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EQ2 Maps

The Isles of Refuge were established by the Far Seas Trading Company. For the most part they are a collection of islands resting in the large central body of water in the Shattered Lands, the Tranquil Sea. It is from these islands that the Far Seas Trading Company can best base their trade routes out of. There are numerous islands in the Tranquil Sea, not just the Isles of Refuge. These islands are diverse in resources, keeping the Far Seas Trading Company very busy and their mysterious leaders very rich.

One of the most important resources that the Far Seas Trading Company found were the many refugees that had been marooned on any number of isles throughout the Tranquil Sea. All the islands in the Tranquil Sea were once part of the large continent of Antonica. During the Age of Cataclysms the undercontinent below Antonica, Subtunaria, erupted in violent quakes. Much of Subtunaria collapsed and this brought down large sections of Antonica, helping to create the vast Tranquil Sea and its many islands. Marooned out on these shards of a once great continent were a great many villagers, clans, tribes and adventurers.

Not all islanders are seeking refuge within the great and mighty cities of man, but for those that do there are the trade boats of the Far Seas Trading Company. Those cargo ships visit many islands to collect resources to be sold in various markets. Far Seas Trading Posts pop up on many small isles. Not all of those trading posts are public knowledge. Many are secret ports that the Far Seas will share with no nation. I am sure we will discover more islands of the Tranquil Sea in the future, with or without the permission of the Far Seas Trading Company.

There are many oceans and seas on Norrath that have yet to be rediscovered by adventurers or even the FSTC. It will be quite some time until we visit theses oceans to find if any changes have occurred on the surface or below the waves. But we do have a decent chart of the seas resting within the Shattered Lands.

The Shattered Lands has numerous seas dividing its islands. Most of these seas were formed in the recent rending of Old Antonica, what the Shattered Lands used to be. Most of the waterways are dangerous for both the extreme conditions as well as the dangerous denizens that inhabit the water of the air of a given sea. Here are the known seas within the Shattered Lands as charted by the Far Seas Trading Company.

The Coldwind Coast
Relative Island: New Antonica in Karan
This is a cold temperate sea. It has strong winds and choppy waves. It is a great territory for sailing, but only within a ship worthy of ocean travel. Birds of many sizes glide with the currents. Beneath the waters lurk dangers such as sharks and aqua goblins.

The Tranquil Sea
Relative Island: All
This sea is nearly always sunny and with clear skies. It is the largest sea in the Shattered Lands and nearly all islands have direct access to it. The waves here are gentle and allow ships to skim across them with little resistance. This would be a wonderful place to sail if it were not for the lack of wind current. The winds blow far too gently in this sea. Many great ships must employ rows of oars and even magic to provide locomotion for their great hulking vessels that must pass through this sea to reach the Trade City of Freeport located in the Commonlands.

The Neriuss Flow
Relative Island: Nektulos in D’Lere
This is a sea of dark waters. Ash floats above the waves creating a dense black fog. The ash floats in from the northern territory of Lavastorm. It shields many of the lurking beasts within the water as well as occasional Kheklok raiders, a relative race of the frogloks that exists within the ocean depths.

The Sea of Mist
Relative Island: The Enchanted Lands
This is a sea of gently rolling waves and wind currents. It is most known for forming an odd mist during the early hours of dawn. That mist flows with the current to enter the shores of the Enchanted Lands.

The Sea of Crossed Swords
Relative Island: Zek
This is a sea located near the orc island of Zek. The waves here are tall and they create slow navigation, something undesired to any mariners who sail this sea. There are numerous orc patrols sailing these waters and even deep sea orc war galleys passing through to perform raids in adjacent waterways. This sea is considered the territory of the Deathfist Empire.

The Seafury
Relative Island: The Thundering Steppes in Karan
The Seafury is a sea notorious for violent storms and extreme ocean conditions. It is almost always stormy in this region and the waves here dwarf any other sea. Visibility is nearly cut to a minimum and only the largest and strongest creatures can survive in the harsh environment. Aviak air raiders also stalk the winds in search of ships to plunder and sink.

The Sea of Sand
Relative Island: Ro
This sea is like a wall of sandstorms that races around the island of Ro. Any ships that dare sail into this maelstrom is soon to be sandblasted and its crew most certainly with it. There is no known passage through this anomaly. What sort of creatures could exist in this sea is unknown. Rumors abound that the massive sandstorm that comprises this region is actually a sentient being. Such babble is usually scoffed at.

The Gunthak Flow
Relative Island: Ykesha
The Gunthak Flow is a sea of many small uncharted isles. These isles have a great number of lost pirate booty and ruins of old troll fortresses. It exists in a tropical environment. The seas are warm and humid as is the gentle breeze. The breeze occasionally gives way to fierce hurricanes, but that is not a common occurrence.

The Blackwater
Relative Island: The Feerrott
This is a sea of countless naval battles. Ages ago this sea was controlled by the second coming of the Rallosian Empire, a brutal ogre militaristic empire that ruled with an iron fist. There are often many shipwrecks to be found in this sea as well as an occasional floating hulk of what was once a formidable ogre War Galley. Numerous stories of ghostly ships abound and cause many mariners to shun this body of water.

The Fanged Sea
Relative Island: Everfrost
This is a sea filled with icebergs and chilling cold winds. A chilly haze fills the sea, cutting visibility down to dangerous levels. Naval vessels will often need to avoid smaller bergs or take damage upon collision. Many ships have had their hulls cut open as easily as a knife cuts through butter jum. Ice storms are frequent in this region.

Freewater Channel
Relative Island: The Commonlands in D’Lere
This is a sea of rolling waves and an equally gentle breeze, but a breeze of cutting chill. The water is thick with brine and islands of seaweed float along the surface. There is a gentle uneasy calm about this sea. It is well known for the frequent aqua goblin assaults upon nearly any ship that dare cross it. Some sailors report that their ships were boarded by pirates in aqua goblin costumes or even members of the Seafury Buccaneers. The Seafury Buccaneer piracy reports are quickly dismissed since they are part of the Freeportian armed forces and would never return to their days of high seas raids. The sky of this sea is filled with a canopy of gloomy gray clouds that shower down gentle drizzle. The water’s extreme saline content makes it difficult for even normal salt water denizens to exist for long periods of time.

The Cauldron
Relative Island: Lavastorm
The Cauldron sits in a locale with an extremely large number of geothermal vents beneath the waves. The sea boils and large bubbles may form that can actually cause damage to a ship’s hull should they collide. Whirlpools are a common sight in this sea. Some portions of the Cauldron can only be navigated by ships reinforced by great magic or technology to survive the boiling sea and searing winds.

