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Valizrae D`Tora

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘It appears you are the one who is screaming Zikk’

Dorvias N`Keth says, ‘Do not forget me dragon, for I shall not forget the headache you have caused this day.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘How could I forget one like you Dorvias?’ Zavo`Zatanov smiles. Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘He knows to respect his elders.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lanys is searching to piece Malevolence together still.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I thank those of you that aided me in defeating, Irin`ka, and those of you that aided him, pray that I do not learn of it. For i am sure that you would be quite tasty.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Know this, my opinions of these rumors remains the same. ‘

Slovak says, ‘How many pieces of Malevolence have been found?’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lanys has only found one piece thus far’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘1 piece, Slovak.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘She searches for the second piece as we speak’

Slovak says, ‘How may we mortals help in delaying her?’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘No, Lanys has grown quite powerful, you would not be a match for her’

Zikk says, ‘mortals can’t we must wait for firona vie or some such’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘He was a companion, nothing more, Zikk. And my history doesn’t change.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I thought Irin`ka a trusted friend. I was mistaken, but I was biased.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I am much more objective on the views of world happenings.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I am certain of one thing. There is no war.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘There is no WAR.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I know much of thise world. I have lived many centuries.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘The gods are not at war, Donjira. All of the events are unrelated.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘No, Slovak. What is happening with Lanys is separate from what is happening with Cazic and Firiona. Of this I am sure.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I have studied long and hard on the history of this world.’

Donjira says, ‘So how shall we classify it when they fight?’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘When who fights, Donjira?’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lady Zavo, I must take my leave now. If the second piece of Malevolence is within the Ring of Scales possession, Lanys shall surely come for you.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Be ready for his assault.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘They have fought against the beginnings of time and it is a conflict that will never end. It is not a war. ‘

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Bertoxxulous has no business in this’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘He is not invovled period’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Neriak’s army and Lanys’ forces are gearing up to fight one another. Not the forces of light.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Bertoxxulous shall not strike’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘None of my visions from Innoruuk speak of Bertoxxulous’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘You question the Prophet to Innoruuk?’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Faenyar, I have studied Norrath since long before any of you. I would know if a war was on the horizon.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lady Zavo is correct in her assumptions, this war you speak of does not exist’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I was close to Irin`ka. I trusted him. I am not deceived on the goings on of the world.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I have come and you have asked me questions.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘If you wish to remain ignorant to the truth, do not ask’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I have answered them honestly.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Believe what you will, but there is no war.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘And they have asked me about it.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘As a historian of sorts, I have told you what I know to be true.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘I do not believe any have spoken of this war but yourselves’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘So long as the staff remains in pieces, there is no threat’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘We cannot allow this staff to be made whole again!’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘This is not an option.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘If it is reassembled and falls into the hands of Lanys, she shall surely attempt to destroy the Teir`dal nation’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Along with anyone else who stand in her way’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘She was spurned by Innoruuk, there is now a new chosen’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Lanys has fallen from grace.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘The Ring of Scale has always taken care of itself, and it always shall.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lanys has fallen from the grace of Innoruuk’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘She still retains her power, but not her position’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Valizrae D`Tora, still but a child, is the new chosen.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘There is much to be learned from watching, Donjira.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Where do you think that my wisdom comes?’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘She is the Daughter of Innoruuk. His blood runs through her.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Her power is not funneled to her by Innoruuk, it was given to her completely at birth.’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Until her death, she shall continue to wield it’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I must be off to report all of this to the Ring of Scale. Thank you again for helping me with Irin`ka Set.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Malevolence was disassembled because it has the ability to take power from Innoruuk’

Zavo`Zatanov nods to those in attendance. Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Learn from my words. I speak the truth.’

The Rise of Ykesha

The Rise of Warlord Ykesha
The True Grozmok
In the darkness of night, secluded from the eyes of many of his fellow trolls, a troll shaman named Zraxth had a vision. The trolls of Guk were no match for the Rallosian Empire, and the trolls believed it was a matter of time before the mighty ogres would march into the troll city of Guk. Zraxth was among the first of the trolls to turn from the teachings of Cazic-Thule and follow the doctrine of Hate, becoming a follower of Innoruuk. He beseeched his new lord for guidance, looking for a way to defeat the ogres, to protect the city of Gulc from the Rallosian war machine. The Prince of Hate came to him in a dream, and said he would provide the information, but to perform the necessary ritual Zraxth would need the blood of the high priests of Cazic-Thule. Zraxth gathered his followers and carried out the grim deed, slaughtering the high priests as they slept. The followers of Zraxth set up the ritual as Innoruuk

