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Velious Opportunities



My lord, In keeping with your request to find out more about Velious and the recent journeys being made there, I dispatched our spies to gather what information they could. We have had some success, and enclosed are transcripts of letters sent by a recent group of travelers to Velious.

While fragmentary and possibly filled with exaggerations, they do shed more light upon this mysterious land. Our spies are to be commended on the excellent performance of their tasks as that getting copies of these letters was by no means easy.


Mentor, I hope this reaches you before too much time has passed. In my last letter, I told you about securing passage on the gnomish vessel IceBreaker, which had recently begun making voyages from the Northern Desert of Ro to the frozen continent of Velious. Little did I know what was in store fore me.

The IceBreaker is not your typical vessel. Built like all things gnomish, it is more about function than form or comfort. I will not bore you with the details of my wretched journey across the Iceclad Ocean. I will also refrain from commenting on the nature of the gnomes who crewed the vessel. Gnomish pirates, indeed!

Having already made several voyages from Antonica, the gnomes established a beach camp and constructed a rudimentary dock. Beyond that, they lacked for almost any real creature comfort. They made a few short forays inland, but mostly, they stuck close to the landing area, trading with a relatively peaceful tribe of gnolls that inhabited the area.

Since my companions and I embarked on this journey for the sake of discovery and adventure, we immediately set forth to explore this frozen land. Venturing west from the landing, we came across a tremendous bridge spanning a huge chasm in the ice. Nothing built by the fabled Combine Empire can compare to this massive construction, seemingly fashioned from the bones of a great dragon!

Across this bridge, and away from the ocean proper, we ran into our first trouble. Giants! And not the giants you may be familiar with. These giants were different. We all know the story about how the giants and other creations of Rallos Zek were cursed by The Rathe for making war upon the gods themselves. That curse does not seem to apply to these creatures, though how they managed to escape divine wrath is still a mystery to me. In any event, they are much more intelligent and organized than their lesser brethren, whil every bit as fierce.

We lost two of our party to a small band of these creatures when first we set foot upon the eastern wastes of Velious, and those of us who survived were scattered. Finding myself alone, I was determined to continue my journey westward. Moving most carefully and using all that I learned in my many years of adventuring, I managed to avoid several more bands of giants as well as war bands of orcs. Eventually, I came in sight of a large keep, obviously built for giants. Not wanting to venture into what I felt would be a very dangerous place; I struck off in the opposite direction.

After several days of travel, I left the realm of the giants and orcs. Though, to my puzzlement, there seemed to be signs of some other inhabitants. Old campfires at first, then cleverly disguised structures built into hillsides, showing signs of recent habitation. Imagine my surprise when while investigating one of these structures, I was confronted by a group of odd pale dwarves! While wary around me, they were not hostile, and were able to converse with me in a colourful dialect of Common. They called themselves the Coldain and agreed to take me to their fortress city of Thurgadin.

Words can not describe this city built under an icy mountain, so I shall not attempt it. Suffice to say that these dwarves are every bit as industrious and hardy as their cousins in Kaladim. I was brought before their king, Dain Frostreaver IV. This mighty warrior welcomed me to his realm, and proceeded to query me for information about the world beyond Velious. In the process, I learned much about Velious itself. The Coldain take a very serious view of their heritage and from very early childhood learn a great deal about their history. It is their firm belief that they were chosen by Brell to inhabit Velious.

During the ancient days when the first city of the dwarves was under construction, dwarves were sent across the lands and sea to find precious reserves of stone, crystal, and ore for the project. Ships sailed in and out by the dozens bringing supplies for the great city. One fleet of such ships sailed across the South of Antonica to reach the island we know as Odus, where a quartz mine was to be set up in the name of the dwarves.

Led by the miner and explorer Colin Dain, the fleet carrying several hundred dwarves ran into one of the worst storms Prexus had ever unleashed. The storm raged on for days as most of the dwarves huddled together in the ships’ holds waiting for the seas to calm. When at last the storm passed, they found themselves utterly lost. Even the best of the captains and navigators had no clue as to where they were. The stars in the sky could not be relied upon for navigation, as none of them were recognizable to the dwarves.

Using typical dwarven logic, Colin Dain picked a direction to sail and decided that their only hope was to keep sailing in that direction until they spotted land. As the days and then weeks went by the only noticeable change was that the weather began to get cold. Some nights were so cold that dwarves froze to death on the deck, turned into a statue of ice by the cruel weather.

Only the determination of Colin Dain kept the dwarves’ hopes alive as he moved from ship to ship, assuring the dwarves that they would, “Hit land soon. If not tomorrow then the day after.” Eventually Colin’s words rang true as the dwarves did indeed spot a gigantic white landmass in the distance.

The landing proved to be as deadly as the voyage when icebergs both small and large tore the small fleet apart far from the land, and many dwarves met Death at the hands of the ocean. Less than a hundred made it onto an icy beach.

With no serviceable ships, Colin Dain wasted little time leading his people from the shoreline. He knew they would have to find shelter to keep from dying in the cold. He also knew they would need to find wood and other supplies so they could repair their ships and set off for fairer lands. So the quartz miners from the north settled in caves a few miles inland from where they landed. These caves were set into a giant mountain of ice and snow in the northern section of the Eastern Wastes.

There is an old saying that goes, “Dwarves are like time itself, neither can remain idle.” This certainly proved true for the new settlement. The miners quickly discovered that the hard packed ice lying beneath the snow of Velious was a durable and malleable as stone, and ideally suited for construction in this frozen land. They would later discover that the ice, known as Velium, had magical properties as well.

Through time the cave settlement became a town, and then a strong dwarven keep began to take shape within the mountain. Named Froststone for the ice out of which it was built, the dwarves knew that with the completion of this keep their stay on this strange new land was permanent. Unfortunately the peace of the dwarves was shattered when they encountered another race upon Velious, the frost giants.

It was with great surprise that the dwarves woke up one day to find their home under siege by an army of giants. The frost giants inhabited the Eastern Wastes and considered those lands their home. They did not take kindly to the puny children of Brell building a fortress along their border. After much battle, the dwarves realized they could not possibly hold out against their large foes.

In desperation, Colin Dain led them from their new home in the Great Divide to the only place they could go – deeper into the mountains. The frost giants pursued, so a small group of dwarves volunteered to stay behind to allow the others to escape. Colin Dain himself led the suicide ambush, buying his people enough time to escape the giants. From this time onward the dwarves would refer to themselves as the Coldain in honor of their beloved leader. Furthermore, the leader of their people would carry the title “Dain.”

While hiding out in the frigid caverns a Coldain miner by the name of Glight Snowchipper received a vision from Brell. The vision was of a labyrinth of ice where the dwarves could hide from the frost giants. In the narrow passageways, it was hoped that the giants would become lost and fall into the many traps the dwarves would construct. Glight presented his idea to Dain Frostreaver the son of Colin Dain, who began construction of the labyrinth. The Crystal Caverns were completed in a little under half a century. The speed of the project alone was proof to the Coldain that Glight had indeed been inspired by Brell. These caverns of Crystal would be the salvation of the Coldain race.

The true test of the caverns worth came nearly thirty years later, when by following a party of Coldain, the frost giants discovered the location of the Crystal Caverns. Slagd Frozentoe of the frost giants led the invasion force of warriors to the cavern, hoping to wipe the hated Coldain from Velious once and for all. Glight Snowchipper in the fashion of Colin Dain, led the defense, drawing the frost giants deep into the confusing caverns. His magical pickaxe, aptly named Snowchipper, felled many a giant’s as the dwarves struck repeatedly from hidden passages and around shadowy corridors.

Despire losing most of his force, Slaged and the remaining giants almost made it to the Coldain city in the center of the caverns when Glight pulled off his greatest and final trick. Thousands of tons of ice and stone crashed into Slagd and his remaining giants after Glight and a few of his brave miners led them down a false passage. Unfortunately it was an act of self-sacrifice as Glight and his fellows were also buried in the avalanche. The miners of Thurgadin still call themselves Snowchippers, in honor of Glight.

Over the next few centuries strange creatures began migrating into the Crystal Caverns. It was these foes and more which eventually caused the dwarves to abandon the caverns and set out to build a new fortress more akin to Frostkeep. I was cautioned to avoid the old caverns, as they still hold many dangers.

The Coldain retreated even deeper into the Great Divide. Led by Dain Frostreaver II, they founded the city of Thurgadin, or New Froststone.

Constructed on the northern edge of the Great Divide, Thurgadin lies within a glacial mountain rich with untouched supplies of velium and other ores. The outer region of the city is carved into the ancient glacial ice, while the inner region pierces the mountain rock where the precious ores are mined.

The Coldain are determined not to lose this home. Thurgadin is built in a very defensive manner, with passage through long tunnels lined with murder holes being necessary to get to the inner city. At the heart of the city lies Icewell Keep, where the Dain and his council of advisors reside and where he granted audience to me.

Surrounding the castle are the forges and shops that make up the mainstay of Coldain commerce. Mines burrow deeper into the mountains, some ending in cleverly hidden and easily collapsible escape hatches for easy access into the Great Divide. I have used my meagre cartography skills to fashion a map of Thurgadin, which I am sending you with this letter.

I have decided to reside in Thurgadin for a time, to better get to know my hosts, and to assist them in rejoining the community of beings of Antonica and Faydwer. I feel very secure here in this mountain stronghold, and I think there is much to accomplish.

As always, Solist Kinslan




Took the gnome ship, the trip was bad. Ship was too cramped, not built for a Halasman. What is, outside of Halas? Made it to Velious with a strong group of Southrons. Weather was fine, looks like a nice place, plenty to eat, and plenty to fight. Not enough to drink, stupid gnomes lost all the rum.

