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EQOA Of the Lavastorm Mountains

“The Lavastorm Mountains are a very active volcanic mountain range NE of the Nektulos Forest. Forged of sheer granite and cobalt stone, its ridged peaks are desolate and utterly devoid of flora–a dark gray wasteland of stone and magma.”

“It is rumored that some of the creatures who roam this barren region are not natural in their origins. Rather, many of the elementals and the fire crawlers…are thought to be the summoned creations of the conjuror Najena, who has inhabited the abandoned temple carved into the face of Lavastorm’s most robust peak.”

In this region are Nagafen’s Lair, Solusek’s Eye, and the Temple of Solusek Ro.

“The Temple of Solusek Ro is dedicated to advancing the individual progress of all Norrath’s adventurers…[It] is a sanctuary built into the fiery mountains of Lavastorm, overlooking the great, inverted volcano of Solusek’s Eye. Within the temple walls carved of black steel and fiery red stone, dedicated followers from all of Norrath’s races come to pay homage to Solusek Ro and pursue further training in their chosen profession. The temple’s residents are said to forge many magical pieces of armor and weapoins to be bestowed upon adventurers who willingly embark on quests to enhance their skills, as is the way of the followers of Solusek Ro.

“This temple is well kept by the wards of Ro. Small imps move about the fiery temple to ensure everything is in order and that adventurers are not overstaying their welcome. Combat is not welcome within the temple, for this is a place of learning, not violence. If one defies this rule, the fierce wrath of the temple will descend without mercy.”

“Located within the great volcano of the Lavastorm Mountains, Solusek’s Eye is a set of caverns with molten lava and precious ores running through it. The Solusek Mining Company, an intrepid group of gnomes, has come here from their home city of Ak’anon to mine ore and produce tinkered creations. To aid in the excavation of this dangerous region, the gnomes have brought with them a horde of clockwork miners who can better tolerate the intense heat emanating from the pools and rivers of magma.

“Fire Goblins also make their home here, unaffected by the searing heat. Though the mining company and Fire Goblin clan are not in direct conflict, they have no love for each other. They do, however, share a hatred for the Solusek Kobolds and the Fire Giants. The latter serve the great red dragon, Lord Nagafen, as do the Fire Goblins themselves.

“Those that dare to trek too deeply through Solusek’s Eye are advised to be wary of stumbling into the lair, for the creatures that lurk there are far more deadly than the goblins and fire elementals of Solusek’s Eye. The lair is accessed through the innermost tunnel system of the complex.”

The Fire Goblin King accepted a pact offered by Nagafen whereby the goblins built Nagafen’s lair and in return, the King and his family retain control of the subjects unchallenged. This type of social stability is unheard of in goblin society.

The gnomes are established at Ak’anon (long story) and have set about exploring. They founded Klick’Anon some time ago, as evidenced by the extensive building and the Rogue Clockworks that has sprung up. They will soon find a path into the Lavastorm Mountains that will open up the area for the rest of us to explore.

“A large, open lava crater in the Lavastorm Mountains, known as Solusek’s Eye, is the lair of many dangerous and rare creatures. The worst of these is the obsessively greedy anceint red dragon, Nagafen, who was cast out of the Ring of Scale for reasons known only unto himself and the elders of the great council.

“Carved by fire goblins centuries past, the subterranean complex of Nagafen’s Lair is a veritable maze of winding paths and thin, narrow bridges of stone that hover uncomfortably above the rivers of flowing magma. Many chambers in the topmost region of the lair are inhabited by the kobolds loyal to Lord Nagafen. Although subdued beneath the tyrranical dragon’s will, the kobolds have managed to uphold their own traditions and culture–proudly sustaining their own king, nobles, and high priests who order everyday kobold life.

“As the caves wind deeper into the volcano, the inhabitants become increasingly deadly and ferocious.”

Since the complex was built centuries ago, it stands to reason that we should be able to find it once the gnomes open the gateway into the Lavastorm Mountains. At that time, there will be some amount of confict with the fire goblins and kobolds before things reach a steady-state.

“Cast out of the Ring of Scale for reasons that still remain unclear, the red dragon Lord Nagafen has resided for centuries in the fiery depths beneath the Lavastorm Mountains.

“As chronicled within the annals of the devout followers of Erollisi Marr, known as The Maidens of the Rose, Nagafen, true to his dragon nature, exacted a toll in maidens from the people of Qeynos, forcing them to transport one maiden a year across the continent and leave her in his cavern dwelling. This went on for many years, until a pious and beautiful maiden named Erollette–a novice in the temple of Erollisi Marr, the Goddess of Love–was selected. When Erollette sank to the ground before Nagafen, she uttered a final prayer to her goddess, asking only that her sacrifice be the last the maidens of Qeynos must endure.

“Her bravery and selflessness touched the goddess, who took pity on her. As Nagafen prepared to dine, Erollisi used a golden thread to sew Nagafen’s heart to his stomach, twisting his pangs of hunger into pangs of love for Erollette. Under the enchantment, he could not bear to eat her, or anyyhing else–he was lovelorn after all. So he grew hungrier, but the more he starved the more his heart swelled in his chest and the bigger his body became, until he was so huge he could not leave the confines of his cave. He begged her to stay with him, but seeing that the dragon was helpless, Erollette rejoiced and returned home to report the good news and dedicate her life to worship.

“It is said that when this happened, Nagafen cried one enormous tear that turned into a diamond as it rolled down his cheek. This diamond is called Solusek’s Eye for the volcano it now lies within. As the dragon’s heart burst, he bellowed a cry of fire into the earth that caused a string of volcanoes to rise along the coast and caused chunks of the continent to break away, creating many tiny islands. He is still bellowing to this day.”