The Straits of Twelve
Relative Island: Highbourne
Nestled by the tempest of the Seafury in the north and the Blackwater to the south, this sea can be found. This sea is filled with jagged spires of rock with no accessible land. The spires are the tips of the shattered peaks of the once great Rathe Mountains. The majestic mountain range dropped into the ocean when a massive collapse of the Underfoot occurred beneath it. What land exists is rocky and barren of vegetation. Most spires are too steep to offer level ground to set foot upon. One great danger of this sea is its shallow and jagged basin. Much of the once mountain range sits below the tides and many a ship have had their hulls gutted by unseen daggers of rock stretched towards the surface, but never breaking through. The grandest sight in this sea is the twelve peaks of the Rathe Mountains that jut high above the waves. Their odd and almost lifelike appearance recounts the tales of these twelve mountains actually being titanic beings of earth and rock defeated ages ago by a legendary ogre champion.

The Dead Calm
Relative Island: Unknown if any exists
The Dead Calm is a waterway no seafarer ventures no matter how brave they may be. But there are those who are foolish and it is from tales of these foolish mariners that we get what little information of this sea. All wind and all tides completely cease when you encounter the boundary of this sea. The foolhardy that trudge onward by oars slowly begin to loose energy and become extremely lethargic. As they row onward, their faces and bodies appear to loose fullness as it appears that the life is being sucked out of them. By the time they realize their mistake to enter this sea, it is impossible to retreat to safe waters. The foolish seafarers become part of the derelict graveyard of ships and floating islands of bones that drift in the sea. No mariner has ever been able to survive in this sea to explore the horizon and discover any isle that may hide at the heart of the Dead Calm. A hint of an island at the center of the sea is sometimes reported.

Norrathians have returned from the treacherous seas in the northern territories of the Shattered Lands. With them came wondrous tales of sights never seen One of these tales is said to be a glint of light in a deep frozen atoll. The chill of that fills the bowl formed by the steep cliffs of the atoll makes visibility nearly impossible, yet, a ship dared to brave the mist. What they found was deadly to say the least. Only one sailor made it back, the same cannot be said for his sanity. He ended up in the padded cells of the Freeport Infirmary and Asylum. He told a tale of a glint of light shining in the mist. His captain forced the ship into the thick white fog and onward to this glint. They found a frozen tower, an elven tower. This tower seemed to offer no access, but apparently it did withstand a powerful blast of cold wind. This blast froze the tower, made evident by the long thick icicles that stretch off to one side. The sailor said they found a breach within the icy armor of the tower. They all entered, but only one made it out. His mind gone, all he could mutter was the word, “Fayspire”. How such a madman managed to sail that ship out of there is a mystery just like the frozen atoll that cannot be found on any map.

Erud’s Crossing:

This island actually exists as part of a grouping of isles known as the Isles of Ebb. I will try and send you some lore on the whole island chain some time, but here is a bit about the island in question. This is a small blurb from early design, enjoy:

o Talysra’s Paw

This is the largest island of the chain. A small volcano mount sits on the island. This island has a bumpy wide sand bar running along the north half of it. The sand bar’s four high points are always above water and give the island the appearance of a massive cat’s paw. The Kerran’s who have come to inhabit this island are a secluded sect of the Kerran society. They have named the island after their newly found cat god, Talysra. They have also built a small village called Talys on the island. The densest woods of Aqua Palms appear here as do the regional flower and coconut trees. A small fissure in the side of the small volcanic mount has a tiny trickling floe of lava that seeps down to the northeast corner of the island where it runs into the water and creates vapor.

Oh wow, and here is a bit about the actual village on the island. Some of this lore may never be seen, but I hope you enjoy the original write up:

o Talys

This is the only village in the sea and is a frequent stop of sailing vessels. The village is inhabited by a secluded sub tribe of Kerran’s calling themselves the Laahr. These Kerrans have come to study their roots and unlike the Kerrans of Kerra Ridge, they worship a new found deity known to few Kerrans. The village is small but has adequate facilities for any traveler. There is an inn located across a bamboo bridge and on one of the islands sand bar isles. A gnome from the Academy of Arcane Science, Professor R.J. Skittlewit, has come to Talys to challenge his wits of engineering by providing the natives with contraptions made out of the natural materials and employing natural resources. Machines exist such as a mill made of bamboo and reeds powered by the steam vent of the volcanic fissure. There is a vault also created by the gnome for adventurers to store supplies, allow for banking and store export goods. The Laahr have built a dock and supply outriggers for rent.

It may be a bit more than you see in the Age of Turmoil, but here it is:

o Isle of the Dead

Long ago, in secrecy, the ——— placed the crypts of the most evil mortals of the time on this island. The island appears as a rocky island surrounded by jagged rocks. The topdown view of the island is that of a skull. Massive stone totems were placed on the shoreline to ward away the curious and keep in any evil spirits. There is an ancient mortuary and tomb for five ——- and ——-. A small temple was eventually built on the island. This temple hides the ———–. The entrance is sealed by magic placed upon a massive stone disc that must be rolled aside before one can gain entry. There is one long wide passage that tells the story of the island through images. There is a center chamber with ———-. There is —— in the middle that is used to ———. There are many —— in —–. Each passage tells the history of the vile acts committed by the mortal whose tomb lies at the end of the passage. Many ——– guard the inside of the tomb. The topside of the island is guarded by evil itself, evil specters and apparitions to repel any who wish to gain entry into the tombs.

There are numerous islands located in the Shattered Lands. Not all of these islands will be presented in game, but we know they are there. One of these islands happens to contain a chunk of forestland once known as the Unkempt Wood. The Far Seas Trading Company believes that a portion of that woodland is what forms the island that they call The Forbidden Forest. The cliffs of this towering isle are nearly impossible to scale. If one were to begin the long climb along the cliffs they would no doubt encounter one of the many birds of prey that dwell there, many of which are quite large and vicious.