Went inland, saw a strange tower, steered clear of it, it reeked of sick magic. Found a large bridge. Would not want to defend it, too big. Crossed the bridge, good country there. Looks like an excellent place to live. Found Kromrif here too. Thought frost giants were all dead. They are not.

Party was ambushed by Kromrif war band, some died, and others ran. I fought. Clubbed till I went black. Woke up being carried into giant fortress. Saw banners of Lord Rallos, gave homage. Kromrif saw this, nodded.

Taken to true leaders of city. Kromzek. Storm giants are still alive, and still strong. Someone should hit Margyn McCann over the head, her lore is wrong.

The King of Kromzek, Tormax, asked me many questions. Found out Kromzek and Kromrif escaped the curse. Kromrif are warring with ice dwarves to the north. Kromzek are trying to expand west, fighting a savage forest claimed by Tunare. They also fight Dragons. Very bad blood between the Velious dragons and Kromzek. Tormax sits on the bones of a dragon queen his sire killed.

Tomorrow I go out with a war band of Kromzek and Kromrif, heading west through forest to a dragon shrine, to do battle there. May Zek give me strength.

I am giving this letter to a Kromrif who is going east, to hand to the gnomes. Tell the warriors of Halas that Rallos Zek is strong here. Many chances for battle and conquest. Bring your own beer.

Breen Everblood




When I get back to Qeynos, I’m going to knock a few of your teeth out. I’m still not sure how you convinced me to make this trip, though I’m thinking Crow’s Special Brew had something to do with it.

Leaving the new dock in North Ro, I took a launch that carried me out to the Iceclad Ocean. There I boarded IceBreaker, a so-called ship constructed by the gnomes. Several other people had booked passage for this voyage and were awaiting my arrival, including my comrades Tolan, Breen, and Solist.

It wasn’t a fun trip. The ship’s hammers were constantly clanking and banging, those blasted gnomes were making silly pirate noises, and it was cold. It nearly drove me crazy.

We finally made landing at a beachhead the gnomes constructed, but found little in the way of luxuries. The gnomes even managed to misplace the horrible rum that kept us warm during the voyage. And before you ask, I had nothing to do with that misplacement.

After looking around the landing, the group of us decided to head west, beyond the area the gnomes had explored. We passed quite a few interesting sights, and a tower I really wanted to inspect, but Solist and Breen both said to avoid it, so we continued on. After crossing a bridge that was so high it made even me dizzy, our luck ran out.

A group of well-organized giants took us by surprise. Decidingt discretion was called for, I managed to duck out of the battle when it was obvious we were losing. Several people, including Solist, managed to escape, while Breen went down fighting, buried under a pile of giants. After the dust settled, I saw the giants carrying Breen off to the southwest and decided to follow them.

After a few hours of sneaking along, I was startled by a voice behind me. Tolan! The clever ranger had escaped the giant ambush the same way I had, and was tracking the giants and me across the wastes. We continued to follow the giants, and eventually came to a great fortress city.

With luck and skill, the two of us managed to sneak inside the city. We tried to find Breen, but there was no way to know for sure where he had been taken. The chance of getting caught was high, since the place was crawling with giants. We eventually passed through the city itself, and found ourselves on the edge of a huge forest.

The giants were working hard to push the forest back, but according to Tolan, they weren’t doing well. He said he felt great power in the woods, stronger even than the heart of Faydark. I didn’t question his statement; I could feel the life here myself.

At Tolan’s urging we left the giant city behind and traveled on through the forest. Tolan grew more and more excited, saying he felt we were nearing something amazing.

Tolan’s woods lore gave us no warning when a grou of strange flying creatjures suddenly appeared. Finding ourselves quickly captured, we were trussed, blindfolded, and gagged. We were carried to the heart of the forest where a gathering of beings awaited us. They would not speak to me. But they jabbered with Tolan for a long while in a strange language.

Again I was blindfolded and carried through the forest. After some time I was put down and my bonds cut. I was at the edge of a clearing, facing the giant city. Tolan was there, unbound and smiling. He told me I should make my way back to the Iceclad Ocean. I wasn’t welcome in this land, and to go any further west would be a bad idea. Dragons would kill me if I entered the shrine they had built on the other side of the forest. That is if I made it that far, since there was always the chance that the forest creatures would decide to have me for lunch.

When I asked Tolan what he was going to do, he said he would be staying there for a time as a guest. He was a grown man; I assume he knew his own business. Not wanting to overstay my welcome, I took Tolan’s advice and said goodbye. I went back through the giant city (still no sign of Breen), across the wastes, and eventually, back to the shores of the Iceclad Ocean, where I sit now.

I’m going to head back out again soon to look for Breen, Solist and the others. I wouldn’t feel right abandoning them at this point, and besides, it could turn out to be profitable.

Regards, Mrylohar


As you can tell by reading the transcripts, there is much more to Velious than we first imagined. The war among the dwarves, giants and dragons, suggests great opportunity for us, if we choose our allies carefully.

If you have any further questions, you need only ask, and I shall endeavor to find answers for you.

Your humble vassal,

Ryoz K`Tarn Master Coercer

EQ2 Trivia Q&A


What is Queen Antonia Bayles true name?

What title does Lucan DLere demand his subjects use when they refer to him?
The Overlord

What is the name of the ranger that Antonia Bayle relies upon as one of her most reliable agents?
Baden Cauldthorne

This human male is the Leader of the Mage Guild in Qeynos.
Bellengere the Three

What is the name of the band of merchants that Duke Jaestin Ferrin leads?
The Far Seas Trading Company

Who is known as The Heartwood Matron?
Tealla Woodspire

Freeport citizens know Opal Darkbriar by what title?
The Foci

Who died ringing the bells to warn Qeynos to close the city gates during a surprise invasion?
Vhalen the Bard of Ages

This Kerran has served as a guard and advisor to Antonia Bayle for years. What is his name?
Murrar Shar

What is the name of the Human female that is the Shepard of the Celestial Watch, unified church of
the Kingdom of Qeynos that also holds a position within the Circle of Five?
Seeress Ealaynya Ithis

What is the name of the card game that General Golias Sydwen has a passion for?

Who was the first explorer to rediscover most of the areas many thought lost in the Shattered Lands?
Hasten Bootstrutter

Who was appointed as the liaison and acting leader within the city of Freeport by Bloodbeak, the true ruler of the Seafury Buccaneers?

What winged assassins are responsible for the death of Lady Vox?
The drakota

What is the name of the female Dark Elf often seen standing at the right hand of Lucan DLere when he appears before his subjects?
Tayil NVelex

Places of Norrath: Rivervale

Overview of Rivervale

Nestled in the mountains bordering the Misty Thicket , the village of Rivervale is a well-protected haven for hundreds of peaceful, if mischievous, halflings of Norrath. The village is defended both by the tall neighboring mountains and the Great Wall of Serillis.

These happy-go-lucky little halflings follow the teachings of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane. Nearly all are loyal to Beek Guinders, the High Priest of Mischief, and he acts as their spokesperson in all external affairs. His clerics maintain a small church known as the Chapel of Mischief where they administer to the needs of the citizenry.

A small farm on the outskirts of town provides most of the food for Rivervale. The farm is worked by Will, a hearty middle-aged halfling.

Crime is not a problem within the village limits as halfling thieves rarely rob their own kind. On the other hand, travelers are cautioned to be kind and polite to all hafllings for nobody holds a grudge as firmly as they. Rivervale is nestled in the Misty Thicket and rarely, but occasionally, is attacked by orc and goblin raiders.

Mayor Gubbin

The leader of the community, and a former rogue adventurer, Gubbin is the richest halfling that ever lived. He has traveled with Antonius Bayle III and it is said that while on one of those expeditions that he acquired a gigantic treasure hoard from the fairiefolke. This treasure enabled him to become mayor. Gubbin discovered his fortune when he was traveling in Lesser Faydark’s fairie realms. Whether it was a bottomless pot of gold or a chicken that lays golden eggs has yet to be told. He did find something that has made him the wealthiest man in Rivervale, though, and a wanted man by some fairiefolke who were the original owners of the treasure. He used his wealth to boost his popularity among his fellows in Rivervale, spending much of his new resources to bolster Rivervale’s economy and increase its trade with other empires. He rode this popularity all the way to the mayoral-ship.

Rivervale has a guildmaster for each class that is available to halflings. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Beek Guinders – (Cleric)
Hibbs Rootenpaw – (Druid)
Kaya Cloudfoot – (Paladin)
Megosh Thistlethorn – (Ranger)
Lendel Deepockets – (Rogue)
Sheriff Roglio Bruth – (Warrior)

City Resources
Rivervale provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear. You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for baking, pottery, fletching, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Places of Interest

Fool’s Gold
This little pub also serves as a makeshift casino and there is always a card game or two going on inside its straw and mud walls. A central hearth heats the place and a half dozen round tables orbit the fire. The owner/operator of the pub is a halfling named Lendel Deeppockets, the Guildmaster of rogues in Rivervale. He conducts meetings in a back room of the Pub.

Guardian Stronghold
The Guardian Stronghold is the biggest and brightest building in Rivervale. It serves as the Town Hall and houses the stouthearted warriors’ guild, the Guardians of the Vale. Their leader is a very experienced halfling warrior named Sheriff Roglio Bruth.

