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3rd Lieutenant Gerrog – Logbook

3rd Lieutenant Gerrog – Logbook
Second Edition

This is the journal of a very important Lieutenant in the Second Rallosian Empire.

Entry 14: We march through the Feerott. It is a good march. It is a quiet march. Nothing lives within the Feerrott since we have last passed through. The General personally leads us. The Arm of Vallon marches behind us. The Rathetear Mountains is our destination. We will stomp on the bones of the gods we once defeated. This time they cannot stop us.

Entry 17: We have changed course in the march. The forgotten temple of Cazic-Thule is within sight. The General tells us in command that the Amygdalans will join our ranks or they will be destroyed. I pray to Rallos that they refuse to join us.

Entry 32: We have entered the foothills of the Mountains of the fallen Rathe. The Amygdalans have refused to add their numbers to our ranks. Let them hide in the temple for as long as they wish. It will be their tomb. For now, we will take the land of our forefather’s defeat and turn it into victory.

Entry 40: The General has detached us from the Arm of Vallon. The Arm, hundreds of scores in number, will continue marching north. They are to cross the Lake of Tears. Then they are to annihilate the gnolls. The Arm of Vallon will conquer the Karana plains. There is no question this will be done.

Entry 57: My command, led by the General himself, have easily taken the Rathetear Mountains. The Hill Giants recognized our superiority and bowed to our will. The lizardmen have been eradicated. If I listen closely, I can still hear the sound of the dead gods of the earth weeping. The Rallosians are conquering Norrath. Their curse has failed.

Entry 61: Taking the Hill Giants with us, the General will no longer tolerate the insolence of the Amygdalans. Their claims of counsel received from the Avatar of Fear are worthless lies. Their Avatar would never have allowed us to capture the Gate leading to their dead god’s plane. The only true Avatar is the one that inspires us – the Avatar of War.

Entry 67: When I was a runtling, my mother’s mother told me of the temple of Fear. She claimed it was filled with unimaginable nightmares waiting to destroy the world. She was wrong. NOW it is filled with nightmares. Us. The Rallosians.

Entry 79: The final Amygdalan has fallen to the black blade of the General. The ones we have captured have been forced to watch as we begin to tear down their precious temple. They incessantly chant prayers to the god of green mist. If their god cannot stop us from tearing down their place of worship, what makes them believe their god will save their worthless hides?

Entry 83: This great temple lies in ruins. All that stands is the sacred tomb the Amydalans pray to at the center of this temple. We received word that Guk is being scourged as we speak. The split-pawed gnolls have been exterminated. The Plains are ours. Freeport is about to fall. The General is about to enter the heart of the temple and personally defile the tentacled one’s most holy of all relics – the Forbidden Sarcophagus. When he has done so, the Rallosian Empire will know that we have conquered one half of the world. The other half will follow.

Entry 84: Bring this journal to your commanding officer, Rallosian. They must know of the fate of General Urduuk. When the box was opened, a green mist oozed out, crawling into the General’s nostrils. He barely had time to grasp his throat before falling over dead. One by one, thousands of Rallosians suffered the same fate. I sealed myself away inside a nearby stone coffin before the vapors reached me. It will not be long before I run out of air, for neither air or Green Mist can enter this casket. I will die as a Rallosian inside this tomb. I will not die as a forever-cured ogre outside to the Green Mist.

Places of Norrath: Oggok

Overview of Oggok

In general, Oggok is a place most non-ogres pray they never see. Ogres are brutal, but have a strong sense of tradition – and a twisted sense of honor.

Located in the dense jungles of Feerott region and tucked into a cavernous, rocky area, Oggok appears to be, at first glance, a rather ordinary group of small, rough caves. Once inside, however, a maze of tunnels and caverns opens up.

The city of Oggok was built shortly before Murdunk’s tragic fall in Lake Rathetear and the defeat of Zek’s primal empire upon Norrath. The original founders of the city were not directly affected by the curse imposed upon Zek’s mortal creations. However, the first-born children of these settlers immediately showed signs of the horrible curse. Generations passed, and the last of the “pure” ogres faded out of memory.

The city’s original structures were soundly engineered and covered with intricate tribal carvings that paid tribute to their great heroes and legends. Unfortunately, the new, cursed ogres were incapable of the quality craftsmanship of their ancestors. As eras passed, the city of Oggok became transformed to resemble its new, brutish inhabitants. The grand archways, arenas, statues, stone-carved murals and pillars were replaced by stone slabs piled atop one another. Today, merely a few remnants of the Oggok of old can be seen by the keen-eyed visitor.

The modern city of Oggok is still quite bustling, housing many taverns, inns, a bank, and three guild houses. The city of Neriak is Oggok’s trade partner and is a source of prosperity despite the blatant economic advantage the Teir’Dal take of these dim-witted behemoths. Such exploitation goes on without notice by the ogres, which is fortunate indeed for the comparably frail Teir’Dal knights.

Oggok has a guildmaster for each class that is available to Ogres. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Guntrik – (Warrior)
Soonog – (Shadow Knight)
Baddi Waca – (Berserker)
Bordag – (Beastlord)
Zulort – (Shaman)

City Resources

Oggok provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear. You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, pottery, fletching, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Places of Interest

Greenblood Rock
The shrine known as Greenblood Rock is dedicated to the ogre’s divine creator, Rallos Zek. Built in splendor by the original ogres of Oggok, the temple has since been reduced to a simple rock on a raised dais, coated with blood. Still, the temple’s purpose has remained unchanged. The ogres kill any “weak” or unruly members of their tribe by tying them to the temple rock, then beating them to death with clubs. The temple is also used in ceremonial, gladiatorial battles, commemorating the anniversary of Murdunk’s first triumph over the people of Norrath.

