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The Fall of Erudin: Part 2

The Fall of Erudin:Part Two
By: Khuzaymah In’am

News of the High Guard’s termination did not sit well with its leadership, Vicegerent Jabalah and his brother Budayl. Later that evening a meeting was held with the leader of the Deepwater Knights, Sir Thamir Fa’iz. Budayl and Thamir were unable to quell Jabalah’s seething anger over El’Arad’s decision. In a rush, the Vicegerent stormed into El’Arad’s chambers within Erudin Palace and confronted him over his decision. The argument ultimately ended with the death of Jabalah at the hands of several void creatures summoned by El’Arad.

The murder of Vicegerent Jabalah threatened to disrupt El’Arad’s plan to control the city of Erudin. After denying any involvement in the Vicegerent’s disappearance, El’Arad pushed the activation of the new Nexus months ahead of schedule. When the Grand Farisan Nexus was activated a critical error was revealed. El’Arad and his fellow researchers based their construction of the Nexus off what was known of the Luclin Nexus and the spires in the Toxxulia Forest. Unbeknownst to El’Arad the spires were originally designed to channel their energy through the Nexus in Luclin. When the new Ulteran Spires were activated, they attempted to touch the original Nexus, and the mystical barriers erected by Norrathian pantheon caused the energy of the New Nexus to feed back upon itself.

The Ulteran Spires discharged the energy back into the new Nexus, which in turn exploded outward across Odus. This explosion of mystical energy not only destroyed the newly constructed Ulteran Spires on Antonica, but also tore through the fabric of reality itself, causing the entire continent of Odus to shift into Ultera. Realizing now as the time to act El’Arad revealed his secret allies to the rest of Erudin’s populace. Shadowed Men and other denizens of the void began to appear in the city causing havoc and destruction. In an attempt to save as many citizens as they could Sir Thamir Fa’iz and Budayl Idris organize an evacuation of Erudin. Rumors that safe passage to Paineel still existed gave hope that they could escape the aftermath of this experiment gone horribly wrong.

During the evacuation Thamir and Budayl are beset by a contingent of void beast led by none other then Madani Lu’ay, El’Arad’s most trusted advisor. The two men engage Madani in combat and soundly defeat the ambush. It is now certain in the minds of the two men that El’Arad has aligned himself with Roehn Theer. Thamir and Budayl then resolve to assemble the entire order of the Deepwater Knights so that they can overthrow El’Arad. The following morning over one hundred men and women soldiers marched through the streets of Erudin towards the palace. Lead by Sir Thamir and the de-facto leader of the High Guard, Budayl the army entered the palace, finding it undefended.

Cautiously they crept deeper within the vast halls of the impressive structure. No sooner than the last soldier entered the palace the huge iron doors of the palace swung shut, trapping the rebellious army within. The sounds of an extraordinary battle were soon heard. Thunderous explosions and screams of agony pierced the morning air of Erudin in a cacophony of Agony. The last remnants of justice were all but wiped out. El’Arad’s capture of Erudin was now complete. The Order of the Deepwater Knights was no more.


Journal of Wu, Seeker of Enlightenment

My Quest for Enlightenment
by Wu, a humble servant of Tranquility

Long have I traveled across Norrath, trying to learn all I can about our world and its inhabitants. There is much to see and experience, and too often the citizens of the various empires close themselves off from anything beyond their own borders.

The road to enlightenment is long, and though solitary in nature, one still needs a guide to keep on the proper path. I looked to the writings of Zan Fi, a wise monk who not only mastered all forms of combat but learned that the battle within is much more crucial than the fight against any opponent.

It has been my honor to share what I have learned with others when I can. Just as Zan Fi’s writings were of benefit to me, I hope that my words bring aid and enlightenment to those who wish to undertake a similar journey. If they do, then my presence in this world will have meaning.

Of the many places I have seen, the forest known as the Lesser Faydark is of particular interest to me. Though at first glance it is but a sleepy shadow of its more expansive sibling, there is an air of magic and wonder here that transcends even the Greater Faydark.

