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Lore: A War Brewing?

Problems have come up between the High Elves, Dark Elves, and Trolls. An omen of things to come?


Report from the Wilds

* The following is found on a note of tanned vellum written in black ink in small economic handwriting

* High Priest Yeolarn Bronzeleaf of Tunare, War is upon us. Six months ago we lost the port of Firiona Vie to the forces of Lanys T’Vyl. Two weeks ago, our own city of Felwithe came under attack by Tier’Dal terror troops. I watched our shop owners bleed to death on the cobblestone streets of my home. Never more than now has Felwithe faced imminent danger. It is all around us. Rifts tear open between worlds. Holes break open to the lost lairs of beasts from the old ages. Yet for centuries the council of Felwithe chose to remain passive. It is clear that we must move on our own. I begin to gather information and I begin to plant the seeds within those who will act on Felwithe’s behalf. I have sent my spies to the far reaches of Norrath in search of information. They already begin to return with dark and sinister plots. It is these plots that I will report to you over the following weeks. Last week one of my troll spies traveled to Neriak and listened to the trolls who reside there after the fall of Grobb. The trolls speak of battle. They speak of murder. It is clear that they no longer consider Neriak their home, if they ever did. They speak of a lord, one Bortar, who may lead them in battle against Gukta. A rift opens between the Tier’Dal and the trolls. We can exploit this rift and perhaps aggravate a conflict between our two enemies. I will seek to learn more and if an opportunity reveals itself, I will act upon it. Many of my agents travel through the city of New Tanaan, the new hub of travel for the adventurers of Norrath. One of my agents discovered a human named Veslin Savok who sought adventurers to recover a chest for him from a dragon named Ithiasor the Black in the Swamp of No Hope. I spoke to this Veslin, an untrustworthy fellow if I ever saw one, and I accepted his task. I do not know if he is an agent of Rasp’s Wayfarers or perhaps of the Ebon Hand. After a failed attempt to learn more of this black horrid beast, I enlisted the power of Vinceremo. This powerful band of mercenaries and hunters traveled to the Swamp and faced the great wyrm, Ithiasor. The battle did not go well. I have yet to learn more from this source but I fear the great wyrm will return unscathed to whatever dark hole it crawled from. Lord Yeolarn, I will continue to send these reports to keep you informed. It is my hope that you will succeed in stirring the council of Felwithe into action. I saw your actions on the bridges of Felwithe. I saw you wield your staff like the warrior elves of Takish Hiz. I know fire burns in you as it burns in me. Should you be unable to stir the unmoving rock of Felwithe’s council, I will do what I can to enlist the aid of the hunters, adventurers, and mercenaries of Norrath. They do not fight for the protection of Felwithe or for the word of Tunare, but with the right motivation they can serve our purposes. May the Mother watch on us all, Loral Ciriclight High Priest of Tunare Hand and Eye of the Church of Felwithe Nineteenth Day of the Month of the Amber Leaf, 3201 PD

Fallen Gate



The Fallen Gate is a massive labyrinth of twisting corridors and secret quest locations; notable of these are the armor quests. A key is required for access to this adventure zone. Enter at your own risk, preferably with a group.

Fallen Gate is located due west of the Crossroads in the Commonlands. There is only one entrance deep in the heart of the Yapping Maze and admission is only granted once a key is obtained. Those venturing within the maze must be careful to avoid the powerful sandstone giants, silent sentinels of stone that guard the smooth canyons.


The quest for the key to Fallen Gate Quest is initially given in North Freeport by Kanos X’Aphon near the entrance to Thieves’ Way. You will then travel to the Commonlands, where you’ll locate the mouth of Fallen Gate and speak to Tundis N’Oxyle, who will give further instruction for the Access Quest. Alternately, defeating Kizdean Gix provides another means of gaining access to this ancient ruin.