The Shaman Guild
The Greenblood Shaman, also known as the Shaman of War, is the shaman guild. They are greatly feared by all other ogres and work closely with the Greenblood Knights. Shaman live and train in the cave system adjacent to the Rock. Zulort is the High Shaman of The Greenbloods. His son Torzox is his successor and a powerful Shaman in his own right.

Death’s Rain (also known as Clurg’s)
This popular tavern is run by Clurg, one of the most respected ogres in all of Oggok – second only to the high shaman of the Greenbloods. Clurg’s family has run the tavern for generations, keeping it a place of calm by enforcing a no-fight policy. Remarkably, all ogres respect the rules of the tavern – it’s how it has always been.

Legend has it that Murdunk himself visited the tavern, but his mug of fine ogre brew was spilled when a fight broke out. Aside from tipping his drink, the fight cost the life of the proprietor’s daughter who had been caught in the fray. Enraged, Murdunk dragged those responsible outside and pummeled them to death with his steel mug and fist. When finished, Murdunk decreed that no brawling was to occur in an establishment that he frequented (mind you, this was before the curse of Zek). Ever since, the tradition has been upheld in Death’s Rain, the only establishment in Oggok that Murdunk visited. Needless to say, anyone who breaks the tradition and starts trouble will be taken to the Rock and beaten to death for dishonoring Murdunk’s wishes.

Murdunk Palace
Although this is called a Palace it is little more than a large cave where the guild of Ogre shadow knights, the Greenblood Knights, train and live. It also guards the entrance to an inner cavern that most Ogres consider sacred. Anyone who is not a Greenblood Knight or Shaman who enters this place is attacked. The warriors of this Guild follow the traditions of the great Ogre hero Murdunk as well as worshipping Rallos Zek. Soonog is the current leader of the Greenbloods and leadership is changed through mortal combat.

Fortress Craknek
This cave houses the Craknek Warriors guild and its leader Guntrik. Guntrik is one of the strongest Ogres around and he holds a great resentment for Soonog, the head of the Greenblood Knights because they rejected him. Merchants here sell various weapons and other supplies for younger warriors.

The Welcome Mat
Here Angrog sells food and the other basic supplies for adventuring.

This is the shop of merchant Brokk Boxtripper. He sells various types of satchels and boxes.

Grop’s Guards
Grop is a merchant that sells different types of larger shields

Cikoona’s Hack, Bash, ‘n’ Jab
Merchant Cikoona sells various weapons and battle supplies.

Metil Armer
Inside this shop, merchants sell large chain and plate armor. Outside, a merchant sells large plate and shield molds and other smithing supplies. This shop also houses a forge and a Trade Skill Quest Master.

Lether Armer
Merchants here sell large leather and cloth armor.

The Humidor
Here you will find a shaman trainer and merchants selling alchemy items and blunt weapons.

The Ded End
Merchants Erung and Crunga can be found here selling food and general supplies. Bakers can also make use of the oven in this shop.

Oggok’s Keep
This is the bank of Oggok.


Innothule Swamp: Past and Present

Innothule Swamp Revamp:

As the stench of evil pullulates throughout the region surrounding the home of the trolls, the denizens of the Innothule Swamp surface to see the rejuvenated swamplands. Innothule Swamp received a revamp with the Game Update on Wednesday, July 25th. Read part of the lore of this area and view a photo gallery look at the changes that were made.

Background Lore:

Connecting the Southern Desert of Ro and the jungle of Feerott, the Innothule Swamp serves as a dangerous stone upon any traveler’s path, for the trolls of this region are disdainful of nearly all but their dark allies of the Teir’Dal and the ogres of Oggok.

Trolls are not the only things that one must be wary of, however. The frogloks that make their home in Guk come to the swamp’s surface to hunt and fish. Frogloks are generally peaceful unless provoked. The kobolds, on the other hand, are vicious and will attack most on sight.

This swamp is a great area for young trolls to begin adventuring. They will find that the despised frogloks carry many things on them such as weapons, armor, and coin. Such brutal dealings with the frogloks will bring much praise to any young troll from those back home in Grobb.

Ancient tales speak of an evil pact between the rulers of the planes of Fear and Hate that spawned this murky wetland. In homage and pride of this legend, the trolls who have inhabited these swamplands for eras have named this dank region Innothule. Upon the northeastern shore of the swamp, the troll village of Grobb resides – protected by a constant watch of trollish warriors and guardsmen.

Spiraling upward like the twisted, gnarly fingers of Innoruuk himself, willows and other dreary swampland trees are generously scattered across the terrain. A thick layer of brown and emerald, mossy slime blankets the earthen shores and the trunks of the swampland behemoths. Several mounts of damp, moldy earth rise up from the shallow waters, carving a chaotic and awkward path of solid ground.

The swamp is teeming with all sorts of vile creatures, including tribes of trolls who seek to make any travel through the swamp a one-way trip. Young frogloks are a common sight as the frogloks of Guk often come to the rich waters of Innothule to use as a breeding ground.

Kobolds have also settled in Innothule swamp over the passing decades, finding plentiful bounty of snakes, fish, and other swamplands creatures to make the constant threat of the territorial trolls worth risking.


Dead Hills Quest

Readers note: This page has been recovered from the web archive and is stored here for reference – it is written by a player and provides details to a quest in EQ Online Adventures. Because many people do not have access to this game and no screenshots have been provided as proof you should take this information with a pinch of salt and if possible purchase EQOA and verify it for us by sending us a photo of the quest text and details via your phone camera or if possible via a screenshot if you are using a playstation emulator.