Nagafen text

You say, “Hail, The Sage of Ages”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Thank you my friends, thank you! I do not understand why those Drakota attacked me. I cannot be of any threat to them; I am but a humble chronicler!”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Who are you?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I am known as the Sage of Ages, a neutral historian charged with scribing the events of history so that their lessons will not be forgotten, or repeated. It surprises me that these creatures would be sent to attack me.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “These Drakota were sent?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Yes, Drakota rarely act of their own initiative. They are weapons used by Dragonkind to fulfill their own designs. I do not know what I could have done to anger the Scalelords. I only scribe the truth and have done so for many centuries.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Who could have sent these?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “There are few Dragons still active in this world. The Age of War and the Age of Cataclysms have taken their tolls on the Dragons as well and they too are recovering. However, there are a few who gained in the destruction. The Lord Nagafen and the Lady Vox have prospered as others have declined in power. These Drakota must have been sent by the Lord Nagafen as he would be the only one to possess the power to do so.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Why would he send them after you?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I know not why he has done this thing and it greatly worries me. Maybe he believes I know too much, or he detests the truths I write. I wish to know what has caused him this distress, but I fear for my own existence if I were to come any closer to his lair.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “We can approach him for you.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I would not send you on such a quest. I will not have the blood of my rescuers on my hands by asking such a thing. It is far too dangerous to send anyone into the lair of Nagafen, and I will not do so to satisfy my own curiosity or my own peace of mind.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “It is more than that. Your life is in danger.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “You do not fathom the danger you are willing to enter. Nagafen resides in the very depths of Solusek’s Eye. The Fire Giants are loyal to the Lord Nagafen and will destroy any intruders that set foot within their realm.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “I can handle a few Fire Giants.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I can see that you won’t be dissuaded from pursuing this rash idea. I will relent my position. Please, speak with the Lord Nagafen on my behalf and discover why he seeks my death. I fear there is much more afoot than any of us realize.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “How do we gain audience with Nagafen?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “You must travel down into the heart of Solusek’s Eye. There you will find the Gong of Ro. Sound the Gong and you will be transported to the lair of the red dragon. Please, be careful. I will travel to the Tower of the Coldwind Oracles near the city of Qeynos. Please seek me there when you have spoken with the Lord Nagafen. Go with my blessing.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Thank you, Sage. We will meet with you soon.”

You say,”Hail, Majordomo Inferinus”
Majordomo Inferinus says to you, “The Great Lord Nagafen will not be conversed with in a mortal language, he finds the use of such offensive. Consider yourself extremely lucky you are still breathing this very moment. It is only because his lordship was amused by your success in reaching the gong that you are not a blood stain on his master’s floor. If you wish to speak to the Lord Nagafen you must learn the Draconic language.”
You say to Majordomo Inferinus,”How do I learn this Draconic language?”
Majordomo Inferinus says to you, “That is of no concern of mine. Do not return again unless your mind and tongue are capable of speaking the ancient language. The next time Lord Nagafen will not be so forgiving. Begone!”
You say to Majordomo Inferinus,”I’ll be back.”

You say,”Hail, The Sage of Ages”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Have you spoken with the Lord Nagafen?”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “No, the majordomo will not let me enter the lair without knowing Draconic.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “This is a very unfortunate turn of events. Very few beings on Norrath know of this language, and even fewer still know enough to read and teach it. Many mortal scholars have tried to study the language but even finding one written rune of the language is a challenge. Some have dedicated their entire research to just understanding one or two of the Draconic letters.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Do you have any research on the language?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Sadly, no. There are many ancient languages I have scribed for historical record but Draconic has always eluded my reach. However, I have heard theories from my consociates that it might be possible to make a compilation of all the research on the Draconic runes if someone were to gather all the work done by the various scholars.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Has this compilation ever been attempted?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “No. The research relating to understanding just one of the runes is far too precious for the owner to consent in relinquishing it, and there is not enough wealth on Norrath to purchase the translated runes from the individual owners. It is even quite likely that half the research is lost to the sands of time, having been destroyed in the cataclysms.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “If I were able to obtain all the research, would you be able to teach me the language?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Yes … yes, I believe I could. I know many techniques and spells that enhance the learning of tongues, but this idea is all for naught. It is impossible for one person to obtain all the translated Draconic runes, let alone find them. It is a hopeless quest, friend.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “It can be done. I will find the runes.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “I sincerely hope you are right, but I fear it cannot be done. However, I wish you the best of luck in this quest. In the mean time I will look into my own research and libraries for clues into the greater plot that is unfolding around us. Be careful in your journeys, you may be in far more danger than we know.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “I will. Farewell Sage.”

You say,”Hail, The Sage of Ages”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Greetings, adventurer! What word do you have on the runes of the Draconic language?”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “I have obtained research on the translation of all twenty six Draconic runes.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “The gods be awakened! Can it be true?! Yes! You have done it! I can’t fathom how you obtained all these, but here they are. This is truly amazing!”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “There were orcs all over these things. They seem to be after them as well.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Orcs? Their kind has never been interested in knowledge such as this, even after the lifting of the Rathe’s curse. This does not bode well…”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Will you be able to teach me Draconic?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Yes … Yes … I will be able to teach you this language now.”
You say to The Sage of Ages, “Good, let’s get started.”