For days, Zraxth simply sat, neither sleeping nor eating. His acolytes watched over him, waiting for him to awaken and deliver the message from Innoruuk on their salvation. Finally, on the eighth day, the shaman’s eyes snapped open, sunken and glaring in their sockets. Without flinching or looking away, the shaman began to speak in slow, resounding tones. The disciples began to feverishly copy the words of Zraxth, but found that the ink simply ran like blood off any parchment on which they attempted to write the words the shaman spoke. Exasperated, the disciples tried to have Zraxth repeat his statements to them, but he would not acknowledge their presence at all, and simply continued speaking. When all seemed lost, the shaman rose to his feet, and turned to the large stone they had set in the center of their camp. Even as he continued to speak, he gathered a bowl of the blood of the elders the disciples had used days ago in preparation
Zraxth then took to chiseling out the vision he had seen on the surface of the stone itself. This he did with precision and meticulousness, in sharp contract to his apparent unresponsive state. No movement was wasted, and even the smallest chip in the stone was done with the utmost care and purpose. Each of the symbols he crafted would flare with a purplish flame, leaving the carving glowing with radiant heat. Burns were apparent on Zraxth’s hands and arms, but he did not appear to notice — he continued to speak and chisel at the stone, pausing neither as he worked tirelessly. When the carving was completed, the shaman, bloodied and burned over his body, spoke his last words, and fell lifeless to the ground. The disciples burned the body of the prophetic shaman, and scattered the ashes throughout the area of the ritual. The disciples then deciphered the inscription left behind by their spiritual leader.

Over the course of many years after the Stone’s creation, strong warriors began to contend that they were, in fact, the hero mentioned in the Grozmok Stone’s prophecy. Many bloody battles were fought over the claim, as each strove to prove that they were the true hero of the Grozmok. The clans began to rally behind their strongest warriors, and minor skirmishes began to collapse into full scale blood feuds, as each group looked to be the ruling clan of the Innothule trolls. Nothing seemed able to stem the tide of violence, and none seemed interested in stopping it the rule of Grobb was all that mattered. For years, chaos reigned unchecked. During this time, the Rallosian Empire began to hear rumors of the existence of the Grozmok Stone and the prophecy of the legendary troll hero. Although the trolls themselves were organized and not likely to prove a threat on their own, the ogres began to fear

It was during this time of strife and war that Warlord Ykesha rose to power. He was unmatched among his people in skill, cunning, and ferocity, and he quickly earned the respect of all who fought with him. He quickly rose to lead his clan, ruthlessly dispatching any who tried to challenge his rule. His clan, which he renamed Clan Ykesha in his own honor, had taken to raiding the swamps outside the city of Guk, looking for new artifacts and treasures that might give them an advantage over their rival clans. The scouts of Ykesha came upon a lost Rallosian stronghold, which sat undisturbed and hidden by the overgrowth in the swamp. As they gathered what items of worth they could find, they happened upon the Grozmok Stone deep within the stronghold’s lower chambers. They hauled it back to their clan, where it was recognized as an artifact from the troll’s past. Warlord Ykesha ordered his shaman

Once word of the prophecy of the Grozmok Stone began to circulate among the clans, the cycle of war began to change. At first, jealous clans viciously attacked Clan Ykesha, looking to topple the Warlord and claim the Stone for their own. Clan Ykesha easily withstood all opposition, handily defeating the other clans who sought to claim the Grozmok stone for themselves. As one clan after another fell, whispers of Warlord Ykesha’s claim – that he was the Grozmok that was prophesied – began to appear more and more legitimate. Rival clans began to offer themselves as thralls, joining Clan Ykesha to follow the legendary Grozmok. For a time at least, the trolls looked like they would become a terrible new empire with the mythical hero of the troll race in command. Although some clans continued to fight against Clan Ykesha, the size and strength of the ruling clan was more than any rival could hope to overcome.

Man or Beast: the Drolvarg

“Man or Beast: the Drolvarg”

By Larinia Thistlemore

Edited by Bellor Heartsbeck

Editor’s Note

This tome dates from before the Cataclysm. It is written by a human woman who traveled to Firiona Vie and had a rare look at the inner workings of the Drolvarg. Though it is hard to say what may have changed about them in the recent tumultuous passing of time, there are still important insights to be taken from the text What is the link between human and Drolvarg? To what extent does humanity carry weight of responsibility? The text addresses these issues in an astoundingly frank manner.

