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The Lore of Fauna: The Behemoth

The Lore of Fauna: The Behemoth
By Prof. Romiak Jusathorn
Planar Influence: Mana Sub Races: Unknown Frequency: Extinct Size: Titanic Region: Global Habitat: Land and Sea

Long before any creature dominated Norrath, there came into existence beasts of legendary nature. Many of these creatures came and left before the deities spread their children across the surface of Norrath. One of these legendary beast types is known as the Gargantile Cheldridea, or Behemoth.

The Behemoths were a race of immense reptile like beasts of gargantuan proportions. They were easily some 180 meters in length with a very broad ribcage. Their limbs were long and powerful, perfect for striking down the greatest of prey.

The tails of these beasts accounted for one quarter of their total length. They often employed the tail in battle with larger beasts of their era. The swipe from such a tail could kill a wurm. They walked upon all fours, but fossils have indicated that they most likely rose upon their hind legs during battles.

The behemoths were placed upon Norrath by entities unknown. I believe that their existence is a gift of nature, possibly a beast sprung from necessity. The Behemoth acted more as a force of nature than an intelligent beast of warlike destruction. They would slumber for centuries at a time and only awaken to destroy budding ancient communities of the few ancient societies of the era.

The behemoths were eventually destroyed, possibly by the major deities who played a stake in the population of Norrath’s prime races. Their immense fossilized bones can be in various hard to reach locations of Norrath. The fossils are quite a find, but never intact.

One Behemoth is rumored to still be in existence and was last recorded in an ancient dragonkind scroll to have been lumbering upon the frozen steppes of the Frigid Plain. This same scroll indicates a fear of these beasts among dragonkind, one of the first races to inhabit Norrath.

It is my theory that some of the early dragon communities could have been laid to waste by a single Behemoth. Evidence has shown that these gigantic beasts often lived a solitary life. For the dragons, it is a blessing that these creatures did not roam in herds.

In early ages, sea captains also reported to have seen the beasts in the deep oceans. There was once an ancient water beast that terrorized much of the Coldwind Coastline of Antonica. From evidence acquired, I believe this water beast to be a Behemoth. That beast is said to have been destroyed by the greatest warship ever built, the Q.S.S. Eradicator. Both the beast and the ship are said to lie in the deep abyss of the Ocean of Tears.

My studies continue and I have found many remains I believe to belong to these thunderous creatures. The greatest behemoth fossils I discovered came from such places as the community of Oggok, the Dreadlands of Kunark and the valley Dragonscale Hills of Faydwer.

Scholars of the Academy of Arcane Science dispute my findings. But I have speculated that the modern day ocean wurm is a distant relative to the Behemoths. They may have merely adapted to the water through means of biological evolution that I have theorized, Jusathorn’s Theory of Bioevolution. This theory explains that mana is the true creator of these beasts.

Mana creates out of necessity. The vessel of mana called Norrath requires bioevolution for survival. The behemoths acted as cleansers or exterminators to the world, mother Norrath’s ultimate guardians, not the children of deities. The behemoths, no doubt, had special innate magical resistances due to their mana nature.

This made them more than a match for any of the ancient races, including those of dragonkind. I believe there to be a quasi plane sprung off the plane of growth where many of these beasts will always lumber. It is on this quasi plane that I shall continue my research.

For further information please reference: “Behemoth, A Force of Nature” by Romiak Jusathorn and “The Theory of Bioevolution” by Romiak Jusathorn.

The Case of the Ursa Rhym

I have been assigned by Lady Alethea Jyleel to investigate the tragedy of the fairiefolke living within the Gully of the Ursa Rhym. The rhym seem to be a type of fairy about the size of a firefly, if not smaller. These rhym gather the information of the environment around them like a sponge absorbs water. This information is then processed and emitted in a melody that few outside of the rhym can decipher. In this case, Lady Alethea is capable of reading the melodies of these tiny fairies.
I managed to locate the Gully of the Ursa Rhym within a western crag in the Greater Faydark, on the way to Steamfont Mountains. The gully used to be a magical little village where numerous rhym buzzed about in melody, but the melody is no more. I have discovered the rhym village in disarray and destruction. The little village was ruined through dark magic, this is quite evident from the arcane smoke and unyielding flames that now consume the habitat.

