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Valizrae D`Tora

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘It appears you are the one who is screaming Zikk’

Dorvias N`Keth says, ‘Do not forget me dragon, for I shall not forget the headache you have caused this day.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘How could I forget one like you Dorvias?’ Zavo`Zatanov smiles. Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘He knows to respect his elders.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lanys is searching to piece Malevolence together still.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I thank those of you that aided me in defeating, Irin`ka, and those of you that aided him, pray that I do not learn of it. For i am sure that you would be quite tasty.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Know this, my opinions of these rumors remains the same. ‘

Slovak says, ‘How many pieces of Malevolence have been found?’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lanys has only found one piece thus far’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘1 piece, Slovak.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘She searches for the second piece as we speak’

Slovak says, ‘How may we mortals help in delaying her?’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘No, Lanys has grown quite powerful, you would not be a match for her’

Zikk says, ‘mortals can’t we must wait for firona vie or some such’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘He was a companion, nothing more, Zikk. And my history doesn’t change.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I thought Irin`ka a trusted friend. I was mistaken, but I was biased.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I am much more objective on the views of world happenings.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I am certain of one thing. There is no war.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘There is no WAR.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I know much of thise world. I have lived many centuries.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘The gods are not at war, Donjira. All of the events are unrelated.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘No, Slovak. What is happening with Lanys is separate from what is happening with Cazic and Firiona. Of this I am sure.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I have studied long and hard on the history of this world.’

Donjira says, ‘So how shall we classify it when they fight?’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘When who fights, Donjira?’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lady Zavo, I must take my leave now. If the second piece of Malevolence is within the Ring of Scales possession, Lanys shall surely come for you.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Be ready for his assault.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘They have fought against the beginnings of time and it is a conflict that will never end. It is not a war. ‘

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Bertoxxulous has no business in this’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘He is not invovled period’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Neriak’s army and Lanys’ forces are gearing up to fight one another. Not the forces of light.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Bertoxxulous shall not strike’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘None of my visions from Innoruuk speak of Bertoxxulous’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘You question the Prophet to Innoruuk?’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Faenyar, I have studied Norrath since long before any of you. I would know if a war was on the horizon.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lady Zavo is correct in her assumptions, this war you speak of does not exist’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I was close to Irin`ka. I trusted him. I am not deceived on the goings on of the world.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I have come and you have asked me questions.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘If you wish to remain ignorant to the truth, do not ask’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I have answered them honestly.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Believe what you will, but there is no war.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘And they have asked me about it.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘As a historian of sorts, I have told you what I know to be true.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘I do not believe any have spoken of this war but yourselves’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘So long as the staff remains in pieces, there is no threat’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘We cannot allow this staff to be made whole again!’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘This is not an option.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘If it is reassembled and falls into the hands of Lanys, she shall surely attempt to destroy the Teir`dal nation’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Along with anyone else who stand in her way’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘She was spurned by Innoruuk, there is now a new chosen’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Lanys has fallen from grace.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘The Ring of Scale has always taken care of itself, and it always shall.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lanys has fallen from the grace of Innoruuk’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘She still retains her power, but not her position’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Valizrae D`Tora, still but a child, is the new chosen.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘There is much to be learned from watching, Donjira.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Where do you think that my wisdom comes?’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘She is the Daughter of Innoruuk. His blood runs through her.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Her power is not funneled to her by Innoruuk, it was given to her completely at birth.’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Until her death, she shall continue to wield it’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I must be off to report all of this to the Ring of Scale. Thank you again for helping me with Irin`ka Set.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Malevolence was disassembled because it has the ability to take power from Innoruuk’

Zavo`Zatanov nods to those in attendance. Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Learn from my words. I speak the truth.’


A Meeting with Mayong Mistmoore

Khasra Vei’Ras laughs, Zavo is NOT in league with Trakanon, I assure you. She serves the ring of scale most faithfully.. a pity.

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Yes, Mistmoore. It has, but not quite the pleasure you see it as.’

Mayong Mistmoore turns a stern, cold glance to the priest. Mayong Mistmoore says, ‘I shall decide whether or not she is of any use to me or not, your grace.’

Dorvias N`Keth says, ‘Of course…. Lord Mistmoore.’

Mayong Mistmoore says, ‘I… thank you, Zavo`Zatanov, for your aid…’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘It is good to see even the Arch Priest of Innoruuk in his place.’

Mayong Mistmoore makes a faint motion with his hand and gentle nod toward Khalor. Mayong Mistmoore says, ‘However…’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘How have I aided you?’

Mayong Mistmoore turns his glance to all gathered.

Dorvias N`Keth raises an eybrow.