By the hand of Larinia Thistlemore
In traveling to Kunark, I knew I was embarking upon a rare adventure. I thought the elves of Firiona Vie incredibly kind in allowing me to establish a base of operations in their fort from which to study the local flora and fauna, and expressed to them my gratitude daily. The elves warned me of the danger brought about by the Drolvarg, but I naively assumed them to have no interest in harassing a simple researcher.So long as I didn’t threaten their territory, I would not be a target of their violence. How very wrong I was.
It was my second day of study that they found me. The first day had passed rather uneventfully, and I had filled pages with sketches and observations of the many new species and variants I had come across. It was only a few hours into the next thy, but I was growing frustrated with not finding anything new So I pressed in deeper, moving further away from Firiona Vie.

The elves had warned me to stay close so that I could run to the safety of the fort’s walls if anything went awry, but I wanted to find some of the fabled variants this continent was said to possess. I had heard, though I now long regard as a story, of a ferm the turquoise shade of a clear ocean on a sunny day that was larger than an elf and sometimes thought to snack on them, and of many other similarly aberrant varieties of plants and animals.Searching for such fables, I went far beyond the line of safety, and though it should have come as no surprise that when I looked up from studying a peculiar colored lich, I found myself surrounded, it still did. And I still screamed quite wonderfully.
But who could hear such a scream? I was miles from Firiona Vie. Only my captors heard them, and it elicited nothing but some hoarse, guttural breathing I can only assume was laughter.

I then froze completely. What else should I have done, The tallest of them stood more than three feet taller than me, and even the shortest stood was well more than a foot and a half above me. I was armed only with a pair of short swords, and though I was not an incapable fighter, I would never call myself a warrior. I threw myself to the ground. supplicant, and begged for their mercy. It was mercy, truly, that they didn’t kill me.Instead, I was bound and dragged to their encampment There I was bound tighter still and left prone. I awaited, terrified, for my fate. In time, one of them, a scrawnier one wearing mismatched armor came to my side and fed me some gristly meat and water. I was surprised that he was not altogether rough with me, making sure the food actually found its way into my mouth and even sitting me upright for the whole thing.
I thought perhaps I had something of an ally, as much of one as I could hope for, at any rate.

I managed to exchange a few words with him. He was the lowest of the lowest peons in the camp, which is why he was commanded to deal with me. From just a few vague observations, it seemed to me that they were regimented very severely. Simply the way they carried themselves and interacted suggested a stark hierarchy. I picked out ranks such as “Ravishers” “growlers” and “gnawers,” and all spoke with reverence about their General.It spoke volumes of what they thought of me that their lowest ranked individual should be given the unwanted task of seeing to me. Still, I was encouraged at his willingness to converse with me and his thoughtful manner. More and more, watching their organization and interactions, I began to recognize things. I remembered a rumor I had once heard, that the Drolvarg were in fact lycanthropes, a creature that is both dually human and wolf, and began to believe the truth of it.

The Drolvarg that came the next day and the day after that to feed me were not so kind as the first. They shoved the food in my mouth roughly and didn’t seem to even glance at whether it stayed. The water was mostly spilled upon my face, and they kicked me if I coughed or even really made any sounds. I began to grow weaker from hunger and thirst and the beatings only hurt more. Finally, on the fifth day, my first Drolvarg returned.He once again treated me well, and for the first time since in days, the world stopped spinning as I took in sustenance. Looking upon my sympathetic captor, I couldn’t help but see something there that felt very familiar, and that sense of humanity returned. I decided to be bold, staking everything on appealing to that humanity. “Your people,” I said finally, “were you once lycanthropes? Men and wolves mixed?”

I knew my mistake immediately. With that, ge growled and his eyes went cold. I shrunk back, not quite knowing what l had done. “We have no connection to your weak race,” he snapped at me. “We are Drolvarg. Not human. Innoruuk created us as we are in the image he wished for us.” With that, he threw my remaining food on the ground.
And with that, I lost the only ally I had in that place. But fortunately, within a week I was finally rescued.I thought the elves would have disregarded me completely. They had warned me, I hadn’t listened, and that was my fate. But they tracked me to this spot and assaulted the group of Drolvarg. After a long battle, the remaining Drolvarg fled. When they released me, I could barely stand, and so they made me a litter and carried me back. As we were leaving the camp, I saw my Drolvarg ally among the bodies. I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sorrow. Even later as they loaded me, still not fully healed, on a boat for Qeynos.

One would think I’d have emerged from this quick to declare them beasts, to denounce any link some may speculate they have to humanity, but with what I have seen of humanity, I am not so sure. We all have in us the capacity for brutality. Man and beast alike. The only difference between a man and a beast is man is his awareness of this capacity and the subsequent formation of personal identity. Our identities justify our actions, our brutalities.My captors were aware of themselves, and of their actions, and whether or not they were once tied to the race of men, they are, without a doubt, humanoid. They are not beasts, because they know what they do, and they do it for their own reasons; regardless of whether or not I can understand them.
Does this mean I forgive them, No, beasts can be forgiven because they don’t know what they do, but humanoids bear responsibility for their actions. Their humanity only makes them all the more culpable.

