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Assistant Researcher’s Notes, Vol. 1, Halls of Erudin

torn hand-written note – This note, which is written in elegant, learned handwriting, appears to detail the removal of a book or journal from the vault, with the intention of getting the book to “the keepers of knowledge.”)

I have been Zal’Urid’s apprentice for several years now, and have witnessed his ingenuity and enlightened insight first hand. I guess I should have surmised that one day Zal’Urid would challenge Erudin in some capacity, I just never thought he would engage in open debate with the Erudin council itself. Yet there we were, walking through the city of those we once considered enemies, preparing to meet with those who shunned and stood against us for so long.

Zal’Urid said little as we approached the council hall itself. I could tell that he was lost in thought, no doubt going over his research in his head, anticipating questions and counterarguments that would come up during the debate. Occasionally he would ask for a specific page or manual, but other than that, he said nothing. He didn’t even seem to notice the Deepwater Knights escorting us, and only gave a dismissing nod or wave of his hand to the attendants assigned to us when they asked if he required assistance or refreshments.

While my master mused silently to himself, I took the time to observe my surroundings. I had never been to Erudin before, and I was impressed with the beauty and craftsmanship of the halls, pillars, fountains, and artwork places throughout the city. Everything seemed to open and tranquil, but I knew that the people that lived here were a stark contrast to the city itself, choosing to be oppressive and judgmental of magics they feared or didn’t understand. They would never be as enlightened or learned as thse of us who called Paineel our home.

Finally we arrived at the waiting chambers, and were intructed to sit and await the summons from the council. Zal’Urid nodded courteously, and took a seat near a large marble table. I sat across from him, and set his notes up where he could reach them. I then turned and looked toward the large doors leading into the council chambers. I couldn’t help feeling a sense of dread, knowing that even though the scholars of Erudin and Paineel were now working together, my master and I were entering this chamber as enemies — opponents to the great plan of the residents of Erudin?

As he worked on what I assume were his final notes, Zal’Urid must have sensed my unease, “What troubles you, apprentice?” he quiered. I hadn’t expected him to address me at all. I was taken aback by the break of his silence, and it was all I could do to muster up a response without stammering like a fool. “My apologies, Master,” I replied. “Being here, in this place… I never imagined we would be facing the Erudin council this way. I can’t help but feel a sense of dread.” Zal’Urid continued to work on his notes when he responded. “Why is that?” he asked, “Do you not trust my research and findings?”

“Of course, Master!” I responded quickly, sensing the veiled annoyance in his voice. “But it’s jsut that there will be many of them in there, what if they allign against you…”
“They were fools before the alliance between our cities,” he answered quietly, never raising his voice, “And they are fools now. My research is sound, whereas theirs is not. The surest way to win any debate, apprentice, is to have the correct information before that debate starts.”

Zal’Urid had long been skeptical of Erudin’s plan to construct a new Nexus. When the plan was proposed by the Erudin High Scholar, El’Arad to work jointly on its construction, I could immediately tell that Zal’Urid sensed that something was amiss. He never spoke about it much, but he immediately sent me int the libraries of Paineel for dusty tomes and books buried far within the shelves — to this day, I have no idea how he knew those particular works were even there. However, he pored through them, making notes and charts, not sleeping or eating for days. His research was very methodical — he never seemed hasty or rushed, and he would check and double check everything he recorded. I was the only one allowed to visit him during his research, and even then, he would not allow me to set eyes on his calculations or research notes.

Eventually he emerged, with notes in hand, and called for a session with Coriante Verisue and her council. I’m not sure what transpired in that meeting, but when Zal’Urid emerged, he was certainly not pleased, and retreated immediately into his study chambers. This repeated twice more, both with the same result. Whatever my master was looking for, he wasn’t finding it with the leadership of Paineel.

Late one evening, I received a summons from Zal’Urid. He asked me to meet him within his chambers promptly. When I arrived, I could see that he had prepared for a journey of some sort. When I asked where he was heading, he did not answer. Rather, he commanded me to load the pack steeds and make ready to depart. We were leaving immediately. There wasn’t much to pack, mostly tomes, charts, and notes — but there were a great many of each of them.

