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Travels into a Remote Corner of Faydark

Travels into a Remote Corner of Faydark
By Yuille Maclemuel

I have wasted little time before to write of my travels, but my recent adventure in The Faydark forest inspired me. I was going through Lesser Faydark on my way to the docks of Butcherblock after battling some enjoyably putrid undead within the Loping Plains, on my flying carpet. All of a sudden I was struck from the side! I last remember plummeting through the oversized flora that fills the Lesser Faydark!

I awoke flat on my back. My head was reeling. I was disoriented and was having a hard time focusing. Worst of all, I was unable to move! This is when I began to feel small jobbing upon my face! A bug, no doubt, asking to be crushed. My eyes then made out a small figure upon my chest standing three apples high, pushing a spear at my cheek! A bug, my cold Halasian butt, this is a brownie!

It took no time then for me to understand why I could not move. They had bound me to the ground with thousands of tiny crisscrossing threads! And this one on my chest will not stop stabbing me! “Stop that!” I roared. The stabber flinched back enough and was forced to regain his balance. He then said something to me in his little high pitched voice. It was bold, and curt.

“I don’t speak fiddly fae.” I shouted, “No, wings, Butch!” The tiny guy then yelled something back to the others that were surrounding me. Another male came forward.
“I know to speak bits your tongue. I talks for us.”
“Great. You do that. Tell this tiny dancer to let me go!”
“He will not do.”
“Why not?”
“You attack patrol and you done threat our village! We’re doomed!”
“I have not. I feel from my carpet!”

“And dead now two mens under you. You attack.”
“That was an accident.” (Was that the odd squishiness I was feeling?) “A boo boo!” I explained.
“Ah! That for Walpole to find true or no.” The little interpreter then went over and began speaking with several others, one of which was the stabber. I then started to take in my surroundings. I began to be impressed by the nerve, intelligence and organizational abilities of the miniature people.

It was their behavior towards me and with each other that I was reading. They obviously had an organized military structure. This is not what I would have expected! It is easy to assume smaller is simpler, but these guys are on the ball! I had always imagined them more like a gaggle of small goblins. Irritating, but not enough to hinder you. Clearly I underestimated these people. They are all clothed, and clean. They are just as advanced as any race allowed in Freeport; moreso than some!

Is that a rat head the stabber guy is wearing as a helm? How had I not noticed that before? “You stay.” The interpreter had come back. “Walpole send word to Mayor Mendeputt. He say what to do.”
“Contacting superiors, gotchya.” To this he turned and walked back to the others.
“You need a drink?” A female brownie was walking towards me.
“That would be nice,” I replied. She then cast a spell which created a cloud over my head and it rained on me clear and fresh water.

“You are welcome,” She smiled. “I like your face colors. I have been thinking of adding to my marks, too.”
“Oh,” I feigned interest.
“You need not worry. Even if Walpole wants to kill you, he will not do it if Mayor Mendeputt does not wish it. Walpole does not do anything that will endanger his standing in the court.”
“You talk a lot,” I pointed out. “And speak Halasian well.” (I wish she hadn’t.)

“Thank you! They continue to choose Carteret to translate because of how many tongues he claims to know.” She kept going. “The truth is he isn’t very good at any of them! And he tells so many stories. I bet he will be found in the pub house this night telling all how he single handedly mediated a war between the barbarians and brownies!”

I respected the aggressive and suspicious males, but if the chattery and casual female was a standard for her gender, then I had even more respect for the males for putting up with such nonsense. I was glad when the one called Walpole (the stabber) came back, and interrupted the girl’s incessant yammering. Carteret was close on his heels, and began translating immediately.

“By order of great, good, big and mighty Mayor Mendeputt, brownies to cut big girl. Er, rope, cut her rope!” Obviously, he was trying to translate for my own good. The brownies had no confusion over what their orders had been. They had already began cutting at my restraints. “Potent hunter Walpole wishes to thank on you for your behaving, and is sad for any hurt done.”

“No worries kid. I am sorry about your friends though,” I said, as I sat up and looked behind me to the carnage that was two flattened brownies.
“We too,” he stated solemnly, as others covered the bodies with cloaks. “Mushroom top is your fabric found.”
“Shiny. I’ll be on my way then.” And with that, I retrieved my carpet and made my way to Butcherblock as I had planned.