Fallen Gate is the crumbled outer section of the Dark Elf city of Neriak. The Dark Elves, or Teir’Dal, were created to be the minions of Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate. They went on to build the darkly majestic underground city of Neriak in the upper reaches of the Underfoot.

When a united army of Leatherfoot Halflings and Kithicor Rangers invaded Neriak, Dark Elf Queen Cristanos Thex ordered necromancer Tseralith to unleash a terrible magical attack upon the invaders. Tragically, the Teir’Dal themselves fell victim to the force of this power, and the outer gate of the city was reduced to ruins and sealed forever to all outsiders. Only the Undead incarnations of the Dark Elves and Leatherfoot Halflings were left to stalk the ruins.

Fallen Gate Landmarks

The First Gate – The first landmark upon entering Fallen Gate, its four columns are inscribed with a story that may yield important clues about the history of this tragic dungeon.

Vault of the Fallen – The locked final chamber in Fallen Gate, housing the formidable necromancer Tseralith. Vault of the Fallen is a single group instanced zone.

The War of the Traitor-Elves

You say, ‘Hail, Zadyr Moralin’

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir’Dal, ‘Hmm’ He has an eager look upon his troubled face. ‘By the Prince, have you come to [free] me from this place?’

You say, ‘free you?’

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir’Dal, ‘I must find a way out of this prison, my trial is approaching, so says the warden. Time is running out for me. There is little chance of reprieve, given my [experiments].’

You say, ‘what experiments’

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir’Dal, ‘My people are fleeing, fleeing underground away from the traitor-elves. We are taking to the tunnels and to the caverns, where we can rebuild our strength, beneath the surface. The Prince will protect our people. My experiments were dire indeed, and yet in times of war one must take every opportunity one can get to defeat one’s foe, as I am certain that you would agree. I experimented upon the souls of my [slaves].’

You say, ‘what slaves’

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir’Dal, ‘My House always kept dwarves; they are sturdy, hard-working and durable. It has always been the law of our House never to abuse the slaves, however. The war with the traitors lasted so long, and I saw an opportunity to end it. My research into the binding of mortal souls, and to use that harnessed spiritual power for further incantations, had proceeded to the point at which I required actual living subjects upon which to perform my [rituals].’

You say, ‘what rituals’

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir’Dal, ‘The ritual of binding requires over two whole days of preparation, and the separation and captivation of the subject’s soul takes a further two days of rigourous effort. I succeeded, but the price was high. Upon three of my slaves did I perform the rituals, and thrice damned am I for it. I wielded the power of their lifes’ energies with decisiveness. My [victories] were the stuff of legends.’

You say, ‘what victories’

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir’Dal, ‘Against the traitor-elves, my new-found energies from the life-force of my three slaves’ trapped souls provided me with the ability to lay waste to whole legions of our enemies. Yet in their foolishness, my peers of the Prince’s Elves sought to stop me, and bring me to [justice].’

You say, ‘what justice’

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir’Dal, ‘They took me in my sleep, and for my “crimes”, I was banished here. Banished here like a criminal, rather than a savior of our species! Without my rituals, without my incantations, our people are doomed – they flee to the underworld and hide, like vermin. Even now, I sit here, accused, and were that not torment enough I am constantly reminded of my deeds by the souls of the three that I damned with me.’


You say, ‘Hail, Trazin D`Feyl’

Trazin D`Feyl says, in Dark Elvish, ‘Hail, Naele. These are momentous times. You stand before a [martyr]!’

You say, ‘what martyr’

Trazin D`Feyl says, in Dark Elvish, ‘I shall give myself for the glory of the Dark Prince! In my death, he shall take me in his arms and welcome me as one of his faithful, one of his true faithful! Unlike the blasphemous fools that would send me here, to an eternity of waiting! In his name was the [pact] so forged!’

