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Ollg’s Memoirs

I heard the sky crack. I felt the ground shake. I smelled the scent of charred metal. We all did. As I watched it streak across the sky, I knew what it was. We all did. Some rejoiced immediately, some stood in awe, some tried to run after it. I stared in disbelief. Whatever the reason, he did not belong here.
I tried to speak with the general. He will not listen. I’ve heard the talk about the Warlord coming to conquer Ethernere, but I can’t help but wonder why. He has his own war fields. He has his own perpetual battles to watch. Ethernere is not the domain of war, in spite of how many might come here as a result of it.

There is something wrong. The very air feels different. There is something terribly wrong, but no one sees it. I talked to some others, and they believe it to be the coming of war. They believe that Drinal is tightening up his forces to keep Rallos at bay. Yes we have not seen our Warlord. He has not emerged from the sea. I do not believe he is here to conquer.
The Horde sits just outside the shore, seemingly unable to cross onto the land. The others believe that they are too afraid, but I do not see fear in their movements. I see an impatient waiting. They are waiting for something, although I cannot say what that might be. It is clear, though, that if they had their way, they would be attacking Oggok.

I have thought about the Warlord’s arrival at length. I believe his coming here was not his choice. To admit this, however, is to admit something far graver – that the Warlord has fallen, and has fallen for good. Even thinking that defies everything I believe and have believed my entire life. But I must admit what I see with my own eyes. The Warlord has been defeated.
I have made enemies. No one wants to hear what I have to say. Every day they make more weapons, more banners. They are ready to march in the name of War. Why can’t they see, Ethernere already suffers. I can’t explain why or how, but I can feel it I believe that is why the Horde masses at the shores, why Ethernere seems to be at unease. They will not listen, and they will make matters worse.

They are coming for me. I don’t know what they are planning. But I will not flee. I will make a final attempt to make them see reason, but it will fail. I will stand before them, and try to fend off the inevitable. I fear that nothing can stop what has been set in motion. I pray I am wrong.

Memories of Misty Thicket

Many brave halflings fell defending Rivervale and the Misty Thicket from the Runnyeye goblins’ assaults during the Age of War. This is but one of their stories.
The old folks often spoke of the days when they could take a picnic to remote spots in the Misty Thicket, enjoying the fragrance of flowers filling the air, the hum of bixies and bees searching for nectar and dappled sunshine filtering through the trees. These good old days had long since disappeared into a rosy past, for ever since Gemma could remember no one went out on picnics. The Runnyeye goblins and other more nasty things hunted in their woods.

The Runnyeye goblins had always been a problem for the halflings of the Misty Thicket. There had always been dangers scattered through the Thicket (which made Gemma suspect some of the old folks’ tales of picnics there were falsehoods), but a long wall kept the goblins at bay. Lately however, the goblins had gotten bolder and assaulted the wall repeatedly, causing parts of it to almost crumble faster than the halflings could repair it.

Some of Rivervale’s residents talked of fleeing to one of the bigger cities. They were at nearly the halfway point between Freeport and Qeynos, so folks gathered in the taverns to debate the merits of moving to one or the other. Halflings loved a good debate, but they preferred their topics to be more esoteric such as whether it was colder today than it had been the prior day. They did not enjoy the thought of leaving their beloved homeland.

“We can still get in and out through Kithicor,” more than one person would say stubbornly. Still, unsettling news was trickling in from that quarter as well. A large army of ogres had risen in Oggok far to the south. To the northwest, orcs and goblins under the banner of the Hordes of Inferno were attacking barbarian villages and towns. It was harder and harder to be upbeat and cheerful when the news from outside was so dismal.

Gemma Pathfinder belonged to the Leatherfoot Brigade as her family had for generations. The unit to which she belonged was a part-time unit whose most distinguished moment in history occurred when a load of hogs bound for the market escaped their owner and Gemma’s unit was dispatched to round them up. Since that incident, they were nicknamed the Hog Dodgers, which while not very flattering had been good for a round of drinks before times got so dark.