Veiled by the constant downpour of the sea known as the Phantom Sea, rests a little isle feared by those who are unfortunate enough to know of its existence. This isle is known by seafarers and avoided for the countless fears that rest on the isle. A dense woodland that swallows this forest isle shields what lies within and only one end offers access to those who dare step foot upon the land. Seafaring tales hint at what may rest inside the thicket. Some tales say that during the day it would seem to be a lifeless land. The land is uneven and trails are like mazes between clearings. Some say a fort of rangers long dead exists far to the end of the isle. It would take nearly a day to trek to and from the fort if one was lucky to correctly navigate the trails. Trees are now long dead and those that have leaves offer little color to the environment. No birds are heard chirping. No deer are seen galloping. It is dead. In the evening this becomes even truer. At night the ground is breached by hands of bone of two undead armies rising again to do battle under the moonlight. It is during this time that no one wishes to be caught upon this little isle of horror.

This last one is a bit of babble about a little known isle called The Serpent’s Fang. Jutting up from the center of the vast Tranquil Sea is what remains of the mammoth Serpent’s Spine mountain range, or at least its greatest remnants. This portion of the sea is quite dangerous for sea travel. Hulls of the greatest ships have been known to rip apart as they barely scrape the tops of the jagged sea mounts lurking just below the surface and in between the jagged isles of this area. Most of what one sees as they near this location are tall spires of eroding rock. The spires of rock are too steep and sheer to scale in any way and have little flat ground to support even a single shack. Many spires contain nests of the behemoth birds of prey called Rukhs. The Serpent’s Fang is the largest remnant of the Serpent’s Spine Mountains. What lies in the cloud covered spires crown is unknown. But some say there are those that walk amongst us that do know… quite well.

Lanys Reborn


After the events of Bloody Kithicor, the Teir`Dal were left without answers as to what happened to Lanys T`Vyl. The King and Queen of the dark elves charged Vizier D`Kalz, a priest of great power, with the task of finding the answers to their many questions.

Vizier D`Kalz calls a gathering at the skeleton stone in Nektulos Forest for all to witness the summoning of Laarthik K`Shin’s spirit. The summoning is successful and Laarthik comes forward in a ghostly form. He tells them the story of Bloody Kithicor from his perspective, how his invocation to the mysterious stone opened a portal to the plane of Hate, through which Innoruuk snatched Lanys to save her. Tunare used the opening of the portal to her advantage as well, banishing Lanys’s corporeal form from Norrath.

Laarthik also explains to them about the act of shifting spirits. Being an elder Shadowknight and a practitioner of the dark magics, he knows that spirit shifting is indeed possible. He speaks of a Gnome necromancer named Falrazim Zaftamor that has done this. He tells them the story of this powerful gnome.

“Falrazim has successfully spirit shifted into the body of a drake to prolong his fading physical life. In the form of a drake, Falrazim’s has found that the dragon magic is completely different from the arts of necromancy, and only those born a dragon can comprehend its usage. Unfortunately for Falrazim, the gestures and incantations necessary to the practice of necromancy are impossible in drake form. He struck a deal with Meldrath, where Meldrath would help change Falrazim back into a Gnome if Falrazim first helps him complete several tasks. However, Meldrath’s tasks have lasted for over 300 years, and Falrazim is growing very restless. He now seeks an alternative to Meldrath’s help.”

Laarthik informs them that they can find Falrazim within the Steamfont Mountains. He is needed for his knowledge to bring Lanys back to Norrath, and should not be harmed.

Vizier D`Kalz sends a party accompanied by Dolis Sha`vlal, a revered Shadowknight and survivor of the Battle of Bloody Kithicor, to Steamfont to speak with Falrazim.

In Steamfont Mountains, Falrazim Zaftamor is approached by Dolis Sha`vlal and the others. After hearing of what happened, Falrazim agrees to help them under one condition. They are to find him a new host as well, and use the stone to transfer his spirit into it. Falrazim would never be so eager to help anyone or admit to such weaknesses, however he is in quite an odd situation and has been for the past 300 years.

Falrazim gives a note with the spell needed to seize the spirit and place it within the stone, and gives the stone itself to the highest-powered necromancer in the party. Dolis Sha`vlal and the party return to Neriak to get further orders from Vizier D`Kalz. Falrazim waits in Steamfont for their return.

Back in Neriak, they tell Vizier D`Kalz of what they have learned and inform him that they need two hosts. Vizier D`Kalz sends them to the Plane of Hate to capture the soul of Lanys T`Vyl and bring it back to Norrath.

Upon entering the Plane of Hate, they search for Lanys. Once they find her, a brief interaction ensues and the necromancer mutters the words. “Vethau N`Vac Reithos” he chants repeatedly as the other members of the party join in.

“Vethau N`Vac Reithos”

“Vethau N`Vac Reithos”

“Vethau N`Vac Reithos”

Lanys’s form collapses and her soul flows in a blood red stream of light, shot through with bolts of blue, into Falrazim’s stone. Dolis Sha`vlal kneels next to Lanys’s inert body and removes the pieces of her Abhorrent Armor of Darkness.

After returning to Steamfont, the party sees that Vizier D`Kalz and Falrazim Zaftamor are awaiting their arrival. The two hosts, stripped of their souls, lie upon the ground with blank faces. Falrazim gives the necromancer a note containing more text that must be read for the ritual to take place.

The necromancer begins to chant, “Ver mitra tec piof… Ver ir ostryl… Ver N’Vac…. Ver tev’Ve.” The others begin to chant as well.

“Ver mitra tec piof… Ver ir ostryl… Ver N’Vac…. Ver tev’Ve”

“Ver mitra tec piof… Ver ir ostryl… Ver N’Vac…. Ver tev’Ve”

“Ver mitra tec piof… Ver ir ostryl… Ver N’Vac…. Ver tev’Ve”

Dolis Sha`vlal lays the Abhorrent Armor of Darkness onto the ground next to the bodies. As the Child of Hate’s soul seeps from the stone, traveling to the host, the pieces of armor attach themselves to the body. Falrazim’s soul, in turn, is pulled into the stone and is transferred to the gnome body.

Thus, the Child of Hate returns to Norrath.

Sionachie Heartsinger


The words spoken by Tunare were still fresh in Firiona’s mind: “Seek them out, My Child, and restore them as you have been restored. First, find your chronicler. Remember the child who sought you first? Seek that one. She needs you and will be of great importance to you in the days to come. She still sings the history of the elves. Find her in the trees…” Immediately following the ritual and her meeting with Tunare herself, Firiona set out to find the one that the Mother called the ‘chronicler’.

Wandering toward the massive tree-city of Kelethin, Firiona noticed a crowd of people surrounding a woman holding a mandolin and spinning tales. Curious, she walked up to the crowd to watch the troubadour perform. The woman strummed a few notes on her mandolin and then put it away. Settling herself comfortably, she began to tell a tale of blood and honor.

