of Tal’Thex that reached the ear of Mal’Ahkt. The evil mage forced the secret from the now old and enfeebled man. Now he had the location of the vault of evil artifacts the Pagoda of Tal’Thex and a way past the dead hills.

The evil mage Mal’Ahkt would see the end of a few more Dal’s before he began his journey in a body of clay. In the secret lab of the dead Haldinous Mal’Ahkt found a smidgen of the Clay of Cosgrove to form his clay self. After his sculpting was complete he began to scribe the magic words and transfer his soul and the clay Mal’Ahkt opened his eyes.

In amazement the new Mal’Ahkt stared before himself with a smile and smirk of the plunder to come. As he smiled he began to hear a laugh not his own. He stared at his other self and saw two hands reach about it with a dagger at his other throat.

“You are a fool” said the being behind his real self. In a shock he saw Haldinous’ face emerge from the shadows. “I cannot die, I am clay forever as are you.” With a bloody swipe the real Mal’Ahkt fell to the floor. The clay Mal’Ahkt could not move! He had used a false clay stored as the true thing. The evil mage had been fooled.

Haldinous never was two. Haldinous was always clay, given life from a sculptor to live a secret life amidst the living. He aged himself appropriately and even would accept deconstruction at an appropriate age to mimic his new fellow residents.

Haldinous was as much a Dal as any, swearing allegiance to their causes such as the keeping of the secret of the Pagoda of Tal’Thex. Mal’Ahkt was fooled into a near immobile body of inferior clay. Haldinous then began work on his final work with the now helpless soul of Mal’Ahkt.

Haldinous formed a final Guardian construct for the Elddar Empire, one to wage war against undead empires, one that needed a dab of dark arts. And so the sentience of Mal’Ahkt was painfully removed and all his great power used to form the construct defender called the Guardian of Nief.

Mal’Ahkt was foolish to betray his people and paid his full price. His soul is now in a void of oblivion and his powers within the guardian. Mal’Ahkt is no more. – The End

The Story of Edril

Of Carandril’s death and Edril’s journey to Antonica:

At the age of 450, Carandril became deathly ill. The emperor fought death for more then a year before his passing into the next realm. High elves and wood elves crowded the busy streets of Felwithe for a full day to witness the funeral procession, and Edril was saddened greatly by the loss of his mentor and friend. As per elven tradition, when Carandril passed away a new emperor was chosen by the council and the new emperor, after being crowned, chose a new head for the imperial army. Edril was awarded estates in the surrounding imperial lands, a hero’s send off, and a large amount of gold coins for his retirement wealth. Nobody, however, expected Edril ever to lay his sword to rest. “He has the blood of a hero,” emperor Carandril used to say, “try as you might, you could never keep Edril from the adventure.” Thinking there was nothing left for him in the empire of the elves, Edril gathered what wealth was given to him and set sail for the far-off human lands of Antonica.

Arriving in the city of Freeport, Edril was recognized as a wealthy elf only. His name was unknown to these western lands, but that quickly changed. Edril became almost instantly renowned in the Freeport area for his fighting prowess, as he helped many of the villages along Lake Neriuss against the raider Zellain and his band of dark elves. His real fame, however, came as a desert fighter. Edril held a chief role in defending an outpost in the Kithicor woods against a large goblin attack, and it was during this battle that Edril became infatuated by the deserts of Antonica. Whether it was because they were so foreign to him or whether he loved the danger, Edril spent most of his remaining time on Antonica wandering it’s deserts, from the eastern desert of Ro all the way to the dead hills in the west and the plains of Karana. His most noteworthy exploits in these areas included capturing Ragoth the sand giant and his “dust marauders” in the desert of Ro as well as flushing out an entire nest of frogloks around lake Rathetear. He soon was recognized back in Felwithe as a remarkable cataloguer of strange creatures, as he would write notes about all his adversaries and send them to the imperial library. As he made his way to Qeynos, he even fell in love with an erudite female mage named Almaril and they were wed.

Of Almaril and Zisstrik the insane:

For a time in Qeynos Edril forgot about adventure or Carandril or his home back with the elves. He loved Almaril deeply and she took him back and forth from Erudin to Antonica, teaching him everything he wished to know. He was as much interested in her crude but powerful magic as she was his graceful fighting styles. For the first time in a long time Edril was satisfied and happy, and to the astonishment of all it seemed that the elven warrior would actually settle down in Qeynos with his wife forever. But fate moves unpredictably and Edril was called into service once more.

