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You say, ‘Hail Talisyn Stormwing’

Talisyn Stormwing says ‘Greetings, _____. You must forgive my rather [inhospitable mood] this day, if of course it comes forth to you in what speech we have.’

You say, ‘What about your inhospitable mood?’

Talisyn Stormwing says ‘ I am merely… troubled by the conditions of my change in stations. I once guarded Kelethin from the vile Crushbone Orcs, but it seems a new terror has arisen within our forests. It is the duty of a ranger, and I do not complain in the least, but the [mutilation and corruption] that slithers through the forest still brings a pain of anger to my heart.

You say, ‘What about the mutilation and corruption?’

Talisyn Stormwing furrows his troubled brow in confusion and surprise. ‘You need ask such a question and receive answers in the form of words to understand what it is that surrounds you, Danian? Have you neither heard nor seen the vile creatures that inhabit the putrid lands of Mistmoore to the south? Or have you not seen the creatures forged from the very shadows that lie not to far from our homelands? The Teir`Dal beasts that have made camp not too far from the entrance of Mistmoore’s lair? These evils, some ancient beyond our pilgrimage from Tunaria, have torn and marred these precious, beautiful forests. Unfortunately, a [greater evil] has descended, and thus my presence here.

You say, ‘What about the greater evil?’

Talisyn Stormwing says ‘Not too far in the recent past did Firiona Vie, the lovely and gracious Champion of Tunare, return to our homelands. In her return, she sought to bring forth the avatar of our sacred Mother to seek guidance on her path — the path of Elven Kind. Little did the Champion know that The Faceless was close at bay, and through means unknown, his power was greater than that of our sacred Mother’s. In a petty display of his new found power, the Lord of Fear [furthered the corruption] of these natural lands.

You say, ‘What furthered the corruption?’

Talisyn Stormwing says ‘I cannot say for sure, and neither can our elders. None know for certain how or why this was done. All we know is that [the beings that were closest to Tunare’s grace] were reaved from her grasp, and now roam as the undead or worse.

You say, ‘What about the beings that were closest to Tunare’s grace?’

Talisyn Stormwing closes his eyes and bows his head for a moment as if in mourning. ‘The Faerie Folk that called this place their home have been changed into unnatural monsters of Cazic’s will. They thirst for mortal blood and flesh, and have lost all innocent, grace, and reason that was once their existence. But they seem incomparable to [the greatest loss] to be turned in Cazic-Thule’s favor.

You say, ‘What is the greatest loss?’

Talisyn Stormwing raises his head, his features remaining solemn but stern. ‘Equestrielle, the maiden unicorn, was corrupted by The Faceless himself and through vile trickery, he convinced the angered and frightened Firiona to remove her horn to cease the spreading of the disease. In honor and regret, the Champion did so, but now that once beautiful and sacred being roams as a blood thirsty, uncaring monster who kills any and all mortal beings. She is why I was sent, as The Heartwood Master knew that any other would end her life in mercy or the others she would harm and thus he entrusted to me [these tasks].’

You say, ‘what about these tasks?’

Talisyn Stormwing says ‘I am here to observe, warn the travelers that would pass through these infected lands, and to gather what evidence that I can to further the research of the council of magics at Felwithe. However, as I am the only one that has been charged with such tasks, it has been quite difficult. I do not know if I can withstand seeing such destruction and chaos before even I find mercy to be the proper route. If only they would send [assistance], if only for a day.’

You say, ‘I will assist you’

Talisyn Stormwing says ‘I would be eternally grateful for your company, _____ and your pledge to this cause. However, I cannot expect anything of you. If [you are sure] that you would be willing to aid all of the Faydark, then I will be willing to give forward what knowledge I have gathered thus far.’

You say, ‘I am sure’

Talisyn Stormwing says ‘Then I thank you, _____, and the entire Faydark thanks you. I have been studying and gathering evidence of the [Frightlings], or the distorted Pixies. I have already given several specimens of these creatures to the researchers, but I have found a great use for them beyond research. If you can bring to me one of their every so tiny skulls, I will do all in my power to cleanse that object so that it may aid you further in the tasks of the forest.’