Walkthrough information
· Quest name: Dead Hills Quest
· Quest Level: 53
· Quest Giver / Location: Unnamed con, in the crypt in Dead Hills (E)
· Credit for walkthrough information: Unknown
· Walkthrough written / compiled by: Arcanic, Odacer, Telchar (Diren Hold server)

53 Dead Hills Quest
1) In Dead Hills (E), there is a tomb on top of a hill. Con the front bottom left of the door (blank con) and talk to it to begin the quest.
2) Head to Dead Hills (W) to the Lizardman ruins (3 towers). Go up the ramp into the largest tower and you will get a pop up.
3) The pop up sends you to find a NPC called Nolius Adder in Hagley Village.
4) Adder sends you to West Feerot (W). Look for the Ghastly Kin cave against the mountain. Go all the way to the back where you find a tomb surrounded by some green con mobs. You will get a pop up, and then will be attacked by a level 55 caster mob called “Ancient Spirit”. After defeating it, an NPC spawns and tells you about Envar.
5) Head to Envar and approach the tomb city from the north. You will get a pop up in a storm area on the road that tells you to investigate the NW tower of the castle. Head on into the city, go into the middle area, and then down the ramp and over to the NW tower. As you get close to the tower, you get more pop ups. From there, move downstairs inside the tower.
6) Inside the NW tower are”Accursed Maggots” (1000 AoE damage plus root) and “Accursed Zombies” (1500 DR DoT tick). Their effects can be cured with level 50 spell called Envaric Salve, which is an ultra rare drop in Evnar. If you don’t have Envaric Salve, maxing DR helps against the zombie tick. Head down the left hallway and proceed to the coffin room. You are looking for “Servant of Tal’thir” and/or Tal’thir. In their room is the pop up that you need, so you might have to take them out. Tal’thir has a 6k crit and big mana tap – he is not for this quest, but his loot is used for the Prophet of Envar port quest. Once you clear the room adjacent to the coffin room, head in and you will get a pop up by the chair inside that room.
7) The pop up tells you to go talk to “Kradesh Du’Klot” in Freeport. Kradesh is in the building adjacent to the first dock. He sends you to get his stolen book from Rouge Relix. To reach him, follow the road north from Freeport for about a zone and find an Inn on the left side of the road. The rogue will spawn inside under the stairs. Loot the book and return to Kradesh in Freeport.
8) Now it’s back to Envar and back down inside the NW tower. Back in the throne room, you will need to kill “Servant of Tal’thir” (Cons yellow to 55 and life taps for 550 constantly and has high hps.) After killing him, he becomes a connable NPC. Talk to him and he sends you to search for other servants.
9) Proceed to the SE tower of Envar, head to the bottom. This tower has “Anointed Mummies” (debuff group STR to 1) and “Anointed Skeletons” (significant mana tap on whomever has aggro). Follow the hallways (see map on this website) to the room of “High Priest Vorin”/”Construct of Vorin” and “Servant of Vorin.” In the room with them, there is a throne on the left, underneath an archway. The pop up that you need is in this location. If the High Priest Vorin is up, you can suicide for the pop up, or try and kill him.
10) The pop up sends you to find “Explorer Graeven,” who can be found in Takish Hiz (NE / E / N), in the desert . He spawns outside the city and stays up for about 8 minutes. He is very difficult to find, so it’s recommended that you get the drop he seeks before you find him the first time. That way, you will not have to hunt for him again after you farm the book. Explorer Graeven wants you to hunt the mobs of Takish Hiz for the Legacy for Averyth. The NTL book is a random drop off anything in the Chardith basement (star knights, sunstars, and moon wraiths), and also most mobs that roam the city. It could take minutes or days of farming to get the book. After you farm the book, find Graven and make sure you proceed through the pop up boxes quickly so he doesn’t despawn while you are talking to him.
11) Head back to the SE tower of Envar and kill the “Servant of Vorin” (same strength and spawn times as “Servant of Tal’thir.” When you kill Servant of Vorin, he spawns as an NPC. Talk to it and advance the quest.
12) The Servant sends you to search the Libraries of Envar for information on “Jal Reath.” Farm the NE and SW tower basements to spawn a Jal Reath Librarian. The Commoners in the stacks are the placeholders for this spawn. The Jal Reath Librarian drops the NTL Jal Reath Tome book. Inspect the book, and it tells you to go talk to Kradesh in Freeport.
13) Kradesh Du’Klot reads the book and tells you to go to Dead Hills (W), back to the ruined Lizardman towers.
14) Walking into the tower in dead hills (West), you get a pop up and three “Jal Reath Librarians” spawn. Talk to them, and get prepared to be attacked. They are level 55 necromancers with pets. Each librarian drops a NTL gem. This gem has one charge and will port an entire group when they are ready to proceed to the next step.
15) Upon using the charge, it teleports the whole group to the very top of the middle tower of Envar. Have the questor port in last, because that will spawn the “Jal Reath Chancellor” (big mana tap, medium nukes, and a self heal). Aftetr he is killed, he turns into a connable NPC.
16) Talk to him, he tells you that you are welcome to be an equal. He instructs you to visit his servant in Dead Hills (W) – back at the Lizardman ruins. Go talk to “Chancellor’s Servant” to receive your reward – 45 million XP and an archetype-specific item of level 53.

Spell Reward:
Necromancers, Druids, and Wizards get a level 53 spell called Astral Displacement. This spell ports the caster and group to Dead Hills (W).

EQ2 Maps

The Isles of Refuge were established by the Far Seas Trading Company. For the most part they are a collection of islands resting in the large central body of water in the Shattered Lands, the Tranquil Sea. It is from these islands that the Far Seas Trading Company can best base their trade routes out of. There are numerous islands in the Tranquil Sea, not just the Isles of Refuge. These islands are diverse in resources, keeping the Far Seas Trading Company very busy and their mysterious leaders very rich.

