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Order of the Storm Caller

You say, ‘Hail, Shayna Thunderhand’

Shayna Thunderhand gives a soft smile and delicate motion with her hand and bow of her head, ‘Greetings, Soandso. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Shayna Thunderhand — sorceress of The Rainkeeper and one of many ambassadors to the Jaggedpine. The recent events have yielded quite an interesting turn in our [organization’s] duties — and we are very excited to once again be reunited with our brethren and homeland.’

You say, ‘What is your organization’s duties?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘The Order of the Storm Caller is one whose roots are tied with the foundation of Qeynos and it’s establishments dedicated to the arcane sciences. When the Jaggedpine forest and it’s culture and people were still a part of the Qeynos kingdom, the wizards, magicians, and enchanters of Qeynos invited those from the Jaggedpine to partake in their fledgling studies. Gladly, our ancestors did so and returned to the forest with their newfound knowledge and passion in the art of the arcane. It was then that our elders felt that a new order must be established — the Order of the Storm Callers. As with all existing orders of The Rainkeeper, we had a [founding member] — one who made it possible for us to maintain our studies and interweave it into our everlasting faith in Karana.’

You say, ‘Who was your founding member?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘A wise and stoic woman by the name of Toliara Stormcaller was the first of our ancestors to master the art of wizardry. When she returned to the Jaggedpine with her newfound knowledge, the elders were very intrigued. She was asked to coordinate the efforts of all the Jaggedpine natives that had taken an interest and shown their adept talents in the ways of the arcane and form an opening ceremony to take place during the winter solstice celebration. Gladly and excitedly, she did so. The magicians, wizards, and enchanters loyal to The Rainkeeper met for several months, formulating [plans] and establishing [rituals] that would usher their order into the collective goal and cause of Karana’s faithful.’

You say, ‘What plans and rituals?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘The night before the sacred annual ritual and festival, the hierophant of Karana passed into the great Eye of Karana’s Storm. A new hierophant was to be named at the ceremony sited at the Throne of Karana’s Thunder. It is tradition that when a new hierophant is recognized, that the elders of each artisan, spiritual, and military order present the sacred item of their order that would then be wielded in the sacred ceremony — in this case, it was the winter solstice. Toliara called upon her brothers and sisters of the arcane sciences and together they forged an [item] of considerable power significant to that which The Rainkeeper sacredly represents.’

You say, ‘What item?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘The enchanters, who were also artisans highly skilled in the ways of jewel craft and even blacksmithing, were asked to forge a golden scepter with a hollow cradle at its peak. The magicians then conjured the elemental essences of the storm — water and air and sealed them in an azure sphere that was created from pure, enchanted elemental water. Toliara and her fellow wizards would spend days researching and creating a spell and rune of their own with which they would fulfill the purpose of the item. She etched the sacred runes upon the base of the scepter and sealed the separate items into one whole. Upon the dawn of the winter solstice, the fledgling order met at the Shrine of Karana where they would then [firmly establish themselves] among Karana’s most faithful.’

You say, ‘How did they establish themselves?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘The new hierophant was named and it was he that would lead the opening ceremonies of the solstice dawn. Tradition dictates that the head of each of The Rainkeeper’s order would come forward, bearing their sacred item to the hierophant and each in their own way, respectfully representing their order and its foundation, aid the hierophant in the ceremony. Toliara, representing the fledgling arcane order, was last to present her order’s item to the new hierophant — whose curiosity was piqued by the beautiful and most apparently powerful item. The ceremony began and each item was used in the [conjuration of a great storm].’

You say, ‘How did they conjure a great storm?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘The druids chanted around their hierophant, who held their order’s sacred item. As they chanted, they brought forth the great blanket of silver clouds upon the horizon. The rangers, rogues, and bards in their musical chant ushered in the raging winds that guided the druids’ clouds over the forest. It was the duty of the veterans, the warriors and knights, to call forth the thunder and begin the broiling of the storm. Toliara and her order then began an arcane chant. She raised the scepter upwards to the sky and collectively, the small order wove a single spell that arched from the scepter and struck the center of the tempest that responded in a great display of lightening and rain. Until the rise of the next dawn, the ceremonies continued — each order respectively praising Karana. By the rise of second dawn and the end of the solstice celebrations, the [Order of the Storm Caller] was inducted into the ranks of Karana’s faithful.’

You say, ‘What is the Order of the Storm Caller?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘That is the name that was bestowed to the arcane order of Karana’s faithful, led by Toliara. For several generations the order would thrive and become the primary ambassadors between the city proper of Qeynos and the forest. Eventually, when corruption threatened the land, it would be the Order of the Storm Caller that would act as the messengers and mediators between the political and spiritual interests of the Jaggedpine and ultimately, it would be their direct ties to the city that would influence the [decision] of Antonious III.’

You say, ‘What decision?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘All wished to spare the Jaggedpine from corruption for it was the sacred homeland of one of the city’s largest and most prosperous religious and cultural foundations. The Order of the Storm Caller knew that separation was the only way to assure the forest’s safety, for Qeynos would need all of its resources to defend against the approaching venomous shadow. However, not all were in favor of this decision. One known as Urwenae, an enchantress and at the time second to only the order’s arch mage in power and influence, held strong opposition to removing themselves indefinitely from their sacred lands. However, she was overruled by the decision of her superiors and the majority of the Jaggedpine Orders, thus the forest was sealed. The Order of the Storm Caller, along with the Veterans of the Storm, would [retreat] fully from the forest to aid the inevitable battles in defending Qeynos and its kingdom from threat.’

You say, ‘Why did they retreat?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘Collectively, the council at Qeynos and the orders of Karana’s faithful knew that it was best for the forest to have only the bare minimum of necessary inhabitants needed to preserve the culture and ancient ways remain behind. The shadow of corruption and turmoil was inevitable and Qeynos could not afford to spare these resources in such great quantity and the Orders agreed. The Veterans of the Storm, the knights and warriors of the Jaggedpine, and the Order of the Storm Caller were asked to relocate fully to Qeynos. There was little opposition to this decision, although the fanatical Urwenae [would never forgive her superiors and brethren] for allowing them to become separated from their homeland.’

You say, ‘Why would she would never forgive her superiors and brethren?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘She felt that all of Karana’s Orders should remain in the forest — that Qeynos’ resources were plenty and that the threat of the shadow would surely call the aid of nearby Erudin and perhaps even Rivervale if Qeynos were to fall into such dire jeopardy. Despite her zealous and near-fanatical opposition to the ruling, she was a well-respected member of the Order and was in-line to inherent the position of arch-mage when her mentor and the current ranking member of the Order passed into the great Eye of Karana’s Storm. For nearly a decade she waited in silence — her disapproval of the decision a constant, although she cooperated with her Order, she rarely left the Orders’ library. Eventually, she ascended to the roll of arch-mage over the Order of the Storm Caller and it was then that she had the opportunity to exact her vengeance against [those whom she thought as traitorous] heretics against Karana and their ancient, sacred path.’

You say, ‘Who did she think was traitorous?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘Ultimately, she blamed everyone who had voluntarily and without opposition agreed to the ruling made ten years prior with the sealing of the Jaggedpine forest. Urwenae despised both her fellow members of the Order of the Storm Caller as well as the Veterans of the Storm — viewing both groups as traitors. Ten years of reclusive behavior had given the necessary time for her planning to blossom and the death of her mentor and her ascension granted the perfect opportunity to execute her [revenge]. Upon the tenth anniversary of the Jaggedpine being sealed, a mere fortnight into her reign as arch-mage, Urwenae disbanded the Order in a violent display. A massacre was committed in the sacred halls of Qeynos’ arcane studies — an incident that was cleverly covered-up by the political council of Qeynos to keep the citizens from unnecessary worry regarding an external threat.’