Will Tagglefoot’s Farmstead
This small farm on the outskirts of town is the provider of most of the food in Rivervale. Will is a hearty middle-aged halfling. He and his wife, along with their two children, Will Jr. and Hobb, grow and maintain crops ranging from beets to carrots to corn to some rare herbs and spices. There is also a small booth near his farm where he sells the fruits of his labor.

Kevlin’s Gear
This small hut is the home and place of business for a halfling named Kevlin Diggs. Most standard adventuring gear including basic armor and clothing can be purchase here. When entering this shop, keep clear of Mangler, Kevlin’s loyal companion.

Mangler is a black guard dog in the back room and has been known to attack random, sometimes innocent, bystanders without provocation. Any overt action taken to defend oneself from the terrorizing beast may be met with harsh penalties from deputies of the city.

Chapel of Mischief
The halfling clerics of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane maintain this small church. They all wear deep indigo leathers and a black hooded cloaks. The clerics care for all halflings and are also protective of rogues and bards, but not assassins. The High Priestess of Mischief is an older halfling named Beek Guinders. The chapel itself is one of the sturdiest structures in the village. It is made out of wood and stone.

Rantho’s Weaponry
This small shop within the Guardian Stronghold is run by Rantho Goobler, a small halfling who is a weaponsmith with a specialization in short blades. His brother Donlo Goobler works across from him as the town Banker.

Bobick’s Boats
Fiddy Bobick run the docks of Rivervale and lives in this little shack on the shore of the Serpent. Fiddy is a crusty old halfling who has seen more than his share of battles. He is friendly and talkative.

Wearyfoot Rest
Doog Wearyfoot is the owner/operator of this small inn. It is little more than a common room that sleeps 20-30 adventurers. There are also 5-6 private rooms available for a bit more gold. Doog also keeps a secret vault deep beneath his private room where he allows his guest to store valuables.

Huts and Hovels
Jerr Westlo, a halfling who has retired from a life of adventure, is now the primary real estate salesman in Rivervale. There are several small huts and holes for sale and rent within the village.


Places of Norrath: Paineel

Overview of Paineel

Paineel is the city of the Cazicites, the powerful necromancers who once lived among the High Men of Erudin but were outcast due to their unfailing interest in the dark arts. Referred to as “Heretics” by the Erudites the Cazicites relocated to one of the most powerful and naturally magical areas in all of Norrath.

Buried deep into the sides of The Hole, the dark city of Paineel is seldom visited by outsiders. Most die on the journey down before ever seeing the black spires of the stone that marks the entrance to the city; either from being attacked due to mistrust or from the fall into the pit known as The Hole due to not watching their step. Strangers are never welcomed unless they have something desirable to offer. Regardless of the nature of the visit, a sacrifice of blood is required to gain entry.

The city of Paineel offers a sloping, grassy yard where pupils may hone the first of their fledgling skills. Undead guardsmen stand watch at the outer gates, insuring that those in duress can flee back to the city without their would-be killers following them.

Those who graduate from the slopes and ready for a stiffer challenge may enter the caverns of the warrens which lay wedged into the rocky cliffs that encase the yard.

Background Lore
The Erudites had a problem. Some of their people were beginning to practice the dark, corrupt art of Necromancy. The Erudites labeled these misguided mages as Heretics and drove them forth from the city of Erudin.

In the ensuing battle magic clashed at a titanic level. At the climax of the battle the earth itself was ripped asunder blasting a series of craters deep into the wounded earth. The greatest of these was called The Hole.

Both sides were dismayed and frightened by the devastation they had unleashed. Separated by the crater and weary beyond belief both sides retired from the field. The Erudites returned to their home and the Heretics retreated into the caverns uncovered during the creation of The Hole. The Heretics, decimated in the battle, practiced the ways of secrecy and slowly faded from the memory of the Erudites.

They may have been forgotten, but the Heretics were not inactive. Deep in The Hole they built the hidden city of Paineel.

For many years they practiced their dark art, perfecting their mastery. They explored the underground passages of The Hole. It was during these explorations that they came across the Vault of Living Stone. This artifact was created by Brell Serilis to seal the passageway he had opened from the Plane of Underfoot to Norrath. It was through this passageway that he had brought his creations to Norrath. Once he had finished his seeding he had put the Vault of Living Stone in place. The Vault was a magical construct which would perpetually repair itself and keep Norrath safe from the more vicious denizens of the Plane of Underfoot.

Once they had found the Vault the Heretics began to experiment with ways to harness its power. Inevitably they made a mistake and the Vault was damaged. It began to decline and creatures from the Plane of Underfoot began to pass through to Norrath. At first the incursions were minor, but eventually they became overwhelming. A great force of earth elementals lead by the Earthen Lord Yael swarmed through the vault and attacked hidden Paineel.

The Heretics were outmatched. As their city was besieged, the majority of citizens retreated to the surface pulling down the passageway behind them. A small group, lead by Dartain of the Dark Truth, had chosen to remain behind and attempt to repair the vault. These heroes managed to create The Hatch. This device when attached to the Vault would repair the damage the Heretics had caused and keep the passageway to the Plane of Underfoot closed.

So the band set out into the depths of The Hole. Relying on their magical prowess the group made its way stealthily to the Vault.

While placing the Hatch the band was beset by the forces of Yael. Those on the Norrathian side of the passageway quickly fell. Only Dartain survived the attack by fleeing into the Underfoot. Yael and his minions could not remove the Hatch, but there was one connection yet to be made.

Dartain hid until all was clear then returned to make the final connection. He was lucky in that the connection could be made from the Underfoot side of the passage. Yael’s forces not fearing attack from their home guarded the Norrathian side. Dartain’s luck was at an end. While he could finish the installation, he could not go back to Norrath to perform the final ritual. It was from the Plane of Underfoot that he cast his incantations and in doing so he trapped himself in that place. Nothing more is known of Dartain’s fate.

Yael’s forces, not truly interested in things above the ground, settled into the ruins of Paineel and the surrounding areas of The Hole. To this day they vigorously protect their new kingdom.

The surviving Heretics caught between Yael below and Erudin above searched the upper reaches of the Hole. Finding a suitably hidden location they built a new home. This they named Paineel in memory of what was lost. Old Paineel, now a place of violent, elemental rage they were shunned but never forgot. The odd adventuresome Seeker of the Dark Truth, as the Heretics refer to themselves, will still make an occasional foray into the depths seeking to find some bit of old knowledge that lies hidden in Old Paineel.

Paineel has a guild master for each class that is available to Erudite followers of Cazic-Thule. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Sern Adolia – (Cleric)
Coriante Verisue – (Necromancer)
Mandaril Dark Knife – (Shadow Knight)
City Resources
Paineel provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear.

You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, brewing jewelcrafting, pottery, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Paineel connects to Toxxulia Forest, the Warrens, and there are two entrances to The Hole although one brings instant death.

Places of Interest
Paineel hosts a number of different buildings including several shops, taverns and guildhalls.

Hidden Lift
To protect themselves the Seekers have constructed a hidden lift that is the only access point to Paineel. Guards are stationed only on the hidden side of the lift to further conceal its location. In order to operate the lift each Seeker possesses a glowing key. If the key is lost a Seeker may ask one of the guards at the guardhouse for a replacement.

This is the only evidence that Paineel is located in the environs of The Hole. Its only purpose is to protect the young Seekers as they strive to increase their martial skills.

The Grand Staircase
Upon descending the Hidden Lift the first sight to greet a Seeker is the Grand Staircase. This area is often visited by the citizens of Paineel and is home to an ever-changing bazaar. Many goods and services not found elsewhere in the city can be found here.

Dartain’s Park
The columns and pool at the foot of the Grand Staircase honor the memory of the hero Dartain. Many of the notables of Paineel can be found here contemplating the Dark Truth.

The Fell Blade
The Fell Blade is the name of both the Paineel militia and the Shadowknights who follow the teachings of Cazic-Thule. The leader of the Fell Blade, Mandaril Dark Knife, can usually be found in the main hall of the Fell Blade, but sometimes he will be at the Tabernacle of Terror conferring with the leadership of the Harbingers of Fear.

The great smith, Faratain, has his shop within the confines of the militia house. Faratain and his brother Darton, descended from Dartain, often work in concert to create weapons of great power. Darton is a necromancer, member of the Seekers of the Dark Truth, and he uses his art to imbue power in the weapons and heavy armor created by Faratain. Faratain also offers various smithing supplies and the use of a Erudite forge and a regular forge.

Good Iva’s Tasty Treats
This bakery is the place to find all the goodies you will ever need. Iva Tersala, the proprietor, is a fine good-hearted lass. She pretends to be a follower of the Dark Truth, but in her heart she is a follower of Tunare. Iva has contacts throughout Norrath and feeds information on the doings of the Heretics to them.

Sinfully Handsome
Pardas Nalue, the owner, advertises that “You can get everything you need to be as handsome as Pardas Nalue except his devastating good looks at Sinfully Handsome.” Obviously he is quite enchanted with himself. He offers cloth armor and various tailoring supplies in his shop.

Pardas is not totally without merit, he does keep in close contact with Mordant Tather, the proprietor of the Silk Underground in Neriak. The valuable information he has about the Teir’Dal is the only reason most people in Paineel put up with his giant-sized ego.

The Final Reckoning
“Can’t take it with you? Then leave it here.” Never worry about your valuables if they are in the hands of Marsa Folor and her capable staff at this bank in Paineel.

False Idols
Once a sister of the Harbingers of Fear, Taria Clayspinner now offers up a selection of statues and symbols depicting all the gods of Norrath. No one knows the true reason behind Taria’s departure from service to Cazic, but rumor has it that a sordid affair with Prenton Nael, the leader of the Harbingers, is what caused her disillusionment with the faith. Visit this shop to purchase pottery supplies and to make use of the kiln.

