Karnors Castle (Vhalen)

As with most Sebilisian strongholds, Karnor’s was named after a hero of the first iksar empire. I cannot say for certain whom this Karnor is. Perhaps I need to delve deeper into my archives. Here is a bit I can tell you.
Fortress Karnor is an ancient iksarian stronghold. It was most likely constructed around 825 A.G. by order of Emperor Venril Sathir. It was during this time that the Sebilisian Empire was involved in a vast campaign of slaughter and subjugation. This was known as the First Slaves’ War, a war to enslave the Kromdul and frogloks. Fortress Karnor was built to contain the iksar army in the southwest territory of Kunark. It was there that the iksar crushed and enslaved the Kromdul, hill and forest giants. It was often called the Karnor by iksar officers. It was designed to withstand the pummeling of hurled boulders that you might find departing from the hands of an enraged giant. All aspects of the Karnor were designed to either withstand or contain the Kromdul.
Although the Karnor was one of the most formidable fortresses in Kunark, it would eventually be toppled by the might of the Kromdul who had been integrated into a massive giant army commanded by the giant hero, Warslik. But the Karnor would not remain in ruins forever. Hundreds of years would pass and Venril Sathir would return to occupy the fortress to yet again plague the giants with his evil.
What condition could such a formidable stronghold be in now? Who now dwells in the halls of Karnor’s Castle?


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