You say, ‘What was her revenge?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘She had gathered a small group of like-minded followers — mainly, her most adept pupils that trusted her explicitly and were thus easily manipulated by her. The Order met in the cellar level of the arcane hall in Qeynos and there, Urwenae and her pupils destroyed all but a select few members of the arcane order. Many of the elders survived — escaping through portals of their own creation, although we lost many brave souls who attempted to remain behind and see their would-be executioners rightfully abolished. Urwenae and the two pupils, one being a powerful wizard that survived the encounter escaped through a portal when all that remained in the hall were dead. It is said that Urwenae then destroyed the sacred item that Toliara had forged all those centuries before, splitting the item into several pieces. As they are indestructible by design, Urwenae instructed her pupils to scatter the [pieces] throughout Norrath, while she herself would hide the scepter deep in the bowels of the Hole.’

You say, ‘What pieces?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘I cannot say for certain how Urwenae divided the scepter for the only documentation we possess was written in an ancient dialect that until recently, none could translate. The dialect is one of an ancient human tongue that dates centuries before the foundation of Qeynos — even before the foundation of the Throne of Karana’s Thunder. Of course this particular incident occurred in a more recent time, but Urwenae was well-versed in the ancient tongues of Norrath and knew well that her journal would be legible only by the most learned of Qeynos’ scholars or the forest’s elders, and even then her words would seem the fanciful tale of a madwoman — for there never was a massacre in the arcane hall in Qeynos, or so was the common belief until now. Those of us who are descendants of the few survivors that preserved the order knew of the truth and until recently, we had in our possession [Urwenae’s Tome].’

You say, ‘What is Urwenae’s tome?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘Urwenae’s tome, an Ancient Ashwood Tome granted to her by her late mentor, detailed Urwenae’s plans and what exactly she had done with the pieces of the scepter. You must understand, Urwenae was an arcane scientist — and a brilliant one at that. However, she was fanatically organized and required documentation of everything — a trait that was considered a merit before her madness had been discovered. The tome will likely detail where the missing pieces of the scepter lies and it may also copies of the lost, ancient scrolls scribed by Toliara and the first members of the order — scrolls that detail the exact runes and arcane chants to re-create the enchantment of the scepter, which was likely broken when Urwenae dismantled it. Unfortunately, the tome was [stolen] by one of the bandits that have recently inhabited our forest.’

You say, ‘Why was it stolen?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘I’m not entirely certain, although I doubt it was done for any purpose regarding the Order, our history, or any of the specific arcane knowledge contained within. Likely, the thief thought that it might fetch a price on the underground market of Norrath. The scouts have been able to identify the individual as Vranol Blackguard, the second eldest of the Blackguard family and one of its most dangerous members. We believe him to already be in High Pass. If [you can retrieve the Ancient Ashwood Tome] from him, if he still has it within his possession of course, then I would be more than willing to impart unto you our ancient arcane lore. However, this reward can only be wielded by one whose heart and faith belongs fervently to The Rainkeeper and their profession is of one of the three acceptable schools of magic. If you are unable to wield what reward I can provide, then I shall not bear ill will if you turn away, my friend.’

You say, ‘I will retrieve the Ancient Ashwood Tome.’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘Marvelous! However, for me to reward you properly, you must seek our the tormented spirit of Urwenae. It is rumored that when she went into the depths of the erudite hereitcs’ former home, that she was cursed by one of the ancient spirits there — her mind and spirit forever trapped within the boundaries of the ruins. As the magic of the scepter was tied to its bearer, it is likely that the essence of the Gleaming Crystal Scepter remains with her, so long as her essence resides on the prime plane of Norrath. If you can find her, retrieve the scepter, and return it to me with the recovered tome, I shall be better able to properly reward you for your services to us.’

Shayna Thunderhand says ”Aaah. . . yes. Well done. Well done, indeed, my friend. The tome still contains the Toliara’s ancient notes and we shall be able to restore the lost magic to the scepter.” Shayna holds the scepter firmly in one hand and the opened tome in the other. In a powerful voice, she recites several arcane words. As she speaks in the magical rhythm of the spell, the scepter in her hand begins to faintly glow and seems almost to haze as if enshrouded in a blanket of dense fog for but a moment. Shayna reaches the last word of her spell and extends the misted scepter to you, ”This is the Scepter of Storms. It is not yet complete and requires its original pieces to be whole once again. If you wish to continue to [aid the Order of the Storm Caller], I shall be more than willing to complete the scepter for you — as your worth to us shall be proven in the task.’

You say, ‘I will aid the Order of the Storm Caller.’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘Very well, my friend, and may Karana guide you through this path. There is one known as D’mitrious Irska, a powerful magician who can be found at the arcane hall in Qeynos. He is currently the senior member of our order and will be able to further aid you than I, for most unfortunately, many pages of the tome have been damaged by Vranol when he stole it. D’mitrious is more wise in this matter than myself and his willingness to aid you should be more than overwhelming once the scepter has been presented to him. However, he will require one [further component] with the scepter to secure his aid.’

You say, ‘What further components?’

Shayna Thunderhand says ‘The Scroll of the Tempest Eye, one scribed by Toliara herself as she completed her portion of the item, has been lost to us for some time. Urwenae tore the scroll from the pages of the tome and gave it to her pupil, Lazara, and instructed her to take them into Permafrost with the hopes that the threat of the great ice dragon that dwells there to ward any would-be heroes away. Like Urwenae, Lazara fell to an unknown, although dark fate and it is likely that the twisted impression of her former existence remains — guarding the scroll with its unlife.’

D`mitrious Irska says ‘The Scepter of Storms. . . but how could this be? You have spoken with Shayna, yes? I see that she has found one to retrieve the stolen tome. But what is even more intriguing is the acquisition of the scepter itself. I am impressed and these items represent your deeds better than any arrogant boasting that I hear day in and day out from the other youths of the order. Aaaah and yes, you have the scroll! Well then, we cannot let an opportunity like this slip through our fingers, now can we?” The mage quickly eyes the scroll before closing his eyes and beginning an arcane chant. The scroll in his hand begins to smolder, although the page is not damaged. A glowing silver image of a swirling storm seems to reflect off the surface of the parchment. Then, the scepter begins to slightly chime and runes begin to magically imbed themselves into the scepter’s base. The mage opens his eyes and extends the scepter to you, ”Now then, [shall we continue]?’

D`mitrious Irska says ‘Now that the scepter has been properly modified for the task, you must keep it safe for now. Your next task will be to seek out two more components, for the original components and the spells describing how they were forged are lost forever — destroyed by Urwenae’s second and final pupil who went mad while attempting to fulfill his duty. The Essence of Storms must be retrieved, and there is only one place within the whole of Norrath’s prime or astral realms that it can be found — the Plane of Sky. There is a being known as The Storm Mistress who dwells there. Seek her out and retrieve the Essence of Storms from her ethereal being. Do not worry yourself over what seems to be a gruesome murder and thieving, for she will coalesce again as all immortal, planar beings do in time. The second item that you must retrieve is the Cloudy Azure Sphere, which lies in the hands of [Priestess Auraia] in the depths of Kedge Keep.’

You say, ‘Who is Priestess Auraia?’