Unable to properly decipher the clues before me, I was forced to enlist the aid of the legendary sleuth, Inspector Berlok Beeglesnoop. The great inspector told me that I could become an investigator myself should I acquire the three volume Investigator Guidelines, penned by the master detective himself. Although, in his old age, he would not offer me these valuable manuscripts, I was able to pry a few hints as to where I might find these books. Through an illogical and often frustrating conversation with the inspector, I was able to deduce that the books could be found in Felwithe.

Amidst the madness that now envelopes the once honorable city of Felwithe, I would find the Investigative Guidelines needed to become great detective. My first trial led me to the grove of a great tree. There could be found the fluttering pages of one of the books, ripped from the binder I found earlier. The second book would be found within a submerged chest, magically locked. Following the clues on the chest, I managed to unlock it. The final book would rest in the hands of a soul that now walks the fields of Ethernere. Luckily, I discovered a ritual that would allow me to call forth the spirit of General Jyleel, a great ancestor to Lady Alethea Jyleel.

Having read the Investigative Guidelines, I have grasped the thought process and guidelines of a great detective. I returned to the Gully and the Ursa Rhym to see if I could procure any bit of new evidence. What I found amidst the carnage of the tiny fairy village was a flaming pawn, a chess piece. The flames are clearly magical in nature and not the dark magic that existed everywhere else in the village. Before they met their demise,. the rhym left this clue for me… for anyone. What does it mean? It is merely a flaming pawn resting just a bit away from the chessboard it once called home.

I have gathered some evidence in the charred area known as the Broken Fields in Butcherblock Mountains. The bits of evidence appear to be the battered remnants of daggers and shields. These remnants must have taken great damage and not by an ordinary force. I could tell by the scorch marks and the condition of the metal that this was the result of dark magic. There may be someone around these Broken Fields that can shed some light on my findings. Perhaps they may have even been a witness to this carnage.

I spoke to a talking rat named Chypp, last ‘p’ silent. He was a witness to the conflict that created the ruin that is now the Broken Fields. It appears as though a secret meeting occurred here where one group of brutes and evil grins passed along a magical sword to another group of brutes and evil grins. It is my belief that the brutes were orcs and by the evidence collected, they are Ree orcs from the Commonlands. These Ree orcs brought the magic sword to another group that then betrayed, using the gift to destroy the couriers. I believe it is time to travel to the Commonlands and gather information where the Ree orcs keep hidden from the Overlord and Freeport.

I collected a lot of evidence that has led me to the conclusion that the dark elves allied with the Ree orcs are none other than the Ebon Mask. I have heard tales of old about this old house of thieves that hailed from the Teir’Dal city of Neriak. They were said to be some of the craftiest thieves on Norrath and excellent assassins also. Apparently, they did not die with the collapse of their city. The Raiders of Ree are orcs removed from their empire, this I have learned. They now live for the heavy coin of the black marker. What would bring a band of opportunistic orcs and a dark elf thieves house together? More evidence is required.

I have found that the Ebon Mask worked alongside the orcs in an expedition to a hidden valley where the soul of Zarvonn is contained for eternity. This ancient mage was once a member of the Academy of the Arcane Science. I am not sure what the spirit of Zarvonn knew, but a spirit that hailed from one of the greatest mage guilds on Norrath most likely holds many secrets. His secret had something to do with the flaming sword that was rushed to Faydwer and used against the courier force of the Ree and Ebon Mask. Such a secret would reveal much about the sword, its origin and where it now resides. Such revelations could only be held by the leader of this eccentric pack of orcs.

While investigating the throne room of the leader of the orcs, I was forced into battle. Lord Ree and his minions were foolish to challenge me. In the end, they met their demise. After the battle I found what appeared to be a book detailing a heist for a “Sword.” Unfortunately, the pages had been ripped out. I was them ambushed by Teir’Dal agents of the Ebon Mask, supreme rogues of the now defunct Thex Dynasty. I was forced to do battle or end up another notch in their belt. They have their best, but in the end, I emerged victorious. as they fell to the floor, the ripped pages from the heist journal flew into the air. Perhaps the pages will finally explain what this caper was all about.

Soulfrire was stolen from Freeport. The mastermind behind the heist was the Foci of the Academy of Arcane Science. She hired agents of the Ebon Mask to infiltrate the citadel via a forgotten portal left open by one of the original engineers of the fortress when it was known as the Academy of Arcane Science. The Ebon Mask hired the Raiders of Ree, opportunistic orcs. Using Ree smuggling routes, they transported Soulfire to Butcherblock Mountains. There the sword would be traded for a scroll desired bu the Foci, but a betrayal occurred and the Ree and Ebon Mask couriers were slain. All i know now is that an ambassador king was the one that betrayed the heist.

