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The History of the Hua Mein: Part 1

The History of the Hua Mein Part One
By: Cuan Dao

For hundreds of years we lived a simple existence in the Stoneburnt Mountains. Peacefully coexisting alongside beast, kejek, and man, we were content to spend our lives roaming and feeding in the bamboo forests of Odus. Unfortunately, that peace was shattered over two hundred years ago when the men who live in the stone villages changed our homelands forever. It began with the creation of a new village, built squarely in the middle of where we roamed. There they meddled in magic an d burrowed deep into the earth. We observed from afar, daring not to venture closer while the men toiled away at their new establishment. The kejek, however, were not as passive as us. They warred with the men and tried to burn down the new village. The men fought back with lighting, fire, and blade.

Nothing would deter them from whatever they were working on in their village. The fighting between the two sides continued for many months until one day the kejek disappeared and were seen no more. Soon after, the men seemed to have completed their project. A great celebration was held and the men laughed and looked joyous. The very next day, however a great explosion erupted from the village. The sky had changed and the sun disappeared. A great storm of lightning swept across the forests and mountains covering everything in an impossibly bright light. Some time later, we awoke, confused, scared and changed. The great storm had changed our minds, though at the time this change was beyond our comprehension.

It has been said that our kind would have gone mad were it not for the vailiant efforts of our savior, Hua Mei. Like the rest of our kind, Hua Mei’s mind had been awoken by the great storm. Upon finding her mind a flurry of new thoughts and emotions, sh great fearful and retreated to a cliff face in the crags above where the kejek called home. Bewildered, she had gone there following a voice she heard on the wind. As she approached, the voice became louder, soothing her raging thoughts and filling her with a sense of peace. She sat back and allowed the voice to calm her, listening to the words of peace and enlightenment. After three days, the spirit of a great tiger appeared to her in the moonlight, granting her the First Teachings. The tiger spirit also told her to gather the others of her kind and share with them the teaching Hua Mei had learned.

First she learned that nothing in the world is lost. All things return. She observed how a fruit drops to the ground and rots, only to rise again in the form of a new plant. She understood that she was born of her parents and her children would be born of her. Next she observed the everything changes and nothing shall remain constant. Just as she and her kin had once been beast, now they had become awakened. This truth was further strengthened by her observance of the rending forces which stretched her homeland toward the darkening swirl of the void. Finally, Hua Mei learned the truth of the cause and effect. In the north, she observed the forces of the void, dark and assimilating her once serene homeland. Where ever their once presence was found, the skies seemed darker, the flora became twisted and creatures fell to insanity.

In the south however, she came to the cliff face alongside the kerran island. There she saw a society of beings who did not corrupt their land, but instead learned to coexist with it. She learned that our thoughts and actions determined the kind of life we can have. If we do good things, in the future good things will happen to us. If we do bad things, in the future bad things will happen to us.

The Fall of Erudin: Part 2

The Fall of Erudin:Part Two
By: Khuzaymah In’am

News of the High Guard’s termination did not sit well with its leadership, Vicegerent Jabalah and his brother Budayl. Later that evening a meeting was held with the leader of the Deepwater Knights, Sir Thamir Fa’iz. Budayl and Thamir were unable to quell Jabalah’s seething anger over El’Arad’s decision. In a rush, the Vicegerent stormed into El’Arad’s chambers within Erudin Palace and confronted him over his decision. The argument ultimately ended with the death of Jabalah at the hands of several void creatures summoned by El’Arad.

The murder of Vicegerent Jabalah threatened to disrupt El’Arad’s plan to control the city of Erudin. After denying any involvement in the Vicegerent’s disappearance, El’Arad pushed the activation of the new Nexus months ahead of schedule. When the Grand Farisan Nexus was activated a critical error was revealed. El’Arad and his fellow researchers based their construction of the Nexus off what was known of the Luclin Nexus and the spires in the Toxxulia Forest. Unbeknownst to El’Arad the spires were originally designed to channel their energy through the Nexus in Luclin. When the new Ulteran Spires were activated, they attempted to touch the original Nexus, and the mystical barriers erected by Norrathian pantheon caused the energy of the New Nexus to feed back upon itself.