We traveled for some time, our trip made longer by having to stick to the shores to avoid Toxxulia Forest. When we arrived at our destination near the shore of the Vasty Deep, I was surprised to see that we were greeted by none other than Deepwater Knights. At first I suspected an attack, but they appeared to be welcoming of my master and me. When I was assisting with the unpacking of our provisions and supplies, I noticed that Zal;Urid had walked off with one of the Knights — the captain who had greeted us. I could not make out their conversation, but it seemed that my master was talking and the Knight was listening and agreeing. This was something I had never imagined I would witness in my years.

As it turned out, it was Zal’Urid’s intention to meet with and address the High COuncil of Erudin. He met with dignitaries and high scholars over the next couple of days, as we waited for the Council to convene and hear my master’s testimony. Now that time had come. As I sat nervous and in apprehension, Zal’Urid continued working and studying, exemplifying the rigid dedication to knowledge that helps define our people — the one trait that unifies all erudites across Norrath.

Finally, the large doors creaked open, and a tall man, dressed in the gold and white of the Council, stepped out. “Master Zal’Urid. The High Council of Erudin will see you now.”
“Very well,” my master replied. He patiently gathered up his notes and his charts, stood, and nodded to me, indicating that I was to follow. Together, we walked into the council chamber of Erudin.

Assistant Researcher’s Notes, Vol. 3, The High Council of Erudin

“Indeed,” was El’Arad’s response. I could see his face clearly now, and admittedly, it was hard not to look at him in awe. This was the man who had proposed the rebuilding of the Nexus, and it was through his guidance that the two cities were now cooperating, and working toward a common goal. To imagine that Zal’Urid now stood against the man who had brokered peace between our cities made me ill — but I knew that my master was no fool, and would not be here unless he was certain of his position.

“Let me assure you that I am not offended by your accusations,” El’Arad said calmly.
“However, I am puzzled. What is it you think you have discovered that compels you to argue so vehemently against your plan?”
“It’s not what I think I’ve discovered, El’Arad,” my master returned, “It’s what I have ascertained through rigorous study and calculations. Your plan is flawed, because it is based off incorrect information.”
“And what information is that, scholar?” El’Arad asked.

“You are attempting to reconstruct a spire transportation network to replace the now nonfunctional Combine Spires. Yet, you based your design off the Combine Spires themselves,” Zal’Urid explained patiently. “My calculations suggest that the new spires will still attempt to connect to the Luclin Nexus, as did the originals. Although I cannot be certain at this point, my research suggests a dangerous feedback of mystical energy resulting…”

El’Arad interrupted my master’s speech. “You cannot be certain of the outcome, yet you stand before this high court asking us to cease what could be the greatest achievement of the erudite people. And why? Based on admittedly uncertain information.”
“The only thing I am uncertain of is the outcome,” Zal’Urid returned. “At best the spires simply will not function. I am still working on the calculations for any other outcome aside from that.”

“What then, do we have to lose if the spires do not work as we designed them to do? IF your calculations cannot conclude any other outcome with any degree of certainty, why are we holding this court?” El’Arad asked with a hint of amusement in his voice. My master has always had impeccable control over his emotions. It is a rare case when I have seen him allow circumstances to get him
visibly upset. In almost every situation, Zal’Urid is deconstructing and analyzing the situations around him, and formulating plans for any given situations. I could see though, that El’Arad was beginning to make my master’s shell of logical detachment begin to crack. At the time, I could not be certain as to why, since Zal’Urid had been in many such open debates, but I knew that something was different this time.

“I believe, esteemed scholar, that the spires not functioning is the least likely outcome,” Zal’Urid said sharply. “In fact, I believe the most likely outcome is more likely as I said before — something far more catastrophic. That’s why I mentioned it at the beginning of this court.”
“You are questioning, then, all of the scholars who have worked on this project, all of the great erudite minds, both from Erudin and from Paineel, and all of the hours upon hours of research that has been poured into what we are attempting to accomplish?” El’Arad turned to face the councilors seated behind him now. “You are saying, to this court, to these scholars, to these people, that all of their research is flawed, while yours is accurate? And we’re supposed to take this based on what — your uncertainty, which you cannot
support with facts?”