You say, ‘What about the frightlings?’

Talisyn Stormwing says ‘The Frightlings are what the corrupted Pixies have been calling themselves. I have found through my extensive scouting of the area that one called Bilewretch who acts as their leader. I have dreamed for many days now of his destruction at my bow, but unfortunately that would cause me to abandon my post, and leave myself vulnerable to attacks from the [Undead Sprites.] However, as you have pledged yourself to the cause, if you would bring me proof of Bilewretch’s destruction, I shall reward you greatly for your service.’

You say, ‘What about the undead sprites?’

Talisyn Stormwing says ‘They are the twisted monsters of what used to be the noble Faeries of the forest. Now, they are but fleshy beings that desire only to bring death for their dark amusements. As with the Frightlings, these unnatural beasts are lead by a fearsome creature that has named himself Bloodboil. Another despicable being that I wish to bring a swift death to, but cannot for fear of abandoning my post and failing my master. If you would be so brave and bring to me proof of this monster’s demise, your efforts will not go unrewarded.’

Valizrae D`Tora

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘It appears you are the one who is screaming Zikk’

Dorvias N`Keth says, ‘Do not forget me dragon, for I shall not forget the headache you have caused this day.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘How could I forget one like you Dorvias?’ Zavo`Zatanov smiles. Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘He knows to respect his elders.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lanys is searching to piece Malevolence together still.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I thank those of you that aided me in defeating, Irin`ka, and those of you that aided him, pray that I do not learn of it. For i am sure that you would be quite tasty.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Know this, my opinions of these rumors remains the same. ‘

Slovak says, ‘How many pieces of Malevolence have been found?’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lanys has only found one piece thus far’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘1 piece, Slovak.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘She searches for the second piece as we speak’

Slovak says, ‘How may we mortals help in delaying her?’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘No, Lanys has grown quite powerful, you would not be a match for her’

Zikk says, ‘mortals can’t we must wait for firona vie or some such’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘He was a companion, nothing more, Zikk. And my history doesn’t change.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I thought Irin`ka a trusted friend. I was mistaken, but I was biased.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I am much more objective on the views of world happenings.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I am certain of one thing. There is no war.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘There is no WAR.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I know much of thise world. I have lived many centuries.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘The gods are not at war, Donjira. All of the events are unrelated.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘No, Slovak. What is happening with Lanys is separate from what is happening with Cazic and Firiona. Of this I am sure.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I have studied long and hard on the history of this world.’

Donjira says, ‘So how shall we classify it when they fight?’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘When who fights, Donjira?’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lady Zavo, I must take my leave now. If the second piece of Malevolence is within the Ring of Scales possession, Lanys shall surely come for you.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Be ready for his assault.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘They have fought against the beginnings of time and it is a conflict that will never end. It is not a war. ‘

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Bertoxxulous has no business in this’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘He is not invovled period’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Neriak’s army and Lanys’ forces are gearing up to fight one another. Not the forces of light.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Bertoxxulous shall not strike’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘None of my visions from Innoruuk speak of Bertoxxulous’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘You question the Prophet to Innoruuk?’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Faenyar, I have studied Norrath since long before any of you. I would know if a war was on the horizon.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lady Zavo is correct in her assumptions, this war you speak of does not exist’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I was close to Irin`ka. I trusted him. I am not deceived on the goings on of the world.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I have come and you have asked me questions.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘If you wish to remain ignorant to the truth, do not ask’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I have answered them honestly.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Believe what you will, but there is no war.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘And they have asked me about it.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘As a historian of sorts, I have told you what I know to be true.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘I do not believe any have spoken of this war but yourselves’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘So long as the staff remains in pieces, there is no threat’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘We cannot allow this staff to be made whole again!’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘This is not an option.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘If it is reassembled and falls into the hands of Lanys, she shall surely attempt to destroy the Teir`dal nation’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Along with anyone else who stand in her way’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘She was spurned by Innoruuk, there is now a new chosen’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Lanys has fallen from grace.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘The Ring of Scale has always taken care of itself, and it always shall.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Lanys has fallen from the grace of Innoruuk’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘She still retains her power, but not her position’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Valizrae D`Tora, still but a child, is the new chosen.’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘There is much to be learned from watching, Donjira.’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Where do you think that my wisdom comes?’ Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘She is the Daughter of Innoruuk. His blood runs through her.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Her power is not funneled to her by Innoruuk, it was given to her completely at birth.’ Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Until her death, she shall continue to wield it’

Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘I must be off to report all of this to the Ring of Scale. Thank you again for helping me with Irin`ka Set.’