I believe part of this forest’s uniqueness is due to the touch of planar and extra-dimensional forces. The presence of the gods is strong here, and the fact that both Tunare and Cazic-Thule have manifested themselves in the place has touched everything from the flora to its inhabitants.

In this forest, light and dark intermix to form shades of grey. Orcs and bandits are drawn here, as are the magical fay races and even the rare unicorn. But there are also odd dichotomies, such as the brownies who serve the power of Growth yet strike with a great wrath at any outsider, no matter their purpose.

The mysterious shadowed men are also drawn here. After much study, I now believe they are attracted to sources of great power on Norrath and perhaps other worlds. Though initially they assume no visible form, I have seen some others lurking here in dark places and now believe these beings may be of the Void itself.

It may be that the mingling of good and evil here makes this place what it is, and these powers hold each other in check. I feel as though this forest will always be in conflict, and even if one side would seem to prevail, its nemesis will be waiting for its turn to take hold and shift the balance once again.

Furthermore, I believe the potency of the magical forces at play weaken the barriers between realities. After much meditation, I may have made contact with a being from such a place. A presence speaks to my mind, calling itself Vorash. It communes with me and seeks to learn about the ways of the monk.

I intend to learn more about this Vorash and determine its intentions. But I must not neglect the dangers in this realm wither. My campsite here in the forest has not gone unnoticed, and I believe malevolent forces are drawing close to me. I must be on my guard at all times.

Whoever or whatever observes me, I fear they may be seeking the weapon I carry, a blessed armament of some potency. I must ensure it does not fall into the hands of those who would corrupt it, yet my means of escape may be somewhat limited. Perhaps an ally can be found to keep it safe for me.

In the meantime I shall continue my meditations and observations. The path I walk is filled with challenges, but despite the dangers of the special place I believe I will draw closer to ultimate Tranquility by dwelling here.

If I am fortunate, perhaps one day I shall write more to offer additional guidance to those who seek it. May your journey, dear reader, be as rewarding as mine has been.

A Seeker’s Diary

Property of Genni

Seeker of Ro

Blossoming 10 – Melvar is up to something, I’m convinced of it. Old Gavel says I have an overactive imagination, but Gavel is too good tempered to mistrust anyone’s motives, particularly if they buy him ale. I’m sure he’s up to no good, despite what Gavel thinks; he’s changed his habits, and I’ve seen him with a strange expression on his face when he thinks no one’s looking. I’m going to watch him and keep notes. If I can accumulate enough evidence to prove he’s up to something, I’ll take it to the temple leaders.

Blossoming 21- He seems discontented with the temple’s leadership. Or perhaps he simply wishes to lead us himself. He does not speak directly against the leaders during public discussion, but afterwards, in one-to-one conversations in the hallways, he is fast to criticize. He seems to be gathering a clique of those who agree with him. They whisper in the corners.Oceansfull 3 – I saw him depart to the south around midday, although he thought he was unobserved. He did not return to the temple last night. When he returned today in late morning, he was carrying something. It was wrapped, so I couldn’t tell what it was, but he definitely didn’t have it when he left yesterday. He took it to his room, which is always kept locked.

Oceansfull 10 – The concealed passage behind the ornamental sideboard leads down to the chamber of the efreeti. Only the elders are supposed to enter here, as the efreeti is not to be disturbed in any way. However, fewer people know that there is a second concealed passage beyond this point Tonight I followed him down it, and saw him meet with some others. I could not hear what they were discussing, however, and the others were heavily cloaked and hooded.Oceansfull 21 – Today Blaize returned from a standard scouting mission, and reported a worrying increase in the activity of the shadowed men in the south of Lavastorm. The temple elders are concerned at the unusual disturbance. A special meeting has been called.