I can see how the little guys can leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. I can only warn that you take care as you travel through the Lesser Faydark. The brownies may be little, but the pain they can inflict is large!

Journal of Wu, Seeker of Enlightenment

My Quest for Enlightenment
by Wu, a humble servant of Tranquility

Long have I traveled across Norrath, trying to learn all I can about our world and its inhabitants. There is much to see and experience, and too often the citizens of the various empires close themselves off from anything beyond their own borders.

The road to enlightenment is long, and though solitary in nature, one still needs a guide to keep on the proper path. I looked to the writings of Zan Fi, a wise monk who not only mastered all forms of combat but learned that the battle within is much more crucial than the fight against any opponent.

It has been my honor to share what I have learned with others when I can. Just as Zan Fi’s writings were of benefit to me, I hope that my words bring aid and enlightenment to those who wish to undertake a similar journey. If they do, then my presence in this world will have meaning.

Of the many places I have seen, the forest known as the Lesser Faydark is of particular interest to me. Though at first glance it is but a sleepy shadow of its more expansive sibling, there is an air of magic and wonder here that transcends even the Greater Faydark.

I believe part of this forest’s uniqueness is due to the touch of planar and extra-dimensional forces. The presence of the gods is strong here, and the fact that both Tunare and Cazic-Thule have manifested themselves in the place has touched everything from the flora to its inhabitants.

In this forest, light and dark intermix to form shades of grey. Orcs and bandits are drawn here, as are the magical fay races and even the rare unicorn. But there are also odd dichotomies, such as the brownies who serve the power of Growth yet strike with a great wrath at any outsider, no matter their purpose.

The mysterious shadowed men are also drawn here. After much study, I now believe they are attracted to sources of great power on Norrath and perhaps other worlds. Though initially they assume no visible form, I have seen some others lurking here in dark places and now believe these beings may be of the Void itself.

It may be that the mingling of good and evil here makes this place what it is, and these powers hold each other in check. I feel as though this forest will always be in conflict, and even if one side would seem to prevail, its nemesis will be waiting for its turn to take hold and shift the balance once again.

Furthermore, I believe the potency of the magical forces at play weaken the barriers between realities. After much meditation, I may have made contact with a being from such a place. A presence speaks to my mind, calling itself Vorash. It communes with me and seeks to learn about the ways of the monk.

I intend to learn more about this Vorash and determine its intentions. But I must not neglect the dangers in this realm wither. My campsite here in the forest has not gone unnoticed, and I believe malevolent forces are drawing close to me. I must be on my guard at all times.

Whoever or whatever observes me, I fear they may be seeking the weapon I carry, a blessed armament of some potency. I must ensure it does not fall into the hands of those who would corrupt it, yet my means of escape may be somewhat limited. Perhaps an ally can be found to keep it safe for me.

In the meantime I shall continue my meditations and observations. The path I walk is filled with challenges, but despite the dangers of the special place I believe I will draw closer to ultimate Tranquility by dwelling here.

If I am fortunate, perhaps one day I shall write more to offer additional guidance to those who seek it. May your journey, dear reader, be as rewarding as mine has been.

EverQuest Atlas: Maps of Myrist (Castle Mistmoore)

Eternally blanketed in enchanted darkness, the foreboding towers of Castle Mistmoore rise from a thick haze of mist enshrouding the whole of the Lesser Faydark. This castle has stood since before the elves fled Tunaria, now named Antonica, before the dwarves had seen the light of the Norrathian sun. It is rumored that the builder and inhabitant of the castle is an ancient vampire named Mayong, Lord of Mistmoore, who has lived well over ten thousand years. The elves of the Faydark know to stay clear of the castle and its surrounding lands out of a well-justified fear of the castle and its monstrous, bloodthirsty inhabitant. Few that have ventured to the castle have lived to tell the gruesome tale of the undead abominations that lurk within.

Like its master, the castle and its origins remain shrouded in an impenetrable mystery and likely shall until the vampire lord deems it necessary to reveal such secrets, which in all likelihood will never come to pass. The castle itself is a structure of breathtaking, cathedral-like architecture, greater than any noble’s palace and able to grip the heart of even the bravest of knights in a vice of unfathomable terror.

All recognizable inhabitants of the area are of Teir’Dal descent, although why the lord holds a preference for this racial monogamy among his servants remains unknown. Many have concluded that the vampire lord was once a Teir’Dal himself, as grand portraits of a Teir’Dal nobleman adorn the castle’s interior walls. None have been able to ultimately confirm this suspicion.