D`mitrious Irska says ‘Auraia was once a priestess of the Prime Healer. Upon her travels throughout the world of Norrath, she stumbled blindly into the castle grounds of Mistmoore. Fortunately, it was during the daylight hours and she did not need to wander far before discovering the error of their ways. Quickly, she attempted to turn back, fearfully respecting the wish for privacy that is heavily guarded and ferociously enforced by the vampire lord’s undead servants. As she made her way out of the castle grounds and returned to the boundaries of the Lesser Faydark forest, Auraia happened upon a recently discarded azure sphere. She had no idea what the sphere was intended for – at first likely thinking it the lost toy of some Koada’Dal or gnomish child. However, she was intrigued by it and threw it in her pack for a later inquiry and inspection. Eventually, Auraia heard tales of the ancient underwater city known as Kedge Keep from her Koada’Dal hosts in Felwithe. The intrigue was too much for this young adventurer to bear and so ‘

D`mitrious Irska studies both items intently, muttering softly to himself at an inaudible tone. Eventually, the mage closes his eyes and begins to chant, the melodic weave of arcane words causing the essence to shimmer with the brilliance of an electrical storm. Slowly, he brings both hands together, sealing the ethereal essence within the magical sphere — a union that forces a loud boom, the voice of thunder, to echo throughout the hall. D’mitrious opens his eyes and examines the completed orb and nods to himself, ”This should be sufficient. Take it and place it within the scepter. When the two enchanted items are united, the Orb of the Storm Caller will be forged.”

Zek Creature Catalog

by Pearl Honeywine

While many areas experienced changes during the Rending, the changes brought to the Jaggedpine Forest are devastating in that they are not due to the cataclysms that reshaped Norrath. Rather, orcs staked their claim to the region and named in Zek. We call it the Orcish Wastes.

Zek lies to the north of Karan across the Coldwind Coast and over the Sea of Crossed Swords. Not a large land mass, it is relatively close to the Antonican shores although the waters between them are deep and treacherous.

The barren slopes of Zek do not provide much in the way of a windbreak, therefore even a gentle breeze can turn into a hearty windstorm as it channels through the hills. Due to the lack of significant shade, the surface reflects back sunlight and keeps the region warm. The mines are much cooler as they are deep beneath the surface.

The Deathfist orcs have cleared most of the area, leaving only stumps and deadwood as indication that the Jaggedpine Forest ever existed. While pockets of trees remain, many of them are thin and scraggly. Grass grows in some areas, but is often trampled and flattened. There are no known flowering plants in the realm.

As the guards stationed at this outpost claim, you cannot throw a copper without hitting an orc. They are not the only creatures which make traveling through Zek a hazardous journey, though. One must also keep an eye out for the various lions and the treants. The latter do not hesitate to attack first and questions later.

Places of Norrath: Qeynos

Overview of Qeynos

The free city of Qeynos controls most of the plains to the west of the Serpent’s Spine Mountains. The city is ruled by the firm yet just hand of Antonius Bayle IV. Qeynos represents the pinnacle of human achievement and is a haven from the fierce wilderness of Norrath. Bayle is a well-liked and respected leader, but the seeds of corruption are being sown by the Circle of the Unseen Hand and their allies in the city guard.

Qeynos is set atop small cliffs that run along the coastline to the west. Due to their composition of eroding sandstone and rock, climbing them is virtually impossible. The cliffs act as a natural barrier, making Qeynos impenetrable to attacks from the west or from the ocean. At a low point in the cliffs, the people of Qeynos have built a treat pier, protected in a harbor naturally formed form the stone and a bend of in the coastline.

The ocean is a deep, dark blue. The waters are usually fairly calm, although waves crash roughly against the cliff base. Many ships safely come and go daily from Qeynos’ harbor. These include naval, fishing, trading, and transport vessels from Erudin. Adventurers and tradesmen will often been see at the docks, awaiting one of the two vessels that travel between the two coastal cities through the oceanic pass known as Erud’s Crossing.

Northern Qeynos
Northern Qeynos is, in fact, the original City of Qeynos. During an invasion of the city a surprise night attack that started a war many years ago, the southern and eastern walls took heavy damage. Some of the buildings in these areas were destroyed but the militia and able-bodied citizen fought the invasion and saved much of the city including the palace. Later, instead of fixing the old castle wall, it was decided to expand the city of Qeynos by building a new one further out.

Most of the buildings in Northern Qeynos are very old looking, but a few have been remodeled or rebuilt. Made mostly of gray stone blocks and brown bricks, the houses and shops in this area are now showing their age. The paint is worn away and dark vertical trails have formed from rain water erosion. These buildings are sturdy and have been around for ages, but were obviously built for function over style during Qeynos’ early years when the kingdom was small and poor. From the towers and some of the outer walls of the city hang cloth flags and banners, displaying the colors and insignia of the kingdom of Qeynos.

A local tribe of gnolls, the Darkpaw has become a stubborn and enduring threat to Northern Qeynos, striking terror in the civilian population due to their constant raiding. While the city guardsmen have valiantly fended off the assaults, the have failed to stop them outright. At their wits end, the frustrated citizens have taken to offering adventurers a bounty in return for the delivery of gnoll teeth an fangs

Southern Qeynos
Southern Qeynos holds in it the main docks for passage between Antonica and Odus. This is a bustling area full of people transporting their wares between the two continents. Also on the ships logs are adventurers seeking new wealth and new fame that can be found in the different lands.

The Southern District of Qeynos also houses the bank that is heavily guarded by barbarian warriors. Near the bank lies the Ground of Fate. This is an area where combatants can prove their skill in combat with one another. The ringing sounds of sword melee can often be heard throughout the entire city.

Many guildhalls lie in South Qeynos where they can train young students interested in their art. Though Qeynos is a grand city, beggars and rats can often be found in dark corners.

Qeynos Catacombs, the Qeynos Aqueduct System
Located in the sewers below the human city of Qeynos, the Qeynos Catacombs is a large system of aqueducts. At first glance the sewers seem to be a normal rat infested dungeon with a variety of colorful graffiti written on the walls. But there is a dark secret hidden in the catacombs. Minions of the dark god Bertoxxulous, the Plague Bringer, have set up a secret shrine and base of operations within the catacombs. Entrance into the catacombs can found in the northern and southern sections of Qeynos; some hidden and some not so hidden.

Minions of Bertoxxulous roam the hidden passages; all not allied with his minions should avoid the secret tunnels. The rest of the catacombs are fairly safe for most adventurers.

The Lineage of Antonius Bayle
After the fall of the Combine Empire, the majority of humankind spread out and occupied the center of what was then called Tunaria. These humans lived in small villages upon the fertile plains of Karana. Over time the villages prospered and grew into small towns. Two of these towns were so successful as to grow into full-fledged cities. On the eastern coast, Freeport grew as a dangerous and bustling port of call frequented by those braving the journey across the Ocean of Tears. To the west, the city of Qeynos grew under the noble rule of law under a man named Antonius Bayle.

Humanity continued to prosper and grew strong. Much to the disdain of the elder races, the humans chose to rename the continent after one of their own, rather than a god. From that point forth, the continent was known as Antonica, in honor of all Antonius had done for the people of the races who lived there.

Antonius I was successful in incorporating the lawful city of Qeynos. He was given the role of ruler around the age of 25. For his success in bringing together the humans of the Plains of Karana and for founding the city of Qeynos, he was named “The Great Unifier.”

Antonius Bayle II became ruler of Qeynos when he was around 36 years of age. He led the movement to rename the continent of Tunaria to Antonica, ostensibly after his father. Of course, there were those who noted that he also shared the name of his father. During the period of his reign, the heretic Erudite necromancers revolted and left Erudin. Shortly thereafter, the disaster which formed The Hole occurred. Thus began what is known as the “Age of Turmoil.” Antonius II became known as “The Great Defender.”

