Ulan Meadowgreen

You say, ‘Hail, Ulan Meadowgreen’

Ulan Meadowgreen says ‘Greetings. I am Ulan Meadowgreen of the family Meadowgreen. My brother and I are the best armorers in all of Norrath. We craft [armor] for the bravest warriors in the land. If you are a warrior of renown, and are interested in our armor, I have some mighty [labors] you might wish to attempt for me.’

You say, ‘What labors?’

Ulan Meadowgreen says ‘Only those who can prove themselves mighty warriors deserve to wear our crafted armor. While my brother prefers trophies, I seek instead tasks which will help my craft and my people.’

You say, ‘What armor?’

Ulan Meadowgreen says ‘I smith [bracers], [greaves], [pauldrons] and [breastplates]. My brother Shakrn smiths helms, gauntlets, boots and vambraces.’

You say, ‘What breastplates?’

Ulan Meadowgreen says ‘Deep within the depths of Castle Mistmoore lives a particularly deadly clan of werewolves. These are the servants of [Mayong], and he has enchanted the most ferocious of them that their talons might cut through steel. I wish to study these talons, and see if I can transfer the enchantments from them to the crafted armor I make. If you bring me werewolf talons and 3 [rubies], I will give you a breastplate, the likes of which you have never before seen.’

You say, ‘Who is Mayong?’

Ulan Meadowgreen says ‘Mayong Mistmoore is the ruler of Castle Mistmoore. He has ruled there for centuries, and will most likely rule for centuries more to come. It is said that he does not age.’

Ulan Meadowgreen says ‘I am most impressed that you have returned from Castle Mistmoore with a werewolf talon. You have justly earned your crafted breastplate.’

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