The Hog Dodgers were now called up to full-time patrolling of the Misty Thicket’s southern border. When not actively patrolling, they helped rebuild and reinforce the ancient walls that separated them from the Runnyeye goblins. As the days passed it seemed that more and more of their time was spent repairing the wall. Gemma wondered how much longer they would need to keep up the pretense that a wall of stones, lathe and plaster could keep out invaders bent on their destruction.

Rivervale’s leaders were in a quandary. If they advocated leaving, they were accused of not having faith in their own army. If they said everyone should stay, they were considered to be unaware of what was going on in the world. When election time came, several halflings from different factions got into a fist fight that erupted into bloodshed and violence. In their own town, in Rivervale! The world was definitely not the same place the old folks remembered.

Gemma pondered these unhappy events. She’d never been particularly political but that halfling would turn on halfling in the city streets just went to show….what? That they were all violent beings after all? That they were scared? That they were angry? All of these things? She wheeled a load of rocks to the wall and felt discouraged by the futility. How could a wall keep out the world anyway?

“They’re coming through!” hollered one of the guards at the gate in the wall: “They’re co–!” Gemma dropped the handles of the wheelbarrow and unsheathed her short swords. She paused for a minute in confusion, looking first to the left then swinging quickly to her right. The shouts came from all around her now and she did not know which way to run. As with the elders facing election, her mind went both ways: run away and stay to fight.

“For Rivervale!” she cried, the side of her wanting to cleave the briskets of the goblins winning over the part that wanted to hide until it was over. She ran toward the direction from which the battle sounded the loudest and ground to a halt, staring in horror at the sight before her. Entire sections of the wall had been pushed over to either side of the gate and pouring through the wider opening were legions of goblins and orcs.

Commonlands Creature Catalog

Before the Rending, the continent of D’Lere was part of a very large continent that included the cities of Qeynos, Freeport, Halas, Rivervale, Highhold, Oggok and Gukta. Now its own region, D’Lere’s southern section is known as The Commonlands. This area was a major setting for the Battle of Defiance, during which the Overlord, Sir Lucan D’Lere, provided the necessary leadership for the men of Freeport to prevail over the Deathfist orcs.

The Commonlands is situated on the southern half of D’Lere, separated from Nektulos by Razorrock Ridge. While there are numerous nomadic camps in the plains, the region’s major city is Freeport. The Freewater Channel begins off The Commonlands’ eastern shore, while the Tranquil Sea borders it to the south and southwest.

Razorrock Ridge blocks the passage of cooling air from the north, which gives the air in The Commonlands a dry edge. During the day, temperatures rise rapidly; it is necessary to pack in as much water as possible, as the ponds in the region are frequented by territorial creatures. At night, the clear skies mean the temperature will fall quickly. Due to the relative lack of humidity, frost is not a concern during Decay and rains are not prevalent during Growth or Harvest.

The majority of the flora of The Commonlands is in the form of grasses, both long and short varieties. Trees are more plentiful around the water holes, which can seem like an oasis in a desert of golden grass. The sparse trees on the kopjes are usually from the acacia family, which go dormant during the long dry period after the last rains of Growth. Flowers are limited to cornflowers and strawblossoms, although featherheads are occasionally seen at the bottom of muddy pools.

Orcs have dominated The Commonlands for most of its history, although they were driven back during the Battle of Defiance. In recent times, however, they are again presenting a nuisance to travellers through the region. One will also encounter various scaled lizards and insects, such as basilisks and scorpions. Predators lurk near any source of water, particularly savanna lions.

Antonica Creature Catalog

Before the Rending, Antonica was the name of a very large continent that included the cities of Qeynos, Freeport, Halas, Rivervale, Highhold, Oggok and Gukta. Since the cataclysms that changed the lands, the name “Antonica” refers only to the western half of the continent of Karan. Its major city is Qeynos, which is located on Antonica’s western coast.
Antonica is the western half of the continent of Karan. It is surrounded by the ColdwindCoast on its north, west and southwestern edges. To the southeast, the PhantomMountains separate Antonica from the Thundering Steppes. Travel through the PhantomMountains is difficult. One can take advantage of Blind Man’s Pass which is under the protection of the Qeynos Guard, however the lands surrounding the Pass are inhospitable.