Antonius Bayle III grew up during the beginning of this Age of Turmoil. During his childhood, he witnessed the construction of the heretic city of Paineel and saw Sir Lucan take control of the city of Freeport. When he came to power at the age of 26, he did his best to remain neutral and, as such, was named “The Great Diplomat.” Antonius Bayle III, for reasons unknown, chose to break tradition and name his first son Kyle rather than Antonius. In an attempt to establish a new seat of power in Antonica and extend his lands southward, Antonius III charged his eldest son Kyle with the expansion. Kyle left with a cadre of men to find a suitable location and to begin building.

A great deal of time passed without hearing any word or report of progress on this project. Antonius Bayle III sent a series of scouts to investigate but none ever returned. Kyle, his men and those sent to investigate were never heard from again. Roughly 25 years after the mysterious disappearance of Kyle, Antonius Bayle III had another son. This one he chose to name Antonius and he became Antonius Bayle IV. At the age of 24, Antonius Bayle IV was installed as the ruler of Qeynos, which he remains to this day.

It is believe that it will one day become tradition for the ruling leader of the Bayle line changes his/her name to a variation of Antonius upon taking the throne in honor of the first Antonius Bayle.

Antonius Bayle IV
Antonius Bayle IV is a highly devout Paladin of Karana. Though still relatively young, he is about as righteous, lawful and goodly as they come. He rules the city of Qeynos and its territories with a firm, but just hand.

He is simply referred to as “ruler”. Though some citizens may call mistakenly call him Your Honor, Grace and even Your Majesty, he does not expect to be referred to as such. He prefers to be called “Lord” if any title must be used. In his humility, he finds himself mildly embarrassed when referred to by any of the more lavish titles bandied about by those citizens who view him in awe – even as king – but know no better.

He considers himself a citizen in service to the city and views his role as the benevolent protector of Qeynos and the surrounding area. The government of Qeynos consists of the Circle of Ten, which is comprised of the heads of each of the guilds, including the Merchants of Qeynos, the Captain of the Guard (Kane Bayle) and a few of the more influential lords of the city.

Antonius Bayle holds veto power over the council and only Antonius may declare war or enter into treaties on behalf of Qeynos. The council may remove Antonius by unanimous vote, in which case a new ruler would be selected by popular election.

The Bayle line is by no means a hereditary monarchy. It is possible that some day a non-Bayle could rule Qeynos. In the simplest terms, the Bayles are very wealthy landowners who have a long history intimately attached to the city of Qeynos. Antonius IV is an incredibly popular, well-loved and respected ruler. This is due in part to his selfless personality, humility and devotion to his duties to the city and its people. It is also due to the trust the people have put in the Bayle lineage for producing skilled, trustworthy and reliable leaders.

The city of Qeynos oversees and protects most of the land west of the Serpent’s Spine, which includes the Plains of Karana. Qeynos represents the pinnacle of human achievement in the eyes of many. Though Antonius thinks of the Plains of Karana as his own, these feelings are best described as protective rather than possessive. He would also never state these feelings out loud for fear of angering one of his constituents.

The Bayle family tends to have children later in life. In fact, Antonius IV was born a full 35 years after the disappearance of Antonius III’s first son, Kyle Bayle. Kane Bayle was born two years after Antonius IV.

Antonius IV never knew Kyle. All he knows of his older brother is what was learned through stories told by his elders. Though he does occasionally wonder about what happened to him, he is too focused and dedicated to his duties as ruler to consider spending the time and resources that would be needed to search for the answers. This is a purely personal concern and he would not feel right about using city resources for such a selfish, wistful and sentimental reason. And thus, he seldom, if ever, discusses the matter.

Antonius is also an unparalleled swordsman. His closest rival in armed combat is his younger brother Kane Bayle, who himself has only been bested in combat by Antonius and Ebon Strongbear.

As a youth, Antonius IV spent much time escaping into the Jaggedpine Forest where he befriended another youth called Frenway Marthank. He still maintains a strong bond with his childhood friend. It was during their days as youths that Antonius came to appreciate the wonders of the forest and eventually do more than any other ruler to protect the forest ecosystem.

Ebon Strongbear, with whom he has a strong relationship, trained Antonius IV as a youngster in the Hall of Steel. Bayle then went on to the Temple of Thunder as most local aspiring paladins would in Qeynos.

While in the Hall of Steel, Antonius and Kane made great friends with Milea Clothspinner of the prestigious Clothspinners of Qeynos, one of the wealthiest families in the realm of Qeynos. Milea is currently an adventurer, a fact of which her family disapproves.

Later, Antonius IV went on an epic quest with the Qeynos Claymore at his side. This was before he became ruler and after he was a full fledged paladin. His father knew of the quest and its importance and allowed Antonius to wield the Qeynos Claymore for the purpose.

The Qeynos Claymore is what the city is named after and dates back to a time when the humans were living in small communities. Qeynos is an old sort of slang Combine word roughly translating to “manifest destiny for humanity”. The sword is magical and sentient.

The warrior Milea Clothspinner, who often uses a different last name when adventuring, accompanied Antonius IV on this quest. The ranger Frenway Marthank and the bard Vhalen Nostrolo also began the quest with Antonius, but Vhalen left before its completion. Along the way, the high elf Lady Shae of Felwithe joined them. There was also a halfling that assisted Antonius in this quest as well and there are rumors that say that this halfling was none other than Mayor Gubbin of Rivervale. The purpose of the quest was mostly unknown save that it was very important. Though he may speak wistfully of his old friends and adventure, the quest itself and its outcome are something personal and private to Antonius. Thus he does not discuss it other then to say that it was something he had to do in the past.

Antonius IV became romantically involved with Lady Shae after the completion of his quest. However, the Circle of Ten and the Felwithe ruling houses eventually caused the relationship to be broken off. As of right now, Antonius is not married or romantically involved in a public manner with anyone, and as yet has no heir. Milea, ever the adventurer, has been seen in the Plains of Karana lately. She is closer to Kane than Antonius and has put her total trust in the younger Bayle, asking him to watch over her little sister for her. She does not know of Kane’s corrupt soul.

Vhalen is still about in the Karanas and is currently despondent over the disappearance of his love, Metalla. And of course, Mayor Gubbin is the richest halfling around and the current mayor of Rivervale. For reasons known only to him, the mayor does not want the “exploits” of his youth known publicly. Antonius respects his friend’s wish, though he may drop a vague hint now and then. Frenway still lives in Surefall Glade. The recent death of his son in Mammoth Cave has left him in a state of severe grief.

Another of Antonius’ close and trusted friends is Vegalys Keldrane. Vegalys is a paladin of Rodcet Nife and is a few years younger than Antonius. Vegalys acts as advisor and confidant to Antonius Bayle and is also a public servant acting as Lord Magistrate for the city of Qeynos. Vegalys generally concerns himself with investigations into such things as organized crime though he is not directly involved with law enforcement, which is a duty that falls to the Qeynos City Guard.

Kane Bayle
Kane Bayle is Antonius’ younger brother, by two years. Kane acts as Captain of the Guard in times of peace; however, in times of war, Antonius himself assumes direct control of the Guard and the armies of Qeynos. Kane secretly wants to overthrow his older brother and take control of Qeynos, a fact of which Antonius is blissfully unaware. If Antonius ever heard talk of such a thing, he would be certain to set the record straight that he and his brother have a close relationship and such things are the ranting of drunkards and madmen.

Kane has been lulled into an alliance with the Bloodsabers and has begun to turn toward the ways of Bertoxxulous, the Plaguebringer.