Shackled Spirits
Taralani Rahnta, a retired necromancer, had too much power and nothing to do with it so he opened Shackled Spirits, a tavern. The unique thing about this establishment is that Taralani is the only employee, well living employee that is. Using his necromantic powers, Taralani has enslaved the souls of several Erudite men and women. These poor souls now tirelessly toil to fulfill the needs of Taralani and his guests. A brew barrel can be found inside this tavern and merchants here offer a variety of ales, wine, and other types of alcohol.

The Abattoir
Screams and shrieks are the only greeting that most people will receive as they enter the grounds of the Abattoir, the home of the Seekers of the Dark Truth. The loud noises are an unavoidable by-product of the research conducted therein.

The Seekers are a guild of necromancers who dedicate themselves to the pursuit of what lies behind the veil of death, that Dark Truth which they have glimpsed but not yet fully comprehended. While all citizens of Paineel describe themselves Seekers of the Dark Truth, only official members are fully vested with the knowledge and power of the guild.

Coriante Verisue: The Speaker of the Dark Truth, leader of the Seekers, is Coriante Verisue. She is the first woman to assume the mantle of the Speaker. Plotting for power is the name of the game in the Abattoir and Coriante is a master of that art in addition to her unrivalled necromantic powers. Coriante can often be found in the Hall of the Speaker sharing her insights into the Dark Truth with the younger initiates. If not in the hall, she might be in the ritual chamber delving deep beyond the veil.

Darton: A descendent of Dartain, Darton is Coriante’s chief rival and chief researcher of the guild. So far, Coriante has deflected all of Darton’s plots, but he is nothing if not persistent. Darton is usually found in the laboratory or ritual chamber.

Superior Supplies
This shop offers all the basic needs of the bold and arrogant adventurer. Geomar and Rallia Hapera have long helped prepare those daring Seekers who were planning a trip to Old Paineel.

The Poisoned Petal
Yvonne Ani, mistress of the green thumb, offers ervery plant or herb to anyone. She is beloved by the Seekers of the Dark Truth as many of her potions and herbs have enabled them to prolong the length of their experiments. Merchants here offer alchemy supplies.

Fortune’s Fancy
Dannis Faleet is the only jeweler in Paineel. This is the only reason that he is alive today. A myriad of accusations have been made against him by his customers, i.e. gems have been replaced with glass, coins given as change in his shop seem to be both thinner and lighter than other coins, etc. However, each time a charge is brought against him there is never enough evidence and the authorities have been extremely lenient. The Seekers need his wares, the Harbingers need his wares, and Darkglow palace needs his wares.

Athenaeum Necromantia
The importance of research into the Dark Truth would lead one to believe that a library specializing in necromantic knowledge would be of major importance in Paineel. To the contrary, necromancy is only a by-product of the knowledge of the Dark Truth. To the Seekers it is the Dark Truth that is important, not necromantic powers.

Despite a lack of respect from the Seekers, Talloth Vara, the chief librarian, is a dedicated supporter of Coriante. Books and scrolls line most of the walls in the library, but the truly remarkable works are in the personal care of Talloth.

Darkglow Palace
The Erudites would refer to this building as the heart of evil, but to the Seekers the palace is home of the Hand which Shields. Paineel has long been ruled by the triumvirate of Palace, the Seekers, and the Harbingers. It is the duty of Overlord Virate Manaar to protect the Seekers from harm so that they may work undisturbed.

The Tabernacle of Terror
Cazic-Thule has long played a part in the society of the Seekers. It is through the fear of their dying experiments that the majority of the knowledge of the Dark Truth has been uncovered. For this reason is Cazic-Thule revered above all gods.

The Tabernacle houses the Harbingers of Fear, the priests of Paineel. The leader of the Harbingers is Sern Adolia. He has ruled the Harbingers for many, many years. Members of the Harbingers only approach Sern if they have to, otherwise their fear keeps them at bay. The Fell Blade guild is subservient to the Harbingers of Fear.

Ruined Pavilions
Before the fall of Old Paineel these pavilions were used in rituals which required the stars, moon, or sun. Now they are nothing but ruins that mark the entrance to the underground areas of The Hole.


Places of Norrath: Qeynos

Overview of Qeynos

The free city of Qeynos controls most of the plains to the west of the Serpent’s Spine Mountains. The city is ruled by the firm yet just hand of Antonius Bayle IV. Qeynos represents the pinnacle of human achievement and is a haven from the fierce wilderness of Norrath. Bayle is a well-liked and respected leader, but the seeds of corruption are being sown by the Circle of the Unseen Hand and their allies in the city guard.

Qeynos is set atop small cliffs that run along the coastline to the west. Due to their composition of eroding sandstone and rock, climbing them is virtually impossible. The cliffs act as a natural barrier, making Qeynos impenetrable to attacks from the west or from the ocean. At a low point in the cliffs, the people of Qeynos have built a treat pier, protected in a harbor naturally formed form the stone and a bend of in the coastline.

The ocean is a deep, dark blue. The waters are usually fairly calm, although waves crash roughly against the cliff base. Many ships safely come and go daily from Qeynos’ harbor. These include naval, fishing, trading, and transport vessels from Erudin. Adventurers and tradesmen will often been see at the docks, awaiting one of the two vessels that travel between the two coastal cities through the oceanic pass known as Erud’s Crossing.

Northern Qeynos
Northern Qeynos is, in fact, the original City of Qeynos. During an invasion of the city a surprise night attack that started a war many years ago, the southern and eastern walls took heavy damage. Some of the buildings in these areas were destroyed but the militia and able-bodied citizen fought the invasion and saved much of the city including the palace. Later, instead of fixing the old castle wall, it was decided to expand the city of Qeynos by building a new one further out.

Most of the buildings in Northern Qeynos are very old looking, but a few have been remodeled or rebuilt. Made mostly of gray stone blocks and brown bricks, the houses and shops in this area are now showing their age. The paint is worn away and dark vertical trails have formed from rain water erosion. These buildings are sturdy and have been around for ages, but were obviously built for function over style during Qeynos’ early years when the kingdom was small and poor. From the towers and some of the outer walls of the city hang cloth flags and banners, displaying the colors and insignia of the kingdom of Qeynos.

A local tribe of gnolls, the Darkpaw has become a stubborn and enduring threat to Northern Qeynos, striking terror in the civilian population due to their constant raiding. While the city guardsmen have valiantly fended off the assaults, the have failed to stop them outright. At their wits end, the frustrated citizens have taken to offering adventurers a bounty in return for the delivery of gnoll teeth an fangs

Southern Qeynos
Southern Qeynos holds in it the main docks for passage between Antonica and Odus. This is a bustling area full of people transporting their wares between the two continents. Also on the ships logs are adventurers seeking new wealth and new fame that can be found in the different lands.

The Southern District of Qeynos also houses the bank that is heavily guarded by barbarian warriors. Near the bank lies the Ground of Fate. This is an area where combatants can prove their skill in combat with one another. The ringing sounds of sword melee can often be heard throughout the entire city.

Many guildhalls lie in South Qeynos where they can train young students interested in their art. Though Qeynos is a grand city, beggars and rats can often be found in dark corners.

Qeynos Catacombs, the Qeynos Aqueduct System
Located in the sewers below the human city of Qeynos, the Qeynos Catacombs is a large system of aqueducts. At first glance the sewers seem to be a normal rat infested dungeon with a variety of colorful graffiti written on the walls. But there is a dark secret hidden in the catacombs. Minions of the dark god Bertoxxulous, the Plague Bringer, have set up a secret shrine and base of operations within the catacombs. Entrance into the catacombs can found in the northern and southern sections of Qeynos; some hidden and some not so hidden.

Minions of Bertoxxulous roam the hidden passages; all not allied with his minions should avoid the secret tunnels. The rest of the catacombs are fairly safe for most adventurers.

The Lineage of Antonius Bayle
After the fall of the Combine Empire, the majority of humankind spread out and occupied the center of what was then called Tunaria. These humans lived in small villages upon the fertile plains of Karana. Over time the villages prospered and grew into small towns. Two of these towns were so successful as to grow into full-fledged cities. On the eastern coast, Freeport grew as a dangerous and bustling port of call frequented by those braving the journey across the Ocean of Tears. To the west, the city of Qeynos grew under the noble rule of law under a man named Antonius Bayle.

Humanity continued to prosper and grew strong. Much to the disdain of the elder races, the humans chose to rename the continent after one of their own, rather than a god. From that point forth, the continent was known as Antonica, in honor of all Antonius had done for the people of the races who lived there.

Antonius I was successful in incorporating the lawful city of Qeynos. He was given the role of ruler around the age of 25. For his success in bringing together the humans of the Plains of Karana and for founding the city of Qeynos, he was named “The Great Unifier.”

Antonius Bayle II became ruler of Qeynos when he was around 36 years of age. He led the movement to rename the continent of Tunaria to Antonica, ostensibly after his father. Of course, there were those who noted that he also shared the name of his father. During the period of his reign, the heretic Erudite necromancers revolted and left Erudin. Shortly thereafter, the disaster which formed The Hole occurred. Thus began what is known as the “Age of Turmoil.” Antonius II became known as “The Great Defender.”