The Ulteran Spires discharged the energy back into the new Nexus, which in turn exploded outward across Odus. This explosion of mystical energy not only destroyed the newly constructed Ulteran Spires on Antonica, but also tore through the fabric of reality itself, causing the entire continent of Odus to shift into Ultera. Realizing now as the time to act El’Arad revealed his secret allies to the rest of Erudin’s populace. Shadowed Men and other denizens of the void began to appear in the city causing havoc and destruction. In an attempt to save as many citizens as they could Sir Thamir Fa’iz and Budayl Idris organize an evacuation of Erudin. Rumors that safe passage to Paineel still existed gave hope that they could escape the aftermath of this experiment gone horribly wrong.

During the evacuation Thamir and Budayl are beset by a contingent of void beast led by none other then Madani Lu’ay, El’Arad’s most trusted advisor. The two men engage Madani in combat and soundly defeat the ambush. It is now certain in the minds of the two men that El’Arad has aligned himself with Roehn Theer. Thamir and Budayl then resolve to assemble the entire order of the Deepwater Knights so that they can overthrow El’Arad. The following morning over one hundred men and women soldiers marched through the streets of Erudin towards the palace. Lead by Sir Thamir and the de-facto leader of the High Guard, Budayl the army entered the palace, finding it undefended.

Cautiously they crept deeper within the vast halls of the impressive structure. No sooner than the last soldier entered the palace the huge iron doors of the palace swung shut, trapping the rebellious army within. The sounds of an extraordinary battle were soon heard. Thunderous explosions and screams of agony pierced the morning air of Erudin in a cacophony of Agony. The last remnants of justice were all but wiped out. El’Arad’s capture of Erudin was now complete. The Order of the Deepwater Knights was no more.

Journal of Wu, Seeker of Enlightenment

My Quest for Enlightenment
by Wu, a humble servant of Tranquility

Long have I traveled across Norrath, trying to learn all I can about our world and its inhabitants. There is much to see and experience, and too often the citizens of the various empires close themselves off from anything beyond their own borders.

The road to enlightenment is long, and though solitary in nature, one still needs a guide to keep on the proper path. I looked to the writings of Zan Fi, a wise monk who not only mastered all forms of combat but learned that the battle within is much more crucial than the fight against any opponent.

It has been my honor to share what I have learned with others when I can. Just as Zan Fi’s writings were of benefit to me, I hope that my words bring aid and enlightenment to those who wish to undertake a similar journey. If they do, then my presence in this world will have meaning.

Of the many places I have seen, the forest known as the Lesser Faydark is of particular interest to me. Though at first glance it is but a sleepy shadow of its more expansive sibling, there is an air of magic and wonder here that transcends even the Greater Faydark.

I believe part of this forest’s uniqueness is due to the touch of planar and extra-dimensional forces. The presence of the gods is strong here, and the fact that both Tunare and Cazic-Thule have manifested themselves in the place has touched everything from the flora to its inhabitants.

In this forest, light and dark intermix to form shades of grey. Orcs and bandits are drawn here, as are the magical fay races and even the rare unicorn. But there are also odd dichotomies, such as the brownies who serve the power of Growth yet strike with a great wrath at any outsider, no matter their purpose.

The mysterious shadowed men are also drawn here. After much study, I now believe they are attracted to sources of great power on Norrath and perhaps other worlds. Though initially they assume no visible form, I have seen some others lurking here in dark places and now believe these beings may be of the Void itself.

It may be that the mingling of good and evil here makes this place what it is, and these powers hold each other in check. I feel as though this forest will always be in conflict, and even if one side would seem to prevail, its nemesis will be waiting for its turn to take hold and shift the balance once again.

Furthermore, I believe the potency of the magical forces at play weaken the barriers between realities. After much meditation, I may have made contact with a being from such a place. A presence speaks to my mind, calling itself Vorash. It communes with me and seeks to learn about the ways of the monk.

I intend to learn more about this Vorash and determine its intentions. But I must not neglect the dangers in this realm wither. My campsite here in the forest has not gone unnoticed, and I believe malevolent forces are drawing close to me. I must be on my guard at all times.

Whoever or whatever observes me, I fear they may be seeking the weapon I carry, a blessed armament of some potency. I must ensure it does not fall into the hands of those who would corrupt it, yet my means of escape may be somewhat limited. Perhaps an ally can be found to keep it safe for me.

In the meantime I shall continue my meditations and observations. The path I walk is filled with challenges, but despite the dangers of the special place I believe I will draw closer to ultimate Tranquility by dwelling here.