Steamfont Mountains: Past and Present

The sounds of gnomish cheers and clockwork gears echo throughout the continent of Faydwer as the Steamfont Mountains transforms its appearance. This revamp will be included with the Game Update on Thursday, October 25th. Read part of the lore surrounding this area and view a photo gallery look at the changes that were made.

Background Lore:

Named for the natural geysers and springs found in its rocky peaks, these mountains surround the gnome city of Ak’Anon. It is known that the dragons had once dwelled here, for the fossilized remains of very young dragon can be viewed inside a small valley. The presence of Steamfont’s drakes also indicates that the region may once have had some greater significance to the children of Veeshan. However, that history was lost long before the arrival of the elves or the surfacing of the gnomes.

Today, Steamfont acts as a training ground for young gnomish pupils, as well as for those elves and dwarves that brave the dangerous trek through the Lesser Faydark. Minotaurs from the mines of Meldrath are among the most challenging foes due to their social and cooperative nature.

The mountains of Steamfont are bordered by the Lesser Faydark to the east, and the gates to the glorious subterranean city of Ak’Anon to the far west – gates installed safely within a mountain face and heavily guarded by some of Ak’Anon’s most renown warriors.


Lesser Faydark: History

When the Elder Age was in full bloom, long before the Faydark was divided, the fey (brownies, pixies, faeries, and fae drakes) and the other sylvan creatures (unicorns, griffons, and others) dwelt together in the great forest. They assisted the Woodkine in the defense of their homeland, but, unlike the Woodkine, the fey eventually forsook the Greater Faydark for its smaller and more isolated sister forest. After the Faydark was divided by orcish assaults, the fey tried to maintain their ancestral homes in both forests; however, as the world beyond the forest continued to change, too many creatures began to venture into the realms of the fey. The Fier’Dal left their home on the continent of Antonica and began to settle in the Greater Faydark. Though they disliked the thought of sharing their woods with outsiders, the fey tolerated the wood elves, but grew increasingly uneasy as the years went by and other less welcome visitors began to arrive — dwarves, humans, and orcs; foresters, hunters, raiders, and bandits.

The fey fought these intruders, but even though the wee folk were brave and determined, in the end they proved too few to stem the tide. Faerie warriors perished at the hands of orc centurions, brownies were rounded up and killed or captured as curiosities, and nearly all of the proud unicorns of the Greater Faydark were slaughtered. At length, the pressure upon the fey grew too much, and they began to depart en masse, relocating to the nearby Lesser Faydark. Few remained in the Greater Faydark, stubbornly defending their old homesteads, sharing an uneasy truce with the wood elves and battling the intrusions of the Crushbone orcs and others.

The rest, however, retreated into the ancient and forbidding depths of the Lesser Faydark, where they created the last purely fey settlements. Intensely territorial and fearful of the outside world, the brownies, faeries, and fae drakes all jealously guarded their realm against intrusion, harassing if not ferociously attacking outsiders. For a time the fey held the outside world at bay, and lived at peace amongst themselves. The fae drakes flitted about the forest, serving their royal court and aiding the other inhabitants of the forest. The brownies founded a small but thriving settlement, and mushroom-houses were dotted throughout the area.

Few outsiders came to the forest, and fewer still survived. The best known of the survivors was the human monk called Master Wu, who established a small encampment and spent several years contemplating the wonders and peace of the surrounding forest. Perhaps sensing a kindred soul, the fey generally left Wu in peace, and after a time he moved on, continuing his studies elsewhere. For decades, the folk of the Lesser Faydark continued to live in peace.

Faydark: Legends

Long ago, the elves say, before even they walked this land, all of Faydwer was a single great forest that stretched from shore to shore, covering all the land. The trees were great and fair, their trunks smooth as silk and leaves golden.

This was the Suntouched Forest, so named because the sun’s light suffused every inch, turning the bark to gold and the leaves to fire, and covering the spaces between the trees with a thick carpet of golden-green grass. Animals lived here peacefully, and trees and bushes provided fruit and nuts enough for all.