One of the most important resources that the Far Seas Trading Company found were the many refugees that had been marooned on any number of isles throughout the Tranquil Sea. All the islands in the Tranquil Sea were once part of the large continent of Antonica. During the Age of Cataclysms the undercontinent below Antonica, Subtunaria, erupted in violent quakes. Much of Subtunaria collapsed and this brought down large sections of Antonica, helping to create the vast Tranquil Sea and its many islands. Marooned out on these shards of a once great continent were a great many villagers, clans, tribes and adventurers.

Not all islanders are seeking refuge within the great and mighty cities of man, but for those that do there are the trade boats of the Far Seas Trading Company. Those cargo ships visit many islands to collect resources to be sold in various markets. Far Seas Trading Posts pop up on many small isles. Not all of those trading posts are public knowledge. Many are secret ports that the Far Seas will share with no nation. I am sure we will discover more islands of the Tranquil Sea in the future, with or without the permission of the Far Seas Trading Company.

There are many oceans and seas on Norrath that have yet to be rediscovered by adventurers or even the FSTC. It will be quite some time until we visit theses oceans to find if any changes have occurred on the surface or below the waves. But we do have a decent chart of the seas resting within the Shattered Lands.

The Shattered Lands has numerous seas dividing its islands. Most of these seas were formed in the recent rending of Old Antonica, what the Shattered Lands used to be. Most of the waterways are dangerous for both the extreme conditions as well as the dangerous denizens that inhabit the water of the air of a given sea. Here are the known seas within the Shattered Lands as charted by the Far Seas Trading Company.

The Coldwind Coast
Relative Island: New Antonica in Karan
This is a cold temperate sea. It has strong winds and choppy waves. It is a great territory for sailing, but only within a ship worthy of ocean travel. Birds of many sizes glide with the currents. Beneath the waters lurk dangers such as sharks and aqua goblins.

The Tranquil Sea
Relative Island: All
This sea is nearly always sunny and with clear skies. It is the largest sea in the Shattered Lands and nearly all islands have direct access to it. The waves here are gentle and allow ships to skim across them with little resistance. This would be a wonderful place to sail if it were not for the lack of wind current. The winds blow far too gently in this sea. Many great ships must employ rows of oars and even magic to provide locomotion for their great hulking vessels that must pass through this sea to reach the Trade City of Freeport located in the Commonlands.

The Neriuss Flow
Relative Island: Nektulos in D’Lere
This is a sea of dark waters. Ash floats above the waves creating a dense black fog. The ash floats in from the northern territory of Lavastorm. It shields many of the lurking beasts within the water as well as occasional Kheklok raiders, a relative race of the frogloks that exists within the ocean depths.

The Sea of Mist
Relative Island: The Enchanted Lands
This is a sea of gently rolling waves and wind currents. It is most known for forming an odd mist during the early hours of dawn. That mist flows with the current to enter the shores of the Enchanted Lands.

The Sea of Crossed Swords
Relative Island: Zek
This is a sea located near the orc island of Zek. The waves here are tall and they create slow navigation, something undesired to any mariners who sail this sea. There are numerous orc patrols sailing these waters and even deep sea orc war galleys passing through to perform raids in adjacent waterways. This sea is considered the territory of the Deathfist Empire.

The Seafury
Relative Island: The Thundering Steppes in Karan
The Seafury is a sea notorious for violent storms and extreme ocean conditions. It is almost always stormy in this region and the waves here dwarf any other sea. Visibility is nearly cut to a minimum and only the largest and strongest creatures can survive in the harsh environment. Aviak air raiders also stalk the winds in search of ships to plunder and sink.

The Sea of Sand
Relative Island: Ro
This sea is like a wall of sandstorms that races around the island of Ro. Any ships that dare sail into this maelstrom is soon to be sandblasted and its crew most certainly with it. There is no known passage through this anomaly. What sort of creatures could exist in this sea is unknown. Rumors abound that the massive sandstorm that comprises this region is actually a sentient being. Such babble is usually scoffed at.

The Gunthak Flow
Relative Island: Ykesha
The Gunthak Flow is a sea of many small uncharted isles. These isles have a great number of lost pirate booty and ruins of old troll fortresses. It exists in a tropical environment. The seas are warm and humid as is the gentle breeze. The breeze occasionally gives way to fierce hurricanes, but that is not a common occurrence.

The Blackwater
Relative Island: The Feerrott
This is a sea of countless naval battles. Ages ago this sea was controlled by the second coming of the Rallosian Empire, a brutal ogre militaristic empire that ruled with an iron fist. There are often many shipwrecks to be found in this sea as well as an occasional floating hulk of what was once a formidable ogre War Galley. Numerous stories of ghostly ships abound and cause many mariners to shun this body of water.

The Fanged Sea
Relative Island: Everfrost
This is a sea filled with icebergs and chilling cold winds. A chilly haze fills the sea, cutting visibility down to dangerous levels. Naval vessels will often need to avoid smaller bergs or take damage upon collision. Many ships have had their hulls cut open as easily as a knife cuts through butter jum. Ice storms are frequent in this region.

Freewater Channel
Relative Island: The Commonlands in D’Lere
This is a sea of rolling waves and an equally gentle breeze, but a breeze of cutting chill. The water is thick with brine and islands of seaweed float along the surface. There is a gentle uneasy calm about this sea. It is well known for the frequent aqua goblin assaults upon nearly any ship that dare cross it. Some sailors report that their ships were boarded by pirates in aqua goblin costumes or even members of the Seafury Buccaneers. The Seafury Buccaneer piracy reports are quickly dismissed since they are part of the Freeportian armed forces and would never return to their days of high seas raids. The sky of this sea is filled with a canopy of gloomy gray clouds that shower down gentle drizzle. The water’s extreme saline content makes it difficult for even normal salt water denizens to exist for long periods of time.