“Indeed,” Zal’Urid responded, to a chorus of jeers and disapproving murmurs. “I believe that more time and research must be dedicated before we begin this project in earnest. We can still get to Antonica by sea, so there is ample time to conduct further study.”
“So you admit your contempt for your peers, then?” El’Arad said, a slight chuckle in his voice. Turning toward Zal’Urid, his gaze narrowed. “Tell me something. How many generations of your family have lived within Paineel?”
“I am the first, councilor,” Zal’Urid answered.
“Interesting,” El’Arad mused, as he began to circle my master. “Tell me then, who were your parents, if not scholars from Paineel?”

Zal’Urid hesitated, briefly before he could answer. However, Coriante Verisue wasted no time in answering for him. “They were Deepwater Kngihts, were they not, scholar?” she called out, the disdain evident in her voice.
“Indeed,” Zal’Urid said loudly, “My parents were both members of that Order.”
“And why, then, did you leave Erudin as a traitor to live within Paineel?” El’Arad said, punctuating the offensive word ‘traitor’ for effect.
“Because the scholars of Erudin have proven to be shortsighted and narrow in their thinking,” my master answered bluntly. The angry muttering from the crowd grew ever larger.

“And is it also true that the Deepwater Knights have opposed this project from the beginning?” El’Arad began, never taking his eyes off my master. “Is it not true that they have made their own shortsighted and narrow way of thinking very clear to this court, and to all of Erudin very well known?” Calls of agreement began echoing off the walls of the high court now. I began to shift uncomfortably, unable to hold back my unease. “Tell me, scholar,” El’Arad said fiercely, “Did you not go to the high court of Paineel simply as a mouthpiece for your parents’ order? Are you not just repeating the rhetoric of the Deepwater Knights, looking to spread their fear and lies to any and all who will listen?”

“How dare you!” Zal’Urid retorted, seething now with anger. “My research is my own!” My master thrust his notes into the air, shaking them toward the seated council. “My calculations and findings are sound! I challenge any of you to study my notes, and find a flaw within them, as I have found flaws within yours!”
The council chamber erupted into jeers. “Throw him out!” came the calls from the benches above. “I’ve heard enough!” My master attempted to argue back, but the crowd was no longer paying him any heed. El’Arad walked backwards out of the light, almost melting into the darkness beyond. It was clear that he had done what he had set out to do. It was over.

The large, heavy doors to the council chamber closed behind us as we left the chamber. As we walked slowly down the hall, I saw that Zal’Urid had calmed considerably, and was back to formulating a new plan. Before I could speak, he spoke to me. “There is something else amiss here, apprentice,” he began. “I can’t be certain what it is, but El’Arad has another motive — I could sense
it, but I cannot put my finger on it.” I nodded my agreement, because I was not sure where my master was going with his thoughts.

“We must find out more. I want you to go to the library of Erudin. Begin seeking out whatever information you can there. Listen in on the scholars’ conversations, observe what tomes they are researching, find out who is associating with whom. Whatever is happening here, it is intertwined with the Nexus experiment, and thus could decide the fate of all of Odus — we must learn all we can, as quickly as we can,” he explained. I was surprised, to say the very least.
“M-m-master,” I stammered, “Please forgive me. Planning for the next round of debates is one thing, but looking for a web of conspiracy is something completely different! How can you…”

“Do not question me, apprentice,” he said firmly. “I ask only that you follow my instructions faithfully, and speak none of this to no other. It is imperative that this remains between you and me.”
“As you wish, master,” I replied.
Zal’Urid looked up to me. “There will not be another round of debates — I am sure that El’Arad will see to that. Meet me in three days back on the shore of the Vasty Deep with your notes. Be as discreet as you can.”
“I will,” I answered. “Where will you be?”

Zal’Urid looked away. “I am going to meet with the Deepwater Kngihts, and begin to compare notes. Where that meeting will take me, I cannot say.”
I nodded. ”
Very well. I will meet you in three days,” I said, and turned to walk away.
“Indeed,” Zul’Urid answered. “And apprentice,” he said calmly, “Watch
your back.” I froze for a moment, hearing the deliberate cold tone of his voice.
When I turned around, Zal’Urid was gone. I will not fail you, my master. I will not fail.

Assistant Researcher’s Notes, Vol. 2, The High Council of Erudin

I will never forget the chambers of the High Council of Erudin. Never have I been in a place where I felt such scrutiny, and indeed, such oppression. I knew that it was here that the Council banished Miragul for practicing the art of necromancy, thereby cutting an entire sphere of knowledge and learning from their studies. It was here that they chose to engage in war against the people of Paineel, for pursuing that very knowledge in our quest to understand the magics of the world in which we live.