You say, ‘what pact’

Trazin D`Feyl says, in Dark Elvish, ‘So it is.’ He grins. ‘The gates of the far temple, did I oversee. In distant Kiera’loal, and to the [General] did I pledge allegiance, in the name of the Dark Prince!’ His eyes roll, and you wonder how long he has been insane. ‘Allegiance!’

You say, ‘what general’

Trazin D`Feyl says, in Dark Elvish, ‘Walker of worlds, is he. Burner of the Gods themselves, victor in battles uncounted, spreading the work of my Dark Regent without even knowing it! Vhan`Geltah has seen more than I can ever dream, and by his side, I would have seen yet more! More! In my death, I shall be redeemed, for my Lord knows the truth of my soul, and it is with him that my true Judgement shall stand.’

Into the Depths of: Elddar Forest


Today, the once great city of Takish Hiz lies in crumbled ruins. The once majestic forest city succumbed to the fury of Solusek Ro’s wrathful sun, leaving sand and ruins behind.

In ancient days, the city of Takish Hiz nestled in the heart of the Elddar Forest. The elves who inhabited this lush forest are the ancestors of today’s high and wood elves. Adventurers can see the influences of these ancestors throughout the high elf and wood elf cities even now.

Tunare has enlisted the aid of Karana and Druzzil Ro to send adventurers back to this city in order to reclaim lost knowledge to aid in the fight against Mayong Mistmoore.

Background Lore

Tunare, the goddess of Nature, saw a lush forest and fertile land on a great continent in Norrath. She eagerly and lovingly created a race of elves and settled them into the dense forest. Those elves, who came to call themselves the Elddar, prospered quickly and greatly. And while Tunare watched her children with pleasure and pride, other gods came to notice the new world. These gods soon realized they received no invitation to be part of Norrath’s development and were not so enamored of those who had. One god who took particular offense was Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate.

Innoruuk seethed with anger over his exclusion from the new world and was most disgusted with Tunare’s loyal and kind elves. He felt them a weak abomination and chose to use them as an example of his power in the creation of his own race. He stole the first elven king and queen of the great house of Thex right from their thrones in the great elven city of Takish-Hiz. He would torture them both for three hundred years in his Plane of Hate until they were twisted and torn by his power to become the first Teir’Dal — the dark elf race.

Many years later, Solusek Ro, the Lord of Flame, saw the new world of Norrath and wanted to claim the same great lands Tunare had taken for her elves. His jealousy and determination overcame him and he would soon intervene.

Areas of Note

Palace – The palace of Takish Hiz is subtly elegant, with smooth, white stonework of the highest quality. The decorations are understated, yet beautiful and consist of rugs, magical instruments, and facted windows that highlight the superb craftsmanship of the elves.

Tunare Shrine – A temple to the goddess set in a hollowed tree. This area is where the priests and acolytes of Tunare gather to discuss the spiritual well-being of the city.

City Complex – The main area encompasses the library, magical workshops, amphitheatre, homes, and other necessary parts of a thriving city.

Nature Spirit Grounds –A training area for learning how to work with nature spirits and mastering nature based magics.

Orc Huts – A tiny orc village.

Giant Encampment – Intelligent giants reside in this mountainous encampment.

Area NPCs

Elddar Elves
Nature Spirits
Forest Animals
Nature Dervish
Forest Giants

Ghargin Bumblok


Ghargin Bumblok is an ogre shaman, and lives up to the reputation of his race. He has wisdom enough to hold a staff and cast “purdy sparklies,” but little more. Ghargin has a deep fear for Rogkasth and Vahlai, which they exploit to press him into service. He always performs their orders without question.

Ghargin also has an adoration for Teir`Dal in general. He views them as superior beings, thanks to the propaganda fed to him by Vahlai. The other races are “stoopid ants for Ghargin ta squish wit his sparklies.

The Crimson Teir


Innoruuk, God of Hate, created the dark elves by kidnapping the king and queen of the elves, who were created by Tunare, and twisting them to his own image. The result was a cruel subterranean dark-skinned race. The dark elves are the means through which Innoruuk plots to destroy the races of Tunare, Prexus, and Brell Serilis who made a pact to populate Norrath with the races they created. Innoruuk especially despises the elves and dwarves.