You say,”Hail, Majordomo Inferinus”
Majordomo Inferinus says to you,”You are back again? I suppose we should step up more guard patrols to keep the vermin out.”
You say to Majordomo Inferinus,”I am here to speak with the Lord Nagafen.”
You say, “Hail, Lord Nagafen”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “So, Inferinus, the lesser ones have returned. Do you suppose they harbor a death wish? Foolish mortals, my curiosity has kept you alive this long, my patience alone will decide if that is to continue.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “I am ________. If you kill me, then you won’t know why I came.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Ancient Draconic? From a lesser one? Interesting … I will hear more. Tell me, mortal, how did you come to possess such sacred knowledge. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “The Sage of Ages taught it to me.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Sage of Ages? I know naught of a Sage of Ages. I have been on Norrath since the dawn of time. I think that with such a pretentious sounding name that I would have heard of this person before now. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “You know who The Sage of Ages is. I come to ask you why you sent your Drakota to kill him, and to ask you to stop.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Drakota? You are grossly misinformed if you believe I have anything to do with Drakota! Do you see the tears in my wings and the scars on my flanks?! These are no wounds from some foolish mortal hero, though many have tried, these are Drakota given… Drakota that no longer exist on this world. I know nothing of this sage. If I desired death upon someone, they certainly would not survive to tell of it. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “He said that only a few dragons now have the power to control the Drakota, you and Vox.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Don’t you EVER speak my slain mate’s name with your mortal lips! My beloved Lady Vox is DEAD! Assassinated by the very things you claim she had control over! Mortal, you have no idea how close to death you now stand. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “I apologize, Lord Nagafen. I will not speak her revered name again.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Guard your tongue or forfeit your life. Now, you claim that this sage of yours was attacked by Drakota and lived. It is unimaginable that any lesser being would survive a targeted attack by the pawns of the Ring of Scale. How does he claim that he was able to escape destruction? ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “He doesn’t, my companions and I destroyed them both.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Both? There were two Drakota? Were they in possession of essence shards? Answer me this now, mortal! ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “No, Lord Nagafen, they were not.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “An orb then? A large glowing orb? Did you find this on their corpses? ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “No, Lord Nagafen, they did not have either of these things.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “So you say… I sense in this that you are telling the truth. Regardless, this makes things very interesting now, doesn’t it. Before me stands Lesser Ones who have the ability to slay Drakota. I find I have need of you. I have a significant task for you, do this and you will be greatly rewarded. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “Lord Nagafen, what of the Sage’s safety? That is the reason I’ve journeyed here.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Mortal, I believe your search for your sage’s adversary and my own quest proposition will lead down the same path. Unfortunately for you, you do not have any other leads to follow, now do you? There is much to be gained by assisting me. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “With all due respect, why should I help you when I cannot even trust you?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Wealth … Power … Prestige. Is that not what all mortals want? Do this task for me and you will be able to select from anything within my vast hoard of treasures, the likes of which you have never seen. Arcane objects of power and knowledge, armor and weapons that have not been touched by the light of the sun since the Age of Monuments, wealth and jewels beyond your comprehension. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “That sounds like a generous reward, but what is it you want me to do?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “You are being charged with a most important and glorious task. You will act in my stead and bring about the resurrection of my beloved Lady Vox. Seek out the murderous Drakota, destroy them in their lairs, and wrest from them the essence shards. While holding these, the Drakota prevent any attempt at returning my beloved to life. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “What are we to do once we get the shards?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Take the spirit shards to my beloved’s crypt within the walls of Permafrost. Each shard contains within it a part of the Lady Vox’s undying spirit. Release the essence kept inside the shard and perform the ritual that I will imbue in your lesser mind. It is not known how many shards are required to correctly perform the ritual. It might take many, or it could be as little as one. The Lady Vox’s will to live is incredibly strong. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “I understand.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Also, the Drakota may be in possession of an Orb of Omnipotence that once belonged to me but is now lost. Return that to me and I will double your reward. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “What is the orb for?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Its purpose is beyond your understanding and comprehension, Lesser One. All you need to concern yourself with is returning it to me if you find it. Now, go, do as I say. ”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “Yes, Lord Nagafen. The Lady Vox will be resurrected.”