I have not yet returned to Kunark, but I plan to some day, so that I may finish my research – provided the elves will let me. Should I be allowed back, I will go far better armed and prepared to deal with cunning humanoids, not monstrous beasts. Anyone preparing to fight them should understand that they are clever and brutally militaristic.They sometimes trade with others for weapons and armor, but use almost exclusively bronze weapons and armor of their own, wicked designs. On the battlefield, as in all they do, they are in complete control. These lessons I carry with me, and would pass on to any others who may encounter them.

Legacy of Guk

Legacy of Guk
What History Remains
Kruuk Glugop

Our people are a strong people. With Mithaniel Marr behind us, we have endured many catastrophes in our history, and have always managed to come back stronger than before. Recently, we were able to rise against the vile trolls, and took the city for our own, as Gukta, the Outpost of Marr. The trolls have been unsuccessful in reclaiming the city, and Mithaniel willing, they never shall.The ancient home of our people, Guk, was not so lucky. It was consumed by a curse unleashed by Innoruuk and the troll villain known as Ykesha. Many of our brave warriors were trapped there, either taken by surprise due to the attacks, or they stayed behind to fend off the undead hordes long enough to allow the rest of our people to escape. Now, in a dark twist that makes me shudder, they have joined the ranks of the walking dead.

Many of us have wondered if there is a chance to study who from our history might be still wandering the depths of Lower Guk, and what might be learned by discovering this information. I am to accompany a group of adventurers who are currently resting here within Gukta, and I will see if I can learn this information. We leave at dawn.It took some time, but we were able to make it to a small chamber near a few precarious walkways. It was here that we found the first interesting member of the cursed frogloks. As we rested, we began to hear a sound off in the distance. It first sounded as if it came from above us, then it seemed to circle around to the sides of our small camp. It seemed like it was looking for a weakness in our defense. Then, suddenly, it was silent – we heard nothing more. When we were ready to leave, we began to look for the source of the sound, but could not locate it. Just when we had given up, a black-colored froglok ghoul leapt at us from the shadows, and directly at our warrior. He was just fast enough to deflect the attack and together we were able to beat the creature back. However, I always had the feeling it was there… watching us, just out of sight.

Further in, we found another strange room, where it seemed like the ghouls themselves would not even enter. We could hear a strange sound coming from it – something like a breathing, but more like a constant hiss, and the sound of rushing wind, almost as if something inside could not remain still, and moved incredibly fast. We approached cautiously, but it became evident that whatever we had heard, had heard us as well. We were instantly set upon by a creature of tremendous speed. It was a ghoul like the others, but was blindingly fast. It seemed chaotic in its attacks as well – one of us would be hit, then suddenly another would feel the sting of the creature’s unrelenting attacks. We were able to land a magical shackle on the beast, which caused it to howl in anger. Immediately we fled the area – this creature proved to be too mighty for our group, and we hoped to leave it behind us.Finally, we came upon the throne room. Fighting our way through, we spied the dais and throne on the far side of the room. We dispatched the guards, and before us we could see what appeared to be the ruler of Lower Guk – the Ghoul Lord. Once a noble paladin of Marr, this creature is now twisted and corrupt, only a shell of what it once used to be. We engaged the beast at my urging, as I thought it would be best to end the eternal suffering of this once noble froglok and hopefully return his spirit to Marr. We were not ready for the strength of this opponent in darkness, he had grown stronger. He felled our warrior nearly immediately, and it was all we could do to parry off his strikes, and carry our comrade to safety. We escaped with our lives, but truly, the curse of Ykesha is still strong within the depths of Lower Guk.

Hrath’s Journal

86. BT, Deepice, Darkday:I, Hrath T’vol, have decided to keep this journal to chronicle my great deeds. One day, when all is said and done, this will probably fetch a pretty penny when I sell it to some scholar eager to have the truth of my life’s story!
87. BT, Deepice, Steelday:Today I finally got the best of that blasted barbarian, Hadden, and took his earring! He never saw me coming! I teleported in behind him and burned him to a crisp. So much for that famed northern constitution.

87. BT, Deepice, Moorday:I’ve been spending a lot more time in the Qeynos area. The hunting is good here. All sorts of guards in the area willing to die to save their beloved Qeynos. Ironically enough, the same merchants they’re protecting actually buy the guards’ weapons and equipment back! I’ve been holed up in this tower, but the bells are driving me insane.