Khasra Vei`Ras says, ‘Cease your disrespect, Lenyfix, or I shall deal with you most harshly’

Mayong Mistmoore says, ‘How naive would you all be to not know that the Ring of Scale would not already know of your actions? If they would wish to keep the Staff safe, they will do so. After all, your grace…’ Mayong Mistmoore says, ‘Was it not you who was within the lands of Kunark mere hours ago, searching for the staff through one of Sathir’s agents?’

Dorvias N`Keth hesitates.

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Yes, Dorvias, we know much of what goes on in Norrath. Even more so in Kunark.’

Khasra Vei`Ras says, ‘Do not insult my maste’

Dorvias N`Keth says, ‘I only wished to… bolster our efforts towrds halting Lanys’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Can you not control, your whelp, Mayong?’

Mayong Mistmoore says, ‘Allow Lanys her unveiled self-inflicted torments. The Gem shall not fall into her hands so long as it is within my possession…’

Zavo`Zatanov points at Khasra.

Mayong Mistmoore says, ‘Of that, I assure all of you.’ Mayong Mistmoore Raises a brow lightly.

Khasra Vei`Ras says, ‘You are brash, Dorvias. You speak without thinking too often.’

Dorvias N`Keth glares at Khasra, hiding behind her Master.

Mayong Mistmoore says, ‘This is all the aid I shall give to this quest — and know that I and my minions are in no way allied to the Crimson Triad… or anyone else, for that matter.’

Khasra Vei`Ras says, ‘You go too far, Arch Priest.’

Mayong Mistmoore says, ‘So long as Lanys does not gain the staff, I care not as to what happens between the Teir`Dal, Innoruuk, and their fallen little child.’

Khasra Vei`Ras says, ‘I hide from no one!’

Dorvias N`Keth says, ‘Perhaps… perhaps I do not go far enough. That is not for you to determine.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘And the Ring of Scale is in no way allied to the Crimson Triad or Mistmoore. We keep to ourself, though we know much.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Calm yourself Dorvias, they seek only to help. Innoruuk does not wish conflict today.’

Mayong Mistmoore turns a glance to Khasra, holding out his hand lightly in invitation for her to take it.

Mayong Mistmoore says, ‘Come, my dear. We shall depart for the time being. ‘ Mayong Mistmoore returns his glance to the arch priest. Mayong Mistmoore says, ‘And your grace… I suggest a little modesty and tact — it would suit you a bit better.’

Dorvias N`Keth says, ‘I bid you both farewell, I look forward to returning to Kunark.’

Khasra Vei`Ras turns to Mayong and takes his hand,’Master.’ Khasra Vei`Ras beams a smile at Mayong Mistmoore.

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Farewell, Mayong. Know that the Ring shall keep an eye on your actions.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Thank you for your assistance Lord Mistmoore’ Ashteth T`Dral bows before Khasra Vei`Ras.

Khasra Vei`Ras says, ‘And know this, Zavo’Za.. I have my eye on you as well.. for my own reasons’ Khasra Vei`Ras glares.

Mayong Mistmoore briefly makes a graceful motion with his hand, and immediately he and his minion are envolped in shadow and disappear from sight.

Journal of Dorvias N`Keth

Innoruuk preserve me for my hate grows stronger still this day. Blasted Mistmoore, always with his foul nose in that which does not concern him. Teir`Dal he may have been but that was long, long ago. He has grown arrogant and no longer swears fealty to Innoruuk or any other. The Bloodmoon was mine to protect, mine to care for! However… he is a powerful ally. His “help” is neither needed nor welcomed but I do not doubt his ability to keep the stone safe. It may be that we loyal to hate might benefit from his allegiance in the future, so I do not wish to count him as enemy. He may watch over the stone for the time being, it might even serve to further complicate matters for the bastard Lanys T`Vyl, so I shall leave it be.

The Ring of Scale becomes a whole new concern. If the fool dragon Irin`ka Set was to be believed, then Trakanon’s aid may soon be required, I don’t care what Ashteth believes. Trakanon can be controlled; he has worldly desires and so can be manipulated. Further, his fury at the Ring of Scale itself will ensure his loyalty to our cause. It is Trakanon who might tip the scales in our favor when all is said and done… and perhaps as an added reward for all of my time invested, he might just do the thing that Irin`Ka Set failed to do- kill Zavo`Zatanov. Her arrogance and stubbornness will not go forgotten. It is only a fool that works against the will of Innoruuk, and there is no room in this world for the foolish.

What comes next should be interesting indeed. I have made no friends in the Ring of Scale and may very well find myself at their doorstep soon. This is yet another reason to retain the good graces of Mistmoore. I have never fully learned the inspiration of his silent war with the dragons, but if it may be used to the benefit of Innoruuk then so be it. The bastard child Lanys will not succeed in rebuilding Malevolence. That is the bottom line. That is the will of Innoruuk himself, and so shall it be no matter the cost.

Lore: A War Brewing?

Problems have come up between the High Elves, Dark Elves, and Trolls. An omen of things to come?


