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Portrait of Zanne

This is a portrait of a beautiful female. At first you believe it to be of a human female, but on closer inspection, she has traits akin to elves. You notice some engravings along the arch of the portrait.

My beloved blesses our faithful with mirrored tokens of Zanne. My beloved imbues our great constructs with gifted hearts.

To the sentry of the pools and the stones of leering, a heart of diamond. To the favored stone and the stones of jeering, a heart of emerald. To the count of my libation or the castle’s steward, a token of diplomacy. To the master of keys and his student, a token of harmony. To the powerful puritan or those who follow, a token of virtue. To the lord of the plains or those who are honored, a token of harvest. To the mistress of the dance or her ballroom troupe, a token of charm. To the faithful wretch or his despicable kin, a token of bravery. To the immortal artist or the soothsayers, a token of eternity.

With these gifts, treasures are safe from ill hands. When her beloved is adorned, open her vault, you can.

Sovereignities of Qeynos

Sovereignities of Qeynos

Penned by Randyle Brinn,

Historian and Scholar

On this, the first anniversary of Antonia Bayle’s crowning

Antonius Bayle (the first) – The Great Unifier

Time of Rule: The Age of Enlightenment

Antonius Bayle, son of Vallius Bayle, brought order to the Plains of Karana, unifying the nomadic clans of the plains with the village of Oceangreen, and thus established the city of Qeynos. Havign renounced the title of king, he required all to simply call him by his name, Antonius.

Antonius Bayle II – The Great Defender

Time of Rule: The Age of Reclamation & Age of Turmoil

Antonius Bayle II had studied under the fearless Knights of Thunder, as well as the Rangers of Surefall Glade. His mind for battle was instrumental in keeping the city unified despite the upheavals and unrest that plagued his reign, including the Erudite exodus from the city, and their subsequent uprising within Erudin. Under the rule of this militaristic leader, the Qeynos Guard grew and expanded divisions beyond the city walls.

Antonius Bayle III – The Great Diplomat

Time of Rule: The Age of Turmoil

Antonius Bayle III, noted for his foreign diplomacy, is lauded for forging alliances between Qeynos and Erudin, northmen clans, and the halflings of Rivervale, during an overwise notably tumultuous time, which witnessed the erection of Paineel, and the dawn of Sir Lucan D’lere rule of Freeport. His intentions for establishing diplomatic ties with such hated enemies of the state were cut short by assassination, but not before he had fathered three notable sons; Kyle, Antonius IV, and Kane (the traitor)

His first son, Kyle, born before Antonius Bayle III had inherited the Qeynos Throne, disappeared mysteriously. From this point, the Bayle line would never again be direct, as Antonius IV, his second son and namesake, would henceforth be the most direct descendant of Antonius Bayle the first.

Antonius Bayle IV – The Great Avenger

Time of Rule: The Age of Turmoil

By far, one of the most loved and celebrated rulers since Antonius Bayle the first, Antonius IV fought numerous battles against not only the foes of the kingdom, but the enemies of his allies. He has been noted as the single ruler that stretched the benevolent belief of Qeynos further beyond the borders than ever before. He proved his great skills of leadership and battle during the War of Plagues and established a council of representatives and advisory, known as the Circle of Ten.

Growing concerned, due to Antonius IV’s bachelorhood, the Circle of Ten implored him to wed, and sire children in order to further the Bayle lineage, and secure the Qeynos throne. Agreeing (perhaps relucantly), he accepted and arranged marriage, and soon sired twins, Anton and Antea, before his untimely death at sea.

Only upon Antonia Bayle’s emergence have historians come to learn of Antonius IV’s greatest secrets – his love for Lady Shae of Felwithe, and his true first born, Shaonia, (Antonia’s great-great-great-grandmother), and of his true death. Antonius IV had faked his death at sea in order to be reunited with his true love, and live out his remaining life with her and their daughter.

Anton and Antea Bayle – The Twin Monarchs

Time of Rule: The Age of War

Rather malicious folk, Antonius IV’s twin heirs squandered the riches of the throne, and demanded fealty from all citizens, ushering a dark period for the city of Qeynos. Strongly bonded, the twins often seemed more like king and queen rather than sibling rulers. After Antea was slain, by a raiding band of Rallosians, Anton was plunged into a pit of depression. His eccentric behavior became increasingly erratic and violent, ending with his suicide.

Antonius Bayle V – The Great Sage

Time of Rule: The Age of War & The Age of Cataclysms

The child of Anton Bayle and one of Antea Bayle’s hand maidens, Antonius V was the most scholarly and wise ruler of Qeynos. He also was the youngest, having been crowned at the age of fifteen, after the death of his father. Due to his youth, he sought the unparalleled guidance of the Circle of Five in many decisions of stage. Thankfully, he had been tutored in history, art and arcane sciences during most of his youth, for without his wisdom Qeynos would ahve certainly met its destruction during the Rending.

Antonius Bayle VI – The Great Healer

Time of Rule: The Age of Cataclysms

A disciple of the Temple of Life since his youth, Antonius VI rose to become one of the greatest priests to walk the streets of Qeynos, a power that he used benevolently when the Shattering occurred. The Great Healer aided in the healing of thousand of Qeynosians, and their allies. He found strength in the Circle of Five, and treasured their advise and guidance.