Though the elves had not yet arrived in the Suntouched, the forest was not devoid of intelligent life, for here dwelt the Woodkine, an ancient race. Tall as giants, they were not cast in flesh — instead the Woodkine were great plants, their skin like that of the trees and their hair and beards like leaves and vines. The Suntouched was their home and their charge, and the Woodkine wandered it freely, tending to plants and animals alike and ensuring that the forest prospered. These gentle creatures were one with the land, and could move swiftly through even the densest thicket — some say they swung from tree branches rather than setting foot on the ground, and others that they leapt from bough to bough.

Certainly the Woodkine possessed powerful magic, yet it was magic of the land, a power focused on healing, growth, and assistance. These creatures, to hear the elves speak of them, were akin to gods, but without any arrogance — their lives belonged to the Suntouched, and all their actions were intended to aid the forest and its inhabitants. Then the Dark came to Faydwer.

No one knows how or why the darkness arrived, but suddenly the sun vanished from the sky, hidden behind heavy clouds for weeks on end. With the shadows came creatures the Suntouched had never known, ogres and orcs and trolls, dark creatures full of hate and malice and greed.

To them the Suntouched was a rich land waiting to be plundered, and they tore into it, chopping down trees to build forts and slaughtering animals for both food and amusement. They landed first in the south, and soon much of the southern portion of the forest had been cut down, leaving only stumps and grass where once had stood ancient groves.

The Woodkine were initially horrified, then angered. The land was under their protection, and for the first time these gentle creatures deliberately sought to do harm. First they struck against the intruders, knocking them aside with powerful limbs and crushing them under splayed feet. To their enemies, it seemed as if the trees themselves were attacking, and they fled to the areas they had already cut down, seeking safety amid the stumps and the darkened sky. But the Woodkine’s terrible anger, slow to build, was equally slow to abate. Yes, they had driven the intruders out, but their precious forest had been violated, and large portions of it destroyed. This could not be allowed to happen again.

Gathering together, the Woodkine turned their thoughts to the land itself, and implored it to rise up in anger and defense. A great shuddering was heard, and the ground began to shift and tilt, boulders bursting up from beneath the soil. These rocks rose higher and higher until the emptied plain in the center of southern Faydwer was cut off from the remaining forest on its eastern side. The rocks formed the base of what became known later as the Steamfont Mountains.

Now the Woodkine concentrated on the trees themselves. This land is no longer safe, they cried out silently, so you must learn to protect yourselves. Grow thicker skins, so their axes cannot harm you. Reach out to one another for strength. These creatures seek shelter from the sun — give it to them a thousandfold. We shall keep the sun from the soil and make our home so dark and terrible that even our dark-loving enemies shall fear to enter it again.

Such was the authority of the Woodkine that the trees heard and obeyed. Smooth trunks sprouted thick bark, the fair wood hidden behind dark, gnarled skin. Leaves turned darker and heavier, and branches reached out so that the trees were almost linked into one giant mass. The sun’s light no longer pierced the foliage, and the grass withered and died. Shadows had come to the land, and even when the sun burst from behind its clouds, darkness still ruled the forest. The Suntouched had become Faydark.

Sadly, the Woodkine exhausted themselves in the process of protecting the trees they loved, giving much of their own life energy to enable these changes in land and wood. Many of the great guardians perished, allowing their bodies to feed the forest. The remaining few became more furtive, hiding in the shadows and loping along the borders, keeping watch in case the orcs and their brethren tried to return.

In time, the orcs did return. They cowered in the southern plains for many years, making no further attacks. Yet they built villages and forts of wood from the forest’s edge, and the trees had not struck them down. The forest was frightening, but the orcs began to cut into it again, widening their plain and driving up toward the northern edge of the continent. Finally, with a great push of many orcs atonce, they broke through and reached the northern shore — the Faydark had been cut in two.

All of the remaining Woodkine found themselves in the eastern portion, by far the larger of the two remaining areas, and they attacked the orcs again, halting the humanoids’ advance into the eastern forest. The mountains kept the orcs from approaching from the south and the east, and the Woodkine had frightened them sufficiently along the narrow western edge, so the forest was left alone on that side again. This part of the forest became Greater Faydark, and the western portion, smaller and without the Woodbine’s protection, became Lesser Faydark. Years passed again, and most of those creatures that had attacked the forest either died off or departed for less hostile regions, leaving the forest alone once more. And then the elves arrived.