Report from the Wilds

* The following is found on a note of tanned vellum written in black ink in small economic handwriting

* High Priest Yeolarn Bronzeleaf of Tunare, War is upon us. Six months ago we lost the port of Firiona Vie to the forces of Lanys T’Vyl. Two weeks ago, our own city of Felwithe came under attack by Tier’Dal terror troops. I watched our shop owners bleed to death on the cobblestone streets of my home. Never more than now has Felwithe faced imminent danger. It is all around us. Rifts tear open between worlds. Holes break open to the lost lairs of beasts from the old ages. Yet for centuries the council of Felwithe chose to remain passive. It is clear that we must move on our own. I begin to gather information and I begin to plant the seeds within those who will act on Felwithe’s behalf. I have sent my spies to the far reaches of Norrath in search of information. They already begin to return with dark and sinister plots. It is these plots that I will report to you over the following weeks. Last week one of my troll spies traveled to Neriak and listened to the trolls who reside there after the fall of Grobb. The trolls speak of battle. They speak of murder. It is clear that they no longer consider Neriak their home, if they ever did. They speak of a lord, one Bortar, who may lead them in battle against Gukta. A rift opens between the Tier’Dal and the trolls. We can exploit this rift and perhaps aggravate a conflict between our two enemies. I will seek to learn more and if an opportunity reveals itself, I will act upon it. Many of my agents travel through the city of New Tanaan, the new hub of travel for the adventurers of Norrath. One of my agents discovered a human named Veslin Savok who sought adventurers to recover a chest for him from a dragon named Ithiasor the Black in the Swamp of No Hope. I spoke to this Veslin, an untrustworthy fellow if I ever saw one, and I accepted his task. I do not know if he is an agent of Rasp’s Wayfarers or perhaps of the Ebon Hand. After a failed attempt to learn more of this black horrid beast, I enlisted the power of Vinceremo. This powerful band of mercenaries and hunters traveled to the Swamp and faced the great wyrm, Ithiasor. The battle did not go well. I have yet to learn more from this source but I fear the great wyrm will return unscathed to whatever dark hole it crawled from. Lord Yeolarn, I will continue to send these reports to keep you informed. It is my hope that you will succeed in stirring the council of Felwithe into action. I saw your actions on the bridges of Felwithe. I saw you wield your staff like the warrior elves of Takish Hiz. I know fire burns in you as it burns in me. Should you be unable to stir the unmoving rock of Felwithe’s council, I will do what I can to enlist the aid of the hunters, adventurers, and mercenaries of Norrath. They do not fight for the protection of Felwithe or for the word of Tunare, but with the right motivation they can serve our purposes. May the Mother watch on us all, Loral Ciriclight High Priest of Tunare Hand and Eye of the Church of Felwithe Nineteenth Day of the Month of the Amber Leaf, 3201 PD

The Crimson Teir


Innoruuk, God of Hate, created the dark elves by kidnapping the king and queen of the elves, who were created by Tunare, and twisting them to his own image. The result was a cruel subterranean dark-skinned race. The dark elves are the means through which Innoruuk plots to destroy the races of Tunare, Prexus, and Brell Serilis who made a pact to populate Norrath with the races they created. Innoruuk especially despises the elves and dwarves.

It is said that in the past, Innoruuk had a group of chosen Teir’Dal followers he employed to spread hate across the face of Norrath. These chosen were known as The Crimson Teir. Only the highest and most decorated followers of Innoruuk were chose to hold these positions. To each he entrusted a piece of armor that they were bound to, in life and in unlife. These relics allowed them to channel some of Innoruuk’s power, and with their aid they sowed suffering and hate across the world. Though this pleased the Prince of Hate, he had ulterior motives, for he was already planning the coming of his Child.

This armor, though it granted the owner incredible power, that power came at a terrible price. Each piece was bound to the soul of the owner, and slowly drained away the life essence of the possessor. These spiritually desiccated creatures would eventually serve as the tests he would pit his child against. The now physically ruined and mentally corrupted Crimson Teir can no longer comprehend their roles in the glory of their wicked master, Innoruuk. They know only bedlam in a hollow and endless existence of unlife.

Acting on the advice of her teacher, Laarthik K’Shin, Lanys T’Vyl sets forth to reclaim the pieces of armor from the Crimson Teir, now scattered across the world. Her first test brings her to the old Teir’Dal city of Befallen to obtain the Abhorrent Bracers of Darkness. The following is a missive sent to Neriak by Laarthik K’Shin:

The night began with a gathering of the Teir’Dal outside Neriak. They knew Lanys would appear, as it was her custom to do so at that hour. She was expected. I, however, was not. My arrival helped to unite the servants of Hate and defeat the heathens, which had dared to venture into Nektulos.