The climate of Antonica is temperate, with cool nights and comfortable days. The winds are generally from the west during the days, bringing sea breezes from across the ColdwindCoast. In the evenings, the wind flows from the east down the slopes of the Phantom Mountains. When the winds are reversed, the air is drier during the day but not uncomfortably so. Rains are generally mild during Growth and Harvest seasons. Overnight frosts are common during Decay, but melt away with the sunrise.

As the temperatures are so temperate, Antonica has a good season of Growth. The fertile lands contain scattered farms with pastures and fields. Trees are mainly deciduous oaks and maples in the valleys, while the hills are crowned by coniferous pines. Beneath the shade of the trees one can find flowers such as violets, Tunare’s breath and dwarf-bearded iris. At night, one might be fortunate enough to find the rare night blooming gnoll’s bane.

Gnolls are the most obvious creature throughout Antonica. Various clans stake out territories for themselves and attempt to establish themselves as the major player in the region. Non-sentient creatures scattered through the green hills include timber wolves, badgers, bears, and klicnik beetles. Bats are known to wander near old ruined structures or amongst the trees. The Coldwind Coast around Antonica abounds with sea life as well, including crabs, pikes and lurkers.

1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 289 AS

1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 289 AS
Second Edition

This is the journal of a very important Lieutenant in the Second Rallosian Empire.

Day 271, 289: The Rallosians will no longer take direction from a frightened old man. My General has chosen Dergud’s successor wisely – Me. His head will be atop my standard flag to let the soldiers know that weakness will not be tolerated. No one is too young to die. No one is too old.

Day 409, 289: The final lizardman village has been slaughtered. Their death squeals filled the trees. This raised the soldier’s morale to all time heights. I will not tolerate unhappy soliders under my command. Any soldier that is unhappy will have their midsection cut open and dragged at the end of the marching line.

Day 3, 290: The Feerrott is nearly ours. I have sent four platoons to find the last of those who remain within marsh. The General has ordered us to return to Oggok. We will celebrate the first of many victories.

Day 75, 290: We have tasted victory and it is sweeter than blood. Oggok is no more. What stands is now Rallos, the capital city of the Rallosian Empire. We are not stupid beasts that stomp across the land. We leave tomorrow to show the Frogloks that we are horrible beasts that will stomp across the skulls of all who are not Rallosian.

Day 77, 290: Rallos lies behind us by many leagues. The marsh is quiet. No sounds of birds chirping. No sounds of splashing in the pools. No sounds of frogs croaking. Soon, this will change. We will hear plenty of Frogs croaking. Soon.

Day 200, 290: Boredom is settling in. I cannot stand it. I have not killed an opponent in seven days. I am tiring of killing my soldiers. Their obedience makes them too easy. I will push them harder.

Day 272, 290: I have been left in command. The General has taken several platoons and leaves with the Avatar. I have been given explicit orders. My General knows they will be followed. Our course of direction changes slightly.

Day 441, 290: The troll dogs smelled them before we could hear them. Dergud had wasted a resource with his foolish pride. The trolls are worth their weight in gold. They eat a lot, but they will eat their own if they get too hungry. They are excellent hounds. And now, we have found more.

Day 24, 291: The Troll villages have been razed. Those that did not come willingly are being kept in the larders for the ones who did. They will be kept on leashes and placed at the front. These beasts will serve their purpose for as long we are within this dismal swamp.

Day 70, 290: The troops need to see action. They have already slaughtered one third of the trolls in their frustrations. This will not be tolerated. Were we not so close to Gukta, I would give the troops a lesson in obedience. I understand them, however. We will all feel much better once we are wading in the blood of the Frogloks instead of this brackish water.

1st Lieutenant Dergud, 279 AS

1st Lieutenant Dergud, 279 AS
Second Edition

This is the journal of a very important Lieutenant in the Second Rallosian Empire.

Day 100, 279 AS: The people are soft. I spent too much time training soldiers. I did not see the rest of the people need to be made into Rallosians, too. We will not live like beasts as our forefathers had. I will see to this, for I am the General’s Lieutenant.