Scorchedsky 2 – I overheard one of his followers boasting to a friend that “soon we’ll be in control”. I tried to creep closer to hear more, but my foot scuffed on the floor and they heard the noise. I barely managed to run away before they saw me. Reading over my notes, I can’t say I’ve managed to collect any absolute proof something is wrong, but I am even more convinced.Scorchedsky 3 – I spoke to Blaize, and she agreed Melvar’s been acting strangely recently. She said she has seen a cloaked figure that might have been him in the area of the shadowed men a couple of times while she was out scouting. Since our order opposes all that these creatures of shadow stand for, this would be a serious concern if it was indeed him. She has promised to investigate.

Scorchedsky 6 – It was three days ago that I spoke to Blaize, and I haven’t seen her since the day before yesterday. A search party has been sent out to search the hills in case she was injured while scouting, but I fear that danger befell her much closer to home.Scorchedsky 7 – I have searched every corner of the temple I can access, but found no sign of Blaize. I am sure there is foul play involved. But still I have no absolute proof! I fear for my life if Melvar or his followers find out, but I need to approach the elders with my suspicions.

Scorcheclsky 8 – All is lost! I spoke to the elders and they gathered to discuss the evidence. But while we gathered in the library, the void beings attacked. Normally, the temple is sealed and warded against them, but HE must have let them in while the elders were distracted. We have barred the doors to the library, but they can’t hold long.Does he really think the shadowed men truly serve him? Is power worth such betrayal? I pray some of the others can escape while they are distracted trying to break into the library. Perhaps if they do survive, and can one day retrieve these notes, it may help explain what happened.

EQ2 23rd August 2012 Developer Questions Answered


Heya, I’ll take a minute to answer some of these.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be at the chat – I’ve had a ton to do, and time is something I’m in super short supply of.  SMILEY  Anyway, the majority of these are going to be a bit vague, which is on purpose – I prefer to show don’t tell when possible, where “show” = “in the game”.  SMILEY

Is the Forsaken City the fabled city of Zebuxor?

  • No, it isn’t.  It DOES have a name, however.  SMILEY

Is Nizara something to do with the Plane of Knowledge?

  • Mmm… sort of, but not directly.

Is Dozekar Kerafyrm’s father or was he cursed for some other reason?

  • That would be telling.  Kerafyrm’s history is something we’re hoping to go into a bit deeper here soon, as he come more to the center stage.  How Dozekar and Kerafyrm are related would likely be one of those story points we would explore.

Why did Xul’Varien stop being the god of disease?

  • That is actually deeply tied to some of Anashti’s history.  I want to dive deeper one day into more of her story, but right now the gods have their hands full (you know, with a universe-smashing dragon with god-slaying powers flying all willy-nilly around the world).

Are the shadowed men descended from the Jal’Raeth?

  • So actually, I gave Lyndro the wrong information here.  Truth be told, I was half-listening, and I completely misunderstood what he was asking me (like, COMPLETELY).  So, the Jal’Raeth are a clan of shadowed men, but there are others as well.  (And again, totally my fault, I’m sorry – I need a vacation I think.  Heh.)

Who was Kerafyrms mother?

  • As before, that would be telling.  Hopefully it’s something you’ll find out soon.  SMILEY

With the shissar’s prophecy, did they know Luclin was to explode and did they prepare for it?

  • Ha!  I WANT TO TELL YOU THIS, because there is an answer to give.  BUT, this is the exact storyline we’re going through right now, so all I can say is – You’ll find out.  SMILEY

Will we ever see Aataltaal from the Tarton’s Wheel quest?

  • Perhaps, but I couldn’t say for sure right now.

Who was Tarton and why did he hate the gods?

  • If we do explore more of the Tarton’s Wheel lore, then that would be a question we could answer then.

The Cauldron of Shadow Essence

The Cauldron of Shadow Essence

Soundlessly, the dwarven rogue took a deep breath and calmly climbed down from his ledge to the floor of the gorge. He’d already passed an outlying tower and rounded a small lake that was littered with watchful dark elves, and now he snaked his way among the towering cliff walls, forced time and again carefully, slowly to sneak past an alluring or fearsome (or both!) guardian who might stand a mere ten feet distant.