I was allowed to speak from the Great Rock, what we now call the Pulpit; I addressed those assembled with the following words:

“From the time of my birth, in the age of the lost, I have seen our people divided by what has created us. I am an old, old man, given life anew by our Prince of Hate, and I was bade to teach young Lanys, the Daughter. This is now the time we join to change the face of Tunaria, what you know as Antonica. The children of the weaker gods have been catered to and protected long enough! It is time for us to show our unified power! United, we shall make our name known that its merest utterance shall inspire unbridled terror. We shall stain the lands with heathen blood as a tribute to our Prince. Tonight begins the ascension of Lanys T’vyl!”

Throughout my speech, many of the enraptured slashed themselves, spilling their blood upon the ground as personal offerings. With the arrival of Lanys T’Vyl, war chants and songs of praise rose throughout the crowd. A palpable energy seemed to flow from them, prickling my skin. What a joyous time for the Teir’Dal, one that shall not soon be forgotten. Now was the time to harness the rising tide of passion and hate, and direct it toward our goal.

“We shall march on the Commonlands,” I shouted, “and greet the first of the Crimson Teir. Young Lanys has determined their weakest link through her deep meditations, and tonight, we sever that link! Who will join in escorting the Child of Innoruuk to our common destiny?”

We began our march on the Commonlands. There was one dissenter who decided to declare his own war at this time, trying to divide us. “The Crimson Teir have aligned themselves with the Freeport Shadowknights, and they are amassing a force outside the city!” We continued on to the Commonlands, however, not to be diverted from our goal.

Upon entering the Commonlands, Lanys pointed, and spoke in dark-speech so all could hear, “We go to the western portion of the Commonlands.”

Defending the Daughter became a task, as many Kodiaks patrolled where we walked, but my sword arm never faltered. At last we reached the entrance to the lost city Befallen. The futile attempts on the life of the Daughter by paladins, druids and bards there grew tiresome. A druid in wolf-form brought a group of hill giants to attack, but knowing Innoruuk guided me that night, we were victorious over them.

While we awaited the last of our army to reassemble, I shared a tale of our first encounter with the barbarians in their frigid land. Soon, it was time to mount our offensive.

Within Befallen, many light-dwellers employed the Guise of the Deceiver against us, but we saw through the glamour easily. The offending bard, enchanter and wizard were set upon by the throng and quickly dispatched.

We raged through the lost city to the third level, where we finally engaged Jerak T’Shir. The battle lasted nearly twenty minutes. Many of the undead in that place joined in the fray, assisting their own against us. Lanys was badly injured, and I was unable to heal my student. However, there in the midst of the chaos, one of our own brave clerics healed the Daughter, pledging to protect her. It was an inspiring sight!

The knight fell, and his Bracer latched onto Lanys as the new owner. She smiled grimly, then bowed her head in prayer. I took this opportunity to reward the fallen knight’s barbed leg plates to the young cleric, promising that in time, she, too, would have a teacher, one that would show her just what her fate as a Daughter would be.

Lanys saw fit to take the coin from me and give it to a young dark one. Methinks she fancied him, but perhaps I will see him on the sacrificial table before her work is done.

I leave you with this tale of the battle, and return to my duties as Teacher.

–Laarthik K’Shin

Several days after recovering the bracers of darkness, Laarthik K’Shin again appears in Nektulos Forest. He tells those of the faithful that the time of Lanys T’Vyl’s second trial is at hand. This one he feels will be especially hard, there’s no telling what is in store when you enter the lair of Najena.

Laarthik gathers a group of those faithful to Innoruuk. Lanys appears, speaking to her followers in a cold, heartless manner. The party, afraid of the power that she possesses, remains quiet in a bowing stance before the Child of Hate. Lanys, Laarthik and the faithful dark elves journeyed to Najena to face yet another of the Crimson Teir’Dal.

After passing through Lavastorm Mountains, they make their way to the Najena’s dungeon. In the depths of this dark fortress, Lanys and her followers find Tovin D`Rin, the second Crimson Teir`Dal. This skeletal magician is protected by Agony and Strife; his roguish imp pets that Najena helped him create long ago. They are probably the most powerful creations the twisted Najena has ever created. Agony and Strife are linked to Tovin in such a way that he cannot be harmed while these pets remain alive.

Lanys and her party fiercely slay Agony and Strife, leaving Tovin D`Rin open for attack. Tovin begins to panic and shouts “Mortal… NO! Agony and Strife have departed me. I am mortal again!” Lanys and her followers begin their attack on him weakening him with each hit. Once Tovin has been defeated, Lanys finds herself in possession of the Abhorrent Boots of Darkness.

For his assistance with the battle, Laarthik rewards the most devout warrior of the party with his blackened iron bastard sword. Lanys and Laarthik then return to Neriak.