The guildmasters in Qeynos are based on deity worship. There is a guildmaster for each class that is available to humans and half elves with the exception of Druids and Rangers guilds which are in Surefall Glade instead. Spell and tome merchants are also available for each class. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Good and Neutral
Belious Naliedin – (Bard, Agnostic, Karana, Rallos Zek, Rodcet Nife)
Renic Losaren – (Cleric, Karana)
Runethar Hamest – (Paladin, Karana)
Priestess Jahnda – (Cleric, Rodcet Nife)
Camlend Serbold – (Paladin, Rodcet Nife)
Mespha Tevalian – (Enchanter, Agnostic, Karana, Rodcet Nife)
Kinloc Flamepaw – (Magician, Agnostic, Karana, Rodcet Nife)
LuSun – (Monk, Agnostic, Quellious)
Ebon Strongbear – (Warrior, Agnostic, Karana, Rallos Zek, Rodcet Nife)
Gahlith Wrannstad – (Wizard, Agnostic, Karana, Rodcet Nife)
Hanns Krieghor – (Rogue, Agnostic, Bristlebane, Karana, Rodcet Nife)

Lyris Moonbane – (Necromancer, Bertoxxulous)
Sragg Bloodheart – (Shadow Knight, Bertoxxulous)
Xeture Demiagar – (Clerics, Bertoxxulous)
Perkon Malok – (Magician, Bertoxxulous)
Reania Jukle – (Enchanter, Bertoxxulous)
Tranon Callust – (Wizard, Bertoxxulous)
Rocthar Bekesena – (Warrior, Bertoxxulous)
Hanns Krieghor – (Rogue, Bertoxxulous)

City Resources
Qeynos provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, armor, weapons, shields, and fishing gear.

You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, jewelcrafting, pottery, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Just outside the city gates, adventurers can make use of a Plane of Knowledge portal.

Places of Interest
Northern Qeynos
The Temple of Life
The Temple of Life is where the resident priests and paladins of Rodcet Nife train and worship. The grounds of the temple include buildings, lush grass, shrubs, tress, and a large pool called the Pool of Jahnda. The temple itself is a circular gem-encrusted marble structure that hovers above the pool. A fountain of sparkling holy water flows from within the temple down to pool below. Throughout the temple and its grounds, the structures are made of white granite with marble floors and thick, light colored, velvet curtains.

Priestess Jahnda is the High Priestess of the Temple of Life. She is wise beyond her years, although no one seems to know how old she really is. The pool, over which the Temple of Life hangs, is named in her honor. The Pool of Jahnda is not meant for public use. It is a sacred pool created for the Koalindl. The Koalindl are fish that were a gift to Priestess Jahnda from the Prime Healer. They are said to be magical in nature. It is rumored that, every so often, the Prime Healer visits our plane in the guise of a Koalindl and swims in the pool.

The Silent Fist Clan
The Silent Fist Clan is the order of monks native to Qeynos. The guild hall is located in the northwest corner of the city against the outer wall. It is a medium-sized, light brown colored wooden building that is clean, unworn, and well-kept. Used as a training hall, the main room is a large open space with smooth, hardwood floor and thatch roof. There is a small room attached to the main building that serves as LuSun’s study and the living quarters. LuSun is the powerful teacher of the Silent Fist Clan. He teaches his pupils that their greatest weapon is the power of their spirit.

Crow’s Pub and Casino and the Circle of Unseen Hands
Crow’s is a run down, old, brown brick building that entertains the local hooligans. The establishment offers a fine selection of brews and ales including Crow’s Special Brew. This brew is one of the finest drinks that can be found. It use to be sold only at Crow’s bar, but apparently Crow is allowing it into other bars for a very hefty price.

One of the pub’s bartenders, Hanns Krieghor, frequently holds secret meetings a back room where a secret passageway leads to the rogue guild, the Circle of Unseen Hands. Hanns always has henchmen guarding all entrances to the guild, so unwanted people can’t get in. Hanns looks like a rough and tumble cutthroat when tending bar, but when he dons his black cloak of the Circle of Unseen Hands, he blends into the shadows and darkness and is rarely seen. He can pick almost any lock and is a master pick pocket. However, the Circle frowns upon stealing from Qeynos locals because they don’t want to run the risk of having the guild being discovered.

Ironforge Estate
The Ironforge Estate includes a weapon shop, a jewelry shop and the home of the Ironforge family. Headed by Brohan and his wife Hurrieta, the Ironforge family is one of wealthiest family’s in Qeynos, if not the wealthiest, and produces the finest craftsmanship. Also crafters, the Ironforge children run the shops. The entire estate is well protected, as the Ironforge family has well known close ties with the local officials and the militia.

Ironforge’s Weapon Shop
This weapon shop is run by the Ironforge family. The main room is a large workshop, with a smaller storage room in the back. There are various weapons for sale displayed along the walls and in the counter display case.

Jewel Box
The Jewel Box is a shop that is run by Svena Ironforge. It is made from wood and is attached to the front of a large wooden house, both of which are clean and well kept. The shop has a large wooden display counter, which shows off the gems and jewelry for sale, and there is also a locked set of cabinets, which holds the more valuable items and class specific items. Svena’s father was the town’s previous jeweler; she was fascinated with gems as a young girl, and is now the most reliable source for appraising gems and jewelry, for a small fee.

Sneed Galliway’s Trading Post
Qeynos largest general store, this shop is run by Sneed Galliway. Sneed is friendly, middle-aged man, who runs his shop with his wife and children. They have a wide variety of new and used items for sale, from small knives to torches to bags to clothes to ropes and even food. The lower floor is Sneed’s shop, and it is filled with brass racks and wooden crates and cases, which display the various goods for sale. The second floor is divided into rooms, including the living family’s living quarters.

The Cobbler
This shop is run by craftsman Gerault Takenmaul. Gerault makes and sells shoes, boots, belts, and bags in this small shop, and lives upstairs in a tight, but cozy nook. The shop is a wood and red brick building, with an old, wood shingled roof. The floor is made of wood, but is mostly covered by colorful rugs. Spools of thread, yards of leather, and various tools clutter the floor and workbench of this small shop.

Southern Qeynos
Hall of Steel
The Hall of Steel is the guild hall for the Steel Warriors of Qeynos. It is the training ground for some of the greatest warriors of Antonica. The Steel Warriors’ Guildmaster Ebon Strongbear, Earron Huntlan, and a few others, led the city’s militia to victory against the Sabertooths of Blackburrow, a small gnoll tribe that lives in the nearby forest, and they are now known as local heroes.

The hall is a large, light gray stone building that decorated with banners of the guild’s symbols and colors and is located adjacent to the Grounds of Fate area. The training room has various weapons displayed on the wall, as well as other training equipment. The upstairs has a large open window overlooking the arena, to watch the various events and other warriors competing.

Grounds of Fate
This is an area where combatants can prove their skill in combat with one another. The ringing sounds of sword melee can often be heard throughout the entire city.

The Wind Spirit’s Song
The Wind Spirit’s Song is the bard’s guild of Qeynos. Guildmaster Belious Naliedin use to work as one of the King’s private entertainers, but now he confers his time-earned wisdom and skills on to others, confining his performances to shows at the local tavern. His financial resources are meager, but he is quite content with his lot.

Hall of Sorcery
Within the Hall of Sorcery, Qeynos citizens study the three circles of magic and lend their services to citizens of Qeynos. Master Enchantress Mespha Tevalian oversees the Hall of Sorcery and the Order of Three.