You say,”Hail, The Sage of Ages”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Greetings, adventurer! I am pleased to see that you still live. Did you speak to Lord Nagafen?”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Yes. He says he is not responsible for the Drakota’s attacking you. He asks that my companions and I seek to restore Vox to life.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Restore the Lady Vox to life? Nagafen must know that mortals do not have sufficient power or knowledge to resurrect an elder dragon from the dead. I do not trust him. The King of Fire is deceitful and sinister. His forked tongue only speaks lies. This must be why he wants me destroyed. He means to put his plots in motion and knows that I am aware of his trickery.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”If that is true, then why does he want me to kill his Drakota and reclaim Vox’s essence shards?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Those Drakota must have rebelled against him and stole the shards for their own grab at power. Nagafen is still too weak from the Truthspeaker’s attack to go after them himself, so he remains safely in his lair while he gets mortals to do his dirty work.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Who is the Truthspeaker?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “The Truthspeaker was an agent of the Ring of Scale. It was he who risked his life to lead the Drakota, the same Drakota that Nagafen now commands, in an attack to stop the mating of Nagafen and Vox, a mating that would result in utter doom for all of Norrath! The Truthspeaker’s Drakota were able to destroy Vox to prevent the union, but Nagafen was able to retreat to the safety of his lair.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Where is the Truthspeaker now?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “The Truthspeaker has not been heard of since the attack on Nagafen in the Lavastorm Mountains. All that is known of that attack is that Nagafen lives and is now in control of the Drakota assassins. The Truthspeaker is presumed destroyed.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Why is the mating of the Lady Vox and the Lord Nagafen so dangerous?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “It is forbidden among dragonkind for dragons of differing elements to mate and bring forth offspring. The combination of the elements result in a prismatic dragon, a creature of immense power and energy. Only one prismatic dragon has existed on Norrath, the Sleeper, Kerafyrm. Nagafen must believe he can control a prismatic offspring, but it seems he cannot even fully control the Drakota he wrested from the Truthspeaker.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”How powerful are prismatic dragons?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Look to the sky, child. The destruction you find there is the doing of the Sleeper simply as a display of power and a reminder to all living beings of his supremacy. Do you realize the danger now? Nagafen wants the power to do just that. Imagine an army of dragons that could each do that with Nagafen and Vox reigning king and queen over them. It is well that the Truthspeaker succeeded in his task to destroy the Lady Vox.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Now Nagafen wants me to help return her to life.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Yes and that part worries me. He must know that no mortal possesses the ability to return an elder dragon to full life. There must be another reason why he wishes you to attempt this.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”He also asked if the Drakota we defeated were in possession of a glowing orb, an Orb of Omnipotence he called it.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “An Orb of Omnipotence? I have not heard of such a thing. Did he say why he wanted it?”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”No, just that it belonged to him and he would double our reward if we brought it to him.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “If the Lady Vox knew the location of this orb, it might be Nagafen’s plan for you to resurrect the spirit of Vox long enough to discover the whereabouts. Even though Nagafen is using you, the best course of action would be to follow his plan so that we can learn of the orb’s location before he can lay his claws upon it. Find this orb and bring it to me. We will foil the Lord Nagafen’s villainous plot.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”Are you sure this is the best thing to do?”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “It frightens me to say this, but yes, this is the course of action we need to take. This orb will fall into Nagafen’s claws in due time unless we act to prevent it. He may already have other groups searching for it. The orcs you encountered while collecting the runes may be one such group.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”I understand.”
The Sage of Ages says to you, “Follow Nagafen’s instruction in resurrecting Vox’s spirit, but only in this. Do not trust his words. He will deceive you with lies and fallacies. He will twist the truth and double cross you in the end. Do not let him do this for he means to bring about the destruction of this world.”
You say to The Sage of Ages,”I will resurrect Vox and learn the location of this orb.”

You say,”Hail, Lord Nagafen”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “So mortal, you have returned to my lair but you have not completed the task I set before you. I cannot sense the living energy of the Lady Vox, not converse with her. You test my patience by coming here in failure.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “I have not completed the task yet.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “The why have you returned?! Do not think that you can renegotiate our agreement, Lesser One. You will find it very dangerous to do so.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “Lord Nagafen, I wish to know why you desire your lady to be raised from the dead.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “She is my mate! Would you not go to the ends of the world to reclaim your lost love taken from you by murderous assassins? We will not be kept apart by anything, even death itself.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “The Sage of Ages says you only wish to raise her to create an army of powerful offspring.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “This sage of yours presumes to know many things. Did he also tell you the age old fallacy that only doom and destruction could result from such a union? This world was saved by such a union! Look to the sky! That could have been Norrath if the petty gods had their way.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “What do you mean? The Sage said the Sleeper did that as a display of power.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Your sage knows nothing! The gods meant to destroy Norrath. The Sleeper understood that this world is sacred and that the dictates of some minor gods would not be the end of the Wurmqueen’s creations. Kerafyrm forfeited his own life to save this entire world from utter destruction. There are many who fail to understand the noble intentions of what such a union can bring.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “You mean the Truthspeaker. That’s why he attacked you, isn’t it?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “The Truthspeaker… the assumed name of that wretched snake Darathar… the name he tried using within the Ring of Scale. Yes, Darathar sent the Drakota to kill my mate and now they possess essence shards to keep her from me! Darathar will pay for Vox’s murder. You have taken far too much of my time, mortal. Complete the task and do not return until you do.”
You say to Lord Nagafen, “Yes, Lord Nagafen.”

Lady Vox says,”Nagafen! I am here! I hear you! It is gone?! Yes, I can feel it’s presence, it is close! I will, my beloved!”
You say,”Hail, Lady Vox”
Lady Vox says to you, “Greetings mortals. You have done well in restoring me, but your power is not enough to resurrect me permanently. My time is short. Listen carefully. The ice giants who claimed to remain loyal to us, in my absence, entered my lair and took something that belongs to the Lord Nagafen and myself. We need you to recover it.”
You say to Lady Vox,”What is this object?”
Lady Vox says to you, “It is the Orb of Omnipotence that the Lord Nagafen spoke of. You must get this orb back from the king of the ice giants and return it safely to Lord Nagafen at all costs. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could mean the destruction of all of Norrath. Mortals, please, you must do this!”
You say to Lady Vox,”We will recover the orb.”

You say,”Hail, Lord Nagafen”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Those lying, betraying Kromise! King Drayek swore to me that they did not know the whereabouts of the orb. Mortal, have you recovered it from the ice giants as the Lady Vox directed? It is imperative that it reaches the safety of these halls!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”Darathar took it from us, he was the Sage of Ages.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Darathar?! Darathar was your sage?! And now he has the egg! Do you understand what you’ve done?! You have been manipulated this entire time! You led him to the one thing that would give him power to subjugate all of Norrath. We are doomed!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”Where has he gone?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “What does that matter?! He will have returned to his hidden lair in order to study and manipulate the egg. No one knows where his lair is, not even his chief lieutenants. In order for them to even travel there the five of them must meet and travel as one. There is no way for any of us to find him!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”How do you know this?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “I tore the information from the dying corpse of the Drakota that led the attack against me. I also ripped this Translocation Ring from the chain that hung from his neck, in case you needed further proof! These are what his lieutenants use to travel to him. They must combine all five pieces in order for the portal to work.”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”We can get the other rings. We can stop Darathar! ”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “You can’t stop him! Don’t you see now that he has been in control of the Drakota this entire time?! The only reason you got as far as you did is because he let you! His elite Drakota hold these pieces. They will not be leashed as his others have been. You have no chance against them!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”We will stop him.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “HAHAHA! You only hasten your own death. You are as headstrong and foolish as the orcs. So be it. Take the Translocation Ring. I no longer have a use for it. Now go, before I kill you myself for your failure!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”Darathar will be defeated.”