The biggest surprise was waiting for my master and me when we entered the chamber itself. While I had expected the majority of the Council to be in attendance, I was not expecting to find many of the Paineel high court, including Coriante Verisue herself, sitting amongst the crowd. I looked over to Zal’Urid to gauge his reastion, but as always, he remined impassive. It was almost as if he expected to see them here — perhaps he had even planned on it.

The hall itself was dimly lit, save a few lights along the back wall, and a large beam of light illuminating a platform in the center of the room. I sat on a bench near the stairs leading to the raised rows of seats where the Council sat. Zal’Urid walked to the center of the platform, entering the pillar of light, facing the Council of Erudin and the court of Paineel. There was no podium for him to lay his notes on, no seat for him to rest comfortably on the platform. He seemed untroubled, confidently facing those before him.

One of the scholars amongst the Councilors stepped down the stairs near me, and I could see that she wore the large headpiece of the arbiters — she would preside over the debate, ensuring that it would not collapse into a free-for-all argument. I was concerned again, because she was clearly chosen from among the scholars of Erudin, but it was a logical choice, given where we now were. “Master Zal’Urid,” she began. “You have requested audience with the High Council of Erudin, to discuss the viability of El’Arad’s wise plan to put the teleportation network back in the hands of mortals, and out of the hands of the gods who took it from us.”
“That is correct, Arbiter,” my master responded.

“As you can see, in the interest of cooperation with the city of Paineel, we have brought some of their esteemed court to this noble hall, so that they might have a voice in these proceedings. Therefore, you will be speaking to both cities, and will receive a unified repsonse from all of the erudite people. Do you understand this?” the speaker inquired.
“I do, Arbiter,” Zal’Urid replied.
“Very well, then,” she said. “Please explain to the Council what brings you before us.”

“I am here to solicit the help of the High Council of Erudin with regards to the aforementioned rebuilding of the Spire Network, and construction of the Ulteran Nexus within Quel’ule,” he began. “I believe this to be a highly questionable act, one that warrants scrutiny and further deliberation before we proceed further.”
“Questionable?” came a voice from the Council. “In what way?” Several mutters of agreement could be heard among the crowd.
“Indeed, Councilor,” my master said cooly. “I believe that this research is based upon faulty information, and that this poorly conceived plan could very well imperil all of Odus, if not all of Norrath itself.”

Th council chamber erupted with incredulous harrumphs, angry retorts, and mocking laughter. Some of the councilors were standing now. shouting back their responses over the uproar started by Zal’Urid’s words. “What would you have us go? one shouted. “There is no teleportation, and we are cut off from the rest of Norrath without it!”
“How dare you speak of the greatest mings in Norrath with impudence!” called out another.

The Arbiter worked feverishly to calm the cacophony of anger. My master stood unmoving, watching the reaction of the council, and waiting for the noise to subside. When it finally subsided, he opened his mouth as if to speak. However, before he could even begin, another voice cut through the dim chamber. “You see? I warned you that he would waste the time of this esteemed council.” I was surprised to hear that it was none other than Coriante Verisue, the head of the High Court of Paineel, speaking out against one of the wisest scholars the city of Paineel had ever known. “He wasted the time of the high court of Paineel three times over, and now he has come to the High Council of Erudin to do the same?”

“What gives you the right, scholar, to question the consensus of the scholars of the erudite people?” another councilor spoke out.
“The province of facts, councilor,” Zal’Urid replied. “As I said, your conclusions are based on unsound information, and it is my duty to report my findings for consideration.” it was obvious that the High Council of Erudin had heard enough. My master attempted to speak over the diun, but they were no longer listening. Still, he remained calm, answering each objection as he could.

After several minutes of this, another councilor stood up, and raise his hand quietly. The noise in the chamber stopped almost immediately, and even the Arbiter stepped aside, out of the beam of light where Zal’Urid now stood alone. The figure walked down the isle toward the stairs leading to the platform below. I was unable to make out his face through the light, and even if I could, I am not sure I would have known who this man was. The councilor said nothing as he approached Zal’Urid. The two scholars stodd face to face for a few moments, before ayone spoke. In spite of what could have been defined as a tense few moments between adversaries, I sensed neither malice or anger from either.