The hall has a few rooms including a large, round room made of tall dark gray slabs of granite. Long colorful banners line the outside walls of the building and represent the three classes of magic studied within – red represents wizard, gold represents enchanter, and blue represents magician. Inside, the back part of the building is partitioned off by a thick black, velvet curtain, behind which is a private study. Along the walls off the main room, there are a few small tables for studying, and in center of the room there is a large stone altar, with a round firepit in the middle of it and various writings around the edges.

Temple of Thunder
The Temple of Thunder is where the Knights of Thunder worship Karana, the Rainkeeper, the Deity of Storms. The paladins and clerics of the Knights of Thunder are well respected in the city. They often assist the Qeynos Tower Guards in the Plains of Karana.

The temple is located to the side of the arena and beyond a few homes. It is surrounded by a stone wall and has a large grassy area attached. This area is where the cleric and paladin of Karana train and practice.

Lord Runethar Hammerfist is the master of the Temple of Thunder. All paladins report to him and all clerics report to High Priest Renic Losaren.

Tin Soldier
Run by Blacksmith Rane Sedder, the Tin Soldier buys, sells, and trades new and used armor. Merchants within offer chain armor, molds for chain and plate armor, and other various blacksmithing supplies.

The first floor of the shop displays various, new and used metal and leather armor pieces that are for sale. The second floor has a store room and the living quarters for Rane’s family.

Fhara’s Leather and Thread<
Shop owner Fhara Semhart makes and sells a variety of clothing and sewn goods made from leather. She also offers various patterns and other tailoring supplies. Fhara’s shop is connected to her home where she lives alone. This small wooden building is filled with bolts of fabrics and spools of thread on the walls, and a counter where Fhara does her work.

Bag & Barrel
Raheim Varshen and his wife Fellesha run this shop together. They sell various types of containers and satchels. The shop also serves as their home. Raheim is a carpenter who makes small water barrels, tinder and jewelry boxes, crates, etc., and Fellesha is a seamstress who crafts various sizes of bags, skins, pouches and backpacks. Inside, the walls are full of merchandise and equipment and in the backyard, they have a pottery wheel and kiln.

Nesiff’s Wooden Weapons
Nesiff Tallaherd is an excellent craftsman and woodworker. He makes walking sticks, bows and arrows, poles, staffs, javelins, halberds, pikes, pole-arms, and boar-spears, all handcrafted from wood from the local forests. Nesiff has been known to import wood from far away lands, to make specially ordered bows, staffs, and ax handles. A merchant stationed outside the shop sells various fletching supplies.

Lion’s Mane Tavern and Inn
The Lion’s Mane Tavern and the Lion’s Mane Inn are located in the Common’s Square section of Qeynos and are run by Earron and Tasya Huntlan. Both buildings are made of sturdy lumber and are kept fairly clean. The Tavern is connected to the Inn, but is only about half the size.

Lion’s Mane Tavern
Earron Huntlan runs the Tavern with an old war buddy, and both are like local heroes who like to trade old war stories with the customers. The outside of the tavern is made from wood and the inside walls are lined with bricks. The entryway has a colorful painting of lions playing poker. Behind the bar counter, rows of shelves are filled with various types of drinks.

The Tavern is usually quiet during the day, but can sometimes get pretty rowdy at night after the locals have had a few too many, but Earron is usually able to force the troublemakers out of his bar with no problems.

Earron seems to think there is something going on in Qeynos. He thinks there is something more than just a few shady characters moving into town. I think it’s just normal progress and growth. Have you ever been to Freeport? Qeynos isn’t nearly as bad as that place yet! The town’s just getting older, that’s all.

Lion’s Mane Inn
Tasya Huntlan runs the Lion’s Mane Inn. It is a large, two story, wooden building, that is attached to the Lion’s Mane Tavern. At the entrance, there is wooden receptionist desk, where Tasya Huntlan greets people with a friendly smile. The Huntlan family lives in the inn. Tasya and her daughter Sissy sell various ales, wine, and other drinks to quench the thirst of weary travelers staying at the inn.

Office of the People
This is a small, wooden building where a list of city events, ordinances, advertisements, and other documents are held. Rucio Divella knows a lot about the city and also is the one to see about buildings for rent. Hansl Bigroon is the office manager and a great engineer. He has designed most of the structures in Qeynos. He has been working with other great engineers from various cities to design some bridge that will span Erud’s Crossing and into Odus itself.

Qeynos Hold
The Qeynos Hold is the main bank of Qeynos and is run by the Copperhold family. Kendall Copperhold is well trusted and has close ties to the city government. The bank is a medium sized, sturdy brick building. The main room is divided in half by a long counter. Behind the counter, there is an inaccessible stairwell that leads down to an underground vault that is behind a locked iron door. The bank is heavily guarded by strong barbarian warriors.

The Herb Jar
A small shop that has changed ownership many times over the years, The Herb Jar is currently run by Caleah Herblender. Caleah is a mysterious gypsy woman, sort of vagabond look to her. She is a former student of Kinloc Flamepaw, and still has close ties with the Hall of Sorcery. This is why she’s allowed to operate her fairly successful business here. Caleah makes a good living, but it doesn’t flaunt it.

The shop has a scent of burning incense and has various books and potions on the shelves. A large, deep blue and purple rug covers most of the badly worn wooden floor.

Mermaid’s Lure
The Mermaid’s Lure is located on the south-side of the docks. The wooden walls are badly worn and the iron bolts and hinges are rusted from the harsh, salty seawater and air. It is adjacent to a dock that extends out into the ocean, where various seagoing craft are tied up.

Captain Rohand runs the Mermaid’s Lure and trades goods with the sea merchants from Odus. He is a rough looking man with tangled dirty beard and hair, and his skin is dark brown and tougher than leather. The Ol’ Captain is more than ready to tell his tales of adventures and legends to anyone willing to listen.

Fishing nets and gear hang on the walls of the shop in addition to the shells of sea creatures. The shop sells all sorts of nautical supplies.

Port Authority
The Port Authority can be found near the southern docks. Ships leave for other cities on a regular basis.

Fish’s Ale
Fish’s Ale is a pub owned by Fish Ranamer. It is located just off the Qeynos Harbor docks. This pub is a rough and tumble mix of drunken warriors and sailors. A night without a fight here is the exception, not the rule. The City Guards pass by as if the pub doesn’t exist, and pay no attention to the drunks or brawls heard from within. Fish himself is an ex-sailor, and runs the pub with some old sea dog partners. Fish serves up brews, in the quiet, private bar in the back of the building, to shady smugglers and people who want to keep a low profile. An open brew barrel can be found inside. There are also a few places for drunken travelers to rest after a long night of drinking fighting.

Voleen’s Fine Baked Goods
Owned by Voleen Tassen, Volee’s Bakery can be found in the southern part of town, just east of the docks and north of Fish’s Ale. The bakery sells bread, pastries, muffins, cookies and baked goods and baking supplies. Brewing supplies are also available. An oven inside is available for use when Voleen and her staff aren’t busy making goods with it.

Firepride’s is a metalworks shop run by armor smiths Ton and Lanhern Firepride. The shop is an average size wooden building. The main room is separated by a long display counter. The front half of the room displays the pieces of armor that is for sale, and the back half is Lanhern’s workshop, which is cluttered with various tools and there is a small forge in the center of it. Lanhern is hardworking and is known for producing quality goods at a fair price. Ton believes that he is the finest of all blacksmiths.