87. BT, Grayeven, Mirthday:I haven’t written in the journal in a while, nearly a month, in fact. I learned a new line of spells and can now teleport between various regions in the blink of an eye. Praise Innoruuk for magic: no more boats! Now that I can safely explore the depths without need for breath, I’ve been examining the water life in my homeland’s forest.

87. BT, Blossoming, Burnday:This journaling thing is tough. I never seem to have the time to write! I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring the oceans around Freeport. Many interesting bone structures down here. I’m going to be gathering some for experimentation later. It even looks like one of these skeletons may be from a dragon. Quite interesting.

87. BT, Warmstill, Feastday:The sunken ships off the coast of Qeynos hold much potential for plunder. I’m going to use the power of the earring to investigate them more thoroughly. Perhaps there were people of means on board when the ships went down. One can only hope…

87. BT, Firstchill, Brewday: Lord Everling has heard of my exploits and would like me to come to dinner. I think I shall oblige! If I manage to obtain his patronage, surely I can afford a few luxuries that have been out of my reach…

87. BT, Deadening, Soulday: I have taken an apprenticeship position with a powerful necromancer named Varsoon. His studies into immortality are quite impressive, and it’s likely I will manage a way to live forever in his service. I shall leave my journal behind for someone to find at a later date.

Handbook of the Dark Bargainers

Handbook of the Dark Bargainers
There are no races more skilled in the ancient crafting arts than the Teir’dal, and no gods more deserving of out dedication than Innoruuk. All others are inferior, and therefore it is not only our duty, but also out pleasure, to take full advantage of the opportunities they present. — Acquisitions Expert Mraena D’Aryth

In order to be competitive in today’s marketplace, the Dark Bargainers provides you with this basic guide to commerce. You will learn many things on your own over time, so do not consider this book your only guide to success. Rely on your own resources and skills and you will prosper.

The central crafting area in Neriak is located near the Blind Fish. In this area you will find a banker, a broker, some representatives of the Dark Bargainers, a fuel vendor, and the tradeskill delegate. The tradeskill delegate can teach you more about how to become an artisan. The Dark Bargainers representatives maintain a close watch on the quality of goods, and artisans, entering and leaving the area. In this way, we can ensure the quality of the merchandise being offered in service of Innoruuk and the Queen.

In order to create items, an artidan will need to obtain raw harvests. These can be purchased from others, but the cheapest alternative, and the one that the Dark Bargainers endorses, is to gather your own. You can harvest appropriate supplies to begin learning to craft in the Darklight Wood in the areas near Neriak and the outpost.

Every artisan’s skills and desires can take them on different paths through life. You will find new doors open to you as you continue to grow and prosper as a local artisan. As you progress in skill, you will decide which type of craft to specialize in. To choose your specialty, speak to the Crafting Trainer who can be found in the central crafting area.

As you gain in skill, you will be able to purchase new recipes from the Crafting Trainer also. Advanced recipes that will teach you to make more valuable mastercrafted items can be obtained through adventuring, or from those who adventure. The broker is a good resource to search for these, if you have not yet made the acquaintance of many others in your new home.

The Dark Bargainers is the official governing body of all trade activity within Neriak and the surrounding areas. They maintain the city’s flourishing trade activities and broker network, and charge a fee for each broker transaction which is used for administrative purposes. Although not an official arm of the religious structure within Neriak, the Dark Bargainers are a very religious society and offer a portion of all profits to the temple of Innoruuk. They also set aside a portion of each week to meditate and honor Innoruuk. Representatives of the Dark Bargainers can always be found in Neriak’s central crafting area, although there is no region of Neriak in which their influence is not felt.

As you increase in skill as an artisan, you may find it prudent to offer your services to support the Dark Bargainers. Representatives of the Dark Bargainers will offer you work order tasks for items that are currently needed for use or trade. Completing these tasks will not only earn you experience in your trade and a small monetary reimbursment, but will also improve your standing in the eyes of the Dark Bargainers. Work order representatives can be found in Neriak’s central crafting area.
Perform all tasks for the Dark Bargainers with the utmost care and skill. Any attempt to pass off inferior items for a work order is an insult to Innoruuk, and may put a rapid end to not only reputation, but also quite likely your life.

If you earn sufficient status with the Dark Bargainers to merit recognition, the society’s faction merchant Kyri Velkyn will sell you a title certificate if you wish to purchase an official title. You will also be granted access to purchase a number of other amenities including house items, uniforms, and some of the society’s most closely-guarded recipes. The Dark Bargainers ensure that those who serve faithfully are rewarded appropriately. Your mandatory support is entirely voluntary.

As you advance in your trade, consider the path you wish to pursue. There are three main branches of craft: the craftsmen, the outfitters, and the scholars. Once you progress to the ninth rank of skill, you will need to choose which branch, or achetype, you wish to pursue. At your nineteenth rank of skill, you will choose your final specialty. As you specialize, you will continue to learn new recipes in your area of specialty, but you will no longer learn recipes for crafts in other areas.

