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Elements of Devotion

Sister, you’ve been encouraging me to journal a bit of my life, ever since I left home. Better late than never, right?

Master Devianni woke me this morning, telling me to help her pack up for a field trip, which, in and of itself was not something extraordinary. Blurry-eyed and groggy, I asked where this particular field trip would take us. That’s when I noted the excitement that she was barely keeping in check, as she exclaimed, “The Planes of Order!” And with that, she ran out of the room with an armload of items, leaving me flabbergasted.

I’ve been serving Master Devianni for three years now. She’s always been eccentric, what summoner isn’t, right? But she’s not inclined to be hyperbolic or to have any humor, I’ve ever found. And yet, I still couldn’t believe what I had just heard. The Planes of Order!? “What? Fire, Water, Air, Earth? THE planes!?” I called after her.

“The very same!” she called back to me, with a slam of a chest lid.

I started looking around the room, at the articles of clothing I would have to pack. “Beg my pardon, Master, but which one?”

“All of them! Well, hopefully all of them! After a bit of Magic, but yeah, all of them!”

So here I am, sitting at the ancient Combine Spires. No wait, what had Master Devianni called them? Quadroliths? It sounds like a really old word. She knows a bunch of stuff like that. Anyway, I’m waiting here for her. She had to stop off to acquire some spell components. I figured this would be a good time to journal, as I am not sure how often I’m going to get the opportunity in the coming days.

Huh. It turned out that when Master Devianni said, we had a bit of Magic ahead of us first, she didn’t mean a spell or an incantation. Nope. She meant THE Plane of Magic! It’s breathtaking here! Everything here is abuzz with magical energy, even the air! But of course, that’s not why we’re here. Master Devianni had heard of some very strong elementals encountered here, and not just of one type, either.

I’m still not sure what she has in mind, but she is rather hopeful about it. She’s speaking with some of the local inhabitants here about the elementals now. Here’s hoping she’ll get whatever information she’s looking for.

Today Master Devianni and I found a small island floating in the Plane of Magic populated by some the impressively strong elementals she had heard tales of. There was one of fire and at least two of air. Seemed the advice she got from the lovely locals was dependable! Upon seeing the hardy elementals she ordered me to crouch down, behind a boulder.

After rummaging around in one of the packs I held, she took a calm, deep breath, smiled at me, then ran toward one of the air elementals, and out of my eyesight.

I sat there, on the ground, the weight of my many packs being supported by the boulder that offered me protection and respite. After what seemed like an eternity, Master Devianni returned. She held two enchanted pouches. One was obviously very heavy, and smoking, while the other might have flown off, if she hadn’t been holding it tightly. We returned to our camp, near the spires that could have taken us back to Norrath, back to hearth and home, but that’s not what she had in mind! I bet she has her eyes fixed on the other two element types.

It’s been a few days since my last entry, but let’s just say, I was right! Master Devianni was determined to encounter water and earth elementals, and acquire pieces of both, and after she did so, she was so thrilled she began casting a spell on them, right then and there! I had no idea what to expect. “Master, what are you doing? Maybe you should rest first.”

“No time, my dear,” she said while repeatedly drawing a complex pattern in the air with her fingers. “There’s no telling when the connection to the Planes of Order might decay from these samples!”
Right then, the ground that had been solid beneath our feet not a moment before, disappeared. The dazzling sights of Magic that had surrounded us, were transformed into a landscape of flame and smoke. The invigorating air we had been breathing was replaced by choking, caustic fumes. We had been transported to the Plane of Fire! “Please tell me, you meant to do that,” I said, between coughs.
“Didn’t I warn you of that? No? Sorry,” she said with a wince.

“Damnit, Devianni,” she chided herself, “Say the things you’re thinking.”

“And make sure I’m within earshot, eh?” I added.

She looked at me, her eyes a bit wider than normal, despite the soot in the air. My response must have surprised her. Thankfully, she then smiled. It was an amused, wry curl of her lips, punctuated with an approving nod. I could have sworn I even saw a bit of a dimple!
“Shall I ready more fire sample pouches?” I asked, suddenly feeling a bit exposed, and wanting to focus on something else.

“No need. That’s not what we’re here for.”

Now it was my turn to be surprised!

Devianni then revealed she was intent on making a binding rune from planar material! We set to work immediately, unsure how long we would last in such a lethal environment.

I can only assume Devianni was guided by some sort of summoner’s art. She moved across the treacherous landscape as if pulled by instinct. A step this way, to then spin on her heel and turn the opposite direction. I learned quickly to give her space. Suddenly, she stopped. She bent over, gingerly touching the ground with her slender fingers. I felt gooseflesh prickle my skin, and a chill run up my spine, despite our blistering surroundings.

Devianni turned her wrist, and the blackened ground beneath her hand shifted, radiating hairline cracks from the spot she had just touched. She lifted her hand and the clump of ground followed. It hovered between the hole it left behind and her hand, as if she was pulling it up by invisible strings. I was so amazed by what I was witness to, I had nearly forgotten my role! I ran to her side, offering the ensorcelled rune blade.

Devianni made short work of the carving. Her expertise and practiced skills made it look easy! She pocketed the planar fire elemental binding rune, then began to cast another spell. I recognized the motions, but she stopped mid-cast anyway. “I, uh… We can go now. Ready?”

“Absolutely!” I answered, looking over my shoulder.

She continued her casting, and we were soon transported back to the Plane of Magic.

Over the next few days we repeated these steps, entering the Planes of Air, Water, and Earth to create binding runes of each of the planar materials. Some were easier than others, but we did succeed. And now, here I sit back at our home, safe on Norrath, writing these notes, while Devianni practices with her binding runes. She’s gotten really good at being able to call forth planar elementals of air and fire, but the water and earth seem to be less responsive. But I’m not worried about it. She’ll master each of them, just as she has my heart. Hopefully, I’ll have the gumption to tell her how I feel one of these days.

I hope these scrolls find you well, dear sister.