Ashteth T`Dral says, ‘Malevolence was disassembled because it has the ability to take power from Innoruuk’

Zavo`Zatanov nods to those in attendance. Zavo`Zatanov says, ‘Learn from my words. I speak the truth.’

The Remembrance – Al`Kabor and Sir Jevik Isqual

“As a calming breeze flows through the land, the waves of the Ocean of Tears sway gently with the ship that carries the Chosen One of Tunare as this fair maiden makes her way to the city of Freeport. The mighty ship Siren’s Bane pulls into the city of Freeport.”

The Siren’s Bane, carrying Firiona Vie, Thubr Axebringer and Sionachie Heartsinger, docked in East Freeport. It was a long and somber journey for them. They traveled from Greater Faydark where Firiona met up with Lorisyn and Lyirae Oakwynd, the ranger twins. Villains from the past who they had encountered some time in the past had killed Lorisyn. Thubr told Firiona about the others that she needed to find. He told her that the human Paladin of Marr and the Erudite would be found in Freeport. During the trip, Sionachie amused them by playing music. Thubr kept them company by drinking his dwarven ale.

Thubr Axebringer reached his hand out to the high elven beauty’s arm to assist her off the boat. “Careful milady!” Looking out over the buildings of Freeport, Thubr said wistfully, “Freeport, the trading hub of the world. It’s filled with thieves, smugglers, crooked guards, dangerous mages creeping through the gutters, and of course all the ale ye can drink. Welcome to Freeport milady. Ye are sure to find that blasted Erudite amongst this scum.” Thubr led them to West Freeport, where he believed they could find the Erudite wizard, Al`Kabor, studying and researching at the Academy of the Arcane Sciences.

Firiona Vie motioned to Sionachie to follow her, as she was led by the dwarf. Thubr continued to swig from the flask of dwarven wine he had brought with him from Faydwer. Emptying the one flask, he rifled through his pack and finding yet another, uncorked the cap.

Thubr stumbled slightly as he stopped to get his bearings in the city. “I know it’s around here somewhere, I jus’ can’t see straight at the moment.”

Sionachie giggled to herself, “Perhaps we can rest here and get one of these citizens to assist us by seeking him out.”

Stopping some passers by, Thubr addressed them, “Friends, excuse me. Can one of ye go seek out the Erudite at the Arcane Sciences Hall? Tell ‘im some old friends are here waiting for ‘im. Don’t tell ‘im who sent ye, it’s a surprise. We’ll be right here on the grass.”

The strangers agreed and went forth in search of the Erudite. Thubr settled himself on the grass, sitting down heavily. “Milady, that sure was a pretty boat ride wasn’t it? The bartender and I became best of buddies.”

Firiona agreed, “Aye, it was Thubr. I do hope we find the others. My memories are still not completely recovered, and you never mentioned their names. Who are they?”

Thubr Axebringer laughed deeply and said, “I apologize milady, but I’m having trouble rememberin’ me own name at this point.” The three laughed and continued to talk as they sat upon the grass, the warm sun shining upon them as it began to set in the west.

“Al`Kabor, ol’ buddy.” Thubr stammered. “It sure is good to see you again. Here have a sip of ale.”

Al`Kabor in his usual stubborn manner, pushed the mug away from him, “Get that dwarven poison away from me.”

As Firiona Vie looked at the tall, mysterious man closely, she took a step back and tried not to fall as a vision came to her. “I… I remember you now.” Recovering, she bowed gracefully toward him. As her staff touched his shoulder, a puzzled look crossed the wizard’s face. He felt a stream of memories flow back to him like a torrent.