The Cauldron
Relative Island: Lavastorm
The Cauldron sits in a locale with an extremely large number of geothermal vents beneath the waves. The sea boils and large bubbles may form that can actually cause damage to a ship’s hull should they collide. Whirlpools are a common sight in this sea. Some portions of the Cauldron can only be navigated by ships reinforced by great magic or technology to survive the boiling sea and searing winds.

The Straits of Twelve
Relative Island: Highbourne
Nestled by the tempest of the Seafury in the north and the Blackwater to the south, this sea can be found. This sea is filled with jagged spires of rock with no accessible land. The spires are the tips of the shattered peaks of the once great Rathe Mountains. The majestic mountain range dropped into the ocean when a massive collapse of the Underfoot occurred beneath it. What land exists is rocky and barren of vegetation. Most spires are too steep to offer level ground to set foot upon. One great danger of this sea is its shallow and jagged basin. Much of the once mountain range sits below the tides and many a ship have had their hulls gutted by unseen daggers of rock stretched towards the surface, but never breaking through. The grandest sight in this sea is the twelve peaks of the Rathe Mountains that jut high above the waves. Their odd and almost lifelike appearance recounts the tales of these twelve mountains actually being titanic beings of earth and rock defeated ages ago by a legendary ogre champion.

The Dead Calm
Relative Island: Unknown if any exists
The Dead Calm is a waterway no seafarer ventures no matter how brave they may be. But there are those who are foolish and it is from tales of these foolish mariners that we get what little information of this sea. All wind and all tides completely cease when you encounter the boundary of this sea. The foolhardy that trudge onward by oars slowly begin to loose energy and become extremely lethargic. As they row onward, their faces and bodies appear to loose fullness as it appears that the life is being sucked out of them. By the time they realize their mistake to enter this sea, it is impossible to retreat to safe waters. The foolish seafarers become part of the derelict graveyard of ships and floating islands of bones that drift in the sea. No mariner has ever been able to survive in this sea to explore the horizon and discover any isle that may hide at the heart of the Dead Calm. A hint of an island at the center of the sea is sometimes reported.

Norrathians have returned from the treacherous seas in the northern territories of the Shattered Lands. With them came wondrous tales of sights never seen One of these tales is said to be a glint of light in a deep frozen atoll. The chill of that fills the bowl formed by the steep cliffs of the atoll makes visibility nearly impossible, yet, a ship dared to brave the mist. What they found was deadly to say the least. Only one sailor made it back, the same cannot be said for his sanity. He ended up in the padded cells of the Freeport Infirmary and Asylum. He told a tale of a glint of light shining in the mist. His captain forced the ship into the thick white fog and onward to this glint. They found a frozen tower, an elven tower. This tower seemed to offer no access, but apparently it did withstand a powerful blast of cold wind. This blast froze the tower, made evident by the long thick icicles that stretch off to one side. The sailor said they found a breach within the icy armor of the tower. They all entered, but only one made it out. His mind gone, all he could mutter was the word, “Fayspire”. How such a madman managed to sail that ship out of there is a mystery just like the frozen atoll that cannot be found on any map.

Erud’s Crossing:

This island actually exists as part of a grouping of isles known as the Isles of Ebb. I will try and send you some lore on the whole island chain some time, but here is a bit about the island in question. This is a small blurb from early design, enjoy:

o Talysra’s Paw

This is the largest island of the chain. A small volcano mount sits on the island. This island has a bumpy wide sand bar running along the north half of it. The sand bar’s four high points are always above water and give the island the appearance of a massive cat’s paw. The Kerran’s who have come to inhabit this island are a secluded sect of the Kerran society. They have named the island after their newly found cat god, Talysra. They have also built a small village called Talys on the island. The densest woods of Aqua Palms appear here as do the regional flower and coconut trees. A small fissure in the side of the small volcanic mount has a tiny trickling floe of lava that seeps down to the northeast corner of the island where it runs into the water and creates vapor.

Oh wow, and here is a bit about the actual village on the island. Some of this lore may never be seen, but I hope you enjoy the original write up:

o Talys

This is the only village in the sea and is a frequent stop of sailing vessels. The village is inhabited by a secluded sub tribe of Kerran’s calling themselves the Laahr. These Kerrans have come to study their roots and unlike the Kerrans of Kerra Ridge, they worship a new found deity known to few Kerrans. The village is small but has adequate facilities for any traveler. There is an inn located across a bamboo bridge and on one of the islands sand bar isles. A gnome from the Academy of Arcane Science, Professor R.J. Skittlewit, has come to Talys to challenge his wits of engineering by providing the natives with contraptions made out of the natural materials and employing natural resources. Machines exist such as a mill made of bamboo and reeds powered by the steam vent of the volcanic fissure. There is a vault also created by the gnome for adventurers to store supplies, allow for banking and store export goods. The Laahr have built a dock and supply outriggers for rent.

It may be a bit more than you see in the Age of Turmoil, but here it is:

o Isle of the Dead

Long ago, in secrecy, the ——— placed the crypts of the most evil mortals of the time on this island. The island appears as a rocky island surrounded by jagged rocks. The topdown view of the island is that of a skull. Massive stone totems were placed on the shoreline to ward away the curious and keep in any evil spirits. There is an ancient mortuary and tomb for five ——- and ——-. A small temple was eventually built on the island. This temple hides the ———–. The entrance is sealed by magic placed upon a massive stone disc that must be rolled aside before one can gain entry. There is one long wide passage that tells the story of the island through images. There is a center chamber with ———-. There is —— in the middle that is used to ———. There are many —— in —–. Each passage tells the history of the vile acts committed by the mortal whose tomb lies at the end of the passage. Many ——– guard the inside of the tomb. The topside of the island is guarded by evil itself, evil specters and apparitions to repel any who wish to gain entry into the tombs.