The three types of craftsmen are: carpenter, provisioner, and woodworker. Carpenters make furniture for decorating your home, strong boxes for bank storage, altars, and sales containers to use on the broker. Provisioners make food and drink to keep adventurers fighting in top form. And woodworkers make wooden weapons and shields, bows and arrows, magical totems, and harvesting tools.

Outfitters are armorers, tailors, and weaponsmiths. Armorers specialize in plate and chainmail armor, and metal shields. Tailors make cloth and leather armor, fancy dress clothing, hex dolls, backpacks, and containers for thrown ammo. Weaponsmiths specialize in metal weapons of all types.

Scholars are alchemists, jewelers, and sages. Alchemists specialize in potions and poisons, and also make combat upgrades for Fighter types. Jewelers make items of jewelry, and also combat upgrades for scout types. And sages make spell upgrades for mages and healers.

Besides the nine main artisan trades, there are also the skills of tinkering and transmuting that can be learned by anybody, in addition to their normal profession. Tinkering is the process created by gnomes many centuries ago. It is the art of making mechanical gadgets and gizmos to make life a little easier. You can create devices that will enhance your own abilities in combat; most of these can only be safely operated by yourself or other tinkers, however, as the mechanisms are far too complex for non-tinkers to understand. Since many tinkered items are adventure-related, it can be a useful secondary craft to augment an adventurer’s abilities.

Transmuting is the art of breaking down unused items into components and using the results to make Adornments. Adornments are items that can be applied to your equipment to permanently enhance the equipment. Any Artisan who wishes to create their Artisan class Adornments will need compionents created by a Transmuter. All Artisan classes, including Tinkerer and Transmuter, can make some Adornments. Those interested in learning more about tinkering and transmuting can consult trainers available on the continent of Faydwer.

Should you decide at any time to change your profession as an artisan, Vier N’Vul, the career counsellor for the Dark Bargainers, can assist you in retraining to start a new profession.

Should you choose to pursue the life of an artisan, you may wish to keep this manual in your room for reference as needed. Being an artisan is a noble calling. We work independently and yet ultimately combine our efforts towards serving Innoruuk and the Dark Bargainers. You will be able to earn a decent wage based entirely on your own efforts, provided you keep abreast of the latest developments by working with the Dark Bargainers in your district, and using your wit and skill. Queen Thex knows the value of the artisan to Neriak’s society; it is no less a place than that of any brave fighter or learned mage. Do not disappoint us.

A Recent History of the Tunarians

The past 500 years have been that of turmoil. Our people, the Koada’Dal, have had to endure atrocities that we would not even wish upon our enemies.
Beginning with the fall of Felwithe and the murder of King Thex, the inhabitants of the city were forced to flee into the mountains to survive. The casualties from the war were great, and the number of paladins were low. A plan was to be formed, the home that Tunare gave to her people was to be retaken.

In the mountains above the city the remaining paladins, priests and mages gathered. They were to all at once draw upon the divine power of Tunare and expel the forces of Innoruuk that had seized control of the city.

The siege of the city caused great destruction, even the mountain canyon that the city had been built in had taken damage. Besides the remaining Koada’Dal there were no living things left in the canyon. The agents of Innoruuk had during the final battle burned the trees, the grass and all of the other vegetation. Even the great tree was on the verge of death.

From the mountains came a wary ally. The Myntr, a tribe of satyr from the plane of Growth came to tend to the tree. It was sacred to them, and to their Mother Tunare. They were unwilling at first to assist the Koada’Dal in rebuilding the city, and for a while left to the mountains above. They left with the tree the tenders. Beings of nature that would take care of the great tree.

During the excavation and rebuilding of the city, historians found books that read of a time ages past. Where the elves lived in the Elddar Forest, and closer to Tunare. The whole of what was Antonica and now the shattered lands used to be under the control and influence of the elves.

These elves were different than the elves that the Koada’Dal saw in their own race. They then noticed how the wood elf and half elf had become perversions of Tunare’s perfect elf. They looked upon their darker kin knowing their creation was a work of Innoruuk, they were no longer able to acknowledge that they had once been elf. These historians convinced the council that there should be a purification, and a recreation of the perfect elf.

It was decided that to become a new race of perfect Elf, they must leave behind their old names, and take upon a new name that would represent their devotion to Tunare, during her absence. The name decided upon was the Renda’Dal, or more commonly the New Tunarians. Family trees were created for the elves that could trace back their history, and those with the most pure blood were selected to bring about more pure blood elves.

