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The Case of the Ursa Rhym

I have been assigned by Lady Alethea Jyleel to investigate the tragedy of the fairiefolke living within the Gully of the Ursa Rhym. The rhym seem to be a type of fairy about the size of a firefly, if not smaller. These rhym gather the information of the environment around them like a sponge absorbs water. This information is then processed and emitted in a melody that few outside of the rhym can decipher. In this case, Lady Alethea is capable of reading the melodies of these tiny fairies.
I managed to locate the Gully of the Ursa Rhym within a western crag in the Greater Faydark, on the way to Steamfont Mountains. The gully used to be a magical little village where numerous rhym buzzed about in melody, but the melody is no more. I have discovered the rhym village in disarray and destruction. The little village was ruined through dark magic, this is quite evident from the arcane smoke and unyielding flames that now consume the habitat.

Unable to properly decipher the clues before me, I was forced to enlist the aid of the legendary sleuth, Inspector Berlok Beeglesnoop. The great inspector told me that I could become an investigator myself should I acquire the three volume Investigator Guidelines, penned by the master detective himself. Although, in his old age, he would not offer me these valuable manuscripts, I was able to pry a few hints as to where I might find these books. Through an illogical and often frustrating conversation with the inspector, I was able to deduce that the books could be found in Felwithe.

Amidst the madness that now envelopes the once honorable city of Felwithe, I would find the Investigative Guidelines needed to become great detective. My first trial led me to the grove of a great tree. There could be found the fluttering pages of one of the books, ripped from the binder I found earlier. The second book would be found within a submerged chest, magically locked. Following the clues on the chest, I managed to unlock it. The final book would rest in the hands of a soul that now walks the fields of Ethernere. Luckily, I discovered a ritual that would allow me to call forth the spirit of General Jyleel, a great ancestor to Lady Alethea Jyleel.

Having read the Investigative Guidelines, I have grasped the thought process and guidelines of a great detective. I returned to the Gully and the Ursa Rhym to see if I could procure any bit of new evidence. What I found amidst the carnage of the tiny fairy village was a flaming pawn, a chess piece. The flames are clearly magical in nature and not the dark magic that existed everywhere else in the village. Before they met their demise,. the rhym left this clue for me… for anyone. What does it mean? It is merely a flaming pawn resting just a bit away from the chessboard it once called home.

I have gathered some evidence in the charred area known as the Broken Fields in Butcherblock Mountains. The bits of evidence appear to be the battered remnants of daggers and shields. These remnants must have taken great damage and not by an ordinary force. I could tell by the scorch marks and the condition of the metal that this was the result of dark magic. There may be someone around these Broken Fields that can shed some light on my findings. Perhaps they may have even been a witness to this carnage.

I spoke to a talking rat named Chypp, last ‘p’ silent. He was a witness to the conflict that created the ruin that is now the Broken Fields. It appears as though a secret meeting occurred here where one group of brutes and evil grins passed along a magical sword to another group of brutes and evil grins. It is my belief that the brutes were orcs and by the evidence collected, they are Ree orcs from the Commonlands. These Ree orcs brought the magic sword to another group that then betrayed, using the gift to destroy the couriers. I believe it is time to travel to the Commonlands and gather information where the Ree orcs keep hidden from the Overlord and Freeport.

I collected a lot of evidence that has led me to the conclusion that the dark elves allied with the Ree orcs are none other than the Ebon Mask. I have heard tales of old about this old house of thieves that hailed from the Teir’Dal city of Neriak. They were said to be some of the craftiest thieves on Norrath and excellent assassins also. Apparently, they did not die with the collapse of their city. The Raiders of Ree are orcs removed from their empire, this I have learned. They now live for the heavy coin of the black marker. What would bring a band of opportunistic orcs and a dark elf thieves house together? More evidence is required.

I have found that the Ebon Mask worked alongside the orcs in an expedition to a hidden valley where the soul of Zarvonn is contained for eternity. This ancient mage was once a member of the Academy of the Arcane Science. I am not sure what the spirit of Zarvonn knew, but a spirit that hailed from one of the greatest mage guilds on Norrath most likely holds many secrets. His secret had something to do with the flaming sword that was rushed to Faydwer and used against the courier force of the Ree and Ebon Mask. Such a secret would reveal much about the sword, its origin and where it now resides. Such revelations could only be held by the leader of this eccentric pack of orcs.

While investigating the throne room of the leader of the orcs, I was forced into battle. Lord Ree and his minions were foolish to challenge me. In the end, they met their demise. After the battle I found what appeared to be a book detailing a heist for a “Sword.” Unfortunately, the pages had been ripped out. I was them ambushed by Teir’Dal agents of the Ebon Mask, supreme rogues of the now defunct Thex Dynasty. I was forced to do battle or end up another notch in their belt. They have their best, but in the end, I emerged victorious. as they fell to the floor, the ripped pages from the heist journal flew into the air. Perhaps the pages will finally explain what this caper was all about.

Soulfrire was stolen from Freeport. The mastermind behind the heist was the Foci of the Academy of Arcane Science. She hired agents of the Ebon Mask to infiltrate the citadel via a forgotten portal left open by one of the original engineers of the fortress when it was known as the Academy of Arcane Science. The Ebon Mask hired the Raiders of Ree, opportunistic orcs. Using Ree smuggling routes, they transported Soulfire to Butcherblock Mountains. There the sword would be traded for a scroll desired bu the Foci, but a betrayal occurred and the Ree and Ebon Mask couriers were slain. All i know now is that an ambassador king was the one that betrayed the heist.