There are numerous islands located in the Shattered Lands. Not all of these islands will be presented in game, but we know they are there. One of these islands happens to contain a chunk of forestland once known as the Unkempt Wood. The Far Seas Trading Company believes that a portion of that woodland is what forms the island that they call The Forbidden Forest. The cliffs of this towering isle are nearly impossible to scale. If one were to begin the long climb along the cliffs they would no doubt encounter one of the many birds of prey that dwell there, many of which are quite large and vicious.

Veiled by the constant downpour of the sea known as the Phantom Sea, rests a little isle feared by those who are unfortunate enough to know of its existence. This isle is known by seafarers and avoided for the countless fears that rest on the isle. A dense woodland that swallows this forest isle shields what lies within and only one end offers access to those who dare step foot upon the land. Seafaring tales hint at what may rest inside the thicket. Some tales say that during the day it would seem to be a lifeless land. The land is uneven and trails are like mazes between clearings. Some say a fort of rangers long dead exists far to the end of the isle. It would take nearly a day to trek to and from the fort if one was lucky to correctly navigate the trails. Trees are now long dead and those that have leaves offer little color to the environment. No birds are heard chirping. No deer are seen galloping. It is dead. In the evening this becomes even truer. At night the ground is breached by hands of bone of two undead armies rising again to do battle under the moonlight. It is during this time that no one wishes to be caught upon this little isle of horror.

This last one is a bit of babble about a little known isle called The Serpent’s Fang. Jutting up from the center of the vast Tranquil Sea is what remains of the mammoth Serpent’s Spine mountain range, or at least its greatest remnants. This portion of the sea is quite dangerous for sea travel. Hulls of the greatest ships have been known to rip apart as they barely scrape the tops of the jagged sea mounts lurking just below the surface and in between the jagged isles of this area. Most of what one sees as they near this location are tall spires of eroding rock. The spires of rock are too steep and sheer to scale in any way and have little flat ground to support even a single shack. Many spires contain nests of the behemoth birds of prey called Rukhs. The Serpent’s Fang is the largest remnant of the Serpent’s Spine Mountains. What lies in the cloud covered spires crown is unknown. But some say there are those that walk amongst us that do know… quite well.

The Swashbuckler’s Homecoming


To continue his search for immortality, the wizard Al’Kabor needs certain items to replicate a most heinous ceremony. In his studies in the library of Erudin, he has read about a scroll of great power, and the fateful journey leading to its loss at sea.

The ship “Shark’s Bane” was chartered to carry the scroll from Butcherblock to Freeport during some of the worst storms that ocean had yet seen. Despite being crewed by rough and seedy veteran seaman, none of whom were strangers to travel in treacherous conditions, the voyage turned disastrous.

Upon reaching the Ocean of Tears, the ship’s captain determined it would be prudent to seek refuge at the Sisters of Erollisi Isle. His order to the tillerman to steer hard to port was met with no response. Turning, he watched as the poor soul was swept over the rail on the crest of a wave. The captain scrambled toward the rigging. A second wave breached the starboard side. The captain shut his eyes tightly and prepared for the impact. When none came, he opened his eyes. A muffled screamed escaped him as he watched the wave, now standing impossibly on the deck, sprout great arms and reach for him. The cacophony of snapping timbers and the thundering of water were all that bespoke the final voyage of the “Shark’s Bane”.

Al’Kabor’s knowledge of the ship and its fate are the results of his studies in the great Library of Erudin. However, as is the case with tales of this sort, much of the text was based upon hearsay. But there was mention of one Tillerman Jairik as the only survivor of the tragedy.

Excited at the prospect of adding this scroll to his “Shopping List of Armageddon,” Al’Kabor once again recruits a party to seek out Tillerman Jairik, and convince him to return to the site of the wreck to assist in the retrieval of the lost cargo. The wizard’s knowledge of Jairik is limited to his general location. “The wretch has reverted to the meaningless existence of an arms monger, peddling his wares in the cave of East Commonlands. Were it not for the fact that within his tiny skull is locked the key so conjunctive to my research, I would give no more thought to his death than I would afford a mosquito in Feerrott.”

Tillerman Jairik has no knowledge of the cargo of the ship, though he knew it was valuable. He avoided the hold of the ship when the item was loaded, and was issued strict orders by the captain not to snoop. He felt an eerie presence even as he boarded the ship that rainy evening. “Arr, what a man don’t know about, won’t show up later to bite him in the arse!”

Jairik has a mild fear of the sea now, but he overcomes it in order to accompany the adventurers to the location of the wreck. “Me ol’ bones will feel more at ease knowin’ me crewmates be at peace in their watery graves, aye.” Because he was swept overboard before the attack of what Al’Kabor identified as a water elemental, he has no knowledge of the beast. He fully expects the ship to be in ruins with its cargo plundered long ago. Little does he know, the elemental has taken up residence aboard the lost ship.

By the time the ship reaches the docks in the Ocean of Tears, Jairik has regained his sea legs, and has no problem swimming to the rocky isle. “C’mon, ye scurvy dogs! The salty brine will keep ya afloat, like an egg on a glass table!”

“Prexus! Don’t be takin’ me now!” Jairik exclaims when he sees the ghostly Shark’s Bane docked at the isle, and the great Water Elemental floating upon its deck. “Ach, I dinnae want to be fish food!”

The water elemental disembarks and attacks the adventurers. Jairik, overcome with terror, only assists in the battle when the party becomes overwhelmed, and even then only half-heartedly.