Al`Kabor studied the high elven female for a moment, then drew back slightly, stroking his chin. One eyebrow rose in an unusual display of surprise. “Fair lady, I must admit, it is indeed a pleasure to see you again. It has been a long time since we last traveled together.”

Firiona Vie told him of her intention to journey to the far off land to seek out the Ring of Scale and find out why her memory was taken from her. “The Ring of Scale is responsible for my memory loss… and for yours as well sir,” Firiona said bluntly.

Al`Kabor hesitated with astonishment as he recalled the Ring of Scale and the possibility the memories had been stolen from him. “My memory? Nonsense! I remember everything,” he lied.

He was concerned that the Ring of Scale might have control of greater powers then himself. He was very interested in traveling with her to confront the Ring of Scale. He agreed to go on the journey to the new continent.

News of the arrival in Freeport of Tunare’s chosen traveled quickly. Sir Jevik Isqual had just finished his shift at the Freeport Guard House in North Freeport, when he heard the whispers on the breeze.

Once he made his way through the crowd gathered around her, he knelt before her. He considered her the most beautiful creature throughout Norrath.

“Milady!” Sir Jevik Isqual removed his helm. “Milady, it is an honor to be in your presence once again. I have missed our travels from days past. Protecting you was a great honor for me. I hope I can be of service to you again, milady.”

Firiona Vie remembered him from their travels long ago. Explaining what she must do, he was very concerned for her safety. “No! No, milady! You shouldn’t seek out the Ring of Scale. It would be too dangerous for you to journey there.”

“I must approach the Ring of Scale to find out why my memory was taken from me” she explained.

“Your memory milady? The Ring of Scale is dangerous. I do not think you will find the answers you seek.”

“Milord, I must try. Once I have gathered the others that remember that battle long ago, I shall start my journey. Will you journey with us milord?”

“If I cannot talk you out of going, milady, I will journey with you as your protector.”

Sir Jevik reminded her of the barbarian female, Dagda Icefury, in Halas but informed Firiona that he could not journey with her to the North. “Milady, I cannot let you travel there alone. Please wait until I have finished my duties here in Freeport. I will travel to Halas with you then.”

“Thank you milord, but I must hurry to Halas. I cannot wait. Lyirae will travel with me. She is the sister of the dearly departed Lorisyn.”

“Sister? Departed? Milady, what happened to Lorisyn?” Jevik asked.

“He was recently killed by a group of villains named Rogkasth and Ghargin led by a dark elven female named Vahlai Ka`Izal. I found out about his sister beforehand.”

Jevik said sharply, “Rogkasth! That foul Troll. I regret that I had not the chance to kill him long ago. Milady, I hope he did not come close to you.”

“Milord, do not be concerned for me.”

“Take care on your trip to Halas then. I wish I could journey there with you.”

Al`Kabor took a step forward and said, “She will be safe, Paladin. Their kind would not venture to that icy land of the barbarians.”

“Aye, milord. I will be safe. I will be in save hands with these. Fear not.” Firiona Vie and her companions set out toward Halas.

The Party Assembled

Dagda’s keen and well-trained eyes caught a glimpse of several figures walking slowly across the snowy wastes. She turned and looked at the approaching figures, her eyes flashing in startled recognition. Curious she made her way toward the figures. The two gnomes, Ognit and Dabner, flanked her on either side.

Her eyes met with the eyes of the beautiful golden haired high elf standing before her. Dagda was sure she was seeing a friend but could not remember who she was or how she knew her. The high elf was accompanied by what must have been a half elven bard, judging from the lute slung across her back, that also seemed eerily familiar to her. In fact, the erudite in robes, the human resplendent in shining armor, the scruffy looking halfling and the scowling dwarf all seemed familiar to her for some reason. But the shy wood elf carrying the exquisitely crafted and ornately decorated bow, she did not recognize.