“Through magic, The Crimson Teir is bound. Through hate, The Crimson Teir is strong. Through age, The Crimson Teir is wise. Feeling the connection sever between their members, they flee to the far corners of the lands, in futile hope that they will be forgotten. If it were only so simple…”

In his dreams, Laarthik sees visions in pairs: fire and stone, primitives and gnomes, and two faces marked in red. He awakes with a start, immediately knowing where next his path leads.

Laarthik K`Shin quickly confronts the dwellers of Neriak, the children of Innoruuk. He warns them of the difficult tasks that awaits Innoruuk’s chosen child. As he explains to them the journey they must take, Lanys T`Vyl appears before them in her usual powerful and threatening fashion.

The adventurers make haste to Solusek’s Eye where the last of the Crimson Teir awaits. Upon entering Lavastorm Mountains, Lanys is attacked by a high elven assassin. He fears her power over the dark elven nation and what she might bring upon Norrath. He is no match for Lanys and her followers, however.

Deep in the tunnels of Solusek’s Eye, Enchantress Mydraa K`syk and the thief Talia K`syk make a hopeless effort to flee the coming of Innoruuk’s chosen child, for they know that with each member of the Crimson Teir that falls, Lanys grows in power.

Realizing that they will not be able to escape quickly enough, they charm four inhabitants of the caverns to defend them. These Stolen Clockwork XDCV units are formidable warriors, but provide only a small amount of protection against the Child of Hate.

Upon reaching the Crimson Teir, Lanys’s followers engage the guardians. Many of them perish.

“Defeat them!” Laarthik K`Shin shouts. “We must defeat them for the Child of Hate!” As the last of the Crimson Teir falls, the last pieces of the Abhorrent Armor of Darkness affixes themselves to Lanys. At that moment, a circle of flame surrounds her, and she is rocked by waves of violent power. Lanys T`Vyl becomes the true child of darkness and hate.

Lanys Reborn


After the events of Bloody Kithicor, the Teir`Dal were left without answers as to what happened to Lanys T`Vyl. The King and Queen of the dark elves charged Vizier D`Kalz, a priest of great power, with the task of finding the answers to their many questions.

Vizier D`Kalz calls a gathering at the skeleton stone in Nektulos Forest for all to witness the summoning of Laarthik K`Shin’s spirit. The summoning is successful and Laarthik comes forward in a ghostly form. He tells them the story of Bloody Kithicor from his perspective, how his invocation to the mysterious stone opened a portal to the plane of Hate, through which Innoruuk snatched Lanys to save her. Tunare used the opening of the portal to her advantage as well, banishing Lanys’s corporeal form from Norrath.

Laarthik also explains to them about the act of shifting spirits. Being an elder Shadowknight and a practitioner of the dark magics, he knows that spirit shifting is indeed possible. He speaks of a Gnome necromancer named Falrazim Zaftamor that has done this. He tells them the story of this powerful gnome.

“Falrazim has successfully spirit shifted into the body of a drake to prolong his fading physical life. In the form of a drake, Falrazim’s has found that the dragon magic is completely different from the arts of necromancy, and only those born a dragon can comprehend its usage. Unfortunately for Falrazim, the gestures and incantations necessary to the practice of necromancy are impossible in drake form. He struck a deal with Meldrath, where Meldrath would help change Falrazim back into a Gnome if Falrazim first helps him complete several tasks. However, Meldrath’s tasks have lasted for over 300 years, and Falrazim is growing very restless. He now seeks an alternative to Meldrath’s help.”

Laarthik informs them that they can find Falrazim within the Steamfont Mountains. He is needed for his knowledge to bring Lanys back to Norrath, and should not be harmed.

Vizier D`Kalz sends a party accompanied by Dolis Sha`vlal, a revered Shadowknight and survivor of the Battle of Bloody Kithicor, to Steamfont to speak with Falrazim.

In Steamfont Mountains, Falrazim Zaftamor is approached by Dolis Sha`vlal and the others. After hearing of what happened, Falrazim agrees to help them under one condition. They are to find him a new host as well, and use the stone to transfer his spirit into it. Falrazim would never be so eager to help anyone or admit to such weaknesses, however he is in quite an odd situation and has been for the past 300 years.

Falrazim gives a note with the spell needed to seize the spirit and place it within the stone, and gives the stone itself to the highest-powered necromancer in the party. Dolis Sha`vlal and the party return to Neriak to get further orders from Vizier D`Kalz. Falrazim waits in Steamfont for their return.

Back in Neriak, they tell Vizier D`Kalz of what they have learned and inform him that they need two hosts. Vizier D`Kalz sends them to the Plane of Hate to capture the soul of Lanys T`Vyl and bring it back to Norrath.

Upon entering the Plane of Hate, they search for Lanys. Once they find her, a brief interaction ensues and the necromancer mutters the words. “Vethau N`Vac Reithos” he chants repeatedly as the other members of the party join in.