It is said that in the past, Innoruuk had a group of chosen Teir’Dal followers he employed to spread hate across the face of Norrath. These chosen were known as The Crimson Teir. Only the highest and most decorated followers of Innoruuk were chose to hold these positions. To each he entrusted a piece of armor that they were bound to, in life and in unlife. These relics allowed them to channel some of Innoruuk’s power, and with their aid they sowed suffering and hate across the world. Though this pleased the Prince of Hate, he had ulterior motives, for he was already planning the coming of his Child.

This armor, though it granted the owner incredible power, that power came at a terrible price. Each piece was bound to the soul of the owner, and slowly drained away the life essence of the possessor. These spiritually desiccated creatures would eventually serve as the tests he would pit his child against. The now physically ruined and mentally corrupted Crimson Teir can no longer comprehend their roles in the glory of their wicked master, Innoruuk. They know only bedlam in a hollow and endless existence of unlife.

Acting on the advice of her teacher, Laarthik K’Shin, Lanys T’Vyl sets forth to reclaim the pieces of armor from the Crimson Teir, now scattered across the world. Her first test brings her to the old Teir’Dal city of Befallen to obtain the Abhorrent Bracers of Darkness. The following is a missive sent to Neriak by Laarthik K’Shin:

The night began with a gathering of the Teir’Dal outside Neriak. They knew Lanys would appear, as it was her custom to do so at that hour. She was expected. I, however, was not. My arrival helped to unite the servants of Hate and defeat the heathens, which had dared to venture into Nektulos.

I was allowed to speak from the Great Rock, what we now call the Pulpit; I addressed those assembled with the following words:

“From the time of my birth, in the age of the lost, I have seen our people divided by what has created us. I am an old, old man, given life anew by our Prince of Hate, and I was bade to teach young Lanys, the Daughter. This is now the time we join to change the face of Tunaria, what you know as Antonica. The children of the weaker gods have been catered to and protected long enough! It is time for us to show our unified power! United, we shall make our name known that its merest utterance shall inspire unbridled terror. We shall stain the lands with heathen blood as a tribute to our Prince. Tonight begins the ascension of Lanys T’vyl!”

Throughout my speech, many of the enraptured slashed themselves, spilling their blood upon the ground as personal offerings. With the arrival of Lanys T’Vyl, war chants and songs of praise rose throughout the crowd. A palpable energy seemed to flow from them, prickling my skin. What a joyous time for the Teir’Dal, one that shall not soon be forgotten. Now was the time to harness the rising tide of passion and hate, and direct it toward our goal.

“We shall march on the Commonlands,” I shouted, “and greet the first of the Crimson Teir. Young Lanys has determined their weakest link through her deep meditations, and tonight, we sever that link! Who will join in escorting the Child of Innoruuk to our common destiny?”

We began our march on the Commonlands. There was one dissenter who decided to declare his own war at this time, trying to divide us. “The Crimson Teir have aligned themselves with the Freeport Shadowknights, and they are amassing a force outside the city!” We continued on to the Commonlands, however, not to be diverted from our goal.

Upon entering the Commonlands, Lanys pointed, and spoke in dark-speech so all could hear, “We go to the western portion of the Commonlands.”

Defending the Daughter became a task, as many Kodiaks patrolled where we walked, but my sword arm never faltered. At last we reached the entrance to the lost city Befallen. The futile attempts on the life of the Daughter by paladins, druids and bards there grew tiresome. A druid in wolf-form brought a group of hill giants to attack, but knowing Innoruuk guided me that night, we were victorious over them.

While we awaited the last of our army to reassemble, I shared a tale of our first encounter with the barbarians in their frigid land. Soon, it was time to mount our offensive.