With the defeat of the water elemental, Jairik continues on with the party to the Sisters of Erollisi island, where Al’Kabor awaits them. Anxious to return to his laboratory and continue his research, Al’Kabor quickly rewards the adventurers. The party’s questions annoy him, they being far too simple to comprehend his plans, and he rudely departs.

Tillerman Jairik, the Swashbuckler, returns to the Commonlands and resumes his peaceful mercantile life.

Pages from Brodders Diary IV

“The Drakes of Steamfont tend to rest near some of the hotter steamvents in that land. There they shed their old skins, on this grows a lichen of properties unsurpassed in all of Norrath. Collecting this lichen, some water and a clay pot I joked that this would combine to make a potable alcohol of unusual flavors. It did indeed, and to Catbik’s distaste proved much more palatable than his favored gnomish spirits, and nearly as smooth as some of the aged Vodkas I’ve tasted. To keep the Gnomes happy I named this a Gnomish Cleaning fluid recipe as it resulted in two fluids. The pot itself decanted and filtered into a bottle provided a small potable beverage that I enjoyed, but the remains in the pot proved, once aged, that it’d make a great stripper and cleanser. A LICHEN COVERED DRAKE SCALE, found near steam vents, cooking POT, WATER FLASK, and a BOTTLE, result in SUPERIOR LICHEN SPIRITS, and a pot of cleaning paste. The Minotaurs of Steamfront had few ideas on brewing that I discovered, but it’s rumored that a visiting Minotaur Hero had a case of huge bottles of a Malt heavy brew, from our tort…um questioning sessions, with several slavers in the area and compounded by my knowledge of brewing, I’ve determined that this MINOTAUR HERO’S BREW was a heavy malted liquor. I think I’ve properly reproduced it, though due to the varied natures of waters, hops, and malt around the lands its quality can vary. Until I find the proper recipe this one shall bear its name. Take thee three MALTS of heavy quality, a single YEAST, two measures of WATER, and two SHORT BEERS to start the reaction, into a CASK of darken wood place these and let steep. Decant into bottles of Large size, suited for heroes, cover this bottle in brown parchment or leather to keep the sunlight off of it and provide discretion for others will want one themselves. I’ve found large bottles produced in Feerrott, by the ogre glass blowers, and in Solusek by the goblins there.”

Ardathium Vol. II

In the first years to crown the Monument Age, the Fortress of Ardathium was erected in the northernmost(southernmost)fields outside the Elddar Forest. Established by the half elven paladin, Countess Viannay, Ardathium would be the first of the great monuments established in the name of Mithaniel Marr throughout all of Norrathian history. Dedicated solely to the crusades of The Truthbringer in the name of valor, honor, and truth, Ardathium was one of Norrath’s most beautiful, though tragically short-lived treasures.

Constructed of pure alabaster stone and crowned in statues and tower caps of solid gold, Ardathium was a sight to behold. Its white and blue banners rose high toward the heavens and the brilliant glinting of sunlight off of its tower’s golden caps could be seen for miles above the lush, green canopy of the Elddar Forest to the south (north).

The Che Virtuson was established shortly thereafter – an elite force of zealous knights and priests dedicated to The Truthbringer and his divine word. A small commune of faithful peasants dwelled within the outer sanctum of the fortress’ temple, though the fortress was primarily governed as a war-front against the dark evils that lurked in the eastern swamps of Innothule and the Feerrott. Countess Viannay appointed three Viscounts to her aid, dubbing each of them a General of the Che Virtuson and second in command to only her dominion over Ardathium.

Grenic Drere, a human paladin of Marr who had led several knights and faithful pilgrims to Viannay’s aid during the first battles with the troll armies of the east (south), was among those appointed to lead at her side.

Ardathium would launch several campaigns against the massive trollish armies that dwelled in the swamps of Innothule to the east (south). Countess Viannay’s fervent regard of the amphibious race as a poisonous plague upon the face of Norrath and her military prowess in conjunction with her unchallenged zealous faith in The Truthbringer would lead the Che Virtuson to several victories over their enemies — all the in the name of Mithaniel Marr.

Unfortunately, Countess Viannay would not live to see the end of her life’s work and her death would be the first step toward the glorious fortress’ demise several generations later.

Chronicle of Gromok Vol. III

Freed of any obligations of duty, the soldiers that accompanied me and I set out in search of a fortress that had not yet fallen. We traveled and fought for countless weeks only to be greeted by death and misery at each destination, what survivors did remain at the ruined strongholds of our once great empire often joined us in our search for sanctuary or at the very least a place to rebuild our fallen society. Gradually as we traveled across Tunaria, what began as a small unit from the Fortress of Krithgor became a large caravan of refugees. We settled in the Feerrott Marshlands near the ruins of one of the Rallosian Empires greatest strongholds. A handful of capable warriors among us set out to the west in search of survivors at the locations of the Rathe’s executions and the death of Murdunk. Only two of the search party returned alive. They spoke of terrible devastation, Giants that were once allies of the Ogre people attacking without provocation, and of ferocious one-eyed giants that now guarded the valleys and canyons of the Mountains of Rathe’s Demise.

So it came to pass that the Feerrott Marsh became the new home of we, the Ogre people. The men took on duties of hunting food in addition to protecting the women and children from wild beasts of the marsh. The women harvested and cultivated what forms of crops could be grown in the marshy soil. The children did nothing, and this instilled fear into our minds and hearts.

The children born to us survivors of the collapse of the Rallosian Empire were noticeably and frighteningly different than children of previous generations. This new generation of Ogres was for the most part hairless, only females showed any ability to grow hair and even then it was a thin and straggly. The flesh of the youngsters was of a paler complexion and warty and course, they suffered frequently from conditions that turned their eyes bloodshot, made their noses runny, and they often drooled incessantly. It soon became apparent however that these physical conditions were the least of our worries for they were still physically strong and enduring. It was their minds that concerned us the most.

