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The Words of the Avatar

by Brother Nusad, Clan Historian
In the days after the Sleeper had been awakened and departed from realms unknown, mortals strode within the planes of the gods themselves. Seeking some way to halt this unwanted meddling, the gods withdrew their influence from Norrath and would speak no more. Because the druid rings and wizard spires ceased to function, mortals were cut off from one another. A dark time fell upon the lands as the treat of another Rallosian Empire stirred within the depths of the Feerrott.

Yet there was still hope. The goddess Quellious called forth an Avatar of Tranquility, granting a mortal monk some vestige of her power to ensure that Norrath survived the anguish that was to come. The Avatar appeared to some of the mortals and prepared them to defend the human city of Freeport against the Rallosian menace.

Word of these events reached Sensei Bodiki, honored master of the Whistling Fists Clan. He told his monks to prepare for battle, for they would join in the great war that was to come. Not since the days of Zan Fi had the entire order left their monastery to engage in such a conflict. The monks obeyed their honored leader and prepared to set sail for Antonica.

But just as the monks were about to depart, the Avatar of Tranquility arrived upon the shores of Mara. He asked to speak to Sensei Bodiki in private, so the two honored monks retreated to the top floor of the Tower of the Four Winds. They talked for hours, while all the other monks waited to learn what message the Avatar had brought for them.

Finally Sensei Bodiki emerged from the tower, though he walked alone. He said that the Avatar wished fro their order to remain at the monastery. The sensei could not share the reason why the Whistling Fist Clan was not to engage in the battle; Sensei Bodiki would only say that is was vital that they safeguard the island of Mara. Their island, he said, had some other part to play in Norrath’s future. The monks knew their honorable master would not mislead them, so they obeyed.

Only Sensei Bodiki himself departed the island to fight alongside the Ashen Order in the Battle of Defiance. The Avatar blessed the sensei’s decision, although he warned him that this conflict would be fraught with danger. The brave sensei felt that his place was to join others monks in their defense of Norrath.

The battle was won but the price was terrible: Sensei Bodiki was struck down by the Avatar of War. In a gesture of great honor, the Avatar of Tranquility himself bore the body of this fallen hero back to the isle of Mara, where it was laid to rest within the Sepulcher of Zan Fi.

The Whistling Fist Clan next elected Brother Zadekil to the position of sensei. The honorable Sensei Zadekil governed the order though many prosperous years in which great songs were sung of the brave Sensei Bodiki.


The Tragic Tale of Brother Balatin

by Brother Nusad, Clan Historian
Of all the honored members of the Whistling Fists Clan, few tales are more heartbreaking than that of Brother Balatin. This great monk was beset by tragedy and treachery, and worst of all he blamed himself for the events that transpired.

Brother Balatin journeyed to the lands of Kunark during the Age of Turmoil, where he was observing the progress of the Swifttail Caste. He carried with him an artifact that was priceless to the Whistling Fists Clan: the ancient flute that the order’s founder, Zan Fi, had played as he mastered the ways of the bard. To be entrusted with carrying the flute of Zan Fi was a great honor that Brother Balatin took very seriously.

Two initiates of the Court of Pain, the Vistrei twins, showed a particular interest in the flute. They spoke to Brother Balatin at length, and the monk was impressed by the knowledge they showed regarding the history of his order. The twins told him that they had been exploring the abandoned Combine outpost in the Lost Valley and discovered some relics of Zan Fi. Brother Balatin was elated at the prospect of recovering more of the great master’s history, and asked that the Vistrei show him what they had found.

But the twins had deceived the honored monk. Upon arriving at the outpost, the Vistrei sprung a trap and ambushed Brother Balatin. Rendering their target unconscious, the iksar stole the flute of Zan Fi and fled the outpost.

Upon regaining consciousness, Brother Balatin was heartbroken. He blamed himself for being so foolish as to be lured into such deception. He swore an oath to all the gods that he would not rest until he had recovered the sacred flute.