You say,”Hail, Lord Nagafen”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “So it seems you came to your senses and decided against getting yourself killed. Now, keep with those thoughts of self preservation and leave my chamber!”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”We destroyed Darathar. The egg burst into these shards during the battle.”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “The egg was destroyed?! HAHAHA! You served me well. Darathar is not the only master of manipulation, now is he? Now that that little mess of the missing egg is out of the way, I can proceed as planned.”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”You don’t care that your only egg is destroyed?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “HAHAHA! Only egg? I have plenty more safely hidden away. I just couldn’t let that one lost egg remain unaccounted for. You did nicely in seeing to it that its existence no longer poses a risk to me.”
You say to Lord Nagafen,”What about our deal?”
Lord Nagafen says to you, “Deal? Our deal was for you to bring the Lady Vox back from the dead and to return the egg to me. You failed to do either. Oh, but keep the shards as a gift from Lord Nagafen the Red! Inferinus, make sure the mortals find their way out!”

Into the Depths of: Solusek’s Eye

Overview of the Solusek’s Eye

Located within the great volcano of the Lavastorm Mountains, Solusek’s Eye is a set of caverns with molten lava and precious ores running through it. The depths of these lava-filled caverns are full of gnome miners, vicious kobolds, and fire goblins. The fire goblins and the fire giant – deeper within the caverns – are protectors of the great red dragon, Lord Nagafen.

Background Lore
The Solusek Mining Company, an intrepid group of gnomes, ventured to Solusek’s Eye from their home city of Ak’Anon to mine ore and produce tinkered creations. To aid the excavation of this dangerous s region, the gnomes have brought with them a horde of clockwork miners who can better tolerate the intense heat emanating from the pools and rivers of magna.

Fire goblins also make these caverns home, unaffected by the searing heat. Though the mining company and fire goblin clan are not in direct conflict, they have no love for each other. They do, however, share a hatred for the Solusek kobolds and the fire giants. The fire giants and the fire goblins both serve the great red dragon, Lord Nagafen.
Those that dare to trek too deeply through Solusek’s Eye are advised to be wary of stumbling into the lair, for creatures that lurk there are far more deadly than the goblins and fire elementals of Solusek’s Eye. The lair is accessed through the innermost tunnel system of the complex.

If one is brave enough to endure the suffocating heat of the lava and the constant torment of the goblins, Solusek’s Eye can be a wonderful place to find wealth. The ore mined by the goblins and gnomes can be sold for a handsome price to merchants in various towns. Also, the shamanistic magic of the globins has allowed them to craft simple trinkets with properties that could prove helpful.


Solusek’s Eye is not only full of dangerous goblins who would kill anyone entering into their territory, but the lava that flows throughout the caverns can melt through the sturdiest of armor. The ledges and causeways are oftentimes very narrow here and falling into the lava is an ever-present danger.

Fire Goblin King

When the red dragon, Lord Nagafen, descended upon the desolate, fiery peaks of Lavastorm, he compelled the fire goblins who had resided in this region for many generations to construct for him a subterranean lair in the nethermost bowls of the immense volcano. Lord Nagafen was able to impose his will by taking advantage of the Fire Goblin King offering him and his heirs an unchallenged role over his own people, backed personally by the great dragon himself. Dimwitted and eager to please this massive, god-like creature of immense power, the goblins quickly went to work, constructing the tunnels and grand chamber that would house the fire dragon.

The king has presided over his people without opposition or uprising ever since – an occurrence of social stability that is quire rare about the goblins of Norrath. To this he continues to directly oversee the fire goblins of Solusek’s Eye, answering only to Lord Nagafen. It is known that the goblin king and his subjects hold a great contempt for the kobolds and fire giants who protect Nagafen’s lair – a disdain that is borne of jealously and contest for their great fire lords favor.


LDON 8 – A Dragon’s Riches

The strong rule the weak. That is the law amongst the kobolds. But in the depths of Lord Nagafen’s lair, one of the strongest of the Solusek kobolds grew restless.

While kobolds do not usually give in to pride, some do indeed give in to greed.

Heili Erat, a noble of the Solusek kobold clan, grew increasingly angry that he was left on the fringe of the royalty. The rewards he sought for his position were ignored. No matter how he petitioned for an army of his own, he was shuffled back to his filthy room, where he could often be heard pacing back and forth while cursing them all.

Heili decided it was time to seek power and riches of his own. He would find a way to line his pockets with gold.

For as long as Heili could recall, he had been told to stay away from Lord Nagafen, the mighty dragon in the bowels of the mines. He was told never to explore there or he would face the dire lord’s fiery breath. The legends say that those who attempted to slay the dragon were stripped of all their riches and wasted away deep in the caverns-a place no Solusek kobold had ever set foot.

Rather than get the tangled fur of his own haunches seared by Lord Nagafen, he decided to send an unsuspecting slave. He called a kobold slave to his shabby room and had him sit in front of him. The noble quickly cast a charm spell upon the poor slave, bidding him to search the deep caverns of Nagafen’s den to see what lay hidden there.

It is not known what the enchantment was that captured the slave, but it was somehow enough for him to catch a glimpse of a cavern filled with enormous heaps of riches belonging to Lord Nagafen. Heili saw it all as he looked through the slave’s eyes.