Antonius Bayle VII – The Great Dreamer

Time of Rule: The Age of Cataclysms

During Antonius VII’s rule, the art of survival became a priority. During this time of great tragedy, he would often comfort the masses by relaying his prophetic dreams of safety, prosperity and cooperation for Qeynos. During the Great Dreamer’s reign the first steps to abandoning the animosity between the kingdom and many of its foes began.

Unfortunately, he was unable to see his dreams of harmony to their end. He, and his fellow Bayle family members, drowned when their royal vessel was swallowed by the Coldwind Sea, after being churned and torn asunder due to a great meteor shower.

The Circle of Five

Time of Rule: The Age of Cataclysms

The council of city representatives and advisers had increasingly assisted in the decisions of the crown, since their official inception as the Council of Ten during Antonius IV’s reign. They reluctantly took up rule of the kingdom themselves while a search for a royal successor was carried out. When the violent cataclysms began to calm during the reign, The Circle of Five oversaw the rebuilding of the kingdom.

Many of the current Qeynosian organizations were established under their rule, and many of the alliances started by Antonius VII were formed. The Pact of Tserrin was signed with Freeport and the Far Seas Trading Company began to run goods, services and survivors to and from the ravaged land for both cities. Their necessary reign would last only until their search for a successor of the Bayle bloodline proved fruitful!

Antonia Bayle

Time of Rule: The Age of Destiny

Born Shirrana of the Sisterhood, she is the first female to sit upon the kingdom’s throne by herself, and the first to have been bestowed the title of Antonia. She is Antonius IV’s great-great-great-granddaughter, as her mother was Taylania, the daughter of Marinya, who was the daughter of Baylisia, the daughter of Shaonia, daughter of Lady Shae of Felwithe and Antonius Bayle IV.

She took the throne with much fanfare, and brought with it hope and prosperity to the citizens of our rebuilt kingdom of Qeynos. Her current reign will undoubtedly meet many a challenge. Let us pray to the gods that she leads with dedication, conviction, grace and wisdom, as her ancestors before her.

Long live Her Highness!

Before the Sands: Takish’Hiz and Silent

This papyrus tome details the ancient cities of Takish’Hiz and Ahket Aken, the latter of which became known as the Silent City. In its pages are stories of the Sul’dae elves, residents of Akhet Aken and worshipers of Anashti Sul. It talks about a theological split in the cities, when the followers of Ahket Aken separated themselves from the larger kingdom of Takish’Hiz, believing that their faith in Anashti Sul would lead them to eternal life under her guidance.

The Hand of Saramyth

This is an ancient artifact found by the Freethinkers. Legend has it that this is the arm of Saramyth himself, a great necromancer of old. Saramyth’s life ended in the Lavastorm Mountains as he was tricked during battle with an illusionist. As Saramyth went to strike, he realized he was swinging for the illusionist’s personae, but it was too late. The personae was banished and Saramyth’s momentum carried him into a lava pit. His arm laid grasping the dirt next to the pit and was all that remained

Alchemic Alcove

[a yellowed message]

Alchemist Pranton, I very much appreciate the discourse you gave today within the hall. If the many nodding heads and agreeing murmurs are any indication, you and I are not alone in believing Tanaan is ready for the great knowledge that Chel’Drak still withholds from us. We have become exceptionally wise and learned. We have eagerly digested all that the God of Knowledge has bestowed us with, surely he must know that we are ready for His greatest doctrine. We have proved that we are worthy to know of those secret things that are withheld from our studies.

It is my plan to soon lead a portion of our number to Chel’Drak’s lair in order to obtain the codex that he holds. The guardian surely will not turn us away this time. I can not allow him to dismiss us again.

I shall soon return with the greatest of all knowledge.

Vondrax, defected Shadowknight of Thule

Hall of Discourse

[a faded, undelivered letter]

“Dearest sister,

I write this correspondence with the hope that it may reach you someday. It has been many weeks since we said our goodbyes and I miss you dearly. I know you can’t understand why I had to leave, and I pray you never truly do. To feel forsaken, even betrayed by the very god you pledged to serve I do not wish upon any man or woman.

I have found others that have experienced what I now feel. Together we are building a city upon this island, away from those things that pain us. We are building a community of peace, prosperity, and learning where all those that feel outcast may come. The name of this new city is Tanaan and all will share in the wisdom.

Your abandoned but always loving brother,

Yorlin, former Paladin of Quellious.”


Esoteric Library

“It is with great trepidation that I make this log. In only a matter of hours the summoners, with the support of the people of Tanaan, will attempt to open a portal to the realm of the Nizari. Our city has made an agreement with these people that if we allow them to join with us in our city, that they will, with their great power and magic, represent us before Chel’Drak and obtain the codex of knowledge the Guardian has kept from us.

I, along with a small group of others, believe this is not right. If we are ever to gain the wisdom of the codex we will do so when Chel’Drak has deemed us ready, just as the God of Knowledge has directed. Greed and arrogance color this decision. Our people have become complacent with the knowledge given to us. They want what is not intended for them yet. It saddens me that my brothers and sisters of Tanaan have turned a deaf ear to the small pleadings to reconsider. We can only wait to see what becomes of this.

Saphis Once-Blessed, forgotten of Brell”