Seeing the smile upon the face of the high elf, Dagda did not wish to seem unpleasant. She reached forward and gripped one arm, wrist to wrist and clapped her other hand upon the high elf’s shoulder in a gesture of greeting and friendship. In doing so, she brushed against the beautifully carved, bejeweled staff the high elf carried.

A flash of light came forth from the staff and everyone stood for a moment stunned, shaking their heads. Suddenly, Dagda looked into the eyes of the high elf and smiling with sudden recognition she blurted out, “Firiona Firiona Vie! It’s been so long my friend. But I had a feeling I would be seeing you again soon.”

Firiona hugged the large barbarian woman tightly. Turning to her side she said, “I would like to introduce a new friend of ours. Her name is Lyirae.”

Lyirae curtsied gracefully. “It’s a pleasure to meet all of you. I certainly hope everything is all right.” She looked around nervously and then added, “It sounded like a war was going on a moment ago.”

“Oh that!” Ognit made a dismissive gesture. “It was nothing, don’t concern yourself.”

“Yes. It really was nothing,” Dagda said quickly as she elbowed the gnome, a smile playing across her face. Ognit just scowled back at her.

“Yes, I can truly say that I do remember you all now. I see none of you have changed over the years.” Firiona smiled briefly but it quickly faded. “I truly wish we were meeting under better circumstances. I’ve come to ask the three of you for your help.”

Her face grave, she continued, “The task set before us is difficult and the road we must travel deadly. And I truly know not what the future has in store for all of us. Already Sionachie, Thubr, Dreezil, Sir Jevik and even Al`Kabor have agreed to accompany me in my task.”

Bowing graciously, Dagda said, “Firiona, it would be my honor to travel with you and the others once again. I will be at your side.”

Ognit stepped forward, his face screwed into scowl and spat, “So you’re saying that you came to get us last? And that you asked for Al`Kabor’s help before mine?” Firiona looked over at him, hurt flashing visible across her eyes.

Raising both hands to his mouth Ognit began to laugh, a high pitched and ear splitting guffaw. It was good that he laughed rarely. “I’m kidding Firiona,” he said, “I wouldn’t miss the chance to travel with this group again for all the world!” He then gave Firiona a hug, smiling as he did; his face looking like it may crack in the process, so unaccustomed to the facial expression as it was.

Dabner bounced forward toward Firiona with glee. “This is great! It’s going to be just like old times again! I’m so excited!”

Stopping for a moment, Dabner counted on one hand. He then counted on the other. “Wait What about Lorisyn? Are we going to invite him to come with us as well?”

Firiona, looked down at him sadly and said quietly, “Dabner”

Lyirae lowered her head and closed her eyes. She turned and walked slowly away from the group, stopping some distance away and began sobbing quietly.

Inquisitive, Dabner turned and asked, “Firiona? What happened to Lorisyn? Where is he?”

Firiona glanced at the sky before returning to gaze upon Dabner. “We were attending the Festival of Faydark’s Children. Sionachie, Thubr and I were all there. We learned some wonderful news. Lorisyn has had a twin sister. Lyirae is Lorisyn’s twin.”

Dagda and the gnomes’ eyes widened with surprise. Looking back toward Lyirae, the resemblance was obvious.

Firiona continued, “We were all caught up in the moment with the festival, the reunion and the good news. But then,” she stifled a sob in her throat, “Shortly thereafter, we were ambushed Lorisyn was struck down by assassins.”

“What?” Dagda spoke in a soft, dangerous voice, as her eyes flashed with fury. “Who are they? I will burn the sound of their names forever into my mind. They shall know the full force of my rage before I end their lives.”

Looking the barbarian in the eyes Firiona says, “They are old enemies of ours and have been since”

She lowered her head and shook it with frustration, “I honestly can not remember. One is a Teir`Dal woman by the name of Vahlai Ka`Izal. The others are a Troll and an Orc by the names of Rogkasth and Ghargin.” Dagda nodded solemnly upon hearing the names of the assassins.

Ognit’s face was frozen in shock. “Well Surely you could have revived him and brought him back to life! Surely there were healers present!”