The other monks of the Whistling Fists Clan did not blame Brother Balatin for what occurred. They bid him return to the monastery at Mara while they continued the search. The burden, he said, must be his alone. Though his fellow monks pleaded with him, he would not abandon his oath.

Brother Balatin stayed in Kunark for the rest of his days, but he never found the Vistrei again. Every lead he followed ended in disappointment. At long last the aged monk died, atop a monument where it was said that Zan Fi had practiced the Whistling Fists style he created. His last words were a plea to his master’s spirit to forgive him for his failure.

But even in death, Brother Balatin was true to his vow. His bones remained, though his tormented soul was trapped in madness. Other members of the Whistling Fists Clan carried on the search in hopes of finding the flute and finally bringing peace to Balatin’s soul.

Decades later, an aspiring initiate, whose name was lost in the mists of time, found that the sacred flute had been broken into two pieces which were held in the depths of Kunark. This honorable monk recovered the fragments and returned them to the remains of Brother Balatin, finding some way to soothe his maddened spirit and make it lucid again. Overjoyed at this discovery, Balatin blessed the monk with his own robe, hidden away and carefully preserved during his lifetime.

Before his spirit departed the mortal realm, Brother Balatin’s ghost spirited the fragments back to the monastery where the sacred flute could be restored. Balatin proved to be one of the most dedicated monks the Whistling Fists Clan had ever seen, for even in death he fulfilled his sacred promise.

(Author’s note: If any who read this know the name of the young monk who recovered the pieces of Zan Fi’s flute, please send word to me. It would be a great honor to write the story of this monk’s life and heroic deeds.)

The Founding of the Whistling Fists Clan

by Brother Nusad, Clan Historian

In the days when the Combine Empire ruled over much of Norrath, there arose a mighty warrior named Zan Fi. Little is known of his past, for despite all his talents, Zan Fi was extraorfinarily humble and spoke few words about his life. We know from his deeds, however, that he was a master of many forms of combat, perhaps more than any who had come before him. It is said that he was equally skilled with swords, bows, maces, halberds, staves, axes, and any other weapon one could name.

Zan Fi also had a natural affinity for magic, with a far greater understanding of its ways than most mortals could hope for. Of special interest to him was the way bards could weave magic into their songs. It is said that Zan Fi’s voice alone could cast a spell potent enought to stop an enemy in its tracks.

Yet Zan Fi was not satisfied with mastering the martial techniques of others. He began taking bits and pieces of other styles, assembling them over the years to form his own form of combat. It was a form of grace and elegance, of carfully applied force tempered with wisdon. He would eschew the reliance upon heavy armor, instead training his own body to withsand a degree of punishment taht would cause most beings to crumble. He Redused to rely upon most weapons, for he belived that anything crafted by mortals could not be relied upon. Instead, he trained his fists to be weapons, practicing until they were more durable and deadly than the strongest steel.

After all his training Zan Fi still felt there was something missing. After much meditation, he realized what would make his combat style complete. He applied bardic songs to his very fists, enchanting them with melodies of swiftness and power. Zan Fi called this his Whistling Fists style, and thouse who saw it in practice were filled with awe.

Though Zan Fi developed the Whistling Fists style of combat only for his personal use, word of it quickly spread and others began to come to him seeking training. The master was very selective as to whom he would train; would-be students had to prove worthy not only physically, but spirtually and mentally as well. With a select band of devoted followers, Zan Fi founded the Whistling Fists clan, which was first order of fighting monks on Norrath

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Creation of the Swifttails

Creation of the Swifttails——————————–
Master Zan Fi believed in his power and faith and made way to do battle with Cazic-Thule in his own plane. Dispatching his minions one by one he came to the Lord of Fear. He saw and threw insult and challenge to him. Zan Fi would fight Cazic-Thule alone. It was a fight that lasted for days, Cazic-Thule was weakened but Zan Fi would be defeated in the end. Cazic-Thule seeing this amazing skill in battle decided that it should be instilled into broodlings of his great race. He took the essence of Zan Fi and placed it into an Iksar. Tynn was the product of this creation. Cazic-Thule granted Tynn one great gift, the gift of the Whistling Fists. He did this to mock Zan Fi and his failure in battle. He was placed within the empire of Iksar and would have only one thing in mind, to train other Iksar the way of the monk to inflict the pain unto their foes.