Within Befallen, many light-dwellers employed the Guise of the Deceiver against us, but we saw through the glamour easily. The offending bard, enchanter and wizard were set upon by the throng and quickly dispatched.

We raged through the lost city to the third level, where we finally engaged Jerak T’Shir. The battle lasted nearly twenty minutes. Many of the undead in that place joined in the fray, assisting their own against us. Lanys was badly injured, and I was unable to heal my student. However, there in the midst of the chaos, one of our own brave clerics healed the Daughter, pledging to protect her. It was an inspiring sight!

The knight fell, and his Bracer latched onto Lanys as the new owner. She smiled grimly, then bowed her head in prayer. I took this opportunity to reward the fallen knight’s barbed leg plates to the young cleric, promising that in time, she, too, would have a teacher, one that would show her just what her fate as a Daughter would be.

Lanys saw fit to take the coin from me and give it to a young dark one. Methinks she fancied him, but perhaps I will see him on the sacrificial table before her work is done.

I leave you with this tale of the battle, and return to my duties as Teacher.

–Laarthik K’Shin

Several days after recovering the bracers of darkness, Laarthik K’Shin again appears in Nektulos Forest. He tells those of the faithful that the time of Lanys T’Vyl’s second trial is at hand. This one he feels will be especially hard, there’s no telling what is in store when you enter the lair of Najena.

Laarthik gathers a group of those faithful to Innoruuk. Lanys appears, speaking to her followers in a cold, heartless manner. The party, afraid of the power that she possesses, remains quiet in a bowing stance before the Child of Hate. Lanys, Laarthik and the faithful dark elves journeyed to Najena to face yet another of the Crimson Teir’Dal.

After passing through Lavastorm Mountains, they make their way to the Najena’s dungeon. In the depths of this dark fortress, Lanys and her followers find Tovin D`Rin, the second Crimson Teir`Dal. This skeletal magician is protected by Agony and Strife; his roguish imp pets that Najena helped him create long ago. They are probably the most powerful creations the twisted Najena has ever created. Agony and Strife are linked to Tovin in such a way that he cannot be harmed while these pets remain alive.

Lanys and her party fiercely slay Agony and Strife, leaving Tovin D`Rin open for attack. Tovin begins to panic and shouts “Mortal… NO! Agony and Strife have departed me. I am mortal again!” Lanys and her followers begin their attack on him weakening him with each hit. Once Tovin has been defeated, Lanys finds herself in possession of the Abhorrent Boots of Darkness.

For his assistance with the battle, Laarthik rewards the most devout warrior of the party with his blackened iron bastard sword. Lanys and Laarthik then return to Neriak.

“Through magic, The Crimson Teir is bound. Through hate, The Crimson Teir is strong. Through age, The Crimson Teir is wise. Feeling the connection sever between their members, they flee to the far corners of the lands, in futile hope that they will be forgotten. If it were only so simple…”

In his dreams, Laarthik sees visions in pairs: fire and stone, primitives and gnomes, and two faces marked in red. He awakes with a start, immediately knowing where next his path leads.

Laarthik K`Shin quickly confronts the dwellers of Neriak, the children of Innoruuk. He warns them of the difficult tasks that awaits Innoruuk’s chosen child. As he explains to them the journey they must take, Lanys T`Vyl appears before them in her usual powerful and threatening fashion.

The adventurers make haste to Solusek’s Eye where the last of the Crimson Teir awaits. Upon entering Lavastorm Mountains, Lanys is attacked by a high elven assassin. He fears her power over the dark elven nation and what she might bring upon Norrath. He is no match for Lanys and her followers, however.

Deep in the tunnels of Solusek’s Eye, Enchantress Mydraa K`syk and the thief Talia K`syk make a hopeless effort to flee the coming of Innoruuk’s chosen child, for they know that with each member of the Crimson Teir that falls, Lanys grows in power.