“Tunare, Mother of All, bids us maintain Balance in the world. Good cannot exist without Evil, nor can Death exist without Life. Tunare’s Children are many. She cares for all, even though she may not have created their ancestors, and she loves even the worst, the most evil, of them.” Looking out over the crowd gathered before her, she continued. “Tunare watched as the balance of Good and Evil was upset and knew that to sustain her Children, Balance had to be restored. Innoruuk, Prince of Hate, strove to tip the balance toward his own favor. His interests are not to preserve Norrath, but to serve himself.

“Innoruuk, in order to promote his own cause, spawned an evil creature on the land, who came to be known as Lanys T’Vyl, Child of Hate.” The singer’s voice resonated with the power of her words. “She grew in strength and hatred, rallying the dark elven-kind to her banner.”

Lowering her voice to a near whisper, she said, “Lanys and her mentor-guard, Laarthik K’Shin, heard rumors of the discovery of a strange metallic ore in the shape of a sphere, which gave off a mysterious blue glow. Innoruuk’s fervent whispers guided them to take possession of it. This metal orb was a catalyst; though none knew at the time what terrible purpose it would serve. Laarthik kept it hidden away, sensing that it would be of critical value in his future.

“The sphere had been uncovered by Pickclaw goblins, and where one is found, others are assumed to exist as well. The greed of Innoruuk drove Lanys and Laarthik to control the powers of this new element. Over many weeks, Lanys and the Teir’Dal forces grew in strength. Rumors flew, as on the wings of birds, that spoke of an invasion of Highkeep itself!”

The woman stood suddenly, and Firiona recognized her immediately as the bard Sionachie, whom she sought. Eyes wide, Sionachie continued, “a mysterious silver-haired beauty appeared in Kelethin one fine day, on her own quest for information. She listened to ancient rhymes and tales and took a mystical creature for her familiar. Some say Firiona Vie, the shining paladin of Tunare, is goddess-born, and others that she is a royal child, taken from her dead mother’s arms in the still of the night.

“Firiona Vie, the beautiful Firiona Vie…” Sionachie hesitated momentarily, a puzzled look on her face, as if she were trying to remember something important, but it lay just out of her mind’s reach. Regaining her composure, she continued her tale. “A royal spirit, Queen of Felwithe, appeared at a banquet in Highkeep to announce the arrival of its Child, the one who would save Felwithe and aid in Tunare’s crusade to restore Balance to Norrath. The King cried out in his concern for this child, whom he’d tried to destroy in his ignorance.

“Galeth Veredeth, ancient Paladin of Tunare and former advisor to the king, having been but recently restored to his own place in the kingdom, introduced the pale swordmaiden to the King. Galeth had been the one to protect and train her throughout her youth, and the one to raise her in the true spirit of Tunare.

“Firiona took her place by the side of King Tearis Thex in a joyous reunion.” Sionachie began to strum a lively, festive tune upon her mandolin. Then, stopping abruptly, she leaned forward making a sweeping gesture. “The forces of Good and Evil raised their armies, trained and provisioned them. Lord Tephys led the army of Good to the crossroads of Kithicor to protect the lands of Highkeep Castle. A great Council met to plan strategies. Galeth Veredeth pledged the support of King Tearis Thex, in the form of the Paladins of Tunare.”

Sionachie balled one hand into a fist and shook it in the air. “Lanys T’Vyl and Laarthik K’Shin marched their armies across the Commonlands and attempted to breach the castle itself in High Hold Pass, but the main force met in the forest of Kithicor with Tephys’ troops. Thunder crashed and powers coursed through the world as the enemies joined in battle.” Sionachie’s voice softened. “Lord Tephys fell to the wrath of Lanys T’Vyl on that field, and he will long be remembered by his people.” Her head lowered with his memory.

Raising her head, she once again continued, her voice strong and renewed. “Firiona stepped up to take Tephys’s place, and rallied the forces of Good. The strength of earth, power of the Mother of All, entered Firiona and she glowed with silvery fire. Lanys T’Vyl engaged Firiona Vie, both clad in the powers of their Deities, but the Mother’s universal energies could not be outdone by Hate. Lanys began to falter and she cried out to her mentor, Laarthik.”

Gripping her chest, then thrusting her hand outward, Sionachie said, “Laarthik K’Shin reached into his breastplate and pulled out the shining blue metal orb and, held it to the sky, and screamed out a terrible invitation to the Prince of Hate himself!” Her hands moved in an arc above her, as if tracing the dome of the heavens. “The skies opened and flames enveloped Laarthik. A frightful rending took place, and therein a mighty rift opened between Norrath and Innoruuk’s dwelling place, the Plane of Hate. Magic users all over the face of Norrath felt the energies pour out of that purgatory, heard the tortured cries, and realized their own abilities to enter that place, if they dared.

“Laarthik was consumed in the flames as Lanys herself floated up into the sky, drawn inexorably into her Father’s realm. Her triumphant laughter rang out across the lands. From that day forward, the Curse of Innoruuk has laid upon the forest of Kithicor. The tormented dead are doomed to wander the fearsome night’s shadows in that formerly peaceful woodland. Danger lurks for all who seek passage there.” Sionachie’s face twisted into a scowl of disdain. “Some say that even Laarthik appears there, frightful and deadly, and believe that Lanys sits at the right hand of Innoruuk, to return one day and take her revenge.”

The Story of Edril

Of Carandril’s death and Edril’s journey to Antonica:

At the age of 450, Carandril became deathly ill. The emperor fought death for more then a year before his passing into the next realm. High elves and wood elves crowded the busy streets of Felwithe for a full day to witness the funeral procession, and Edril was saddened greatly by the loss of his mentor and friend. As per elven tradition, when Carandril passed away a new emperor was chosen by the council and the new emperor, after being crowned, chose a new head for the imperial army. Edril was awarded estates in the surrounding imperial lands, a hero’s send off, and a large amount of gold coins for his retirement wealth. Nobody, however, expected Edril ever to lay his sword to rest. “He has the blood of a hero,” emperor Carandril used to say, “try as you might, you could never keep Edril from the adventure.” Thinking there was nothing left for him in the empire of the elves, Edril gathered what wealth was given to him and set sail for the far-off human lands of Antonica.