“Your words are stinging and harsh, scholar,” the man began. “If you are here to save all of Odus, as you claim, seeking the help of those that were once enemies, would it not be best to attempt some form of diplomacy?”
“I speak factually,” Zal’Urid said to the man standing before him. “I do not believe that pointing out the flaws inherent in your plan are an insult to anyone, save perhaps yourself, if you choose them to be.”

It was at that moment that I relized who this councilor was — this was none other than El’Arad himself, High Scholar of Erudin, and primary architect of Ulteran spire network plan.

Places of Norrath: Paineel

Overview of Paineel

Paineel is the city of the Cazicites, the powerful necromancers who once lived among the High Men of Erudin but were outcast due to their unfailing interest in the dark arts. Referred to as “Heretics” by the Erudites the Cazicites relocated to one of the most powerful and naturally magical areas in all of Norrath.

Buried deep into the sides of The Hole, the dark city of Paineel is seldom visited by outsiders. Most die on the journey down before ever seeing the black spires of the stone that marks the entrance to the city; either from being attacked due to mistrust or from the fall into the pit known as The Hole due to not watching their step. Strangers are never welcomed unless they have something desirable to offer. Regardless of the nature of the visit, a sacrifice of blood is required to gain entry.

The city of Paineel offers a sloping, grassy yard where pupils may hone the first of their fledgling skills. Undead guardsmen stand watch at the outer gates, insuring that those in duress can flee back to the city without their would-be killers following them.

Those who graduate from the slopes and ready for a stiffer challenge may enter the caverns of the warrens which lay wedged into the rocky cliffs that encase the yard.

Background Lore
The Erudites had a problem. Some of their people were beginning to practice the dark, corrupt art of Necromancy. The Erudites labeled these misguided mages as Heretics and drove them forth from the city of Erudin.

In the ensuing battle magic clashed at a titanic level. At the climax of the battle the earth itself was ripped asunder blasting a series of craters deep into the wounded earth. The greatest of these was called The Hole.

Both sides were dismayed and frightened by the devastation they had unleashed. Separated by the crater and weary beyond belief both sides retired from the field. The Erudites returned to their home and the Heretics retreated into the caverns uncovered during the creation of The Hole. The Heretics, decimated in the battle, practiced the ways of secrecy and slowly faded from the memory of the Erudites.

They may have been forgotten, but the Heretics were not inactive. Deep in The Hole they built the hidden city of Paineel.

For many years they practiced their dark art, perfecting their mastery. They explored the underground passages of The Hole. It was during these explorations that they came across the Vault of Living Stone. This artifact was created by Brell Serilis to seal the passageway he had opened from the Plane of Underfoot to Norrath. It was through this passageway that he had brought his creations to Norrath. Once he had finished his seeding he had put the Vault of Living Stone in place. The Vault was a magical construct which would perpetually repair itself and keep Norrath safe from the more vicious denizens of the Plane of Underfoot.

Once they had found the Vault the Heretics began to experiment with ways to harness its power. Inevitably they made a mistake and the Vault was damaged. It began to decline and creatures from the Plane of Underfoot began to pass through to Norrath. At first the incursions were minor, but eventually they became overwhelming. A great force of earth elementals lead by the Earthen Lord Yael swarmed through the vault and attacked hidden Paineel.

The Heretics were outmatched. As their city was besieged, the majority of citizens retreated to the surface pulling down the passageway behind them. A small group, lead by Dartain of the Dark Truth, had chosen to remain behind and attempt to repair the vault. These heroes managed to create The Hatch. This device when attached to the Vault would repair the damage the Heretics had caused and keep the passageway to the Plane of Underfoot closed.

So the band set out into the depths of The Hole. Relying on their magical prowess the group made its way stealthily to the Vault.

While placing the Hatch the band was beset by the forces of Yael. Those on the Norrathian side of the passageway quickly fell. Only Dartain survived the attack by fleeing into the Underfoot. Yael and his minions could not remove the Hatch, but there was one connection yet to be made.