I exchanged information with Lady Alethea Jyleel of the Order of Marr. I handed over my notes, but kept this case journal for my records. According to Lady Alethea, the Overlord of Freeport was not fooled by a false sword that replaced Soulfire in the vaults of Dethknell Citadel. He has ordered his finest agents to recover the great sword. Together we discovered that it was a band of Lucanic Knights that razed the Gully of the Ursa Ryhm. If that is so, then the Overlord is one step ahead of the Order of Marr.

Lady Alethea bid me farewell, knowing that such a great crusade as this cannot be left to anyone other than her ancient order of knights. I have taken her reward for my deed, but I cannot shake the mystery behind Soulfire. Where is it and why is it so important to anyone other than the Overlord of Freeport? Perhaps is I can discover who this ambassador king is someday, I can reveal the secret of Soulfire. As for this investigation, the Case of the Ursa Rhym is closed… but the Case of the Soulfire Sword is soon approaching.

Places of Norrath: Rivervale

Overview of Rivervale

Nestled in the mountains bordering the Misty Thicket , the village of Rivervale is a well-protected haven for hundreds of peaceful, if mischievous, halflings of Norrath. The village is defended both by the tall neighboring mountains and the Great Wall of Serillis.

These happy-go-lucky little halflings follow the teachings of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane. Nearly all are loyal to Beek Guinders, the High Priest of Mischief, and he acts as their spokesperson in all external affairs. His clerics maintain a small church known as the Chapel of Mischief where they administer to the needs of the citizenry.

A small farm on the outskirts of town provides most of the food for Rivervale. The farm is worked by Will, a hearty middle-aged halfling.

Crime is not a problem within the village limits as halfling thieves rarely rob their own kind. On the other hand, travelers are cautioned to be kind and polite to all hafllings for nobody holds a grudge as firmly as they. Rivervale is nestled in the Misty Thicket and rarely, but occasionally, is attacked by orc and goblin raiders.

Mayor Gubbin

The leader of the community, and a former rogue adventurer, Gubbin is the richest halfling that ever lived. He has traveled with Antonius Bayle III and it is said that while on one of those expeditions that he acquired a gigantic treasure hoard from the fairiefolke. This treasure enabled him to become mayor. Gubbin discovered his fortune when he was traveling in Lesser Faydark’s fairie realms. Whether it was a bottomless pot of gold or a chicken that lays golden eggs has yet to be told. He did find something that has made him the wealthiest man in Rivervale, though, and a wanted man by some fairiefolke who were the original owners of the treasure. He used his wealth to boost his popularity among his fellows in Rivervale, spending much of his new resources to bolster Rivervale’s economy and increase its trade with other empires. He rode this popularity all the way to the mayoral-ship.

Rivervale has a guildmaster for each class that is available to halflings. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Beek Guinders – (Cleric)
Hibbs Rootenpaw – (Druid)
Kaya Cloudfoot – (Paladin)
Megosh Thistlethorn – (Ranger)
Lendel Deepockets – (Rogue)
Sheriff Roglio Bruth – (Warrior)

City Resources
Rivervale provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear. You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for baking, pottery, fletching, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Places of Interest

Fool’s Gold
This little pub also serves as a makeshift casino and there is always a card game or two going on inside its straw and mud walls. A central hearth heats the place and a half dozen round tables orbit the fire. The owner/operator of the pub is a halfling named Lendel Deeppockets, the Guildmaster of rogues in Rivervale. He conducts meetings in a back room of the Pub.

Guardian Stronghold
The Guardian Stronghold is the biggest and brightest building in Rivervale. It serves as the Town Hall and houses the stouthearted warriors’ guild, the Guardians of the Vale. Their leader is a very experienced halfling warrior named Sheriff Roglio Bruth.

Will Tagglefoot’s Farmstead
This small farm on the outskirts of town is the provider of most of the food in Rivervale. Will is a hearty middle-aged halfling. He and his wife, along with their two children, Will Jr. and Hobb, grow and maintain crops ranging from beets to carrots to corn to some rare herbs and spices. There is also a small booth near his farm where he sells the fruits of his labor.

Kevlin’s Gear
This small hut is the home and place of business for a halfling named Kevlin Diggs. Most standard adventuring gear including basic armor and clothing can be purchase here. When entering this shop, keep clear of Mangler, Kevlin’s loyal companion.

Mangler is a black guard dog in the back room and has been known to attack random, sometimes innocent, bystanders without provocation. Any overt action taken to defend oneself from the terrorizing beast may be met with harsh penalties from deputies of the city.

Chapel of Mischief
The halfling clerics of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane maintain this small church. They all wear deep indigo leathers and a black hooded cloaks. The clerics care for all halflings and are also protective of rogues and bards, but not assassins. The High Priestess of Mischief is an older halfling named Beek Guinders. The chapel itself is one of the sturdiest structures in the village. It is made out of wood and stone.

Rantho’s Weaponry
This small shop within the Guardian Stronghold is run by Rantho Goobler, a small halfling who is a weaponsmith with a specialization in short blades. His brother Donlo Goobler works across from him as the town Banker.

Bobick’s Boats
Fiddy Bobick run the docks of Rivervale and lives in this little shack on the shore of the Serpent. Fiddy is a crusty old halfling who has seen more than his share of battles. He is friendly and talkative.

Wearyfoot Rest
Doog Wearyfoot is the owner/operator of this small inn. It is little more than a common room that sleeps 20-30 adventurers. There are also 5-6 private rooms available for a bit more gold. Doog also keeps a secret vault deep beneath his private room where he allows his guest to store valuables.

Huts and Hovels
Jerr Westlo, a halfling who has retired from a life of adventure, is now the primary real estate salesman in Rivervale. There are several small huts and holes for sale and rent within the village.