Antonius Bayle III grew up during the beginning of this Age of Turmoil. During his childhood, he witnessed the construction of the heretic city of Paineel and saw Sir Lucan take control of the city of Freeport. When he came to power at the age of 26, he did his best to remain neutral and, as such, was named “The Great Diplomat.” Antonius Bayle III, for reasons unknown, chose to break tradition and name his first son Kyle rather than Antonius. In an attempt to establish a new seat of power in Antonica and extend his lands southward, Antonius III charged his eldest son Kyle with the expansion. Kyle left with a cadre of men to find a suitable location and to begin building.

A great deal of time passed without hearing any word or report of progress on this project. Antonius Bayle III sent a series of scouts to investigate but none ever returned. Kyle, his men and those sent to investigate were never heard from again. Roughly 25 years after the mysterious disappearance of Kyle, Antonius Bayle III had another son. This one he chose to name Antonius and he became Antonius Bayle IV. At the age of 24, Antonius Bayle IV was installed as the ruler of Qeynos, which he remains to this day.

It is believe that it will one day become tradition for the ruling leader of the Bayle line changes his/her name to a variation of Antonius upon taking the throne in honor of the first Antonius Bayle.

Antonius Bayle IV
Antonius Bayle IV is a highly devout Paladin of Karana. Though still relatively young, he is about as righteous, lawful and goodly as they come. He rules the city of Qeynos and its territories with a firm, but just hand.

He is simply referred to as “ruler”. Though some citizens may call mistakenly call him Your Honor, Grace and even Your Majesty, he does not expect to be referred to as such. He prefers to be called “Lord” if any title must be used. In his humility, he finds himself mildly embarrassed when referred to by any of the more lavish titles bandied about by those citizens who view him in awe – even as king – but know no better.

He considers himself a citizen in service to the city and views his role as the benevolent protector of Qeynos and the surrounding area. The government of Qeynos consists of the Circle of Ten, which is comprised of the heads of each of the guilds, including the Merchants of Qeynos, the Captain of the Guard (Kane Bayle) and a few of the more influential lords of the city.

Antonius Bayle holds veto power over the council and only Antonius may declare war or enter into treaties on behalf of Qeynos. The council may remove Antonius by unanimous vote, in which case a new ruler would be selected by popular election.

The Bayle line is by no means a hereditary monarchy. It is possible that some day a non-Bayle could rule Qeynos. In the simplest terms, the Bayles are very wealthy landowners who have a long history intimately attached to the city of Qeynos. Antonius IV is an incredibly popular, well-loved and respected ruler. This is due in part to his selfless personality, humility and devotion to his duties to the city and its people. It is also due to the trust the people have put in the Bayle lineage for producing skilled, trustworthy and reliable leaders.

The city of Qeynos oversees and protects most of the land west of the Serpent’s Spine, which includes the Plains of Karana. Qeynos represents the pinnacle of human achievement in the eyes of many. Though Antonius thinks of the Plains of Karana as his own, these feelings are best described as protective rather than possessive. He would also never state these feelings out loud for fear of angering one of his constituents.

The Bayle family tends to have children later in life. In fact, Antonius IV was born a full 35 years after the disappearance of Antonius III’s first son, Kyle Bayle. Kane Bayle was born two years after Antonius IV.

Antonius IV never knew Kyle. All he knows of his older brother is what was learned through stories told by his elders. Though he does occasionally wonder about what happened to him, he is too focused and dedicated to his duties as ruler to consider spending the time and resources that would be needed to search for the answers. This is a purely personal concern and he would not feel right about using city resources for such a selfish, wistful and sentimental reason. And thus, he seldom, if ever, discusses the matter.

Antonius is also an unparalleled swordsman. His closest rival in armed combat is his younger brother Kane Bayle, who himself has only been bested in combat by Antonius and Ebon Strongbear.

As a youth, Antonius IV spent much time escaping into the Jaggedpine Forest where he befriended another youth called Frenway Marthank. He still maintains a strong bond with his childhood friend. It was during their days as youths that Antonius came to appreciate the wonders of the forest and eventually do more than any other ruler to protect the forest ecosystem.

Ebon Strongbear, with whom he has a strong relationship, trained Antonius IV as a youngster in the Hall of Steel. Bayle then went on to the Temple of Thunder as most local aspiring paladins would in Qeynos.

While in the Hall of Steel, Antonius and Kane made great friends with Milea Clothspinner of the prestigious Clothspinners of Qeynos, one of the wealthiest families in the realm of Qeynos. Milea is currently an adventurer, a fact of which her family disapproves.

Later, Antonius IV went on an epic quest with the Qeynos Claymore at his side. This was before he became ruler and after he was a full fledged paladin. His father knew of the quest and its importance and allowed Antonius to wield the Qeynos Claymore for the purpose.

The Qeynos Claymore is what the city is named after and dates back to a time when the humans were living in small communities. Qeynos is an old sort of slang Combine word roughly translating to “manifest destiny for humanity”. The sword is magical and sentient.

The warrior Milea Clothspinner, who often uses a different last name when adventuring, accompanied Antonius IV on this quest. The ranger Frenway Marthank and the bard Vhalen Nostrolo also began the quest with Antonius, but Vhalen left before its completion. Along the way, the high elf Lady Shae of Felwithe joined them. There was also a halfling that assisted Antonius in this quest as well and there are rumors that say that this halfling was none other than Mayor Gubbin of Rivervale. The purpose of the quest was mostly unknown save that it was very important. Though he may speak wistfully of his old friends and adventure, the quest itself and its outcome are something personal and private to Antonius. Thus he does not discuss it other then to say that it was something he had to do in the past.

Antonius IV became romantically involved with Lady Shae after the completion of his quest. However, the Circle of Ten and the Felwithe ruling houses eventually caused the relationship to be broken off. As of right now, Antonius is not married or romantically involved in a public manner with anyone, and as yet has no heir. Milea, ever the adventurer, has been seen in the Plains of Karana lately. She is closer to Kane than Antonius and has put her total trust in the younger Bayle, asking him to watch over her little sister for her. She does not know of Kane’s corrupt soul.

Vhalen is still about in the Karanas and is currently despondent over the disappearance of his love, Metalla. And of course, Mayor Gubbin is the richest halfling around and the current mayor of Rivervale. For reasons known only to him, the mayor does not want the “exploits” of his youth known publicly. Antonius respects his friend’s wish, though he may drop a vague hint now and then. Frenway still lives in Surefall Glade. The recent death of his son in Mammoth Cave has left him in a state of severe grief.

Another of Antonius’ close and trusted friends is Vegalys Keldrane. Vegalys is a paladin of Rodcet Nife and is a few years younger than Antonius. Vegalys acts as advisor and confidant to Antonius Bayle and is also a public servant acting as Lord Magistrate for the city of Qeynos. Vegalys generally concerns himself with investigations into such things as organized crime though he is not directly involved with law enforcement, which is a duty that falls to the Qeynos City Guard.

Kane Bayle
Kane Bayle is Antonius’ younger brother, by two years. Kane acts as Captain of the Guard in times of peace; however, in times of war, Antonius himself assumes direct control of the Guard and the armies of Qeynos. Kane secretly wants to overthrow his older brother and take control of Qeynos, a fact of which Antonius is blissfully unaware. If Antonius ever heard talk of such a thing, he would be certain to set the record straight that he and his brother have a close relationship and such things are the ranting of drunkards and madmen.

Kane has been lulled into an alliance with the Bloodsabers and has begun to turn toward the ways of Bertoxxulous, the Plaguebringer.

The guildmasters in Qeynos are based on deity worship. There is a guildmaster for each class that is available to humans and half elves with the exception of Druids and Rangers guilds which are in Surefall Glade instead. Spell and tome merchants are also available for each class. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Good and Neutral
Belious Naliedin – (Bard, Agnostic, Karana, Rallos Zek, Rodcet Nife)
Renic Losaren – (Cleric, Karana)
Runethar Hamest – (Paladin, Karana)
Priestess Jahnda – (Cleric, Rodcet Nife)
Camlend Serbold – (Paladin, Rodcet Nife)
Mespha Tevalian – (Enchanter, Agnostic, Karana, Rodcet Nife)
Kinloc Flamepaw – (Magician, Agnostic, Karana, Rodcet Nife)
LuSun – (Monk, Agnostic, Quellious)
Ebon Strongbear – (Warrior, Agnostic, Karana, Rallos Zek, Rodcet Nife)
Gahlith Wrannstad – (Wizard, Agnostic, Karana, Rodcet Nife)
Hanns Krieghor – (Rogue, Agnostic, Bristlebane, Karana, Rodcet Nife)

Lyris Moonbane – (Necromancer, Bertoxxulous)
Sragg Bloodheart – (Shadow Knight, Bertoxxulous)
Xeture Demiagar – (Clerics, Bertoxxulous)
Perkon Malok – (Magician, Bertoxxulous)
Reania Jukle – (Enchanter, Bertoxxulous)
Tranon Callust – (Wizard, Bertoxxulous)
Rocthar Bekesena – (Warrior, Bertoxxulous)
Hanns Krieghor – (Rogue, Bertoxxulous)

City Resources
Qeynos provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, armor, weapons, shields, and fishing gear.

You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, jewelcrafting, pottery, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Just outside the city gates, adventurers can make use of a Plane of Knowledge portal.

Places of Interest
Northern Qeynos
The Temple of Life
The Temple of Life is where the resident priests and paladins of Rodcet Nife train and worship. The grounds of the temple include buildings, lush grass, shrubs, tress, and a large pool called the Pool of Jahnda. The temple itself is a circular gem-encrusted marble structure that hovers above the pool. A fountain of sparkling holy water flows from within the temple down to pool below. Throughout the temple and its grounds, the structures are made of white granite with marble floors and thick, light colored, velvet curtains.