Arriving in the city of Freeport, Edril was recognized as a wealthy elf only. His name was unknown to these western lands, but that quickly changed. Edril became almost instantly renowned in the Freeport area for his fighting prowess, as he helped many of the villages along Lake Neriuss against the raider Zellain and his band of dark elves. His real fame, however, came as a desert fighter. Edril held a chief role in defending an outpost in the Kithicor woods against a large goblin attack, and it was during this battle that Edril became infatuated by the deserts of Antonica. Whether it was because they were so foreign to him or whether he loved the danger, Edril spent most of his remaining time on Antonica wandering it’s deserts, from the eastern desert of Ro all the way to the dead hills in the west and the plains of Karana. His most noteworthy exploits in these areas included capturing Ragoth the sand giant and his “dust marauders” in the desert of Ro as well as flushing out an entire nest of frogloks around lake Rathetear. He soon was recognized back in Felwithe as a remarkable cataloguer of strange creatures, as he would write notes about all his adversaries and send them to the imperial library. As he made his way to Qeynos, he even fell in love with an erudite female mage named Almaril and they were wed.

Of Almaril and Zisstrik the insane:

For a time in Qeynos Edril forgot about adventure or Carandril or his home back with the elves. He loved Almaril deeply and she took him back and forth from Erudin to Antonica, teaching him everything he wished to know. He was as much interested in her crude but powerful magic as she was his graceful fighting styles. For the first time in a long time Edril was satisfied and happy, and to the astonishment of all it seemed that the elven warrior would actually settle down in Qeynos with his wife forever. But fate moves unpredictably and Edril was called into service once more.

An old merchant noble from Freeport, a long time friend of Edril, sent him a letter detailing the problems he was having with a band of local trollish thieves. The thieves, however, were not everyday thugs. Goods from merchant caravans had increasingly been stolen to fund for a splinter trollish army somewhere in the desert of Ro. The army, whom the kingdom of Grobb wanted destroyed very much, was lead by an obnoxious would-be-preacher troll named Zisstrik the insane, who lead his band of trolls on what he called a “religious crusade.” Edril agreed to help with the problem. The troll bandits were easily found and easily dispensed with, but more important was what Edril learned during the hunt. Zisstrik spoke at length, before he was killed, about the troll dragon-god Trakanon and how the dragon told Zisstrik in his dreams to steal and kill the local human merchants who “pollute the desert and the swamps with their presence.” Edril dismissed most of what the troll said as crazy dribble, but he became increasingly interested in the tale of Trakanon. In return for the destruction of the splinter army, Edril only wished in payment that he be allowed to speak with the shamans of Grobb about the great dragon. The trolls, however bitter and tentative, agreed.

Of Edril’s research and his quest for Kunark:

The elven warrior was immediately in love with the story of the troll heritage. He was fascinated by the idea of dozens of glorious armies dessimating eachother because of hunger and confusion, fascinated by the imagery of the far off and blasted land of Kunark, but even more fascinated by the character of Trakanon, a powerful being once a god to the trolls and only seen by a single chief. He immediately thought Trakanon was evil both for what he did to the trolls and because of what Edril knew about all dragons. The elf silently vowed to make the hunt for Trakanon his final and most glorious quest. Utilizing ancient trollish texts and learning what he could, Edril soon had plotted a course to and over Kunark. Almaril protested greatly and called Edril crazy for trying to carry out such a silly fantasy, but the elf couldn’t resist the pull of perhaps the greatest adventure he would ever have.

Leaving his wife sobbing behind him on the docksides of Freeport, Edril set sail for several weeks before arriving at what he hoped was the lost continent of Kunark. Frightened by the horrible site of the field of bone before them, the crew of Edril’s ship told the warrior they would remain on the coastline until his safe return. Packing what he needed for a long and arduous journey, Edril made his way alone across the dead fields of the ancient trollish homeland until he the jagged cliffs of Trakanon’s Teeth. What happened next no one knows for sure, as Edril was careful not even to divulge it to his wife before his death, but it is rumored Edril had to escape many clever traps and fight through several horrendous challenges before reaching the throne of the great beast. Even then, he did not kill Trakanon because what the dragon had to tell him was of far greater importance then any quest. Herein lies the complete text of Trakanon’s prophecy, as Edril himself never forgot the words of the great beast and later told his wife in order that the whole of Norrath may read the message:

Of Trakanon’s prophecy, excerpt from “The Book of Edril” by Edril’s late wife Almaril:

The great dragon looked on Edril as a father on his son and smiled widely. “So,” Trakanon spoke in a voice that shook the very ground, “at last you have come.” Edril, great among the elves, felt himself begin to tremble as he stared deep into the dragon’s fiery eyes. “You have no reason to fear me, warrior, even though you have come here to kill me. But I doubt that even you could perform such a task. You see, child, I was born before the stars were made, before the foundation of this world was ripped by Veeshan’s claw, and before the gods gave birth to the elder races. I have been and always will be the eternal mystery between life and death and gods and man.” With that said, Edril bowed his head in awe and somehow knew the great beast spoke the truth. “And yet,” the dragon continued, “I am but a watcher. For while I claim this world as my own I am forbidden by laws forged millenia ago to change it’s course. It is the curse of all my kind: to love a world so much and to have to watch it die. Take heed, warrior, because Norrath’s death is fast approaching.” Edril lifted his head, his eyes wide in a look of shock and fear. The dragon simply nodded. “Yes, Edril, Norrath’s fate was decided long ago, or so the gods think. But the visions of your gods are often warped by their own vanity and selfishness, the future is never set, and the elder races may yet prove them wrong. The gods made you all as a means to an end in their struggle and as the wars of the elder races escalate, so shall the gods descend from their planes of existence and make the whole of Norrath suffer. But there are those among the races untouched by the taint of immortals whom I have chosen as the saviors of man.” Trakanon then stabbed deep into the ground with his left claw and ripped the bottom of his cave dwelling asunder with one powerful stroke of his arm. Edril looked over the sides of the newly formed chasms and noticed the walls glowing a bright red. A face began to form from the blackness deep within the cracks, and Edril could clearly make out the aging face of an old man. The face had sad eyes, gaunt cheeks, and long silvery hair. “His name is Miragul,” said the dragon, “a human mage, gifted in all talents of magic and able to bend the laws of life and death to his will. He exists now as an empty shell, wandering his tombs filled with powerful magics.” The next face that formed was that of a troll, but surprisingly it was a noble and proud visage. Scars ran from both eyes down to the troll’s mouth, and the troll’s eyes were strong and unwavering. “He was called Nalikor. He was the troll first to enter my kingdom and find me. He ended centuries of brutal war, was greatest among his soldiers, and was able to lead his people from death and starvation to a powerful kingdom.” The dragon then turned his eyes to Edril. “You, elf, are my third chosen. You are Edril the warrior, a brilliant soldier and great hero. Death haunts you at every turn but you are always able to overcome your obstacles. You are a deadly fighter, a wanderer of Norrath, and a lord among elves. And now I award you with a much bigger destiny.” Trakanon spoke deep in a language Edril couldn’t understand, and suddenly a small pendant flashed into existence around Edril’s neck. “To Miragul I revealed the existence of artifacts that would enhance his powers in the arcane arts. To Nalikor I awarded a flaming sword to enhance his warrior prowess. To you I give this: a small pendant that will allow you to talk with me always. But it does much more. My strength is finite, Edril, and already my powers begin to weaken. Soon either the gods or the elder races will find the means to my destruction, and when that happens then the final war for Norrath shall be waged. But when I die, before I leave for the afterlife, I will impart my power to the bearer of this pendant, and he shall have all the wisdom and the strength of the most ancient of creatures.” Trakanon then laid his serpent-like head on the floor of his cave. “That time is fast approaching. Here is my prophecy, young one. Everything I say now shall soon come to pass. When the wars of the elder races begin to come to fruition, the gods shall take notice and plan for their coming into the world. Then, on the third day of the third season, in the dark of the night on all the continents of the elder races, shall be reborn my chosen in the bodies of other men, representing all of the three virtues: good, evil, and the gray neutral between them both. They will arise to the call of a fourth chosen, great among them, who will collect my gifts unto himself: the magic enhancements of Miragul, the flaming sword of Nalikor, and your dragon pendant. The peoples of Norrath will revere this one as Trakanon’s chosen, and he will watch the whole world burn.”