That was the tale woven by the Shadowed man to Nedaria who, in turn, relayed it to Morden and Tondal. Morden believed the tale. The creases at the corners of his eyes crumpled as he smirked, his gray eyes glistening with the thrill of adventure.

Two nights had passed and Morden had finally reached the Solusek kobold’s lair, where he perched on a ledge near a lava pit. He heard them growling about a hidden passage and the noble’s idiocy. They said he was starting rumors and saying that Lord Nagafen’s lair was not real.

In the shadows, Morden made time to watch Heili, the noble. He saw him caress an old crate on the floor of his makeshift room and cackle. He got up and paced past the torch on the wall and its flame flickered. It was enough to capture a glint of gold between the rotting wooden slats of the crate.

“There are riches of the likes we’ve never seen, my dear friends. I’m sure of it,” Morden said with a roguish grin. “I’ve found a way for us to enter the hold. Prepare yourselves for adventure. We move today!”


LDON 7 – A Shadow Speaks

Nedaria quietly reminisced about her youth. No one in Erudin had known she was different. As a young free-spirited erudite, she discovered she had an innate power to see into people’s minds and overcome the boundaries of the present to glimpse into the future.

She remembered the first foreboding dream that came to her. One of the nobles of Erudin was planning to murder his own son who threatened to replace him and ascend to the city’s council.

After rising from her sleep that night, she ran to her mother, Tilisea Nebeian, who was studying at the grand table in the library of their home. She tugged at her mother’s robe and told her the nightmare she had.

Her mother first smiled with delight as she entertained the wild musings of her child. Then, as Nedaria continued, her mother’s face twisted in fear. She quickly hushed Nedaria and ran into the storeroom, frantically throwing supplies into a satchel. Tilisea grabbed her daughter’s arm tightly and dragged her quickly through the city and out into the darkness of the Toxxulia Forest. She crouched in front of Nedaria and handed the satchel to her. With tears glistening in her eyes, Tilisea held her daughter’s face in her hands.

“Run now little one. You cannot stay here. The nobles will learn of your gift and rob you of all you hold dear — your mind and talents. Talk to no one. Let your senses guide you. I will seek you out soon,” Tilisea said in a single rush of breath.

Nedaria was terrified and confused, but turned from her mother and ran as far and as fast as she could. Her tears streaked her soft cheeks as she sobbed.

It had been many years since that night and she never heard from her mother again. Her heart withered knowing that her mother may have paid a dear price for saving her.

Nedaria’s time within her memories ended abruptly as a sense of gloom passed over her — a presence she was not familiar with was nearby. She looked up from the necklace she was crafting and saw nothing. She rose from her seat on a crate of blankets and turned her eyes to the east.

In the heat haze and geysers of steam, the shimmering outline of a humanoid figure moved closer. It was a shadow that moved without the need of an object to cast it.

Nedaria heard of shadowed creatures in Norrath that could move in the light of day. She also recalled that they were to be avoided.

The figure then crept backward behind the steam. Nedaria followed, believing that this creature of shadow would have already attacked had it wanted the blood of those in the camp.

Down the hill, under the gentle flapping wings of a fire drake, Nedaria waited alone. She sent out a soft voice from her mind, hoping it would reach the creature. In the Common tongue of Norrath, she repeated, “I am here to listen if you have something to say.”

A gravelly voice whispered into her right ear. She remained motionless.

“We seek the same enemy. The servants of Solusek Ro need to be cast out. You know as well as I that this is the only path to true magical power. It is our place to rule the world. The pure and true magic of the Shadowed men is the only art,” it said. “I can help you if you can help me. I can promise you power.”

With her back to the Shadowed man, Nedaria listened as he told a tale of greed among the Solusek kobolds and a growing resentment of the resident lord, the mighty dragon, Nagafen.


Library of Mayong – Book

This book is newly bound, and seems to be a collection of Zebuxoruk’s prophecies as told to the monks of the Whistling Fist in the Tower of the Four Winds. Notes are scribbled in the margins in clean penmanship.

1. Once more, her allies will give rise to the thought of life anew. “Definitely a reference to Tunare. The presence of growth in the Lesser Faydark is undeniable.”

2. The hissing of the serpent shall strike back at this world with unexpected ferocity. “Unknown at this time. Perhaps more to be uncovered in the future? -SV”

3. Those who toil in eternity shall find riches in the dusk of time. “Likely a simple proverb. I can’t imagine this being more… -SV”

4. Forever the commander he has now risen in rank to play his part in ages end. “I wonder if this is Lucan or Rallos? The wording is not clear enough to make a solid prediction. -SV”

5. In the guise of harmony the mirror is flipped and chaos walks among us. “I have no idea at this time. Chaos? Guise of harmony? Makes little sense to me. -SV”

6. Those from below shall attempt to further their agenda below the throne of Brell. “Most assuredly the ratonga. Our network of informants has indicated that they are up to something in the ancient dwarven halls of Kaladim. -SV”

7. Cleft in twine at the dawn of time, the two shall stand once more in a united front against that which brings the end. “Ahh, this is your favorite, my master. I believe this will be very crucial to your research. I trust you already know what this references. -SV”

8. From realms below and beyond the lord of darkness shall return to play his part in destiny. “Ahh, my master! You are indeed referenced in the fallen one’s ramblings! -SV”

9. The orbs are not so great as the crimson lord might have you believe but they are powerful. Beware service in his name. “Feh. Nagafen and the eggs of his brood. This is of little use to us. -SV”

10. She who represents the forbidden two shall begin the march of fate. “I am at a loss to explain this reference. -SV”

11. Etched in stone, the first key from dawn shall be revealed. “Another line of great import, I believe. This may reference the stone which you have been researching. -SV”

12. The age of the dragons is waning though they know it not. Seek now your fortune in the affairs of the other mortal races. “And the Claws will get their due. Though I believe ‘mortal races’ to be a mistake. Obviously the ungod forgets us. -SV”

13. The Nine shall return and face the end. “And the true key. We just do not know the ninth. I trust you will find the information though. -SV”

The Age of Turmoil

This book is titled “The Age of Turmoil”. It is a chronicle of history as told by the Sage of Ages.