Day 160, 279 AS: Oggok will no longer suffer incompetence. We will have a grand city as we deserve. This will require the hard work from everyone – man, woman, child. Those who will not shoulder the burden will suffer.

Day 24, 283 AS: Those that cannot fight will craft. Those that cannot craft will supply food. Those that cannot supply food will be fed to the trolls. Those the trolls will not eat will, I will gut open and remove from the city. I have moved many today. I will continue. Oggok has no room for the useless.

Day 298, 284 AS: The city is being built under the eye of the General and myself. He wants it done faster. I can make the people move faster. We will leave Oggok behind as a testament to our home. Soon enough we will destroy the lesser races and take Norrath. For now, we will build. Then we will destroy.

Day 473, 284 AS: The Avatar does not want the temple to Zek rebuilt. He says we must battle. I say we must show our greatness to the nothing races. The General agrees with the Avatar and he his stricken me across the face, taking my eye. He is my General, so he may take my eye if he wishes.

Day 41, 287 AS: The new houses have been built. The people have been moved into the homes according to station and rank. The Troll cages have been built as well. The lesser Lieutenants have not trained the Trolls well. They enjoy pain too much. It is a distraction for them. They will be put on leashes, for they are nothing but our dogs.

Day 375, 287 AS: The General has said it is time for the troops to be split among legions. I am to organize the thousand score troops and give them their mark. The General says they are to be marked in the name of Tallon and in the name of Vallon. I will see to their branding.

Day 440, 287 AS: They have been trained well. I killed only but seven of the thousand score for flinching in pain. A Rallosion will not flinch when branded with searing metal. The lesser races would call this cruelty. The Rallosian calls this their birthright.

Day 77, 289 AS: Battle plans have been laid. The Avatar of War demands to the General that we acquire more armies. I say to the General that the Second Rallosian Empire is enough. The Avatar of War speaks of another Avatar who commands the orcs. He says the orcs possess something the Rallosians do not. They possess tactics. I agree. We will take their tactics and use them.

Day 104, 289 AS: The General has rallied all five thousand score of the Rallosians. He says it is time to destroy the world. I agree.

Places of Norrath: Oggok

Overview of Oggok

In general, Oggok is a place most non-ogres pray they never see. Ogres are brutal, but have a strong sense of tradition – and a twisted sense of honor.

Located in the dense jungles of Feerott region and tucked into a cavernous, rocky area, Oggok appears to be, at first glance, a rather ordinary group of small, rough caves. Once inside, however, a maze of tunnels and caverns opens up.

The city of Oggok was built shortly before Murdunk’s tragic fall in Lake Rathetear and the defeat of Zek’s primal empire upon Norrath. The original founders of the city were not directly affected by the curse imposed upon Zek’s mortal creations. However, the first-born children of these settlers immediately showed signs of the horrible curse. Generations passed, and the last of the “pure” ogres faded out of memory.

The city’s original structures were soundly engineered and covered with intricate tribal carvings that paid tribute to their great heroes and legends. Unfortunately, the new, cursed ogres were incapable of the quality craftsmanship of their ancestors. As eras passed, the city of Oggok became transformed to resemble its new, brutish inhabitants. The grand archways, arenas, statues, stone-carved murals and pillars were replaced by stone slabs piled atop one another. Today, merely a few remnants of the Oggok of old can be seen by the keen-eyed visitor.

The modern city of Oggok is still quite bustling, housing many taverns, inns, a bank, and three guild houses. The city of Neriak is Oggok’s trade partner and is a source of prosperity despite the blatant economic advantage the Teir’Dal take of these dim-witted behemoths. Such exploitation goes on without notice by the ogres, which is fortunate indeed for the comparably frail Teir’Dal knights.