If I am fortunate, perhaps one day I shall write more to offer additional guidance to those who seek it. May your journey, dear reader, be as rewarding as mine has been.

Beyond the Rune

Notes by Lord Rikantus Everling
The greatest prisons are those we make for ourselves. My prison begins with my love of my daughters. My beloved daughters have been slaughtered by the accursed guardians that once cared for them. These six were once bound to my family by their curse, but the stench of betrayal is strong within this manor and such villainy soon sets into all who dwell within. Betrayal became necessary to acquire the wondrous artifacts of my family and betrayal will tear us apart and piece us back together in the shape of blasphemy.

My daughters have been cut and my sentries have fallen to blades. In this bloodbath I am imprisoned, never able to leave. No door could be opened, no window broken down. How such magic could be wielded by Pelleas is beyond my understanding. But there I found myself, alone in a house of death. But I am an Everling and the gift of the occult is my trade. I can find a way to save my daughters because I have studied with the House of Varsoon and have heard the name of Ethernere.

Ethernere is said to be a place where the dead go before they are allowed into the eternal halls of the pantheons. It is not a plane as we know planes to be. This is a dimension, a realm that exists all around us, in this space and not. Here in Ethernere is where I knew I could find my daughters and return them to the land of the living. I raced to gather my research notes taken from my time with Varsoon. These notes will craft my path and allow me to rescue my beloved daughters.

Key among Varsoon’s research was the ancient rune. It had no name, for it existed long before names. It was an ancient whisper from times unknown, but it is what he believes to be the first key to Ethernere. At the time, his goals in Ethernere were not mine, but it was a path to the unknown, the stock of my trade. We studied notes and studied the rune, a peculiar glyph rules by what looked like two intersecting triangles. Eventually, this time of research ended in failure, or so I thought. Reports soon told me that Varsoon lied and he had breached the barricades of Ethernere.

That was then and now I am placed within the blood soaked castle. It was at this time that I knew my notes could be deciphered and a way to Ethernere could be made. If I could reach such a place then I could retrieve the souls of my daughters before they moved on to eternal realms. Having done my studying, I realized I needed to piece my daughters back together. Employing my art in flesh constructs, I went about sewing together the parts of my beloved daughters. The creations were not as accurate as I had hoped, but would be sufficient as vessels until I could acquire new ones.

Performing the final steps of the arcane ritual, I began to realize that I am about to enter the realm between death’s door and the eternal gates. But I was wrong. The research undergone so very long ago within the Keep of Immortality was flawed. It was either flawed or Lord Varsoon had fed me lies on purpose. I believed the latter at first, but soon realized it would be near impossible to corrupt every one of my notes. Perhaps the destination was not the one we believed it to be. Perhaps is no more, as I soon learn.

Through powerful rituals I have opened a gateway to the unknown, a gateway to oblivion. I set foot upon the surface of a rock hurtling through a maelstrom of astronomical anomalies. I see the emptiness around me filled with flotsam and jetsam made of other hunks of rock. All is being sucked towards a blinding center as if we were in a universal whirlpool. The rocky moons about me seem lifeless, but the one I am atop is different. A tower rises from this lifeless rock. Could this be Ethernere and could this be the mythical Deathtoll Belltower? It was not.

The tower was crackling with arcane forces. The sound created boomed across the silence of this world, feeling as though it could destroy the ears of a god. Massive streams of energy burst out of the top of the tower and arced off into the void. I noticed something that nearly was lost among the many wonders. This place is close to the center of the vortex universe, but somehow fighting the speed of other bodies around it. I wondered if the arcs of light were anchoring it down in some fashion, anchoring it to what?

Having no where to go, I ventured forth towards the tower. The walk was much longer than I had estimated. The rocky terrain made the journey far more difficult as well. Luckily, I happened upon a stairwell. The brickwork was amazing and the minerals used unknown. I decided that the stairwell was just as safe as the tower and being so close, I descended. I may have chosen wrong, the descent was long, longer than the trek to the tower would have been. Suddenly, it ended and I found myself within a massive cavern.