I exchanged information with Lady Alethea Jyleel of the Order of Marr. I handed over my notes, but kept this case journal for my records. According to Lady Alethea, the Overlord of Freeport was not fooled by a false sword that replaced Soulfire in the vaults of Dethknell Citadel. He has ordered his finest agents to recover the great sword. Together we discovered that it was a band of Lucanic Knights that razed the Gully of the Ursa Ryhm. If that is so, then the Overlord is one step ahead of the Order of Marr.

Lady Alethea bid me farewell, knowing that such a great crusade as this cannot be left to anyone other than her ancient order of knights. I have taken her reward for my deed, but I cannot shake the mystery behind Soulfire. Where is it and why is it so important to anyone other than the Overlord of Freeport? Perhaps is I can discover who this ambassador king is someday, I can reveal the secret of Soulfire. As for this investigation, the Case of the Ursa Rhym is closed… but the Case of the Soulfire Sword is soon approaching.

The Case of the Curious Coalition Housing Inspector

The Case of the Curious Coalition Housing Inspector

While walking through Longshadow Alley in Freeport, I encountered a very curious Coalition Housing Inspector. It is rather odd to encounter a housing inspector in any of Freeport;s foreign housing districts. The Overlord’s government does not attend to the upkeep of most of these districts, that is quite obvious by the appearance of any of these neighborhoods. So I find it odd to meet Inspector Rylana struggling to answer my questions about her business in Longshadow Alley. I do not trust her words. Perhaps I should follow her and see what she is really up to.

I followed Inspector Rylana to a broken down house in Longshadow Alley. True, there are many broken down houses in this district, but in this particular rubble filled dwelling, the inspector found something that interested her. I went to take a look at what might interest the Coalition Housing Inspection and found a bedroll. This bedroll was quite elaborate, not the bedding of the common folk of this neighborhood. The patchwork blanket appeared to be formed of silk and scales. Such an odd pairing of fabric and hide is usually reserved for the eccentric citizens of Freeport.

Inspector Rylana’s curious trek through Longshadow Alley did not end in the broken down dwelling where I found the odd bedding. I shadowed the inspector to a boarded up house. It was obvious this home was condemned, but with so many condemned houses, why should an inspector stop at one and ignore the rest? I crept towards the boarded up door to have a look at what interested the inspector. Resting upon the ground was one of the planks of wood that used to board up the door. There were curious runes on the board, magic script. I am no supreme scholar of the Academy of Arcane Science, but I do believe this was some form of coded communique.

The Coalition Housing Inspector strolled down to the malodorous docks of Longshadow Alley. Why would a housing inspector bother with the port? Certainly, they do not consider the pier to be a dwelling, even though it acts as one to the many homeless Teir’Dal immigrants. No, she came here for other reasons. She glanced over a tattered parchment that was tossed upon the dock. I took a look for myself and found that it was a forgotten shipping manifest. It belonged to a ship called the ‘Nerius Breaker.’ It made an unannounced stop in Longshadow Alley to receive some kegs of elixir from the local magic shop. The ship has long since raised anchor.

It seemed as though Inspector Rylana had to make a withdrawal from the local bank, for that is where she next led me to. After observing her from afar, I noticed that the withdrawal she had to make was not in Freeport currency, but rather, in clues. Being a bit of a sleuth myself, I took a look at what she spent her time inspecting. There was an ornate cashbox in the bank hall. It looks as though the clerks had been busy unloading whatever was inside. Someone had made a large deposit and it was not a local resident by the looks of the craftsmanship of the cashbox. Whoever dropped this off was either very rich or in some very big debt.

I thought I might shadow Inspector Rylana a bit more, as she has the starring role in my current investigation notes. As before, my actions were rewarded. The inspector stopped off in the local blacksmith’s shop. She had a few harsh words for the smithies as she pointed to an object in the rear of the shop. I went to take a look at what could raise the fury of a housing inspector. What I found was an ornate dagger. The blade was lined with magic runes and if my memory serves me well, the symbol on the handle was none other than the symbol of the Academy of Arcane Science. Such a grand item is not intended for battle, but rather, the wall of a sorcerer supreme.