Priestess Jahnda is the High Priestess of the Temple of Life. She is wise beyond her years, although no one seems to know how old she really is. The pool, over which the Temple of Life hangs, is named in her honor. The Pool of Jahnda is not meant for public use. It is a sacred pool created for the Koalindl. The Koalindl are fish that were a gift to Priestess Jahnda from the Prime Healer. They are said to be magical in nature. It is rumored that, every so often, the Prime Healer visits our plane in the guise of a Koalindl and swims in the pool.

The Silent Fist Clan
The Silent Fist Clan is the order of monks native to Qeynos. The guild hall is located in the northwest corner of the city against the outer wall. It is a medium-sized, light brown colored wooden building that is clean, unworn, and well-kept. Used as a training hall, the main room is a large open space with smooth, hardwood floor and thatch roof. There is a small room attached to the main building that serves as LuSun’s study and the living quarters. LuSun is the powerful teacher of the Silent Fist Clan. He teaches his pupils that their greatest weapon is the power of their spirit.

Crow’s Pub and Casino and the Circle of Unseen Hands
Crow’s is a run down, old, brown brick building that entertains the local hooligans. The establishment offers a fine selection of brews and ales including Crow’s Special Brew. This brew is one of the finest drinks that can be found. It use to be sold only at Crow’s bar, but apparently Crow is allowing it into other bars for a very hefty price.

One of the pub’s bartenders, Hanns Krieghor, frequently holds secret meetings a back room where a secret passageway leads to the rogue guild, the Circle of Unseen Hands. Hanns always has henchmen guarding all entrances to the guild, so unwanted people can’t get in. Hanns looks like a rough and tumble cutthroat when tending bar, but when he dons his black cloak of the Circle of Unseen Hands, he blends into the shadows and darkness and is rarely seen. He can pick almost any lock and is a master pick pocket. However, the Circle frowns upon stealing from Qeynos locals because they don’t want to run the risk of having the guild being discovered.

Ironforge Estate
The Ironforge Estate includes a weapon shop, a jewelry shop and the home of the Ironforge family. Headed by Brohan and his wife Hurrieta, the Ironforge family is one of wealthiest family’s in Qeynos, if not the wealthiest, and produces the finest craftsmanship. Also crafters, the Ironforge children run the shops. The entire estate is well protected, as the Ironforge family has well known close ties with the local officials and the militia.

Ironforge’s Weapon Shop
This weapon shop is run by the Ironforge family. The main room is a large workshop, with a smaller storage room in the back. There are various weapons for sale displayed along the walls and in the counter display case.

Jewel Box
The Jewel Box is a shop that is run by Svena Ironforge. It is made from wood and is attached to the front of a large wooden house, both of which are clean and well kept. The shop has a large wooden display counter, which shows off the gems and jewelry for sale, and there is also a locked set of cabinets, which holds the more valuable items and class specific items. Svena’s father was the town’s previous jeweler; she was fascinated with gems as a young girl, and is now the most reliable source for appraising gems and jewelry, for a small fee.

Sneed Galliway’s Trading Post
Qeynos largest general store, this shop is run by Sneed Galliway. Sneed is friendly, middle-aged man, who runs his shop with his wife and children. They have a wide variety of new and used items for sale, from small knives to torches to bags to clothes to ropes and even food. The lower floor is Sneed’s shop, and it is filled with brass racks and wooden crates and cases, which display the various goods for sale. The second floor is divided into rooms, including the living family’s living quarters.

The Cobbler
This shop is run by craftsman Gerault Takenmaul. Gerault makes and sells shoes, boots, belts, and bags in this small shop, and lives upstairs in a tight, but cozy nook. The shop is a wood and red brick building, with an old, wood shingled roof. The floor is made of wood, but is mostly covered by colorful rugs. Spools of thread, yards of leather, and various tools clutter the floor and workbench of this small shop.

Southern Qeynos
Hall of Steel
The Hall of Steel is the guild hall for the Steel Warriors of Qeynos. It is the training ground for some of the greatest warriors of Antonica. The Steel Warriors’ Guildmaster Ebon Strongbear, Earron Huntlan, and a few others, led the city’s militia to victory against the Sabertooths of Blackburrow, a small gnoll tribe that lives in the nearby forest, and they are now known as local heroes.

The hall is a large, light gray stone building that decorated with banners of the guild’s symbols and colors and is located adjacent to the Grounds of Fate area. The training room has various weapons displayed on the wall, as well as other training equipment. The upstairs has a large open window overlooking the arena, to watch the various events and other warriors competing.

Grounds of Fate
This is an area where combatants can prove their skill in combat with one another. The ringing sounds of sword melee can often be heard throughout the entire city.

The Wind Spirit’s Song
The Wind Spirit’s Song is the bard’s guild of Qeynos. Guildmaster Belious Naliedin use to work as one of the King’s private entertainers, but now he confers his time-earned wisdom and skills on to others, confining his performances to shows at the local tavern. His financial resources are meager, but he is quite content with his lot.

Hall of Sorcery
Within the Hall of Sorcery, Qeynos citizens study the three circles of magic and lend their services to citizens of Qeynos. Master Enchantress Mespha Tevalian oversees the Hall of Sorcery and the Order of Three.

The hall has a few rooms including a large, round room made of tall dark gray slabs of granite. Long colorful banners line the outside walls of the building and represent the three classes of magic studied within – red represents wizard, gold represents enchanter, and blue represents magician. Inside, the back part of the building is partitioned off by a thick black, velvet curtain, behind which is a private study. Along the walls off the main room, there are a few small tables for studying, and in center of the room there is a large stone altar, with a round firepit in the middle of it and various writings around the edges.

Temple of Thunder
The Temple of Thunder is where the Knights of Thunder worship Karana, the Rainkeeper, the Deity of Storms. The paladins and clerics of the Knights of Thunder are well respected in the city. They often assist the Qeynos Tower Guards in the Plains of Karana.

The temple is located to the side of the arena and beyond a few homes. It is surrounded by a stone wall and has a large grassy area attached. This area is where the cleric and paladin of Karana train and practice.

Lord Runethar Hammerfist is the master of the Temple of Thunder. All paladins report to him and all clerics report to High Priest Renic Losaren.

Tin Soldier
Run by Blacksmith Rane Sedder, the Tin Soldier buys, sells, and trades new and used armor. Merchants within offer chain armor, molds for chain and plate armor, and other various blacksmithing supplies.

The first floor of the shop displays various, new and used metal and leather armor pieces that are for sale. The second floor has a store room and the living quarters for Rane’s family.

Fhara’s Leather and Thread<
Shop owner Fhara Semhart makes and sells a variety of clothing and sewn goods made from leather. She also offers various patterns and other tailoring supplies. Fhara’s shop is connected to her home where she lives alone. This small wooden building is filled with bolts of fabrics and spools of thread on the walls, and a counter where Fhara does her work.

Bag & Barrel
Raheim Varshen and his wife Fellesha run this shop together. They sell various types of containers and satchels. The shop also serves as their home. Raheim is a carpenter who makes small water barrels, tinder and jewelry boxes, crates, etc., and Fellesha is a seamstress who crafts various sizes of bags, skins, pouches and backpacks. Inside, the walls are full of merchandise and equipment and in the backyard, they have a pottery wheel and kiln.

Nesiff’s Wooden Weapons
Nesiff Tallaherd is an excellent craftsman and woodworker. He makes walking sticks, bows and arrows, poles, staffs, javelins, halberds, pikes, pole-arms, and boar-spears, all handcrafted from wood from the local forests. Nesiff has been known to import wood from far away lands, to make specially ordered bows, staffs, and ax handles. A merchant stationed outside the shop sells various fletching supplies.

Lion’s Mane Tavern and Inn
The Lion’s Mane Tavern and the Lion’s Mane Inn are located in the Common’s Square section of Qeynos and are run by Earron and Tasya Huntlan. Both buildings are made of sturdy lumber and are kept fairly clean. The Tavern is connected to the Inn, but is only about half the size.

Lion’s Mane Tavern
Earron Huntlan runs the Tavern with an old war buddy, and both are like local heroes who like to trade old war stories with the customers. The outside of the tavern is made from wood and the inside walls are lined with bricks. The entryway has a colorful painting of lions playing poker. Behind the bar counter, rows of shelves are filled with various types of drinks.

The Tavern is usually quiet during the day, but can sometimes get pretty rowdy at night after the locals have had a few too many, but Earron is usually able to force the troublemakers out of his bar with no problems.

Earron seems to think there is something going on in Qeynos. He thinks there is something more than just a few shady characters moving into town. I think it’s just normal progress and growth. Have you ever been to Freeport? Qeynos isn’t nearly as bad as that place yet! The town’s just getting older, that’s all.

Lion’s Mane Inn
Tasya Huntlan runs the Lion’s Mane Inn. It is a large, two story, wooden building, that is attached to the Lion’s Mane Tavern. At the entrance, there is wooden receptionist desk, where Tasya Huntlan greets people with a friendly smile. The Huntlan family lives in the inn. Tasya and her daughter Sissy sell various ales, wine, and other drinks to quench the thirst of weary travelers staying at the inn.

Office of the People
This is a small, wooden building where a list of city events, ordinances, advertisements, and other documents are held. Rucio Divella knows a lot about the city and also is the one to see about buildings for rent. Hansl Bigroon is the office manager and a great engineer. He has designed most of the structures in Qeynos. He has been working with other great engineers from various cities to design some bridge that will span Erud’s Crossing and into Odus itself.