Rounding a final corner, he found the entrance to a graveyard to his right and a narrow, roofed tunnel to his left. Doubtless, many secrets awaited should he turn left, but even Dandaek’s adventurous blood was turning cold in the proximity of so muchdeath. Of course, the graveyard did little to help matters. Little light reached the place, for it lay atthe base of cliff walls thatrosefor hundreds of feet. The gloom seemed tangible, and considering the undead that ruled here, Dandaek feared it might truly be so. Dandaek trembled for a moment, but he steeled himself. Two more dark elven guards stood near the gated fence that enclosed the graveyard, so this was no place for weakness. The gate was closed, but fortunately these guards were not watchful. They stood resolute, but just as rigid as their bodies were their glazed eyes that bore relentlessly before them. For what intruder could possible penetrate so close to the castle without raising an alarm? Nimbly, Dandaek slipped to the end of the wrought iron fence where it was fixed into the rock wall of the gorge. He paused for an instant and then crept over the fence.

The area was dotted with countless gravestones packed into the relatively small space. The gloom of the landscape was darker from within its coils, but Dandaek could make out a handful of mausoleums at the area’s rear. Behind one of these mausoleums, Dandaek had learned, would Ssynthi be found. Yet as Dandaek slid through the murk, he realized that dark elves were within the graveyard as well. He cursed silently, but pressed on. He could make out about a half dozen of them, but thankfully they all stood with their backs to the mausoleums, and like the guards at the fence, they barely moved. He paused a moment to remind himself why he was here. He needed to gather his courage. He had crept through a gauntlet of dark elven necromancers on the periphery of the vampire lord Mayong Mistmoore’s castle so that he might question Ssynthi, a renegade shadowed man, about the nature and mission of the of the so-called deathspeakers who were evidently now among the shadowed men wherever they might be found around the whole of Norrath. And he, Dandaek, wanted to be the first to know why.

Staying close to the wall, the dwarf continued. The hair of his white beard and that on his nape prickled when he realized with a chill that all the tombstones repeated over and over the same two dedications to the dead. No matter. All the dark elves of the place were behind him now. Before him and stretching to the left stood a row of gleaming mausoleums. The brilliant white marble of the structures was disconcerting in the dreary shadows, making them seem all the more otherworldly. Dandaek slipped between the low outer wall of the one nearest the cliff. Padding his way to the back of the structure, Dandaek took little further note of the structure itself.

Instead, he sought to find an invisible being.

The dwarfhugged the shadows and proceeded down the row. One, two, three, four, and ahead, five of them he counted. Behind the fifth he saw a book floating in midair. This must be Ssynthi! He approached a few steps closer. Close enough to see that the book appeared to bear no title, and indeed no script was evident on the opened pages.

Dandaek looked around and listened. Nothing but the moaning of the graveyard and a vague rustle of movement from Ssynthi. The dwarf looked at the shadowed man, or at least at the floating book that he took for Ssynthi’s position. The creature had evidently turned to face him, but the book was still open, and Dandaek was not under attack.

Dandaek whispered, “I have so very much to ask you, Ssynthi.”

Ssynthi said nothing.

So Dandaek spoke again, still in a hushed tone, though he figured the rumblings of the restless dead would drown out his own words. Dandaek figured he may as well take it from the top. He asked, “A new breed of shadowed man walks Norrath. What can you tell me of the deathspeakers?” A moment of silence followed and Dandaek had the sensation that Ssynthi spoke to someone else before he replied. Yet reply he did, and in a soft and chilling tone. “Ah, so the deathspeakers have decided to reveal themselves again. They are beings who claim they are closer to the realms of the dead than any other known race, and they have been known to rally the shadowed men in times when they deem other races to be dabbling too much in the powers of death and rebirth – just as shadowed men as a whole despise those of us who follow Solusek Ro because they deem all magic to have sprung from themselves.”