Dabner glanced over at Lyirae standing off from the group. His face was suddenly filled with the wisdom that comes from studying the spiritual world, even at the cost of missing the finer points of the mundane world.

Facing his friend again he said softly, “Ognit The gods don’t allow for any life to be permanently extinguished, even the life of the lowliest snake or insect, until it is their appointed time. Once that time has been fulfilled and the cycle of life has been completed, the soul moves on never to return to this plane. From that point forward there is nothing that any mortal can do to bring life back to the body, for the soul has already moved on.”

Upon hearing the soft voice and words of the gentle cleric, Lyirae walked slowly back to the group. She smiled lightly at Dabner, her eyes red with tears. “You speak as would a follower of Tunare.”

Dabner turned to look once again upon the face of his friend’s twin. “Though I am happiest with a good solid chunk of earth above my head, I have been traveling above ground for quite some time. As a man of faith I have found it important to study and understand the beliefs of others. Particularly those of my close friends.”

Taking hold of Lyirae’s hand, he looked softly into her eyes. “Know that Lorisyn is now strolling in a glade far more beautiful than any known in the Faylands or any other in this mortal realm. He now dwells forever in the arms of the Great Mother.”

Dabner then turned to Firiona, his face uncharacteristically hard and resolute. “I will join you in your journey to the new lands. And Brell willing, I will do everything within my power to see that those responsible for Lorisyn’s death find justice before going to meet their dark gods face to face, sooner then later.”

Dagda clenched her fists at these words and said, “My rage burns and I can not stand here. Let’s be on our way.”

Firiona nodded, “Agreed, Dagda. Let us move on, we have a very long journey ahead of us.” Together, the group turned and began to walk back the way they had come.

Firiona Vie and her party, now fully assembled, set forth on their journey to the new lands to confront the Ring of Scale. Fighting against the raging blizzard, their faces drawn and determined, they disappeared into the furious storm.

Man or Beast: the Drolvarg

“Man or Beast: the Drolvarg”

By Larinia Thistlemore

Edited by Bellor Heartsbeck

Editor’s Note

This tome dates from before the Cataclysm. It is written by a human woman who traveled to Firiona Vie and had a rare look at the inner workings of the Drolvarg. Though it is hard to say what may have changed about them in the recent tumultuous passing of time, there are still important insights to be taken from the text What is the link between human and Drolvarg? To what extent does humanity carry weight of responsibility? The text addresses these issues in an astoundingly frank manner.

By the hand of Larinia Thistlemore
In traveling to Kunark, I knew I was embarking upon a rare adventure. I thought the elves of Firiona Vie incredibly kind in allowing me to establish a base of operations in their fort from which to study the local flora and fauna, and expressed to them my gratitude daily. The elves warned me of the danger brought about by the Drolvarg, but I naively assumed them to have no interest in harassing a simple researcher.So long as I didn’t threaten their territory, I would not be a target of their violence. How very wrong I was.
It was my second day of study that they found me. The first day had passed rather uneventfully, and I had filled pages with sketches and observations of the many new species and variants I had come across. It was only a few hours into the next thy, but I was growing frustrated with not finding anything new So I pressed in deeper, moving further away from Firiona Vie.

The elves had warned me to stay close so that I could run to the safety of the fort’s walls if anything went awry, but I wanted to find some of the fabled variants this continent was said to possess. I had heard, though I now long regard as a story, of a ferm the turquoise shade of a clear ocean on a sunny day that was larger than an elf and sometimes thought to snack on them, and of many other similarly aberrant varieties of plants and animals.Searching for such fables, I went far beyond the line of safety, and though it should have come as no surprise that when I looked up from studying a peculiar colored lich, I found myself surrounded, it still did. And I still screamed quite wonderfully.
But who could hear such a scream? I was miles from Firiona Vie. Only my captors heard them, and it elicited nothing but some hoarse, guttural breathing I can only assume was laughter.