Forward: This volume is a copy of one of our older tomes within our library. This was a chronicle of the several times the Sage of Ages spoke to us of his infinite knowledge. It is only now that we can understand what his visions can teach us. The Sage of Ages, or Sages as the case may be, has observed Norrath for time immemorial. This story is a glimpse into just one of the many viewpoints of unrecorded history.

As the Ages would come to pass, the Dragons by know had realized the threat of the lesser beings. Actively involving themselves in the matters of the small mortals, they began keeping eyes and ears open all around them. Learning from the harsh lessons of the Destroyer, a new strategy had come about through a heavy cost.

Great arguments among the Ring would rage for days, even weeks. One side wanted to change the Laws whereas another wanted to make even more. One ignored side wanted to reintroduce the Drakota to the world, giving them to the mortals as a punishment for their audacity. These arguments would reforge the Ring, making it stronger than ever.

The Ring would see more changes as time went on, but to a Dragon time is meaningless. The leaders of the mortals would come and go, just as their empires of the past did so many times already. Of these changes, however, one was the most pleasing. For the memory of the Destroyer still lingered within the minds and stories of the lesser races. And when they would finally breach the prisons of the Exiled Ones, the mortals were already prepared for what they would see.

Never once did the lies and promises of power sway the hearts of these adventurers. No matter how cruel and black their insides were, these heroes knew the lies spoken by the King of Fire and the Queen of Ice. The heroes would attempt to carry out the original instructions of the Destroyer from ages past, but would sadly fail time and time again.

Bemused by the incessant attempts to destroy Vox and Nagafen, the Ring kept watch over their attempts. As their eyes were turned, they did not see that the old enemy’s land would become known again to the mortals. This would only be the beginning of further atrocities, for these heroes would soon find the first land. The land of the Dragons.

Having had their own lands breached by these mortals, the Ring was forced to act upon before thinking. Many of the Ring would actively seek out the mortals who roamed the frozen wastes.

From the dense jungles to the highest peaks, the mortals would soon learn that their trespasses were not to be tolerated.

Gathering once again, the Ring considered what was to be done about the mortals. Some chose to close off the lands and use the Magic to prevent them from ever getting to their sanctum again. Others chose to launch a counter assault against the mortals as they had once done with the old enemy. And the other ignored one suggested the Drakota could be controlled again.

In the end, the Ring chose to remove the intruders from their lands. Once they had been defeated, they would count their losses, for the Ring would need to be reforged once again.

Then, they would decide what to do. What was certain however, was that they would no longer view these heroes as insignificant creatures.

The Age ended with the Ring being reforged one last time. This time, they would be resolute and treat these heroes with as much respect as the Drakota. They needed to be leashed like the dogs they were. Just like the Drakota.

The Age of Monuments

This book is titled “The Age of Monuments.” it is a chronicle of history as told by the Sage of Ages.

Forward: This volume is a copy of one of our older tomes within our library. This was a chronicle of the several times the Sage of Ages spoke to us of his infinite knowledge. It is only now that we can understand what his visions can teach us. The Sage of Ages, or Sages as the case may be, has observed Norrath for time immemorial. This story is a glimpse into just one of the many viewpoints of unrecorded history.

The Ring of Scale has nestled deep within their kingdom lairs, ignoring the rest of the world during the Age of Monuments. They still agonized over losses within the Ring – not just on one occasion, but several more times as well. The rest of the world would continue to grow out of hand during their time of withdrawal.

The Elven-kind would build a great haven to house themselves within the shelter of the First Trees. Promoting art and harmony, the Elven-kind prospered beneath and atop the boughs of their solace. Calling their realm Takish’Hiz, they foresaw an eternity of harmony. Their lifespan was but a sliver compared to the Dragons, their dreams of eternal harmony were insignificant.

The Ogres would begin to build their empire as well. It was hard for the Dragons to understand the thoughts of these creatures, for they lived and died within a day. But yet, they still rose to power somehow, and built mighty citadels all over the world to mark their territory. The Dragons viewed these mayflies to be even more insignificant than their Elven neighbors.

And many more races would continue to sprout, blend, merge, and shed throughout the great gift of the Dragons. From the Kedge to the Dwarves, and the Halfling and Trolls, and the Dark Elves and the Gnomes, the races would mark the world to show they were there. And when these monuments of existence grew large enough, the Dragons feared they would find the Exiled Ones.

Convening the Ring into one, the Dragons chose to act outwardly upon the world once again. The lesser beings posed a great risk to the Ring, for if they came too close to the exiled Fire and Ice, the first law may be broken again. It had taken all the effort of the Ring to contain the damage done by the breaking of the first law. They would not do it again, therefore they made their presence known.

Detaching one of their own, they sent him into the exiled lands to remove the threat of a law being broken once again. So that the hand of the Ring was not bloodied, the Destroyer brought with him the petulant children – the Drakota. The children had now learned that the wishes of the Ring were greater than theirs, so the children were now safe.

The Destroyer journeyed to the exiled lands and began seeking the prisons of the King of Fire and the Queen of Ice. With the Drakota, he would destroy them once and for all. No longer would the laws be broken when the two were destroyed. And so he went unto them, to explain to them why they had to die. And to show them how they would.