Dandaek considered where to go from here. He recalled the other matter that concerned Vagner and Halwain and asked, “Could it concern the Burning Dead’s plan to resurrect Marnek?” Ssynthi did not hesitate this time. The shadowed man replied quickly, “Marnek, you say? I admit that rumors have come to me concerning an alliance between the Temple of Ro and the Burning Dead, and perhaps this is the goal of that union. I must therefore act, for who knows the shadowed men better than I? But I cannot leave this place right now. Will you help me in this task?” It seemed an odd choice to Dandaek. The shadowed men were dangerous and clearly ill-disposed toward the races of dwarves, elves, and man, but if acting against them aided the cause of a dead necromancer? Dandaek smiled. Still, at least he was getting somewhere, and rarely did it hurt to play along. Knowledge, after all, was a good thing. The dwarf nodded and said, “I will help you.”

At that, a long prattle of indecipherable babble bubbled from Ssynthi and a small black cauldron began to take shape fromthe darkness.

LDON 8 – A Dragon’s Riches

The strong rule the weak. That is the law amongst the kobolds. But in the depths of Lord Nagafen’s lair, one of the strongest of the Solusek kobolds grew restless.

While kobolds do not usually give in to pride, some do indeed give in to greed.

Heili Erat, a noble of the Solusek kobold clan, grew increasingly angry that he was left on the fringe of the royalty. The rewards he sought for his position were ignored. No matter how he petitioned for an army of his own, he was shuffled back to his filthy room, where he could often be heard pacing back and forth while cursing them all.

Heili decided it was time to seek power and riches of his own. He would find a way to line his pockets with gold.

For as long as Heili could recall, he had been told to stay away from Lord Nagafen, the mighty dragon in the bowels of the mines. He was told never to explore there or he would face the dire lord’s fiery breath. The legends say that those who attempted to slay the dragon were stripped of all their riches and wasted away deep in the caverns-a place no Solusek kobold had ever set foot.

Rather than get the tangled fur of his own haunches seared by Lord Nagafen, he decided to send an unsuspecting slave. He called a kobold slave to his shabby room and had him sit in front of him. The noble quickly cast a charm spell upon the poor slave, bidding him to search the deep caverns of Nagafen’s den to see what lay hidden there.

It is not known what the enchantment was that captured the slave, but it was somehow enough for him to catch a glimpse of a cavern filled with enormous heaps of riches belonging to Lord Nagafen. Heili saw it all as he looked through the slave’s eyes.

That was the tale woven by the Shadowed man to Nedaria who, in turn, relayed it to Morden and Tondal. Morden believed the tale. The creases at the corners of his eyes crumpled as he smirked, his gray eyes glistening with the thrill of adventure.

Two nights had passed and Morden had finally reached the Solusek kobold’s lair, where he perched on a ledge near a lava pit. He heard them growling about a hidden passage and the noble’s idiocy. They said he was starting rumors and saying that Lord Nagafen’s lair was not real.

In the shadows, Morden made time to watch Heili, the noble. He saw him caress an old crate on the floor of his makeshift room and cackle. He got up and paced past the torch on the wall and its flame flickered. It was enough to capture a glint of gold between the rotting wooden slats of the crate.

“There are riches of the likes we’ve never seen, my dear friends. I’m sure of it,” Morden said with a roguish grin. “I’ve found a way for us to enter the hold. Prepare yourselves for adventure. We move today!”


LDON 7 – A Shadow Speaks

Nedaria quietly reminisced about her youth. No one in Erudin had known she was different. As a young free-spirited erudite, she discovered she had an innate power to see into people’s minds and overcome the boundaries of the present to glimpse into the future.

She remembered the first foreboding dream that came to her. One of the nobles of Erudin was planning to murder his own son who threatened to replace him and ascend to the city’s council.

After rising from her sleep that night, she ran to her mother, Tilisea Nebeian, who was studying at the grand table in the library of their home. She tugged at her mother’s robe and told her the nightmare she had.