Oggok has a guildmaster for each class that is available to Ogres. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Guntrik – (Warrior)
Soonog – (Shadow Knight)
Baddi Waca – (Berserker)
Bordag – (Beastlord)
Zulort – (Shaman)

City Resources

Oggok provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear. You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, pottery, fletching, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Places of Interest

Greenblood Rock
The shrine known as Greenblood Rock is dedicated to the ogre’s divine creator, Rallos Zek. Built in splendor by the original ogres of Oggok, the temple has since been reduced to a simple rock on a raised dais, coated with blood. Still, the temple’s purpose has remained unchanged. The ogres kill any “weak” or unruly members of their tribe by tying them to the temple rock, then beating them to death with clubs. The temple is also used in ceremonial, gladiatorial battles, commemorating the anniversary of Murdunk’s first triumph over the people of Norrath.

The Shaman Guild
The Greenblood Shaman, also known as the Shaman of War, is the shaman guild. They are greatly feared by all other ogres and work closely with the Greenblood Knights. Shaman live and train in the cave system adjacent to the Rock. Zulort is the High Shaman of The Greenbloods. His son Torzox is his successor and a powerful Shaman in his own right.

Death’s Rain (also known as Clurg’s)
This popular tavern is run by Clurg, one of the most respected ogres in all of Oggok – second only to the high shaman of the Greenbloods. Clurg’s family has run the tavern for generations, keeping it a place of calm by enforcing a no-fight policy. Remarkably, all ogres respect the rules of the tavern – it’s how it has always been.

Legend has it that Murdunk himself visited the tavern, but his mug of fine ogre brew was spilled when a fight broke out. Aside from tipping his drink, the fight cost the life of the proprietor’s daughter who had been caught in the fray. Enraged, Murdunk dragged those responsible outside and pummeled them to death with his steel mug and fist. When finished, Murdunk decreed that no brawling was to occur in an establishment that he frequented (mind you, this was before the curse of Zek). Ever since, the tradition has been upheld in Death’s Rain, the only establishment in Oggok that Murdunk visited. Needless to say, anyone who breaks the tradition and starts trouble will be taken to the Rock and beaten to death for dishonoring Murdunk’s wishes.

Murdunk Palace
Although this is called a Palace it is little more than a large cave where the guild of Ogre shadow knights, the Greenblood Knights, train and live. It also guards the entrance to an inner cavern that most Ogres consider sacred. Anyone who is not a Greenblood Knight or Shaman who enters this place is attacked. The warriors of this Guild follow the traditions of the great Ogre hero Murdunk as well as worshipping Rallos Zek. Soonog is the current leader of the Greenbloods and leadership is changed through mortal combat.

Fortress Craknek
This cave houses the Craknek Warriors guild and its leader Guntrik. Guntrik is one of the strongest Ogres around and he holds a great resentment for Soonog, the head of the Greenblood Knights because they rejected him. Merchants here sell various weapons and other supplies for younger warriors.

The Welcome Mat
Here Angrog sells food and the other basic supplies for adventuring.

This is the shop of merchant Brokk Boxtripper. He sells various types of satchels and boxes.

Grop’s Guards
Grop is a merchant that sells different types of larger shields

Cikoona’s Hack, Bash, ‘n’ Jab
Merchant Cikoona sells various weapons and battle supplies.

Metil Armer
Inside this shop, merchants sell large chain and plate armor. Outside, a merchant sells large plate and shield molds and other smithing supplies. This shop also houses a forge and a Trade Skill Quest Master.

Lether Armer
Merchants here sell large leather and cloth armor.

The Humidor
Here you will find a shaman trainer and merchants selling alchemy items and blunt weapons.

The Ded End
Merchants Erung and Crunga can be found here selling food and general supplies. Bakers can also make use of the oven in this shop.

Oggok’s Keep
This is the bank of Oggok.