Inspector Rylana continued her so called inspection of the Longshadow Alley. I was not surprised to see her next stop led me not to a housing complex, but rather to The Bauble, the local magic shop. She entered the arcane depository requesting to see export logs. Her reasons for doing so seemed to persuade the scribe, but I am sure his words are filled with lies. I took a look at the logs as well and found that the shop had exported a large crate with a rust monster inside to a ship called the “Nerius Breaker.” This was the ship I read about at the docks, but it was supposed to be picking up kegs of elixir, not a rust monster.

I had some doubts about Inspector Rylana of the Coalition Housing Inspection and it seems that my doubts were reinforced by the evidence of my investigation. It is my belief that the inspector is a government servant, but not one bound to the Coalition of Tradesfolke. I believe she is a special agent of the Freeport Militia or the Overlord! She seemed to be undercover and on the trail of a fugitive. This fugitive must hail from the Academy of Arcane Science’s arch mages. That mage must have also paid a high price to escape Freeport under the watch of the Freeport Militia. But my investigation is complete. Inspector Rylana is no housing inspector. Case closed.

Know Your Golems

Golems can defy most attempts to classify their kind. This work is the result of years of research into these creatures, although there are still obvious gaps in our current knowledge.
“Know Your Golems,” by Pearl Honeywine — Being an exhaustive study into the world of the golem.

It is technically impossible for one to know all the variations that a golem can take as golems are created by high-level magic users who will naturally determine from what their golem will be created. There are some sweeping generalizations that can be made, however.

The first generalization is that golems are artificial constructs. They are animated through the use of arcane magical spells which bind their material and infuse it with the abilities to move or interact with others as necessary. As the spells to create a golem are from the higher realms of knowledge, they are time consuming and therefore not wasted on animating smaller objects.

That is not to say that smaller golems are never created, however it is in the caster’s best interest to manipulate as much matter as can be handled. A skilled caster will be able to animate numerous golems simultaneously. Some casters, however, will concentrate their efforts on one golem in particular. If more are needed, the caster will require his or her apprentices to create those.

By using apprentices, a skilled caster can concentrate on a golem leader who can in turn command lower forms of golems. This is a rare application, however, but it has been done successfully in the past and therefore, one must be vigilant in dealing with golems.

While most golems are seen in sentry or guardian positions, there is record of a golem created long ago by the Academy of Arcane Science to serve as a repository for the Academy’s research. This golem was imbued with the ability to speak and so was able to recall and present information when questioned by knowledge seekers.

The external form of a golem will vary from one to the next. Some golems are animated from simple stones and therefore look like those very stones. This can be dangerous to the unwary traveller who may accidentally trigger a golem’s defense mechanism without even knowing a golem is there.

There have been tales of golems created in the form of scarecrows, such as the simple ones found in any farmer’s fields. Bone golems are constructed of animated bones. In this latter case, the bones reanimate into any structure and are not bound by any conventional anatomical placement.

Gnomish creations have given rise to the formation of metal or clockwork golems as well. These golems are formed from bits found in any gnome village’s scrap heap. While fearsome to see, it is gratifying to know that they are animated by an outside force (magic) and not moving under their own power! That would be truly terrifying.

Methods for dispensing with golems will vary, of course, depending on the material from which that golem is constructed. For example, a clockwork golem would be weakest against attacks which destroy the metals from which they are made. Stone golems can often be dissolved with a force of water. Scarecrow golems can be burned. One must examine the target carefully to determine one’s strategy and proceed, as in every endeavor, with caution.

I hope this book provides you with enough basic information about golems that you will be able to learn more about them on your own. They are fascinating in their diversity and additional study is well worth the effort.


Source (Vhalen):

(Editor comment – In regards to ‘May the allseeing Xktkex speed you on your way.’)


There are a small number of evil eyes that have been known to worship a deity that is bound to a creation myth of the race. Discovering this worship was not an easy task nor ahs it been proven to be fact. If the deity does exist, it is elusive to even the gods of the Outer and Inner Planes. A handful of scholars at the Academy of Arcane Science have mentioned the rumored deity. Their findings are taken from artifacts recovered from the Temple of the Eye, a hidden shrine to the supposed deity. In short, this is what was written.

Xktkez is rumored to be involved in the creation of the evil eye race. From what we are able to decipher from evil eye records, he, or “it,” most often appears as a gigantic eye with no eyelids. The pupil of the deity is a black maelstrom that contains the power to [Removed for Content] up anything caught in its gaze and pass it into an unknown realm. In one of the evil eye creation myths, it is written that Xktkez plunged himself into the depths of Norrath and slumbered for several hundred years. During his slumber the massive eye shed a single tear that created the first evil eye spawning pit. Whether this being is real or not and what plane it originated from is still a mystery to all Norrathian scholars.