An old merchant noble from Freeport, a long time friend of Edril, sent him a letter detailing the problems he was having with a band of local trollish thieves. The thieves, however, were not everyday thugs. Goods from merchant caravans had increasingly been stolen to fund for a splinter trollish army somewhere in the desert of Ro. The army, whom the kingdom of Grobb wanted destroyed very much, was lead by an obnoxious would-be-preacher troll named Zisstrik the insane, who lead his band of trolls on what he called a “religious crusade.” Edril agreed to help with the problem. The troll bandits were easily found and easily dispensed with, but more important was what Edril learned during the hunt. Zisstrik spoke at length, before he was killed, about the troll dragon-god Trakanon and how the dragon told Zisstrik in his dreams to steal and kill the local human merchants who “pollute the desert and the swamps with their presence.” Edril dismissed most of what the troll said as crazy dribble, but he became increasingly interested in the tale of Trakanon. In return for the destruction of the splinter army, Edril only wished in payment that he be allowed to speak with the shamans of Grobb about the great dragon. The trolls, however bitter and tentative, agreed.

Of Edril’s research and his quest for Kunark:

The elven warrior was immediately in love with the story of the troll heritage. He was fascinated by the idea of dozens of glorious armies dessimating eachother because of hunger and confusion, fascinated by the imagery of the far off and blasted land of Kunark, but even more fascinated by the character of Trakanon, a powerful being once a god to the trolls and only seen by a single chief. He immediately thought Trakanon was evil both for what he did to the trolls and because of what Edril knew about all dragons. The elf silently vowed to make the hunt for Trakanon his final and most glorious quest. Utilizing ancient trollish texts and learning what he could, Edril soon had plotted a course to and over Kunark. Almaril protested greatly and called Edril crazy for trying to carry out such a silly fantasy, but the elf couldn’t resist the pull of perhaps the greatest adventure he would ever have.

Leaving his wife sobbing behind him on the docksides of Freeport, Edril set sail for several weeks before arriving at what he hoped was the lost continent of Kunark. Frightened by the horrible site of the field of bone before them, the crew of Edril’s ship told the warrior they would remain on the coastline until his safe return. Packing what he needed for a long and arduous journey, Edril made his way alone across the dead fields of the ancient trollish homeland until he the jagged cliffs of Trakanon’s Teeth. What happened next no one knows for sure, as Edril was careful not even to divulge it to his wife before his death, but it is rumored Edril had to escape many clever traps and fight through several horrendous challenges before reaching the throne of the great beast. Even then, he did not kill Trakanon because what the dragon had to tell him was of far greater importance then any quest. Herein lies the complete text of Trakanon’s prophecy, as Edril himself never forgot the words of the great beast and later told his wife in order that the whole of Norrath may read the message:

Of Trakanon’s prophecy, excerpt from “The Book of Edril” by Edril’s late wife Almaril:

The great dragon looked on Edril as a father on his son and smiled widely. “So,” Trakanon spoke in a voice that shook the very ground, “at last you have come.” Edril, great among the elves, felt himself begin to tremble as he stared deep into the dragon’s fiery eyes. “You have no reason to fear me, warrior, even though you have come here to kill me. But I doubt that even you could perform such a task. You see, child, I was born before the stars were made, before the foundation of this world was ripped by Veeshan’s claw, and before the gods gave birth to the elder races. I have been and always will be the eternal mystery between life and death and gods and man.” With that said, Edril bowed his head in awe and somehow knew the great beast spoke the truth. “And yet,” the dragon continued, “I am but a watcher. For while I claim this world as my own I am forbidden by laws forged millenia ago to change it’s course. It is the curse of all my kind: to love a world so much and to have to watch it die. Take heed, warrior, because Norrath’s death is fast approaching.” Edril lifted his head, his eyes wide in a look of shock and fear. The dragon simply nodded. “Yes, Edril, Norrath’s fate was decided long ago, or so the gods think. But the visions of your gods are often warped by their own vanity and selfishness, the future is never set, and the elder races may yet prove them wrong. The gods made you all as a means to an end in their struggle and as the wars of the elder races escalate, so shall the gods descend from their planes of existence and make the whole of Norrath suffer. But there are those among the races untouched by the taint of immortals whom I have chosen as the saviors of man.” Trakanon then stabbed deep into the ground with his left claw and ripped the bottom of his cave dwelling asunder with one powerful stroke of his arm. Edril looked over the sides of the newly formed chasms and noticed the walls glowing a bright red. A face began to form from the blackness deep within the cracks, and Edril could clearly make out the aging face of an old man. The face had sad eyes, gaunt cheeks, and long silvery hair. “His name is Miragul,” said the dragon, “a human mage, gifted in all talents of magic and able to bend the laws of life and death to his will. He exists now as an empty shell, wandering his tombs filled with powerful magics.” The next face that formed was that of a troll, but surprisingly it was a noble and proud visage. Scars ran from both eyes down to the troll’s mouth, and the troll’s eyes were strong and unwavering. “He was called Nalikor. He was the troll first to enter my kingdom and find me. He ended centuries of brutal war, was greatest among his soldiers, and was able to lead his people from death and starvation to a powerful kingdom.” The dragon then turned his eyes to Edril. “You, elf, are my third chosen. You are Edril the warrior, a brilliant soldier and great hero. Death haunts you at every turn but you are always able to overcome your obstacles. You are a deadly fighter, a wanderer of Norrath, and a lord among elves. And now I award you with a much bigger destiny.” Trakanon spoke deep in a language Edril couldn’t understand, and suddenly a small pendant flashed into existence around Edril’s neck. “To Miragul I revealed the existence of artifacts that would enhance his powers in the arcane arts. To Nalikor I awarded a flaming sword to enhance his warrior prowess. To you I give this: a small pendant that will allow you to talk with me always. But it does much more. My strength is finite, Edril, and already my powers begin to weaken. Soon either the gods or the elder races will find the means to my destruction, and when that happens then the final war for Norrath shall be waged. But when I die, before I leave for the afterlife, I will impart my power to the bearer of this pendant, and he shall have all the wisdom and the strength of the most ancient of creatures.” Trakanon then laid his serpent-like head on the floor of his cave. “That time is fast approaching. Here is my prophecy, young one. Everything I say now shall soon come to pass. When the wars of the elder races begin to come to fruition, the gods shall take notice and plan for their coming into the world. Then, on the third day of the third season, in the dark of the night on all the continents of the elder races, shall be reborn my chosen in the bodies of other men, representing all of the three virtues: good, evil, and the gray neutral between them both. They will arise to the call of a fourth chosen, great among them, who will collect my gifts unto himself: the magic enhancements of Miragul, the flaming sword of Nalikor, and your dragon pendant. The peoples of Norrath will revere this one as Trakanon’s chosen, and he will watch the whole world burn.”

Of Edril’s last days:

When he returned home he was changed forever. With his greatest achievment completed, Edril the warrior, feared of the orcan clans, slayer of the plague dragon of Akanon, first soldier of the empire, and desert wanderer of Norrath, hung his sword to rest forever. He lived many happy years in the arms of Almaril, his wife, and they even gave birth to a son, something no one thought possible between a erudite and elf. But whether it was fate’s choice to test Edril one last time or because erudites were enough “non-human” so procreation was near impossible, Edril’s son was taken by disease at an early age. The event crushed the indomitable elf and at the age of 405 the warrior passed away. “No spear or sword or arrow, fang, claw, or spell could ever hope of killing the elf known as Edril,” recounted Biddyn at the funeral of his friend, “but for a father, the death of an only child is the worst poison the world can give.” The lord of Qeynos thought it best to send his body back to the elven empire and there gathered a very ecclectic funeral procession: Merchant friends from Freeport and Qeynos, human lords of Antonica, almost the entire gnomish population, and even troll shamans from Grobb to bear witness to the last warrior to ever lay eyes on Trakanon. Some said the dark elves were also present, spying on the funeral from the shadows just to make sure Edril had actually lost the battle with death. Dozens of elven trumpets sounded his passing and his casket was floated over the top of the Elizerain Lake to sink into it’s depths forever, an honor normally reserved only for the emperors. It is written that even now, at the bottom of the lake in that same casket, the dragon pendant of Trakanon waits, grasped tightly in Edril’s cold, dead fingers.