The forest quickly realized that these new, gracious folk were not like the orcs. They did not cut down trees, but instead admired their size and strength. They built homes not from the woods but within it, graceful yet sturdy structures woven high among the branches, and they hunted only to survive, not for pleasure. The Woodkine, watching from the shadows, saw in the wood elves kindred spirits, and sagely nodded approval. These new creatures could defend the forest for them, and now at last they could finally rest. Stories tell of encounters between elves and the Woodkine, but these are all vague old tales, and no one truly believes them any more. Certainly no living elf has ever seen a Woodkine, and most think them merely stories designed to frighten children and to enhance the wonder and mystery of the great old forest.

Library of Mayong – Book

This book is newly bound, and seems to be a collection of Zebuxoruk’s prophecies as told to the monks of the Whistling Fist in the Tower of the Four Winds. Notes are scribbled in the margins in clean penmanship.

1. Once more, her allies will give rise to the thought of life anew. “Definitely a reference to Tunare. The presence of growth in the Lesser Faydark is undeniable.”

2. The hissing of the serpent shall strike back at this world with unexpected ferocity. “Unknown at this time. Perhaps more to be uncovered in the future? -SV”

3. Those who toil in eternity shall find riches in the dusk of time. “Likely a simple proverb. I can’t imagine this being more… -SV”

4. Forever the commander he has now risen in rank to play his part in ages end. “I wonder if this is Lucan or Rallos? The wording is not clear enough to make a solid prediction. -SV”

5. In the guise of harmony the mirror is flipped and chaos walks among us. “I have no idea at this time. Chaos? Guise of harmony? Makes little sense to me. -SV”

6. Those from below shall attempt to further their agenda below the throne of Brell. “Most assuredly the ratonga. Our network of informants has indicated that they are up to something in the ancient dwarven halls of Kaladim. -SV”

7. Cleft in twine at the dawn of time, the two shall stand once more in a united front against that which brings the end. “Ahh, this is your favorite, my master. I believe this will be very crucial to your research. I trust you already know what this references. -SV”

8. From realms below and beyond the lord of darkness shall return to play his part in destiny. “Ahh, my master! You are indeed referenced in the fallen one’s ramblings! -SV”

9. The orbs are not so great as the crimson lord might have you believe but they are powerful. Beware service in his name. “Feh. Nagafen and the eggs of his brood. This is of little use to us. -SV”

10. She who represents the forbidden two shall begin the march of fate. “I am at a loss to explain this reference. -SV”

11. Etched in stone, the first key from dawn shall be revealed. “Another line of great import, I believe. This may reference the stone which you have been researching. -SV”

12. The age of the dragons is waning though they know it not. Seek now your fortune in the affairs of the other mortal races. “And the Claws will get their due. Though I believe ‘mortal races’ to be a mistake. Obviously the ungod forgets us. -SV”

13. The Nine shall return and face the end. “And the true key. We just do not know the ninth. I trust you will find the information though. -SV”

Conium's Notebook Part One

“Conium’s Notebook One Nubs Came to Visit. My old friend Nubs returned from his journey to the Lavastorm Mountains, his hands still stained red with the blood of the goblins native to those lands. Among his bag of trophies I found a strange black fungus. Nubs calls it a DEATH CAP due to a white vaguely skull-shaped marking adorning the cap. Nubs tells me they are grown by kobolds who live in the volcano of Solusek’s Eye, and that two, combined with BLACK HENBANE, also grown by the kobolds, create a poison that numbs a person’s mind so that they are oblivious to actions around them. Be sure to have a SEALED POISON VIAL and LARENT SUSPENSION for storage. Heh, Nubs says the kobold shamans ingest it themselves in prayer to their god. A Really Angry Goblin. I had just returned from the Lesser Faydarks where I had gone to collect some PIXIE DUST so that I may experiment with the rumor that the dust can sometimes drive a person crazy. Upon opening my pack I discovered that the dust had spilt and now coated the AMANITA PHALLOIDE fungi I had collected from the rotten mulch that passes for a lawn in the Estate of Unrest. Thinking my pixie dust wasted I went ahead and prepared the fungi in the usual manner with a SEALED POISON VIAL and LARENT SUSPENSION and set out to hunt goblins. I found me a goblin all right and boy was I surprised when the fungi poison I had coated my blades with made him go berserk. I’ve never seen a goblin fight so desperately in all my years slaying the vermin. Fortunately the ugly critter dropped dead within minutes of the poison taking effect.”