"Bloodstained Journal, Vol 1"

“22nd July, 3222 Good grief. Just as one pointless expedition into the backside of civilisation finishes, another begins. I always knew that cursed Provost Tredore was jealous of my studies and the success of my experiments. Why else would he send me, Derion Livingstone, on these Gods-forsaken errands, and not one of the seemingly endless supply of novices that he foolishly admits to our dear Academy of Arcane Sciences? Jealousy, simple jealously. We’ll see who it is that has the last laugh when I return. I have plans for our Provost. 23rd July, 3222 It seems that we’re destined for the Feerrott; if there were a more dingy and unsanitary place, then I am quite certain that I’ve not heard of it. Between the stench of Oggok, the Gypsy-infested Mountains of Rathe and Innothule Swamp, I cannot imagine a place I’d rather be less. Even the blasted druids threw cabbage at us as we passed the Old Rings. Provost Tredore claims that the filthy Tae Ew lizards are stirring up trouble, something to do with a breach into an alter plane. I don’t believe it for a moment. 24th July, 3222 Curiouser and curiouser. We reached the outskirts of the Tae Ew temple this morning; it certainly appears.. different. There is a distinct taint in the balance of the planar forces here, emanating from the temple itself. Could that fool Tredor have been correct? My faithful servant, Kinopio, is setting up the tents. The juniors assigned to me – Scrapsnatcher, Aluram, Morkul and Felwah – have asked leave for the evening. I am not a cruel man, we shall begin in earnest tomorrow. Besides, Kinopio has some rather decent pipeweed. 25th July, 3222 Felwah seems to have a touch of madness this morning, blathering about monsters in her dreams. Arcane Sciences cannot depend on the ramblings of the weak-willed. I have ordered the doors to the temple to be forced open – let us see what these scienceless heathens are up to! Onwards!”

"Bloodstained Journal, Vol 5"

“Day 19 My Gnomish companion has become obsessed with opening the door – I turn my back to find him edging towards it with a distant look in his eyes. My sleep has been restless. Sometimes it sounds as if the very walls of the temple itself are whispering to me. Day 20 Kinopio showed me plans for a suit of full plate armour, based on the lizard plating that he constructed several days ago. With a smithing hammer, flask of water, leather padding, mold and several of the lizard platings, he claims to be able to make anything. Day 21 Kinopio woke before me and ran out of the door. He was gone all morning, and appeared soaked in blood and sweat in the afternoon. Locking the door behind him, he sat in a corner, staring into space, clutching a strange silk substance in his hand. Day 22 Kinopio sleeps, fitfully. From two of the strands of the silk, smeared in some form of unidentifiable ichor, I was able to make a crude swatch of silk. From whatever creature this originates, I would rather not know – it is strong, and yet flexible. Inordinately so. Day 23 I fear for Kinopio’s mental state, he appears to have gone quite insane. Whilst constantly gibbering about some kind of sacrifice, his skilled hands crafted something from the silk swatch and a pattern of his own making – imagine my surprise when the poor soul presented me with a hand-sewn cap! Day 24 A transformation has occured in my companion. His former state of incoherence and madness has been replaced by a firm determinism. He seems resolved, though in what I cannot say. The cap fits well – it seems logical that the silk can be used to make other garments. Day 25 I awoke to find Kinopio gone. Where he is I cannot guess, though the door remains locked. The scurrying sounds outside the door become almost unbearable in the silence of the room. I must stay, I must wait.. help could be on its way… Day 26 I can stand it no longer. I will find Kinopio, and together we shall escape. The door opens?”

"Bloodstained Journal, Vol 4"