“Vethau N`Vac Reithos”

“Vethau N`Vac Reithos”

“Vethau N`Vac Reithos”

Lanys’s form collapses and her soul flows in a blood red stream of light, shot through with bolts of blue, into Falrazim’s stone. Dolis Sha`vlal kneels next to Lanys’s inert body and removes the pieces of her Abhorrent Armor of Darkness.

After returning to Steamfont, the party sees that Vizier D`Kalz and Falrazim Zaftamor are awaiting their arrival. The two hosts, stripped of their souls, lie upon the ground with blank faces. Falrazim gives the necromancer a note containing more text that must be read for the ritual to take place.

The necromancer begins to chant, “Ver mitra tec piof… Ver ir ostryl… Ver N’Vac…. Ver tev’Ve.” The others begin to chant as well.

“Ver mitra tec piof… Ver ir ostryl… Ver N’Vac…. Ver tev’Ve”

“Ver mitra tec piof… Ver ir ostryl… Ver N’Vac…. Ver tev’Ve”

“Ver mitra tec piof… Ver ir ostryl… Ver N’Vac…. Ver tev’Ve”

Dolis Sha`vlal lays the Abhorrent Armor of Darkness onto the ground next to the bodies. As the Child of Hate’s soul seeps from the stone, traveling to the host, the pieces of armor attach themselves to the body. Falrazim’s soul, in turn, is pulled into the stone and is transferred to the gnome body.

Thus, the Child of Hate returns to Norrath.

Sionachie Heartsinger


The words spoken by Tunare were still fresh in Firiona’s mind: “Seek them out, My Child, and restore them as you have been restored. First, find your chronicler. Remember the child who sought you first? Seek that one. She needs you and will be of great importance to you in the days to come. She still sings the history of the elves. Find her in the trees…” Immediately following the ritual and her meeting with Tunare herself, Firiona set out to find the one that the Mother called the ‘chronicler’.

Wandering toward the massive tree-city of Kelethin, Firiona noticed a crowd of people surrounding a woman holding a mandolin and spinning tales. Curious, she walked up to the crowd to watch the troubadour perform. The woman strummed a few notes on her mandolin and then put it away. Settling herself comfortably, she began to tell a tale of blood and honor.

“Tunare, Mother of All, bids us maintain Balance in the world. Good cannot exist without Evil, nor can Death exist without Life. Tunare’s Children are many. She cares for all, even though she may not have created their ancestors, and she loves even the worst, the most evil, of them.” Looking out over the crowd gathered before her, she continued. “Tunare watched as the balance of Good and Evil was upset and knew that to sustain her Children, Balance had to be restored. Innoruuk, Prince of Hate, strove to tip the balance toward his own favor. His interests are not to preserve Norrath, but to serve himself.

“Innoruuk, in order to promote his own cause, spawned an evil creature on the land, who came to be known as Lanys T’Vyl, Child of Hate.” The singer’s voice resonated with the power of her words. “She grew in strength and hatred, rallying the dark elven-kind to her banner.”

Lowering her voice to a near whisper, she said, “Lanys and her mentor-guard, Laarthik K’Shin, heard rumors of the discovery of a strange metallic ore in the shape of a sphere, which gave off a mysterious blue glow. Innoruuk’s fervent whispers guided them to take possession of it. This metal orb was a catalyst; though none knew at the time what terrible purpose it would serve. Laarthik kept it hidden away, sensing that it would be of critical value in his future.

“The sphere had been uncovered by Pickclaw goblins, and where one is found, others are assumed to exist as well. The greed of Innoruuk drove Lanys and Laarthik to control the powers of this new element. Over many weeks, Lanys and the Teir’Dal forces grew in strength. Rumors flew, as on the wings of birds, that spoke of an invasion of Highkeep itself!”

The woman stood suddenly, and Firiona recognized her immediately as the bard Sionachie, whom she sought. Eyes wide, Sionachie continued, “a mysterious silver-haired beauty appeared in Kelethin one fine day, on her own quest for information. She listened to ancient rhymes and tales and took a mystical creature for her familiar. Some say Firiona Vie, the shining paladin of Tunare, is goddess-born, and others that she is a royal child, taken from her dead mother’s arms in the still of the night.

“Firiona Vie, the beautiful Firiona Vie…” Sionachie hesitated momentarily, a puzzled look on her face, as if she were trying to remember something important, but it lay just out of her mind’s reach. Regaining her composure, she continued her tale. “A royal spirit, Queen of Felwithe, appeared at a banquet in Highkeep to announce the arrival of its Child, the one who would save Felwithe and aid in Tunare’s crusade to restore Balance to Norrath. The King cried out in his concern for this child, whom he’d tried to destroy in his ignorance.