Inside the titanic cavern I could see another tower far off across the uneven landscape. The air was brilliant and blue. Dazzling lights danced about this air as if they were schools of fish. I could see swirling vortices of arcane origins bursting forth from high on the cavern walls. Suddenly, I heard a rumbling sound. I hid. Peeking out from behind my rocky refuge I spotted a large lumbering beast. This beast was like a massive burly minotaur with eyes of red that pierced the darkness. I turned to sneak back up the stairwell, but there was no stairwell!

Having no where to retreat to, I was forced to trudge onward. I darted from shadow to shadow, outcropping to outcropping. I managed to elude the horned behemoths and draw closer to the tower, the only place I could see as a possible release to this mystery. Looking at the tower I noticed something very eerie etched onto its crown, the rune that brought me here! There atop this tower in a realm unknown was the same symbol that Varsoon had chased. It was this rune that brought us here, or did it call?

Varsoon and I traded knowledge gathered from history and across Norrath. We believed this to be a passage to Ethernere, but was it truly? Neither of us could say for sure unless we ever made it here, and here I am. Did Varsoon also find this place? The ethereal chain that bound me to Norrath tugged tight. I must find my answers soon or be forced to return empty handed, never seeing my beloved daughters again. I must enter the tower and find my answers if they do exist. Enter I did.

(The final page contains two sketches of two runes. They appear as follows: 1. The Rune of Ethernere – There is an image of two triangles turned upon each other and intersecting to create a diamond at the center. 2. The Rune of Sunder – There is an image of a swirling line such as a whirlpool would create when viewed overhead or a spiraled serpent. The Rune of Sunder has a hurried note scribbled in blood over it. “Look to the stone of the Shissar.”)

A Seeker’s Diary

Property of Genni

Seeker of Ro

Blossoming 10 – Melvar is up to something, I’m convinced of it. Old Gavel says I have an overactive imagination, but Gavel is too good tempered to mistrust anyone’s motives, particularly if they buy him ale. I’m sure he’s up to no good, despite what Gavel thinks; he’s changed his habits, and I’ve seen him with a strange expression on his face when he thinks no one’s looking. I’m going to watch him and keep notes. If I can accumulate enough evidence to prove he’s up to something, I’ll take it to the temple leaders.

Blossoming 21- He seems discontented with the temple’s leadership. Or perhaps he simply wishes to lead us himself. He does not speak directly against the leaders during public discussion, but afterwards, in one-to-one conversations in the hallways, he is fast to criticize. He seems to be gathering a clique of those who agree with him. They whisper in the corners.Oceansfull 3 – I saw him depart to the south around midday, although he thought he was unobserved. He did not return to the temple last night. When he returned today in late morning, he was carrying something. It was wrapped, so I couldn’t tell what it was, but he definitely didn’t have it when he left yesterday. He took it to his room, which is always kept locked.

Oceansfull 10 – The concealed passage behind the ornamental sideboard leads down to the chamber of the efreeti. Only the elders are supposed to enter here, as the efreeti is not to be disturbed in any way. However, fewer people know that there is a second concealed passage beyond this point Tonight I followed him down it, and saw him meet with some others. I could not hear what they were discussing, however, and the others were heavily cloaked and hooded.Oceansfull 21 – Today Blaize returned from a standard scouting mission, and reported a worrying increase in the activity of the shadowed men in the south of Lavastorm. The temple elders are concerned at the unusual disturbance. A special meeting has been called.

Scorchedsky 2 – I overheard one of his followers boasting to a friend that “soon we’ll be in control”. I tried to creep closer to hear more, but my foot scuffed on the floor and they heard the noise. I barely managed to run away before they saw me. Reading over my notes, I can’t say I’ve managed to collect any absolute proof something is wrong, but I am even more convinced.Scorchedsky 3 – I spoke to Blaize, and she agreed Melvar’s been acting strangely recently. She said she has seen a cloaked figure that might have been him in the area of the shadowed men a couple of times while she was out scouting. Since our order opposes all that these creatures of shadow stand for, this would be a serious concern if it was indeed him. She has promised to investigate.

Scorchedsky 6 – It was three days ago that I spoke to Blaize, and I haven’t seen her since the day before yesterday. A search party has been sent out to search the hills in case she was injured while scouting, but I fear that danger befell her much closer to home.Scorchedsky 7 – I have searched every corner of the temple I can access, but found no sign of Blaize. I am sure there is foul play involved. But still I have no absolute proof! I fear for my life if Melvar or his followers find out, but I need to approach the elders with my suspicions.