The Ydal

In an age long ago, the Ydal first awoke, finding themselves in Mistmyr, a realm created within the Plane of Hate by their creator, Innoruuk. After a time leaders emerged and began organizing their kind into settlements. Villages began to flourish and eventually a capital city known as Vorguul was established. There, a council of five of the most prominent (and unscrupulous) members of Ydallian society ruled the region. Utilizing a brutal form of governance, they valued political expediency above morality. Furthermore, the council demanded that the worship of their creator, Innoruuk, be placed above all else, while the accomplishments of the individual and their own well being, were of much less concern. To accomplish their goals the council divided their followers into five clans, each being led by a single council member who tasked them with their own responsibilities to help aid in the betterment of Ydallian society as a whole. These clans were known as the Lubesh, Vashota, Bechoi, Rajadevi and Yciid.

Later, as the race of the Ydal matured, a tragic flaw in their creation would eventually be discovered. Falsely believing this to be an extraordinary blessing from Innoruuk, the first dark elves instead became consumed by a curse which ultimately lead to their extinction.


Into the Depths of: Guk

Overview of Guk

An ancient ruined city located off of Innothule Swamp, legend has it that Guk was once home to the trolls. The upper part of the city is fairly intact and home to numerous frogloks now. The lower section of the city is where the most ancient ruins can be found. Rumors persist of an undead legion of frogloks being built up in the depths of the ruins.

The citadel of Guk has many rewards for those successful bands of adventurers that brave this dangerous region. The frogloks here have been toughened by the years of fighting the trolls of Grobb and make excellent adversaries upon which to hone skills of blade or spell.

The Ruins of Old Guk are perhaps one of the most notorious regions upon the whole of Antonica. Many an adventurer has lost their life here, but a few have successfully emerged to bring forth ancient treasures out of the dank tunnels.

Lower Guk is an excellent training ground for seasoned adventures of all professions. Here, one may hone their skills in preparation for more treacherous battles.

Background Lore

Upper Guk

When the frogloks first arrived upon the shores of Innothule, they were exposed to the cannibalistic race of the trolls and were horrified. The froglok nomads immediately began an assault on the trollish citadel beneath the swamps, hoping to rid the world of what they viewed as evil abominations. The trolls fought viciously but were ultimately unable to withstand the froglok armies who pushed them out of their city and took it over.

Outraged and fueled by a spiteful, malignant hatred, a powerful troll shaman entered his former city and began a massacre of froglok citizens with his own bare hands. As the soldiers and guardsmen began to arrive upon the scene the troll shaman, drenched in froglok flesh and blood, conjured the very power of Innoruuk. This destructive blast killed the shaman as well as many hundreds of froglok witnesses. A curse was left in the wake of the blast that condemned the souls of the froglok victims to Innoruuk’s Cauldron – their physical forms condemned to forever walk as the undead. The surviving frogloks persevered in building the stronghold of Upper Guk, where they continued to struggle with the trolls of Grobb to this very day.

The top levels of Guk are fairly intact and are heavily defended by froglok warriors, shamans and wizards. Shallow water passages created by water seeping in through the thin earth of the swamps above flow generously throughout the top portion of the city.

Both crocodiles and froglok guardsmen patrol these waterways, making travel difficult for those who have earned the distrust of the other peaceful froglok citizens. The passages eventually empty into large, subterranean ponds.

The bottom levels of the city are more cavernous, separated by the large underground bogs which can be crossed via small wooden planks. Over the years the frogloks have begun to cultivate fungusmen guardians, growing them from the rich swampy earth.

The Ancient Crocodile

This monstrous reptile is rumored to have been a resent of Upper Guk since long before the arrival of the frogloks. Ambivalent toward all races and beings, this ancient behemoth is revered by the froglok citizen as an earth god of the swamp.

The Froglok Shin Lord

Once of the last of the ancient froglok paladin order, The Shin Lord defends the halls of Guk against the troll menace as well as the undead ghouls that continually pour from the lower halls. Stories are told of his ancient holy blade and the ferocity he uses to wield it against all manner of evil creatures that would threaten his brethren.

Lower Guk

When the dead began to rise and hordes of unearthly, horrific creatures began to fill the walls of the grand lower citadel, the surviving frogloks quickly retreated to the upper levels of the city. The lower level of Guk has since fallen to disrepair, now a system of ancient ruins slowly being eaten away by the swamp.

Rumors have been heard upon the whispering winds of Norrath that speak of an undead legion of frogloks being built upon in the depths of the ruins. Some say that the froglok hero and king that had successfully led his people in the campaign against the cannibalistic trolls had risen again in the height of Innoruuk’s curse. The frogloks of the upper city, unaffected by the curse, deny these rumors – unable to fathom, the possibility of one of their revered heroes being subject to such a debased torment.