Realizing that they will not be able to escape quickly enough, they charm four inhabitants of the caverns to defend them. These Stolen Clockwork XDCV units are formidable warriors, but provide only a small amount of protection against the Child of Hate.

Upon reaching the Crimson Teir, Lanys’s followers engage the guardians. Many of them perish.

“Defeat them!” Laarthik K`Shin shouts. “We must defeat them for the Child of Hate!” As the last of the Crimson Teir falls, the last pieces of the Abhorrent Armor of Darkness affixes themselves to Lanys. At that moment, a circle of flame surrounds her, and she is rocked by waves of violent power. Lanys T`Vyl becomes the true child of darkness and hate.

The Relic of Brell Serilis


At last, with the long sought after scroll in his possession, the mighty Al’Kabor unravels the secret behind the demise of the Kedge race. Phinigel Autropos, the last surviving Kedge, consigned his brethren to permanent undeath with a magical spell of great power. Al’Kabor, armed with this knowledge, confronts Phinigel. The unspoken threat that he could use the very same spell on Phinigel himself is made clear, unless Phinigel cooperates with the wizard. The last Kedge is not one to take such threats lightly, however, and though he could more than likely destroy arrogant Erudite, he reasons it wiser to teach him a valuable lesson rather than risk his own life.

Phinigel uses his arcane magic to send out a vision of an ancient artifact, long guarded by his minions, the aqua goblins. The Hammer of Dagnor Butcherblock, the first dwarven king, appears before the dwarven rogue Duskan Hammerhand and a dark elven cleric named Teuil N’Mar. In the vision, the hammer is revealed, secreted beneath the murky waters of Dagnor’s Cauldron within a barnacle-encrusted tower, and guarded by aqua goblins. Duskan recognizes the holy relic, and immediately makes a foolish attempt to retrieve the hammer alone, desiring the glory of the successful deed solely for himself. He fails, narrowly escaping the aqua goblins with his life.

Crawling along the shore, barely coherent and near death, Duskan manages to convince a party of passing adventurers to escort him to his King. When Duskan is brought before King Kazon Stormhammer and reveals his story of the vision and his botched raid, the King organizes an expedition for the recovery of the Butcherblock Hammer, known among the dwarves as Dagnor’s Fist. Three dwarven champions are chosen to head the effort: Boris Stormhammer, the King’s nephew, Kalek Orefinder, and Fenric Ogrebane, son of the legendary Furtog Ogrebane. These three, aided by the adventurers, easily cut down the aqua goblins guarding the hammer. As the goblin Tidal Lord is dying, Phinigel Autropos himself appears. He stymies the dwarves and adventurers, driving them back. Then, as swiftly as he appeared, he disappears. The dwarves and adventurers finish off the last goblin and rescue the hammer.

As they march victoriously back to Kaladim, a dark elven raiding party ambushes and slaughters them. In the fight, the dark elven wizard perishes, preventing the raiders’ return to Neriak. The leader, Valkis D’Vinn, carefully seals the captured relic in an enchanted adamantium chest, and orders his group to march to Crushbone, where another dark elven wizard awaits.

Fenric, thought dead but actually feigning, overhears these plans, and immediately seeks help once they leave.

The dark elven raiding party discovers upon returning to Crushbone that the wizard they sought, Szasi R’Alis, is dead, along with Grak Crushbone, who died defending her. Valkis attempts to bargain with the adventurers who surround them, but is quickly cut down. The sealed Adamant Chest of Thex passes into the possession of the adventurers, who return to Kaladim to deliver the chest to King Kazon. The Dwarven King declares the dwarf in the party of adventurers his champion, and instructs him to return with the key to the chest.

The adventurers travel to Nektulos and slay Captain Na’Var, holder of the key. The Captain struggles, but is outmatched. The adventurers take the key back to the King, who rewards them with baubles from his treasury. The King then declares the dwarf adventurer who was integral to the success of the mission to be Champion of the Dwarves, and Guardian of Butcherblock’s Hammer.