Her mother first smiled with delight as she entertained the wild musings of her child. Then, as Nedaria continued, her mother’s face twisted in fear. She quickly hushed Nedaria and ran into the storeroom, frantically throwing supplies into a satchel. Tilisea grabbed her daughter’s arm tightly and dragged her quickly through the city and out into the darkness of the Toxxulia Forest. She crouched in front of Nedaria and handed the satchel to her. With tears glistening in her eyes, Tilisea held her daughter’s face in her hands.

“Run now little one. You cannot stay here. The nobles will learn of your gift and rob you of all you hold dear — your mind and talents. Talk to no one. Let your senses guide you. I will seek you out soon,” Tilisea said in a single rush of breath.

Nedaria was terrified and confused, but turned from her mother and ran as far and as fast as she could. Her tears streaked her soft cheeks as she sobbed.

It had been many years since that night and she never heard from her mother again. Her heart withered knowing that her mother may have paid a dear price for saving her.

Nedaria’s time within her memories ended abruptly as a sense of gloom passed over her — a presence she was not familiar with was nearby. She looked up from the necklace she was crafting and saw nothing. She rose from her seat on a crate of blankets and turned her eyes to the east.

In the heat haze and geysers of steam, the shimmering outline of a humanoid figure moved closer. It was a shadow that moved without the need of an object to cast it.

Nedaria heard of shadowed creatures in Norrath that could move in the light of day. She also recalled that they were to be avoided.

The figure then crept backward behind the steam. Nedaria followed, believing that this creature of shadow would have already attacked had it wanted the blood of those in the camp.

Down the hill, under the gentle flapping wings of a fire drake, Nedaria waited alone. She sent out a soft voice from her mind, hoping it would reach the creature. In the Common tongue of Norrath, she repeated, “I am here to listen if you have something to say.”

A gravelly voice whispered into her right ear. She remained motionless.

“We seek the same enemy. The servants of Solusek Ro need to be cast out. You know as well as I that this is the only path to true magical power. It is our place to rule the world. The pure and true magic of the Shadowed men is the only art,” it said. “I can help you if you can help me. I can promise you power.”

With her back to the Shadowed man, Nedaria listened as he told a tale of greed among the Solusek kobolds and a growing resentment of the resident lord, the mighty dragon, Nagafen.


Tarton’s Wheel

I have found what appears to be an old book of poetry which mentions something of an object known as Tarton’s Wheel. It seems to give some clues as to where I might find the rods mentioned within. They seem to hint at the planar power the wheel posesses.

page 1
— The Wheel of Tarton —
Tarton Had a Wheel
That Once He Built
Ten Spokes to Wood
Bound by a Star
Tarton Had a Wheel
To Roam the Planes
Shaped Twice by Ice
To Guide His Way

page 2
Tarton Had a Wheel
That Once He Lost
Clash In the Sky
To Earth He Fell
Tarton Had a Wheel
Was Sundered Past
The Pieces Scattered
Across the World

page 3
The next few pages are torn and unreadable. Only a few scattered scribblings and letters can be made out.

page 13
Tarton Had a Wheel
That Once Was Found
By many elf Aataltaal
In Waters of Norrath
Tarton Had a Wheel
Restored to its Form
Ten Spokes to Wood
Bound by a Star

page 14
Aataltaal Had a Wheel
To Roam the Planes
Shaped Twice by Ice
To Guide His Revenge
Aataltaal Had a Wheel
Like the World Shattered
Doors to Gods Closed
To Earth Pieces Fell

page 15
A world of islands knows many ports,
But one of old still doth abide.
Wreckage above and so too below
Is where this rod does hide.
This is where, in a dream, I spied Azia.

page 16
With rabid fury the mistress hunted,
Those who sought to kill,
On lands now ruled by amber stalks,
And ruled by those who till.
This is where, in a dream, I spied Beza.

page 17
The whole earth shudders,
With each thunderous shock,
As the Maiden of Shadows,
Comes to earth as burning rock.
This is where, in a dream, I spied Caza.

page 18
In the shadows of the dark forest,
Where dark people are bound,
Even the mightiest torrent,
Will not wash it from ground.
This is where, in a dream, I spied Dena.