Of Edril’s last days:

When he returned home he was changed forever. With his greatest achievment completed, Edril the warrior, feared of the orcan clans, slayer of the plague dragon of Akanon, first soldier of the empire, and desert wanderer of Norrath, hung his sword to rest forever. He lived many happy years in the arms of Almaril, his wife, and they even gave birth to a son, something no one thought possible between a erudite and elf. But whether it was fate’s choice to test Edril one last time or because erudites were enough “non-human” so procreation was near impossible, Edril’s son was taken by disease at an early age. The event crushed the indomitable elf and at the age of 405 the warrior passed away. “No spear or sword or arrow, fang, claw, or spell could ever hope of killing the elf known as Edril,” recounted Biddyn at the funeral of his friend, “but for a father, the death of an only child is the worst poison the world can give.” The lord of Qeynos thought it best to send his body back to the elven empire and there gathered a very ecclectic funeral procession: Merchant friends from Freeport and Qeynos, human lords of Antonica, almost the entire gnomish population, and even troll shamans from Grobb to bear witness to the last warrior to ever lay eyes on Trakanon. Some said the dark elves were also present, spying on the funeral from the shadows just to make sure Edril had actually lost the battle with death. Dozens of elven trumpets sounded his passing and his casket was floated over the top of the Elizerain Lake to sink into it’s depths forever, an honor normally reserved only for the emperors. It is written that even now, at the bottom of the lake in that same casket, the dragon pendant of Trakanon waits, grasped tightly in Edril’s cold, dead fingers.

Bloody Kithicor: The Council Vol. I-II

Lord Tephys of the Koada’Dal and Carson McCabe of Highkeep stared at each other with long faces over the council table in Highkeep. The meetings were not going well. Upon hearing of the Teir’Dal’s plans of conquest, Tephys had immediately dispatched word to Felwithe petitioning help. He had yet to hear a reply. Carson’s biggest problem in drafting forces for Highkeep was that most of the merchant lords on the council were just that, merchants. They spoke endlessly of buying their way out of the fight, that the goblin was lying, or that they should just cut their losses and leave. Carson and Tephys held no such disillusions. They knew that the Teir’Dal would not bargain, and those that surrendered were doomed to a quick death at best, with a long life of torture and servitude being the alternative. “Have we received any word from Antonius Bayle yet?” Tephys asked, not for the first time since the council had convened. “I’m afraid that my messengers have returned with the same news we expected Lord Tephys,” Carson explained. “He cannot lend us much support, if any, in our struggle. He is afraid, and with good reason, that were he to make any attempt to do so the rival factions in and around Qeynos would be quick to take advantage of the city. He envisions everything from the gnolls of Blackburrow overrunning the city to the Bloodsabers taking it from underneath him. And the sad thing is, I can’t really say I blame him.” “What of Freeport?” asked Taliman Yurick, the leader of the cities brewing merchants. “Surely they’re in the best position to help us, practically bordering Nektulos and all.” “Freeport is in no position to help us either,” Lord Tephys was quick to point out. “The Militia and the Paladins keep each other in check constantly. Both know that if either were to support us the other side would only use it as an excuse to try and take complete control of the city. No my friends, I’m afraid it looks like both of the great cities of Antonica will not be aiding us in this fight. And we can count the dwarves out as well. As I suspected, my emissaries to King Kazon were met only by the damned dwarven logic of, ‘all the more reason we should stay here and prepare to defend the shores of Butcherblock’.” “I too, have contacted my people across the sea,” spoke Pracil Micus of the Erudite. They have agreed only to bring it up in the next High Council meeting for discussion, at which point they may decide to send some sort of help.” “Great!” shouted Thubr Axebringer. The prominent dwarven smith from Kaladim jumped up from his seat fuming, “The way ye blasted Erudites discuss things in yer meetins we should be getting help just about this time next decade!” Indignant, Pracil Micus retorted, “Why you little bearded retch, I suppose I should expect such manners from a..” “SILENCE!” bellowed Carson as he banged his gavel upon the table. “I’ll have no bickering between us, especially at a time like this. You think the Teir’Dal are fighting over which of them are going to attack us!? No, they’re not because they ALL want to attack. And if the stories I’ve heard of late are indeed true, that the Teir’Dal have indeed united under this prophet, this ‘child of hate’, then we may not just be facing a few Teir’Dal war parties, but rather the whole of Neriak itself!” “But Carson!” Taliman protested, “If what you’re saying is true then we’re doomed already. We have no armies save the guard of Highkeep, no allies to call upon, and all against an entire nation of Dark Elves!”