Qeynos Hold
The Qeynos Hold is the main bank of Qeynos and is run by the Copperhold family. Kendall Copperhold is well trusted and has close ties to the city government. The bank is a medium sized, sturdy brick building. The main room is divided in half by a long counter. Behind the counter, there is an inaccessible stairwell that leads down to an underground vault that is behind a locked iron door. The bank is heavily guarded by strong barbarian warriors.

The Herb Jar
A small shop that has changed ownership many times over the years, The Herb Jar is currently run by Caleah Herblender. Caleah is a mysterious gypsy woman, sort of vagabond look to her. She is a former student of Kinloc Flamepaw, and still has close ties with the Hall of Sorcery. This is why she’s allowed to operate her fairly successful business here. Caleah makes a good living, but it doesn’t flaunt it.

The shop has a scent of burning incense and has various books and potions on the shelves. A large, deep blue and purple rug covers most of the badly worn wooden floor.

Mermaid’s Lure
The Mermaid’s Lure is located on the south-side of the docks. The wooden walls are badly worn and the iron bolts and hinges are rusted from the harsh, salty seawater and air. It is adjacent to a dock that extends out into the ocean, where various seagoing craft are tied up.

Captain Rohand runs the Mermaid’s Lure and trades goods with the sea merchants from Odus. He is a rough looking man with tangled dirty beard and hair, and his skin is dark brown and tougher than leather. The Ol’ Captain is more than ready to tell his tales of adventures and legends to anyone willing to listen.

Fishing nets and gear hang on the walls of the shop in addition to the shells of sea creatures. The shop sells all sorts of nautical supplies.

Port Authority
The Port Authority can be found near the southern docks. Ships leave for other cities on a regular basis.

Fish’s Ale
Fish’s Ale is a pub owned by Fish Ranamer. It is located just off the Qeynos Harbor docks. This pub is a rough and tumble mix of drunken warriors and sailors. A night without a fight here is the exception, not the rule. The City Guards pass by as if the pub doesn’t exist, and pay no attention to the drunks or brawls heard from within. Fish himself is an ex-sailor, and runs the pub with some old sea dog partners. Fish serves up brews, in the quiet, private bar in the back of the building, to shady smugglers and people who want to keep a low profile. An open brew barrel can be found inside. There are also a few places for drunken travelers to rest after a long night of drinking fighting.

Voleen’s Fine Baked Goods
Owned by Voleen Tassen, Volee’s Bakery can be found in the southern part of town, just east of the docks and north of Fish’s Ale. The bakery sells bread, pastries, muffins, cookies and baked goods and baking supplies. Brewing supplies are also available. An oven inside is available for use when Voleen and her staff aren’t busy making goods with it.

Firepride’s is a metalworks shop run by armor smiths Ton and Lanhern Firepride. The shop is an average size wooden building. The main room is separated by a long display counter. The front half of the room displays the pieces of armor that is for sale, and the back half is Lanhern’s workshop, which is cluttered with various tools and there is a small forge in the center of it. Lanhern is hardworking and is known for producing quality goods at a fair price. Ton believes that he is the finest of all blacksmiths.


Places of Norrath: Oggok

Overview of Oggok

In general, Oggok is a place most non-ogres pray they never see. Ogres are brutal, but have a strong sense of tradition – and a twisted sense of honor.

Located in the dense jungles of Feerott region and tucked into a cavernous, rocky area, Oggok appears to be, at first glance, a rather ordinary group of small, rough caves. Once inside, however, a maze of tunnels and caverns opens up.

The city of Oggok was built shortly before Murdunk’s tragic fall in Lake Rathetear and the defeat of Zek’s primal empire upon Norrath. The original founders of the city were not directly affected by the curse imposed upon Zek’s mortal creations. However, the first-born children of these settlers immediately showed signs of the horrible curse. Generations passed, and the last of the “pure” ogres faded out of memory.

The city’s original structures were soundly engineered and covered with intricate tribal carvings that paid tribute to their great heroes and legends. Unfortunately, the new, cursed ogres were incapable of the quality craftsmanship of their ancestors. As eras passed, the city of Oggok became transformed to resemble its new, brutish inhabitants. The grand archways, arenas, statues, stone-carved murals and pillars were replaced by stone slabs piled atop one another. Today, merely a few remnants of the Oggok of old can be seen by the keen-eyed visitor.

The modern city of Oggok is still quite bustling, housing many taverns, inns, a bank, and three guild houses. The city of Neriak is Oggok’s trade partner and is a source of prosperity despite the blatant economic advantage the Teir’Dal take of these dim-witted behemoths. Such exploitation goes on without notice by the ogres, which is fortunate indeed for the comparably frail Teir’Dal knights.

Oggok has a guildmaster for each class that is available to Ogres. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Guntrik – (Warrior)
Soonog – (Shadow Knight)
Baddi Waca – (Berserker)
Bordag – (Beastlord)
Zulort – (Shaman)

City Resources

Oggok provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear. You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, pottery, fletching, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Places of Interest

Greenblood Rock
The shrine known as Greenblood Rock is dedicated to the ogre’s divine creator, Rallos Zek. Built in splendor by the original ogres of Oggok, the temple has since been reduced to a simple rock on a raised dais, coated with blood. Still, the temple’s purpose has remained unchanged. The ogres kill any “weak” or unruly members of their tribe by tying them to the temple rock, then beating them to death with clubs. The temple is also used in ceremonial, gladiatorial battles, commemorating the anniversary of Murdunk’s first triumph over the people of Norrath.

The Shaman Guild
The Greenblood Shaman, also known as the Shaman of War, is the shaman guild. They are greatly feared by all other ogres and work closely with the Greenblood Knights. Shaman live and train in the cave system adjacent to the Rock. Zulort is the High Shaman of The Greenbloods. His son Torzox is his successor and a powerful Shaman in his own right.

Death’s Rain (also known as Clurg’s)
This popular tavern is run by Clurg, one of the most respected ogres in all of Oggok – second only to the high shaman of the Greenbloods. Clurg’s family has run the tavern for generations, keeping it a place of calm by enforcing a no-fight policy. Remarkably, all ogres respect the rules of the tavern – it’s how it has always been.

Legend has it that Murdunk himself visited the tavern, but his mug of fine ogre brew was spilled when a fight broke out. Aside from tipping his drink, the fight cost the life of the proprietor’s daughter who had been caught in the fray. Enraged, Murdunk dragged those responsible outside and pummeled them to death with his steel mug and fist. When finished, Murdunk decreed that no brawling was to occur in an establishment that he frequented (mind you, this was before the curse of Zek). Ever since, the tradition has been upheld in Death’s Rain, the only establishment in Oggok that Murdunk visited. Needless to say, anyone who breaks the tradition and starts trouble will be taken to the Rock and beaten to death for dishonoring Murdunk’s wishes.

Murdunk Palace
Although this is called a Palace it is little more than a large cave where the guild of Ogre shadow knights, the Greenblood Knights, train and live. It also guards the entrance to an inner cavern that most Ogres consider sacred. Anyone who is not a Greenblood Knight or Shaman who enters this place is attacked. The warriors of this Guild follow the traditions of the great Ogre hero Murdunk as well as worshipping Rallos Zek. Soonog is the current leader of the Greenbloods and leadership is changed through mortal combat.

Fortress Craknek
This cave houses the Craknek Warriors guild and its leader Guntrik. Guntrik is one of the strongest Ogres around and he holds a great resentment for Soonog, the head of the Greenblood Knights because they rejected him. Merchants here sell various weapons and other supplies for younger warriors.

The Welcome Mat
Here Angrog sells food and the other basic supplies for adventuring.

This is the shop of merchant Brokk Boxtripper. He sells various types of satchels and boxes.

Grop’s Guards
Grop is a merchant that sells different types of larger shields

Cikoona’s Hack, Bash, ‘n’ Jab
Merchant Cikoona sells various weapons and battle supplies.

Metil Armer
Inside this shop, merchants sell large chain and plate armor. Outside, a merchant sells large plate and shield molds and other smithing supplies. This shop also houses a forge and a Trade Skill Quest Master.

Lether Armer
Merchants here sell large leather and cloth armor.

The Humidor
Here you will find a shaman trainer and merchants selling alchemy items and blunt weapons.

The Ded End
Merchants Erung and Crunga can be found here selling food and general supplies. Bakers can also make use of the oven in this shop.

Oggok’s Keep
This is the bank of Oggok.


Places of Norrath: Kelethin

Overview of Kelethin

Kelethin is the wood elf tree village, named after the elf that negotiated the treaty with the treants of the Greater Faydark who are now the elves’ greatest allies. The ancient forest city is an elaborate network of tree houses and platforms connected by rope bridges. Several lifts within the Greater Faydark offer transportation to Kelethin. Due to its height up in the trees, young elves should watch their step while traveling throughout the city until they learn their way around.

The wood elves maintain close ties to their High Elf brethren. Their city is frequently attacked by orcish raiders, though they are well able to defend themselves. The wood elves have a democratic form of government, rather than a monarchy like their cousins, and the mayor of Kelethin is an elected official.

Kelethin has a guildmaster for each class that is available to wood elves. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Sylia Windlehands – (Bard)
Heartwood Master – (Druid)
Maesyn Trueshot – (Ranger)
Tylfon – (Rogue)
Regren – (Warrior)
City Resources
Kelethin provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear. You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for Alchemy, pottery, fletching, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Places of Interest
Emerald Warriors
The Emerald Warriors are the warriors of Kelethin. It is from among their ranks that the city draws its guards.

