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The Maiden of Masks

The Maiden of Masks
Tifanah Jespar was born during the Age of Enlightenment to a noble lord and lady of Qeynos. At a young age, Tifanah’s father, Lord Jespar, succumbed to a deadly plague, leaving Tifanah and her mother alone and without income. Unable to deal emotionally with the loss of her beloved father, Tifanah would dress in her parents’ clothing to temporarily take on new identities and play out make-believe roles so she wouldn’t have to face her own pain.

The Lady Jespar sought to maintain her standard of living she had become accustomed to while her former husband was alive and profiting from sound merchant and business practices. The beautiful widow initially had many suitors because of her prestige and wealth, but Tifanah’s strange play-acting, made up stories, and her fondness for wearing masks of her own creation would scare off all of the upper class men that came calling on her mother. This would only further add tension between the mother and daughter’s strained relationship.As a young lady in her early teens, Tifanah had the occasion to see a traveling troupe of Antonican Bard actors that came to Qeynos. The elaborate customes, the accepted, even applauded make-believe acting, and the ability to tell a story of imagination all greatly appealed to the youth who chose to hide behind masks. She stowed away with the troupe for a time hiding in the costume coach as it pulled out of the city. It wasn’t until they were in the Highpass Mountains on the way to Highkeep that she was discovered.

The bards weren’t too keen on finding another mouth to feed, especially one that couldn’t really help pull her own load, but the kindly costume seamstress said she’d look after the young one. The troupe didn’t have the money to turn back to Qeynos, so far out, but feared they would be accused of kidnapping. It was agreed that Tifanah could stay with them, for safety, but only until their regular circuit brought them back to Qeynos. They also quickly dispatched a letter through the bard mail service to her mother to explain the situation.The seamstress, having no children of her own, happily took to teaching Tifanah costume making. Tifanah learned the art of sewing, tailoring, and using makeup to achieve many different fanciful looks. The other bards took to the young lady and taught her singing, acting, even a smattering of simple magic spells. She would also learn of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane, god of Mischief and patron god of entertainers.

During all this time though, Tifanah would not speak of her own past and would instead make up fanciful stories. Each bard in the troupe heard a different tale. No one knew for sure just exactly what her family did for work, how many siblings she had, or even her favorite color. The Antonican Bards were sad to part ways with Tifanah when they came back to Qeynos, but as a gift they let her play a role in her final play with the troupe.Back at home, Tifanah refined the lessons she was taught, and her stories and costumes got more and more elaborate. The Lady Jespar’s finances were running low and her plan was to get Tifanah married off to a wealthy young man of a prestigious family in Qeynos. Tifanah would have none of it thought. She didn’t want to marry or become one of those boring, giggling women of the court. She wanted to assume new identities and focus on the magical skills she discovered while with the troupe.

When the Lady Jespar would arrange a meeting between her daughter and a suitor, Tifanah would always assume a new role to scare off the young man. She would make her face hideous with makeup, or create costume dresses that made her look extremely large, or wear ratty clothes that made her look poor. Tifanah took great pleasure in thoroughly running off the boys with her creations.In the meantime, Tifanah studied magic. She was particularly fond of magic that could change her appearance and sought to master as many illusions as possible. She became so proficient at her illusions that not even her teachers could see through them. Tifanah loved to trick her teachers by assuming the likeness of other students or colleagues and playing tricks on them. Then one day Tifanah would just disappear. No one knew where to look for her, and didn’t even know of where to start. Every once in a while the Lady Jespar thought she noticed a stranger here and there would give her an odd look, but she could never be sure who it was.

As a young adult, Tifanah would be exalted by Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane to become the demigoddess of an extension of the Plane of Mischief, the Sphere of Illusions. She would take the title “Maiden of Masks” and was said to be especially protective of young women who sought their own role in life, and not the one intended for them by others. Young children who had tearfully lost a beloved parent sometimes found a small masquerade mask under their pillow in the morning, or spoke of a beautiful masked lady who hugged them and let them cry in the middle of the night.

Places of Norrath: Rivervale

Overview of Rivervale

Nestled in the mountains bordering the Misty Thicket , the village of Rivervale is a well-protected haven for hundreds of peaceful, if mischievous, halflings of Norrath. The village is defended both by the tall neighboring mountains and the Great Wall of Serillis.

These happy-go-lucky little halflings follow the teachings of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane. Nearly all are loyal to Beek Guinders, the High Priest of Mischief, and he acts as their spokesperson in all external affairs. His clerics maintain a small church known as the Chapel of Mischief where they administer to the needs of the citizenry.

A small farm on the outskirts of town provides most of the food for Rivervale. The farm is worked by Will, a hearty middle-aged halfling.