“Galeth Veredeth, ancient Paladin of Tunare and former advisor to the king, having been but recently restored to his own place in the kingdom, introduced the pale swordmaiden to the King. Galeth had been the one to protect and train her throughout her youth, and the one to raise her in the true spirit of Tunare.

“Firiona took her place by the side of King Tearis Thex in a joyous reunion.” Sionachie began to strum a lively, festive tune upon her mandolin. Then, stopping abruptly, she leaned forward making a sweeping gesture. “The forces of Good and Evil raised their armies, trained and provisioned them. Lord Tephys led the army of Good to the crossroads of Kithicor to protect the lands of Highkeep Castle. A great Council met to plan strategies. Galeth Veredeth pledged the support of King Tearis Thex, in the form of the Paladins of Tunare.”

Sionachie balled one hand into a fist and shook it in the air. “Lanys T’Vyl and Laarthik K’Shin marched their armies across the Commonlands and attempted to breach the castle itself in High Hold Pass, but the main force met in the forest of Kithicor with Tephys’ troops. Thunder crashed and powers coursed through the world as the enemies joined in battle.” Sionachie’s voice softened. “Lord Tephys fell to the wrath of Lanys T’Vyl on that field, and he will long be remembered by his people.” Her head lowered with his memory.

Raising her head, she once again continued, her voice strong and renewed. “Firiona stepped up to take Tephys’s place, and rallied the forces of Good. The strength of earth, power of the Mother of All, entered Firiona and she glowed with silvery fire. Lanys T’Vyl engaged Firiona Vie, both clad in the powers of their Deities, but the Mother’s universal energies could not be outdone by Hate. Lanys began to falter and she cried out to her mentor, Laarthik.”

Gripping her chest, then thrusting her hand outward, Sionachie said, “Laarthik K’Shin reached into his breastplate and pulled out the shining blue metal orb and, held it to the sky, and screamed out a terrible invitation to the Prince of Hate himself!” Her hands moved in an arc above her, as if tracing the dome of the heavens. “The skies opened and flames enveloped Laarthik. A frightful rending took place, and therein a mighty rift opened between Norrath and Innoruuk’s dwelling place, the Plane of Hate. Magic users all over the face of Norrath felt the energies pour out of that purgatory, heard the tortured cries, and realized their own abilities to enter that place, if they dared.

“Laarthik was consumed in the flames as Lanys herself floated up into the sky, drawn inexorably into her Father’s realm. Her triumphant laughter rang out across the lands. From that day forward, the Curse of Innoruuk has laid upon the forest of Kithicor. The tormented dead are doomed to wander the fearsome night’s shadows in that formerly peaceful woodland. Danger lurks for all who seek passage there.” Sionachie’s face twisted into a scowl of disdain. “Some say that even Laarthik appears there, frightful and deadly, and believe that Lanys sits at the right hand of Innoruuk, to return one day and take her revenge.”

Bloody Kithicor: The Council Vol. I-II

Lord Tephys of the Koada’Dal and Carson McCabe of Highkeep stared at each other with long faces over the council table in Highkeep. The meetings were not going well. Upon hearing of the Teir’Dal’s plans of conquest, Tephys had immediately dispatched word to Felwithe petitioning help. He had yet to hear a reply. Carson’s biggest problem in drafting forces for Highkeep was that most of the merchant lords on the council were just that, merchants. They spoke endlessly of buying their way out of the fight, that the goblin was lying, or that they should just cut their losses and leave. Carson and Tephys held no such disillusions. They knew that the Teir’Dal would not bargain, and those that surrendered were doomed to a quick death at best, with a long life of torture and servitude being the alternative. “Have we received any word from Antonius Bayle yet?” Tephys asked, not for the first time since the council had convened. “I’m afraid that my messengers have returned with the same news we expected Lord Tephys,” Carson explained. “He cannot lend us much support, if any, in our struggle. He is afraid, and with good reason, that were he to make any attempt to do so the rival factions in and around Qeynos would be quick to take advantage of the city. He envisions everything from the gnolls of Blackburrow overrunning the city to the Bloodsabers taking it from underneath him. And the sad thing is, I can’t really say I blame him.” “What of Freeport?” asked Taliman Yurick, the leader of the cities brewing merchants. “Surely they’re in the best position to help us, practically bordering Nektulos and all.” “Freeport is in no position to help us either,” Lord Tephys was quick to point out. “The Militia and the Paladins keep each other in check constantly. Both know that if either were to support us the other side would only use it as an excuse to try and take complete control of the city. No my friends, I’m afraid it looks like both of the great cities of Antonica will not be aiding us in this fight. And we can count the dwarves out as well. As I suspected, my emissaries to King Kazon were met only by the damned dwarven logic of, ‘all the more reason we should stay here and prepare to defend the shores of Butcherblock’.” “I too, have contacted my people across the sea,” spoke Pracil Micus of the Erudite. They have agreed only to bring it up in the next High Council meeting for discussion, at which point they may decide to send some sort of help.” “Great!” shouted Thubr Axebringer. The prominent dwarven smith from Kaladim jumped up from his seat fuming, “The way ye blasted Erudites discuss things in yer meetins we should be getting help just about this time next decade!” Indignant, Pracil Micus retorted, “Why you little bearded retch, I suppose I should expect such manners from a..” “SILENCE!” bellowed Carson as he banged his gavel upon the table. “I’ll have no bickering between us, especially at a time like this. You think the Teir’Dal are fighting over which of them are going to attack us!? No, they’re not because they ALL want to attack. And if the stories I’ve heard of late are indeed true, that the Teir’Dal have indeed united under this prophet, this ‘child of hate’, then we may not just be facing a few Teir’Dal war parties, but rather the whole of Neriak itself!” “But Carson!” Taliman protested, “If what you’re saying is true then we’re doomed already. We have no armies save the guard of Highkeep, no allies to call upon, and all against an entire nation of Dark Elves!”