“Perhaps you are not alone as you think my friends,” said a voice from the crowd. Two high elves step forward, resplendent in their ornate armor. One, an older male with lines of battle etched into his face, the other is a younger female with the beauty of a goddess herself. Both appeared to be a bit travel worn but fully armed. Lord Tephys stood, an obvious wave of relief flashing across his face. “Ladies and Gentlemen of the council, allow me to introduce Galeth Veredeth, High Paladin of Tunare and chief advisor to King Thearis Thex.” The members of the council were impressed and quickly invited the newcomers to join their meeting. “Thank you Tephys my old friend,” Galeth said with a look of sympathy for the tired elven Lord. “The young lady accompanying me is Firiona Vie, Paladin of Tunare and my finest student yet.” Firiona bowed politely to the table saying, “The honor is mine your lordships.” “Ah yes!” said Tephys with sudden recognition. “You have truly grown in the grace of Tunare since last I saw you young Firiona, we welcome you to our table. Now, please tell me you bring good news Galeth.” “Indeed I do,” replied the Paladin. “I’m pleased to announce that the entirety of the Paladins of Tunare are at your disposal.” Cheers erupted from the council and the crowd. Galeth holds up his hand for silence and continues, “As we speak our legions are sailing across the Ocean of Tears and should arrive in a fortnight. The remainder of the Koada’Dal forces shall have to remain in Faydark however, as we are constantly besieged by the orcs of Crushbone. This is all King Tearis can spare. The only stipulation we insist upon is that Lord Tephys must lead the armies defending Highkeep.” Lord Tephys attempted to argue against this at first, but was quickly and unanimously outvoted as the entire council, led by Carson McCabe, insisted that it was a grand idea. A messenger stepped forward and whispered something in Carson’s ear. Carson stood with a smile on his face and spoke, “In addition to this most fortunate news, I’ve just been informed that adventurers from all over Norrath are volunteering by the dozens to aid our cause!” Again the crowd and council were swept away by rampant cheers of thanks. Lord Tephys once again stood and addressing everyone said, “With that said gentlemen, I believe this council is adjourned. We all have a lot of plans to make and little time to spare. By the grace of Tunare, we just might have a chance.”

Bloody Kithicor: The Final Battle Vol. I

“All throughout Antonica, forces were being prepared for war. Quartermasters scrambled to equip hastily recruited troops. Men both military and mundane trained and practiced diligently on both sides for what would surely be a most terrible war. Anyone who could carry a weapon, carried one during those days for none knew when the army of dark elves would advance. The Teir’Dal likewise prepared. They were confident that they would be successful. Indeed, they had the blessing of Innoruuk and his very daughter Lanys T’Vyl to lead them. Together with her mentor Laarthik K’Shin, the two would lead their great army against the forces of High Keep further increasing the strength of the nation of Teir’Dal and dividing the two cities Qeynos and Freeport, setting up a stranglehold upon the races of light. The morning was rainy and cold when the dark elves began their march. Lead by Laarthik K’Shin and Lanys T’Vyl, the hordes of Teir’Dal were a consuming fire upon the common lands. Platoons of Teir’Dal broke off to crush the rag-tag bands of allied forces that rose to stop their advance. Regardless of the opposition they faced, Lanys and Laarthik pushed forward toward their goal. All around the sounds of war rang out, metal against metal, battle cries and screams of the dying. As the army approached Kithicor forest, a rear guard was left behind to prevent the advancement of any of the races of light through the common lands. It was then that the army began to splinter and spread throughout Kithicor forest like a goblet of wine spilled upon a table. Slinking through the forest, a group of 30 Teir’Dal crept into Rivervale. They struck quickly and the peaceful halfling city was occupied and subjugated under the brutal heel of the dark elven oppressors with little or to no resistance. The Teir’Dal raided the shops and took whatever meager wealth the halflings had. Any who protested were quickly struck down by the new rulers of Rivervale. As the army continued to work its way through the forest, they began to meet with heavier resistance as the allied races of light sprang forth from their hiding places and ambushed the Dark Elves. Battles began to erupt in every corner of the forest. As quickly as a Teir’Dal was struck down, another would come forward to take its place. As soon as a Teir’Dal platoon would survive one ambush, they would be ambushed yet again. Both armies were relentless. Neither side could tell who was winning. The smell of death and of blood began to replace the usually fragrant smells of the forest. Lord Tephys, Galeth Veredeth and Firiona Vie waited just outside the entrance to High Pass with the assembled forces of the Paladins of Tunare and all others that were willing to assist them. The situation was very grave. The armies approach was heralded by a stampede of frightened animals all scurrying in fear of the approaching dark elven menace. It was shortly thereafter that they began to hear the sound of marching boots, the clang of weapons, and the rattle of armor peppered with the occasional scream approaching through the forest. “

Bloody Kithicor: The Final Battle Vol. IV

“The screams of ten thousand damned souls filled the world as an immeasurable power opened a rift in the astral barrier. The hearts of even the most evil and twisted creatures in Norrath were suddenly filled with dread and fear from the terrible miasma of evil that spewed forth from the Plane of Hate. Laarthik’s borrowed body was encased in a pillar of fire emanating from the orb, as the energies of Innoruuk were unleashed. Nothing can withstand the presence of a god and Laarthik’s body was quickly torn apart by the terrible power. Lanys tossed her head and laughed throatily. She shouted out in welcome to the power of Innoruuk. Her body glowed with crimson flame as she was drawn upward by the Prince of Hate, her father. The Child of Hate disappeared into the swirling rift in the sky as the remains of Laarthik crumpled to the ground. A tremendous roar rose up from the very heart of Norrath. Firiona Vie stared in dismay and shock as Lanys was swept into the Heart of Hate, dread filling her eyes with angry tears. The Chosen of Tunare called out to those around her as her heart was overcome by terror, “”Flee! Flee for your lives! Doom approaches!”” Firiona rushed to Galeth’s side and cried, “”This is a portent of death! None can survive the Hate Innoruuk will cast upon us!”” She helped her fallen mentor struggle to his feet and together, they both fled the scene of the calamity. A vacuous wave of hopelessness and dread withered the souls of all in Kithicor as sight was ripped from their eyes from Innoruuk’s presence. Hearts beating rapidly in fear suddenly stopped. In an instant, the terrible clamor of war was replaced by an unnatural silence. All life in the forest, whether dark elf, ally, or animal, was instantly extinguished. And so ended the Battle of Bloody Kithicor. Both sides suffered terrible losses. The allied forces held what was probably the most sober and somber “”victory”” party in history at High Pass. The Dark Elves retreated to Neriak. The once quiet, sylvan forest that was filled with relatively peaceful woodland creatures had been forever tainted. To this day, Kithicor is haunted by the restless souls of the fallen soldiers that perished during that terrible war. The world was never the same again. “