Crime is not a problem within the village limits as halfling thieves rarely rob their own kind. On the other hand, travelers are cautioned to be kind and polite to all hafllings for nobody holds a grudge as firmly as they. Rivervale is nestled in the Misty Thicket and rarely, but occasionally, is attacked by orc and goblin raiders.

Mayor Gubbin

The leader of the community, and a former rogue adventurer, Gubbin is the richest halfling that ever lived. He has traveled with Antonius Bayle III and it is said that while on one of those expeditions that he acquired a gigantic treasure hoard from the fairiefolke. This treasure enabled him to become mayor. Gubbin discovered his fortune when he was traveling in Lesser Faydark’s fairie realms. Whether it was a bottomless pot of gold or a chicken that lays golden eggs has yet to be told. He did find something that has made him the wealthiest man in Rivervale, though, and a wanted man by some fairiefolke who were the original owners of the treasure. He used his wealth to boost his popularity among his fellows in Rivervale, spending much of his new resources to bolster Rivervale’s economy and increase its trade with other empires. He rode this popularity all the way to the mayoral-ship.

Rivervale has a guildmaster for each class that is available to halflings. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Beek Guinders – (Cleric)
Hibbs Rootenpaw – (Druid)
Kaya Cloudfoot – (Paladin)
Megosh Thistlethorn – (Ranger)
Lendel Deepockets – (Rogue)
Sheriff Roglio Bruth – (Warrior)

City Resources
Rivervale provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear. You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for baking, pottery, fletching, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Places of Interest

Fool’s Gold
This little pub also serves as a makeshift casino and there is always a card game or two going on inside its straw and mud walls. A central hearth heats the place and a half dozen round tables orbit the fire. The owner/operator of the pub is a halfling named Lendel Deeppockets, the Guildmaster of rogues in Rivervale. He conducts meetings in a back room of the Pub.

Guardian Stronghold
The Guardian Stronghold is the biggest and brightest building in Rivervale. It serves as the Town Hall and houses the stouthearted warriors’ guild, the Guardians of the Vale. Their leader is a very experienced halfling warrior named Sheriff Roglio Bruth.

Will Tagglefoot’s Farmstead
This small farm on the outskirts of town is the provider of most of the food in Rivervale. Will is a hearty middle-aged halfling. He and his wife, along with their two children, Will Jr. and Hobb, grow and maintain crops ranging from beets to carrots to corn to some rare herbs and spices. There is also a small booth near his farm where he sells the fruits of his labor.

Kevlin’s Gear
This small hut is the home and place of business for a halfling named Kevlin Diggs. Most standard adventuring gear including basic armor and clothing can be purchase here. When entering this shop, keep clear of Mangler, Kevlin’s loyal companion.

Mangler is a black guard dog in the back room and has been known to attack random, sometimes innocent, bystanders without provocation. Any overt action taken to defend oneself from the terrorizing beast may be met with harsh penalties from deputies of the city.

Chapel of Mischief
The halfling clerics of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane maintain this small church. They all wear deep indigo leathers and a black hooded cloaks. The clerics care for all halflings and are also protective of rogues and bards, but not assassins. The High Priestess of Mischief is an older halfling named Beek Guinders. The chapel itself is one of the sturdiest structures in the village. It is made out of wood and stone.

Rantho’s Weaponry
This small shop within the Guardian Stronghold is run by Rantho Goobler, a small halfling who is a weaponsmith with a specialization in short blades. His brother Donlo Goobler works across from him as the town Banker.

Bobick’s Boats
Fiddy Bobick run the docks of Rivervale and lives in this little shack on the shore of the Serpent. Fiddy is a crusty old halfling who has seen more than his share of battles. He is friendly and talkative.

Wearyfoot Rest
Doog Wearyfoot is the owner/operator of this small inn. It is little more than a common room that sleeps 20-30 adventurers. There are also 5-6 private rooms available for a bit more gold. Doog also keeps a secret vault deep beneath his private room where he allows his guest to store valuables.

Huts and Hovels
Jerr Westlo, a halfling who has retired from a life of adventure, is now the primary real estate salesman in Rivervale. There are several small huts and holes for sale and rent within the village.


Dusty Kobold Scroll

“Three hundred years after the fall of King Gkar, Brell recognized the opportunity to form a second pact thus allowing him to strengthen his hold on the subterranean lands. This time Fizzlethorpe, Cazic-Thule, and Rallos Zek agreed to the pact. Brell created the Gnomes and placed them near the lands of the Dwarves. The societies of the Dwarves and Gnomes expanded rapidly at this time and we kobolds now reduced to a tribal people inevitably discovered the Kingdoms of the younger races. Recognizing the monuments erected by the short ones as being devoted to Brell we Kobolds were enraged and a great bloody war began beneath the surface of Norrath.”