“Perhaps you are not alone as you think my friends,” said a voice from the crowd. Two high elves step forward, resplendent in their ornate armor. One, an older male with lines of battle etched into his face, the other is a younger female with the beauty of a goddess herself. Both appeared to be a bit travel worn but fully armed. Lord Tephys stood, an obvious wave of relief flashing across his face. “Ladies and Gentlemen of the council, allow me to introduce Galeth Veredeth, High Paladin of Tunare and chief advisor to King Thearis Thex.” The members of the council were impressed and quickly invited the newcomers to join their meeting. “Thank you Tephys my old friend,” Galeth said with a look of sympathy for the tired elven Lord. “The young lady accompanying me is Firiona Vie, Paladin of Tunare and my finest student yet.” Firiona bowed politely to the table saying, “The honor is mine your lordships.” “Ah yes!” said Tephys with sudden recognition. “You have truly grown in the grace of Tunare since last I saw you young Firiona, we welcome you to our table. Now, please tell me you bring good news Galeth.” “Indeed I do,” replied the Paladin. “I’m pleased to announce that the entirety of the Paladins of Tunare are at your disposal.” Cheers erupted from the council and the crowd. Galeth holds up his hand for silence and continues, “As we speak our legions are sailing across the Ocean of Tears and should arrive in a fortnight. The remainder of the Koada’Dal forces shall have to remain in Faydark however, as we are constantly besieged by the orcs of Crushbone. This is all King Tearis can spare. The only stipulation we insist upon is that Lord Tephys must lead the armies defending Highkeep.” Lord Tephys attempted to argue against this at first, but was quickly and unanimously outvoted as the entire council, led by Carson McCabe, insisted that it was a grand idea. A messenger stepped forward and whispered something in Carson’s ear. Carson stood with a smile on his face and spoke, “In addition to this most fortunate news, I’ve just been informed that adventurers from all over Norrath are volunteering by the dozens to aid our cause!” Again the crowd and council were swept away by rampant cheers of thanks. Lord Tephys once again stood and addressing everyone said, “With that said gentlemen, I believe this council is adjourned. We all have a lot of plans to make and little time to spare. By the grace of Tunare, we just might have a chance.”

The Royal Herald – Volume 7: Issue 2

—————-c————– The Royal Herald —————-c————– <<>> Official Word on the Whereabouts of the Lifeguide ————–c—————- Missing for some time now, the King has released an official statement confirming that our spies have kept track of this precious artifact of Tunare. At this time, officials would only confirm that the staff was last seen in Velious near the Tower of Frozen Shadow, though it was unclear whether the actual Lifeguide was seen or only those believed to be in possession of it. Palace staff wouldn’t comment on neither why it was believed the staff was taken to that location, nor whether Firiona herself, chosen of Tunare, had returned to Velious in pursuit of the thieves. Meanwhile, rumors imply something that resides deep in the Tower of Frozen Shadow may have the power to strip Tunare’s influence from the staff. Such a notion is obviously ridiculous, but there remains the possibility that the scoundrels in possession of the artifact might have been attempting something toward that end. Palace staff assures us that the Lifeguide’s return to the sanctity of Felwithe is imminent. Strange Reports from Antonica ————–c—————- All over Antonica, phenomena as yet without explanation has been reported. That in and of itself is nothing new, but the alarming degree to which they occurred in such a short span of time is noteworthy. Indeed, it would seem that on the very same night, no less than six major stories of monster attacks, cultist uprisings, undead invasions and more were coming in from all over. Even the newly formed Primordial Malice, a gathering of disillusioned Teir’Dal that preach the return of Lanys T’Vyl, had something of an active night. We urge all citizens to remain alert while it is determined if this is an alarming new trend, or if there was just something in the air that night.