Scorcheclsky 8 – All is lost! I spoke to the elders and they gathered to discuss the evidence. But while we gathered in the library, the void beings attacked. Normally, the temple is sealed and warded against them, but HE must have let them in while the elders were distracted. We have barred the doors to the library, but they can’t hold long.Does he really think the shadowed men truly serve him? Is power worth such betrayal? I pray some of the others can escape while they are distracted trying to break into the library. Perhaps if they do survive, and can one day retrieve these notes, it may help explain what happened.

Palace of the Ancient One

Palace of the Ancient One

On the edge of the Void, there is a palace. It is the remnant of an ancient civilization, cast into the Void long ago in the ancient past. The islands of this palace float on the edge of Nothingness, threatening to be swallowed into nonexistence if they should fall into the center of the Void.

Anashti Sul is somewhere in this palace, assembling another army of creatures to take with her as she fades from the Void. While she races to complete her task before she dematerializes form the Void, time is running out for the forces of Norrath to defeat her.

The voice of Anashti Sul comes from everywhere and nowhere at once, as if she is inside your head. ‘My armies of the Void are routed in disarray,’ she says. ‘But my most loyal followers swear to protect me here in my palace, while I muster another Void army to conquer Norrath!’

You begin on the island of Switchmaster Zaxlyz. Explore the many islands of the Palace of the Ancient One to finally confront the Prime Healer and end her threat forever.

You must defeat Switchmaster Zaxlyz to continue to the next island in your quest to defeat Anashti Sul.

The Mysterious Sigil

Dartain says to you, “Very well, I hope you were able to find what we were looking for.”
You say to Dartain, “I believe I have. I found a tome here that seems to describe the first rune as the Rune of Oblivion. It appeared to have something to do with the Void, and as I read, it occurred to me that it might actually represent Anashti Sul herself.”
Dartain says to you, “Really? And what brought you to that conclusion?”
You say to Dartain, “It seemed that based on our research so far, each of the runes might actually represent a being. Given that she once held close ties with Rohen Theer, and the fact that she just returned from the Void recently, I believe that this rune might indicate that she is somehow tied to the prophecy.”
Dartain says to you, “Very astute. Your logic is sound, and could very well be exactly as you say. I will continue work on this rune based on your findings. What else did you discover?”
You say to Dartain, “It seems that the second one is known as the Rune of Sundering. This one is a little more difficult to figure out who might be tied to it. It seems to point to an event rather than a being – the Shattering. Perhaps it’s representative of whoever is responsible for the destruction of Luclin?”
Dartain says to you, “Perhaps, but I think this might actually be a good clue to the nature of the rings of the prophecy. Hmm… if you don’t mind, I’d like to see that tome. It will take me a little time to go through this and figure out what significance the runes carry, and how they might pertain to one another and ultimately, to the prophecy itself.”
You say to Dartain, “There was one more thing. Lord Everling had notes on another shape – one that he seemed to think might be quite significant, but that he had little information on. I am not sure what to make of it… perhaps it’s worth looking into?”
Dartain says to you, “Let me see that. Ah, this is Shissar writing. Hmm, yes, I think I’ve seen something like this before.”
You say to Dartain, “Is that so? Where?”
Dartain says to you, “When I was researching Mayong Mistmoore’s discoveries, there were a few sigils like this one that he had notes on, and was attempting to find if there was a particular significance to. Some of these were clearly just bits of the written language of the Shissar, but others were slightly different, more ornate, seemingly more important.”
You say to Dartain, “Did you research them?”
Dartain says to you, “Only far enough to discern that I couldn’t learn more about it. There didn’t seem to be anything to cross-reference with these, unlike the other sigils, which had many appearances in history. Whatever they are, they seemed to mean something only to the Shissar themselves.”
You say to Dartain, “Are they worth looking into, then?”
Dartain says to you, “Hmm… I believe so, yes. As long as I’m attempting to look into the information you’ve provided me thus far, it might be worth seeing if there’s something here to be discovered.”
You say to Dartain, “Very well, I am ready. Where should we start?”
Dartain says to you, “I think that the one who might have the most information on these sigils would be the one who discovered them in the first place – Mayong Mistmoore himself. He has had more time to be looking for the meaning to these symbols, and might have information that we can use. It’s with him that you should begin.”
You say to Al’Kabor, “The idea of rummaging through a vampire’s belongings isn’t terribly appealing, but I’ll see what I can find.”