The Quartet

Devlin Rochester

You say, ‘Hail, The Quartet’
The Quartet flips rapidly through the pages of a ragged tome, ‘The mark of an extraordinary individual is often coupled with unimaginable self-sacrifice. Those with the means to impact Norrath can do so, in part, because they are utterly consumed by their cause. Such individuals are tortured souls, giving up their humanity in pursuit of a greater cause. [Devlin Rochester] was one such man. Though he accomplished much, you may [not have heard] of him.’

You say, ‘Devlin Rochester’
The Quartet says ‘A hunter. A murderer. Like his father, and his father before him, Devlin was bound by a family oath to seek out and eliminate monsters that could pose a threat to mankind. He was a master with all manner of weaponry – from daggers, to axes, to whips. His specialty was in destroying lycanthropes and he did succeed in making Norrath safer for humans . . . but at a [great cost] to himself.’

You say, ‘Great cost’
The Quartet says ‘On a dark and clouded night, Devlin chased a young werewolf on horseback for miles through the Jaggedpine forest. His crossbow was trained on her, but she was an expert rider. She dodged and weaved between the trees often enough to spoil any attempts at taking a shot. Unfortunately for her, she took a turn that led them into a clearing. What [happened next] haunted Rochester forever.’

You say, ‘Happened next?’
The Quartet says ‘Unobstructed by foliage, Devlin took careful aim and fired a bolt at his quarry. As the missile sailed toward her body, the cloud cover above broke, revealing a full moon. Sickly pale moonlight illuminated the horror and disbelief on the girl’s countenance as the crossbow bolt struck true, knocking her forcefully from her mount. She was [not a lycanthrope].’

You say, ‘Not a lycanthrope?’
The Quartet says ‘He realized that she was merely a frightened young woman. She committed no crime, but was hunted down and murdered. Devlin was riddled with guilt. He withdrew from society completely. Though his oath required that he continue to destroy monsters, no matter how many times he performed his duty successfully he could not shake the shame for his grievous error. He desperately sought a way to [make amends].’

You say, ‘Make amends’
The Quartet says ‘Before his sudden disappearance, Devlin wrote a letter that suggested he sought to redeem himself by destroying the ‘greatest aberration Norrath had ever known’.’

You say, ‘not have heard’
The Quartet says ‘The sands of time wear away the reminders of even the most exceptional figures and Devlin left no legacy behind. He disappeared mysteriously thousands of years ago.’

Tris Wallow III

You say, ‘Hail, The Quartet’
The Quartet flips rapidly through the pages of a ragged tome, ‘In years long past there existed a maiden who was the greatest enchantress of her time. She was fair of face, while also possessing unsurpassed knowledge of the arcane arts. For a generation she used her natural abilities to unite enemies, bring an end to meaningless wars, and lead the kingdoms of men. Her name was [Tris Wallow the Third] and she was exceptional in all ways – a shining star in a dark sea of mediocrity. Though she [accomplished much], you may [not have heard] of her.’

You say, ‘Not have heard’
The Quartet says ‘This is understandable. The sands of time wear away the reminders of even the most exceptional figures and Tris left no legacy behind. She disappeared mysteriously thousands of years ago.’

You say, ‘Tris Wallow the Third’
The Quartet exchanges the tome in its possession for another on the shelf. It opens the book to a earmarked chapter and begins lecturing, ‘Miss Wallow the Third was the daughter of a fortune teller. Her mother, Wallow the Second, was the daughter of a seer. The three women carried the same distinctive traits of beauty and charm. While all three were gifted, the Third was the most successful in utilizing her talents to change the world. Notably absent in their lives were [husbands].’

You say, ‘Husbands’
The Quartet says ‘There is a saying that behind every successful woman is an enabling man. This saying is untrue. None of the Wallows ever [married]. They passed their family name down from mother to daughter.’

You say, ‘Married’
The Quartet says ‘The family name was not the only thing they passed on. The Wallows were extremely selective in choosing a suitable mate. The coupling was purely for the purpose of producing a sufficiently talented offspring. It is unknown who the fathers were, but what is known is that the Wallow women went to great lengths to locate a partner with the potential to carry their gift to the next generation.’

You say, ‘Accomplished much?’
The Quartet says ‘Tris understood that humanity is a tool. Without guidance they lack purpose. Without purpose they are worthless. With her helping hands, they were pointed in the right direction. She gave these lacking individuals a reason for existing.’

The Performer

You say, ‘Hail, The Quartet’
The Quartet flips rapidly through the pages of a ragged tome, ‘You might ask, who was [The Performer], the man whose deeds resulted in the loss of his name. Though his [crimes] were great, you may [not have heard] of him.’

You say, ‘The Performer’
The Quartet says ‘He was a storyteller, a historian, an entertainer, a musician, and a lyrical genius. His accolades and praise could change the course of history. Likewise, his disapproval and castigations could ruin someone forever. The purpose of someone in such a career varies depending on your point of view; depending on whether you are the source of rampant ridicule or merely enjoying a bit of jest at another’s expense. It’s quite possible you might perceive him as a saint or an antagonist. The one individual who [truly mattered] perceived him as the latter.’

You say, ‘Truly mattered?’
The Quartet says ‘From decades of swaying the public’s opinion, The Performer felt he was above the law, an exception to all rules, and immune from harm. In most senses this was correct. But he overstepped his bounds once with the wrong person, and one grave mistake was all it took to bring a sudden and premature end to his illustrious career.’

You say, ‘Crimes’
The Quartet says ‘Upon receiving a special and [limited opportunity], he betrayed the one that extended the invitation. The host was reclusive by necessity and nature, and prided himself on his reputation. As if revealing the details of the host’s current location to the public was not insult enough, The Performer spread blatant rumors and lies that portrayed the host as a monster. A lapse in judgment, perhaps? A fatal lapse in judgment.’

You say, ‘Limited opportunity’
The Quartet says ‘Every so often, an exceptional individual arises and attracts the attention of the Master. An invitation is extended, but that invitation is largely metaphorical. It is through subtle clues that the individual is led to the doorstep of the Master, and given a unique opportunity to learn things they never could have dreamed possible.’

You say, ‘Not have heard’
The Quartet says ‘The Performer made a living out of sullying other’s names, and thus it was fitting that his true name was destroyed for his transgressions. Aside from losing his name, his tongue was forcibly removed, he was boiled in acid, and his remains were magically bound to serve the Master for all eternity.’

Roley DeFarge

You say, ‘Hail, The Quartet’
The Quartet flips rapidly through the pages of a ragged tome, ‘Have you [heard] the story of [Roley DeFarge], the man who pioneered hypocrisy? Though he [accomplished much] in his lifetime, his greatest feat was destroying all that he had attained.’

You say, ‘Heard?’
The Quartet says ‘This is understandable. The sands of time wear away the reminders of even the most exceptional figures and Roley’s actions ensured that his order denied all knowledge of his escapades to preserve their reputation.’

You say, ‘Roley DeFarge’
The Quartet says ‘Roley was a devoted leader within his order, the Paladins of Marr. The man was legendary. His faith, unwavering. His skill, unmatched. His dedication, unquestionable. During his tenure, the paladins enjoyed a period of immense prosperity. They pushed back the armies of their enemies and crushed any undead that dared rise from the grave. The order was loved and respected; their leader most of all. But this attention and flattery only marked the beginning of Roley’s [downfall].’

You say, ‘Downfall’
The Quartet exchanges the tome in its possession for another on the shelf. It opens the book to an earmarked chapter and begins lecturing, ‘Roley came to believe that he was superior to those he worked with and those he served. His motivations shifted from a desire to help the common man to an increasingly intense desire to boost his fame. He neglected his responsibilities to the order and gave them no indication of his whereabouts, opting instead to [work alone]. Not even his wife, [Adrianna], was privy to his location.’