I then froze completely. What else should I have done, The tallest of them stood more than three feet taller than me, and even the shortest stood was well more than a foot and a half above me. I was armed only with a pair of short swords, and though I was not an incapable fighter, I would never call myself a warrior. I threw myself to the ground. supplicant, and begged for their mercy. It was mercy, truly, that they didn’t kill me.Instead, I was bound and dragged to their encampment There I was bound tighter still and left prone. I awaited, terrified, for my fate. In time, one of them, a scrawnier one wearing mismatched armor came to my side and fed me some gristly meat and water. I was surprised that he was not altogether rough with me, making sure the food actually found its way into my mouth and even sitting me upright for the whole thing.
I thought perhaps I had something of an ally, as much of one as I could hope for, at any rate.

I managed to exchange a few words with him. He was the lowest of the lowest peons in the camp, which is why he was commanded to deal with me. From just a few vague observations, it seemed to me that they were regimented very severely. Simply the way they carried themselves and interacted suggested a stark hierarchy. I picked out ranks such as “Ravishers” “growlers” and “gnawers,” and all spoke with reverence about their General.It spoke volumes of what they thought of me that their lowest ranked individual should be given the unwanted task of seeing to me. Still, I was encouraged at his willingness to converse with me and his thoughtful manner. More and more, watching their organization and interactions, I began to recognize things. I remembered a rumor I had once heard, that the Drolvarg were in fact lycanthropes, a creature that is both dually human and wolf, and began to believe the truth of it.

The Drolvarg that came the next day and the day after that to feed me were not so kind as the first. They shoved the food in my mouth roughly and didn’t seem to even glance at whether it stayed. The water was mostly spilled upon my face, and they kicked me if I coughed or even really made any sounds. I began to grow weaker from hunger and thirst and the beatings only hurt more. Finally, on the fifth day, my first Drolvarg returned.He once again treated me well, and for the first time since in days, the world stopped spinning as I took in sustenance. Looking upon my sympathetic captor, I couldn’t help but see something there that felt very familiar, and that sense of humanity returned. I decided to be bold, staking everything on appealing to that humanity. “Your people,” I said finally, “were you once lycanthropes? Men and wolves mixed?”

I knew my mistake immediately. With that, ge growled and his eyes went cold. I shrunk back, not quite knowing what l had done. “We have no connection to your weak race,” he snapped at me. “We are Drolvarg. Not human. Innoruuk created us as we are in the image he wished for us.” With that, he threw my remaining food on the ground.
And with that, I lost the only ally I had in that place. But fortunately, within a week I was finally rescued.I thought the elves would have disregarded me completely. They had warned me, I hadn’t listened, and that was my fate. But they tracked me to this spot and assaulted the group of Drolvarg. After a long battle, the remaining Drolvarg fled. When they released me, I could barely stand, and so they made me a litter and carried me back. As we were leaving the camp, I saw my Drolvarg ally among the bodies. I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sorrow. Even later as they loaded me, still not fully healed, on a boat for Qeynos.

One would think I’d have emerged from this quick to declare them beasts, to denounce any link some may speculate they have to humanity, but with what I have seen of humanity, I am not so sure. We all have in us the capacity for brutality. Man and beast alike. The only difference between a man and a beast is man is his awareness of this capacity and the subsequent formation of personal identity. Our identities justify our actions, our brutalities.My captors were aware of themselves, and of their actions, and whether or not they were once tied to the race of men, they are, without a doubt, humanoid. They are not beasts, because they know what they do, and they do it for their own reasons; regardless of whether or not I can understand them.
Does this mean I forgive them, No, beasts can be forgiven because they don’t know what they do, but humanoids bear responsibility for their actions. Their humanity only makes them all the more culpable.

I have not yet returned to Kunark, but I plan to some day, so that I may finish my research – provided the elves will let me. Should I be allowed back, I will go far better armed and prepared to deal with cunning humanoids, not monstrous beasts. Anyone preparing to fight them should understand that they are clever and brutally militaristic.They sometimes trade with others for weapons and armor, but use almost exclusively bronze weapons and armor of their own, wicked designs. On the battlefield, as in all they do, they are in complete control. These lessons I carry with me, and would pass on to any others who may encounter them.