Fall of an Empire

This raid task is made available after completing the three previous monster missions in the series, One Shall Rule Them All, To Raise the King, and Zebuxoruk’s Pact.

In this monster mission, you play frogloks, dragons, and sarnak in a raid on Sebilis (which is under the control of Iksars).

Sebilis is a city under siege! The froglok and sarnak slaves have revolted, threatening their captors. Trakanon and his dragon allies have burst free from their 600 year imprisonment. The combined forces are tearing the Iksar city inside out, annihilating everything in their path. Retrace the footsteps of Trakanon and look for the ancient book of the dead.

You say, ‘Hail, a forgotten noble’

A forgotten noble says, ‘You have done well, mortal. I can see now that the ancient book of the dead resided in Sebilis during the fall. Do you know [what happened] on that fateful day?’

You say, ‘what happened’

A forgotten noble says, ‘The slaves revolted in Sebilis. Chaos and bloodshed ensued, blood-curdling screams of the fallen emanating from every room, every corner. The final destructive attack on our people came when Trakanon and his Dragon allies descended on what was left of the city and reduced it to ruins. The grand Sebilisan Empire was no more. Let us look back together. Allow me to [show] you.’

You say, ‘show’

A forgotten noble says, ‘From the eyes of our enemies you will witness the final death rattle of the Sebilisian Empire. Do not forget the task at hand. You may become caught up in the moment, enthralled by the vicious bloodshed and slaughter, but always remember your true purpose, searching for the book. Tell me when you are [ready].’

You have been assigned the task ‘Fall of an Empire’.

Say “ready” to zonein after selecting a monster shroud.

Task stages:

Fend off the Council’s legions of undead servants 0/80 Sebilis
Rise up and annihilate the oppressive Iksar slavers 0/80 Sebilis
Slay the Iksar slavemaster 0/1 Sebilis
Retrieve the head of the slavemaster 0/1 Sebilis
Slay the Iksar champion 0/1 Sebilis
Retrieve the head of the champion 0/1 Sebilis
Deliver the slavemaster’s head to the Council Leader 0/1 Sebilis
Deliver the champion’s head to the Council Leader 0/1 Sebilis
Defeat the High Council 0/1 Sebilis

The raid is divided into potentially 3 locations. Four people can select dragon shrouds (Gorenaire, Talendor, Trakanon, and Severilious) and will spawn in the Trakanon lair area. Up to 12 people can select various froglok shrouds (3 Clerics/Warriors/Rogues/Enchanters) and will spawn at the regular entrance to Sebilis. And up to 12 people can select various Sarnak shrouds (3 Clerics/Warriors/Rogues/Enchanters) and will spawn a bit east of the “Disco” area in the upper levels.

NOTE: You have the option of having everyone (except the Dragons) go either Frogloks or Sarnaks in order to keep the raid together if doing this with smaller forces, though beating the later parts of the mission with less than 20 players is unlikely to succeed.

The four dragons are essentially stuck in Trakanon’s Lair area where you can observe the Iksar Council (which are currently inactive). Periodically waves of skeletons will spawn and roam up to the council which the players controlling the dragon shrouds are responsible for killing. Usage of dragon AEs and Fears make this part of the mission essentially trivial.

The Sarnak and Froglok forces need to clear a large section of the upper levels of Sebilis. The Iksar Slavemaster spawns near where the frogloks start and the Iksar Champion spawns near where the Sarnak start. In addition to killing these two named NPCs and looting their heads, the froglok and sarnak forces will want to kill around 60 to 70 Iksar-type NPCs as few spawn on the lower levels and you must kill 80 altogether to advance to the final stage of the task.

Enemies in the zone have a chance to drop an assortment of weapons/shields that have good stats for the frogloks/sarnaks to wear.

Once enough Iksar Slavers have been slain in the upper levels the frogloks and sarnaks can head towards the Trakanon Lair section of sebilis to meet up with the dragons. If you want to avoid clearing you can “train” the dragons and allow them to just AE everything to make it a bit simpler.

After everyone has formed up in Trakanon’s Lair and 80 undead servants/iksar slavers have been killed you can turn in the Slavemaster and Champion heads in to Council Leader Sisarik to begin the final phase of the task, fighting the council themselves.

NOTE: The council members will not respawn once killed and there is no failure mechanic for the dragons or sarnak/frogloks dying. Expect to wipe quite a bit in this next part.

The council are MUCH stronger than anything else in the zone, and frankly, overtuned. The first “wave” will be TWO council members simultaneously. These hit for up to 1500 and have a LOT of HP. They are also aggro linked and will leash if you attempt to pull them too far past the bridge, their aggro range is also quite large.

Wave 2 will be THREE council members simultaneously which behave the same as wave 1, the extra council member just makes the fight quite a bit harder.

Wave 3 will be the Council General and Council Leader which are even stronger than the council members. Each can hit for up to 2500 and the General can Flurry and Wild Rampage.

Unknown what happens after this point but presumably a chest will spawn with some loot.

One drop is the Timeworn Moss Agate Band, which can transmute into: ???? (level 1-10), ???? (level 11-20), ???? (level 21-30), ???? (level 31-40), ???? (level 41-50), ???? (level 51-60), ???? (level 61-70).

(need all further information for this task: rewards, NPCs involved, quest items, dialogues, task stages, all other pertinent information.)

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