But this was his folly, for the Destroyer knew only how to bring upon the end of things. He was not familiar with creating, such as the lies that were told to him by the pair of regents. Seduced by the beguiling words of Vox and Nagafen, the Destroyer severed himself from the Ring.

Striving to do what he could to unite the pair so that they could break the laws once again, he sent forth the Drakota to tear down the prisons of Fire and Ice. The Destroyer would nearly succeed at his perfidy were it not for an unnamed hero that would rise from the races and stop him. With his death, this would be the end of the Age of Monuments.

The Age of Destiny

This book appears to be an extremely valuable illuminated tome. Unfortunately, most of the pages have been ripped out of the book. The title of the story is “The Age of Destiny”.

Forward: This volume is a copy of the most recent tome in the library. It is unprecedented to for the Sage of Ages to speak of an Age before it has closed, yet this volume is exactly that. We cannot yet understand what the meaning of these words are. In time they will become clear.

The Sage of Ages, or Sages as the case may be, has observed Norrath for time immemorial.

This story is a glimpse into just one of the many viewpoints of unrecorded history.

The Age of Destiny is upon us. The Ages have come and gone like the passing of a river. The Dragons remain watching their world as they always have done. And now they see sights that alarm them. Many Ages ago, a Law was broken. This was the most sacred of Laws there ever was. And the repercussions of this broken Law are felt to this day.

It is known the Vox and Nagafen had been part of the Ring and they were severed. This has been told before. It is known that they are the Exiled Ones who created a force of destruction that could barely be contained. It is known that they live within their forever prisons to suffer for what they have done. It is known that they are now free.

One was freed from this mortal coil. The Queen of Ice. The Frozen Wyrm. The Lady Vox. She is known by many names, but now she is known only as one – Dead. The faithful Drakota of the Truthbringer felled her within her lair. And this is good.

One was freed from his prison, able to walk this world with ease. The King of Fire. The Enflamed One. Nagafen. He is known by many names, but he is missing the most important – Dead. The faithful Drakota were stopped from completing their task by the use of deceptive magics. But this will not stop the Drakota entirely, for their numbers are many.

But even now, in the Age of Destiny, the Exiled Ones still wish to cause havok and destruction.

For when they broke the first Law, they had a blatant disregard for what they were doing. And now, it is seen that they have broken the Law again. The cost of the first Law being broken was the moon in the sky. Look to it and know the truth. The two of Fire and Ice brought this destruction and must be stopped.

Many Ages ago, the Dragons knew that the Drakota were a very important tool. A tool that could be used to keep order within the world. What they disregarded were the heroes from the lesser races. Even when they looked and saw the possibility, they still did not pay attention. But one Dragon did. The Truthbringer.

The Age of Cataclysms

This book is titled “The Age of Cataclysms”. It is a chronicle of history as told by the Sage of Ages.

Forward: This volume is a copy of one the more recent tomes within our library. This was a chronicle of the several times the Sage of Ages spoke to us of his infinite knowledge. It is only now that we can understand what his visions can teach us. The Sage of Ages, or Sages as the case may be, has observed Norrath for time immemorial. This story is a glimpse into just one of the many viewpoints of unrecorded history.

As the Age of Cataclysms came, the Dragons would watch as their world would change drastically. Their jewel, their present from the great Mother, was being ripped apart before their very eyes. The gods had come and gone, and in their wake devastation followed.

Having followed the great wars of the lesser races for much of the last Age, they were not convinced that the heroes were stable enough to use as tools. This is because they did not understand that the lessers were as important as those that were not draconic. This is something the Dragons would come to know in time.

For the time being, they would continue observing from a far as the world broke apart. The turbulence of the seas was what began to alarm them at first. They could tell this was something greater than they were capable of. With the absence of the gods, they could not blame it on divine interference. But what it was, they could not say.

When the rumblings beneath the earth began, they asked all of their agents within Sub-Tunaria if there was a cause that was simply mundane. Not hearing an answer from their eyes and ears, they became alarmed. Ultimately, one of the Ring spoke first. One spoke the name of the Exiled Ones.

During the Age of Turmoil, the invading heroes would undo all that the Ring of old had seeked to contain. The blatant disregard toward the Laws on part of the King of Fire and the Queen of Ice is what was contained within the deepest tomb. When it was released, destruction unlike anything the Dragons had seen in any Age was wreaked across the land. Perhaps Nagafen and Vox had been freed from their prison after all these Ages.

The Ring convened as it had done so in the past. One group wanted to move their prison to their homeland to watch over them. One group wanted to seal their prisons forever. And one individual suggested the using of the Drakota. After many ages, they gave in and allowed the Drakota to be used once again.

The Truthspeaker, the Dragon who was in control of the Drakota, traveled to the prison of the King of Fire and saw that the worst come to pass. The destruction of the world was being caused by the joining of the two. At once, he took his faithful Drakota to the ice prison that entombed Vox. His worst fears were true, for within the Ice Queen’s prison was the Fire King.

The Truthspeaker waited for the Fire King to leave, knowing that he could not suffer the freezing temperatures of the prison for too long. As Nagafen left, the Truthspeaker unleashed the Drakota upon Vox. Where the Destroyer of past ages was seduced by the foolish lies of the fiends and failed, the Truthspeaker was successful. Vox was destroyed.

Not letting the victory pass, the Truthspeaker assaulted the King of Fire before he could reach the safety of his lair – his former prison. The Truthspeaker would suffer only half a victory during this age, for the King of Fire had drawn from powers not his own to defeat the Drakota. The Age would end, but the Truthspeaker would vow that in the next Age, the bane of the Ring would cease once and for all.