Dartain hid until all was clear then returned to make the final connection. He was lucky in that the connection could be made from the Underfoot side of the passage. Yael’s forces not fearing attack from their home guarded the Norrathian side. Dartain’s luck was at an end. While he could finish the installation, he could not go back to Norrath to perform the final ritual. It was from the Plane of Underfoot that he cast his incantations and in doing so he trapped himself in that place. Nothing more is known of Dartain’s fate.

Yael’s forces, not truly interested in things above the ground, settled into the ruins of Paineel and the surrounding areas of The Hole. To this day they vigorously protect their new kingdom.

The surviving Heretics caught between Yael below and Erudin above searched the upper reaches of the Hole. Finding a suitably hidden location they built a new home. This they named Paineel in memory of what was lost. Old Paineel, now a place of violent, elemental rage they were shunned but never forgot. The odd adventuresome Seeker of the Dark Truth, as the Heretics refer to themselves, will still make an occasional foray into the depths seeking to find some bit of old knowledge that lies hidden in Old Paineel.

Paineel has a guild master for each class that is available to Erudite followers of Cazic-Thule. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

Sern Adolia – (Cleric)
Coriante Verisue – (Necromancer)
Mandaril Dark Knife – (Shadow Knight)
City Resources
Paineel provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear.

You’ll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, brewing jewelcrafting, pottery, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Paineel connects to Toxxulia Forest, the Warrens, and there are two entrances to The Hole although one brings instant death.

Places of Interest
Paineel hosts a number of different buildings including several shops, taverns and guildhalls.

Hidden Lift
To protect themselves the Seekers have constructed a hidden lift that is the only access point to Paineel. Guards are stationed only on the hidden side of the lift to further conceal its location. In order to operate the lift each Seeker possesses a glowing key. If the key is lost a Seeker may ask one of the guards at the guardhouse for a replacement.

This is the only evidence that Paineel is located in the environs of The Hole. Its only purpose is to protect the young Seekers as they strive to increase their martial skills.

The Grand Staircase
Upon descending the Hidden Lift the first sight to greet a Seeker is the Grand Staircase. This area is often visited by the citizens of Paineel and is home to an ever-changing bazaar. Many goods and services not found elsewhere in the city can be found here.

Dartain’s Park
The columns and pool at the foot of the Grand Staircase honor the memory of the hero Dartain. Many of the notables of Paineel can be found here contemplating the Dark Truth.

The Fell Blade
The Fell Blade is the name of both the Paineel militia and the Shadowknights who follow the teachings of Cazic-Thule. The leader of the Fell Blade, Mandaril Dark Knife, can usually be found in the main hall of the Fell Blade, but sometimes he will be at the Tabernacle of Terror conferring with the leadership of the Harbingers of Fear.

The great smith, Faratain, has his shop within the confines of the militia house. Faratain and his brother Darton, descended from Dartain, often work in concert to create weapons of great power. Darton is a necromancer, member of the Seekers of the Dark Truth, and he uses his art to imbue power in the weapons and heavy armor created by Faratain. Faratain also offers various smithing supplies and the use of a Erudite forge and a regular forge.

Good Iva’s Tasty Treats
This bakery is the place to find all the goodies you will ever need. Iva Tersala, the proprietor, is a fine good-hearted lass. She pretends to be a follower of the Dark Truth, but in her heart she is a follower of Tunare. Iva has contacts throughout Norrath and feeds information on the doings of the Heretics to them.

Sinfully Handsome
Pardas Nalue, the owner, advertises that “You can get everything you need to be as handsome as Pardas Nalue except his devastating good looks at Sinfully Handsome.” Obviously he is quite enchanted with himself. He offers cloth armor and various tailoring supplies in his shop.

Pardas is not totally without merit, he does keep in close contact with Mordant Tather, the proprietor of the Silk Underground in Neriak. The valuable information he has about the Teir’Dal is the only reason most people in Paineel put up with his giant-sized ego.

The Final Reckoning
“Can’t take it with you? Then leave it here.” Never worry about your valuables if they are in the hands of Marsa Folor and her capable staff at this bank in Paineel.

False Idols
Once a sister of the Harbingers of Fear, Taria Clayspinner now offers up a selection of statues and symbols depicting all the gods of Norrath. No one knows the true reason behind Taria’s departure from service to Cazic, but rumor has it that a sordid affair with Prenton Nael, the leader of the Harbingers, is what caused her disillusionment with the faith. Visit this shop to purchase pottery supplies and to make use of the kiln.