page 19
Bound by a Star from the wheel he sought to learn,
The mysteries of planar travel.
He desired immortal life,
Instead his spirit and flesh hath unravel.
This is where, in a dream, I spied Ena.

page 20
Among a people who do not care,
For the power it might instill,
Lies this tool of terrible power,
Where only stomachs seek a fill.
This is where, in a dream, I spied Fana.

page 21
They sought war with the gods
When challenge on Norrath was no longer.
Even in the dankest swamp,
Rock more than flesh is stronger.
This is where, in a dream, I spied Geza.

page 22
Here reside the everliving,
Though they are devoid of life.
Such beings of patchwork flesh,
Yet slumber for respite from strife.
This is where, in a dream, I spied Heda.

page 23
A shadowed man will let you in,
The monument you’d best avoid.
Its halls of lore offer much,
But of sanity they are devoid.
This is where, in a dream, I spied Izah.

page 24
Many wizards have sought to live
In a perpetual undead state.
Lich is the name we now know
As the first necromancer’s fate.
This is where, in a dream, I spied Jaka.

I have found all the rods of Tarton’s Wheel and have reassembled them. While powerful in its own right the wheel seems to have lost some of its magic, perhaps there may be a way to reclaim the use it must have once been imbued with.

Remembrances – Prime

This tome bears the title of “Remembrances – Prime.” When first looking at the text, it appears as if it is written in another language, but after careful examination it most assuredly is written in your native tongue. It seems to be some type of record transcribed by a bard.

Reports have been coming in from as far away as the Great Forest and the Cherry Blossom Archipelagos of people contracting a mysterious illness. For the past several months, this virus was nothing more than a rumor, but it has been finally confirmed by various mayors that people have been falling down sick everywhere.

As odd as it is that someone could even get sick in our day and age, what makes this story even more unsettling are the physical deformations associated with this sickness. Though specifics on the situation are unconfirmed, it seems as if the ill are suffering from what can only be described as changes to the body, including rapid weight gain and odd growth spurts.

We got in touch with the world renowned Dr. Rodger Effin, founder of the White Palm Hospitalers and inventor of the Panacea Cure, and asked him what he had to say about the situation. “This sickness is unlike anything I’ve seen before,” he said. “The protrusions from the skull are the most unsettling of all of this. It’s as if the bone is growing at a rapid pace, affecting the growth of hair as well.”

Dr. Effin did leave us with a positive note. “I want the public to know that I will not rest until I find a cure,” Effin said. “No matter how far I have to travel, I will see to it that the people of Prime can sleep comfortably at night.”

Dr. Bartholomew Oculus, chairman of the Association of Entropio-Atrophic Studies, disagrees with the findings, however. “I have told the people of Prime for many years that something like this would happen one day, but no one will listen. My findings show that the Panacea Cure will one day break down and corrupt the body.”

Oculus went on to say, “This illness is nothing more than another one of the lies that Rodger has been telling the public for years. If the public would have listened to me and started taking MY serum, this illness wouldn’t have spread as far as it has already”. With that, Dr. Oculus stormed out the room, ending our interview.

In other news, we have been able to get an exclusive interview with the leader of the Shadeways Harbingers. Calling himself only the Shadow Father, his group claims responsibility for the unauthorized construction of the black Obelisks throughout Prime.

Before conducting our interview, we did our own research on this mysterious Shadow Father. Our sources show that the Shadeways Harbingers only came together as group six years ago in the Great Cold Lands, whereas the first Obelisk was spotted in the Death Desert nearly 14 years back.

Since then, several more Obelisks have been constructed in some of the most hard to reach places such as the Cloudy Plateaus, Sarim Savannahs, and New Exetarin. All of the surrounding populations near these structures have coincidentally left. We have been unable to track down any of these emigrants for an interview, unfortunately.

During our interview, all the Shadow Father had to say was the following, “We have closed our minds for too long. Secrets from long ago are being revealed. Come to us and we will show you. Those who wish to know the lost knowledge will be taught and become like us. Those who reject it will regret their decision. But not for too long…”