Flayed Skin Tome

The fists shall be born again for you. Take with you the satchel covered with flayed skin. Fill it with four itemsof power. The original fists,which no longer have their power. The Flute of Zan Fi, given and taken from an undead brother. Also place in the satchel the remains of Grandmaster Tynn, bones forever strong, and finally the remains of Zan Fi, still resonating with power. Seek once again Lord Cazic Thule, return to him the two flayed tomes and satchel full, and the instruments of pain shall be bestowed unto you.

Flayed Skin Tome

Zan Fi believed in his power and made way to do battle with Cazic Thule in his own plane. Dispatching his minions one byone he came to the Lord of Fear. He saw and threw challenge to him. The battle lasted for days, Cazic Thule was weakened but Zan Fi would be defeated in the end. Cazic Thule seeing this amazing skill in battle decided that it should be instilled into the broodlings of his great race. He took the essence of Zan Fi and placed it into an Iksar, Tynn. Cazic Thule bestowed unto Tynn the gift of the Whistling Fists. He did this as a mockery of Zan Fi and his failure in battle. He was placed within the empire of Iksar with only one thing in mind, to train other Iksar theway of the monk to inflict a new breed of fear and pain unto their foes.

The Monastery of the Lost Circle

Tsaph Katta, Imperator of the Combine, knew of Zan Fi’s reputation and skill. After hearing how mighty the Whistling Fists Clan was becoming, the Imperator sought to compel Zan Fi to become a part of his army. Our wise master could see the corruption that flowed through the troubled empire, however, and declined to offer his support. Though Katta was infuriated by this refusal, he was beset on too many fronts to attempt to force Zan Fi into his service.

As the Combine Empire crumbled and some of its members left for the distant moon of Luclin, the wise Zan Fi knew that Norrath was facing a time of turmoil. He and his followers traveled the lands, setting an example of order and discipline that was sorely needed in the wake of the Combine Empire’s collapse. Wherever he went, Zan Fi seemed to inspire new followers.

Some merely sought to apply the master’s lessons to their daily lives, overcoming chaos in an uncertain world. Others attempted to emulate his ways by establishing new monk orders, linked in spirit to the Whistling Fists Clan. One such group was the Ashen Order, which was devoted to the path of Tranquility and the goddess Quellious. The Silent Fist Clan, which followed no specific deity, established itself within the walls of Qeynos. Even the iksar, who normally hated “softskin” outsiders, were in awe of Zan Fi’s talents and were inspired to found the Swifttail Caste. Though he was willing to act as a teacher for all these monks, he shared his Whistling Fists style only with his most trusted students.

Many of the nation states that arose after the fall of the Combine offered to make a home for the Whistling Fists Clan, but Zan Fi was wary of pledging his allegiance to any single kingdom. Knowledge and wisdom, he said, were not meant to be confined to a single nation or people. Instead, he set sail for a distant land where his followers could concentrate on their studies and practice their disciplines. It is said that Zan Fi was granted a vision of a serene island where he was to build a grand tower. He followed no map, but rather listened to a mysterious song that seemed to be guiding his journey.

When his ship caught sight of the tranquil shores of Mara, Zan Fi knew he had found the island in his vision. The monks established their monastery, centered around the Tower of the Four Winds.

Though centered on a remote island, the members of the Whistling Fists Clan were not isolationists. Zan Fi believed strongly that his order should keep a watchful eye on Norrath, though he insisted on subtlety and discretion. Whistling Fists monks traveled the world, safeguarding the people of Norrath and occasionally finding worthy students to join their ranks. Because the monks were careful to not draw attention to themselves, many Norrathians believed that the Whistling Fists Clan had disappeared entirely, which led to the order being referred to by many as “the Lost Circle.”