“Day 11 The day went slowly. Kinopio and I discussed possible uses for this cured hide. He seems to think that one could fashion an entire suit of armour from it, simply using sections of the cured hide in various quantity with an appropriate pattern. I slept most of the day. Day 12 Woke in the middle of the night to Kinopio screaming. I must admit that my dreams have not been too pleasant lately either. In a fit of creativity, Kinopio created us a crude pie made from the now-festering lizard meat and a little dough, in his pie tin. Day 13 Kinopio tells me that he used to be a smith of some reknown in his youth. I find it easy to believe. He spent all afternoon laying out plans for a set of chain-mail: a mold, a vial of the distilled blood, and several sheets of metal. If only we had sheets of metal! Day 14 What a day. It started so well – from a scale temper and a vial of the lizard’s blood (thankfully still in good condition after all this time due to my preservations), I created a lizard blood temper. Then Kinopio passed out. He shows no signs of consciousness. Day 15 We have survived two weeks. The runtling was rotting so severely that I had to vapourise it – hopefully my magics kept the sound contained. Kinopio still lies comatose, as if in a state of near-death. I wish that Felwah were here to cure him. Day 16 Kinopio awakened! His eyes are bloodshot, he does not look well even to my limited medical knowledge. The stirrings outside the door have become more pronounced over the last days, since Kinopio was unconscious, as if hundreds of rats were out there. Day 17 Though ill, Kinopio has gone to work with a will. Using my lizard-blood temper, he hammered two pristine lizard scales together to form a larger plate – it looks exceptionally tough, perhaps we can use it to escape. I cooked lizard in a little frosting, with spice – superb. Day 18 The noises outside are more evident than ever. Kinopio keeps wanting to open the door.”

"Bloodstained Journal, Vol 3"

“Day 4 The enchanted ore seems to bond well with certain jewels that I have with me: diamonds, blue diamonds, sapphires, black sapphires and rubies. I shall remember to note these for further investigation on our return to the Academy. Day 5 Our rations are low. Kinopio, bless his brave Gnomish soul, dared to step outside the room today. He was gone for some time, and came back with – well, with a dead Tae Ew runtling. The door is secured again. I wonder if we dare cook this lizard? Day 6 Hunger is a cruel thing. Kinopio went to work on cooking the runtling this morning. It tastes so good! Cooked on a skewer, with a little spice and some sauce, this lizard meat is most pleasing. Kinopio ate meat rolled in batwing – such an odd gnome. Day 7 Gods, a week has passed. Kinopio’s nightmares are worse, they are effecting his judgement. My day was spent curing the hide of the runtling – a long process, using a vial of the poor creature’s blood. The result is a hard leather – perhaps I can put it to use. Day 8 Kinopio is restless, so I put him to work with the cured hide. He has hidden talents: from one section of hide he created a tough belt for himself, and from another section of hide he produced a gorget. Amazing. Today’s meal consisted of raw lizard sandwich. Revolting. Day 9 Kinopio discovered a barrel, suitable for brewing, in one of the piles that line the walls. Using two vials of the runtlings blood and a single vial of distilled mana, I managed to distill the substance into a thick, viscous fluid. I shall investigate tomorrow. Day 10 Kinopio’s skills know no bound. Using the distilled blood and two sections of the hardened hide, he created a backpack the likes of which I have never seen before. From two portions of the distilled blood, a section of hide and a whip pattern of his own he even made a rudimentary weapon. Our meal today consisted of a soup – lizard meat in water from the drain, with a little sauce, in Kinopio’s pot. Ugh.”

"Bloodstained Journal, Vol 2"

“Gods help us, we’re trapped. Trapped in some small chamber deep within the temple – we ran, Gods know we ran. My magics of concealment should hide Kinopio and myself from the searches of the cursed lizards for a while. I get ahead of myself, it is unlike me to be irrational. I shall recount the events. The main temple door led into a deserted courtyard, absent of all sound except the incessant chirp of crickets in the plants that sprouted from most of the temple’s oddly regular sandstone buildings. As our party stood in the centre of this courtyard, the huge wooden doors through which we came slammed shut. I don’t know how, but they were on us instantly – jumping out of windows and bushes, pouring from doors and alcoves, even dropping out of the trees. I’ve never seen such an attack, I pray that I never do again. It was all that I could do to protect Kinopio and myself with my enchantments – many of the lizards fell to us but their numbers were.. overwhelming, without end. They have been breeding in incredible quantity. We found ourselves separated from the juniors – fleeing for a door that led along countless corridors into the temple depths. Here we remain – for how long I cannot say. Day 1 Our tiny room appears to have been used as a storage area, there are many materials here. Perhaps some will come in useful in our escape. My wards of protection are about the room, it should remain soundproof for some time. The door looks strong. We both need rest. Day 2 Within the mounds of jumble, I found a strange ore. It seems local to this area’s geology – and has fascinating properties. Using my firestaff as a makeshift forge, I found that two lumps of this ore could be enchanted with a vial of distilled mana – interesting. Day 3 Kinopio is keeping me awake with his nightmares. Thankfully, we appear to be undiscovered. I hear female screams after dark.”