Pages from Brodders Diary VI

“Ogres- I’ve managed to befriend some of the ogres, by playing off the politics that run between the shaman cultures and their shadowknights. here I tried such things as ARMADILLO SIMMER ALE, and TAIL KICKER. As best I can remember the first is made with Armadillo fat, while the husk is made into a serving bowl, the fat is rendered and mixed with ogre swill, which clears it up considerably, mixed with vinegar, malt, and yeast. Surprisingly it was a passable beverage, with a surprising kick. Which leads me to think that an alchemist imprisoned here developed this drink to buy his freedom and to make living here while waiting for freedom bearable. The TAIL KICKER is made by boiling lizard tails in vinegar, adding malt, yeast and two flasks of water. The results are distilled into clay flasks, trust me one flask of this juice is enough to uncurl a Dwarf’s beard and untie his boots. I asked about the fabled Burning SKULL ALE, and was told that it was made for big ceremonies and required a sacrifice of not a few prisoners. Their skulls were cut open at the top and the brains removed and mixed with rare herbs and vinegar (what’s with ogres and vinegar?), and spices and short beer. It was set near a fire and ready when the skull’s began to burn with an internal flame. Alchemy or brewing I’m not sure, but I did steal a nicely carved Cyclops skull. My host wondered why no one made that drink anymore, my last words in Oggok were “”maybe it’s that brains are just in short supply in Oggok”” I left in a hurry before they figured that one out.”

Tome of Destiny – Chapter IV – Awakenings

Urduuk woke up feeling much the same way. More, perhaps. Definitely not less.

He rubbed his eyes and looked around, noticing that Karna was cooking breakfast. He shook his massive head. “How is it that we live like this?” he asked aloud.

“What?” she grunted back at him. “Live like what?”

“This place,” he said, rising to his feet, “it’s nothing more than a jumble of rocks with some crude rugs on the floor. Yet we’ve lived like this for years and never thought twice about it. Doesn’t that seem odd to you?”

Karna was baffled. “This place is our home. Oggok is as it has been all of our lives. I don’t understand this sudden… change in your thinking.”

“Dissatisfaction, you mean? Don’t you feel it, Karna? Don’t you feel something rising up within you? It’s as if a fog has slowly been receding and my mind understands things for the first time. We are a race of kings, Karna. Once we held all of Norrath in the palm of our hand. Yet for centuries our people have lived in a city that is nothing more than a shambling pile of stones and rotting vines. Doesn’t that seem ridiculous to you? Doesn’t that seem absurd?”

She bared her teeth and slowly shook her head. “My mind… it’s fuzzy, Urduuk. It scares me a little. I know of what you speak, but still… it’s like I’m trudging slowly through deep water. I want so much to move faster, but I simply cannot.”

He wrapped his huge arms around her and pulled her close to him. “I’m sorry, my love. I do not mean to upset you. But I can see it in myself and in the others. I can hear it in the way we speak. Something about us is changing, Karna. We are not what we once were.”

“I think you are right, Urduuk,” she said, almost vulnerably. She squeezed him because it made her feel better to do so.

He kissed her brow. “That’s enough nonsense out of me for now. What about that breakfast?”

“Pathetic,” he muttered angrily to himself. Then, to the old man, “Are you sure this is all of them?”

The silver-crested ogre slowly shook his head. “I have told you twice already that it is. We simply have not kept many written records of our history, young man. Those scrolls and tablets are all that our shamans have scribed over the centuries.”

“Ridiculous!” he hissed to himself as the old man sat down. “It’s as if our entire civilization has been in a stupor. Stories have been passed down from one generation to the next through the telling, but there is so little concrete information. And this shambles of a library is laughable. Even the cursed frogloks have better books than these.” Urduuk pushed the scrolls and tablets away and clenched his fist.

“What’s that, young one?” the old ogre asked. “Did you find the answers you seek?”

“Sadly, I think I have, old one.” Urduuk shook his head. “At least, the only answer there is to find.” He stood up and walked out of the library, his feet pounding angrily on the crumbled cobblestones of the street.

“Be careful how you speak to your chieftain, Urduuk. My word is law here in Oggok.”

Urduuk held his tongue a moment before speaking again. “I meant no offense, Chieftain Orrek. I simply feel there is a better approach.”

“My plan is sound. We will expand our farmlands and feed our bellies. We will strengthen our outposts in the Feerrott and ensure that our borders are safe. Oggok will grow and prosper under my hand.”

“We need to do more than survive! We are not a race of farmers, Orrek. We are a race of warriors and kings. Norrath knew our domination once, and it must know it again. But we will never see that glory if we till the soil like oafish farmhands.”