Faydark’s Champions
Faydark’s Champions are the finest rangers this world has ever seen. They are often called upon to train rangers from around the globe. They hold a platform overlooking the Bank of Kelethin. Maesyn Trueshot, the guildmaster, is one of the greatest archers in the land, and son of famed bow-maker Eldin Trueshot.

This is the guild hall for the bards of Kelethin. It houses the guildmasters and offers songs, instruments, and other supplies for adventuring young bards.

Scouts of Tunare
The Scouts of Tunare are an elite group of Fier’Dal who trained in the ways of the thief to assist their army in matters best kept silent.

Soldiers of Tunare
The Soldiers of Tunare are lovers of the forest. They are mainly druids who protect and nurture the forest. The forest is the genesis of their mana. The soldiers are comprised of Fier’Dal and Koada’Dal. Imagine that! A Koada’Dal not afraid to get dirt under his nails!

Bilrio’s Smithy
This forge is owned by Bilrio Surecut. It offers weapons, armor and other smithing supplies.

Trueshot’s Bows
Eldin Trueshot is an old, retired ranger is known throughout the forest as the best bow-maker in the land. He makes the finest quality bows, of all sorts, and the straightest, sharpest arrows. He has a great knowledge of the history of the woods and of Kelethin itself. Eldin works out of his home, which is a small thatch hut attached to a tree.

Packweaver’s Goods
Merchants in this shop have several handmade goods for sale, like backpacks, quivers, and other containers.

Sparkling Glass
This is the jewelry shop of Kelethin. Rare gems, metals and jewelcrafting supplies can be found here.

Bank of Kelethin
The Bank of Kelethin is a safe place to store your belongings.

Heartwood Tavern
This large tavern sells drinking supplies, Elven Wine and other types of ale.

Sleepy Willow Inn
This inn offers a quaint place to rest, basic food and drink, and general adventuring supplies.

Inside and outside this shop, merchants offer various fletching and pottery supplies.


Places of Norrath: Halas

Overview of Halas

The frozen city of Halas is the home of the barbarian northmen. The northmen maintain tight family groups. The city is ruled by a council of village elders. Nearly all barbarians worship and pay homage to the Tribunal, though it is not uncommon for warriors to also pay homage to Rallos Zek. The profession of thief is frowned upon but tolerated, provided other northmen do not become the victim of thieving activity.

Halas’ close proximity to Everfrost has encouraged the development of hardened warriors and resourceful shamans. All of Halas’ young pupils must endure the harsh, bitter, climate and other dangers of Everfrost almost as a rite of passage.

In order to travel back and forth to Everfrost across the frigid waterway that separates from their home from Everfrost, Halasians travel on the raft known as The Gwenavyne.

Owning to the harshness of the region, warriors, rogues, shaman, beastlord and berserkers, are the only types of professions that the northmen have been able to master. However, the focus of these arts has engendered a brilliant local weapons and armor industry producing some of the finest equipment in all of Norrath.

Taverns abound here, for the lacerating cold of the frigid north is the best quelled at hearthside with soothing glass of the finest barbarian ale.

Many establishments have opened up in Halas including taverns, guildhalls, and various shops that provide basic necessities needed to survive in the frigid northern wildness.

Halas has a guildmaster for each class that is available to Barbarians. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

High Field Priest Keven – (Beastlord)
Shanis MacDarren – (Berserker)
Cappi McTarnigal – (Rogue)
Dun Mc’Dowell – (Rogue)
High Priestess Margyn McCann – (Shaman)
High Shaman Shamus Felligan – (Shaman)
Kylan O’Danos – (Warrior)
City Resources
Halas provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear.

You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, pottery, fletching, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Places of Interest
The Church of Tribunal
These halls of the tribunal house the Shaman of Justice, the shaman guild of Halas. The high priestess, Margyn McCann lives and works alongside her deacons in the deeps chamber of the church. Shamus Felligan is the High Shaman of Halas and spends much of his time outside, his constitution hardened by constant exposure to the elements.

The church itself is built of stone and dug partly underground. It has no gathering place, for believers in the Tribunal have no need to congregate, knowing their deities are with them always, watching.

Pit of Doom
The Pit of Doom, also known as the Blockhouse, is a gray stoned arena structure in eastern Halas. It is home to the guild of warriors. The guild is run by Kylan O’Danos, a warrior with a will of iron and patience of stone. Kylan has a brutal warrior whose sense of honor in battle and his reverence for The Tribunal.

Cappi’s Coffers
Run by Cappi McTarnigal, this establishment where the bank of Halas can be found. The bank is always protected by at least two warrior guards. Cappi is a well-respected member of the community, but unknown to most, he is also the true guildmaster of the Rogues of the White Rose. His bank tips off the guild by tracking foreigners who deposit or withdraw large amounts of gold.

The Bonny Mermaid Dockhouse
Quillion O’Zinn operates this small shop where boats and fishing supplies can be rented or purchased. The Dockhouse is weathered and worn as are his small boats. The walls and tiny boardwalk are water-stained and rotting. Numerous small items of fishing gear and other equipment cover the walls of the shop.

The Golden Torc
Run by the MacGrove family, this shop has armor tradeskill merchants inside and a kiln out back.

Dok’s Cigars
Run by storekeeper Dok, this shop sells general goods and pottery supplies.

Mac’s Kilts
Tailing supplies and leather armor can be found in this shop.

McPherson’s Bloody Blades
This shop has the finest heavier armor and weapons. Smithing and Fletching supplies can also be found here. A couple of forges can be found outside.

McQuaid’s Dark Stout
This tavern sells various ales. It also has a brew barrel. A Task Master can be found here enjoying drinks waiting to give out tasks.

Yee Majik
This someone dark shop sells alchemy supplies and melee augments.

McDonald’s Fire Cider
This tavern sells various brewing supplies and various ales. A brew barrel can also be found here.

McDaniel’s Smokes and Spirits
This large tavern is run by Scon McDaniel. It sells various ales, baking and smithing supplies. Adventurers can also find a few Task Masters lurking about.


Fallen Gate



The Fallen Gate is a massive labyrinth of twisting corridors and secret quest locations; notable of these are the armor quests. A key is required for access to this adventure zone. Enter at your own risk, preferably with a group.

Fallen Gate is located due west of the Crossroads in the Commonlands. There is only one entrance deep in the heart of the Yapping Maze and admission is only granted once a key is obtained. Those venturing within the maze must be careful to avoid the powerful sandstone giants, silent sentinels of stone that guard the smooth canyons.


The quest for the key to Fallen Gate Quest is initially given in North Freeport by Kanos X’Aphon near the entrance to Thieves’ Way. You will then travel to the Commonlands, where you’ll locate the mouth of Fallen Gate and speak to Tundis N’Oxyle, who will give further instruction for the Access Quest. Alternately, defeating Kizdean Gix provides another means of gaining access to this ancient ruin.

Fallen Gate is the crumbled outer section of the Dark Elf city of Neriak. The Dark Elves, or Teir’Dal, were created to be the minions of Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate. They went on to build the darkly majestic underground city of Neriak in the upper reaches of the Underfoot.

When a united army of Leatherfoot Halflings and Kithicor Rangers invaded Neriak, Dark Elf Queen Cristanos Thex ordered necromancer Tseralith to unleash a terrible magical attack upon the invaders. Tragically, the Teir’Dal themselves fell victim to the force of this power, and the outer gate of the city was reduced to ruins and sealed forever to all outsiders. Only the Undead incarnations of the Dark Elves and Leatherfoot Halflings were left to stalk the ruins.

Fallen Gate Landmarks

The First Gate – The first landmark upon entering Fallen Gate, its four columns are inscribed with a story that may yield important clues about the history of this tragic dungeon.

Vault of the Fallen – The locked final chamber in Fallen Gate, housing the formidable necromancer Tseralith. Vault of the Fallen is a single group instanced zone.




Located on the eastern end of Antonica, Stormhold is the ruins of the once-great underground fortress of the Knights of Thunder. It’s a complex maze of hallways where dangerous undead Knights roam freely.

To locate Stormhold, ride a Griffin to the Thundering Steppes Tower, head on a north road, then turn into the hills toward Gnollsayer’s Keep.


Lord Chesgard was a legendary member of a long-dead knightly order known as the Knights of Thunder. It was during one of his many adventures, a crusade into a cursed bunker of the hills in the Commonlands, that Lord Chesgard would claim his greatest prize, the Bone Bladed Claymore. Unfortunately for all of his order, the sword would not be the only arcane force to return with Chesgard. Something dark and evil was beginning to take hold of him.

When Lord Chesgard returned to Qeynos, he oversaw the construction of a mighty keep called Stormhold, but evil began to slowly seep into his mind and the design of the citadel itself became twisted and corrupted. Eventually this evil rose to the surface, and all within Stormhold were lost.

Stormhold Levels
The underground fortress consists of three levels.

Level One

The Main Hall of Stormhold is located on Level One. Two difficult quests reside beyond the Main Hall’s double doors: an Obelisk releases a crowd of tainted souls and a Brazier releases an army of Scions, the toughest enemies in Stormhold. There is a door in the Main Hall that has been locked for many years. One can only imagine what lies behind it. The bell ringers at the entrance have rusted and rotted some, but are still working… maybe they will awaken some greater being inside the darkened halls of Stormhold.

Level Two

The Atrium is a central and safe gathering place for groups, but still be on the lookout for dangerous enemies like Battlepriests.

Level Three

Located on Stormhold’s third level, the Tomb of Valor is a locked chamber isolated from the fortress’s other rooms by a collapsed tunnel. The great treasures of the entombed Storm Lords, long dead heroes of the Knights of Thunder, can be found within the tomb.