The lower city is now a system of muddy, dank caverns and collapsing ruins of ancient troll and froglok architecture. These caverns are made up of numerous dark, catacombs were roots and rocks stick out of the walls and floors. Everywhere, water drips from the ceiling feeding the numerous underground steams, rivers, and pools. The tunnels and caverns are sparsely populated by various types of swamp plants, vines, and algae. Most of the water here is murky, brown with some stagnant pools covered by thin layers of slime. Mud puddles abound.

Rotting wooden boards and branches make up the frogloks’ bridges, doors, and furniture. Other froglok structures are made of mud and tree branches. All of the large buildings are of ancient troll architecture made from huge slabs of roughly cut gray stone and brown mud blocks, with crudely carved statues, stairs, and doorways. Some of these ancient troll buildings have been converted to froglok temples and such, and have froglok-sized wooden furniture and mud statues.

The Ghoul Lord

Led by he hero Hoptor Thaggelum, the frogloks were eventually successful in driving the trolls out of the ancient city beneath the swamp. However, the victory would be a shallow one at best, for the curse of a powerful troll shaman and the conjuration of Innoruuk’s very hatred would kill nearly half of the froglok citizens. Among them was Hoptor Thaggelum.

In recent times, Hoptor has been resurrected by the power of Innoruuk; under the control of the hateful prince the Ghoul Lord builds an army of undead frogloks within the catacombs of Lower Guk.

Deepest Guk

Beneath the rotting stones of Guk and the surrounding swamplands lies the ancient under city of the trolls. Long thought lost, these ruins now shelter a variety of unspeakable horrors. Yet this foul sprawl of mud and stone contains an even darker secret. A cabal of froglok necromancers converted to the service of Innoruuk by the magic of an evil cauldron. They seek only to build their strength and strike back at the newly blessed frogloks that have taken the swamps above.


Upper Guk

Guk is fairly safe for all goodly people of Norrath who have not imposed their blades upon a froglok citizen. Trolls, however, are hated by the frogloks and will immediately be tacked if they are spotted.

The terrain is very moist, spurring the growth of particular moss which secrets slippery residue. This hazard has caused many adventurers to fall to their deaths.

Lower Guk

The undead legions that inhabit the Ruins of Old Guk are malevolent toward all races. Those foolish travelers who venture into these dark, swampy catacombs without support from many of their most trusted companions will find themselves at the merciless hunger of the undead.

Innothule Swamp: Past and Present

Innothule Swamp Revamp:

As the stench of evil pullulates throughout the region surrounding the home of the trolls, the denizens of the Innothule Swamp surface to see the rejuvenated swamplands. Innothule Swamp received a revamp with the Game Update on Wednesday, July 25th. Read part of the lore of this area and view a photo gallery look at the changes that were made.

Background Lore:

Connecting the Southern Desert of Ro and the jungle of Feerott, the Innothule Swamp serves as a dangerous stone upon any traveler’s path, for the trolls of this region are disdainful of nearly all but their dark allies of the Teir’Dal and the ogres of Oggok.

Trolls are not the only things that one must be wary of, however. The frogloks that make their home in Guk come to the swamp’s surface to hunt and fish. Frogloks are generally peaceful unless provoked. The kobolds, on the other hand, are vicious and will attack most on sight.

This swamp is a great area for young trolls to begin adventuring. They will find that the despised frogloks carry many things on them such as weapons, armor, and coin. Such brutal dealings with the frogloks will bring much praise to any young troll from those back home in Grobb.

Ancient tales speak of an evil pact between the rulers of the planes of Fear and Hate that spawned this murky wetland. In homage and pride of this legend, the trolls who have inhabited these swamplands for eras have named this dank region Innothule. Upon the northeastern shore of the swamp, the troll village of Grobb resides – protected by a constant watch of trollish warriors and guardsmen.

Spiraling upward like the twisted, gnarly fingers of Innoruuk himself, willows and other dreary swampland trees are generously scattered across the terrain. A thick layer of brown and emerald, mossy slime blankets the earthen shores and the trunks of the swampland behemoths. Several mounts of damp, moldy earth rise up from the shallow waters, carving a chaotic and awkward path of solid ground.

The swamp is teeming with all sorts of vile creatures, including tribes of trolls who seek to make any travel through the swamp a one-way trip. Young frogloks are a common sight as the frogloks of Guk often come to the rich waters of Innothule to use as a breeding ground.

Kobolds have also settled in Innothule swamp over the passing decades, finding plentiful bounty of snakes, fish, and other swamplands creatures to make the constant threat of the territorial trolls worth risking.