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A Tome of True Crushbone History

Journal: A preservation of Truth
by Vergeth Jawcrush, a loyal son of Crushbone

I must write this quickly. It won’t be long before I am branded a traitor and locked away, or perhaps subjected to some worse fate. But I cannot remain silent while my beloved empire crumbles around me.There was a time when Clan Crushbone was pure. We could stand against any of the races that challenged our rightful rule of Faydwer. But little by little we have been corrupted from within, and now that corruption threatens to destroy our way of life.

What do I mean? I wonder if, by the time someone reads this, it will even matter. The damage could have already been done, and the glory of Clan Crushbone may only be a memory. But I must try.The Teir’Dal came to us long ago and established a kind of alliance. It made sense, for we shared a common foe in the light elves. Our mutual interests even resulted in them sending an ambassador to stay with us. That is how the usurper came to be here.

D’Vinn was ever near to Emperor Crush, whispering in our great leader’s ear of plans and promises. The emperor had proven his divine right to lead us through countless battles against our enemies. What had D’Vinn ever proven? Nothing, except his ability to deceive.This snake lived in our presence for generations, standing beside many emperors. His venom was inflicted so gradually it went without notice. After a time, many believed that D’Vinn was as important to us as our own emperor. Oh, mighty Rallos, how could we have been so blind?

When the War of Fay reached its end and the Teir’Dal lost their grip on Felwithe, D’Vinn brought many of his kind to our keep. He said his mages would teach us their dark arts of necromancy and make us stronger. The promise of such power appealed to the Emperor.Thus the corruption spread under the guise of fortune. Our keep was expanded and made stronger, though much of the castle would be taken up by the Teir’Dal. Even as we seemed to grow more powerful, we could not rid the lands of the accursed light elves.

D’Vinn used this unrest to his advantage. Working with the Prophet, who was hungry for power of his own, the devised a plan to take control. The Prophet claimed to have received a vision from Rallos Zek that told him our army would never know victory until we atoned for our losses in war.The Prophet told Emperor Crush that he must make a pilgrimage to a sacred shrine hidden in the Loping Plains. Once a blood sacrifice was performed, Clan Crushbone would once again know Zek’s favor and be victorious in battle. To appease his people, the emperor agreed.

No record exists of what happened next. Not long after the emperor departed, D’Vinn came before us and announced that our leader would be gone for some time. He showed us a document signed by Emperor Crush naming D’Vinn as his regent.Some of our bravest warriors expressed doubts about the validity of D’Vinn’s leadership. They quickly disappeared or were silenced. D’Vinn acted as if nothing was wrong, as bit by bit the Teir’Dal assumed positions of greater authority within the keep.

While my people are fierce in battle, we are sometimes too easily misled. Over the years, D’Vinn gradually took more and more power until he was ordained emperor without a bit of resistance. Most orcs came to believe that it was natural for a dark elf to lead us.My family kept the truth alive and passed it down, ensuring our past would not be forgotten. I write this knowing my time till soon be at its end. Please, if you read these words, keep the memory of our empire alive and liberate us from the great deceiver, D’Vinn.

D’Vinnian Mission: Valmarr

… It has become apparent that the vampire lord has a use for the sword greater than dismemberment. The sword has some link to the past, this is true.
Why else would the ancient Order of Marr be after it also. Unfortunately, his agent is soon to show and we will be forced to hand over this prize. We are not yet ready to upset one of the most dangerous entities on Norrath. …

… My agents overseas have returned with news of the bell tower. It stands! The spirit of the legendary bard holds what we need to decipher more of the secrets of the sword. The vampire lord will not be the only keeper of secrets. We will cut at his heels when the time is right. But first we must coerce the spirit of the bard.

… The sticks have arrived! Along with the composition, we can now begin the intro to the ‘Bells of Vhalen.’ This will call forth just enough of the bard’s soul in Ethernere. The window shall be small, but the bard will be fooled into repeating the tale of the ‘Knights in the Round’ and then we can begin our quest of secrets. …

Dragoon Zytl – Green Rank

This old book is titled “Dragoon Zytl – Green Rank”. It is the account of a dark elven soldier that appears to have lived hundreds of years ago. Its chronicle tells of this dark elf’s rise through the ranks of the Dragoons. Through much work, most of the missing pages have been found.

I have passed the nine trials. I have defeated my enblooded brothers in mortal combat. I have drunk from the Chalice of Hate. I have bended the knee to our glorious King. I have torn away the chains of my home. I have stripped away the ties to my family name. I am no longer T’Xerd. I am now Zytl. I am now Dragoon.

The commander has assigned our company to watch over the bridge for the following decade. I am proud to guard the bridge, for I am a Dragoon. I saw some halflings enter the forest today. Our forest. They were curious. They are now dead.

I have now mastered the Three-Singing-Skulls technique today with my blade. In recognition of my skill, my blade will be blessed by the priests of hate. No longer will those balls of light gleam with smug defiance as my steel passes through them. Not one wisp will escape my vigilance.

I have received an honor today. We spied some dervish cutthroats approaching the bridge and stopped them. Much fighting ensued, and in the end they had slain all but myself. The bandits were in truth my Prince and his entourage disguised as commoners. I was commended for lasting as long as I did from his very mouth. I will wear these scars with pride.

The Dragoons will no longer guard the bridge, leaving it to the lower births to do so. This is the decree from my glorious King. Some say that the Queen has made this decree, not the King. The next one to say this will also have his tongue severed from his mouth.

I am to escort our prestigious necromancers to the Innothule swamp. We will waylay some of the lowly Trolls and bring them back with us. It will test my discipline to not kill them as the animals they are. I pray to Innoruuk that he will give me an opportunity to vent elsewhere.

Innoruuk is testing me. I have been assigned to watch over the Foreign Quarter. To watch over all of the Lessers… and not to slaughter them. I must not question my King’s orders, but I do not understand why they should be allowed to walk among us. I must find some way to hurt these inferior beings, whilst maintaining my vows.

It has been two hundred years, and I have risen amongst the ranks. I am now free to choose my assigned duties. I have placed my request to join the strike teams that roam the West Commonlands. After all of these years watching the lessers walk in safety within our city… now they will pay for their assumptions of equality.

Innoruuk is with me. The larger that Freeport becomes, the more it expels travelers from its’ sickening walls. The more that travel the Western Commonlands, the more that learn the mistakes of their ancestors. The Teir’Dal are the masters, and the rest are the chattel to do with as we please.

I have been raised to the Black Ranks due to my unswerving vigilance. I now wear the full armor of the Dragoon. My blade, soaked with the blood of many a traveler, will be reforged and I will be given another honor. I shall escort D’Vinn to the lands of our worthless cousins. I shall witness the beginning of their downfall.