Shackled Spirits
Taralani Rahnta, a retired necromancer, had too much power and nothing to do with it so he opened Shackled Spirits, a tavern. The unique thing about this establishment is that Taralani is the only employee, well living employee that is. Using his necromantic powers, Taralani has enslaved the souls of several Erudite men and women. These poor souls now tirelessly toil to fulfill the needs of Taralani and his guests. A brew barrel can be found inside this tavern and merchants here offer a variety of ales, wine, and other types of alcohol.

The Abattoir
Screams and shrieks are the only greeting that most people will receive as they enter the grounds of the Abattoir, the home of the Seekers of the Dark Truth. The loud noises are an unavoidable by-product of the research conducted therein.

The Seekers are a guild of necromancers who dedicate themselves to the pursuit of what lies behind the veil of death, that Dark Truth which they have glimpsed but not yet fully comprehended. While all citizens of Paineel describe themselves Seekers of the Dark Truth, only official members are fully vested with the knowledge and power of the guild.

Coriante Verisue: The Speaker of the Dark Truth, leader of the Seekers, is Coriante Verisue. She is the first woman to assume the mantle of the Speaker. Plotting for power is the name of the game in the Abattoir and Coriante is a master of that art in addition to her unrivalled necromantic powers. Coriante can often be found in the Hall of the Speaker sharing her insights into the Dark Truth with the younger initiates. If not in the hall, she might be in the ritual chamber delving deep beyond the veil.

Darton: A descendent of Dartain, Darton is Coriante’s chief rival and chief researcher of the guild. So far, Coriante has deflected all of Darton’s plots, but he is nothing if not persistent. Darton is usually found in the laboratory or ritual chamber.

Superior Supplies
This shop offers all the basic needs of the bold and arrogant adventurer. Geomar and Rallia Hapera have long helped prepare those daring Seekers who were planning a trip to Old Paineel.

The Poisoned Petal
Yvonne Ani, mistress of the green thumb, offers ervery plant or herb to anyone. She is beloved by the Seekers of the Dark Truth as many of her potions and herbs have enabled them to prolong the length of their experiments. Merchants here offer alchemy supplies.

Fortune’s Fancy
Dannis Faleet is the only jeweler in Paineel. This is the only reason that he is alive today. A myriad of accusations have been made against him by his customers, i.e. gems have been replaced with glass, coins given as change in his shop seem to be both thinner and lighter than other coins, etc. However, each time a charge is brought against him there is never enough evidence and the authorities have been extremely lenient. The Seekers need his wares, the Harbingers need his wares, and Darkglow palace needs his wares.

Athenaeum Necromantia
The importance of research into the Dark Truth would lead one to believe that a library specializing in necromantic knowledge would be of major importance in Paineel. To the contrary, necromancy is only a by-product of the knowledge of the Dark Truth. To the Seekers it is the Dark Truth that is important, not necromantic powers.

Despite a lack of respect from the Seekers, Talloth Vara, the chief librarian, is a dedicated supporter of Coriante. Books and scrolls line most of the walls in the library, but the truly remarkable works are in the personal care of Talloth.

Darkglow Palace
The Erudites would refer to this building as the heart of evil, but to the Seekers the palace is home of the Hand which Shields. Paineel has long been ruled by the triumvirate of Palace, the Seekers, and the Harbingers. It is the duty of Overlord Virate Manaar to protect the Seekers from harm so that they may work undisturbed.

The Tabernacle of Terror
Cazic-Thule has long played a part in the society of the Seekers. It is through the fear of their dying experiments that the majority of the knowledge of the Dark Truth has been uncovered. For this reason is Cazic-Thule revered above all gods.

The Tabernacle houses the Harbingers of Fear, the priests of Paineel. The leader of the Harbingers is Sern Adolia. He has ruled the Harbingers for many, many years. Members of the Harbingers only approach Sern if they have to, otherwise their fear keeps them at bay. The Fell Blade guild is subservient to the Harbingers of Fear.

Ruined Pavilions
Before the fall of Old Paineel these pavilions were used in rituals which required the stars, moon, or sun. Now they are nothing but ruins that mark the entrance to the underground areas of The Hole.