“Your tone offends me, Urduuk. Say another word and I’ll have you in chains before this assembly.”

“Assembly? Are you joking? Look around you,” he said, gesturing at the crowd in the square surrounding them. “The center of our city is nothing more than broken boulders and fetid ponds. How can this be enough for you?” He looked at the other citizens. “How can this be enough for any of you?” Many of the ogres murmured in agreement.

The chieftain sensed the dissent growing around him. “Enough! I lead this city, and I determine its course. This meeting is over.”

“It is not!” Urduuk growled. “It is time for us to show the courage to embrace our destiny.”

“Those are the words,” announced a deep, booming voice, “that I have waited for one of you to speak.”

Urduuk turned and gasped, as did the crowd. Out of nowhere a massive figure stood, twice as tall as any ogre, with a thick, imposing frame. It wore dark metallic armor that seemed to faintly glow with power, and a horned helm that hung just above its burning eyes. It was like an ogre but more than an ogre, a creature of power and terror and death.

Urduuk stood transfixed for a moment, then stammered a question almost in a whisper. “Lord… Lord Rallos?’

“No,” answered the voice, echoing throughout the square. “I am not your maker, but rather the one who has remained behind to carry out his will. I am the hand of Zek while he must be absent. And I am the one who will guide you to once again dominate all of Norrath.”

Urduuk looked over at the chieftain, who stood awed and terrified. Urduuk sneered at him and then turned back to the dark figure. “Avatar of War, emissary of our maker, we live and die at your command. Tell us what to do.”

A dark smile seemed to cross the being’s otherworldly face for a moment. “You will build. You will waste no time growing wheat or baking bread. You will take what you need from others and make this a city fit for kings. You will expand your knowledge and relearn the dark arts lost to you for so long. You will raise a new Rallosian Army that shall conquer the world and wipe out the children of the lesser gods once and for all. This is your destiny, son of Zek. Will you make it yours, or will you wander about the jungle with lizards and toads?”

Urduuk stepped forward and stood in front of the avatar. “We will seize our destiny. We will build a new city of Rallos that will be grander than any other on Norrath. One by one the lands of those who oppose us will be burned to the ground. On this you have my blood oath. We will not fail.”

The avatar reached to his side and drew a runed, flaming blade. He touched it to Urduuk’s shoulder and watched as the ogre refused to flinch. The avatar nodded. “You, Urduuk, will be my general. You will lead your people to their rightful destiny. By the touch of Soulfire I ordain this to be so.” He sheathed the blade and drew a second weapon from his belt. “This sword was blessed by Vallon Zek and forged in the fires of Drunder. The unholy blade Vel’Arek must drink the blood of the weak, and in turn it will make you strong. Use it to claim what is yours, Urduuk.”

Urduuk took hold of the massive weapon and felt its weight. It looked as if it would take two hands to wield it, but he could easily swing it with one. It had a long, dark blade with ancient words inscribed down the length of it. He looked up at the avatar a moment, then turned and walked to Chieftain Orrek. “Would you still have us be farmers, chieftain? Would you still have us be weak?”

“I… have devoted my life to the service of Zek,” he stammered nervously. “I will not fail him.”

“You are correct, chieftain, for your death shall serve him as well.” Urduuk thrust the blade forward suddenly and drove it through the chieftain’s chest, staring into the ogre’s eyes as he crumpled to the ground. Urduuk withdrew the blade and lifted it to the sky, watching as it seemed to drink in the blood of the fallen chieftain.

“This,” boomed the voice of the avatar, “is the force of will necessary to rule these lands. Even now my ally, the Avatar of Flame, is bringing this same message to the orc legions. Together the children of Zek will conquer this world and cleanse it of elves and men.”

“The word of Zek shall guide us, Avatar,” General Urduuk proclaimed. “We will build this city and your army. We will learn the dark magics and once again become the masters of this realm.”

The avatar watched as the ogres knelt before their ruler. Urduuk narrowed his eyes and looked to the east. “And when the time is right,” he said with disdain, “Gukta and the wretched frogloks will be the first to fall.”