Tome of Destiny – Chapter VI – The Fall of Gukta

“By the sacred name of Marr… there are so many of them!”

Kyruk stood atop the gate and surveyed the carnage below. The Rallosian Army seemed endless, extending as far into the swamp as his eyes could see. Over the last few years the ogres had sent many raiding parties into Innothule, but nothing close to this.

Captain Gormuk signaled his archers to fire another volley at the Rallosian cavalry and turned to his friend. “Numbers do not matter, for these devils have no honor in their hearts. They will fall as other invaders have.”

Kyruk shook his head. “I do not think honor will be enough this day. They will soon breach the walls of Gukta and enter the city. If they reach the hatchery?”

“No!” croaked Gormuk, firing an arrow of his own. “Do not think such things! Marr will preserve us as he always has!”

Kyruk chanted an incantation and gestured. Comets of ice rained down from his webbed fingers onto the ogres below. But for every ogre that fell, it seemed three more took its place.

“The tunnels, Gormuk! You must order the constables to gather the eggs and take the civilians into the tunnels, or all will be lost.”

The captain fired more arrows, muttering a prayer with each. The ogres brought catapults to the front of their ranks as their mages summoned huge spheres of flame to launch at the walls. Gormuk could see the fight slipping away from them. “We have fought long and hard for this place. So many battles with the trolls… so much bloodshed. How can we just abandon it? How can we do that to the one who gave us his sacred blessing?”

Kyruk cast bolts of lightning at the ogre wizards, but they were shielded from his attack. “This is just a place, Gormuk. The swamp will preserve us and we will grow strong again. But to stay would be prideful, and such pride brings dishonor. If they stay in the upper tunnels the civilians can safely reach Guk, and the Rallosians will not be able to bring their war machines inside its narrow passageways. There we can make a stand.”

Gormuk shot more arrows, but his efforts were futile. The ogres kept coming, and more and more fallen frogloks lined the battlefield. The catapults fired, sending huge globes of flame crashing into the city walls, setting them ablaze.

The captain turned and shouted to the guards below. “Go to the council and tell them that we cannot hold the wall! You must take the eggs and hatchlings into the tunnels. Gather all the civilians and guide them to Guk. We’ll seal the tunnels behind you.”

The guards saluted and rushed to obey the captain. Gormuk turned to Kyruk. “The elders say some dark power has arisen in the depths of Guk. I pray they are wrong, and that the ancient citadel will protect our people.”

“It’s the right thing to do, Gormuk. On my oath to Marr, we will hold these monsters back and give our people the time they need to escape.”

“We will do more than that!” shouted Gormuk. “The swamp will flow with ogre blood this day!”

Gormuk fired more arrows down at the Rallosians, then dropped his bow and unsheathed his sword. “Make sure the tunnels are sealed, my friend!” With one mighty leap he jumped from the top of the wall down to the battlefield below. He threw back his head and let loose a mighty croak. “For Marr!” He charged into the fray and swung his blade back and forth, cutting a swath into the ogre battle line.

“Gormuk, fall back!” cried Kyruk, casting a protective spell upon the captain. But Gormuk charged into the endless ranks of the ogres and disappeared from view.

“Your sacrifice will not be in vain, old friend.” Kyruk wove his strongest spell and unleashed all his power onto the ogres below. The Rallosians drew closer to the wall as the catapults launched again. Kyruk gasped and whispered a swift, fleeting prayer.

“Where are the rest of them?”

“We are not sure, General. The hatchery has been emptied, and we can find no trace of the civilians. They just seem to be? gone.”

Urduuk dismounted and walked over to the sergeant, fixing his gaze upon him. “Gone? Gone?” Urduuk clenched his mailed fist and shot it forward, crushing into the jaw of his subordinate. The ogre crumpled to the ground, as much from intimidation as from the blow itself.

The general turned and surveyed the burning rubble that had been Gukta. “I ordered you to wipe all trace of these abominations from this wretched swamp, and yet somehow they managed to escape. How? And more importantly, to where?”

A burly ogre stepped forward and saluted the general. “I swear to you that they did not break our line, sir. But whether through magic or some form of trickery, I believe there is only one place they would go. Back to Guk, to the ancient tunnels they once called home.”

Urduuk considered the junior officer’s words a moment. “Yes, of course. The frogloks would seek the only safety they could find. You, lieutenant, what is your name?”

“Danarg, my lord.”

“Lieutenant Danarg, gather your soldiers and go to the mouth of Guk. Take them into the tunnels and cleanse that cursed place of the froglok pestilence once and for all. Do not emerge until this duty is done. Am I clear?”

Danarg saluted again. “I will not fail you, General.” He turned and motioned for others to follow him.

Urduuk climbed atop his steed and addressed his troops. “As planned, the rest of you shall divide into two wings. Those of you who bear the mark of Tallon will secure Innothule and move northward to rendezvous with our orc allies in Southern Ro. Those of you who bear the mark of Vallon will ride with me to the Feerrott and prepare to take the Mountains of Rathe.”

One of Urduuk’s advisors drew close to him. “General, the Arm of Vallon incurred heavy losses in the taking of Gukta. They need reinforcements.”

Urduuk nodded. “We will enter the Temple of Thule and add the forces of Fear to our ranks. They will make a useful addition to our army.”

“But General, the Amygdalan were unwilling to join with us before. What will change their minds now?”

“Their minds are irrelevant, for they serve a weak and silent god. They will join us or I will destroy their crumbling temple and shatter the Fear gate.”

Urduuk signaled his legion to march westward. He knew his troops had a taste for conquest and they would quickly grow hungry for more. “The Avatar was right,” he said to himself as he rode toward the Feerrott. “This world will soon be ours.”