You say, ‘Work alone’
The Quartet says ‘Roley opted to seek out adversaries on his own, and the criteria of what could be construed as an enemy in his eyes changed. He sought to destroy those that would gain him the adoration of the public, and those that met death at the end of his sword weren’t necessarily dangerous or enemies of his order. The order took notice of these activities but due to an internal struggle between those that supported Roley and those who disapproved of his actions, he was not removed from his position as leader.’

You say, ‘Adrianna’
The Quartet says ‘Adrianna was also a faithful member of the order. She was heartbroken at Roley’s behavior. She would not see him for months at a time, and during their brief times together, he did not behave like himself. She begged him to give up his selfish quest, but he refused. She could not compete with Roley’s desire to make a name for himself. He continued to leave her side for extended forays, and during one such journey he [never returned].’

You say, ‘Never returned?’
The Quartet says ‘His wife and a handful of colleagues searched for the lost paladin, based on his last known whereabouts. The one survivor that returned explained to the order that Roley DeFarge was a member of the undead, and had slain his own wife along with the other members of the scouting party. The order buried all evidence of these events and let the memory of their fallen leader fade away over time.’

You say, ‘Accomplished much’
The Quartet says ‘Yes, but Roley was proof that even the greatest of heroes can fall.’

Into the Depths of: Blackburrow

Overview of Blackburrow

Nestled between Qeynos Hills and the peaks of Everfrost to the north, Blackburrow is the present day home of the Sabertooth Gnoll clan. The Sabertooths are known for the constant raids upon the city of Qeynos. The city of Qeynos and Surefall Glade continue to send out hunting parties to try to purge the threat.

Background Lore

In the past, over 500 hundred years ago, the original excavation of the deepest level was done by a group of dwarves long since forgotten to time. Evidence of their superior stonework is still be found in sections of the complex, although their purpose within this region of Norrath remains as mysterious as their fate.

The Sabertooth Clan originated in the Jaggedpine Forest, but migrated to the hills just beyond the evergreen woodland’s borders. There they found the abandoned Blackburrow complex at a time when then-nomadic people of Jaggedpine were inexorably driving them out of the forest. The Sabertooths retreated to the complex and made their stronghold as conflict with the human settlers began to reach dangerous levels.

The Sabertooth clan has remained active in the area now known as Qeynos Hills since before the construction of the great human city of Qeynos. It was around the time that Antonius Bayle, the Great Unifier and the patriarch of this famed namesake, united the coastal settlement of Oceangreen with human clans in the regions of the Karana plains and the Jaggedpine Forest that the construction of Qeynos began.

When Oceangreen was first created, the yet to be named, Qeynos Hills was home to several different clans of gnolls. The largest of these clans, the Sabertooth clan, was the only clan violent towards human settlers. However, this violence would not hinder the construction of what would become the jewel of the human race.

One generation later, Antonius Bayle II, the Great Defender, appointed Gynok Captain of the Tower Guard. Captain Gynok Moltar would order small units of his guards to slay the gnolls in Qeynos Hills, unbeknownst to his superior and commander. It was well know that Gynok despised the gnolls, who had slain his parents years before. Gynok would later cut off High Shaman Opalla’s hand during the elder gnolls’ attempt to make a treaty of peace with the humans. This led to the eternal war between the citizens of Qeynos and the Sabertooths.


Blackburrow is a very dangerous place to be for a young adventurer. Gnolls, when in trouble will flee to find help. A gnoll that you let flee may bring back many of its brethren to finish you off.

Beyond the dangers of the gnoll inhabitants of the complex, the terrain itself poses many hazards to unwary adventures and travelers. The area has become rather unstable and chaotic in its layout since the arrival of the gnolls. They have not upheld the meticulous dwarven architecture of the original structure and their own modifications to the site have resulted in many dangerously unpredictable oddities.

Wooden bridges are narrow and oftentimes careless constructed, leaving those who are not quick and attentive to fall to the dangers below. Upon the surface level of the burrow, there are two specific dangers that have claimed the lives of many an adventurer. One of the several trees is in fact a secret passage to the lower level of the gnolls’ den; however, this passage has been left in ruin and is but a steep shaft that has caused many a traveler to plummet to their death.

The second notable danger is the great pit that extends to the bows of the burrow and takes up nearly the entirety of the burrow’s surface level. Travelers are advised to be wary of this pit, for the only way to escape the water below is to trek through the hostile depths of burrow that lead back to the surface.

Gnoll Commanders

The gnoll commanders are the most powerful of Blackburrow’s defenses. They are great warriors, despite the mundane and almost debase appearance of their weapons when compared to the mighty steel of Norrath’s more fearsome foes. It would be foolish to engage one of Blackburrow’s most adept warriors without proper respect for these creates as true adversaries of notable strength.


On the Town of: Surefall Glade

Overview of Surefall Glade

Located inside the southeastern edge of the Jaggedpine Forest, and just outside of Qeynos Hills, the Surefall Glade is home to the human and half elf rangers and druids of Tunare. This glade is allied with Qeynos and is formerly part of its territory, although the rangers and druids enjoy self-rule, operating outside the laws and regulations that are enforced by Qeynos.

The glade itself is very beautiful, peaceful place described by a high wall of granite that separates it from the rest of the Jaggedpine Forest. Many enormous redwoods may be found here, limiting the amount of sunlight that enters the defense woodlands. A small, crystalline pond can be found in the glade, fed by a gentle waterfall pouring over a massive cliff.

Overlooking the pond, the granite cliffs contain a system of winding caves where the bears of the glade reside with the unfailing protection of the Jaggedpine Treefolk and the Protectors of the Pine. In one section of the caves, deep crystal pools of water cover the ground, having somehow seeped into the cave system from nearby Hatchling River. In most instances, the caves are extremely peaceful and quite lovely, but one must be careful not to invoke the bears’ tempers, else one finds himself not only a the mercy of the ferocious creatures, but of the Jaggedpine Treefolk as well.

The rangers and druids have put up several buildings within this cozy corner of the vast Jaggedpine Forest. Their small wooden and stonework structures do nothing to compromise the natural purity of the region. Near a crystalline pond, the rangers can be found practicing their art – archery. The druids live inside the glade’s largest redwood, having settled within an enormous gap that formed in the ancient tree centuries ago.


Surefall Glade has guildmasters for druids and rangers only. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Te’Anara – (Druid)
Hager Sureshot – (Ranger)

City Resources

Surefall Glade provides limited necessities of adventuring: a banker, a Tribute Master, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear.

You’ll also find a forge, a half elf forge, and supply merchants for baking, fletching, blacksmithing, and fishing.

Places of Interest

Protectors of the Pine

The Protectors of the Pine is the ranger’s guild of Surefall Glade. Along with the Jaggedpine Treefolk, they protect the wild bears and wolves of Surefall Glade and its surroundings. They are well respected among the Qeynos Guard and serve in the militia when needed. The leader of the Protectors of the Pine is Hager Sureshot.

Jaggedpine Treefolk

The Jaggedpine Treefolk is the druid’s guild of Surefall Glade. They are loyal to the ways of Tunare, the Mother of All. The leader of the Jaggedpine Treefolk is Te’Anara.

Poachers have been infiltrating the Jaggedpine for bearskins for many years. The wildlife of the forest is plentiful and attracts the scum. They do not realize that the stock is plentiful thanks to the efforts of the Protectors of the Pine to keep poachers out. Corun Finisc warns intruders to heed the wishes of Tunare and leave the bears of Surefall Glade undisturbed.