Bloody Kithicor: Nurgal's Stone Vol. V

“Tyrana, Grigog, Bgug and the few Teir’Dal escorts brave enough to get close to the human keep stepped into the dark forest of Kithicor. Her head still filled with rage from Laarthik’s cold rebuke, Tyrana was taken by surprise as Bgug slumped to the ground, clutching at the arrow in his back. Her violet eyes wide with terror, she shouted, “”Ambush! We are under attack!”” Suddenly, the forest was alive with arrows flying, the sound of metal clanging against metal. Everything was electric as spells were channeled and great explosions erupted sending lifeless bodies sailing through the air. Drawing forth her dagger, she faced off with Felinin, a feral snarl flashing across her face. Lunging forward to stab the Wood Elf in the chest, Felinin dodged easily and slashed with his scimitar seriously wounding Tyrana’s leg. Suddenly fearful for her life, Tyrana began to call upon the dark art of Necromancy to steal the precious life energy of the Fier’Dal and heal her grave wound. Felinin’s attacks were relentless and the dark elf was not able to channel forth the energy necessary to complete her spell. A final cruel blow to her chest sent Tyrana Slil reeling. Stumbling to the ground gasping for breath, she died. Tyrana Slil defeated and her escorts dead or fleeing for their lives, Felinin congratulated those that helped him on a job well done. Searching the now lifeless body of the Teir’Dal, he found the note that had been given to Tyrana from Laarthik. The note held grave news for the citizens of High Keep and indeed, all of Antonica. The Teir’Dal had decided it was time to take High Keep as their own. Wasting no time, Felinin made his way to the keep and delivered the grave news to Lord Tephys, the High Elven ambassador. Lord Tephys was greatly concerned by the news. Lord Tephys called for a meeting of the allied races at the keep. Runners were dispatched immediately to all corners of the known world, taking the news and begging representatives to attend this meeting of serious importance. “

Bloody Kithicor: Nurgal's Stone Vol. I

“The goblins of the pickclaw tribe were not known for their wit. In fact, because of their extreme lack of intelligence, they have been abused in trades by just about every merchant in Norrath. If one were to wonder why the citizens of Highkeep permit the clan to live in the mines beneath their homes, the answer is quite simple, they are good miners and they trade the ores cheaply. The goblins would slave day in and day out looking for the “”shiny rocks”” for which the stupid humans gave them coin. The fact that these same rocks actually made the coin is a feature that has escaped them thus far. In addition to the humans of Highkeep, the goblins also make secret trades with both the Teir’Dal of Neriak and the Koada’Dal of Faydwer. The Teir’Dal would reward the goblins with decent arms and generally paid the best. They were dangerous to deal with as they were just as likely to kill you as pay you. Trading with the Koada’Dal was rather uncommon. The Koada’Dal only came seeking the few rare stones they used to create their arcane runes, which was fine for the pickclaws as no one else wanted those dull looking rocks. The pickclaw miner Nurgal was on par intellectually with of the rest his clan. Nurgal was quite happy this day as he had found a new vein in his section of the mines. In fact, he’d already pulled three shiny yellow bricks today and was sure to get at least a fistful of copper for them! After chipping a few more layers he hit something very hard with his pick, so hard that his pick bent. “”Whaza!”” he exclaimed. In the crevice he revealed was a slightly glowing blue rock. “”Hmm,”” he thought, “”me never seen a blue rock afore.”” He tried chipping at a little bit more but could not even put a scratch into it. Finally in a display of rare brilliance, and after ruining several more tools, he decided to carve around the rock and yank it out. The rock was spherical in shape, about 8 inches in diameter. Nurgal’s eyes gleamed with a dull brilliance as he guessed how many allies he could buy with this rare find. He quickly concealed it in his belt pouch, wary as always that some of the larger goblins might see it and take it from him. He quickly scrambled out of the hole he was working in and started off to the city to find the dark elf ambassador. The dark elves had always given Nurgal the best prices for rare finds, and this would be no exception he decided. “

The Waystone

The Waystone is an ancient stone menhir 40 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter. On its north face is a single rune, similar to those runes often found on druidic circles and old ruins. Its location atop a prominent hill makes the Waystone easy to spot from miles away, and there are no other structures like it in the Commonlands.

The origins of the Waystone are lost to the mists of history. It certainly existed before the disappearance of Aataltaal, but there is no mention of it in any known writings from Wielle or Takish-Hiz. It may have been constructed by the shissar or perhaps by an even older civilization.

Regardless of its original use, the Waystone has become a landmark for travelers avoiding the Trade Road. It is situated almost exactly halfway between Freeport and the Kithicor Woods, and also between the Serpent Spine Mountains and the Rolling Hills. This also happens to place it just two days’ travel due east from Farfield. As a result, anyone who finds the Waystone and is aware of these facts knows precisely where they are, which way is north, and which way to travel to reach the nearest town.

The Waystone has also become a rallying point for those rangers who travel the Commonlands. Often called the Commons Trackers, this loose band of 30 or so allies make it their business to keep an eye on the comings and goings of the denizens of the Commonlands, to lend aid where possible to the lost or injured, and to keep the wilds free of the polluting influence of cities and kingdoms. The Commons Trackers are well loved among the residents of the Commonlands, treated as local heroes, though they are far less well liked by the Freeport Militia. Merchants are also mistrusting of these rangers, as they risk themselves only to save lives – they will not help to recover stolen goods or pursue bandits who haven’t harmed their victims physically.

There are always one or two rangers at or near the Waystone, as this is the only place where others can be sure to contact the group at need. This communication system was devised by Vuli Greenwhisper during the chaotic years of the Crusade of Tears. As often as not, it is Greenwhisper himself taking post at the Waystone, although it’s not unusual to find his protege Math Wintersong instead. Both men have a good idea where most Commons Trackers are at any given time, and can arrange for help in most of the Commonlands if they feel it is appropriate. However, the Commons Trackers see themselves as defenders of the weak, not a rescue party for fools and adventurers.

The Commons Trackers have strong ties to the Jaggedpine Treefolk, the Protectors of Pine, and the residents of both the Commonlands and Kithicor. In fact, it is not unusual for rangers from these different groups to pair up. Membership in the Commons Trackers is informal, and most of the older members are happy to train younger and less experienced rangers, regardless of their official affiliation.