Book of Oblivion

Thumbing through the books on the shelf, you notice that one in particular seems to have the very symbol you are looking for emblazoned on its cover.  Many of the pages have fallen to pieces, but a couple of passages seem to catch your eye.

… is not as I had thought.  I can feel my mind slipping away, but in the moments of clarity, I can see that I have been mistaken all along.  This rune, which I once believed to be my passage to the Ethernere, is representative of something far greater.  It seems to point to another event, although what that is eludes me, and I fear I may not have time to solve it’s mystery…

… Void… there is blackness there.  It is Void.  How can Nothingness exist?  It cannot, yet it does.  My lost daughters, I cannot come for you.  The Void is all that is here in this rune.  It is not a path to the Ethernere, it shows me only blackness.  The Void.  This is the Rune of Oblivion… Blackness…

The Sentinel

The Sentinel

The Sentinel was an airship originally built by the Erudin Erudites and used to haul large amounts of cargo overland. When the Void intruded into Odus, it was abandoned. The Paineel Erudites claimed the airship and re-worked it for their own purposes. It then became known as The Vigilant, as it watched over and protected the city.

On the Origins of Shadowed Men

This excerpt is from “The Lore of Fauna” by Professor Romiak Justathorn of the Academy of Arcane Sciences, Republic of Freeport. The date of this particular volume is unknown.

“On the Origins of Shadowed Men,” by Professor Romiak Justathorn — Being an excerpt of a longer piece, including only information as is relevant these mysterious beings’ origins. Much of this information is still hotly debated at the highest circles of academia. Afterword by Pearl Honeywine.

An Overview — The Shadowed Men are an intelligent planar humanoid of evil tendencies. They are secretly operating on a multitude of worlds. They hail from a planar realm called the Void. They exist in a partial phantasmal state. They appear invisible at first and when attacking appear out of nowhere. A weird portal opens and an eerie humanoid torso break through to attack. They use both magical weapons and spoken spells from their realm.

Their Origins — Shadowed Men are first recorded to have appeared on Norrath in the Age of Turmoil. Shadowed Men are beings of the Mana Flow that appear as near-invisible beings, wielding items usually visible indicating that they are not attempting to hide but rather are unable to fully materialize within our plane of existence.

Delusional trotters within the Freeport Infirmary have claimed to have journeyed to the Void and have returned with knowledge of the Shadowed Men?s existence within the Mana Flow, but in a corporeal state. These Shadowed Men appear as humanoids with shaded blurry features and four arms. There is little knowledge of the Shadowed Men, but of all I know I have come to some conclusions as to their nature.

Shadowed Men hail from the Mana Flow. They appear globally and use a black obsidian monolith as means of entering our plane. These Shadow Monoliths appear in any area with Shadow Man activity. When the Shadowed Man activity ceases, the monolith vanishes. In further discussion with those few patients in the Infirmary I have deduced that the Shadowed Men have a citadel within our realm, one neither here nor there.

Any entering this citadel will find no activity. Within this citadel is a means of entering a pocket of their plane of existence and turning the citadel inside out. Enter this pocket and all Shadowed Men and their true citadel shall appear before one?s very eyes.

Shadowed Men have knowledge of many skills and hail from many of the known classes. Known classes of the Shadowed Men include: Monk, Warrior, Priest and Dark Art Mages. They also have special spells relating to the Mana Flow.

One spell shall partially swallow up an area into the Mana Flow and thereby by making all things touched by it invisible. The items carried by these beings always dematerialize after a short time, sucked back to the dimension it is a part of.

The Shadowed Men on Norrath are here under the will of a greater power from their native plane. They serve this unknown power in a search for something of great value upon our realm.

Afterword — The information presented by the very eminent Professor Justathorn includes references to items that have not been proven to exist in modern Norrath. Also, the modern reader must keep in mind that Professor Justathorn lived in a different era, one during which research such as his was quite wide-spread and thus may include concepts which were in vogue at the time but are perhaps lacking somewhat in the factual department.

In any event, there is no denying that stories of the Shadowed Men persist, and so any monolith, such as the one in the Feerrott, should be approached with extreme care. Any information you may learn about Shadowed Men may be forwarded to me, Pearl Honeywine, for verification.